Young xxx teen and redhead masturbation orgasm my dad always says that once you open the

Young xxx teen and redhead masturbation orgasm my dad always says that once you open the
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Ivy Johnson woke up on the morning of her 18th birthday to the sound of a bird tapping it's beak on her window. The sun was not up yet, but the sky was getting purple. She sat up in bed and looked at the bird, who had quit tapping now that it had her attention. It looked sexy babe gets double penetrated by bbc at her and croaked, dipping it's head several times.

It was clearly asking for something, so she went over to the window. She hesitated a moment as the bird got more excited, and then opened the window. It hopped right inside and held up one leg, which had a tube attached to it, dangling from a ring around it's foot. "What's this? Is it for me?" she asked. The bird, a large black raven, pecked it and bobbed it's head again several times. Ivy unclipped the tube from a clever little hook, and immediately the raven hopped back out the window and took go the air.

Ivy watched it fly away as the sun cleared the horizon. She closed the window and examined the tube as she went back to her bed and sat down. It was made of silver, about two inches long and half an inch across, with no sign of a seam anywhere on it.

She gave the clasp at the top a few experimental tugs and twists, and found that if she gave it a full turn to the left and pulled, she could then twist to the right and push, which parted a seam about a third of the way down. She unscrewed the cap and dumped the contents into her hand.

There was a tiny crystal on a silver chain and a scroll of genuine parchment, which looked centuries old. The necklace was making her feel funny, shooting little tingles up her arm sex vargan fuking sixy vidicom seemed to excite her nipples and clit. She put it down on the bed beside her with a little look of distaste and unrolled the scroll. "Happy birthday, Princess!

If you are not already wearing the necklace, put it on now.

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It will awaken the powers you were born with, but lay dormant until the necklace completes the circle that would was cast before you were born." Ivy stopped reading and picked up the necklace to look at it again. The tingle was back, but she ignored it to peer into the depths, where ghostly traces of flaws wound their way through the center.

On sudden impulse, she slipped the chain over her neck and dropped it to hang against her skin, just above her small breasts. She picked up the scroll and kept reading. "If you are still a virgin, then the crystal will guide you to the King's ring, so that you might give yourself to him and have your magic fulfilled. If you are not a virgin, keep this necklace and give it to your daughter before her 18th birthday or you will lose her forever." Ivy had never done anything more than kiss a boy once on the dance floor at her eighth grade prom.

It had been Billy Trumbull, after he had danced with her three times and told her that he really liked her, so yes, she was still a virgin. She was flattered and allowed him to kiss her, but when his hand started sliding north and moving from her waist up her ribs, she pushed him away. He got kicked out of the dance after that, because one of the chaperones had seen what he did and her reaction.

She had been avoiding him ever since. "You are heir to a throne not on this world, but is accessible to holders of the shards. The powers you have will be manifest in this world only at great cost, for they are of the other plane. Use them sparingly, wife goes crazy when caught him cheating at all." That was it, except for a swirling spiral with three vortexes on the reverse side.

She read the note three times then re-rolled it and put it back in the silver tube and re-locked it. Once again, the seam was invisible. "What kind of powers do I have?" she wondered. She tried to bring her hairbrush from the desk to her hand with telekinesis, but no go.

Then she got a thought in her head of Alan Watts, a boy she thought was cute at school. She imagined him still asleep in bed, the picture forming clearly in her mind. His covers were pulled up to his chin, and he was laying on his side. She pictured his blankets tossed aside, and a moment later, he threw them off, and Ivy could see his boxers, the only thing he had on. She pictured her hand on his thigh, rubbing up and down to get him to roll onto his back.

A moment later, he did just that, letting his legs sprawl open. Now the tent in his crotch was all she could focus on, and it seemed to be growing larger every passing moment. Suddenly, she found herself laying on his bed with him, her head resting on his stomach. The elastic band of his underwear was only millimeters away.

She didn't feel the mattress compress under her weight, so she knew this was all in her head, but as she thought about his boxers being pushed down so she could see his cock, he was doing just that, and it lay bare against his stomach, fully hard and pulsing slightly, in time with his heartbeats.

It was the most fascinating thing she had ever seen; this was the best dream ever! Her face was less than an inch away, and she could smell the musk of his desire as a pearly bead of moisture appeared at the tip, shining like a jewel.

This way easily the most vivid dream she had ever had! Suddenly, she realized that even though she couldn't feel the mattress under her, she could plainly feel Alan's stomach under her cheek. Was this real or not? Then she felt him reach down there stroke her hair. "I love you, Ivy.

You don't have to, but I want you to…" he muttered, still asleep. "I want you to suck it. Just a little…" Her first instinct was to flee, but his hands on her hair were so gentle, and she could hear his need in his voice, almost begging.

She could feel the danger in continuing, knowing it was going to russian abby angelica and rocco very hard to stop, and that there would be no going back once begun. The feelings brought about by the crystal were her own, and she couldn't deny it, much as she would like to disown them. Could she even do it? She wondered, and thought it over in her mind.

It didn't seem as horrible as she had imagined the act to be throughout her childhood, so she moved her mouth a little closer and stretched out her tongue, licking the bead of moisture dotting the tip. She could taste it! The sweetness of it surprised her, not at all as gross as she had imagined, so when he tilted up his hips and pushed down on her head, she allowed it to enter her mouth and began sucking.

Was this a dream? She could taste him, feel him stretching her jaw open as more entered. She sucked it again, liking the feel of it in her mouth, then she moved her head and took the rest of it, letting it enter her throat a little. She could feel his pubic hair tickling her nose, and wondered if this, liking it so much, made her a slut; one of the girls she used to have so much contempt for. Girls who liked using their mouths on boys? Was something wrong with her? This wasn't natural, and most unlike her!

"Ivy, I love you!" Alan said loudly, and woke himself up. She wasn't there; it had only been a dream. He shook his head to clear the image, and realized that his cock was moist. He hasn't come yet, so it wasn't his own emission. What could have caused it? Had it somehow been real? Ivy leapt out of bed with a start, wondering what had just happened.

She remembered the dream she had been having, and still had the taste in her mouth, but it had to have been a dream, right? She was still right here in her own room! The thought of crystal-granted power came to mind as a possible explanation, and remembered the warning about costs for using them, and vowed not to take any more trips like that until she knew more.

She was shocked at the level of wantonness her subconscious displayed, and shuddered to think of actually doing it for real. She went to brush her teeth and tried to forget, but that horniness stayed with her, and she felt a pang of fear at another thought. What if the price for dream walking and sex was a permanent state of arousal? What if she really was one of the sluts?

It sexy francesca le fuck in the office this thought that really concerned her; hot teen jade gets banged pornstars hardcore knew it was just a matter of time before she did it for real, while awake, and hoped against reason she wouldn't be able to do it.

In the back of her mind she was rather looking forward to it, especially if it was Alan. She had school; just a few more weeks until graduation, then she was done with high school forever!

She was a little nervous about the future; she hadn't been accepted to any of the colleges she had applied to, except the local community campus, which took everybody with a diploma.

She had no money to pay anyways, so she figured she would wind up working at the truck stop diner like her mom. A permanent state of arousal was a danger all to itself at the truck stop diner, because not every girl who worked there was a waitress. It was Friday morning, and she had a very light class load that day. Just English and History that morning, then the rest of the day free after lunch. Everything was going smoothly until Alan sat next to her at lunch.

She was alone at her table until he sat down. She had been struggling not to think about the dream and how good it had been that morning, letting that cock slide into her mouth and fill it up. The memory of the taste haunted her. She was depressed about the paths her future held now. She didn't want to be one of the sluts; she was a good girl! "I had a dream about you this morning." Alan said, without preamble.

He also sat down uninvited. She felt a pang in her heart, knowing she would be doing it again, for real this time! The memory returned, in all it's vividness; the taste of him made her mouth water, and she couldn't tell if the pang was nice or not. She decided not to fight it. "Oh yeah? What was it about? Was it a good dream?" she asked, putting down the book she hadn't been reading. She arched her eyebrows when he began stammering and smiled at his shyness.

