Japanese friend rape sleeping housewife

Japanese friend rape sleeping housewife
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He opens the door. Yes, she is still hanging in the swing. She cannot help but look at his face. He smiles, were it not for where she was and what he had already done to her he would seem almost friendly but petite russian teen pussy fucks a soda bottle masturbation and fullfisting he closes and locks the door she knows that nothing has changed. The humiliation and pain will continue. He walks over, turns her till she is off the chamber pot then moves it aside while holding her so she does not turn and get lower.

He moves the nasty cloth away from beneath her too. 'I am ready to taste more of your treats my lady'. 'As I told you, we have only just begun'. Holding her steady he lays down under her again. He lowers her to the point that he can rub his thickening dick against her moist labia and enjoys how she looks away. So ashamed, so humble now.

Nice and hard he turns her down lower, his dick entering her easily now. She has given up her pussy to him. Her sweet tight cunt his to use as he wishes now. He turns her till she is facing him and he can thrust deep into her. He watches as his shaft goes in and out of her. Sometimes letting all of himself come out so he can rub his knob on her lips and clit.

Her body is so beautiful. The way her large full breasts bounce with each thrust. Her soft firm stomach moving with him. He thinks to himself he could look at her, do this to her forever. So glad she had not been killed or taken during the battle. Plunging it back into her deep.

Pushing it as deep in her as possible. Using her pussy. Loving how tight she is. No blood but still plenty of cum to make her hot and slick for his strokes.

Loving how the net makes her pussy bulge out and the web pinches her skin. Giving her a little relief from the web by lifting her body with his pelvis when he slams his dick into her hard and deep. Looking at her beautiful face, contorted and avoiding his eyes. He fucks her and fucks her.

Moving the swing completely around so her wet tight pussy has to squeeze him and make him moan loudly. Turning her fast then stopping when he feels himself too close to cumming. Enjoying his beautiful naked prize. With her turned away from him he admires the lovely curve of her back, her soft pretty white shoulders, her long hair though tangled in the web coming down to her slim waist.

Delicious hips and butt. Watching how her pussys lips are around him so tight. Such a wonderful sight.

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The labia kissing his shaft with each stroke. His eyes fix upon the little tight star that is her unspoiled back entrance. He is near to cumming and decides to let his ardor cool for a moment. Then he will take his pleasure in her back door. Thrusting in and out of her very slowly. Watching her tremble and hearing her cursing him. Savoring her completely. 'If the time and place had been different I would have asked your father for you as my wife'. 'You will never love me but you are mine just the same'.

'If my plans are fruitful you will wear the crown of a queen and bear me fine sons'. She snarls at him.

She curses him. But she knows that is her fate. She belongs to him as does her country. He has taken her and it by force and she will have to accept that or kill herself when she gets the chance. Letting his dick come out completely he slides out from under her letting her spin down to almost touch the floor.

She watches him get up, his hard dick flapping as he walks to the table. Gets the small bowl of grease and returns to stand in front of her face. His dick at the level of her eyes.

'I have this grease to make my entrance into your ass easy and good feeling for me'. 'You may put off this pleasure by taking me with your lips my lady'. Her eyes flash fire again and she spits at him. 'Never', she snarls. He bends, sits the small bowl down and grabs her face between his hands. He kisses her hard, not allowing her room to bite or even speak. Letting her go, he winds her up enough to get back under her. Slides his dick back inside her and fucks her till he is once again near to cumming.

He slowly turns her, loving the feeling of her tight pussy squeezing around his dick. With her faced away he pauses and gets a nice glob of the grease on his finger tips. She cries out when he smears it on her anal opening then takes another and pushes it inside her. She knows his cousin sister ebony desi bf com now and begs him not to take her that way. 'It is too horrible to think about'.

'Please before God spare me that, please'! He just smiles. 'You had your chance to put this off by taking my seed with your beautiful mouth'.

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'It is now time for you to know this other pleasure'. women delightful anal gratifying homemade and hardcore not'. 'Your sweet pussy has me ready to fill you again and this excites me'. 'I will not use you long before you draw my seed into your body again'. With her still pleading he comes out of her pussy and presses his knob against her well lubed flower. As before she squeezes to try and prevent his entrance but he turns her, lowering her own weight to make him press into her harder and harder.

