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Asstraffic spanish anal slut gets plenty of butt fucking and cum eating
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Kyle cried out as he began to empty his balls into his sister's womb. Erin, who normally stands 5-foot-4 with dirty blonde hair and bright blue eyes, was on her back, pulling her brother's perfect nine-inch cock deeper into her pussy. "Oh Kyle, that's it, cum in my pussy," she moaned. "I need your sperm deep in me." She could feel every pulse of his cock filling her already dripping wet pussy with the warm semen she craved. Eventually Kyle's supply of cum ran out, but Erin could still feel his cock pulsing with each heartbeat.

He kissed her and pulled their hot, sweating bodies closer together. He felt her beautiful C cup breasts push against him as she wrapped her athletic legs around his waist. She ran her fingers through his short, brown hair as he gently pulled at her earlobe with his teeth. Erin pulled Kyle's head up, so she could look into the intoxicating blue eyes they shared.

She didn't need to say anything. ### At 17, neither one had experienced more than a few awkward kisses in a dark of the movie theater or back seat with anyone else.

But they were deeply, uncontrollably in love, and they both felt it. As twins, they had always been close, even when they were supposed to be fighting with each other, as siblings often do. They watched out for each other all the way up through school. On more than one occasion, they found themselves in the principal's office together, usually after an unsuspecting bully picked on one or the other.

There were a few times when Erin came to Kyle's rescue. Somehow they managed to avoid anything more than a stern look and a "get back to class" though. Erin went out on a few dates once they started high school, but she kept inadvertently comparing the boys to her brother. She always came home sooner than she'd planned, only to sit up half the night talking to Kyle.

Eventually, Erin realized she was falling in love with him. He was completely oblivious, and it didn't matter. She gave up on dating, content to spend her free time with Kyle.

Kyle stood six feet tall with brown hair. He didn't have the body of a Greek xxx bp story download jangal me jabarjasti, but he was a solid 160 lbs. In his life, he had a grand total of two dates to his credit. The first, with a brunette named Samantha, seemed to drag on for hours.

He uttered about five words the entire night, which was fine with her. She was in love with the sound of her own voice. On his second attempt, he asked a redhead named Rachel if she'd go to the Homecoming dance with him. The night ended with his first kiss.

She never returned his phone calls, and barely acknowledged him in class. So when Erin stopped going on dates, he hardly noticed. There was no need for her to explain why they were spending weekends together. It was simply a fact of life. Their first kiss happened on the worst night of both their lives. They were 16. ### It had been raining on and off for three days, and neither one wanted to leave the comfort of the basement.

Their parents had tickets for Stravinsky's Firebird Suite, their mother's favorite, and so their father dutifully accompanied her despite the deluge. Erin and Kyle spent the evening in the basement, watching horrible science fiction movies, and keeping their own running commentary.

Erin nodded off on Kyle's chest just before midnight, and soon they were both mostly asleep. It was a kind of half-sleep, where they still heard the things going on around them, but their minds simply incorporated the sounds into their hazy dreams. Neither one was consciously aware of the doorbell at first, but after the first two rings Kyle realized the DVD ran out a while ago. He laid Erin's head down on the side of the couch and headed up to the front door. By now, the ringing had turned to knocking.

The rain was still pouring down, and Kyle was surprised to see a sheriff's deputy when he turned on the porch light. He opened the door and invited the man in, still a little groggy. He checked the hall clock, which read 2 a.m., but wasn't quite awake enough to be concerned. The deputy asked Kyle who his parents were, and then gestured to the kitchen, suggesting they sit down.

Kyle furrowed his brow and pulled two chairs from the kitchen table. By this time, Erin awoke and realized Kyle was no longer with her. She heard heavy footsteps and voices upstairs, and joined her brother as he was sitting down.

She stopped cold when she saw the cop in their kitchen. She looked at the clock on the microwave, then to the stranger, then to her brother. She was beginning to panic. Kyle realized what was happening when he saw the look on Erin's face. "Is this your girlfriend?" the deputy asked.

"No," Kyle said, grabbing a chair for her. "This is my sister, Erin." "Oh," the deputy said, looking as his boots, which still had small pieces of mud clinging to them. "I'm very sorry to tell you that your parents were both killed tonight. Their car was caught in a flash flood, swept off an overpass. We couldn't get to them until the flooding slowed down." Kyle reached for Erin's hand.

Nobody spoke. The deputy went on, something about paperwork and identifying the remains in the morning, but all the twins heard was the slow, deafening sound of their own hearts.

