Sweet darling is a weenie pleaser smalltits hardcore

Sweet darling is a weenie pleaser smalltits hardcore
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Sometimes losing your virginity isn't as romantic as you think it'd be. I taught my girl that lesson well enough.

My name is Damien, I won't give out my last name for privacy reasons. I have dark hair, icy blue eyes, and a couple of freckles here and there. I always have my hair in a downward style. I have short hair, some of it's pushed behind my ears, and the bangs hang infront of my face.

I'm around 5'6 and a pretty fit guy. My girlfriend's name is Sierra, we've been together for three years.

She has long brown hair, dark hazel eyes, and her skin is flawless. She has the pouty lips, nicely shaped. She's 4'9, only making her cuter. She has curves like I've never seen, thick thights, and a C36 bra size. That's fun on my part. She's always wearing bright colors and batting her long eyelashes at me, it brightens my day.

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The only thing wrong with her is she thinks its funny to send me pictures of her in only her bra, or undies. She also thinks its funny to send me text messages that are dirty, yet she never once mentioned she wanted to lose her virginity to me. She always played around with my mind, she knew she had the upper hand. I would never cheat on her, and she knew that. So she thought she was in the clear of dangling sex infront of me, and having me paw at it like a cat.

Well, one night I called her over, told her my parents were away and I wanted to spend time with her. She believed me and came over, she wore the lime green dress she loved, and her white tenneshoes. Her hair done in a messy, yet cute, bun with a matching headband.

She plopped her hyper self onto the couch right next to me, and snuggled close. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw her smiling a bit, I could tell she was enjoying herself.

Before either of us knew it, I reached my hand around, trying to get a feel of her chest. She glared up at me, not angry, more of a, 'What do you think your doing' type of look, her mouth slightly gaped. I bent down and pressed my lips against her, not yet kissing her. "Are you ready to fuck me yet? Or do you need more time?" I wasn't suprised to see her eyes grow large, I never usually cursed around her. She knew I meant business. She sat up a bit, I wouldn't let her, I kept her head close to mine, in a sort of agressive fashion.

"Are you?" The look in her eyes was a bit fearful, knowing I wouldn't let her up. And.It fascinated me. I would never hurt her, don't get me wrong, but I enjoyed seeing her being the puppet this time. I started to feel my pants get a little tighter with each second of me thinking about what I was going to do to this poor innocent angel.

My icy glare peered into her eyes, and I half smiled before pushing her onto her back, and Chick with curves adores hot fuck big butt bigtits pinned her wrists down.

I sat ontop of her, my legs spread on either side of her, I knew by the look on her face she could feel my erection.

The skinny jeans weren't helping at all. I saw her lip quiver for a second, "I-I.Ok. We can if you want to." Her meek little voice whispered to me, she was blushing a bit. I smiled and stuck my hand under her dress. I meant to feel what kind of undies she was wearing, but my hand had a mind of it's own.

It found it's way to her chest and started to massage her large breasts.

She bit her bottom lip, embarrassment and fear written all over her cute face. I saw a tear form in her eye, not from being scared, because I was being a little too rough. I bent down and flipped her ontop. I wanted to see how she would react. It took a moment for her to let her body relax and look down at me, "W-what teen in stockings masturbates in the shower you want me to do?" She asked, slightly more confident.

It made me smile, I threw off my dark green T-shirt and laid back down, "Whatever you want to, babe." I whispered. Whether she did anything I liked or not, it was getting me off that she was so clueless and innocent on the whole subject. She had no clue what she was doing. She slowly let her hair down and took her dress off. This was a day she didn't wear her bra. She sat ontop of me, only wearing her lacy undies, and her cute bootie socks.

I could almost feel her dripping through her underpants, I felt myself blush a little. I never seen her in the bare in person before, it took me a moment to take in all her perfection and beauty. I started to take off my choker colar, it had spikes and I didn't want to her hurt her. She placed her hands on mine and pushed them away, in the most sugar coated voice she said, "No! Keep it on, it looks sexy!" She couldn't even say sexy in a dirty way, she sounded so cute.

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I could feel my self dripping, pre-come was just soaking my pants. She started to undo my belt when I realized, that look in her eye, seemed like she wanted it. After she had my pants around my knees she crawled ontop of me, making sure her pussy area caressed my erection and lightly kissed my jawline, "Can I be ontop?" She asked, her tone hushed.

I could only stare at her breasts pressed against my chest, I nodded slowly, not able to say anything. Sierra sat back up, slipping out of her panties.

She backed her hips up a little and massaged slow motion japanese mom son cock with her bare pussy.

I felt like I was going to just burst right there, all over her. Then she placed my throbbing manhood into her, and let out a small moan.

I moaned a little louder than her, and I placed one hand on her waist, one under my head.

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She began moving back and forth, biting one of her fingers, and her other hand on my chest. Her face looked like she was in pain, yet enjoying it. I felt her pussy slamming down on my cock, the fritcion felt so good.

I couldn't keep quiet no matter how hard I tried. As she stared down at me, her look become more seductive than anything, and she was moving her body like she wanted attention, it was at that point I realized.I was nothing but a puppet again. She had all the control over me, I couldn't have done anything even if I wanted to.This AntiChrist had met his match.

After she cummed so badly to where it was sliding down my dick, she pulled off and sat at the end of the couch, completely naked, smiling at me.

As I sat up, she held her arms out, I immediatly fell into ball batter loads for a seductive adorable girl arms from exhaustion.

I laid my head on her breasts and she wrapped her legs around my waist and petted my silky hair, she giggled, "I love you, Damien." She said it with such a creepy tone, I didn't know whether to laugh or stare at her. The point was I loved her, too. So I said it back and gave her a kiss. I didn't mind being the puppet. She was one sexy puppet master.