Bright orgasms satisfy breasty lovely bitch naturaltits and hardcore

Bright orgasms satisfy breasty lovely bitch naturaltits and hardcore
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My very industrious, over active hormone son Bryan had developed a lustful passion for his sister Victoria. Not that I could blame him, so had I. I was doing some work on my daughter's bathroom when I discovered something very odd, a couple of very well placed and hidden cameras.

I didn't remove them; I traced them back to my son's room and his computer. I knew immediately what my son was doing, filming Victoria in the shower. I was very angry at first but I could understand why she was very sexy.

My daughter is 5'6", long blonde hair, great figure, she is a cheerleader, great ass (I have seen her enough time in bathing suit) and big natural tits; 34D. I had fantasized numerous times when fucking my wife that it was Victoria. Her mom was just as attractive, I can see where she got her looks from.

I figured I would wait until my son came home from practice to ask him about it. Bryan came home and I called him into her bathroom under the pretense I needed some help. He got in there, I closed the door and pointed out the small holes where I found camera's on the other side.

One camera was in the ceiling right above her shower, one the ceiling covering the rest of the bathroom and one up next to the lighting fixture by her mirror facing the shower. I waited for my son to explain which he couldn't. I finally let him off the hook and told him I didn't mind as long as I got to watch too. He looked at me skeptically at first until I said Victoria was very sexy and I had incestuous thoughts about her. Then Bryan told me everything.

He was not only filming his sister he had set up a private website for himself and his friends my dirty hobby marywet hypnotische ficksucht doggystyle and stockings he would broadcast it live for his friends to watch her too.

He charged them a small fee so he could pay for the site. Being the cool dad I am I told him that was fine as long as I got access to the site too so I could enjoy watching my daughter naked. After watching it the first time I could see why his friends would pay. I could not believe how hot my daughter was, watching the water running down her naked body, the way she soaped herself.

Chica se graba para su novio blew my wad several times watching her shower and then drying off. The best part was how many times my daughter would masturbate in the shower. Thank goodness my son also had little microphones in there as well so we could enjoy the moaning noises my daughter would make as she fingered her bald pussy and sucked on her own tits.

Every now and then she would bring a dildo into the shower with herself. I knew my son and his friends were jacking off to what Victoria would do. She would fuck herself with the dildo, suck it like a pro, rub it between her tits while licking the head of the dildo and she would fuck herself up her ass as well. I made sure my son burnt me a copy of those times so I had something to jack off to again and again. One Saturday I had to go into work for awhile.

Since it was my office, I decided to log onto my daughter's site, it was about the time she would shower. Bryan had spent the night over at a buddy's house but I knew they would be watching too. To sum up what I saw while watching my daughters shower that day, I have never jacked off that much before! I was not expecting or prepared for what I saw and I knew my son and his voyeuristic friends loved it too. I logged on and after ten minutes my daughter finally was getting ready to take her shower.

She went in and out of the bathroom a couple of times while wearing her robe. It looked like it was going to be another toy day in shower as I watched her set down a couple of different dildo's on the bathroom counter. Then to my surprise and quickly to my delight my wife joined Victoria in her bathroom.

I watched my wife shut the door while facing our daughter. Then without a word spoken Victoria and my wife embraced and gave one another the hottest kisses I had ever seen; it looked like something straight out of an adult movie. They kissed on the lips, slipping each other the tongue as their hands ran over their robed bodies.

After a couple of minutes of this hot embrace the two of them pulled away from each other. Victoria slowly undid her robe and allowed it to drop to the floor, she stood in front of my wife bare assed naked.

My wife spoke, "You have such a great body Victoria. I know all the guys must dream about you." "Aw thanks mom.

You have a great body too, let me see it again." Now my wife disrobed showing off her great body as well. My wife is in her mid 40's but she looks great. She diets, exercises and perfect blonde teen babe deepthroats her toys is very fit.

She an inch taller than my daughter, great ass, big tits like Victoria, 36D, blonde hair and can fuck like a dynamo. Victoria approached her mom, grabbed her tits and fondled them for a bit. My wife moaned a bit before she returned the favor and began to fondle Victoria.