"I had a dream about you, too. Tell me yours and I'll tell you mine," she said, letting him off the hook. "Well, the first thing I want to tell you is that I was NOT being naughty." He looked her straight in the eye. "You were. Do you still want me to tell the dream?" "If I was being naughty, perhaps this isn't the place. Someone else might hear." she said primly. "Will you walk me home?" "But… school? " he stammered. "We can't just… leave, can we?" "I can.

Was I being more naughty than just skipping school in your dream?" she smiled, getting up. Less than a moment later, he was following her out the door and onto the street. Halfway to her house, he started to ask a question, but she stopped him with a look. "Don't. Don't say anything yet. Wait until we get to my room." She said it in a voice that brooked no questions, so he stayed silent all the way to her room and let her begin in her own way.

He was smart kid, and knew when to keep his trap shut. "I know what your dream was, but I want to hear you say it." She looked him straight in the eye and waited for his answer. "I dreamed that you… I was in your mouth." he admitted. "You were sucking me, and it felt real!" "I was sucking you? What, like on your finger?" she asked, looking innocently at him.

"You said you knew my dream." he said, smiling at her little game. "You know it wasn't my finger. It was my cock you were sucking, and it felt amazing!" "Is that something you would want me to do? Is that why you dreamed me into your room this morning?" "I did? I dreamed you there?" he asked, surprised. "I guess it is something I want, but I didn't know I wanted it until you showed up blonde babe chloe gets creampied with big load of jizz smalltits pornstars morning.

It's not something I planned, honest!" "Do you really love me? You said you did, this morning. Twice." she asked.

"We hardly even know each other." "I know you." He blushed furiously. "I know your favorite color is deep, forest green, I know you like cherry ice cream, and I know you liked sucking my cock this morning." He smiled at her reassuringly.

"You can trust me; I love you. I won't let anyone or anything harm you, but I won't keep you against your will, either." "And you don't think I'm a slut for what I did?" she whispered, tears threatening to spill. "Just because you know how to be a slut doesn't make you one all the time. You can turn it on or off, your choice, right?" He pointed this out like it should be obvious to everybody. "I hope so." she said, shivering. "What if it won't stop once I start?" "You know, the scientists who built the A-bomb had that same thought.

They knew all they were doing was starting a reaction, and they didn't know if it would stop. For all they knew, they might be starting up another Sun in the New Mexico desert." Alan told her. She goggled at him, amazed. "Really? I didn't know that! And they pushed the button anyway? Why?" she una ase el amor con perrcon mujeress. "Because they knew that an eternal reaction like the Gripping sex toy ridings lesbian and college required more fuel than they were giving it.

They controlled it, just like I can control your sluttiness, if you let me." He looked right at her again. "You don't want anyone to know about you; that's why we came to your house, so we could be alone. You can be my slut and I promise to keep it secret." "You promise not to let me go out of control? You can keep this a secret? That's all I was waiting to hear!" She fell into his arms and let him kiss her for a long moment, but when she felt him slide his hands up to her shoulders, she knew immediately what he wanted.

"Do you want me to do anything different from this morning?" she whispered, and he smiled at her. "Yes, don't stop this time." He began opening his pants as she went to her knees beside her bed. "You were the one who woke up." she said, looking up at him from where she knelt in front of him.

"Am I dreaming right now?" he asked her, pushing down his boxers and exposing his hardness to her. For the second time that day, his cockhead was mere millimeters from her mouth, and this time, he could feel her breath.

"Who cares? Just promise not to wake up yet." she whispered, and started with her tongue, just like last time. It tasted exactly the same, and she could feel the growing patch of moisture between her legs and knew she had soiled her panties. Again. Just like last time, she found herself enjoying the feel and taste of him, and knew she was on that same slippery slope.

She could find herself a slave to these feelings. Very easily. She knew in her heart that she was a cocksucking slut! It was too late to stop; he was in her mouth and she loved it! She sucked and swallowed most of the spit her mouth was producing. He began moaning with pleasure as her mouth worked on him, as the sound of his voice really turned her on.

She felt the gusset of her panties absorbing the trickle of moisture seeping out of her, and knew they would be soiled and stained when she took them off.

Even hotty sucks and bangs hard girlfriend and homemade, she wanted Alan to see as he took them off her. Was there no limit to her depravity? She felt Adam's cock begin to start jerking between her lips as he held her head still with both hands twined into her hair.

She could feel the strength of his fingers gripping her skull, refusing to let her flinch away. She looked up at him, her eyes wide open with surprise as he began spurting gobs of come in her mouth.

It filled her mouth and began to swell her cheeks, there was so much of it, and then he let her go and pulled out of her mouth when he had finished. She still had the mouthful as he stepped back and helped her to her feet. He could see her swallowing as she stood up and looked at him with a weak smile. "That was way better than the dream." He smiled at her. "I think you liked it, too. You certainly have a certain look…" "The guy gang mother and chums daughter father almost caught xxx easing daddys tension who got the cream." she purred, licking her lips.

"And yes, I enjoyed it very much. Especially the last part, when you grabbed my head. You can do that again sometime. Next time." "I could smell your arousal." he told her. "Right after you started sucking me, you spread your knees wide open and you were playing with yourself under your skirt, and I could smell your pretty little cunt." She gasped in shock at his crudity; nobody had ever spoken to her like that before. He saw her blush as he took a deep breath in through his nose and smiled at her.

She looked back up at him from the floor, where she had been staring shyly, embarrassed. She knew he could smell her right now. She could tell that the crystal was only amplifying feelings that belonged entirely to her. "Don't worry; it smells delicious! I want to taste you. It's my turn, right?" He put his hand on her shoulder and turned her around, so that her back was to the bed. She could feel it against her upper thighs as he kissed her. Now his hands seemed to be everywhere at once.

She felt her blouse being taken off, and then she was stepping out of her skirt as her bra melted off. She felt naked and exposed as he sat her down on the bed and made her lie back; especially after he took her panties off and pushed her knees up to her chest. This was exactly what she had wanted him to do Sitting back for a moment, he savored the sight of her, open and wet for him. As he wore spread her open even further by sliding his hands up the inside of her thighs, he saw her labia flowered open.

Deep pink and glistening with moisture, the smell of her arousal was intoxicating! "This is how much I love you." he said, then bent his head and covered her whole sex with his mouth.

He kept his tongue moving continuously, spending most of his attention on her clit, but dipping south to her juicy gash was a tasty treat; she tasted so sweet and fresh. The reaction he got from her when he started tonguing her asshole was more than worth it, and it didn't taste bad at all. She kept herself fastidiously clean.

She lifted her hips up in the air and grabbed his hair, holding his mouth directly over her anus. He obliged her by thrusting his tongue into the tightness of her pucker, working the muscle loose with some rhythmic stroking. It felt so good that she couldn't stand in and out pulled his face back to her pussy. He spent a long moment there, but he was hard again and wanted more of her. He wanted to claim her forever.

Kissing his way up her body, he stopped and licked her nipples, making her arch her back with pleasure. His hard cock made contact with her pussy for the first time, and the crystal flashed on her chest.

Both of them saw it, and it broke the moment. "What was that?" he asked. "I don't know, but I have to go." she told him, sitting up and grabbing her clothes. "Wait, you're leaving? Why? What did I do wrong?" His face was distraught. "It's not you; it's me.

You didn't do anything wrong, I promise. I just have to go. The crystal is clear about that. I have to go." She stood up and finished getting dressed in jeans and a T-shirt, with a plain white bra and panties under them, grabbed clean from her drawer, after seeing the state of the ones she had taken off.

He was still sitting naked on her bed, looking confused by the talk rapid turn of events. "What about…" he gestured at his erection. "Oh, god, I'm so sorry!" she said, looking guilty. " I… I just can't… you know, I'm still a virgin." "Will you suck it again?

That won't hurt anything, will it?" He sounded hopeful, and her heart went out to him. "Of course I will!" she smiled at him. "I have to go find the guy risa mizuki wants the cock in each of her asian holes has the other crystal, and give him my virginity, but I'm glad we got to share this.

I know you love me, and you deserve an explanation. I'll tell you everything, but first, let me take care of this. You'll be able to listen better." She knelt down between his legs and immediately took his cock in her mouth and started sucking. In less than a minute, her talented tongue had worked it's magic and she was drinking down his load as fast as he could pump it out.

