English girl hard fuck black cock

English girl hard fuck black cock
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Chapter 1 I was looking forward to my afternoon alone at home. The boss let everyone out early for the weekend; my wife wouldn't be home for several hours and my daughter Elli should be out with step mom tech sex her son since today was Friday. The whole drive home I thought about my chance to surf the web for porn and masturbate a couple times. My daughter's backpack and shoes sat inside the front door and upon seeing her items my hopes for some personal time were shattered.

I set down my things and made my way upstairs. Maybe a shower would help with the relief I needed. With my head on relieving myself I didn't notice the sounds of sex until I passed Elli's room. A moan stopped me dead in my tracks, another one turned me around, and the third moved me back toward the origin of the joyful sounds. Part of me wanted to bust in the room and scare the hell out of the guy, part of me thought to just leave her to discover her sexuality.

The part that won out was my horny side coupled with perverted curiosity. I was not prepared for the sight Sexy francesca le fuck in the office took in through the slightly open door: my thirteen year old baby girl on her knees facing the door, hands bound in leather cuffs behind her back, with a blindfold on.

Behind my bound daughter a young black lady with ample curves fucking my baby girl with a strapon. I was absolutely stunned.

I couldn't break myself away from the erotic sight coming from my little girl's bed. My already half erect dick grew quickly to full attention. I reached down to adjust my hard on and that is when my daughter's lover looked up at me. Our eyes locked. Her pace at fucking Elli didn't change. My hand froze holding my dick through my pants. She didn't look away. She held me in her gaze. With a stern voice she broke the silence, "Do you like this bitch?" The question was directed at me but Elli answered not knowing that I was watching, "Yes Goddess, I love it." I could only nod my response.

The beautiful black teen slapped Elli's ass, "That's a good bitch." She continued her thrusting, "And I bet you want to play with yourself, don't you, you pathetic slut." Again I nodded, realizing my hand was on my fabric covered dick but I hadn't moved yet.

The Black Goddess unlatched the leather wrist restraints that bound my daughter's hands from one another. Elli's hands moved to her sides waiting for something. A moment later that something came, "Go ahead bitch, show me that I own you, play with yourself, show your Goddess you know your place." In an instant my hand was in my pants pulling out my erect dick. My hand flashed up and down my cock, I needed to cum, I had to cum. The moans of my own unaware daughter urged me on. "Don't you fucking cum before I tell you to you dumb claudia marie and shane diesel The young Dominatrix commanded while looking directly at me.

Again my daughter unknowingly answered for both of us, "Yes Goddess." I held off the best I could. I think plump Black ten could see my sense of need.

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Her pace at fucking my daughter quickened, "You ready to cum for your Goddess?" I nodded emphatically while my daughter begged blonde chick rides a monster dick driver as payment for the ride permission, "Please Goddess, please, please, I need it so bad, please let your whore cum." My daughter's Mistress waited for what seemed like an eternity while she stated at me with a wickedly evil grin as she continued to forcibly fuck Elli.

She was torturing both of us and it was apparent that she liked that power. "Cum!" She commanded. My young daughter's screams of ecstasy drowned out my own moan of pleasure as I shot my load all over Elli's door and the carpet. Once the orgasms of both me and my young child subsided the Black Goddess spoke again, "I'm pleased bitch, I might have to keep you around." This time I wasn't sure who she was directing her comment at. I decided to make my exit as my daughter's lover cuddled her and stated to remove her bindings.

I fixed my clothes and made my way to the door. I waited a couple minutes before opening and slamming the door, this time I loudly announced my presence in the house. Chapter 2 I went into the living room and turned on the TV. My mind wasn't on the television show but the live action one that had just ended with me furiously masturbating to the sight of my 13 year old daughter getting fucked by a plump Black Woman. My balls still ached I came so hard.

My reverie was broken by my daughter running into the room and jumping on my lap, "Daddy!" Instantly I knew she was still unaware I had be perving on her and her Mistress because she was buttering me up for something.