I felt so jealous at that moment. My wife was getting to play with my daughters big tits something I had deeply desired to do. I knew my son had to be enjoying this, seeing his sister and mom naked feeling each other up. Then Victoria gave each of her mom's tits a nice long hot suck. I watched her run her tongue all over her tits, circling around my wife's areola before flicking her tongue across her very erect nipples.

She moaned loudly now and held Victoria's head to her breast's. "Come on. Suck on my tits, you do it so good honey." My cock was busting out of my pants as I watched my daughter work over her mom's tits, kissing them, licking them and sucking on them. I quickly got up, locked my office door, shut the blinds, took my pants off and hurried back to my desk to watch and jack off.

By this time they switched things up, my wife was licking and sucking on our daughters tits now. She was squealing, running her hands through her mom's hair. I watched my wife now doing everything I wanted to do to our daughter. As I jacked off I began to talk to my wife on screen. "That's it honey. Oh yes suck her tits! Come on suck our daughters real good. Yeah that's it make her moan and squeal for more." I could only imagine what my son and his friends were doing right now.

Almost 10 minutes went by before the two separated; my wife bent over and turned on the shower as Victoria went over to the toys.

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She turned to face wife, Lynda. "Mom, dad and Bryan won't be home for a while right?" "Yes that's right. We have plenty of time." Victoria smiled and then said, "Who should I be today?

Should I be dad or should I be Bryan?" "I love it when you are Bryan." Now I was completely wrapped up in what was going to happen. They were talking about me and my son.

I watched my daughter grab a strap on dildo. She stroked it like any guy would stroke his hard cock before getting a good fuck. Then my daughter started to talk in a deeper voice imitating my son Bryan. "I see you looking at my hard cock mom. Do you want to suck it?" My wife grabbed the dildo and began to stroke it very slowly. "Yes dear, you know I love sucking your cock." My daughter grabbed Lynda's tits again, giving each one a good, quick suck as Lynda kept stroking the dildo.

"Get in the shower mom!" Victoria yelled at her mom and pointed to the shower. My wife moved slowly into the shower as my daughter quickly followed her. I switched to the over head shower view. My wife turned her back to the shower spray as my daughter stood at the other end. Victoria stroked her strap on more while looking at her mom. Then again in character she ordered my wife around. "Get down on your knees mom! Come on get down there, that's were you belong on your knees in front of every hard cock!" I stroked my cock faster while watching my wife drop to her knees in front of her daughter with a strap on cock.

It reminded me of how she looked every time she sucked me off. I was so proud of my son for hiding these cameras in his sisters' bathroom. Lynda grabbed that strap on and sucked it like it was a real cock! I recognized all her moves with her tongue and mouth as she worked over that fake prick. I could not even imagine how horny my son must be at this point watching his sister pretending she was him making his own mom pretend to suck his prick.

Victoria just looked down at her mom, running her fingers through her wet hair, pushing her mom's head up and down on her fake cock. "Oh yes mom take it all! You really love sucking my cock, don't you mom? Do you love giving your own son head?" Lynda ran her tongue all over the afrika singer shakira xxx story as if she was licking pre cum off of a real cock.

"Oh god yes Bryan. I do, I really do love sucking your cock. It is so wrong but I can't help myself. I love seeing the look on your face when I take your cock into my mouth. Then when you cum in my mouth, it sends me into bliss. The taste of you hot salty cum sliding down my throat drives me wild! I am so glad I had a monica mattos super hot latina chick dp ed so I could give him such forbidden pleasure." Then she went back to working the rubber prick in and out of her mouth.

I could tell my daughter has sucked a lot of cock herself judging by her moans and the dirty talk she was saying to her mom. The extremely dirty talk coming out of her mouth was blowing me away and making me incredibly horny. I could only imagine how great of a cock sucker she is in order to get guys to talk to her like that! They kept up this hot shower scene for about five minutes, just about as long as I could last before I needed my own release.

My daughter had fantastic timing, she began to moan and hiss acting like a guy ready to blow his wad. "Oh yeah…Oh yeah mom, I'm going to cum! I'm going to blow my jizz in that nice mouth of yours!" My wife responded by running her lips all over the prick, licking it, sucking the head in and out of her mouth begging Bryan (Victoria) to cum in her mouth.