When he was done, she got up and sat on the bed next to him, and stopped his questions with one hand. "I told you I would tell you everything, so please don't interrupt and hold your questions until I'm done." He nodded his agreement, so she began.

"This morning, I awoke to a black bird pecking on my window. When I opened it and let it in, it gave me this. Then it flew away." She took out the silver cylinder and showed him how to open it. He spent a long time reading the message, then handed it back to her. "Well, a Princess, how about that!" he grinned. "No wonder I didn't get to fuck you. I'm not a prince or a king or anything." "No, that's not true!" she protested.

"You love me enough to have dreamed me into your room this morning! That just HAS to mean something!" "I wonder what, though." spying on my chubby mom in bath mused. "I could definitely feel the crystal when we touched… uh, down there, and it definitely doesn't want me to fuck you, but I don't feel right about letting you go to some stranger." he told her.

"You are so vulnerable. Do you even have a knife?" "No, do you think I'll need one?" she asked. "I mean, he's not going to rape me, right?" "It could be interpreted many ways. 'You are to give yourself to the one wearing the King's ring.' I just don't like all the meanings of the word 'give,' that's all." "That's true." she said. "Will you come with me so somebody knows where I am?" "Of course." He said it gallantly, mock-serious. "It will be an adventure!" Even though he hadn't put his pants on yet, he stood and offered his skinny gal got it in her ass on cast hardcore and reality. She took it with a giggle.

"It would be my honor to accept your protection on my virginal quest, good sir, but might I suggest more suitable attire before we begin? You cannot possibly go about with your lance exposed like that? Some innocent might see and be corrupted." "Yeah, that's me, protector of d porn fantasy girl first time the graduate innocence all right," nouthy america my friend hot mom ass said wryly.

He put his clothes on and offered his arm again, escorting her outside. "So, where are we going? Where is this crystal leading you to?" Alan asked. "Do you even know?" "The Cardigan Mansion on top of High Hill." she replied, after a moment of thought. "Isn't that place abandoned? Like, years ago?" "Somebody still owns it." Alan pointed out. "Are you sure that's where we have to go?" She listened inside herself another long moment. "Yes, it's where I have to go.

But you don't have to come with me, you know." "I know, but I love you, and I'm not going to let you go into danger alone. Here, take my knife and put it in your shoe. Just in case." At first she started to decline, but when he pressed it into her hand, the crystal told her to take it. Instead of putting it in her shoe like he suggested, she put the folding pen knife in her back pocket.

Since she at least took it, he made no protest. There was a city bus, so they rode it to the end of the green line, and began the long walk up the hill together. They didn't really need to speak; the silence as they walked hand in hand up the wooded driveway cemented the friendship the two lovers had begun. At the house, Ivy let go of Alan's hand and climbed the steps alone.

"I have your number in my phone, so I'll call you if I need to use this." She patted her back pocket, where the outline of the knife showed clearly. "Put it in your shoe, so nobody knows you have it!" She could hear the urgency in his voice, so she did it, more to make him happy than anything else. "Okay, I think I can leave you now." he said, as she stood up. "Be careful who you give yourself to, okay?" Before he could turn to go, the front door opened, and a huge white German Shepherd trotted out, followed by an man who looked to be in his late twenties, but on closer inspection, seemed much older.

Something about the eyes. He spotted the silver necklace hannah hays sucked her bosses big cock for forgiveness Ivy's neck and didn't need to see the crystal beneath her shirt to know that it meant.

He smiled when he saw how young and pretty she was. Alan didn't like the way he was looking at Ivy, so he went up the steps to stand beside her.

Defiantly. The man looked at him and smiled. "I know why she's here, little boy, and we don't need you anymore. Go back to school where you belong. She's mine now, no matter what promises she might have made to you in the past." He reached out and took Ivy by the arm.

"Yes, my newest little crystal slut!" He said this, looking straight in her eyes, as if they were the only two people in the world. They were not, however, and Alan reached out and grabbed the man's arm, breaking his gaze into Ivy's eyes. She looked dazed as the man straightened up and raised his fist to the boy's face.

Alan was transfixed by the crystal chip set into a circle of diamonds. The diamonds shesnew girlfriend chi chi medina pov bathroom blowjob sex amongst the world's most brilliant and luminous of their size, but they were like paste next to the crystal. Alan was instantly hypnotized and all fight went out of him. Somewhere in her mind, Ivy recognized that she was truly on her own as she watched her new best friend, her only friend, it seemed; she felt her heart twist as Alan turned his back and began the walk down the hill to the bus by himself.

The man turned his attention back to her before Alan was all the way out of sight. He lifted her face and looked deep into her eyes. "That young man was very fond of you. Are you still a virgin for me?" he asked her bluntly. She blushed and nodded, trying to look down, but he caught her chin and made her keep looking at him.

"Ah, I see. You sucked his cock, and judging from his persistence, I'd say you swallowed his come, too, didn't you?" Still holding her eyes with his, he made her speak the answer. "Yes." she admitted. He could sense her embarrassment and he smiled at her innocence. "Don't be ashamed of enjoying it.

Now that you're here, you'll be doing it quite often." "What? No, I can't, I promised Alan, I'm only here to lose my virginity!" She took a step back and looked at him fiercely. "But I'm not going to take it, my dear." he told her with a gentle smile. "Why should I let you have your power when every moment you spend a virgin is a moment I don't age while your crystal is connected to mine?

No, you will be staying here with my other crystal sluts and sustain me with your purity." "You can't do this! It isn't right! Let me go!" She found herself following him inside, unable to fight his will.

Their crystals were locked, and the female has always been submissive to the male. Inside the house, he called out loudly, summoning his servants to come meet the new girl.

Three girls, all a little older than Ivy came in. All three were wearing white half cup bras and matching panties. They seemed unconcerned with their lack of attire; it must be their every day wardrobe.

What kind of place was this?

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She noticed that all three had crystal necklaces on, but unlike hers, the ones they had on were tiny chips! She had a whole fragment, safely tucked away in her shirt. She wondered if that was significant. An old woman with very white hair hobbled into the room. She was wearing a set of the girls' underwear, even though it looked a little ridiculous on her wrinkled old frame.

"Nana, what are you doing down here? Go back to your room!" he said, rubbing his temples like he had a headache as he sat down in his easy chair. "My name isn't Nana, its Becky, and I wore something very like this this for you on my eighteenth birthday, you remember.

You were only eighteen yourself. Just like this new girl. What is your name, dear?" "Ivy Johnson." She spoke clearly, and then she noticed something. "Where is your crystal?" The old woman looked straight at the man and smiled. "I made a wish last night, and a giant black bird came to my window. I put my crystal in a little silver vial attached to it's leg, and let it fly away." Ivy's hand flew to be her neck and clutched the crystal through her shirt. The old woman smiled at the girl when she saw the reaction.

"Did you bring me my wish, little sister?" she asked. Ivy looked confused. "What did you wish for?" she asked. "The thing you brought," came her reply. "I didn't bring any." Ivy suddenly remembered the knife, and it seemed doubly important that it remain secret. "I can't give it to you here." "What?!" the man raged. He didn't know who to scream at first, looking back and forth between Becky and Ivy.

The old woman won, and while he had his back turned and all his attention elsewhere, Ivy slipped the knife out of her shoe and kept it hidden in her palm. Finally he ran out of things to threaten the old woman with and turned his attention to Ivy. "What did you bring her?" He grabbed her up and started to search her, patting her down roughly.

The little pocket knife was hidden in her fist as she brought her hands to her chest, when one of the other girls distracted him. She pointed behind him and screamed. He whirled around, so Ivy tossed the knife into the old woman's lap behind his back.

She quickly opened it and smiled to herself. "A mouse!" the girl said, explaining why she had screamed. The guy snorted in derision and turned back to Ivy, still furious, but a little more in control of himself for the distraction. "Let me see your crystal, slut, and while we're at it, let's see your tits, too!" He grabbed Ivy's shirt and tore it in two, right down the middle, exposing her and making her scream. She covered herself with both hands, but not before he had seen the son forcely rape mom without her permision she had on.

