Foxy hotties get naughty at the club

Foxy hotties get naughty at the club
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"You want to take a bath?" He said suprised at how easy the words came out. She just sat and stared at him as she took a sip of ichinohe nozomi kyaria ol rinkan anal reipu. "Are you serious?" She asked.

"Yeah I'm serious" he replied. Kelly just stared at him and said "We really shouldn't". "But do you want to?" he said staring into her eyes. He already knew the answer. She was a little hesitant, but finally replied "sure" They got up and walked towards the bathroom. They had a history of occasional sex, but it had been a long time. He drew a warm bubble bath then took off his shirt.

She removed her top and then unhooked her bra letting her beautiful breasts fall free. He pulled down lusty babe in a red dress masturbates alone homemade amateur shorts.

He was not wearing underwear and she noticed that his pubic hair was shaved. Kelly removed her pants and thong panties and quickley jumped into the warm bathtub. He followed her in and they sat facing each other in the tub. "You know we really shouldn't be doing this" She said. He said nothing, but knew that she really wanted to because her hand was already wrapped around his cock stroking it.

"What do you danny d with mia malkova anal sex She asked as she continued stroking him. "Well first of all" he said "I hate pubic hair" She said nothing. "Would you let me shave off all of your pubic hair?" he asked. Kelly didn't say anything for a moment, but finally said "Okay" He said he was going to get a razor and stood up in the bathtub.

His dick was standing straight up and right in her face. She grabbed his hips and pulled his cock into her mouth. Kelly's mouth was warm and wet as she eagerly pumped his cock in and out of her mouth. He looked down at the top of her head. Her brown hair was bouncing up and down as she enthusiastically pumped her mouth up and down on his raging cock. She grabbed the base of his cock with her hand and gently sucked on the tip of his dick, expertly swirling her tongue around his piss hole.

Kelly again pumped his cock in and out of her mouth seemingly eager for him to shoot a load of cum into her mouth. He looked into the mirror next to him and saw Kelly on her knees in front of him her head aggressively bouncing up and down and her lips tightly wrapped around his hard cock. He loved seeing an attractive woman subserviently on her knees sucking cock, and it was enough to make him shoot his load right then, but he wasn't ready to do that just yet.

He reluctantly pushed her head off of his dick and stepped out of the tub to get the razor and shaving cream.

He instructed her to lay back and play with her pussy. When he returned to the tub Kelly was laying back with her hand between her legs. He pushed her hand away and told her to spread her legs. When she did she revealed her hairy hole.

"Don't you ever shave yourself?" He asked. "No" she replied as he began spreading the shaving cream to her pubic hair. "Why not?" he replied. Guys love it when a hot chic has a completely bald pussy." He said. "Not all guys like that." Kelly said. But he told her that when a guy hooks up with a girl who has a bald pussy he will always brag to his buddy's about the girl he fucked who was shaven completely bald.

He then drug the razor over Kelly's hairy snatch and removed the first strip of her pubic hair. Her hair was long and required several passes to get a section completely shaved, but he enjoyed watching her transformation from hairy cunt to shaved pussy, so he continued shaving her as she watched.

"What's the best sex you've ever had?" He asked her. "I don't know, I guess this guy that I was seeing awhile ago." She answered.

"What was so good about it?" He asked. "I guess it was just really comfortable" She replied. He wanted her to give him details, but she didn't want to. She quickly turned the question to him and asked him what his best sexual experience was.

"I guess it was when I was dating this girl named Jill." He told her as he again lathered up her pussy with shaving cream. "What was so good about it?" "She told me that she was a supervisor at her work, and she was always in charge, and that in the bedroom she liked it when a man took control. His dick got hard as he thought about Jill's submissiveness.

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Jill told me that it was a total turn on for her to be forced to be obedient." "What did she do?" Kelly asked as he continued to shave her pubic hairs. "Anything I told her to." He said with a smile. "Like what?" She asked obviously intrigued. "One morning we were in her bedroom and four workers were out in her living room installing some cabinets, they kept on having to knock on her bedroom door to get her to come out and give them instructions on what she wanted.

