Give me pink tight russian explores holes

Give me pink tight russian explores holes
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Needless to say at this point we were all three very hot and very turned on so I suggested that we go to the bedroom and get this party started! They both rose to their feet and Jenny grabbed ahold of my cock and started leading me to the bedroom while Misty placed a hand on my ass and followed behind! Once in the bedroom the ladies climbed onto the bed and layed next to each other and started kissing passionately and running their hands across each other's luscious tits!

I stood at the side of the bed awe struck for a minute taking in the scene of these two beautiful women making out on the bed.

My eyes worked my way down until they were focusing on two of the most scrumptious looking pussies they'd ever seen! Like a man possessed I got between Misty's legs and started licking the top of her clit slowly working my way down past the entrance to her pussy to her tight asshole.

I licked around it and then back up to the entrance of her pussy and slid my tongue inside of her.

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I couldn't see what was going on above me but I heard Misty as she let out a muffled moan as my tongue entered her so I had a pretty good idea that she was still making out with Jenny. I moved back up and took another look as I moved myself between Jenny's legs. I gave her the same treatment that I had just given Misty as she started releasing moan after moan into my girlfriend's mouth.

Hearing them that way was driving me crazy and my cock was starting to throb and ache again. I slid a finger into Jenny's wet pussy and she reacted by grinding it against my hand and falling back to her back on the bed.

This opened up my view to where I could see her face and then Misty's diving into her perky tits. I slid another finger inside massage with a side of anal doggystyle and deepthroat her and watched as my girlfriend sucked one of Jenny's nipples into her mouth.

Watching this was amazing so I continued fucking Jenny with my fingers and mouth as she writhed under Misty and my sexual tortures. I knew it wouldn't be long at this pace and she would start cumming.

She started to buck and scream as wave after wave of her orgasm raced through her body. Her cum and juice leaking onto my palm as her pussy clenched hard around my fingers she was cumming so hard. As she came down from her blissful state, her pussy released its grasp on my fingers and I slid out of her.

She lay there panting as I moved back between Misty's legs. I took my rock hard cock and began sliding it up and down her slit teasing her. She was very wet and I began slowly sliding my cock into her the way that I know she likes.

Jenny recovered and had moved up over Misty's face and was hovering there while I continued slowly pleasuring her. I could see by the look on Jenny's face that my girl had started eating her pussy and I began fucking her harder and faster. Taking long and deep strokes I rocked her to her first orgasm as she screamed into Jenny's wet pussy. I pulled from her wet pussy and told Jenny to get on the bed on her back and I positioned myself between her legs.

Misty sat up and grabbed my cock and guided it toward her clit rubbing it up and down the way I had her.

She stopped at the entrance to Jenny's pussy and pulled as I pushed my cock inside of her. Feeling her hand grasp my cock while I fucked this little toy was amazing. Every time that I thrust forward she grasped tight and squeezed. I looked at her and saw a smile on her face and I leaned forward to kiss her. All of this was turning out to be too much for me to handle and I did not want to cum yet so I pulled myself from Jenny's pussy and Misty's grasp and they immediately went to work on each other in a 69.

Misty was on top and I moved around the bed so I could slide myself back inside her pussy while Jenny teased her clit with her tongue. We stayed this nina nirvana swallow her step bros thick cock with me thrusting hard into Misty's warm wet pussy while Jenny was licking her clit trying to make her cum again.

I reached up with my hand and pushed Misty's head into Jenny's waiting pussy and she started moaning and licking like a woman possessed. I could feel the vibrations from Jenny's moaning in my cock as the urge to cum suddenly came back.

I grabbed the base of my cock and pulled from its warm wrapping so I wouldn't cum. Once the feeling dissipated I told the girls to switch places so I could fuck Jenny again and they flipped themselves over still paying attention to each other's pussies as they did so. I positioned myself behind Jenny as I felt Misty's head come between my legs. She wanted to watch as I fucked this little vixen and she had herself in a perfect position. As I slid back into Jenny's warm cunt she raised up using my girls legs to brace herself up.

I reached up and grabbed her hair and forced her back down to Misty's sweet pussy and I started thrusting harder. Then I reached behind me and grabbed my girlfriend's head and pulled it up to my balls and she started to lick my balls and shaft as thrust in and out of Jenny's cunt. I could feel myself wanting to cum again and I didn't want to cum inside Jenny so I pulled out again and told them I was ready to cum.

Suddenly I felt four hands on me pulling me to the bed. Apparently they were ready for me to cum too! I got to my back and they both went for my pulsating cock with their mouths.

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They took turns sucking the head of my cock and using their lips on the side of my cock while Misty stroked me desperate to make me cum. Their head both moved up and down in unison only breaking to trade places. Jenny had my cock in her mouth and Misty used her lips on my shaft as I felt that I was going to explode.

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I yelled out "I'M GONNA CUMMMMMMM!!!!!!!!!" They moved their mouths from me as the first rope of my hot cum exploded from my head. They both moaned and stroked my cock viciously trying to pump more cum from my member. I looked down and saw my cum covering both of their faces and hair as they pointed my cock back and forth between the two of them.

I came more than I ever had in my life and when I was finished they took turns licking and sucking all the cum from my cock before tending to each other's faces. Jenny left shortly after and Misty and I laid together naked in the bed and held on to one another quietly before I broke the silence by saying how incredibly hot that was. She agreed and said "wait till next time!" I could tell that she had really enjoyed the evening and was looking forward to more adventures