Boob suck by taxi driver

Boob suck by taxi driver
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* All characters are over 18 in the following story Justin is an average sized guy. About 6 feet tall. He's pretty athletic when he wants to be, but he was never really interested in joining any school sports. Justin has a dark shade of brow hair, and blue eyes that are brought out by his luscious hair. Lauren is not short, but she is a little under average. She's not really into sports either; however, she is pretty skinny.

She has raven-black hair, and beautiful brown eyes that shine in the moonlight. She wears a 32-D bra, but she always wears a sweat shirt so no one sees her amazing breasts that tend create the most perfect cleavage. Her ass is pretty fine as well. It's not too big and it's not too small. It is simply the most perfect size.

Justin is a pretty happy guy. He is always kind to everyone, and a lot of people would agree that he is the most astonishing guy in school. Justin could have been one of the popular kids, but he chose not to; so he hangs around his small group.

Lauren is pretty nice most of the time, but her demons are sometimes released. A lot of people at the school thinks she is a bitch, but you just have to get to know her to have her like you.

Justin was laying on his bed at midnight with tissues around his bulging cock, staring at three lesbians licking each other's pussy at the highest volume on his phone. Justin's parents were hardly ever home. They could liz honey has dp in exclusive hidden scene be found at work or some were; however, Justin had no clue. Justin is okay with it because it means he gets to watch porn all day with no interruptions.

Lauren's face popped up on the screen with her customized ringtone playing. Justin was just about to climax when this happened, but he didn't stop to answer the phone. It turned him on even more, and he had a bigger climax then ever before. Here comes the bad part. Right before Justin was about to cum, the tissues fell off and hit the floor. He didn't notice this until he answered the phone and his cum touched his cheek. "Hello?" Justin said, hoping Lauren wouldn't hear him panting.

Justin beautiful petite brunette rubs her pink pussy to orgasm pushed a button on his phone in order to put her on speaker so he could wipe the cum off his phone and talk to her at the same time. "Hello??" Justin said, once again, not hearing anyone on the other line.

Justin then heard a light sobbing so quiet that he could hardly hear. " Lauren? What's the matter?" Justin asked, concerned. Lauren's voice was very wobbly, and it was extremely hard to understand.

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"Jason broke up with me." "Oh my God. That's horrible!" Justin said, trying to act sorry for her. The truth is, Justin hated Jason with a burning passion of a thousand fiery suns.

Jason had been Lauren's boyfriend for the past year now, and Justin hated him because he wanted Lauren SO badly. However, Jason was in his way, but not anymore. Lauren was on the other line, crying her eyes out, and he was on the other line dancing around like a maniac with his dick hanging out. "What happened?" Justin said again, acting concerned. "He dumped me over some blonde bitch!" Lauren said with hatred in her voice.

"I'll be over in a second." Justin said, and he then hung up with the look of confidence in his eyes. Ten minutes later, Justin and Lauren were sitting in her room, sipping on a few bottles of beer, that Justin brought over from his parent's alcohol cabinet. He figured that they wouldn't mind. Lauren was mostly drunk and sobbed every time she talked about how she felt about what Jason did.

Justin, on the other hand, only had a light buzz and was just smiling and nodding at everything she said. Justin couldn't help but notice that she was in a desperately small tank top that exposed her nipples in the most sexual way. He couldn't help but stare at them like they were moaning and begging for him to suck on them.

He wasn't really paying attention to anything Lauren was saying, but the words "Would you fuck me?" really caught his attention. Justin hesitated, "Ah umm." Lauren stared at him patiently, waiting for an answer.

Obviously, Justin wanted to fuck her brains out, but didn't want to sound like a horny pig. "I mean. uh. sure!" Justin said nervously. "Great! Because we're going to fuck! " Lauren said drunkenly with a burp at the end. Justin was surprised, but he wasn't at the same time. He knew she was drunk, but were these true feelings coming out of her? Lauren stripped down to only her blood red lingerie in a blink of an eye. She stumbled across the room, and she plopped into Justin's thin but masculine arms.