"Can Sarina stay the night?" That's when the beautiful Black love Goddess came into the room. I looked up at her; she had that evil grin adorning her flawless face. "Is this Sarina?" I asked. Elli nodded, "Yep, she's the friend I met in art class that I told you about." This was the friend she had been spending so much time with as of late, now I understood why. I extended lucky fellow sucked by luscious hotties girlfriend homemade hand, "It's a pleasure to meet you Sarina." She took my hand,"The pleasure is all mine." There was a strange emphasis on 'all' as she spoke.

"Sure honey, your friend can stay over." We then discussed Elli's day at school, what we were going to have for dinner, and the girls went off to Elli's room. I wasn't sure how I felt about Sarina staying over.

I red hot babe victoria sweet fucked deep a moment of weakness and I felt having Sarina in the house would just tempt me more. What I had done was wrong. But why did my dick keep getting hard? I had to apologize for invading their privacy, at least to Sarina. Before my wife got home I saw my opportunity to talk with Sarina alone when she came downstairs to get a soda. I followed her into the kitchen when I realized Elli wasn't following her.

"Sarina, um, I don't know, um, about this afternoon, I'm well" I was having a hard time talking with this young woman. I didn't know how to properly apologize to a 16 year my stepmom love my dick for masturbation in front of her. She grabbed a soda from the fridge and walled up to me as I desperately tried to find words. "What time does your wife go to sleep?" She asked workout regard to what I was trying to say.

The question broke me out of my suffering attempt to start a conversation, "um she's normally asleep by 11 or midnight at the latest." Sarina smiled, "Good. I enjoyed this afternoon and I want to do it again." I tried to speak up but she continued without pause, "Tonight at one, you will be outside Ellis door and you'll get another show.

I don't want you to touch yourself this time. If you do this, like the bitch I know you are, I will own you. If you don't show then we'll never speak of it again." She took a sip from the soda can, slapped my ass and walked out. I was dumbfounded. I didn't know what to do. My absolution was offered. On the other hand a 16 year old girl just asked me to watch her fuck my daughter more. Through dinner and the rest of the evening my mind was at war with itself.

To go and be a pervert or not to and pretend this afternoon never happened. Most of the evening I had at least a semi hard dick if not a full hard on. By bed time I was very horny. I did everything I could to entice my wife into sex. Maybe sex with my wife would get my mind off of the offer Sarina gave me. Maybe it would make me forget what transpired earlier that day.

As normal she turned me down saying she wasn't in the mood. She eventually put her magazine down and turned off the light. My dick as hard as ever, in need of release. I decided maybe a quick jerk would put me asleep and this day would be in the past. So I started to masturbate.

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I tried to envision anything but Elli or Sarina, but they kept popping up in my masturbatory fantasy. Eventually I just gave in and let their young naked bodies run wild in my mind's eye. I was getting close to cumming when my wife spoke, "Honey, that's disgusting, don't jerk of in the bed.

Do that somewhere you won't wake me." I was still horny and still unsure what to do. I got up and put on my robe. I looked at the clock, 11:47, just over realblackexposed pervy detective getting friendly with the prisoner hour to make my decision.

I made my way downstairs to lose myself in TV. The girls were still up watching a movie. Both had changed into PJs. I couldn't keep my eyes of Sarina's cleavage in her wife beater. The contrast between the white material and her dark skin was beautiful. At about 12:30 Sarina nudged Elli, "I'm sick of this movie, let's go to your room." Even though Elli seemed really into the movie she offered no resistance and complied with Sarina's wishes. Both said goodnight as they left the room.

Watching Sarina's ass as she left ended the war that had been reading on in my mind all evening. I realized I had just been fighting against the inevitable. The war had been won when she made the offer to witness her fucking my baby girl again. It had just taken me this long to realize that the war was long over. The next half hour crawled by. I constantly checked the clock only to find a minute had passed and then another.

This was torture. I wondered lovely euro chick takes rough sex punishment this torture was part of her plan. I contemplated jerking off but decided that she may not have wanted me to. I knew everything about this was crazy but I couldn't help it. I was enthralled by the wrongness of it all. At 12:59 I stood, my knees weak and my dick raging hard, and made my way to the door of my daughter's room. I was excited and terrified. There was no saying it was the passion of the moment this time.

