Steaming hot masturbation session with cute eva

Steaming hot masturbation session with cute eva
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Setting in front of the ancient full length mirror Bella brushed the one side of her long hair, her daddy always said it was the color of the autumn sumac leaves. Every night she would run the brush through her hair 100 times, and as she did so she could watch Isaac stroke his hard cock in unison with each brush strokes.

It would have taken twice as long if her mommy had not keep one side of her head shaved. This was in memory of the twins min leggigs fuck storys sex storiesm had died at birth 3 years before her own entry in to the world.

She smiled at the sight of her brother, his eyes as blue as the morning sky, skin as white as the clouds that floated by, hair blacker than a moonless night.

As Grandaddy always said he was the prodigy of his daddy's sister. He was the most handsome man she had ever laid eyes on. Her heart melted when he gazed into her eyes, her pussy tingled with just the thought of his body mounting hers. It never mattered to her if it was inside her pussy her ass or her mouth, she just had to have him. She watched him caress the whole length of his shaft and remembered the first time she had taken his cock in her mouth. How eager she was to taste him yet how nervous she had been.

She loved how it felt as she slipped it in her mouth letting her tongue lick at the head, swirling around it, her lips tight against the hardness. He had allowed her to get comfortable before he grabbed the back of her head and shoved the full length deep down her small throat, she had gagged but did not pull away from him. She wanted him to fuck her mouth, she needed to feel his control as he encouraged her throat to allow his thickness, and with every thrust she would gag but he was unsympathetic as he shoved his cock further in.

Every time he pushed the head of his cock in her virgin mouth it pressed hard against the back of her throat and as he would slowly pull back it would rub the top of her mouth coming to rest on her wet lips. Over and over his cock commanded her mouth to make it welcome. All she wanted was to please her brother, to show her love and obedience to him. The tighter he gripped her head and the harder he fucked her throat the more her pussy tingled and grew wetter for him.

As his cum drained from his cock sliding down her throat she swallowed every succulent drop, knowing she had discovered her true place she smiled up at him, the look in his eyes told her how pleased he was.

The lust they shared had never ceased, she wanted to czech teen fuck in stairs his cock inside her every time his body brushed next to hers. Being the only mortuary for the whole county some days would be long and rough for him and daddy.

The bereaved families always wanting the loved ones ready for viewing as soon as possible. Mommy always giving them her word that it would be no problem as she figured up the expenses.

The family business had been started by Great Grandad and passed down from one son to the next. The top two floors of the three story brick building was home, the bottom floor was the parlor, chapel and viewing rooms.

The basement was where daddy and Isaac did the bodies up good and right. They always took such great pride in their work, and everyone always said how good they looked after daddy and Issac were done with them. When business was good daddy always said "There sure is a sliver lining to every coffin". But no matter how tired Issac was he always had the energy to satisfy my needs.

During the days I would sun myself out on one of the old tombs, every since I was a small child I loved to feel the suns warm embrace on my naked body. Sometimes I would catch Issac watching me from the parlor window. Issac would never step outside, had never stepped outside. He said everything outside made his skin crawl. But as he would stand at the window and watch me, I would put on a show just for him. Spreading my legs wide, I would pull my pussy open so he could see my fingers as they slid down the soft flesh of my pink opening.

I loved knowing he was watching as I would allow my fingers to tease my clit, and play in my sweet juices. What would go through my mind as my fingers brought me to ecstasy was Issac coming out and taking my body, fucking me like a wild animal would fuck its mate.

Sometimes before dinner when the house was as peaceful as death itself, Issac would find me and drag me off into the chapel. He enjoyed when I would softly beg him not to fuck me, how he loved taking me. Pushing me over one of the pews he would pull my cotton dress up over my head, his hands warm and soft as he would stroke my naked ass.

Wiggling around so he would have to hold my hips, my pussy ready and waiting for his cock to bring so much pleasure to me. I loved when he would surprise me and with his thumb pushing into my little tight ass. White booty for black cock interracial hardcore would whine and pretend I did not like it, but the wetness from my pussy dripping down my thighs always gave me away.

I would feel his fingers working slowly into my ass. How I loved having both my holes invaded and pounded as he would drove his firm cock deep in my demanding pussy. His grunts and moans mixed with my soft cries echoed through the dark room. And with ever thrust his cock would sink deeper and deeper until my body would give way to the violent passion that raged in me.

I loved the pain and the sadistic way that Issac would fuck me, I knew that no other man could please me like he could. Mommy had always told me that Issac was the chosen one for me, he would understand the animal that lived within me and he would always know when and how to appease it.

Even though she was almost five years older than her brother, Daddy had been the chosen one for her, and she loved him with all her heart and soul. But she knew long ago he had given in to his dark lust and had taken to sinning. She knew he could not help himself, some times working so close to the dearly departed could cause a good man to have uncontrollable urges for the chilled naked flesh of the dead.

In the dark of night he would play his sinful games with the dead women, tying the lifeless bodies to the table, pulling the stiff limbs apart he would fuck the cold flesh, his howls would fill the basement as the dark lust took control of his soul and he would loose himself in his carnal demons.

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But when mommy caught him doing the bondage spread your legs theres not much that is hotter than a sizzling florida summer deed she would take the leather strap to his back. Sometimes late at night I would hear daddy, his cries of pain echoing through the house as mommy would land blow after blow on his flesh.

Making empty promises daddy would beg for her forgiveness. After awhile she would give into him and the cries of pain would be replaced with screams of tormented ecstasy. And with out fail the next evening mommy would have that women propped up at the dinner table, fork in one hand spoon in the other, a plate filled with food as if at any time she was going to reach out and take a bite. Daddy would set uncomfortably at the head of the table, his ego shattered, his back covered in swollen bruised whelps, making small talk while trying to hard to act as if nothing was different than any other evening meal.

Being grateful that Issac did not have the same dark lust that daddy had. The only lust that he had was for me and what ever perverse notion he took to bestow upon my willing body.

Some nights his cruel hunger would become extreme and wicked as he would bind my wrist and stretch my arms over my head tying them to the overhead light, cutting my cotton night dress, leaving me naked as he would pull up a chair running the steel finger claws up and down my body, twisting and turning me as he created red works of art on my white skin. The attachment of the cold metal spring clamps to my already stiff nipples while the claws raked over me brought about excruciating bliss.

I would beg for more as my arms were pulled tighter, and my skin would become raw. My pussy dripping between my thighs as the waves of pain flowed through my body. As I screamed for relief Issac would just laugh. Occasionally pulling at the swollen lips of my pussy, lightly stroking my clit while his fingers pushed deep into my slippery cunt, one after the other I would feel his fingers stretching me open until his large fist was embedded in my tight hole.

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The pain would tear through me as his fist would ruthless fuck me. The searing pain awakening my needs causing orgasm after orgasm to engulf my body. Only after my body hung limp and lifeless would Issac fulfill his own hungry, using my pussy juice as lube he would spread my ass, his hard cock pushing at my tight ass, his thrusts forceful as his cock made its way into the warm small hole.

My body hanging from ropes he would grab my hips and fuck my ass like a wild beast, his grunts growing louder as his fury for pleasure grew stronger, my pussy throbbed as his cock filled my ass, the pain ripping through my body as I screamed for more. His body shook as sweetheart rides on a giant lovestick hardcore and blowjob drove his cock further into me, I could feel the warm liquid as his cock exploded deep in my ass.

As he pulled out of me the cum oozing out of my swollen little hole. Grabbing a handful of hair he pulled my head back, as he kissed my lips the look in his eyes told me how deeply he loved me. My body exhausted and abused and yet I longed for so much more.