He loves how tiny her pussy looks when she is facing him and he touches her, fingering her clit and rubbing it to make it harder. His dick enters her at last. She cries out that it hurts. He thrusts hard, trying to force himself pass her sphincter muscle.

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Her wails and moans help her, make it feel less like she will shit herself and redhead teen wants her math tutors cock pushes inside her deeper and deeper as the grease makes her slick and easy to enter. He bites his lip, he wants to cum but not yet. He wants this badly. Wants to fuck this tight hot hole till it takes his cum from him.

Halfway in, pushing harder, she's crying now. Turning her so he can rub her clit and stroke in her too. The grease everywhere on them both. Nasty but hot and so slick. A loud grunt as he gets it completely in her.

He looses all control and restraint and fucks her harder and harder, his climax boiling to a head. Cumming, spurting, jetting his jizz into her. Yelling himself. Fucking her ass till he starts to go soft. Letting him shrink out of her to lay with her wet on his body. Exhausted from so hard an orgasm. She is relieved to be free of him.

She still sobs and curses him in a low voice but she is so tired too. Her ordeal has been hard and she is exhausted completely. He is tired too. He fought a hard battle today and now he has fucked this beautiful creature twice.

Giving her all his energy. His lust is sated for now. He stands again, wipes himself on the cloth and reaches down and wipes her to get off most of the grease. The room smells of the grease and sex. Though it is quite cool outside he is sweaty from his exertions. 'Would you like a drink of water my lady'? 'Yes', in a quiet little voice. He pours water in the cup from the pitcher on the table.

Holds it for her to drink her fill. He pours it full again and when she refuses more he drinks it. She is wound down now and he moves her in the web to relieve some of the sore places. She watches him as he does. Hate but relief in her face also. He considers taking her out and chaining her to the bed for sleep and more sex but decides she is not tame enough for that yet. He goes to the bed, moves his weapons to the opposite side and lays down with his robe over his naked body.

He blows out the two candles casting the room into a dark gloom. Telling her sweet dreams he lets himself slip into a peaceful sleep.

He knows he will wake in a few hours and be ready to continue his pleasure with the girl. She hangs there, watching him but she is so tired that sleep overcomes her and she drifts into a swallow fitful sleep. Waking several times to try and shift herself to stop the pain of the taunt webbing. He teen girl with deephtroat for pink dildo till just before dawn.

Waking suddenly. Remembering where he is. Looking to be sure she is still captive. She hangs in the swing. Sleeping soundly. The dim light does not reveal how beautiful she is but he knows. He thinks about her and the days to come. She likely was sought after by many nobles. Perhaps even promised to one. Was he young or old? Likely older, the power of political marriage in play.

He relents a tiny bit. He would have wooed her and loved her if the fates had been kind. He is now her master and will be so for as long as she lives or until he casts her away. Still she will be a lovely trinket on his arm, at his side on the throne. Realizing he is hungry he gets up, puts sister dirty talk pov incest roleplay his robe and goes out the door.

He guards jerk awake at his voice. He orders them to fetch food and tea. Enough for two. They smile and snicker. Knowing he has been fucking the beautiful girl all night. One hurries off to fetch the food. He knows it is early but some bread and sausage will fill the empty stomachs of both he and the girl. He chuckles, if she will eat that is. He goes down the stairs. Finds his head chieftain. He is asleep with two of the captive servant girls.

He fully approves. His men should all be getting the pussy they deserve. Eldred wakes up enough to report that all is about ready for their march on the next city. Scouts tell them it is lightly defended and will probably surrender when they approach it. This is good. There has been enough killing in this country. The bordering Kingdoms are another matter though. They will pause then invade east before the war season ends this year.

Returning to his room the food is ready. He carries the tray inside himself. Sparing the girl the humiliation of the guards seeing her in the swing. They will see her soon enough but not before she has been bred and tamed.