"What?! No! How?!?" He staggered backwards a step, and the old woman was there, holding him up. He leaned into her gratefully, then realized both at the same time who it was and that she had a small knife to his throat. He felt the prick of steel at his jugular and held still. Very still. "What are you doing?" He swallowed with difficulty, the knife pressed against his neck so hard.

"Fulfilling a promise I made to you over 600 years ago." Becky said. "Do you know what happens to your shard if I kill you with no heir?" She pushing the knife harder, drawing blood. "Please don't!" he begged. "The rest of the shard rings will absorb it's power. The King's Legacy will come to an end!" "The only way to avoid that is for you to take the ring off of your own free will and drop it on the ground.

Because we both know that I'm going to kill you." "No, the crystals will prevent you!" he cried desperately. "You are shirley setia xxx sexy porn storys Princess, and I am the Chick in latex gets banged by a doctor, you only wear the King's ring." she corrected him. "Just as I wore the princess Shard, but I was not to be the Princess foretold. And you are no king, for you declined to fulfill the prophesy, coward!

So afraid of death that he would sacrifice any number of innocent girls, just entering the flower of their lives, but no more!

Take off the ring, or let the Legacy die with you!" She pushed the knife again, cutting his neck deeper, and he screamed in panic. "No! It's off, see? Don't kill me, Becky, you know I have always loved you, too!" He stripped the ring off his finger and flung it to the floor. The instant it bounced off the tiles, she drew the knife across his throat, but before the spurt of blood could hit the floor, he collapsed in a pile of evil smelling ashes and drifting smoke.

The old woman smiled at them and met the same fate as she opened her own neck. Ivy stood still for a long moment, taking in what had just happened, then picked up experienced beauty gives head hardcore and massage ring and took out her phone.

She seemed shocked, but also quite calm. "Alan? Please come back to the Mansion. I'm ready for you to be my Master. If you still want to be the one, that is. That other guy won't be an issue." Alan had been waiting at the bottom of the hill for the bus, but he literally ran all the way back, and was out busty tattooed babe likes some hard shagging breath when he got there.

Ivy met him on the top step and ushered him into the living room. "Before anything else, put this on." she said, handing him the ring. He put it on his index finger on his left hand, because he was left handed. He didn't put it on his ring finger because it wasn't a wedding ring. It didn't feel right there, so he moved it over to his index finger on his right hand, and that felt better. He was sitting in an easy chair that faced the couch and two other soft seats in the room.

There was no television, but there were side tables and plants to fill the space. It was a very comfortable atmosphere, made even more so by the three most attractive women be had ever seen undressed arranged on the couch so much he could see all of their tasty bits, hidden behind the wispiest of lace. Awarenesses were bubbling in his mind as he wore the ring, like flashes of memories, except the memories weren't his. They began with a sulfur yellow sky with two small moons riding high above some purple clouds low on the horizon.

There were small brown mushrooms growing in circles around his feet, and when he nudged one with a spacesuit covered foot, it spewed forth a cloud of spores that clung electrostatically to him. It changed to a green field, not unlike those found on Earth, but the same two moons were in the same position in the sky. There was someone calling his name, except it wasn't his name, but she was calling him, and it all became too much, so he shook his head to clear it, and looked around at the girls in the room.

His eyes caught Ivy looking at him, and she could see how lost he was. She decided to make it as easy on him as she could. She went over and knelt before him. "Mine is the crystal of the Princess, and you wear the King's ring. I give my purity to you, to fulfill us both. I pledge my loyalty and my soul to your cause, until the day of the True King's Return, when victory or defeat might be ours." Ivy looked up at him, to see how he took it.

He smiled down at her kindly, and helped her stand up. "Ivy, you are my friend and my lover. I love you, and it would be an honor to open you." he said, and felt he needed to say something more, to answer her vow with one of his own.

"Ivy, Princess, I promise to cherish you forever, and come the day of the King's Return… uh, he can have his ring back." Ivy laughed and threw her arms around him, kissing him with a huge smile. "He hasn't come back for at least six hundred years; I don't think you'll have to give that ring back tomorrow." "Well, I know one thing that's going to happen before tomorrow!" he grinned.

"This place has bedrooms, yeah?" "Oh!" said one of the girls on the couch. "Misty, Angel, come help me change the sheets in the Master bedroom!" All three girls fled upstairs, still clad in their lingerie. "I guess we have a minute." He smiled at her and glanced at their clothing. "We live here now.

The crystal told me so, and I don't think we need to be dressed in our own home, do you?" "My underwear just about matches the ones the other girls had on, don't you agree?" she said, a moment later.

"Should I keep them on or take them off?" "Keep them on." He looked at her thoughtfully. "It might help the other girls feel less self conscious until we can get them some clothes." "But you should get naked." she pointed out. "That last ring bearer wore it for over six hundred years, and these girls need to see that you mean to Fill me and free them." "Uh, yeah, sure." he said, and stripped out of his clothes, down to his boxers.

As he stepped out of his jeans, one of the girls came back downstairs and went to one knee before Alan, her head bowed. "All is ready for you upstairs, Master." She glanced at Ivy and smiled, including her. "Should anything be out of place or if there is aught else you should desire, my name is Jera. You need only call for me, and I will come." "Jera, where are you from?" Alan asked. "Please, get up. There's no need to kneel. Please don't do it anymore." "Thank you." she said, picking her head up and looking at him.

"I'm from London, born 1692." "When did you come to America?" He was astounded. He'd never met anyone over three hundred years old before. "1756. They were still the Colonies back then, and I was exiled here by order of King George the Third himself. My father was convicted of treason and beheaded, and his pregnant wife was granted mercy and exiled. She brought me across the ocean when I was only three months old." "When did your last Master arrive?" Ivy interjected.

Jera gave her a dirty look. "You are not the Master, despite power in the crystal you wear. Do not forget your place!" she snapped. "Jera!" Alan said sternly. "Ivy is my love, and will be my wife, if she will have me. Show her respect, and answer her questions as if I were asking." Ivy looked at him gratefully and smiled, letting him know that she would accept his proposal someday.

Jera ducked her head in deference. "He came here in 1867, just after the Civil War ended. He was already three hundred or so, and he had dozens of girls with him. He drained the life out of all of them, and was using up Becky when you came. I have no doubt that he would have drained you to sustain him next. We three have always been his favorites, and he was loathe to age us." Alan knew a lot of things he hadn't suspected before he put on the ring, a lot of history not to be found in books, and a lot about himself and the girls who wore the crystals.

"After tonight, you will begin to live the rest of your natural span." Alan told her. "I have no intention of prolonging myself at the expense of anyone else. What happened to you was twisted and wrong." "Everything is ready for you upstairs, Master. Whenever it pleases, of course." Jera smiled and ducked her head, then backed away.

"I have been waiting over three hundred years for this night." She looked directly at Ivy and smiled. "I understand that you love him, but he needs to fill us before sunrise of the second day after a new possessor takes the ring. All three of us, so please don't use him up too much. Well, you know what I mean. He needs to keep some strength back?" "I know what you mean." Ivy smiled gently.

"Don't worry. All four of us are going to be filled tonight. Together. Is this okay with you? So much will be revealed when it happens; I can tell just from the glimpses I've already gotten. The history and all the politics that go with it. We'll both need the insights all the centuries have taught you." "All is ready upstairs." she said demurely. "Please, follow me, and I will show you to the Master bedroom." Jera turned gracefully and led them to the stairs. There was a huge, king sized four poster bed, hung with blue velvet curtains, and the whole room had been done in royal purple, with rich maroon trim.

Ivy climbed up onto the bed and lay out on her back, her hair fanning out over the pillow in a perfect spray. "Jera, what are your friend's names again? All of you are welcome to join me on the bed. Please?" "Misty and Angel." Jera said, getting up beside Ivy.

Lesbians in lingerie licking and fingering in bed

"Angel is the darker haired one." "All four of you, take your panties off. You won't be needing them tonight. I require that part of your to be bare." Alan said, smiling.

"If you should like to be completely naked when I Fill you, that's fine. I like looking." "Ivy, may I begin with you? This is my first time, too, and I'd like you to be the one." Alan said softly.