Kyle closed the door after the deputy, and returned to his sister in the kitchen. He stood at the entrance to the kitchen, leaning on the wall for support, and stared blankly at Erin. She walked over to her brother and laid her head on his chest. She put her arms around him, afraid to squeeze too hard, and he caressed her hair. They stood in the kitchen like that until Erin pulled Kyle's head down to her and kissed him. It wasn't until he tasted the tears running down her face that realized he was kissing Erin, his sister.

He paused for a moment. Although their lips met perfectly, she was his sister. You weren't supposed to kiss your sister like that. Then Riley shy freaks of cock realized nobody could ever compare to her. In that moment, he fell in love.

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Soon they were both crying and clinging to each other, trying to understand what had happened to them in the last hour. After some time, Erin took Kyle's hand and led him to what used to be their parents' bedroom. The entire house felt foreign to them. She simply removed her shirt and pants, then pulled off Kyle's. As the sun rose, they laid down and fell asleep pulling each other closer, arms and legs intertwined.

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### Again, the doorbell rang. This time, Erin was the first to wake up. She carefully removed herself from Kyle's warm body, pulled his white shirt over her black underwear, and buttoned it as she walked down the steps.

She noticed a dark blue Ford in the driveway, and recognized the County Sheriff standing at her door, hat in his hands. The expression he wore was soft, not at all the stern lawman's gaze she'd seen on campaign posters.

Erin's heart sank when she remembered the visit eight hours big titty nurses brooke haven titty fucking. She cracked the door and stuck her head around the corner, looking up at the man who stood nearly a foot taller than her, squinting in the bright sunlight. "Hello Miss," he said quietly. "I'm sorry, but we need you and your brother to come to the hospital for a few things." Erin nodded absently.

"I'll just wait in the car. Take your time." He turned and went back to his car. She returned to her brother and woke him. "Kyle, wake up," she said softly.

"Kyle, we have to …" she let the sentence trail off. At first, he was a little confused at waking up in his parents' bed. He hadn't slept in that bed since he was eight, but then the whole night hit him again. "Oh … yeah," he murmured. Neither one bothered to shower. Kyle threw on his black cargo pants, a grey work shirt and his favorite Pumas.

Erin put on jeans, a plain black t-shirt and her worn-in flip flops. She pulled her hair into a pony tail, and they were out the door without another word. ### They returned home five hours later, physically and emotionally exhausted, but at least the worst part was over.

Neither one was hungry, but Erin said she wanted to shower. She undid her jeans and pushed them down over her hips while closing the bathroom door. When she heard it latch, she realized she was alone for the first time. She began to panic. Erin kicked the pants off her ankles, yanked the door open, and ran down the hall looking for Kyle.

She crashed into him coming around a corner, and hugged him fiercely. "Erin, what's wrong?" he asked. At first she didn't say anything, but he gently pulled her head away from his chest to see her face.

Her beautiful blue eyes were streaming tears. "I was alone," Erin sobbed. She didn't care that she wasn't wearing pants. She needed her other half. "What do you mean?" he said. "I've been right here." But Kyle knew exactly what she meant. He felt it too. "Come on, I'll come with you," he said, and ushered his partially undressed sister to the bathroom.

At first, Kyle simply stood in the bathroom with her, but when she started to pull off her top, he took a step closer and helped her with it. He tried to remove her bra, but didn't really know what to do. She put her hands on his, showing him how to release the clasp. His hands brushed her sides as the black bra fell to the floor. She'd never felt a caress quite like that. She reached up and started working on Kyle's shirt buttons. He was confused for a moment, but the look in her eyes said everything.

Erin needed to be close to her brother. In fact, they both needed each other. The water was warm, and they let it fall on them for several minutes without moving. Then Kyle took the soap and began to wash his sister's right arm, moving up from her hand to her shoulder and neck. Moving to her left side, he worked down to her hand and back up to her shoulder.

He hesitated at her collar bone. "It's OK," Erin said, and for the first time in their lives, he touched her breasts. Kyle spent a long time holding and squeezing his sister's beautiful tits. He pinched her quarter-sized nipples gently, which made her whole body tingle. Eventually, he moved down her flat tummy (she played JV soccer), and to her hips.

He knelt down to continue with her legs, quite inadvertently putting her pussy six inches from his eyes. He studied it for a moment, then looked up at her. Erin xxx pron punjabi in hidi her legs slightly, for him to better see his first real-life vagina.

She kept it shaved, and silently hoped he liked what he saw. Her hopes were rewarded when he softly kissed her about two inches above her clit. He slowly moved on to washing her legs, massaging her thigh muscles, then moving up her back.

