Teen solo strip unless youre from the sixties and delve that earth milf

Teen solo strip unless youre from the sixties and delve that earth milf
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Wednesday came and the day was filled with relaxation and some sight seeing. Savannah and I have been in town since Monday and was enjoying our break from traveling. We spent Tuesday hanging out with our new friends that we met the day we arrived. We went swimming with Candy and Tammy and got to know them both pretty well. Later in the day we hung out with Alex and his family. So today Savannah and I spent the day just riding around enjoying the sights.

It was around 6 p.m. when Savannah got a call on her cell phone. She russian blonde teen fuck and emo masturbating she tasted his manmeat and was in euphoria saying ' Okay ' and she ' Understood '. Once she hung up I gave her a ' What's Up ' look in which she responded.

Savannah told me that Candy wouldn't be able to take us to the club, because she had to work until midnight the rest of the week. I gave Savannah a concerned look wondering what she was thinking. I was seated on the edge of the bed when she walked over to me and sat in my lap. I asked what she wanted to do. She replied saying we should go and keep her company since she was a nice lady and very warming to us when we arrived, after the whole me standing up for her and Tammy. I sat there looking in her eyes and saw a caring sight.

I nodded my head agreeing and she smiled back at me. Savannah suggested we take a shower and dress nice. I asked why and my ebony love responded saying it the nice thing to do. I shrugged my shoulders and followed her into the bathroom and the shower since we stayed naked in the room.

Our shower was nice as we washed each other.

Savannah made sure my cock was very clean as I made sure she was clean between her sexy legs. After our shower we got dressed which I noticed she didn't put any panties on. I think she noticed my confused look, because she explained that she might want some attention with my mouth later then my manhood. I gave her a smile that made her eyes light up.

She grabbed her purse and me my jacket. Savannah wore a silk blouse and tight jeans to show her sexy ass to me when she walked. I wore my tight jeans that she loved me wearing and a muscle shirt that well showed my muscles to her. We gave each other a kiss before heading out the door. Savannah and I got to my bike and put our helmets on and made sure our headset mic's worked and they did. Savannah held onto me as I backed the bike up and headed out to the diner.

Once we arrived and walked in Candy came over to us and gave us each a big hug. She was smiling thanking us for coming and hanging for a bit. She gave us a booth that she held for us thinking we might come to eat and visit. We got seated and she took our orders.

Savannah sadi she wasn't all that hungry yet just submitting to honeys hardcore needs blowjob and amateur. I agreed saying the same. Candy went to get our drinks Savannah a Sprite and me a Dr.

Pepper. She returned with our refreshments and apologized for not taking us to the lick my cum covered feet clean cei club. Savannah replied saying it was ok and not to worry about it. Candy gave us a warm smile and said ' Thank You '. She went about her business serving the few customers she had in the whole place. I noticed a old juke box up against the far wall. I started thinking if us three wasn't going to a club to listen to music.

Then why not play some here. I asked my darlin love for a few quarters in which she caught my eyes. She noticed the juke box and opened her purse. She pulled out a roll of quarters which she had for toll roads. She suggested we play some music together and I agreed. Both of us got out of our booth and went over to the old music machine and stood looking at the selections.

There was Rock, Country, Blues, R&B, and a little Jazz. I guess Candy watched us and came over to see what we were going to play. I asked her what kind she liked in which she came out saying Rock and Country. Savannah and I looked and noticed a few oldies and a few recent.

I noticed one song that was Savannah's and Mine and had to play it. After we put in like 20 songs both Savannah and I sat back in our booth and just sat back and relaxed listening to the music. We looked over to see Candy dancing to the music.

She was about 5'10, 164 lbs, with long brunette hair.

She was a pretty lady for her age and very toned by what I could see. The other waitress that we over heard was leaving shortly was smiling as she watched Candy.

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Candy was checking the tables and enjoying the music that was playing. It was about 8 minutes later that Savannah and My song came on. I noticed there was enough room to dance and stood out of the booth and reached for Savannahs hand.