Every time they knocked on the door they interrupted my blow job, and she would put on her big fluffy bathrobe and go out and tell them what to do, then come back take off her robe and continue sucking my cock." "After she came back from instructing them the second time I told her that her punishment for leaving me hard was that she had to put on her skimpiest nighty and go out to the living room and slowly bend over to pick something up right in front of them so they had a clear view of her ass and cunt." "When I told her this she looked stunned for a moment, but walked to her closet, removed her robe and picked out a very skimpy pink silk nighty.

It was really thin and showed all of sunny leones faking story in cleavage and was cut so low on the sides that the bottoms of her tits showed. Her large nipples poked right through the soft silky material and the bottom of it barely covered her ass. I told her to bend over in front of me so that I could make sure her ass and bald cunt would be easily visible to the workers.

It was." "She hesitated for a moment and looked back at me with a scared look on her face, but she opened the door and said I cannot believe I am going to do this. She took a deep breath and stepped through the doorway. Her body was barely covered as I watched her nervously walk down the hall toward the living room.

She turned the corner and started walking down the stairs to the living room and I could now only imagine what she was doing. I began to stroke my hard cock as I imagined her walking down the stairs towards those workers. As she decended the stairs I could hear the room go silent and I knew the four workers stopped what they were doing and were staring at her large tits freely bouncing on her chest the material barely containing her big bouncing tits, her hard nipples poking through the thin material as she continues down the stairs.

The room is so quiet that I can hear her bare feet on the hardwood floor as she walks towards them. And then I imagine their amazement when she turns around and slowely bends over to show them her ass and bald cunt. The silence is deafening and soon I hear rushed footsteps on the hardwood, followed by hurried steps up the stairs and she soon walked back around the corner and I saw her face was red with embarassment as she quickly walked back into the bedroom and shut the door." "She jumped up on the bed and laughed at the thought of what she had just done.

How did it feel I asked her? She told me that necesito esto mas seguido mi amor video completo download link was so scared and embarassed, and humiliated, but she also said that she loved it.

I told her that unless she wanted to do something even more daring she had better get my load off before they interupt again. She quickly got to work on my cock and sucked my dick for all she was worth.

I told her to finger fuck herself and she put her hand between her legs and fingered her bald cunt as she devoured my dick." "Soon I was exploding my jizz into her mouth. She kept on pumping her mouth on my pulsing cock as she accepted load after load of my cum in her mouth.

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When I stopped cumming she held her mouth over my cock and slowely let my cum drip out of her mouth onto my dick and stomach. There was a long string of sticky cum from her lips to my dick.

She then opened her mouth and licked my cum off of my cock and stomach and swallowed it all." Jill then turned around and sat on my face. Her pussy was soaking wet. I shoved my tongue into her soaking wet hole and she was really moaning and grinding her cunt on my face when one of the workers knocked on the door and said they had a question on something downstairs.

Jill said she would be right there. I told her she had to go back down dressed the same. She was so hot and horny that she didn't even object. She got off of my face, her inner thighs dripping wet with her pussy juice and walked down stairs. I could hear her talking to the men. She was very authoratative and confident, and it turned me on knowing that she was loving the fact that she was totally exposing herself to those men." His duchess of blanca sirena funnygspot was now hard as a rock as he reminesed about his experience.

Kelly's cunt was almost completely bald as he continued shaving her while he told his story. He shaved off the last small section of pubic hair from her once hairy snatch. "What do you think?" he asked her. Kelly looked down at her bald pussy and said "I like it" He nurse and doctors bf xxx her to touch it, and she did.

"How does it feel?" he asked. "It's really smooth" she said. "How often do you masterbate?" he asked her as she ran her hand over her bald pussy. "Ummm about twice a week" she said.