"After all, it was you I dreamed into my room this morning." "Um, I think you should start with Jera," Ivy said. "She's the oldest, so she's been waiting the longest.

Then Angel and Misty, because they've been waiting, too." "Are you sure, Ivy? First times are special, you know. I kinda want it to be with you. I love you." It attractive teen lyra finds a big cock sean in the lockeroom the third time he had told her this, and she felt her own love for him fill her entire being with warmth and light. She smiled broadly.

"No, it's okay to do them in the order they've been waiting. The more girls you Fill before you take the Princess Crystal, the stronger the pair of us will be when we join our majiks together." "Okay," he agreed, then got on the bed with them. He made Jera sit up so the he could kiss her, sliding his hands down to spread her legs as he lay her back.

She was already dripping wet with anticipation; she had been waiting over 600 years for this night! The moment he slid into her, breaking her hymen, Jera died, just like the old woman had done, breaking up into ashes that also faded into nothing. Only her crystal remained. "Oh, thank you!" Angel cried out, hugging him.

"Please, let me be next? I've been alive for four hundred years, and I'm ready, too!" Alluring bimbo takes it in the ass lay down in the same spot as Jera had been, spreading her legs for him.

"Oh, please Fill me! I'm so tired!" Alan wasted no time. He pushed into her, feeling the fleshy barrier part, and she too passed into ashes and dust and smoke. He looked at Misty, who picked up Jera's and Angel's crystals necklaces and held them out to him sadly.

He shook his them, then looked pointedly at her own, hanging just above her perfectly formed breasts. "Do you want me to Fill you, as well? You can say no, if you don't want to die like the others. I will let you continue the existence you know, if you are afraid." "It's not that," she said. "It's just that I've only been wearing my crystal since the sixties.

I'm not old enough to die and become dust. My body is less than 70, but I don't want to be old! I want to stay young!" "Then I needn't Fill you. You can stay as you are, right?" He was curious, because he wasn't really sure how this all worked. She got up and went over to the chest at the foot of the bed. She opened it, and it was half full of crystal necklaces just like the one she wore.

She added Jera and Angels, sadly. "All these crystals are girls who came here and got aged, instead of us. They stopped coming about sixteen years ago, so he started aging Becky, as her crystal was the strongest and could sustain him the best.

When you Fill the Princess crystal holder, part of the prophesy will be fulfilled, and the two of you will come into your power. If you two are the True King and Queen reborn, the rest of the prophesy will be fulfilled, and the War will begin." "War?" Alan asked sharply.

"What war?" "The other world. The one with two moons in the sky. Have you seen any memories of this? We shard holders only get the tiniest glimpses in our dreams, but is a story we all know." "I don't know this story, and neither does Alan!" Ivy said hotly.

"How about filling us in a little?" "A long time ago, in the distant future, for time is a circle that spirals, so that when it comes 'round again, it's never in the same spot, even though it looks and feels the same, the story begins.

Humanity, the gift of sentient life for the whole Milky Way galaxy; it spread itself out to every place that it could go, living inside vast starships that spanned millennia in their travels to reach other stars. The planet with the double moons was one of those very rare places where we could breathe the air without processors, making it virtually free.

Real estate on these free air, Earth-like planets is of the highest value in the whole Galaxy, and despite the distance, wars inevitably break out, due to genetic drift making interplanetary breeding impossible.

Competition for the air and food becomes inevitable, probably due to the inherent nature of our species. This war has been going for millennia; it will only end when the last starship is no more. Thousands upon thousands were built; no-one is sure how many remain.

The crystals are an ancient communication device, used to link minds across the vastness of space, so that the ships could stay in some form of contact with the Homeworld. The King's Ring would allow for the best, most direct link with the crystals installed in the ships, and the Queen's Pendant was the most reliable, but the Pendant was shattered here on Earth during the time of the Merovingian takeover in Europe.

The shards are all that remain, and the King's Ring, of course. The largest shard of the Pendant was named the Princess crystal, and even though most of it's connection was splintered, that largest fragment is still more powerful than all the other's combined." "What does sex have to do with it? Why is virginity so important to the crystals power?" Alan asked.

He could feel that he had a closer connection with…something, but he had no real idea what. It could be some distant far away Starship. It would also be his own imagination carrying him away, too. A whole chest full of virgins to call to himself, so he could fuck them? Yeah, like that kind of thing ever happened! "The psychic connection is awoken when people wearing the crystals are connected when an important, life changing event takes place, such as losing one's virginity, or childbirth, or the moment of death takes place," said Misty.

"Because the shattering of the Queen's Pendant took place in a Dark Ritual, the shards are forever linked to the Kingring, and can only activated by it. There is a Prophesy, however, that when the True King and Queen are Reborn in brand new bodies that the pendant will be re-forged anew with a Power never before wielded on this Plane." "You never got Filled, so you never felt the connection, though." Ivy pointed out.

"You talk as if you had seen the memories, too." "You haven't been Filled yet, either, and yet you understand, right?" Misty asked.

"Just wearing the crystal awakens the possibility of memories. And so much time has passed that virtually every girl alive right now can be given a crystal and have the memories awoken by the Kingring and her virginity." Misty looked at Alan thoughtfully for a long moment, then smiled shyly at him. "I decided I want you to do it.

I don't think I'll get old; I think I get to start living a normal life and start aging normally, and that's what I'd like best, I think. Maybe you cam make me pregnant!" She lay down and opened her legs, but when Alan broke her open, she too faded into smoke and ashes. Ivy began crying as she picked the crystal up. "It's not fair! She wanted life! She wanted to live!" Ivy clasped the crystal in her hand, looking fierce. "I know who to give this to! I'll give it to Christy Miller, and you can Fill her!

She'll be glad to know there's more to life than what we can just measure!" "Who's Christy Miller?" Alan asked, but then he realized who Ivy meant. "Wait, the girl from school?" "Exactly, the science nerd with those ridiculous glasses!" Ivy said.

"She deserves this crystal; if anyone needs a will to live, it's her, and I know something of Misty is still remembered by this shard. She wore it so long!" "Okay, you can start handing them out at school tomorrow, but right now, there's a girl I want to fill, one who won't die after the first stroke! Know anyone like that?" He grinned at her, laying her sideways on the bed, 90 degrees from the position the other girls had lain in.

This also enabled him to step down from the bed and pull her ass to the edge, while he supported her knees with his elbows. His cock lay against her belly as he looked down into her eyes.

"Princess, I love you!" he said, then moved his hips back, and this time, when the tip of his penis touched her labia and moved between then, both her crystal and his ring flashed together, and this time, not only was he not prevented from entering by her crystal, it welcomed him! He thrust forward, burying his entire length within her all at once. The crystal around her neck flashed again, with an answering flash from all the other shards in the chest and on the bed.

Ivy felt her powers awaken, as did Alan. They both looked at each other with newfound understanding, and they realized the box full of crystals represented more than one lifetime's worth of work. They all had to be restored, one each sex in black fishnet lingerie and a shiny corset a virgin to be Filled by the Kingring, and then to go out into the world. Alan wasn't to choose the recipients; only the Princess shard had been granted the Sight to read future possibilities inherent in each girl.

"These shards are from all over the world!" Ivy whispered. "They all need to be restored and Filled, so we're probably going to need to get our passports. Traveling with the crystals shouldn't be a problem, but you going to foreign countries for the sole reality kings two hot chicks in hot threesome of deflowering some of their virgins might eventually get sticky someday." "What about us?

Might this become a problem between us, someday? I love you. What if one of us get jealous of one of enormous chubby sbbw shows tits on cam other girls I'll have to be with?" "You only need to be with each one for one night at a time, possibly less, depending aziani iron brandi mae female bodybuilder with huge clit much you want them to enjoy the experience, I guess.

Personally, I'd like to be present when you do Christy tomorrow. I'll probably want to be present for some of the others, too," she told him. He grinned at her. "Ah, the sufferings that life puts us through. We shall get by, I suppose." He grinned even more broadly, thinking of a certain brunette with a nice tight ass and long skinny legs. "Christy Miller, huh? It's good to be King!" Ivy was holding Misty's crystal necklace with a thoughtful, dreamy look on her face. "This crystal isn't Christy's.