She looked up at me and smiled. Savannah took my hand and slid out of the booth and stood. I placed my hands on her hips and she placed hers around my neck. It was a slow song that was playing.

Savannah placed her head on my chest and we just swayed to the music. A few seconds later Savannah and I were joined by Candy. She placed one arm around me and one around Savannah. She was like us swaying to the music and smiling at us both. Savannah placed a arm around her and and we all three danced. I don't know if it was reflex or impulsebut I placed a arm around Candy and pulled her to us.

The song was a love song that Savannah and I dedicated to each other. That moment I have to say it was talking to us three. It was about a hour later that Candy sat across from us as the diner was slower then earlier.

We all talked about how life treated us and how we each saw our future. Candy told us she was a widow and she opened the diner to keep busy. She explained that she never remarried and wanted to feel love again one day. Savannah gave Candy a small sad smile exclaiming she hoped love would be with her. Candy gave Savannah a small smile back thanking her for the very nice statement. The next thing that caught Savannah and I off guard must of been wholeheartedly.

" Actually I hope the love I find is like both of yours and with a nice couple." Candy stated to both of us Savannah male gey tmale gey sex I looked at each other and then back at Candy. Savannah looked deep into Candy's eyes and spoke. " Candy are you saying your bi?" My ebony love asked Candy Candy looked at Savannah and then at me. She then looked around to see if anyone was listening.

Candy took a breath and looked at us both. " Yes I am, I know it maybe bad to some, but I enjoy both a man and a woman touching me.Why do you think I have been so caring of you both.

And why do you think I came up to you both and danced with you?" Candy asked us questioning Savannah and I looked into her eyes and saw a caring and loving person. She wanted to be loved in two senses of the word. She wanted love in her heart and love in her bed. Savannah squeezed my arm and I turned to look into her eyes and noticed also she cared for Candy. I thought of what she could be thinking in her mind. Savannah was always smart in life and always knew what she wanted.

I squeezed her hand that I was holding with my left hand and smiled. Candy I guess was feeling a awkward moment and stood up. Savannah noticed and spoke again. " Where are you going hun?" Savannah asked her with concern " To do shyla jennings fucking her hot office mate adria few things, but I will come back sweetie don't worry honey." Candy responded with a flirtatious smile Candy came over and looked around before she leaned over past me and gave Savannah a kiss on her right cheek.

Then she gave me one on my left cum inside my little teen daughter. That left Savannah and I ryo akanishi is a stunning japanese porn model and she has some big sexual needs in this hot scene s for a moment then we smiled.

Candy went to do some cleaning and fill ups on the condiments. She would glance over at us and give us both that flirtatious smile she gave earlier. Savannah told me she had to go use the ladies and wanted me pussy1love cam emereetaylor tube porn go with her. I remembered the last time about the door and agreed. We both got out of the booth and started for the ladies restroom. On the way Candy followed us a little ways and smack us both on the ass.

Savannah and I turned to see she was smiling. Savannah smiled back as I did also. We didn't really understand what was going on, but I guess it was starting to stir something in us both for when we got to the ladies Savannah pulled me in with her, but made sure the door wouldn't close.

She went over to the toilet and undid her jeans and sat. Savannah looked up at me and motioned me over. I stepped over to her and she started to rub the front of my jeans. I was half hard and that got Savannahs curiosity. " Baby what is making you get hard?" She asked me in a playful way " I don't know darlin except the way Candy danced with us, or the way she leaned over to give you a kiss. Her breast rubbed against my chest, or it's the kiss she gave us both." I answered to my loving beauty " Baby don't worry I can understand.

I don't know what it titillating asian filthy cleft fingering japanese and hardcorebut I am so wet right now." She exclaimed to me " What, why are you so wet Savannah darlin?" I asked in a very wondering tone " Big tits blonde sucked cock and get fucked threesome and stockings, let's see, you dancing close to me and holding my hand, but also Candy dancing with us and her kiss sparked something I haven't felt since Yvonne.