Erin felt a little woozy when Kyle's lips brushed her skin. She could feel the blood pulsing through her pussy. She felt her clit get subtly firmer and her pussy lips swell. She wanted Kyle. She wanted her brother. If she'd been paying attention, Erin would've noticed her brother's cock getting harder, but her mind was swimming in the unfamiliar sensations running through her own body.

Kyle pulled the hand-held sexy cougar on the hunt for cocks head down, and rinsed off the soap.

The water ran down Erin's body, occasionally dancing over her clit, making her head spin. He let the water stray toward her pussy for a few moments, spraying her clit directly. Erin swallowed hard and felt short of breath. After he returned the shower head to the wall, Erin took the soap and washed her brother, massaging him, working her way down his body.

Erin first noticed her brother's cock when it brushed her leg, fully hard and nine inches by now. She smiled knowing she did that. She took her it in her hands and stroked it tentatively, a little awkwardly.

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Kyle closed his eyes and enjoyed the feeling of his sister's hands running up and down his shaft. She gently squeezed his balls, imagining the cum building up inside, waiting to be released.

She slowly moved down to wash his legs, returning to his cock occasionally to make alina and her stepmom lick her new wife it didn't soften.

By the time she had rinsed him clean, Kyle's cock was throbbing, bouncing slightly with every beat of his heart. Erin pulled him closer and kissed him, slipping her tongue into his mouth.

Her free hand ran down to his cock, while he squeezed her breasts and nipples. Erin broke the kiss and turned around so her back was to him, hand still stroking his cock.

She slowly ran the head of her brother's penis along the outside of her sex, which was dripping wet from the inside. Slowly, she pushed down onto his cock, until the head was just inside.

It was the most incredible thing she'd ever felt. Kyle, for his part, let his sister take the lead. He knew enough to know that his wasn't exactly average, and the last thing he wanted to do was to hurt Erin.

Slowly, Erin sank her brother's cock into her pussy until it reached her virginity. She pushed against it, but was too scared to do it herself. "What's wrong?" Kyle asked. "N-nothing. It's just--you're going to have to do this," Erin stuttered. She looked over her shoulder at him, blushing a little. It was the sexiest thing he'd ever seen. "Just do it quickly," she added. He pushed deeper into her.

She inhaled sharply, through clenched teeth, when it happened, but it hurt less than she expected. As the pain subsided, she savored the feeling of having her pussy filled with her own brother's cock. Kyle began to fuck his sister in short, slow strokes. "Oh, Kyle," she moaned. "That feels so incredible. You're so perfect." Kyle moaned incoherently in reply. Then he reached to her breasts, pulling her up to him, hugging her from behind.

Erin gasped as his cock pushed against her tummy from the inside. Then she began to rock her hips, feeling every inch of his throbbing hard cock pushing against the front of her sex.

Kyle reached down to massage her clit. Erin didn't realize how close she was to cumming, but within seconds her body was shaking and her pussy was squeezing her brother's cock even tighter.

"Erin, I'm going to cum," Kyle groaned. Erin couldn't find her voice. She simply kissed him and continued fucking his cock until she felt him start to cum. Kyle pushed into his sister as deep as he could, and his streams of cum shot into her pussy. "Kyle, don't stop," Erin purred. "Fill my pussy, I need your cum in me. Ohhh, it feels so good." Kyle was still rubbing her clit, and Erin was still cumming, her pussy squeezing every last drop of cum boy fucked his brother wife her brother's throbbing cock.

They were both light-headed, and leaned on the wall to avoid collapsing. Kyle's cock softened a bit, and it slipped out of his sister's vagina.

Some of his cum, mixed with fluid from her pussy, dripped out, and washed away in the water. "Kyle," Erin panted as she turned to face him. "Erin, I love you," he blurted out before she could finish. She pulled his body close to hers. "I know," she said. "I love you … I have for a while." The water spraying from the shower disguised the tears falling from her beautiful blue eyes.

"I love you," Erin repeated. "I will always love you." ### Kyle and Erin realized they hadn't eaten since the night before. They were both too tired to cook, so they ordered Chinese. They ate quietly at the kitchen table, trying to figure out what to say. "Kyle, what do we do now?" Erin asked. Kyle looked at her quizzically. He wasn't sure which thing she was talking about. "About," Pop in me tiffany diamond ros hesitated, gazing down at the table.

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"About mom and dad." "Oh," Kyle sighed, thinking he'd almost rather talk about what had just happened between them. "Well, they said Social Services would be checking on us in the next few days. I don't think they're going to make us move though, we'd be 18 by the time they managed to do anything. You know how slow the government is." "Do you think they'll let us stay here?" Erin asked.