Lauren's tits pressed against Justin's chest. It turned him on, and in seconds he was nibbling on her neck and sucking her ear lob. Lauren backed away from him and said "Come and get m." Right before falling on her bed. The next thing that Justin decided to do was a very regretful action, and he could never forgive himself. He tucked her in, kissed her on the forehead, and went home. Friday morning rolled around, and Lauren approached Justin at his locker. "Whatever happened last night, I would like to apologize for.

I didn't know what I was doing." Lauren said with regrets in her tone. "Don't worry! Nothing happened, and everything is cool! " Justin said calmly Lauren whispered under her breath "Thank God!" "Okay, well, I have to get to class now." Justin said while walking off to his next period.

The end of the day came around and Lauren approached Justin at his locker again. "Justin, I have an awesome idea!" she quickly said. Not letting Justin speak she continued, "Okay. Let's make a bet. The loser has to be the winner's slave for all of tomorrow.

The thing is, the slave is only permitted to be a slave at your house." "Hmm. I guess it really depends on the bet!" Justin replied. Lauren quickly said, "Okay! You have to kiss any girl right now, but the catch is they have to kiss you back." "I'm in." Justin said. Lauren looked happy and surprised at the same time. Justin quickly locked lips with Lauren, knowing that, if she got pissed, it wouldn't mess up their friendship. She did the exact opposite.

She leaned forward indicating she was kissing him back. Justin was surprised at first. Lauren unlatched her lips with his. "I win." Justin calmly said. Lauren just blushed and whispered "damn" under her breath. Justin smiled and said "See ya at my place." and then walked off with a huge erection, hoping Lauren didn't see it. Justin couldn't help himself. He had to go blow one off right now.

He rushed to the bathrooms, went into one of the stalls, pulled down his pants, and began to stroke his cock. He suddenly heard someone come in the bathroom, and go in the stall beside him. No worries he was just going to wait it out until they left. Until he realized he was in the girls bathroom, and that it was a girl in the stall beside daddy wonrsquot let me play my game. He was freaking out now.

He had no clue what to do. If he left the stall she would hear him. The best thing he could do right now was to be as silent as possible, and hopefully wait tell she was gone. A minute went by, and the person besides him started to moan. Justin was very surprised. The moaning became louder and louder. Justin then realized the girl was masterbating just as he was going to do. Justin's perverted mind had to get a peek at her. He looked through the gap that was between the borrower and the wall.

He could only see the persons face. It was Lauren ! Justin thought to himself did she get turned on just as much as Justin did. Justin was so turned on now, even though he couldn't see her vagina.

It was impossible for him to not crab for his cock. Justin resumed to jack off erotic spooning for alluring awesome babe homemade hardcore, in hopes her loud brunette babe has fun with a cock would drain out his quit muffled sounds. Lauren climaxed before Justin did. All of her juices hit the tile floor.

Lauren quickly began to clean up her mess, but as soon as she bent down cleaning the mess Justin climaxed and his cum hit the floor right beside wear her head was. It was dead silent for seconds, but witch felt like years to Justin. Lauren grabbed her stuff and ran out of the bathroom.

Justin was relived she was finally gone. He went into the other stall, and he could smell the fumes of her cum.

Their was still a big blob of it on the ground. Justin slid his finger through it and licked it off. He regretted doing that, but her juices tasted wonderful. ****************************************************************************** Justin went home and all he could do was fantasize about her being his slave, and all of the dirty things he could do to her. Justin knew slave probably just ment getting him drinks, feeding him maybe giving him a few kisses, and if he's lucky 2nd base.

About nine O'clock rolled around and Lauren was ringing Justin's door bell. Justin was so nervous, that he could feel the sweat on his balls. Justin opened the door and Lauren greeted him with a hug and a suprising kiss on the lips. They cracked open a few beers, but didn't inexpertse coge a jovecita virgen drunk, and then watched Netflix for about an hour.

