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Sexxxx fuck pakstan new por sex stories
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I never thought I liked my sister because when we were children we always fought for hours on end and we have never gotten along. I could not wait to go to college to get away from her and for four years. In college I had a sense of peace until she turned 19 and she decided to come to the same college and worst yet be in the same dorm section with me. I am 23 and do not need to be bothered by my bratty younger sister any more. She has been here for a month and I am already fed up of her coming to my room and borrowing or should I say stealing my stuff.

One day to get back at her I went to her room and stole my sister's cheerleading photo album but was about to get the shock of my life when I started to look at it.

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Getting back to my room I started to flip through her album and started to see some pictures that made me feel different about my sister, things that made me look at her as a woman. In the pictures there was my beautiful baby sister with her young lips sucking the head of some random guy's cock. By this time I was at the point of cumming looking at these pictures of my sister who looked so beautiful.

I flipped through a little more and found one of her topless, her breasts looked like ice cream and her nipples like pretty pink cherries on top. Soon I heard a loud pounding on my door that broke my spell. "Brandon you idiot where is my damn album?!" I quickly hid it and went to open the door for her.

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When I opened it I could not help but stare at her beautiful teeny bopper body and baby face. "Damn it Brandon where is my album, I know you took it. Tasha told me you went to my room and she saw you walking out with it!" I looked at my sister and said "I don't know what you are talking about Cindy." Cindy continued to rant and I could not help but fall even more in love with her mouth and knew I just had to kiss her pretty lips. Jeff a fellow senior in my ethics class came over and said "oye mami!

What's the problem" "no problem here except for my boggier of a brother!" "I just want to invite both of you to a little shin dig at our frat house" I big bubble butt hard ass and huge tits stretching lycras puffy nipples and leggings "I can't go I have to study" "what about you mami can you come?" "Of course I can I am not a stick in the mud like that one." I turned to look at her as she knew how to push my buttons but now she was pushing a button that I am glad she did.

I looked back at Jeff and said "you know what, forget studying tonight is frat night" "cool bro, see you there mami." That night at the party was when everything changed between my sister and me. We were both adults and since we never lived as brother and sister to start with, but sworn enemies. That made what happened even sweeter. At the party there were two jocks hitting on my sister and at first she could handle her stories but soon things got physical. The taller guy grabbed my sister's arm and tried to kiss her but she was fighting him off so I intervened.

"Hey guy's what seems to be the problem here?" "No problem here, except this hoochie keeps fooling around and just don't wanna play nice." "Guys that hoochie happens to be my sister and I don't like the way you are handling her and what you are saying about her!" We exchanged words and soon the guy was floored.

I took Cindy back to my room and she was in tears. "Thanks B I owe you." "No problem you are my sister and I love you, I just family hate you." She looked up at me and as our eyes met she moved in closer and soon we were having a sweet passionate kiss. I kissed her in a not at all brotherly kiss and I felt more than I ever felt, than when I kissed any other girl. I pulled away and said "wait, we can't do this, you are my sister." Cindy looked at me so sly and said "yes I am your sister, but remember the show on history, Cain had his sister and that is why Abel died for her love.

I am your sister you have no one to fight for my love and most of all I want you, I did all those mean things to you just so you can notice me." I was shocked but could not help but be a little happy that my sister wanted me. I had butterflies in my stomach as Sexy awesome girl likes kinky massage a lot hardcore and blowjob looked at her.

Only then looking at this beautiful girl I realized, she was the first girl to make me have knots and she truly had me crushing on ebony teen kendall woods has her pussy torn apart. We got a little closer and started to kiss again. Then we heard my roommate's key rattling in the key hole so we broke away from each other and pretended nothing happened.

When my roommate came in we all talked and then my sister left. Over the next few weeks my sister and I hooked up but never really had sex but she gave me a few blow and hand jobs that felt so good. We broke off our outside relationships and started spending more time on us. The night my sister turned 20 was the first time I made love to her for the first time we both realized we were both virgins (in the sense I never penetrated a woman and she was never penetrated) and we were each others first.

The night of her birthday we were at school so I rented a little room off campus for the night so my sister and I could have a little privacy. We started the evening with a dinner date at a cozy little Italian restaurant where we shared dinner and a little dancing.

On the dance floor I gently caressed my sister's back and I loved how her head felt on my shoulder. She looked so beautiful with her jet black off the shoulder length hair falling neatly over her shoulders; she wore a beautiful pink open back dress that hugged her 5'3" tall 102 pound 34-25-38 body. My sister did not have on a bra so I could feel the heat of her breasts rub on my chest which made my cock quiver. After dancing we went back to the booth and I said "I love you so much.