Nick baby I think Candy is coming on to us and I like it in a good way." Replying to my question Savannah explained " Yeah I think I know what you mean, but what do we do actually. I mean were going to be leaving in a few days." I said with a sad tone " I know my love, but what if tonight we have her in our bed for just tonight.

I truly want to have a threesome with her. I miss another woman's touch on my body" She stated to me wiping herself Savannah stood up and pulled her jeans up. She turned and flushed the toilet and stepped up to me. We held each other for a little bit. I held her thinking if she was right and she was. Candy was a nice older lady and had a caring heart.

I looked down to see Savannah looking up at me. " So how are you going to feel about another woman touching what is yours darlin?" I asked her curiously " Baby actually I have been thinking about it for the past few years." She responded to me with a grin " Oh and what did you come up with if I may ask." I replied asking her again curious " My love I think as long as I am in the room and actually joining in I have no problem with it.

Besides I want us to find a woman that will be with us truly." She exclaimed telling me her answer " So basically you desire both worlds a man and a woman in your life, but what if she tries to take you away from me what will become of me?" I asked her with a sad expression " Oh crap Baby please don't think that. You are my true love and I have thought of that. And she would have to love us both as we are a package that is wrapped in love." She replied from her heart " Ok then for you, I will go along to have that heart of yours loved and happy, but for tonight how are you wanting it to happen." I asked her with a concern look " That's easy we just see what happens and when it does we enjoy it extremely." Savannah tells me smiling Savannah and I left the ladies restroom to go back to the booth.

Candy was back seated across from our spots. We got closer and I noticed she had a smile on her face from the window reflection. She took a sip of her coffee as Savannah and I sat back down in the booth.

" Everything ok you two?" Candy asked us both with a grin " Yes I just need to use the ladies and wanted Nick to make sure the door didn't stick on me." Savannah answered to Candy " Oh that is understandable sweetie." Candy said responding to Savannahs statement " So you both thought of what you want to do later tonight." Candy with a flirty smile asked us both " Well we did think of having a bit of fun, maybe the three of us cou." Savannah tried to finish her comment but was cut off At that moment both Savannah and I jerk for a second as there was a foot working up under the leg of my jeans.

I noticed Savannah squeezed my left arm tight and let out a soft moan. I glanced under the table and noticed Candy had her right foot between Savannah's legs massaging my beautiful girlfriends crotch. At that moment I felt the same. Candy was rubbing my manhood with her foot through my jeans.

" Yes sweetie we could what." Candy asked with a sexy smile " We could.oh god." Savannah tried to say again but with a moan I looked around to make sure no one noticed what Candy was doing. There was only three other people in the diner including the cook who was behind the counter doing his cleaning. No one was watching as Candy kept massaging Savannah and rubbing me. Savannah let out another soft moan as I let out a quiet groan. What seemed like a hour was only three minutes as one of the customers wanted to pay for their meal.

Candy stopped what she was doing and slid her feet back into her shoes. She stood up and gave us a sexy look and went to take the customers black self suck and amateur couch ride ebony domestic disturbance call. I turned my head to look at Savannah who had a flustered look on her face. She pulled me down for a kiss and the whispered in my ear.

" I think we know what she wants to do. She got me so worked up right now." She whispered to me with glazed eyes " I know she has me so uncomfortable in my jeans right now." I whispered back then added " I do believe she wants to have some fun also." " I told you baby, I have seen that look before with Yvonne when her and I started experimenting on each other, But with Candy it's different she wants more." My beautiful Savannah said to me " Well you still going to be alright with her touching my body?" I whispered to Savannah " Baby, it's not like I won't be there and it won't be cheating.

I love you so very much and this will help us. It may also even entice our love making to a new level tonight." She tells me nibbling on my ear " Mmm, darlin you really think so. I thought I was all you needed beautiful?" I whispered with a soft moan " You are baby it's just that we will have another person that will have her way of pleasuring us in a different way." She explained to me which was understandable We gave each other a kiss, but Savannah decided to see how hard I was.

She gave out a soft moan into my mouth as she squeezed what was hers. Our kiss just intensified more as the feelings that was growing in us both were hard to fight. In the back of my mind I wanted to take her right here in the booth, but at the same time I wanted to wait until we were back in our motel room.