I blew my wad all over my hand and desk as I could imagine that was my son cumming all over his mom's tits, her face and in her mouth.

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I could almost see the spunk shooting out of the strap-on all over her. I knew if my son was watching this, he was probably dying to rush home and give his mom some real jizz. Now my daughter turned my wife around in the shower, rubbing the strap-on across her wet asscheeks. "Mmm, mom I love fucking you with my nice hard cock.

You are a very good MILF. All of my friends want you but your amateur teen couple hot fucking on webcam and cunt are all mine for now." I watched her mother look over her shoulder at Victoria watching her playing around with her round ass.

Victoria snapped at her, "Turn around mom and face the wall! Don't look, you will feel my cock inside of you soon enough." I watched on my computer screen as she slid the dildo into her asshole then slowly, steadily began to fuck her over and over again. My wife moaned softly as Victoria grabbed her hair, pulling her head back to the point I thought she was going to snap it off. "You like that, don't you mom?" She nodded her head to the best of her ability.

Victoria said it in more firm voice, like my son would, demanding she answer verbally. I listened with anticipation for my wife's answer. "Oh god yes Bryan. I love getting fucked by you. I can't get enough of my son's own cock and your hot cum. It turns me on so much knowing you and your friends consider me a MILF." Victoria fucked her harder and faster now making her mom moan louder. She moaned out loud that sometimes when she plays with herself she fantasizes about getting fucked by him and his friends.

I could tell that my wife was serious! Now I started to think about my wife getting gang banged by a bunch of horny teenage boys and I wickedly thought how much I would love to watch that too! This was a side of my wife and daughter I never thought I would see and I was so glad my son had such insatiable incestuous thoughts to put cameras in his sisters' bathroom. My daughter fucked my wife for quite a while x factor uk week story her ass as my wife fingered her pussy to screaming orgasm.

As she was writhing around on her own fingers she got lost in the fantasy she kept begging Victoria to cum in asshole and she actually got pissed when, obviously Victoria cum in that condom and then eat it all up. My daughter pulled the strap-on out of her ass and made her mom turn around, kneel down in front of her and suck the dildo. She grabbed her mom's pussy juice laden fingers and sucked them clean as she was getting her fake prick sucked.

Victoria ran her fingers through her mom's wet hair talking sweetly to her, telling her good of a mother she was sucking 'her' cock. She loved seeing her cock in her mouth and loved the feeling of her tongue all over it. They stopped for a while and just washed up, taking time to fondle each other.

Then I watched on pervert TV as the two of them got out of the shower, laying a couple of towels on the bathroom floor.

"Ok mom, I need your pussy. Get down on your back and spread your legs." I watched my wife do this, her tits bounced around and Victoria followed her to the floor burying her face in her mom's cunt. She lapped at her pussy with such enthusiasm causing my wife to scream and writhe around uncontrollably. Soon her mom was begging, pleading with her to fuck her cunt, she couldn't take it anymore. Victoria got up, handed her mom a couple of the other dildos then knelt down between her legs.

She slapped the strap-on cock on my wife's pussy lips. "Come on mom, beg me some more. Beg me to fuck you with my cock. If you want your own son to fuck you, you will have to beg me real good." My wife sounded like a super slut as she pleaded with Victoria to fuck her.

Calling her by my son's name she kept saying how much she wanted him, wanted to get fucked by her own son. She grabbed two dildo's as she begged, rubbing them over her tits, between her tits and then taking turns sucking on each one. I became so absorb in this hot scene I began to yell at the computer screen, "FUCK HER DAMN IT! FUCK THAT SLUT MOM OF YOURS!" Good thing nobody was in the office as I was yelling that and stroking my hard cock again.

Finally Victoria rammed her dildo into her mom's pussy, mounting her like a guy would she began to fuck her good. I could tell my daughter had been fucked a lot by the way she was fucking her mom! I wished I was there in the bathroom at that moment. Watching Victoria's big tits bounce around with each thrust and my wife's tits responding in unison, I would have jacked off and blown my wad all sexy pornstar capri cavanni plays with a dildo their tits!

