Hot orgy session with irresistible sex bombs

Hot orgy session with irresistible sex bombs
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2. Site Seeing Victory walked along the campus, just site seeing and roaming around.

The campus was quiet as most people were gone for the summer. Though there was less than a week left before classes started so the campus was definitely starting to fill up. She wasn't the only one out walking the pathways, making sure she knew where all her classes were. It was getting a bit late and as she walked she came across a beautiful garden, it looked so pretty in the dying day with the last pink rays of the sun stretching across the sky, the green foliage and bright flowers of all different shades.

Victory walked down into the garden and found the most amazing spot almost completely hidden under the drooping limbs of a moss-covered oak tree and sat down to enjoy the quiet of the early evening. She sat down onto the grass under the tree and as she lay back looked up at the gloaming sky through the dark leaves of the tree.

She smelled the flowers around her and felt the soft, warm Florida wind blow across her face and arms; she pulled her shirt up to her breasts to feel it on her stomach and spread her legs to get the breeze up her skirt. She smiled as it touched her thighs. She had always loved the outdoors, always wanted to feel it like a lover.

As she lay there she closed her eyes and went to her favorite place. The candles behind her glittered in the mirror, she looked soft and sexy, naked, tied to the wooden chair. There were tears on her face, her breasts were rising and falling with her shallow gasping breaths.

He was standing behind her, his whip in one hand and his cock huge boobs mom ava addams protects her precious family the other.

He was stroking his long hard dick and running the whip across her thighs, gently, and then lifting it and bringing it down in stinging blows across her thighs, then her stomach and breasts and back to her thighs, the ends of the little whip striping her with tiny red welts.

Under the tree Victory's hand is up her skirt and her fingers stroke in and out of her dripping pussy.

She was moaning quietly. Back in her mind she was squirming and crying and grinding her hips wishing the man behind her would untie her and stuff her full of his cock. Instead he spewed his hot come onto her chest and she gasped, his come a soothing warm ointment on her stinging skin.

Victory squirmed and writhed, on the ground and in the chair in her mind, as she came. Victory opened her eyes and smiled. It was so beautiful here, so quiet and dark. The sun was completely gone and the moon had taken its place. Under the tree she sat up and looked around. All alone in this garden she pulled her shirt over her head and lay back in the grass. Her nipples stood up and reached for the sky, pebbling in the breeze. Victory arched her back and beautiful hottie loves being stripped and screwed her hands down her body, pulling her skirt and panties down and off.

She couldn't believe she was doing this, lying here naked under a tree in a garden on campus. She felt the gentle tingle of excitement between her legs and rolled over, pressing her breasts and pelvis into the earth.

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The air across her ass gentle and getting a bit cool. She spread her legs and writhed on the ground. A few feet away the gardener stood with his raging cock in his hand, slowly stroking. He didn't want to come too soon, he couldn't believe the show he was getting from this ripe little coed. First she masturbated while he watched every second of it and now he watched her move around like she was fucking the ground.

He almost moaned out loud when she spread her legs even wider and raised her hips giving him a great view of her sweet pussy and ass opening to the breeze. He stroked and pulled at his throbbing dick wishing he could crawl up the audition tomi taylor real tits and pornstars her and ram it into her ass.

She rolled over again and spread her legs, running her hands down her thighs; her little fingers dipping into her pussy, and then her ass. He couldn't take it anymore and felt his hot come spurting out the head of his cock as he pulled and yanked and fell to his knees, quivering. Victory brought herself to orgasm once again, pushing her fingers inside herself, stroking her pussy and wanting something, bigger, deeper. She moaned and stroked her hot cunny with two fingers and then slid one into her ass.

As she stroked she raised her hips and came and came.

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Victory lay there and after catching her breath she smiled. That was the first time she had ever brought herself to orgasm with nothing in her mind, no fantasy to lead her on. She was so mesmerized by the smell of the garden and the feel of the earth under her and the wind caressing her and the moon shining down on her that she lost herself in nature. She dressed and strolled off, looking back to remember where the tree was, she would definitely be back.

The gardener stood on shaky legs as she walked off, caught his breath as she turned back and smiled at her tree. "Damn." He said aloud. He would be jerking off to that for the rest of his life he thought, and he hoped she would be back.

He walked back to the gardener's house just a few yards away and went inside. He tried to eat his dinner but kept thinking about the hot little chick under the tree. She was a tiny little thing he thought, and then thought about her on her knees in front of him with his cock in her pretty little mouth.

He was hard again and once again pulled his cock out of his pants. He thought about what she had done but this time in his head he did go up under the branches of the tree, quickly getting up behind her on his knees and grabbing her hips and in one violent thrust slam his cock into her yonitale beautiful teen silvie luca has strong orgasms. She would scream and look back and then say, "yes fuck my ass" and he would, he would thrust and thrust and she would bounce her sweet cheeks against his groin and beg him to go deeper and harder.

Once again he felt his come spurt out and fall onto his hands and thighs and stomach.

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He laughed out loud. This was going to be the best year yet.