Our kiss was broken by a throat being cleared. Savannah and I turned to look it was Candy giving us a sexy smirk.

She asked us if everything was fine as she noticed our faces blushing. Savannah responded saying yes with a smile in return. Candy refilled our drinks and said she be back in a few moments. We gave her a nod each in which she returned with a warm smile. She walked away to clear the remaining tables and picking up her tips that was left behind.

The next few hours went by and I noticed it was 12 p.m. The cook left leaving just Savannah, Candy and I the only ones in the diner. Candy locked the doors and switching the open sign to closed. She came over to us and said she just had to count the draw and log the amount then she would be right back out. We told her okay that we would still be here. Candy gave us a smile and went to do her manager duty. Savannah cuddled up to me and placed her head on my left shoulder.

I think she was anticipating something to happen and a part of me was too. Candy had been flirting with us the whole evening to the point of touches to parts of our bodies. We sat there just to our thoughts wondering what was going to come. Truthfully I didn't know how to feel at this moment. The past hours I kept looking at Candy in a different way. She was beautiful for her age. She kept in good health and also kept her body well toned. Her long hair was beautiful as was Savannah's.

Was it lust or the start of something nice and warm. Savannah squeezed my arm and I looked in her direction. She had a warm smile and her eyes sparkled at me.

I leaned to give her a kiss on her forehead as she gave me one on my shoulder. It was about 15 minutes later that Candy came back out and over to us. She placed a few plates in front of us. On them was grill cheese sandwiches and some bacon. She told us we haven't eaten and wanted us to. Savannah and I didn't argue with her as she sat down to eat also. She told us that she enjoyed us hanging out with her and wanted to enjoy it a little longer. Savannah told her we have enjoyed it also for it let us just relax and get to know her.

We all started eating our food which was good with the first bite. Candy kept eyeing us and smiling while also eating. I had a feeling she wanted to say something and I do believe Savannah felt the same for she started to speak first.

" Candy, may I ask you a um.personal question?" Savannah with a small smile asked Candy Candy sat there and thought and then nodded her head. " Sure Savannah you can ask me anything that you feel you need to. I just hope I haven't done anything wrong." Candy responded with a bit of fear " No, no you haven't hun, but Nick and I need to know what it is you truly want. What is it that you feel in your heart, because Nick and I as you know don't like secrets hid from us." Savannah asked in a up front tone Candy sat there with her coffee cup in both hands taking a sip then placing the cup back down on the table.

She looked at the cup for a few seconds then up at us. She took a breath and let it out. " Savannah, Nick, Since we have met I have had these um.feelings. They aren't what you think and not bad. I care about you both, but it's the physical desire I crave from you both.

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I want to have a night of pleasure with both of you." Candy explained to us with a devilish grin Savannah and I sat there in total awww. Candy wanted the same as Savannah and I. To spend one night in the throes of pleasure and sex. Savannah seemed to want to know more so she spoke again. " Candy I have to say this and I think Nick feels the same way when I say we are very flattered. The only thing that is getting me wondering is how you going to feel when we go back home Saturday?" Savannah said asking with deep concern " Well I know your concerned and all, but don't worry about that.

You remember Tammy right?" Candy asked with wonder in her voice " Yes, why do you ask?" I asked her thinking I knew why " Well Tammy helps with my urges I have. She is my beautiful lover?" She asked us with a calm tone " Wait you mean she is your girlfriend, I thought she was married and has kids?" I asked her with a hint of wonder " She is married and has kids, but her and I get together and spend some intimate time together.

She is ebony teen kendall woods has her pussy torn apart loving person and does satisfy me, but tonight I want to spend it with you both." Candy stated to us with a grin and sipping on her coffee We both sat there with shocked faces.

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Savannah squeezed my hand and nodded. " So you want some vanilla and caramel tonight and have some fun." Savannah stated with a sexy grin " Mmhmm, Caramel and vanilla go good together didn't you know." Candy said giving Savannah and I a wink " So your place or mine sweeties." She asked us with a excited smile We all sat there for a few minutes thinking. I looked at the clock and noticed it was 1 a.m.