Lauren put her hand on Justin's thigh and said " so master when are you going to give me some sexy commands " Lauren tried to do her sexiest voice. Justin tried to stay calm " give me a kiss" he calmly said.

Lauren gently leaned in for the kiss, but when she sara stone oiled up tits big boobs and hardcore him, her hand was moving closer and closer to his hardening dick.

" now what shall I do master " Lauren said Justin thought for a second " I guess watch this movie with me " he didn't say this to positively. " oh you poor baby, your sweet, but I wanna be punished, I want you to treat me as your own personal sex slave" she said while grabbing his dick. Justin's jaw flew open. He was out of words. He's never seen this side of Lauren in his whole entire life. He loved it though. Lauren walked over to her back pack and pulled out the sexiest lingerie dress Justin had ever seen.

She laid it down on the floor. Then she turned the TV off, and sat on Justin's lap. She was doing this so perfectly though. It was like she had done this a thousand times. She didn't look a bit nervous.

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She probably has done it a thousand times with Jason. Justin on the other hand was so nervous he was shacking. Lauren leaned back on Justin. He could feel the bulge in his pants hit her ass. "It's ok baby, you got nothing to worry about, now what do you want me to do for you." Justin forced himself to calm down a little. All of his fantasies could come true, he wasn't going to blow it now. " well you can start by putting german teen gets fucked hardcore and handjob lingerie dress on In front of me" Justin said feeling humble.

" yes sir" she said, giving him a little wink. She started giving him a little strip tease. As she got down to the underwear Justin said. " leave them off" She responded with " yes sir" now Justin felt like the boss and felt like a king.

Justins erection was bulging, and was starting to be torture for him. He couldn't even see his dick but he knew it was probably as red as an apple.

"Come un-do my pants for me slave" Justin said in his best impression of what a king would sound like. Lauren raised her eye brows in surprise that he was acting this calm and going along with it. She knew things wear going to get interesting now. Lauren stalked Justin like a predator.

Like a cat that was going to pounce on a mouse, or a lion about to eat its prey. Justin was already suduced enough he didn't need anymore, but Lauren just kept going. Now Justin's penis was raging and whining to be let out of its cage.

Lauren slowly removed his pants while still keeping eye contact with Justin. She brushed past his fully groan erection which made him grunt a little. " now the underwear" Justin nervously said She smiled at Justin still keeping eye contact, she let the beast free.

His cock popped out, wiggled around, and almost hit Lauren in the face. She had a flabbergast look on her face. It was like she was in total shock. " what is it" Justin sheepily said " I-it's just, it's way bigger then Jason's" she said with amazement in her voice Now Justin was getting cocky.

" that's because Jason is a pussy " he proudly said " now, turn around and bend over for your master" Justin said with his cocky grin on his face. Lauren looked so sexy in her lingerie dress. It was all black, it had a mini skirt wear you didn't have to bend down much to see her treasure box, it cuped her amazing size D boobs perfectly, was shorter in the back so you had a perfect view of her tight ass, hayley marie coppin downblouse jerk iboobsbig booobs last it came with little cat ears that made her look absuletly adorable.

To make everything even better she was bending down right in front of him with no panties on what so ever. Justin couldn't help himself, he reached up and gave her a little squeeze on her ass. Lauren yelped a little shocked, and proven wrong that Justin was innocent. " go get the chocolates, slave" Justin said. He felt like he had this power wear he could do anything. When Lauren returned with the chocolates Justin responded by saying.

" good slave. You get a present now. You get to come sit on masters lap" Lauren smiled like it was Christmas. " yes, sir" she quickly replied. Lauren opened up her pussy and Justin guided his cock into her, slowly. She let out a quick moan, then she was completely on Justin's lap. Her pussy engulfed his dick.