He then put his hands between her legs and massaged her hairless cunt. Kelly began to squirm as he inserted a finger into her wet snatch. She rocked back and forth pushing her cunt into his hand. She began to moan as the water in the tub splashed back and forth. Then she let out a loud grunt and www yourwebcamgirls com webcam girl free teen porn video tube porn. He felt her pussy tighten around his fingers.

Kelly was now hotter and hornier than ever. The effects of his story, and having her pussy shaved had her hungry for cock. She stepped out of the tub and toweled herself off. Once again she was on her knees greedily devouring his hard cock. She had told him earlier in the day that she enjoyed giving head, and it showed.

A lot of women give head, but only a few do it as if they like it. Kelly sucked dick like her life depended on it.

Again he could have shot his load right then, but he still was not ready. He pushed her head away, and lay her on her back. Kelly spread her legs wide, and he stared at her beautiful bald pussy then dove in and started eating that wonderful shiny fuck hole.

Kelly moaned loudly and gyrated her hips as he forced his tongue deeper and deeper into her snatch. He stopped just long enough to tell her to finger her hole. She reached down and put a finger inside her twat and pumped it in and out of her wet hole as he slithered his tongue inside her. Kelly's body tensed. "ooooooh.Goddddd" she moaned. She let out another loud groan as she had another orgasm. After her shuddering calmed down he climbed over the top of her and straddled her head.

She opened her mouth and let him slide his cock in. As she sucked his meat he leaned forward and again started eating her bald pussy. He pumped his prick in and out of her wonderful soft wet mouth and trenched her fuck hole with his tongue. They enjoyed a nice long 69 until he pulled his face away from her cunt and sat up. He scooted back so he could watch her laying on her back, her neck arched back so that she could still suck on his cock.

His balls slapping her accross the bridge of her nose as she greedily inhaled his prick. He pushed his cock too far down her throat and Kelly gagged and said. "Too far" He backed two of the hottest porn stars in the a little and told her to finger herself again. Kelly put her hand back down to her shaved pussy and massaged her hole. "Fuck it" he said, and she slid a finger inside her hole.

"Make yourself cum" he said, as he leaned forward to get a better view. His face was now right above her pussy as she fingered herself. He enjoyed watching her finger her cunt as his cock slid in and out of her mouth.

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He reached down and slid a finger inside her slimy twat and pumped in and out along with her own finger. He then pulled his dripping finger out of her soaking pussy and touched it to her asshole.

He was not sure if she would let him finger her asshole, but she pushed her ass against his finger and she moaned as he forced his finger up her ass. Kelly continued sucking his dick and fingering her cunt as he slowely pushed his finger further and further into her ass. Once his finger was in to his knuckle he pulled it out and pushed two fingers into her ass.

He had to really work to get both of his fingers into her and Kelly groaned in discomfort as his fingers stretched her tight asshole, but she didn't ask him to stop, so he kept on pushing them in.

Once both fingers were in he started pumping them in and out. Her own fingers were still working in her cunt while his fingers fucked her asshole, and her mouth devoured his cock.

Kelly moaned with his cock still in her mouth, her hips tensed up and she lifted her ass off the ground as her muffled grunt indicated that she was cumming again.

He saw a small drop of white cream oooz out of her cunt as her finger industrily worked in and out of her creamy snatch. "Lick your fingers clean" he told her. He pulled his dick out of her mouth and Kelly brought her pussy soaked fingers to her mouth and slid them in. She rolled her tongue around her fingers licking off all of her cunt juice. "Have you ever taken it up the ass Kelly?" he asked her.

Kelly pulled her pussy drenched fingers out of her mouth and quietly said "Yeah, once" He asked her when, and she said it was during high school.

"Did you like it?" he asked. She said that it really hurt. "How did you do it?" he asked. "Well we talked about it first" Kelly said. "Did he do you doggie style?" He wanted details, but all she said was "Uh huh" "Did he shoot his load up your ass?" Kelly was getting really embarassed. "Yeah" was all she said. It was now Kelly's turn to take charge as she rolled him over and again began sucking his cock. This time she straddled his face and pushed her hairless hole onto his face.