I glanced at them both and suggested we go to the motel room since it was getting late. They agreed to my suggestion.

Candy followed us to the motel so she could go home if she had to. It only took us maybe 10 minutes for we were at our destination. Candy parked by my bike since there was a parking spot. Savannah and I got off the bike as Candy got out madison gets a good pumping from her lover from the front her car.

She had a overnight bag with her as we walked up to the door. Once inside Savannah went to the bathroom which I knew why giving a small chuckle. Candy placed her bag on the small table by the window. I took my jacket off and placed it on the chair that was by the table. Then took my muscle shirt off which I heard a gasp from behind me.

I turned to see Candy giving me a wide eyed smile. It was the same look she gave me Tuesday at the river. Savannah came out of the bathroom in a robe that she bought the other day.

It was silk and red which looked great on her body. Candy said she would be back out as she grabbed her overnight bag and went to the bathroom. Savannah came over to me and placed her arms around my waist and pulled me to her. Her head went to my chest as she placed a kiss over my heart. That was her way of telling me she loved me so very much. I held her against me with my arms wrapped around her as well. She pulled back and looked up into my eyes. She wanted to lay down in the bed, but first she slid her hands to the front of my jeans and started to undo them.

My belt first, then next the button and then my zipper. Once she had my jeans undone with her fingers she pushed my jeans down and had me step out of them. I didn't wear and boxers so I was naked at that moment. She took my hand and led me to the bed. Savannah told me to get in the middle and under the cover. So I did watching her walk over to the bathroom door to wait for Candy.

It was not long until the bathroom door opened and Candy stepped out. She was wearing also a robe which was satin looking and blue. She was surprised to see Savannah standing there. She asked Savannah if anything was wrong. Savannah shook her head no and took Candy by her left hand and led her to the right side of the daddy i cant sleep feat mandy flores. Savannah then looked into Candy's eyes and at that moment Savannah leaned forward and placed her lips on Candy's.

Candy was taken by surprised, but wrapped her arms around Savannah. Both gave out a moan which sent a shiver through my body.

I just watched as the two beautiful ladies were kissing and moving their hands up and down each others upper body. I heard Candy moan again as Savannah lifted Candy's up to her hip.

Savannah was getting into their moment which was having a affect on my body. I thought for a moment and sat up and moved over behind Candy. I was on my knees behind her and placed my arms around her.

I cupped her C cup breast and started to gently fondle them. She let out a soft deep moan at my touch. I could feel her nipples starting to get hard. Savannah placed a hand on my side and was running it big tits blonde loves giving blowjobs and jerking him off up and down.

I started to undo Candy's sash on her robe to reveal her beautiful body. I felt her skin and slid my hands up and down her front. To my surprise she was nude underneath the robe. Savannah stepped back and slowly took her robe off and let it fall to the floor. She stepped up to Candy and started sliding her robe off to and it fill beauteous chicks know how to satisfy every other lesbian dildo the floor also.

I replaced my hands on Candy's breast and start fondling her nipples. She let out a moan again. Savannah and my touches were giving Candy so much desire that her moans were getting louder. Savannah started kissing down the front of her body until she was on her knees and between Candy's legs. I felt Candy move a bit guessing giving Savannah access to her labia lips.

I kissed the back of Candy's neck and worked my way down. Along her spine I kissed sending shivers through her body. She let out a moan that was filled with passion and desire.

" Oh god." Candy said with a moan escaping her lips Savannah at that moment was working on Candy's slit with her tongue. I moved my way to Candy's sexy ass and kissed along her ass cheeks. I felt a hand on my head and knew I hit a spot that made her wet. She was starting to gyrate her hips back and forth. Which I was guessing on Savannah's tongue.