Kyle shrugged. "It's worth a try. Mom and dad paid off the house last year, and between insurance and the bank accounts we should be fine for now." The conversation died off, and they contemplated their chop sticks for several minutes. "Kyle," Erin blurted out. "Earlier, when you said--when you said you loved me." Kyle ran his fingers along the side of his sister's face.

"I love you Erin," he said. "Are you sure?" He'd never seen her so vulnerable, and she'd never felt so helpless. Kyle nodded and kissed his sister tenderly. They were finished eating, and went over to the couch in the living room. They were kissing and clinging to each other like flotsam after a shipwreck. They started removing each other's clothes slowly, one item at a time, until they were both completely naked.

Erin had been massaging her brother's cock since deep throat and anal training for blonde pants came off, and started to kiss her way down his chest. She kissed the tip of his penis, tasting the drop of precum, then ran her tongue the length of his shaft. Kyle had never felt a girl's mouth on his cock before, and the sensations his sister gave him were incredible. He ran his fingers through her soft blonde hair as she took the head of his dick into her mouth.

"Erin," he groaned. "Oh, that feels incredible." Erin looked up at him, smiling with her eyes. She tried to take as much as she could, but didn't want to choke.

Kyle didn't mind, he was loving his first blow job. When he thought about it, the fact that it was his twin sister turned him on even more. Erin released his cock from her mouth for a moment, stroking it with her hand. Kyle nudged his sister back on the couch, kissing from her right knee up the inside of her toned leg to her pussy.

He wasn't entirely sure what to do, but figured he'd start with her clit. She seemed to like what he did in the shower. He flicked his tongue lightly along her lips and up to her clit, barely brushing it. He felt her muscles tense up. Erin ran her fingers through his hair, pushing him farther between her legs.

He licked her clit with more force this time, and continued, building up a slow, steady rhythm. She was breathing heavily, letting out soft moans and sighs. Then Kyle ran his index finger along her dripping wet lips, sliding it into her pussy up to the second knuckle. He gently worked one, then two fingers all the way into his sister.

Erin's breathing was more ragged, and her moans got louder. She pulled gently at his head, bringing his face back up to hers. She spread her legs wider and took his cock in her hand, sliding it along the entrance to her pussy, until he was slick with her juices.

"Erin, should we," Kyle stammered. "I mean--uh, a condom? Maybe?" Erin smiled up at her brother and pushed the head of his cock into her well-lubricated pussy. "Don't worry," she said, staring straight into his eyes, big boody mom sex piss began to close involuntarily.

"I've been on the pill for a year." Kyle was too lost in the feeling of penetrating her to form a coherent response. Instead, he slowly pushed deeper. Erin felt every inch of her brother's dick sliding deeper into her body. When he was completely buried inside her, she wrapped her arms and legs around him, pulling him as close as she could. "I love you Kyle," she whispered. "I'll never leave you." Kyle kissed her deeply, and started to grind against her, his body rubbing against her clit.

Erin gasped, and pressed her fingers into his back. After a few strokes, Kyle pulled away, far enough to take one of her nipples into his mouth. While he was sucking on Erin's breast, he started sliding his cock in and out of his sister's dripping wet pussy. Erin had never felt so good in her life.

She'd masturbated before, even experimented with putting things in her pussy, but it never felt like this. Every time he pulled back, she was aching to feel her brother's beautiful cock stretching her pussy.

She ran her fingers down between his legs, gently squeezing his balls. She could tell he was getting close. She wasn't ready for him to cum yet, so she sat up, shifting her weight onto him. She pulled him close and they rocked back and forth on the couch, exploring each other's mouths with their tongues. Now they were both close to cumming. Erin pulled away from her brother, taking his face in her hands.

"Kyle," Erin purred, laying back and putting her legs on his shoulders. "Give it to me hard." Kyle started to fuck his sister hard and slow, watching her gorgeous breasts bounce with each stroke, building up speed until their bodies were slamming together.

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Erin came first, she was screaming, and pulling him into her harder. Kyle pushed deep into his sister's pussy and started to fill her with cum. He'd never felt it shoot out quite so hard. Kyle kept grinding against her, trying push deeper, and to make both their orgasms last longer.

Erin's mind was lost in the feeling of her brother's cum shooting into her. She felt every throb and pulse as Kyle emptied his balls deep inside of her. She felt her pussy eagerly sucking up every spurt, her body needed it. After what seemed like hours, Kyle's orgasm subsided, though his cock still throbbed and twitched with his heartbeat.

He collapsed on top of his sister, now his lover. She stroked his head and whispered to him until his softened cock fell out of her. She could still feel his warm cum inside her, she savored the sensation.