Light was pouring out of the partially opened doorway into the dark hall. I looked into the brightly lit room. Elli was blindfolded, naked and on her knees facing the bed. Her head between the Black thighs of her Goddess.

Sarina's eyes were closed, her fingers in Elli's hair forcing the young girl to eat her pussy. Sarina directed my daughter with words, body language and the occasional tug on Elli's hair on how she wanted to be pleased. Elli must have been enjoying it a little too much because Sarina yanked my daughter's head back and slapped her across the face, "I said slow bitch." I was afraid Sarina's outburst would wake my wife but I was too entranced to look away.

For the next twenty minutes Sarina ground Elli's face into her crotch slowly building herself up to three separate orgasms. I watched with a rock hard cock. Occasionally catching myself rubbing my member through my under ware.

It was all I could do to stop pleasing myself. There was a small wet spot I was leaning so much precum. Sarina moved and dragged Elli by her hair to the place she just vacated. The plump Black teen pulled some items from her bag. With leather cuffs and some rope Sarina quickly bound my daughter to her bed. My baby was on her knees, head on the mattress, arms pulled between her legs, and her bald pussy pointing right at me. Sarina looked at me; I think to make sure I was following her instruction of not touching myself.

Luckily I wasn't at that moment. But my willpower was crumbling. Sarina put a ball gag in my daughter's mouth and then slipped into her strapon.

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She lubed up the large Black dick now attached to her. Sarina patted Elli's ass and said, "We're sizing up tonight whore." The Black teen looked back at me and smiled. She lined herself up behind my bound baby girl and with one thrust buried the Black plastic cock into Elli's pussy.

Elli screamed into her gag. To my disgust her discomfort made me harder. Elli tried to get away from the violent fucking she was receiving. She thrashed at the bonds, uselessly.

Realizing my daughter was being raped right before my eyes made me the hardest I'd ever been. I was enjoying my daughter's pain. I was going to hell and I liked it. Within minutes Elli's screams turned to moans and her thrashing was replaced with her pushing back onto each thrust of Sarina's strapon. Soon after that Elli screamed with pleasure this time. Her body went rigid with a large orgasm and then she collapsed, still bound, onto her bed.

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Sarina petted Elli's head, "Relax, I'm going to go cleanup." She turned and walked toward me closing the door behind her. She reached and turned on the hall light. "Strip and kneel." Sarina's voice was soft, yet commanding. I slipped my robe and after sucking she gets it in ass ware off and dropped to my knees. I looked to my bedroom door worried my wife would wake and come out to discover me here.

Sarina gently turned my head back to face her and her Black Cock. "She doesn't matter, only I matter. I am your Goddess now. I have a present for you." She pulled my head closer to the dildo, "Go on, taste your daughter's juices on my cock." She pressed the dildo to my lips, "Prove that you want to be my bitch, my pathetic white slave.

Open your mouth and cleanup your daughter's mess." The thought of sucking a cock was revolting to me. But the smell of Elli's cum on the strapon beckoned me. Sarina pressed again and my sexual desire won out.

I opened my lips and took in her Black Cock.

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The Taste was metallic and pleasant. I loved the taste of my baby girl's pussy. I was going to hell. I started sucking with more eagerness. I was beginning to enjoy sucking on that dildo. Sarina snickered, "That's a good faggot bitch; now play with that pathetic little dicklet of yours. I want you to spray your boi juice all over my feet." My hand was on my dick as soon as she told me, quickly masturbating.

Within seconds orgasm ruled over me and spurt after spurt of cum shot out and onto Sarina's Black feet. She pulled the station from my mouth and looked me directly in the eyes, "Thank your Goddess for allowing you to cum." "Thank you Goddess." She grabbed my hair and pushed me down farther, "Now clean up your mess faggot." I started to get up to find a cloth when she pushed me down again, "Clean it up with your tongue." I hesitated and went down on all fours and began to lap up my cum from her feet.