As Victoria was railroading her mom's cunt with the strap-on, my wife was fucking her own tits with one dildo and sucking on the other at the same time as she groaned away. My daughter asked her mom, in a simulation of her brothers' voice, if she was pretending she was getting fucked by his friends too.

My wife stepped right up and said yes she was. She said that her tits were being fucked by his friend Eric and she was sucking off another friend of his, Hunter. Victoria responded by saying, "Good mom! Be a good slutty MILF, my friends want that from you." Then after a few more minutes my wife pulled the cock out of her mouth and asked my dirty blonde getting her ass smashed by hot masseur if he wanted to know her dark fantasy.

Of course my daughter said yes. "My deepest fantasy is to get fucked by you and your friends. I come home some night, your father and sister are not home; just you and your friends. Maybe you tell me maybe you don't. All of you either grabbed me as soon as I come in or wait until I get upstairs and then all of you fuck me like crazy.

You just all have your way with me, using me as a sex toy. You make me suck off all of your friends, getting cum all over my face and clothes, all of you fuck me with my clothes on or you just tear them off, leaving me in the shreds or stripped naked.

Then I am just fucked over and over, in my pussy, up my ass, my tits, and my mouth! I would love to get wild fucked like that and I know all of you horny teenage boys would do that to me since I am slut MILF!" My jaw dropped when I heard that come across on my computer speakers but I knew she was serious!

I could tell by that tone in her voice. Victoria looked as shocked and I could only imagine what my son looked liked. Victoria said in her normal voice, "Damn mom! You are a horny slut!" She just moaned a yes in response. My wife then looked at her and fired back, "It would be even hotter if you walked in, catching me getting fucked by all those boys. A couple of them grab you, the other's tie me up and then make me watch as they fuck you next!

I wouldn't mind watching that, watching my beautiful daughter getting fucked by a bunch of overactive, hormone driven, under sexed teenage guys." I thought about the picture my wife just painted and I knew I would like to watch that too, especially if I was there as well. Now my daughter was fucking her mom as fast as she could acting like a guy close to cumming. She hissed and grunted louder and louder that she was going to blow her wad into her tight cunt.

Her mom replied by telling her to cum inside of her pussy as much as she wanted. It didn't matter to her how much cum she had in her pussy she couldn't get pregnant. Which was true, my wife had her tubes tied years ago. Immediately Victoria pretended that she was unleashing a huge jizz wad into her pussy. Grunting over and over 'oh yeah.oh yeah that feels so good. I'm still cumming mom; your cunt is making me cum so much!' That got my wife off so Victoria kept fucking her until she had finished her orgasm.

They embraced for a moment, kissing each other, playing with each other's nipples before my wife spoke. "Ok sweetheart, it's your turn now." They stood up; my wife took the strap-on dildo off of Victoria and put it on herself. "So who should I be? Hmm, should I be your brother or should I be your dad?" My wife gently caressed our daughter's tits as she hummed aloud deciding who to be. "I know your father would really love to fuck you. I see the way he looks at you and I have caught him fondling your bras for those nice big tits.

But I also notice how your brother looks at you. I have seen him get an erection every time you wear your bathing suits when and I know he probably sneaks peaks of you titillating asian filthy cleft fingering japanese and hardcore you sunbathe; probably masturbating in his room." Victoria smiled, "I know mom.

I see how they look at me. Sometimes it bothers me; sometimes I just want to suck them off!" "I mexican cop xxx car jacking suspect gets the jacking he deserves sure they both would love the later of those two.

I think I will be your dad." Then like flipping a light switch I watched on my computer screen, listened as my wife switched from being the mom to being me. "Victoria, you are grounded for coming in past your curfew." Right on cue she responded by pleading with 'me' not to ground her, she was very sorry. The two of them kept up this scene for a couple of minutes before my wife said aloud what I was thinking.

"Well how sorry are you? You keep saying you will do anything to keep from being grounded, let's see what anything is. Convince me not to ground you." My wife stroked the dildo and looked down at it. Slowly I watched my daughter drop to her knees; wow did I wish that was me! She grabbed the prick. " you promise not to tell anyone.I know this is wrong." My wife smiled, "Suck my cock if you don't want to be grounded." She went to work on that dildo that would have made any adult film star proud.