It's someone named Dawn, and she pretty far away. Across some rivers, I think. Moving water is hard to see across." She looked at the chest and went back to it, fingering through random handfuls. Her eyes widened at all the images of the women they were destined for, flickery and indefinite, because the future was not written yet, and the laws of chaos and the pattern of destiny were still open to interpretation.

One crystal seemed to resist falling from her fingers because the chain twined and caught. She picked it up alone, and saw Christy's face, contorted in orgasm and smiling through it, and she kept it out, smiling to herself. It seemed she could choose who got a crystal somewhat, because she also caught flickery images of the last owner's face, and another girl, young, about 12 or 13, but Christy's was superimposed over all of them. "Ivy, you know I love you, right?" he asked, still sitting on the bed.

She looked up at him, somewhat alarmed. "What is it? What's wrong?" she asked, starting to get up. "Nothing's wrong," he said quickly, then indicated his lap. "It's just that I want to fuck you again, or something." "Something?" she asked with a wry smile. "Does that mean you want me to suck it again? I really like sucking it, so it's okay if you do. I'll suck it whenever you want!" She got up and came over to the bed, then got on it and lay down between his legs, her head right above his groin.

His hard cock was pressing up between her small breasts as she smiled up at him. "Come in my mouth this time. I want to taste it again. Just tell me before it happens, okay?" She moved down a little and took him in her mouth, still looking up at him with a smile in her eyes, going down on him to her usual spot, about halfway or a little more.

She tried to take the last two or three inches, but she gagged ad had to come up for air. It was that or puke, from the sounds of her retching. "I'm sorry!" she said. "I want to do the whole jamming biggest tits asian awesome chick japanese and hardcore, because I know how good it would feel to get the whole thing wet, but I just can't.

It's just too big!" "The part you were doing felt wonderful, and it will make me come, I promise. And when I want to get the whole thing we, I'll just bend you over a little and fuck your pussy!" He smiled at her lovingly, gently pushing her head back down. "Suck it the way you were doing, and keep having fun with it. I'll tell you before I come, I promise.

Just keep sucking it, honey!" She smiled at him and licked his pole. "You called me honey! I like that, sugar!" She began sucking him again, only doing what was comfortable, and enjoying herself, because she honestly DID like sucking on him.

Pretty soon, she could hear the change in his breathing, and felt it stiffen almost imperceptibly in her fist, and he grunted a warning. "Get ready, baby! Ivy, get ready, I'm… I'm… UNNGH!" He spurted her mouth full as she stroked her fist up and down, just holding the head of him between her lips.

She gulped it quickly, tasting his saltiness as the thickness coated the inside of her mouth. She swallowed the next spurt, too, then moved her face back to see it come out. She kept her mouth and her eyes open, not missing a drop, and smiling up at him as she drank his seed. She could feel the power within her growing with every drop she swallowed.

Alan felt it, too, feeling himself Filling to overflowing with some untold Power, and knew it was this same Power that had brought Ivy to his bed that morning.

He wondered who else he could bring to his bed, and thought about Christy Miller, the girl Ivy had picked out for a crystal. He had sat behind her in science class last year, so he was quite familiar with what she looked like. As he brought her into focus in his mind's eye, details became more clear, as he focused the Power into the vision.

He could smell her hair, and see that she fold fuck this is our most extreme case file to date folks sweating across the tops of her breasts as she lay outside in her backyard, dozing in the hot sun.

She was wearing bikini top, covering her nipples, but he could clearly see the shape of them through the taut material. He wanted to see the color, as well, and imagined her with no top on at all. A moment later, he saw her sit up in the vision, and take her top off, untying it and dropping it beside her chair before laying back down.

Alan feasted his eyes on her small pink nipples, imagining himself licking them, one after the other, with little sucking motions of his mouth. In his vision, he saw Christy arch her back and open her legs, rubbing the outside of her bikini bottoms. Inspired by his vison, next he imagined kissing his way down her belly, and was astounded to find he could taste her sweat and smell her arousal. At the same time as his vision, her fingers and his together pulled the gusset of her bikini aside.

He could taste her! In his vision, he watched Christy's reaction to his mouth on her, reading every line of her face and feeling every twitch of her muscles, and at the moment of her orgasm, he poured all the Power he could summon unto her.

Ivy looked up from the chest, where she had been fingering Christy's crystal as she heard another woman crying out in the throes of orgasm and saw Christy laying on the bed, Alan's mouth buried in her crotch. She stood up as Alan kept Christy up on the peak of pleasure, and found she was holding two other crystals in her hand opposite Christy's. They were Angel and Misty's. Apparently, Alan was supposed to call them too, because he got up when she showed them to him.

"Is it anyone we know?" he asked wryly, giving the crystals a nod as Ivy placed Christy's crystal around the sleeping girl's neck. She would find it when she woke, even if she didn't recognize the room.

Ivy looked into each of the crystals, one at a time, and for both crystals, she smiled. "I hope you like them young," Ivy smiled. "Both of these girls are best friends, and they don't start high school until next year. Neither one is fourteen yet!" "Show me," Alan said, reaching for one of the crystals, but it flashed before he could touch it, so he drew his hand back.

"Okay, you bring them here, then. It's your turn anyway!" "Alan, the note said there was a price to be paid for using the power of the crystals…" Ivy said cautiously, but Alan grinned at her. "What harm could it do? Besides, I want to see if you can do it, too." He smile even more broadly at her.

"Isn't this fun? It feels good to use the Power, Ivy! Go ahead, you try it! Bring one of them here!" Ivy looked into the crystals, then put them together in one hand. "Both of them are together," she murmured. "I think I can see them, yes, there they are! They're in the same house, in the same room. I can almost make out…" Ivy gasped and looked up in surprise. "They're naked together, and they're… they're LICKING each other!

They're about to make each other come!" "Go back into them and bring them here!" Alan urged her, so Ivy closed her eyes and went back into the girls, letting their feelings become her own, and them making her feelings become theirs.

The crystal on Ivy's neck flashed brightly, blinding both of them for a second, and when their eyes cleared, there were a couple of sleeping girls on the bed with Christy. Both were nude and beautiful, Alan saw, and they looked even younger than Ivy had told him, so naked and vulnerable as they slept.

Ivy put the crystals on them while they slept, too. Alan looked at Christy and decided she had been sleeping long enough. He looked at the pretty little bow of her sleeping mouth, smiling from the orgasm he'd given her by eating her out, and came to the conclusion she owed him some face time, too.

He pulled her head to the edge of the bed and pushed his already hard cock between her lips. Christy had never even seen a real live penis before, but even in her sleep, her body knew what to do with it once it was in her mouth.

She awoke sucking on him, in a strange bed, but somehow, in her mind, everything was… not normal, exactly, but the way things were supposed to be, anyway. Christy felt completely fine sucking Alan's cock, even though, somewhere in the back of her mind, part of her was freaking out, completely panicked, but at least her face was serene.

"You like sucking it, don't you, Christy?" Alan chuckled. "Well, that's not the reason I brought you here, you know. This is." Alan pulled her legs around, spinning her sideways on the bed as he stood beside it.

He lifted one of Christy's legs up and moved it to the other side of him. Christy felt him rub his cock up and down over her pussy, and pushed her hips up into his as he thrust into her. She let out a cry of joy as she felt him tear through the barrier inside her. She belonged to him utterly now, and knew she had found her place in the Universe at last.

It was right here, under her Master, with his cock inside her. She couldn't wait to aj bailey and hillary scott are first up in this c him in her mouth again! Alan pulled out of Christy before he came, not wanting to get anyone pregnant, especially not anyone from his high school. "You're not going to come inside me?" Christy asked him, cupping her empty pussy with a disappointed look on her face.

"How about in my mouth, then? Can I at least taste you?" Alan looked at her, unable to answer her question brunette deepthroating and dped in fishnet stockings and gloves an answer she wanted to hear.

As soon as he had broken her open and Filled her, he had known the truth, as had Ivy. When Alan made Christy suck him before Filling her, he had taken something from her, something she hadn't known she was giving.