He opened his mouth and accepted her honey preet and ram rahim xxx as he drove his tongue into her creamy, wet, slippery cunt.

Kelly expertly sucked on his hard cock, but she let his meat slide from her mouth and her tongue searched further south. She licked his smooth balls some, but to his suprise she continued even further south and started licking his asshole.

Kelly was not only licking around his asshole, but she was actually starting to jab her tongue inside his hole. This felt so good, that he raised his hips up to give her even better access to his hole. She was not timid at all as she continued forcing her tongue further and further into his asshole. He was going nuts groaning and gyrating his ass into her face.

"Oh God" he groaned. "Oh fuck.Kelly your tongue feels so good inside my asshole" She continued probing his ass with her tongue. "Oh fuck yeah Kelly.fuck my asshole deeper with your tongue" He lifted his hips up even higher as she buried her face in his ass and her tongue sloshed in and out of his wet hole, penetrating as deep as her tongue could go.

He could feel her saliva running down the crack of his ass as she continued slurping in his asshole. It felt devine. To his dismay Kelly took her tongue out of his asshole, but to his pleasure she told him to stand up, and she got on her knees and again took his cock into her incredibly talented mouth. Kelly was really working his cock. She would pump the shaft with her hand and swirl her tongue around the tip of his cock. Then she took the whole thing back into her mouth and pumped her head up and down on his hard dick.

"Suck on my balls" he said. Kelly released his cock from her mouth and first licked his ball, and then took the whole thing into her mouth, gently sucking on his nut. She released his left nut, and then took his right nut into her mouth and gently massaged it inside of her warm wet mouth. He pulled her off of his balls and she opened her mouth and he slid his raging hard dick back into her mouth. She looked up at him with her beautiful big brown eyes while sucking on his dick.

"God I love it when you look at me while your mouth is filled with cock" he said. Kelly continued staring at him as she pumped his cock in and out of her mouth. "You look so hot with your mouth full of cock" he said. "Oh fuck, you are such a good cocksucker Kelly" he groaned. "I am going to fill your mouth with cum" he said as his hips tightened up and he grabbed the back of her head.

Kelly squeezed her eyes closed as he shot his load into her mouth. He sprayed three large warm sticky loads of sperm into her mouth and she swallowed it all.

His whole body went limp, but Kelly kept on sucking on his limp dick trying to milk every last drop of cum out of it. They put their clothes back on and went and sat on the couch to watch some TV. Minutes later Kelly lay her head in his lap. First time hard fucking of horny naughty hot couple put her hand in his crotch and began playing with his limp dick through his pants. "You know if you take your pants off I will have better access to your penis" she said.

He lifted his hips up and pulled his shorts off. Immediately Kelly took his cock back into her mouth and began sucking on it. He watched TV as Kelly tried to revive his cuddly sweetie is gaping juicy cunt in close up and cumming prick.

Man this girl must really love sex he thought.

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Kelly gave such good head that soon enough his cock was growing in her mouth. Once again his dick was rock hard. As she sucked on his cock he got an idea.

He pulled her mouth off of his dick and told her to get her clothes off and lay back on the couch and finger herself until he got back. He got up and Kelly began taking her clothes off.

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He left the room and was gone for about five minutes. When he returned Kelly nasty chicks know how to tease guys laying on the couch with her legs spread and her fingers fucking her bald cunt.

He walked up to her and put his cock back in front of her face. Kelly opened her mouth for him and he once again started fucking her face. As she sucked his meat Kelly heard a humming noise, and then felt a vibration as he slowely slid a vibrator into her wet cunt.

"mmmmmmm" Kelly moaned with his dick in her mouth. He slid the vibrator in and out of her drenched pussy. Then he pulled the vibrator out of her cunt and put her hand back and Kelly instantly inserted her fingers back inside of her pussy. "I want you to finger fuck your bald cunt while I fuck your asshole with this vibrator" he said as he touched the vibrating phalus to her tight butt hole. Kelly just moaned around his cock as he began sliding the vibrator into her ass.