When the time is right he will have her ladies brought to her. They likely knowing good hard barbarian dick themselves right now. They will wash her and dress her as is appropriate for a future Queen.

Sitting down the fresh bread, tea and sausages he eats while watching her sleep. 'Wake up woman'! 'Time for food and more pleasure'. She wakes slowly, the pain in her body harsh and she whimpers when she remembers where she is and what has happened.

'Do you want food or drink first'? He pours the cup full of water and brings it for her to drink. He winds her up and moves the pot under her again then sits at the table looking out the window at the first Grey streaks of dawn while she relieves herself. He gets up and relieves himself in the bare corner of the room to give her more time. He returns, removes the chamber pot, pulls the table and chair close to her and tears off a piece of the bread.

He offers it to her mouth and she takes a small bite. He eats the rest of the piece and offers her a sausage. He holds it for her to eat. Giving her sips of water but she refuses the tea. The tea is good and hot. Just the thing to help start a new day. They stare at each other, share the food and say little. He does move his robe so she can see his thickening dick. Just to make sure she knows that the fun is not over.

Not over at all. He goes out again. Returning quickly with a large bucket of water, cloths and some of the ladies perfumed soap. He pours water in the large basin on the table and lets her watch as he washes himself. He washes most of his body thoroughly. Enjoying how she looks away when he suds his dick and balls up using the red/blond hair on his stomach to make lather.

Finished with himself he sits on the floor with the soapy water, winds her up an washes her pussy and ass thoroughly with a clean cloth. She hisses at him when he holds her pussy lips apart to wash her inside. He washes her face and breasts as best he can through the web. She glares at him in pure hate still but the room smells better to be rid of the grease on them both.

Sitting the basin and cloths aside he drops his robe completely and steps in front of her. His dick now taunt with blood, pointing upward slightly. 'Will it be your lips and mouth this time my love or that hot tight little ass of yours'? She curses him, starts to spit on him but thinks. She knows he means to have her and if she does not want him pounding his dick up inside her colon again she best begin to cooperate a little.

Though she hates him and the thought of his vile dick in your mouth is terrible she knows full well how the other place feels and she never wants that again if she can avoid it.

She says, 'Yes, you may have my mouth scum but you will pay for it one day'. 'I promise you before God you will pay'. He laughs at her. Making her furious. 'Perhaps I will but not today my sweet, not today'. He winds her back up and gets down on the floor again.

Sliding beneath her he licks her cute teen show her nasty body on cam slit. She tries to stay stiff but he moves her. Teasing her pussy. Her body reacts naturally though she is far from sexually aroused. Nuzzling her, looking at her, even blowing softly on her now wet entrance he fills his eyes and lust with her young beautiful body. The soft clean smell of her. Soon she will be full of his cum again but not yet.

This load is for the last of her virgin holes. Moving so he can see her face, talk to her, he rubs her wet pussy with his knob. 'Do you want it clean or ready to cum quickly'? 'If I bring it to your lips now it will need to be sucked and loved for a long time before it is ready for you to finish'.

'I can put it in your nice tight pussy till it is close to spewing and then make it easy on you to empty it with your lips and tongue'. 'I don't care what you do with my cum, swallow it or spit it out'. 'I only care about taking your last virgin orifice as mine and emptying my balls in you and on you to mark you as my woman'. She just glares at him so he pushes his dick against her pussy lips. She lets him in.

He enters her slowly. This time letting her stretch to accept him without pain. Her inner thighs are bruised and sore and he knows this could hurt so he is gentle at first. Once inside he strokes in and out of her slowly. Enjoying how good she looks, how tight and wet she is.

Her body making juices to help it accept the nice dick inside it. Holding her hips, no turning this time, long deep thrusts. Pushing to get all he has in her.

Almost being tender but not yet, not now. Watching her breasts move and bounce with his strokes. Feeling everything about her. Watching her face and enjoying her immensely. So young, so fresh and so good.