You are no longer a little girl and I have known you for the past 20 years" when I was speaking, she smiled and giggled, so I continued "I think it is time, time to…" she broke my words by placing her hand on my mouth and completed my thought "I am ready for you to make me feel like a woman." I called for the check and went off to our room for our rendezvous.

When we entered the room she took out some lavender scented candles and lit them. I took out some rose petals I had in a bag and laid them in the shape of a heart on the bed. Before I started on my sister I asked good looking girls know how to party one of the most unromantic questions you can ask before sex "are you on the pill?" 'Brandon you butt-head just shut up and kiss me it is all taken care off" my sister, to shut me up stuck her tongue into my mouth which was the best way to be shut up.

I started to massage her back while we were kissing and I unbuckled her dress. She let her dress drop onto the floor and she stepped out of it. She had on a nice blue pair of panties that looked so good on her, but would marvelous off her which they soon were. Her little black hairs were poking out as if to tell me hello. We broke our kiss and she helped me out of my own clothes and although I am only a 7 incher my cock was so thick that my sister could never really gets all of it into her mouth.

As I said she was not only the best kisser she always gave me the best blowjob I ever had, that I could never complain. When we were both still in our underwear we put our hands into each other's underwear and fondled each other while we enjoyed each other tongues.

When things started to heat up we broke our kiss and I wanted to go all the way but she told me that I had to wait. She stood in front of me and as the cool night air hit her nipples and they stood up like little solders.

She cupped her hand under her left breast and pushed it up until she got her perky little nipple into her mouth. She sucked on it while I watched, while my hand reached for my throbbing member.

Seeing how hot she made me my sweet little 20 year old darling sister stopped sucking herself and knelt down in front of me. She pulled my underwear off, leaned over and took the head of my cock into her mouth. She licked it and let her saliva run down my shaft. She licked the entire shaft down to my balls, and sucked first one, then she sucked the other one into the warm, wet cave of her little mouth.

I tried to remove her panties, so she stood and slipped out of them for me. I could see how damp between my angel's legs were and her clit was poking out saying "here I am, time for you to take me".

I reached up and took her hands and brought her to the bed where I made her squat over my face. I let my tongue gently split her cunt and she started to get so excited. She tried to bend over and lick my cock, but I stopped her. I made her get up took her arm in my hand and guided her into the bathroom. I reached into the overnight bag I brought and took out some lube. I began greasing her ass and cunt in slow but swift motions.

I never said a word; I just inserted my cock slowly up her ass. I started to feel her get excited as my shaft was rubbing inside of her. Although we were still virgins, it felt for me like I knew how good sex will be and how great it was sexing my sister. I started to feel her wiggling her ass and squeeze down on my cock. She moaned "it feel's so hard, it feels like an iron rod" and I just kept on sliding my cock up and down her sweet ass.

I began to pound her ass as my climax neared, and I felt her start to spasm in orgasm. It felt like I came for fifteen minutes into my sister, and I had to hold her up as her legs became so weak. As I pulled out, the sticky fluid running out of her ass and down her legs looked so nice.

I picked her up and carried her back to the bed and laid her down gently. I went back to the bathroom to get a bath cloth and wiped my girl's ass. Our first experience took a lot out of her even at 20 so I lay next to her and we cuddled I told her "Happy Birthday Sister I Love You." When she got a little energy she switched position and said "let me show you how much I love you big bro" she started to suck on my cock again. She fell asleep that night with her face in my groin, and to me she never looked as beautiful as she looked just then.

The next morning I awakened by my sister sucking on my magnificent cock. Although I had penetrated her ass I was still unsatisfied not getting into her exquisite hole but I waited until the time was right. We had never really had time alone at the dorm to get any further but continued to suck each other with whatever little time we had.

Soon thanksgiving break was upon us but we decided even before we went home to look around for an apartment off campus where we can be alone. We found the perfect place and over the thanksgiving holiday we spoke to our parents and they poked fun about my sister and I living together. We explained what had happened to her and they agreed as long as we get along. We agreed but could not move in until the week before the New Year so when we went back to college we did the norm in the dorms but when the Christmas break came and as we had 2 weeks at home we decided to spend 1 week there and 1 week moving into our new abode and love nest.

When we arrived home our crazy cousin Peter was visiting and he had hung mistletoe over the door. As we entered he was sitting on the couch and our parents were sitting on separate sides on arm chairs.

Our cousin download story sex massage xxxx "Uh Oh, mistletoe you know what you have to do!" we pretended to argue but we kissed on the lips for about 10 seconds or so but we know truly we wanted to do more.

We angrily broke our kiss and started to pretend argue and fight. Our father said "play nice, it's Christmas." We whiningly agreed. At dinner we told them our plan and they had no problem with the plan.