" ok now lean back, and feed me chocolates, you good little slave" he said while rapping his arms around her stomach. She leaned back and quivered, from the amazing sensation. Now her back was squished against Justin's chest and she was feeding him chocolates. Justin was in paradise. He had everything he ever wanted at this moment. Every time Lauren would feed him a chocolate her finger would slip into his mouth and he would give it a little suck.

Justin was getting idea after idea, but he had to choose from the best ideas. He dicided he wanted to get some sweet nipple action. The dress was lose and flowing. Which made it very easy to pull down on it, and expose Lauren's full package to him.

Justin pinched, squeezed, and pulled on her nipples. He truly was a pervert, with his mighty grin on his drowling face. Lauren moaned again causing Justin's dick to twitch. Which caused her to moan even more. " hold this chocolate in your mouth, and bounce when I tell you to. Got it slave" Justin said while still college babe angie moon gets her pussy licked her fabulous breast.

Lauren nodded, and held the chocolate between her front teeth. Justin dove for her mouth, bit down on the chocolate, and started to full on make out which her. Their was already streams of warm gooey chocolate coming out of their mouth. Justin did this and still cupped her size D breast In his hands.

" bounce" justin murmured through the sloppy sounds of the chocolate being devoured. Lauren was bouncing on his dick, making out with him, and having her boobs be fondeled with at the same time. Justin occasionally nibbled on her bottom lip, to make it more romantic. Their was chacholate all over Lauren's breast, and Justin's hands.

They kept this up until the chocolate was completely devoured. They wear both already panting and exausted. Justin forced Lauren's lips away from his. Justin still had most of the melted chocolate in his mouth. He did his best to say. " open wide " Lauren opened her mouth nice and wide, and Justin drizzled all of the gooey chocolate from his mouth to hers. "Now, my slave, do your best to clean up your breast with your mouth" Justin said with an evil smile on his face.

Lauren did her best and slurped up the melted chocolate. Their was so much it was nearly impossible, but Lauren got most of it. "Good work " justin said Justin then licked up the bit Lauren missed off of her tits, with no hands. Justin's dick was still ingulfed by Lauren's pussy. When he licked up the chocolate it put a strain on Lauren's breast and her pussy at the same time causing her to let out another moan.

"Off slave" Justin commanded her Lauren stood up making sloppy sounds as she did so. Her pussy was so wet it was dripping on Justin. Justin felt teased, but Lauren probably was as well. Besides he didn't want give me pink tight russian explores holes cum so soon. "Now I want you to release all of that delicious chocolate on that fine pussy of yours, but the catch is, ever drop that lands on the floor will be punished" Lauren gave him a wink and a nod as she angled her head toward her vagina.

As for Justin he sat back and waited to enjoy the show. Lauren carefully drizzled the gooey, melting chocolate. So far it was all going directly on her pussy. She knew any second their was going to be a drop of it on the floor, but she kept going curious of what the punishment was.

Of course it eventually dripped, just as Justin planned. Lauren looked at Justin with curiousty. Without any warning Justin's gave Lauren a huge slap on her beautiful ass making it jiggle, and turn bright red. Lauren's face arose with surprise. Justin did this hard enough wear a little bit of chocolate driped out of her mouth hitting the floor.

Justin hit it again. This time Lauren caught on to what the punishment was, and sealed her mouth shut.

That way no more would come out. This time she was even more careful. She managed to get all of it on her pussy with only three slaps to the ass. " now, let me suck you dry, slave" Justin said with his eyes locked on her.

" yes, sir " she kinkily said She laid down on the couch, using the arm rest as suport for her back, and the back of the couch for a rest for her leg. Justin slowly licked the chocolate that got on her stomach off. Making a lustful line down to her glorious pussy. Justin stared and admired at her amazing vagina, but Lauren couldn't help the tease. She tried to stop her self, but it was almost like something was controlling her. She shoved his whole face into her.

It was already all over Justin's nose, but he didn't care. He just kept digging into his dessert. Justin made an L shape with his arms, and put them under her thighs. He shoved his whole tongue into her harder, and deeper.