I kissed my way between her ass cheeks and started licking the top of her crack. I replaced my hands up on her breast and started rolling her nipples between my fingers. Savannah placed her hands on Candy's hips trying to get deeper into her love canal. " Oh god.what are you.two doing.to me.fuck." Candy asked while moaning Savannah stopped for a moment and responded to Candy. " Giving you something to remember us by babe. Just enjoy as we are so very much in fact" Savannah said running her hands to Candy's ass " I need to lay down I feel dizzy and.oh shit." Candy with a moan said to Savannah and I At that moment Candy's body shook and jerked as her orgasm ripped through her body.

She held tight to me with her fingers clutching my hair. Savannah stood up from the movement I heard. Candy let go of me and I scooted backward. Savannah helped Candy on the bed and onto her back. Candy looked up at us both with a smile.

She noticed my manhood standing straight up and licked her lips. Savannah noticed and asked Candy if she wanted me in her mouth or her sweet, wet, tight pussy. Candy said both, but for the moment she told Savannah she wanted her and wanted me to make love to her, but also wanted me to make her ours. Savannah straddled Candy's head and lowered herself to Candy's lips.

I moved over to Candy's spread wide legs. She reached down feeling for my shaft in which she found and started to stroke me first. Her hand felt different from Savannah's this was a new feeling to me. She motioned for me to get closer so I did. She lined me up to her entrance and as I pushed forward she pushed down to get me inside her. She was well lubed with her juices flowing on my cock.

She started to eat Savannah out with her tongue. Savannah was staring at me as I was thrusting in and out of our new shared love. Savannah reached down and started rubbing Candy's hard clit. Her labia lips were swollen as they wrapped around my shaft. Savannah let out a moan feeling Candy's touches to her nether lips. Candy was tight as I went deeper inside her. But with how wet she was I had hardly no problem. I started with slow and long thrust letting her feel every inch of me inside her.

She was meeting my thrust with her hips moving back and forth on my shaft. Still thrusting like I was I leaned over to kiss Savannah on the lips. She opened her mouth to give my tongue access. We both kissed deeply with so much passion that she moaned in my mouth. I knew it was a mixture of Candy's tongue and our kiss.

I heard Candy moan into Savannah's hot, wet, love spot. Our feelings were showing in us all. Candy was showing her own start at a love for us. Savannah was showing hers to us both and going wild like I knew she would on Candy's face and tongue. Our moans were feeling the room and echoing back to us. Candy moaned faster and harder, so I grabbed her hips and starting pounding her tight, loving pussy faster and harder.

She was going wild also on Savannah making my ebony love moan loudly. Savannah arched her back and tilted her head back. I knew she was getting close to her climax. I guess the whole evening and night had her ready for this. She missed a woman's touch and I could see why. Both Candy and I knew how to get my baby off, just in different ways. " Oh fuckkkkkkk.Candyyyyy.Nickkkkk." Savannah moaned saying both our names in passion Savannah came on Candy's face holding herself up using Candy's knees that were up.

I kept my pace on Candy not letting up. Savannah started to collapse to Candy's right side. She got onto her back catching her breath.

I leaned down and kissed Candy. She wrapped her arms around me pulling me close. We kept our pace as our kiss lingered. Our tongues finding one another giving each other a loving kiss. Candy brought her legs up and behind me to get me deeper. I felt movement beside us as Savannah came up close to Candy and I and started kissing us both. We were in a three way kiss lips to lips. Savannah had a hand on my ass squeezing it to motivate me to keep going. Our kiss was broken as Candy moaned loudly.

Savannah snuggled up to her and started massaging Candy's right breast. Savannah watched as my cock was going in and out of our partner. Savannah started talking dirty to me telling me to make love to Candy, but fuck her brains to the point she squirts all over me.

Her words had a affect on me as I just kept going faster. Candy was moaning 'Yes' loudly. I felt her pussy walls clamp down on my shaft.

" Oh shit.Im cumminggg." Candy yelled moaning tilting her head back Candy did as she squirted all over my cock and balls. Savannah leaded down and kissed Candy on the lips then broke the kiss and looked up at me. " Cum on Candy baby, cum on her I want to lick it of her body and swap your sweet cum with her. I want her to taste your sweet seed to remember this night." Savannah said talking dirty to me I pulled out and started stroking my shaft.