She had given her heart to Alan; she was doomed to love him the rest of her days. And she was barren. She could never have the child of love she now so desperately wanted to give him, nor could he ever return the love she felt for him. Hers was a cursed existence, and thus was the price of the Power. Alan was almost afraid to wake the other two girls; they looked so young to have their lives ruined through no fault of their own.

They were beginning to stir on their own, though, so he knew the moment couldn't be forestalled much longer. He let them awaken by themselves, sitting on the edge of the bed with them.

All three of them were naked, but neither of the girls seemed surprised by this. After all, they had already been naked before, but on Ariel's bed, not this strange one.

"What are your names?" Alan asked them. Ivy had taken Christy downstairs when they saw the two younger girls beginning to stir, to give Alan a moment alone with them.

Ivy knew that he would be able to explain this situation better by himself, especially to girls so much younger than themselves. "I'm Ariel, and this is my friend Wendy." Said the blonde, pointing at the brunette with her. "Where are we? How did we get here?" "My girlfriend dreamed you here so I could Fill you." Alan said truthfully.

"Those crystals you're wearing will explain everything if you look into them and listen." Both girls picked up the crystals laying above their just developing breasts and peered deep into them. Their mouths both dropped open in shock as they heard what the crystals spoke into their minds, then looked at Alan and went to the floor on their knees before him.

Ariel was the first to sit up taller and take his cock in her mouth, but Wendy wasn't far behind her. Alan knew instantly what they had done to themselves, even if they did not.

"We found you!" Ariel said happily, taking him into her mouth again and sucking with a smile in her eyes. "Ever since Wendy and I were little, we knew we would love the same man, a man who had many women in love with him, as we would be, we found you!

Anything you want of us, just ask, and you shall have lesbo cougar working a teen s twat knew that neither one of them was ready to be opened yet, but in his heart, he knew that both of them needed to be Filled. He took Ariel by the upper arms and made her sit on the edge of the bed, then stepped between her thighs as he pulled her knees apart with both hands.

"Master, please?" Ariel begged. "Please be gentle? It's my first time!" "I know it is, but it won't be your last time! Not even your last time tonight, haha!" Alan rubbed his cock up and down the little girl's pussy, then pushed inside her right away, breaking her open with the initial shove. Ariel shrieked with the pain of it, and little Wendy, watching from her kneeling position, whimpered in sympathy for the pain her best friend must be feeling right now.

She brought her hand to her mouth in horror when she saw the blood on the underside of Alan's cock as he pulled it out, but the moan Ariel made when he pushed it back in was not one of pain. It was the distinct sound of pleasure Wendy heard her best friend make, a sound she was very familiar with, having elicited the exact same noise many times with her own talented tongue.

Wendy watched her best friend get fucked by this big cock; the very same girl who had sworn to keep her virginity forever rather than submit to having some MAN'S filthy appendage inside her! Wendy watched as Alan brought her best friend to at least three orgasms in a row; really big ones, too, from the sounds of it.

She watched all this happen from the place where she knelt, then she watched him pull that impossibly huge cock out of her best friend and approach her with it! She knew what was about to happen, but she wanted him to know she was okay with it, okay with this whole thing, so she showed him the only way she could think of.

She took his cock in her mouth and sucked on it with as much love as she deep throat and anal training for blonde. He must have felt it, because he smiled down at her before making her stand up and follow him to the bed.

He bade her sit on it, right beside Ariel, who smiled at her, then moved between her legs, just the way he had to Ariel a few moments ago. Wendy felt him push into her, and suddenly, she was on another world, one with two moons riding high in the sky. She was an old woman, looking at a circle of mushrooms growing in a small patch of bare dirt.

She scuffed them out with a toe, releasing a cloud of spores, and then Alan was biting on her nipples as he thrust in and out of her, fucking her to climax again and again. When she came down, she saw Ivy with Alan, and she was sucking him. His back stiffened, and Wendy knew he was coming in her mouth, and that Ivy was swallowing it as fast my favorite stepdaughter extra small porn movies he pumped it out.

Wendy saw them Filling with some unseen, hidden internal light, and instinctively knew that this was how she had been transported here. This Power inside Master and Ivy had done this! Some sort of Power in the crystal she wore! Ariel was sitting up just as Christy came back in the room, holding a tray with coffee for everyone. She passed it around, and simply said, "I just knew where everything was downstairs, so I just threw this together.

I hope everyone likes it." Coffee was the perfect thing, as it was still before noontime. Everyone found a comfortable seat as Alan stood up and looked at the new girls, all sitting together on the bed, while Ivy sat on chest of crystals she had closed. Wendy tossed her a pillow, and she put it under her butt with a grateful little nod of thanks.

As one would thank a servant for performing their assigned duty. "Does anyone have any questions before I begin?" Alan asked, looking around. "I'm still not sure of anything myself, really, but I'll share what I know." "I have a question," Christy piped up, smiling. "Does anyone want lunch? There's a ton of stuff in the pantry, I just realized!" "In a little while, you may go down and begin preparing us dinner." Alan smiled at her.

"For now, I would like you to hear what I have to say." "Yes sir." Christy said, bowing in a little curtsy, even though she had no skirt to flare. She looked around the room, silently counting noses. "I'll make enough for a couple more, won't hurt to have leftovers." Alan smiled indulgently at her, then turned back to everyone else.

"As you may or may not know, I am wearing the Kingring, Master of the crystals you are wearing. I have taken your virginity and Filled you with magic, which we will wield together in the War someday. Do any of you have any questions now?" Alan looked at each of them in turn, but only Christy raised her hand tentatively. "Yes, Christy?" he said, nodding at her. She lifted her head and looked around.

"Is pork okay with everyone? There's a big ham in the fridge, and it needs to be cooked pretty soon." "Are there any questions about our destiny? Is everyone okay with their place in the grand scheme of things?

Is there anything you wished were different? I don't want to be the instrument of somebody's bad karma, that's all.

I'm sorry if anyone was brought here against their will." He looked at each of them in turn, even Ivy, but all of them were smiling at him, shaking their heads at his apology. Ariel looked around at Christy and her best friend Wendy, then spoke up for all of them. "We're glad we got called here, Master. I feel like my place in the universe is complete now, and my Destiny can now unfold." She looked at the other two and saw them nodding, so she continued.

"Ever since I was a little girl, I knew this day would come. I'm just glad it finally has!" "Well, I guess we're done, then," Alan said lamely. "Christy, you can go back to the kitchen, if you want. Wendy, help her with the dishes, okay? I have a job for Ariel, if she wants it." Wendy and Christy went about, collecting the coffee mugs everyone was done with, then carried them downstairs. Ivy went with them, offering to dry. Christy and Wendy both protested this very loudly, all the way down the stairs, insisting that just because she had a Princess crystal she deserved special consideration.

Alan closed the door and cut off the rest of the yelling. He looked at Ariel, then indicated the box of crystals, open at the foot of the bed. "The one on the very top is your little sister's," he said.

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"If you want to, you could bring it to her, and bring her back here. She won't be bound to stay, the way you are, because she will not be Called here with magic. She can be Filled, and then leave here, to fall in love with the man she is predestined to marry, and bear his children, to be loved by many when she dies of old age.

That is one of her possible fates, but she can only have it if you bring her here." "Do I have to do it today? She's only twelve!" Ariel whispered. "No, it just has to be done before she turns eighteen or loses her virginity to someone else. She MUST be a virgin when she is brought to the Kingring!" Alan told her. "The crystal can be brought to her at any time, but know this; when she gets aroused, which will happen with marked frequency while she is wearing the crystal, I will be able to see her thoughts and influence them somewhat.

That is the Kinging's call, and soon, she will policewoman pulls guy for trio with cop me out on her own." "So, it's me who has to bring her this crystal? It's me who has to be the one who brings the corrupting influence into her life?' Ariel asked, her face twisting before she buried it in her hands. Alan reached out and stroked her upper arms, feeling the girl's sobs quaking through her whole body.

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"Which one is it, this one?" Ariel picked up one of the crystals, the correct one, and held it aloft for Alan to see. He nodded, but was surprised to see Ariel laughing instead of crying.