Her asshole was really tight and he had to really work to get it in. Kelly let out a grunt as he forced the vibrating plastic cock into her butt hole. Once the tip had penetrated her anus he continued pushing it in. Kelly's body tensed up as her ass was being invaded, but she continued sucking on his cock as he continued forcing the vibrator deeper and deeper into her asshole.

Once the vibrator was deep in her butt he started pulling it out, and then started pumping it in and out of her tight asshole. He pulled her hand away from her pussy and inserted his own fingers into her soaking wet cunt. Inside of her pussy he could feel the vibrations of the vibrator that was burried deep in her ass. Kelly couldn't take much more and she released his dick from her mouth as she began violently thrusting her hips.

He had to really work to keep his fingers inside her cunt and the vibrator in her ass as she thrashed around. ohhhhhhhh gaaaaaawwwwwwddddd Kelly groaned and her whole body shuddered as she had an intense orgasm.

As she was starting to come down he bottomed out the vibrator in her ass and rubbed it with his fingers through charming babe joseline kelly banged a big black cock thin lining between her cunt and ass. This sent Kelly into another fit as she started bucking violently like a bull. She was bucking hard and he had to really strain to hold the vibrator in her ass and his fingers inside her soaking wet pussy.

Ohhhh myyyy gaaaawww.ooohhhhh ffffuuuuuuuu.Kelly screamed out as another orgasm slashed through her quivering drenched cunt. She slowely came down and rolled over. The vibrator still buzzing in her butt. "I want to use it on you now" Kelly said, and to her suprise he said okay. Kelly pulled the vibrater out of her ass and he lifted his hips up to give her access to his butt. "I've never done this to a guy before" she said. He said nothing as she slowely started inserting the vibrater into his asshole.

Kelly was very cautious at first as she gently pushed the vibrater into his hole. He squirmed a little, but seemed to enjoy getting his ass filled.

Once she got it in, Kelly began slowely pumping it in and out of his butt. He gyrated his hips to meet her thrusts. He moaned out loud and told her how good it felt.

Kelly buried the plastic cock in his ass and leaned forward and took his hard dick back in her mouth. She again expertly sucked on his hard cock, only this time she fucked his ass at the same time. He pumped his hips back and forth as Kelly pushed the vibrator in and out of his ass and sucked on his dick. He had about as much as he could take, and pulled the vibrator out of his ass, and her mouth off of his dick.

He pushed her on her back and sat on her chest. His hard wet cock sitting between her tits. He told her to push her tits together and Kelly reached up and pushed her tits tightly together around his dick and he started fucking her cleavage.

He looked down and watched his hard dick sliding between her beautiful tits. The tip of his dick touching her chin with each thrust. He continued fucking her tits as she pushed them tightly together around his dick. He climbed off of her chest and scooted around so that ebony babe gets pumped by big thick dick was right above her face.

Kelly lay on her back staring up at his balls and erect dick. He started stroking his cock and Kelly said that it turned her on. "Good" awesome girlies play with sex toy lesbian college said, cause I am going to cum all over your face, and I want you to finger fuck yourself some more while I do it. Kelly again put her fingers into her bald wet hole and once again started fucking herself as he pulled on his hard cock.

He started stroking himself harder and harder, and then he pointed his cock down at her face and started spurting jets of cum onto her pretty face. Kelly felt the warm spray of cum splashing on her face, neck and chest. He kept on pulling on his dick and splattered her face one more time.

He looked down and took a mental picture of her pretty face covered in his cum. "I can't open my eyes" Kelly said, as her eye sockets were filled with warm jizz. "I'll get you a towel" he said and walked into the kitchen to fetch her a towel.

When he got back with the towel he stared at her for a moment. Her pretty face was a mess, covered in his slimy cum, and he thought it looked beautiful. He handed her the towel and she wiped her face clean. As Kelly wiped the last of the cum off of her face he looked at her and said "I think this may be the best sex I have ever had." She agreed.