If that was me I knew I would not have lasted more than a few minutes before she would have made me blow my wad into her mouth and down her throat.

Her mom stood there with her hands on her hips looking down at our daughter the entire time. "That's it, keep going, and don't stop sucking my cock. You are not done until I cum. And you are going to swallow Victoria. Every fucking drop of my cum and if you miss any you will be grounded." Damn my wife knew how to make things hot.

She had Victoria sucked on the dildo for awhile until she had enough. Then she moaned, just like I do when I am about to blow my wad. "Keep it up, you are doing good. Yes, you are such a good daughter; I'm going to show you how good of a job you are doing. Here it cums! You're gonna make your dad cum." She slowly sunny lenoy xxx story sex our daughter's mouth, not pretending to jack off, and then she let out a wild moan, smiling and shaking her head.

"OH YES VICTORIA! Fucking make me cum ton! SWALLOW IT! SWALLOW IT ALL!

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DON'T YOU DARE SPILL ANY!" Once a minute or two had gone by and I had blown another wad onto my desk at work. Victoria pretended to lick my cock clean, wiping off her lips. "I'm sorry daddy, I got some cum on my chin and it dripped onto my tits. I guess I'm still grounded." "Yep, you are still grounded, you spilled my cum and I am going to punish you know." My wife pointed to one of the towel racks on the wall.

She tied our daughter's hands to the towel rack with toilet paper and told her to face the wall. She spanked Victoria several times, and then slapped her ass over and over again with the strap-on. I could tell by the way our daughter was biting her lower lip she was really into bondage and being spanked.

Then my wife left her alone, walked to the bathroom door, opened it and called for our son. I knew he was not home since he just IM'd me about this whole scene. She pretended to have a father-son conversation. "Your sister is being grounded and punished. Bryan, I want you to go over there, suck on your sisters beautiful big breasts, eat her out if you want and then give her a good fuck up her ass." She closed the door now acting like she was Bryan.

"Finally I get to fuck you! She rubbed all over Victoria's body, "You are such a hot sister. I have jacked off so horny girl measures cock with her throat times thinking about you, watching you in your skimpy bathing suits. Now I get to have my fun with you." My wife pulled our daughter far enough back so as not to tear the toilet paper but so she could get down on her knees under her bend over body.

You could clearly hear and tell she was really sucking her tits good. Victoria moaned and screamed, "oh Bryan. Don't suck my feels so good.

You're my are sucking on them so good. Please don't bite my nipples!" She squealed so loud, and then moaned for her mom to do that again. I watched in pure jealously as my wife rubbed and squeezed our daughters' breasts, sucked on them and licked them. 'Damn it!' I thought to myself, why the hell my wife couldn't have shared this with me!

I was so tempted to drive home, bust in and fuck the hell out of Victoria but I couldn't ruin this great thing my son had designed. I watched my wife move down to our daughters very nicely shaved pussy.

I could tell she was digging her tongue in deep as she fingered both her cunt and asshole at the same time. She was really sexually punishing our sweet daughter. I was talking to my computer again, telling my wife to make her squirm, make her moan, make her beg for more. I never knew how much lust I could experience just by watching my wife and daughter going at, acting out that is was my son and I.

She worked her fingers in and out of her pussy and asshole like pro. Going deep, hard, fast, and then slowing down. She made our daughter suffer for almost 15 minutes. I couldn't believe how great my wife was at fingering another woman.

It was incredibly hot listening and watching Victoria squeal and wiggle around. She let Victoria get off but when she did her hand's tore free of the toilet paper as she dropped down on to the floor, heaving and panting away.

So naturally my wife just tied her up again as Victoria recovered herself from her orgasm. "Now I'm going to fuck your great, round, hot, tight ass sis." She squirted lotion across our daughters' ass, then on her ass crack.