She moaned fiercely, wrapped her legs around his neck and screamed with passion. Justin's tongue was moving as fast as it could possibly go. He was hoping she would climax soon before his tongue got to tired. Just as Justin expected Lauren screamed out. " BABY, BABY IM GOING TO CUM. OH GOD GO FASTER" Justin's tongue was ragging with pain, but he worked through the pain, and did his best to go faster.

Lauren screamed out constant stuttering moans, and then finally a big one that was long and smooth. The whit creamy liquid exhailed out of her and into Justin's mouth mixing in with the creamy chocolate giving it a good swirled texture. Lauren was panting like a dog. Justin smiled and moved up to her lips. He locked lips with her, forcing her to tast the amazing tast of her juices and chocolate mixed.

She stopped evey now and then to catch her breath. Their was chocolate ever wear. On the couch, on the floor, it was ever wear, but now was not the time to worry about it. Justin stared into her eyes. She was absolutely amazing Justin thought to himself. She was amazing, and he had complete control over her. This couldn't get any better. Well it was about to get better, because Justin just thought of another amazing idea. Justin almost yelled in exitment, " grab the rope for me slave " Lauren did as told.

Justin swiftly grabbed the rope out of her hands. First he carefully slid the glass that was in the coffe table out and set it to the side. He then grabbed a very short stool from the bathroom near by. He laid the stool right in the middle and said to Lauren. " lay down " as simple as that Again Lauren quickly did so, as the good slave she was. Justin tied her arms and legs to the coffe table, but her weight was supported by the stool.

" ok listen carfully, because I'm not repeating myself, ever time you disobey a command this stool gets slid farther and farther from out beneath of you" Lauren noticed that would be extremely painful for her, as her ankles and wrist would wince in pain as she hung their held by the outer rim of the coffe table. She would be extremely careful to obey everyone of his commands. " or you could just slide off by yourself " Justin said with a huge smirk on his face. Justin slapped Lauren on the ass as hard as he could.

She jolted ford a little and almost slid off the stool. " that was just an example of what's coming slave" Justin said while scooting the stool under her, letting her get a fresh start.

Justin then began to put his brilliant plan into action. He put all the left over pieces of chochaloate, that hadn't been used into a bowl and cooked it to almost boiling hot. Lauren dangled their, slightly uncomfortable, but still patiently like a good slave.

Justin finally returned after a couple of minutes. Lauren was relived that he was back, but when she saw what was in the bowl was steaming she was confused, and a little scared at the same time. " hear my slave" Justin perched the bowl up to her bottom lip and made her take a tiny sip. It burned her moth a little so her head obviously jumped back a little, causing her to move a little closer to the edge of the stool.

" Danm that's fucking hot " Lauren said as calmly as possible, trying not to upset Justin. " that's the point, my wonderful slave" he said with that glomming grin on his face.

He driped the tiniest amount of melted chocolate on her vagina, then slowly dripping it carfully all the way up to her neck. She knew if she struggled the stool would clearly fall out beneath her. It took all of her will power not to move. Justin whispered into her hear, " don't worry that's the easy part" Laurene's eyes widened with suprise.

She had never even peeked at this side of Justin. She always thought he was Mr. Goody to shu, and she was going to be the one teen sex hot sex chubby bbw him what to say, but her hypothesis was far off. She loved him liked this in fact she wanted to see a lot more of this side. Justin scooped up all the hot liquid chocolate with his dick, until all of his dick was covered.

He grunted in pain a little from the hotness of the chocolate. " suck away ", Justin said to her. Lauren bobbed her head back and forth on Justin's dick carful not to fall off the stole. After a couple of minutes of Justin getting a blow job Lauren got so caught up in it that she finally fell off the stole.

Justine's plan had finally succeeded. Lauren was in so much pain that she almost bit down on Justin's cock. Justin backed up and his cock slowly came out of her mouth with a sloppy noise.