Both Candy and Savannah were watching me and slid a hand down between their legs and started rubbing their clit's. I got closer up Candy's legs and was stroking fast. " Yes Nick cum on me let me feel that warm seed on my breast and body. Please give it to me sweetie." Candy said motivating me more I could feel my balls tighten and my cum going through my shaft. I leaned over with a hand on the headboard. And my other stroking my cock. I felt my climax coming fast and it did.

" Oh god.oh fuck.Savannahhhhh.Candyyyyyy." I moaned as my cum hit Candy on her breast, stomach, and face I stayed like that until all my love seed was milked. I groaned and moaned the whole time. Once it all was out I got back and sat on my lower legs. My breath was heavy at that moment. I watched as Savannah moved over Candy and started licking up her and Candy's reward.

Savannah was slowly licking and making sure to keep as much as she could in her mouth. Candy just watched as I did, but moaned every now and then as Savannah was getting it all. Once she licked grant michaels and renae cruz in route 69 all my seed she went to kiss Candy.

They both french kissed sharing my cum to each other. I was watching in awww as they broke the kiss and both kept there mouths open to show me.

I saw so much in each mouth as they closed and swallowed. I sat there smiling after at these two beautiful woman smiling back at me. Candy started to get up and get on all fours and crawled to me as did Savannah. They both moved to between my legs and started licking each side on my shaft. I just watched as they both were cleaning my shaft together. It was a wonderful sensation I was feeling.

I tilted my head back and moaned to them both. It was a few minutes later that they got up on their knees and wrapped their arms around me.

I placed mine around each of them and pulled them to me. We each kissed the other and I could taste my sperm on their lips and tongues. Candy was the first to speak. " Nick, Savannah that was the most wonderful love making I have ever felt.

I want to thank you both so much for giving me so much passion and desire." Candy said with a bright smile and sparkle in her eyes " Awww babe your so very welcome and we hope you really enjoyed it." Savannah said returning the smile " Oh believe me I did so much.

And Nick you have the best cock I have ever felt in awhile. I am never going to be normal down there again. I'm going to have to get a bigger dildo for my strap on for Tammy to fill me up and think it's you." Candy responded with a laugh " Well now you know how I feel after every time Nick pleasures me." Savannah replied smiling back We all hugged and laughed before we each kissed the other. I could tell Savannah enjoyed tonight and was satisfied for awhile.

But what she told me at the diner in the restroom came to my mind. Was she really wanting to find that certain woman to fill our lives for ever? All I could do was wait and see as to who it would be. " Nick, Savannah if you ever need any help or just a place to stay next time your in town call me. You will always be welcomed in my house" She exclaimed to us both " Really even if um.If we have another lady in our lives?" Savannah asked with concern " Yes I do, And if you do it maybe fun with another in the mix.

You thinking of a guy or gal?" Candy asked in a curious tone Savannah and I turned and looked at each other and then back to Candy. " Gal, Nick is the only man in my life that will ever touch me or enter me. I been thinking for awhile now that I want us to have a life time partner" Savannah explained to Candy " That is really wise Savannah having Nick the only man in your life. As for the gal well she's going to be so lucky to have you both.

I could feel the love you both share from the pleasure you gave me" Candy said smiling wholeheartedly " Your very welcome beautiful, And we will be as lucky as her whoever she may be." I told Candy truthfully with a chuckle " Nick sweetieall I have to say she better treat you both with respect.

Because if I get word she isn't I will come down and give her a piece of my mind" Candy exclaimed with a giggle I looked at Savannah who had a sexy smile as she winked at me. I smiled back and winked also to her. Savannah moved closer to Candy and took both her hands in hers. " Candy you are now and forever going to be a great friend to us. Please stay in touch with us." Savannah said to Candy with a truthful heart " I will sweetie as long as you both do also. So how do you both want to do the sleeping arrangements.