She rubbed one of the british mom fucks and gets heavy facial all over the lotion with one hand and with the other hand she rubbed the lotion between her ass cheeks and into her asshole. Then she pushed the dildo right inside of her ass. Victoria squealed and begged 'Bryan' to punish her good. My wife grabbed a great hold on the dildo and worked that cock in and out of her ass in a way nobody could with a real prick.

She gave her ass a good slap every few seconds saying "How's that sis? Does that feel good having your brother cock in your ass? Are you a good slut like mom?

Like getting fucked by your brother?" Victoria squirmed around, squealing over and over 'yes.yes.I'm your slutty sister! I love it when you fuck me.I love getting fucked by my brother!" My wife tore her ass up with that dildo. I have no idea how long this went on, I became so enthralled with this show I just lost track of time.

My wife screamed out, "I'm cumming sis! Feel it? Do you feel my hot jizz squirting out of my cock and into your tight ass?" "Yes! Yes! Yes Bryan, more I want it all in my ass!" She rammed the dildo up into her ass a couple of more times as if she was finishing off her ejaculation.

She slid it out, still pretending to be our son, "Ok dad. I punished Victoria. She is all yours again." My wife pulled her off of the towel rack and pushed her over to the bathroom counter top. She pushed her up on it roughly spreading her legs. "I am going to teach you a lesson about coming home after your curfew." She held the strap-on in one hand, quickly guided it into our daughters wet pussy and fucked her like a crazed dog. I never thought I would get to see her tits bounce that much but my wife was giving me a mental picture I would never forget but could never tell her I saw.

Victoria just braced herself on the counter doing nothing but moaning and watching her mom fuck her. "Oh yes.oh yes daddy. Fuck me.fuck me harder! I'm a bad girl, punish me, teach me a lesson. Fuck me daddy.fuck me!" My wife leaned in grabbing her big tits; she held them for awhile looking Victoria in her blue eyes. "Oh yeah, there is nothing like fucking your own daughter.

Your pussy feels so good around my cock! I hope you are late all the time! If you are, I will fuck your each time! Look at your beautiful, big tits. I need to fuck those sometime and I know they probably look great with cum all over them too! Do guys fuck your tits? Do they cum all over them?" "Yes.yes.daddy.they do! I love it watching their cum shoot out of their hard cocks and the feeling of all that hot sticky cum splattering on them and sucking and riding till cum tube porn down them.

My tits taste so good orgy gangland beach blonde interracial group sex cum on them too!" I thought for a while that the way my wife was fucking our daughter she may have wished she was a guy! She really fucked our daughter good.

I would have blown my wad long ago. I know she made Victoria orgasm at least once. Sweat was running down both of their bodies, both of them were breathing hard, Victoria was in haze, begging her mom to cum inside of her.

My wife was glazed over too as she kept fucking her. This was hotter than any lesbian scene in an adult movie; it was my wife insatiably pleasuring our daughter. I didn't think a daughter-mom fuck scene would drive me this wild. "Do you want me to cum now? Do you want me to cum inside of you or cum all over your hot body?" "Where ever you want daddy.

I'm on the pill; I just want you to cum. I want to make you happy." I thought to myself, 'good she is on the pill so if I can ever fuck her that will ease my mind a bit.' My wife groaned like I would have done, acting like she was spurting cum inside of our precious Victoria's pussy.

Then she pulled the strap-on out of her pussy and pretended to jack off, "look at all my cum! Oh you sweet, bad daughter.look keiran lee private porn story how much you are making your father cum!" She moved the cock around in a way that if it was real, Victoria would have had gobs cum all over stomach, her belly button and her tits!

"Oooh shit Victoria! You are such a slutty daughter! Now clean off my cock and then clean my cum off of your sexy body and I won't ground you." Which is exactly what I would have said if that had been me.

She licked off the dildo, the pretended to wipe the 'cum' off of her stomach finally ending up by holding her tits up to her mouth and very slowly licking them off. Needless to say by this time I had blown another wad, not a big one as I had emptied myself twice already but I didn't care, I still came. Those two were finally done; they picked up their toys and then left. The show was over.

I cleaned off my desk, left the office and drove around for while before going home. I needed time to cool off and to think about what I just saw and if I could figure out a way to make this to my advantage and kagney takes on a dirty tattooed dude to fuck my daughter.