Naked teen orgy the sample was obtained fairly easily and stud was his geyser a whopper

Naked teen orgy the sample was obtained fairly easily and stud was his geyser a whopper
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Jen's Story Chapter Three Once a month my mum would go and spend a night with my father when he was away on business she would travel up straight from work on a Friday night, staying in his hotel room with him and returning home on the Saturday lunchtime.

My after school routine stayed the same, I had to go to Grandpas house after school, but on these Fridays I stayed there all night until mum and my father came back home the following day. My Grandpa loved these Fridays. He would get me to strip on these days as soon as I got home from school instead of just removing my knickers.

Grandpa would usually being pulling on his peepee in the lounge, and I would be expected when he was in there to go and help him out by using my hands or my mouth where he would put it in, and move it in and our.

I didn't like it when it went too fast, I would gag and xxx story of shruti hasan eyes would water. I was so good at swallowing all of his gunk. My uncle would return home at his usual time, and he would be undressing as soon as he walked in the door. I would have to sit on him so he could kiss and pull on my titties.

He loved it when they started to grow so he could pull and twist them more. He lifted my bottom up so that Grandpa could kiss and lick my cunny, and he would keep playing with my titties. I LOVED when Grandpa did this to me, the flutterings in my belly coming more often now.

My uncle told Grandpa to stop as he wanted to be inside me. He pushed a finger into me and wriggled it about my absolute favourite. Then he lifted me up and placed me down on his hard peepee. He would push me down on my shoulders until he was completely inside me, then he would move up and down so that It was coming out, and then being swallowed again by my cunny.

He loved this. After we had dinner, all nice ass brunette teen rides huge dick us naked, the doorbell rang, and I rushed to go upstairs and hide.

My uncle told me to stay there as Grandpa went to answer the door.

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He came back with one of Grandpas friends from the club he goes to. As soon as he saw me his face lit up and he smiled from ear to ear. Grandpa told me off for not greeting our guest. I didn't want to daddy fuck his cute daughter tube porn up as I was covering my cunny and titties with my hands, but my uncle pulled my hands down so that he could see everything, and then pushed me up so that I could greet him.

I went over to where Grandpa and his friend stood. Grandpa told me to greet him, so I said hello and stayed there, not knowing what to do!

His friend laughed at this and moved forwards to get hold of my nipple and pulled me closer. I yelped, and my Grandpa told me to be quiet. The man pulled me close to him then let go of my nipple, the blood rushed through again and it was so painful. I was panting in pain as I stood there. He dipped his head down and kissed me on the mouth, I just stood there not knowing what to do. His tongue pushed inside mine and I wanted to be sick, knowing that whever he did to me, I had to stand there.

His hands squeezed my titties again in time with his tongue going in and out. Grandpa's friend stopped and looked over at Grandpa, and told me that I was a real looker. I blushed from his compliment and my uncle told him to check, as I blushed all over.

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The man fell to his knees and pushed my legs open and held onto my hips. He pushed his head forwards right into me and I nearly toppled over. The warm air from his breathe caught me and it made me shiver.

I knew what was going to happen next and although I loved it when Grandpa licked me in my cunny, I wasn't sure what he was going to do. He latched onto my cunny with his teeth and I screamed out as he pulled away, my puffy folds being grabbed by his teeth.

I could hear my Grandpa behind me laughing as I screamed… telling his friend that black habshi big lun xstorysp knew he would love me. I nearly fell again as I felt one of his hands moved from my hips to my bottom.

He moved his finger to where he mouth was and pushed it into my cunny. Then he took it out and replaced it with his mouth again.

He was sucking and biting all the time and I sobbed as his teeth bit into me, when I felt his finger going into my bottom. I tried to move away, but I was held by my shoulders, my Grandpa telling me to stand still.

My Uncle moved closer and started to pull on my titties, leaning over to bit them. It was hurting, but I knew not to scream out with him as that always meant I would be punished. My bottom was aching, his fingers sawing in and out stretching my bottom I was SO embarrassed. I was desperate to get back to my bedroom but I knew that this was going to be a long night. The next couple of hours were a combination of mouths, teeth and cocks inside me sometimes both my mouth was used at the same time as my cunny.

Grandpas friend asked if he could take my bottom, but Girl paid cash for sex said it was just for him, and I knew later that night he would push his peepee into my bottom again. He had done it before and that was when he grunted the most.

There was lots and lots of gunk that came out when I went to the toilet at least it didn't hurt at all, like my cunny did sometimes.