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As Christmas day was upon us I did not want any presents except the one between my sister's legs. 2 days after Christmas we left home so we can move out of the dorm and into our apartment. When the last box reached the apartment I scooped my sister up and carried her over the threshold. When I put her down she said "I have a present for you!" "What is it? All I want is you!" She said "Shush just go to the bedroom and lay down." I did what I was told and soon my sister came out wearing a sweet pretty pink see through lingerie and black lacy panties.

"Merry Christmas darling this is for you." I had my sister lay on the bed and gave her a wonderful striptease show and she giggled. When I was completely naked I jumped into bed with the sweet 20 year old and started to rub her pussy through her panties. It was not long before her panties were saturated with her juices and we kissed and I helped her out of her clothes.

As I saw her pretty pussy lips I played with it with 2 of my fingers and spread her slit letting my fingers fall into it. I started to suck her nipple and as she moaned I kissed down to her beautiful cunt and before I invaded her with my tongue I kissed and caressed her inner thighs with my tongue. As I saw her clit I moved my tongue to her hole and invaded her.

As my mouth hit her pussy her hair felt like a soft carpet gently caressing my face in just the right way, as I ate out my wonderful luscious sister. Soon enough pretty teen lara flashing her cute white panties were both wet and our fluids mixed so that I could easily penetrate my sister's pussy.

As I moved my mouth and replaced it with my cock I knew this was what I waited for. As I gently slid my member into her well lubricated hole I could feel her body tremble and hear her moan beneath me.

Our bed shook and pounded the wall as I pounded her exquisite pussy, we were both in heaven. I loved taking my sister and she loved being taken.

I cummed inside her and the sweet sticky juices flowing into and out of her had her so excited, as I pounded her, her pussy walls responded positively by hugging my cock so generously. I could not believe that my soul mate and lover could have been my own sister but it was true.

We started our new year in each other's arms and inside of each other. As the year progressed I finished college and Cindy was now entering into her second year and our love life was in full bloom. Every moment we were alone webcam redhead girl masturbation clip toys and babe will suck my cum and I will eat her pussy and I will pound her as much as I could. Outsiders always thought we were married or just two people shacking up but little did they know I was Cindy's brother and she was my sister.

Over the summer vacation I had found a pretty good job that could be permanent and Cindy got one in the same company just for the holidays and of course we took our breaks and lunch together, we were so inseparable. One weekend we were surprised by a visit by our parents who decided to stay for the week. We knew our parents would hate what we were doing but we could not hide our love for each other any more. Four days into our parent's visit we sat them down and had "The Talk" with them.

"Mom dad, Cindy and I have something to tell you" our parents were confused and unsure my dad asked "what? What is the matter?" "Mom dad, Cindy and I have something to confess" looking more dazed mom asked "what?" "Mom dad, Brandon and I love each other" our parents laughed "ha ha that's all" "no mom we are in love with each other!" our parents draw dropped.

Our dad stood up and said, "What the hell is wrong with you two, are you absolutely insane!" I responded to our father "no dad, I love Cindy so much and I cannot bear to be without her." As I said that Cindy and I kissed lightly on the lips to show them how much we were into each other. Our father could not help but sit down, wipe his brow and give in "fine, if you love each other, who am I too stand in your way." On the other hand our mother was not so easy "Eric have you lost your mind!" "No children of mine will be in this sick perverted shit!" Then our mom stormed out of the apartment.

"Don't worry guys your mom just needs to cool down" and dad went to look for mom. Two hours after the out burst dad brought mom back and she said "are you sure you two are really in love?" "Yes mom, I never loved anyone as much as I love Brandon" "I can't say I approve but I am willing o give you two my blessing, if the love you share is she starts with lesbians continues with cock "Thanks mom" and Cindy hugged our mother and I shook dad's hand and we all shared a family hug.

After that I grabbed Cindy and tongued her in front of our parents to which our mom responded "alright guys break it up." We did break it up and our dad joked "well I expect a couple grand kids from you hahahahaaha." Mom hit his arm but then responded "if your love is true we will welcome any grand children you two have." We so happy we had our parent's approval that when mom and dad left I went out and bought Cindy a huge diamond ring which she wore as if she was my wife and I was her husband.

Over the next few years sex between us was so great that when Cindy finished college she got off the pill and we were blessed with our first two children. Twin daughter's who our parents adored and vixen babysitters kimmy granger amp sydney cole ffm threesome were so proud of us that it was not a passing fad between my sister and I but our love was real.

Incest may be considered taboo but what my sister and I share is true and having my sister under me and when I am inside her, it is the best feeling anyone could ever have and no one could ever change our love.