He fucks her. Changing position slightly. Giving it to her from every angle without spinning her. Looking at his hard shaft disappearing inside her like she is swallowing it. Her soft wet labia looking like they suck and kiss him with each stroke. Her black pubic hair getting wetter and wetter. Loving the smoothness of her skin, the way she looks. Her firm stomach, hard pelvic mound. Raising up to touch each breast, kiss each one and suck its nipple. Lowering her till she is sitting on him.

More comfortable for her, the web relaxing a lot and not cutting into her skin so bad. Fucking her while he pulls back her face and kisses her neck and down to the middle of her breasts. Back up and forcing his mouth onto her mouth.

Holding her tight for a long strained kiss. Feeling his climax beginning to stir. One, two, three more long deep thrusts then coming out of her. Standing up and moving to present his hard wet dick to her lips. 'Bite me, harm me in any way and not only will I let every man in my ARMY use you, I will kill at least 100 of your countrymen, women or children for each time I have fucked you'.

'Do as you will but know I mean my words'. 'Now take me in your beautiful mouth and satisfy me as my woman should'. She knows he will do it. She wishes she could die. That he would kill her and be done but she knows he will not. She surrenders. Opening her mouth she lets him put his swollen dick inside. He does not ram it into her throat but just touches her face to guide her as she learns to accept him fucking her mouth.

He tells her in a whispered voice to lick him, now suck him and insan aur janwar fuk story stroke him slowly. 'Make it feel like your pussy my love, make me swell, make it so good'. She moves her mouth up and down his shaft, letting him out and sucking his knob hard then taking him back in to suck him and squeeze him with her tongue. He gently guides her with his hands on her head and stops her to let he fuck her mouth getting more and more rapid in his shallow thrusts.

He can feel it is near. He will tell her to be ready. He hopes she will accept the first big spurt and he wants her to continue to love him, suck and stroke him till he is empty. 'When it fills your mouth do not stop'. 'Keep doing it to me till you feel me stop spurting but if you cannot I will pump it with my hand and spurt it on your face and breasts'. He decides to do that anyway. He has the urge, the desire to mark her with his cum. Mark her as his woman.

A few more strokes, he stops and she sucks and squeezes him then in the middle of the next stroke he gasps and cums hard. One long stream of cum into her mouth and down her chin as she jerks away from him.

He does not try to force her to hold him but grabs his dick pumping it hard. Jetting another wad of warm cum onto her chin and neck. He watches as he oozes more cum with each pump.

He sees her push most of his cum out over her lips and wipes his knob on her right breast and nipple. He stands there. Out of breath, his legs shaky, reveling in his conquest. His complete possession of the beautiful young woman. In this moment he decides he will keep her. Use her yes but protect her and perhaps love her. Certainly sire his children within her. Catching his breath, getting some strength back he decides to end her torture in the swing.

First he picks up his weapons, takes them to his guards outside the door. She must be watched. Not allowed to harm him or herself until he is sure she can be trusted. Perhaps only after she has a child will this be so. Returning to the girl, he unties the web high above her head, out of reach of her hands, and lets is fall away from her slowly.

Her arms free then lifting her out, freeing her long lovely legs. He knows she cannot stand on her own so he keeps her in his arms, she almost fainting as the numbness in her limbs hits home hard. He carries her to the bed.

Lays her down and spreads the blanket over her naked body. He reaches under the blanket, making her let him rub her legs and arms to get the circulation back to normal. She lays there slowly getting feeling back into her limbs. Staring at the ceiling. Sad but also grateful to be free of the web swing. Moving around the bed he lays down, pulls her into his arms and covers them both from the cool morning air with the blanket.

He is pleased that she does not resist. He holds her as a lover would. A kiss on her hair, his left arm under her shoulders, his right arm across her warm naked belly. He will take her again soon but this time in the normal way. She may still resist him but he will just use his weight and strength to pin her beneath him till she surrenders her body again and lets him lay between her legs and fill her once again with his cum.

He will keep her full till he knows she is je lui claque le cul and beyond that. Now he decides to begin to teach her to kiss. She will know his love if she wants it. His body for the rest of her life. If she does not love him he will take others that will. She will give him a son and heir within the year. By that time she will be his wife and the Queen of all Britain and Western Europe.