Natural teen is gaping narrow vagina in closeup and getting off

Natural teen is gaping narrow vagina in closeup and getting off
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Michelle and Doug live next door.

My name is Kyle, and Linda, my wife, died about a year ago. Michelle and Doug have been great friends. Doug is a project manager. Michelle was CFO for a corporation. They stayed home a lot, so spent a lot of money on their house.

New pool, new high fence to go along with it. Michelle recently bought a Mercedes. They were doing great financially, and liked to live the high life. Michelle's company wasn't doing so well, and she was laid off.

Angel vain gets plowed in hardcore fashion Doug's salary alone, they were really struggling. So much so, Michelle got a job at McDonald's to try and help. I was over talking with Michelle, as Doug was at a function with his company that evening.

"Kyle, we are in dire straits. We are so upside down, we may loose the house. I don't know what to do" "Michelle", I said, "Mc Donald's isn't going to make it happen. You need a new executive position. "Yes, but the company I worked for had financial issues, and everyone I've interviewed with looks at that, and won't hire me. We need help, badly". Michelle is a brunette, short. Average size breasts. Cute, not a knock out. And I really like cute. As she was explaining her problem, I had an evil idea.

"Michelle, I used to have a house cleaner, but haven't in a while. Would you be interested" "Why yes, but that doesn't pay that much". "Well, yes and no. There are services where the cleaning person does the cleaning in the nude.

Pays $100 per hour. And, it takes about 3 hours to clean my house every week". "Wow, nude? I don't know. I mean, we're friends, but nude?" "I don't want to push you into anything, but the offer is there" "I'll think about it". A week passed, I saw Doug and Michelle twice during that period, and obviously, since both were present, the issue didn't come up. Saturday morning, Michelle knocked on my door.

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"Kyle, I thought about it. I'll do it". "Great, I said. When can you start?" "Doug is out of town on business. How about right now? I really need the money" "OK, come on in".

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She came inside. I showed her where the cleaning supplies were. "You can undress in the extra bedroom, come out anytime you want. I want to warn you.

I'm going to be nude when you come out, and I"m going to masturbate while you clean. It's been a year, and I haven't had sex in that time.

"Oh Kyle, I had no idea.

No problem" She went to undress, I did the same, put a towel in my recliner, and sat back. She came out. Beautiful. She smiled, and she was scared.

"Don't be scared. I'm not going to touch you". She began by vacuuming the living beautiful teen ashton pierce stretched by black meat in front of ton pierce. As she did, her breasts jiggled up and down, her tight ass moved left and right.

I was massaging my balls, not wanting to hurry the moment. She looked over, saw what I was doing. "Are you enjoying yourself?", she smiled. "Yes, a lot. Thank you. I've always admired you, and your body". She finished, and began dusting. She came over next to me to dust the table. She leaned over me, her breasts so close. "Kyle, I feel badly you've not had sex in so long.

If you want to feel my breasts, that's OK. I did. they were wonderful. "Kyle, I really hate housecleaning. Can we make another arrangement. How about a massage?" "Great", I exclaimed. We went to my bedroom, I pulled the comforter off, laid face down. She began massaging my ass first. Her strokes were firm. She worked her way up my back, then massaged my head.

She went to my legs, then told me to turn over. She massaged my front, starting at my feet, working her way up. She avoided my cock and balls, worked her way to to my head. "Feel better?" "Yes, thanks". I was frustrated, but didn't want to ask her for more.

"OK my turn". She laid on the bed, face up. "In Houston (where she was from), we start face up". I started at her head, working my way down. When I got to her torso, I was working on her abdomen.

"You missed my breasts. I love having my breasts massaged". So, I did. God, were they great.

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Firm. Big nipples I used a lot of oil, spend a lot of time there. I worked my way down to her feet. "OK, how to you feel?" "Frustrated. I'm surprised you weren't frustrated when I finished". "I was, but didn't want to ask too much of you". "Kyle, since we're here, naked, we should take advantage of each other". With that, she took my cock in her hands and began massaging. I became erect quickly. She then took me in her mouth, sucking and licking.

What came next was a surprise. She dipped her middle finger in massage oil, then inserted in my ass. I gasped.

"Hang on, big boy". She found my prostate and began massaging it, as she sucked the life out of me. I came, hard. She swallowed every drop. "Yum!" she exclaimed. We laid together, held each other. After about 45 minutes, she said "My turn". I went down on her cunt, spending special attention to her clit. She was bucking and moaning. "Put your cock up my ass" I lubed up, came up her ass. She gasped "Got, it is big!". I slammed into her, massaging her breasts as I fucked her asshole.

She screamed in ecstasy. "Oh God, Oh God, Oh God, that was so good!" We laid together for a bit, holding. She kissed me. Next, we took a bath together. Afterwards, we went to the guest bedroom, as the master was a bit messy. "Fuck me", she exclaimed. So, I slid my cock into her pussy. So warm, so moist. So tight. In and out, no condom, the sensation was amazing. I held back, wanting to make the moment last, wanting her to cum. As she came, she pushed me out.

She was a squirter! She hosed me down, drenched me in her essence. I still hadn't cum. She took me in her hands, lubed up with massage oil. This time, she had a prostate massage toy she brought with her. She inserted that up my ass, With one hand, she worked that, the other she masturbated cute and sexy babe gets her tight pussy cock.

The massage tool was much more intense than her finger. Motorized, it really stimulated my prostate, making she sensation unbelievable. She massaged me slowly at first, quickening the pace. The prostate massage toy had a base, and pretty much took care of itself. I was on my back, Michelle mounted me, began to fuck me, Her breasts were now in my face, and I suckled her breasts as she fucked me, and her toy fucked my ass an prostate.

I came, the hardest and best I've ever had. I blew my load up her pussy, thrusting my hips into her. "Well, now you have a dirty body, and a dirty house". "Yes, I know", I smiled. "Hey, I have a friend who is also hurting for money. Maybe she could do your nude housecleaning. Maybe, we both can". She winked. I liked those odds.