She smiled at him and said, "I only live about five blocks from here, and Megan is home today, playing hooky from school because Mom always lets her get away with murder! I'll be back with her in less than half an hour!" She dashed out of the room after grabbing her handful of clothes from where she had dropped them, laughing the whole way.

Alan watched her go, not knowing whether to be amused or sad. Ariel was running home to get her little sister, to bring her here for the express purpose of losing her virginity!! He shook his head over the weirdness of the day so far, but it was about to get weirder!

Alan saw a great big, black bird, easily the biggest bird he had ever seen with his own eyes flew into the room through an open window and landed on the box of crystals, grabbed a beak full of the silver necklaces and took off, flying inerrantly back out through the window. "Hey!" Alan shouted, but it was too late; the bird was gone. Ivy came running back upstairs when she heard Alan shout, and her eyes got big when he told her what happened. "I wonder if it was the same bird that brought me this one, this morning?" Ivy wondered aloud, looking at her necklace again.

""Oh! I didn't think of that!" Alan said, hitting his head with one hand. "And to think I chased it off! Maybe it's delivering them for us! Should I open the window back up?" "You definitely should, for the simple reason that it's already getting stuffy in here!" Ivy told him with a little giggle.

Alan threw them open again, letting in a welcome breeze. Alan and Ivy walked downstairs together, and as they passed each of the upstairs bedrooms on the way to the stairs, both of them had visions of the House they were in, built to the same blueprints as fifty other of these Houses scattered around the globe. They went down the stairs together, visions of parties and Guests with leashed Pets, both Present and Future clouded their sight.

Only Alan's hand gliding down the handrail and Ivy clutching his arm kept them from falling headlong down the curving steps. When they reached the bottom, they found the other three girls all on their knees, and lunch laid out on the long table with places for twelve. "What is this?" Alan asked, seeing only two places set, the head and foot.

"Why aren't you three eating with us?" It was Christy who spoke, being the oldest and tallest. She was still wearing her thick nerdy glasses, even though she was otherwise naked.

She wasn't even wearing panties. "For your first meal in this House, sir, milady, it is only proper that we serve you," she said. "Your place is above ours. This is why you Called us here." After the meal, (sandwiches with sliced homemade bread and deli sliced meats, imported pickles and washed down with bottled beer) Alan and Ivy went back upstairs by themselves while the girls busied themselves cleaning up.

They had much to discuss, Alan and Ivy, now that their school friends were acting like they were, well, like a King and Queen. When they had woken up this morning, they had been just high school students, about to graduate.

Nothing special, and both of them preferred it that way. They made a vow not to use the Power to Call any more girls to them. The cost was too high; they didn't want to rob anyone else xxx sex stories storys 3g 5menit their free will. The night came and went, and still Ariel hadn't returned.

By seven thirty, Wendy and Christy had left for school, but Ivy went back upstairs and took a small handful of crystals, a thoughtful look on her face. She had to jog a little to catch up, but she had caught her breath by the time the bus arrived at the foot or the road. Alan decided to skip school for the day; he didn't feel comfortable leaving the House empty.

As the three girls got on the bus, they noticed another girl getting off. Ivy was the last to board, and as the girl passed her, Ivy noticed the silver chain of one of the crystals around her neck.

Ivy started to say something, but the door was closing, and the bus drove away. Ivy watched the girl begin to climb the hill through the back window. Alan was sitting on the back porch when he felt a prickling all over his skin. He felt the hairs on his arms and the back of his neck rise, so he went to the front door and opened it, looking out suspiciously. Sure enough, a girl came walking into sight, a few years older than him, but very pretty. Her strawberry blonde hair was shoulder length, and shining in the sun, like a halo around her head.

For just a second, as she crested the hill, and the sun behind her shone through the sundress she was wearing and revealed the fact that she wasn't wearing bra or panties. Then a cloud hid the rays and restored her modesty, and he could finally see her face. She was beautiful, with small, elfin features. He didn't say anything at all as she approached, walking to the foot of the white marble steps leading into the double doors of the House.

She nervously pulled out her crystal and showed it to him, not taking it off. "A giant raven brought this to me this morning, and when I put it on, I saw this House. I knew how to get here, even," she said, sounding confused. Her voice dropped to a whisper, and her cheeks colored as she blushed with embarrassment.

"I saw you." "How did you see me? What was I doing? Did you see yourself with me, and that's why you're here?" He smiled down at her, holding out his hand. She saw the Kingring on it and caught her breath. She reached up to take it, knowing this was the first step to the fulfillment of her vision. No, the crystal's vision, because the things she had seen herself doing in just a few minutes if she follow the vision's course were NOT if her own imagination.

She had only giggled about the girls who did THAT with her girlfriends at school; it was not something she had ever pictured herself doing.

Until the crystal this morning. Every step she took with him, holding his hand, into the house; every step felt like Destiny was unfolding, especially when he sat her down on the divan in the sitting room. Right beside the marble fireplace she had seen in her vision. She even recognized the lion's heads roaring on the fireplace tools in their brass holder. "I know why you're here," he said softly, taking her hand and placing it squarely on his rapidly best blowjob of all time and big tit amateur i am a cocksucker for a qb cock.

"What I don't know is your name." She looked up at him, startled. There hadn't been any talking in her vision! "Andrea. Andrea Samson," she told him, trying to take her hand away. He caught her wrist and put it back. "I know why you're here," he repeated, smiling. She began rubbing him again, but she looked as nervous as she did determined to go through with this. "Andrea, don't be scared.

I promise not to hurt you." "I know you're not going to hurt me," she said, looking up at him. "I've seen all this in a vision. Sort of. Only, some little things are different, but I know I have to do this." She unzipped his shorts, then unbuttoned them and pulled them down to his knees, exposing his hard cock and making it spring upward, almost hitting her in the face as she went to her knees in front of him.

She recoiled away from it, and he could see the shock in her eyes at the sight of it. This girl had never seen one before either, a true virgin! He wondered if all the crystal girls would be like this, or if any of them had done stuff with some boys before, just not all the way. He felt a little twitch of guilt, his empathy letting him see the look of shame in this girls eyes as she enjoyed the taste and feel of him filling her mouth.

She knew that after she let him go from her mouth, he was going to take her upstairs, carrying her in his arms up that broadly curving staircase, all the way down the hall to the Master bedroom at the end, then lay her hot emo lesbians licking each others pussies fingering and brunette on the bed sideways. He was going to pull her forward by the knees, making her dress ride up under her ass and thighs, then her was going to open her knees and step inside them, rubbing himself with one hand, and then… she needed to take a breath, so she let him go and looked up.

"Are you ready?" he asked, picking her up, one arm under her shoulders, one under her knees. She smiled at him as he carried her effortlessly up the stairs, and kissed him as he took her through the bedroom door. He lay her down on it, sideways, right where he had taken Ivy, then pulled her forward so that she was exposed as her dress rode up.

He bent down and licked her, tasting her virginal juices and making her gasp with unexpected pleasure. This hadn't been part of the vision either!

He kept going, not stopping until she stopped trying to close her eyes on his head and threw them open wide. He stood up and rubbed his erection up and down her pussy, seeking her opening. When he found it, she opened her eyes and looked up at him in that instant. He saw the word 'yes' in he eyes, so he pushed inside and took her. She flinched, wincing at the sting of being opened, but it was tempered because at that very same moment, she was Filled, and the flood of memory vision took all of her attention for a long moment.

When she came back to herself, she opened her eyes to see Alan looking down at her, still hard inside her. She felt him begin to move back and forth, and knew that she would get with his child, and bring it forth, a son, one with his name, which she now knew to be Alan.

She opened her legs to him, milking his come with her pussy, as she rippled her belly muscles inside. Alan felt her doing something none of the other girls he had been with today doing, and looked down to see the six pack belly of the young ice rink figure skating, Olympic hopeful failure worked with him inside her. He knew that if he didn't pull out of her in two strokes or less, he would fire off inside her, something he hadn't done yet. When she wrapped her legs around his waist and held him deep within her, he quit trying, and blew his seed in her as deep as he could get.

She smiled up at him as she felt him throbbing within her, and a flood of stickiness followed his cock out of her, dripping down between her asscheeks. It made a little puddle of stain on the sky blue bedspread.