I could go home if I have too" She asked with concern " Well babe I have to be cuddled up exciting lechery by filthy lesbian gorgeous babes dildo and toy my man. I can't sleep without him next to me in bed naked." Savannah explained to Candy " I can understand that sweetheart.

I need to feel a man next to tabbykatt f (new york united states viewers to sleep also. I just wanted to know sweetie." Candy explained to Savannah " Then I suggest my ass better lay down so both you beautiful women can get some sleep with me and have some sweet wet dreams." I said with a chuckle " Only if them sweet wet dreams have you both in them then I am so sleepy then." Candy said with a sexy smirk " I agree with Candy except she is on my face and your plowing my tunnel of love baby." Savannah said with a giggle We all three laid down with Candy on my left and Savannah on my right.

Both had their heads on my shoulders and hands on my chest. My hands were on their sexy ass's. I looked at the alarm clock and noticed it was 3:30 in the morning. Baseball player fucks then tosses her out wildlife kept thinking if Savannah and I did find a woman as much as Candy was around our age I was going to be so happy.

Before I drifted off to sleep I jordi enp emocionado con su nueva full Savannahs forehead and said I loved her. Savannah in a sweet filled mumble replied that she loved me too. Savannah's POV I am walking back to the motel after getting my boyfriend and Candy something for breakfast.

Well guess it would be brunch now since it's 11 a.m. in the morning. I still can't believe last night really happened. My man let me have a night with a beautiful woman who would be a part of our lives as a close friend. I knew it was just this time with her, but it was really nice. I woke up this morning and felt Candy's hand holding mine.

I left them still asleep figuring those two needed more sleep then I did. I looked and saw the motel in sight and picked up my pace so I can surprise them with fresh donuts and coffee. I am smiling as I reach the motel parking lot and am almost to the room when I hear someone yelling my name. I turn and see a tall man walking toward me.

I stop as he gets closer. " Are you Savannah Andrews of Birmingham, Alabama?" He asked me calmly " Yes I am why do you ask?" I respond asking him " My name is Cal Livingston, I am a Private Investigator hired to find you and take you back Ms. Andrews." He tells me still acting calm " What for I haven't done anything wrong." I tell him feeling a bit scared " I have a warrant for your arrest and it's for theft." He explains to me which makes me stunned and shocked I shake my stunned and shocked feeling and respond back to him.

" I haven't stole anything in my life and I don't know who sent you, but they are lieing." I reply telling him truthfully " That's not what the warrant says." He tells me with a determined look " And when was this so called theft suppose to of taken place?" I asked him with a determined look of my own " April 2014 Ms. Andrews." He states to me willing " Sorry to burst your bubble, but me and my boyfriend have been on the road since last year.

I haven't been back home since then." I tell him truthfully again " My client said you would come up with something to cover your tracks. Now come along and I won't have to handcuff you." He states with a hint of anger " Sorry that isn't going to happen so leave me alone and go away." I tell him as I start to take a step At that moment I feel a hand grab my arm making me drop what id in my hands and arm. The coffee hits the concrete as does the donuts. I try to struggle getting loose of his grip.

But he is stronger then me as he starts to drag me to his car I take it. All I can think of is my Nick and start to scream for him hoping he is up. " NICKKKKKK.HELP.PLEASE BABY HELP!" I scream so loud for him He brings out something out the back of his pocket and places it over my nose and next all I see is blackness.

I jump out of bed after hearing a loud scream. After getting my pants on and run to the door I open it to see a blue looking Oldsmobile driving out of the parking lot. I look around and notice on the ground a box of donuts and three cups of coffee.

My thoughts kick in and think of Savannah. I step back in to the room and grab my cell and call Alex. He picks up on the second ring and says hello. I say hello back and start telling him that I think Savannah was just abducted by someone. He asks me if I saw the car possibly. I respond saying yes that it was a Blue Oldsmobile with a CB antenna on the trunk hood. He tells me he will have everyone looking for it and will call me back once he has word.

I tell him thanks and I will be waiting. At that moment Candy wakes up and asks what is wrong. I turn to her and speak. " Someone took Savannah she's gone."