He came to the opening of her vagina, positioned his cock in the slit of it, and rubbed it up and down. Lauren moaned uncontrollably. Even know her wrist and ankles hurt, it was such a turn on for her. Justin found her clint after moments of searching. He rubbed it which made Lauren go crazy.

She was practically drooling. She was moaning so loudly the neighbors could probably hear. Justin slowly pushed his penis into her. It hurt Lauren slightly, she had never taken something so big. The hurt just made everything more kinky. Once Justin had all of his cock in Lauren he started to move fast. After a couple of hard motion thrust to her, Justin didn't have to do a thing.

He had her in the perfect position. The ropes wear swinging her, so Justin didn't have to do a thing. Lauren caught on to what she had to do. When she went back she moved her body weight back, when she went ford she moved her body weight ford.

It was like being a little kid again swinging on the swings. Justin just sat back and enjoyed the pleasure, and listening to Lauren's moans.

After a couple of minutes Lauren was really catching some speed. Justin was beginning to moan. It was great neither of them had to use hands. It was just Lauren swinging, and that was easy.

After minutes Lauren cried out " AHH BABY AHH IM GOING TO CUM" Justin replied, " AHH ME TOO, ahhh cum with me" Justin was actually working now thrusting into her. They both screamed and then Justin cummed. That sent Lauren over the edge, and she also cummed. The whole floor was practically filled with cum. They rested from their orgasmic highs, but seconds later Justin untied Lauren. " slurp all that cum, my pretty little slave", just said in his demanding voice.

Again it was so hot for Lauren when Justin talked like that. She did as he said. "Now show me that cum " Justin said when Lauren was done slurping it all up. Lauren was on her knees, cum still dripping out of her pussy.

She tilted her head up, and showed the cum. " good now play with it " She spit it in her hand, then slurped it up and did that many times until it got a lot bigger.

She took her finger dipped it in the cum, rose it above her mouth, and let it drizzle in her mouth. It was the sexiest thing Justin had ever seen. " your so hot, ok you may swallow now" Justin said with a smile. Lauren gulped it all down, with a smile. She loved the taste of his cum, and the after taste. Justin hot awesome girls shave big jock hardcore blowjob of another idea, " for your finial reward you make clean up, and take a shower with me" Lauren was so happy.

This was one of her main fantasies. She practically ran to the shower. When Justin came in the bathroom, Lauren still had a big smile across her face. Justin began to remove his clothes, but Lauren stopped him, and began doing it for him.

Justin smiled. That's exactly what he wantedhe was just testing her. They wear both naked now standing in front of each other.

Justin landed a surprise kiss to her. The kiss was so passionate. When it was over Lauren realized she feel in love. Lauren's eyes wear still closed, and Justin had to snap her back to reality. They both got in the shower, and started to rub each other down. Their shower had lasted for twenty minutes now of them just rubbing each other. Justin cock had gone up to full length by now. They wear so busy tied up in each other's bodies that milf with fleshy cum hole sucks cock didn't hear a car pull up or the door open.

Out of no wear to them Justin herd his sisters voice yell " hay bro, I need to take a shower get out " Justin's sister, Britney,is the same age as Justin.

They used to be best friends, but they don't see each other much any more, because she got a care, and mostly just hangs out with her friends. Britney is pretty close with Justin close enough to walk in on him naked, but at the moment Justin wished they weren't that close.

Justin and Lauren panicked and didn't know what to do, but by the time they wear about to calm down, Britneybarged in and said " hay bro hurry u-", but was cut off, because she was shocked. Justin used to talk about Lauren all the gigi allens and stevie shae bonding with my dads girlfriend to Britney, and how he had this huge crush.

She was shocked he finally got her, but all she could do was stand their. Not to congratulate Justin, or to be made, but she was frozen, because how big Justin's cock was. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I'm going to making another chapter to this if I get enough positive votes. Hoped you liked it. It's going to get a lot better so please leave a positive vote.