Young guy gets cum on her face

Young guy gets cum on her face
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Part 5. I was not sure if I should go out again, after my boner was on display like that, but the conversation I overheard made me want to.

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I had to wait until my erection subsided though, so I got a drink and did math problems in my head for a minute. That did the trick, and I was able to go back outside without my shorts making a tent.

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When I walked out on the patio, Dee was on her back and Kristen was on her stomach. Kristen turned her head to look at me as I walked up. "Could you do my back now Davey?" "Um, OK" I said as I looked over at Dee. Since her glasses were on I was not sure if she was watching or not. I grabbed the lotion and got between the chairs. I figured if Dee was looking this way she would only see my back.

I dripped some lotion on her back, avoiding the bikini strap, and started rubbing it in. Her skin was hot in the sun, and silky smooth.

She groaned some as I massaged the lotion into her skin. I figured I was probably enjoying this as much as she was. Several minutes later as I had rubbed most of her back I heard Dee say "Hey, euro sexy nasty babes fucked at euro party 02 tube porn I get a turn?" "Hold your horses, I'm almost done here." I rubbed my hands across Kristen's back one last time, then turned to Dee.

I looked at her with the lotion in my hand, not sure where to start. "um, you want to turn over, or, uh, do your legs?" I asked. "My legs please, I already laid out for my back." "Ok, sure" I moved down to the base of the chair with lotion in hand. I figured I would do the same as I had to Kristen, as she seemed to like it. First one leg, from knee to calf and down to the foot, and then up to her thigh.

I did not count on Dee pulling one leg up a little as I rubbed the lotion into her thigh though. I was trying not to go as close to her crotch, or focus that was like I had been with Kristen, but I could not control my eyes. As she pulled a leg up a little more, I noticed the color of the fabric between her legs was darker right in the middle. I started wondering what she had been doing when she went to the bathroom.

Maybe that was still from me licking her earlier. As distracted as I was, I let my hands get closer to the juncture of her legs than I planned. As soon as I noticed that, I moved down to the other leg. My cock was responding again to what I was doing, and what I was thinking in spite of myself. I worked on her other calf a little longer, then moved up to the thigh. Dee again pulled the opposite leg up, quite a bit this time.

I could not seem to help myself, as my hands rubbed lotion around the hot tan skin of her thigh, higher and closer to her pussy. As I rubbed the muscles and stared at her body, I was not aware she was looking at my face, since she had her sunglasses on. I watched my hands move across the muscles of her leg, pressing the smooth skin from her knee, up almost to her bikini line, and then down the inner part of her thigh, near her pussy, and back down to her knee.

With her legs spread apart as they were, my whole hand could fit between her thighs, almost at her pussy, and my knuckles just barely brushing the other thigh. I was careful not to touch her pussy, but I wanted to.

A soft moan came from Dee as my hand moved down her leg. I became aware again of how hard I was, and came to my senses a little bit. "OK, that should do it" I said as I leaned back, hoping my erection would go down so I could walk away without embarrassing myself again. Dee obviously had different ideas though, as she asked "Could you get me some water please?" in a very nice voice.

I could not really say no, so I stood partly up, and turned away trying to hide my erection. As I walked toward the house I looked back to see a big smile on her face.

After I got her water and I did some more math problems, I figured I better quit while I was ahead. I took her the water, and headed up to my room. I had to jack off after all that, but I was not sure who I would be thinking of when I did. I of course used some of my come to put a portal on Kristen's panties laying on the bed in Dee's room, linking the new portal to page 72 to keep is separate from the others. Part 6. I stayed away from the girls the rest of the afternoon, and did some more reading in the spell book.

I thought a lot on both girls reactions to those massages, and was eager to try it out again, maybe getting a little bolder with my hands.

Dinner came pretty soon, although not soon enough for my stomach. Kristen and Dee were setting the table while I hung around, pretending to read my book, until Mom told me to help out.

We soon had dinner on the table, and my focus changed from watching perfect breasts and asses to devouring dinner. My Mom was a good cook, at least I always thought so, and I went through the first plate of food pretty fast. I slowed down on the second helping, enough to listen to the conversation, and let my mind wander back to the girls, and the fun I had with those portals. I suddenly remembered putting a portal on one of the bikini tops cups as well.

That was probably because I was trying so hard not to stare at Kristen's boobs during dinner. Although I knew the girls had worn different bottoms than I had thought, I was pretty sure that Kristen was wearing the top I had put the portal on. I put the book in my lap from the table while nobody was watching, and opened it to page 71. Being careful not to touch page 70, which would connect me to my sisters pussy, I gently rubbed my thumb across the middle of the portal area.

Kristen started slightly, and rubbed her forearm across her right breast, as if scratching an itch. I took another forkful of food awkwardly with my left hand, and again rubbed my right thumb across the portal, as softly as the first time.

Again she rubbed her arm across her chest, a little more firmly this time, and she looked down at her right breast briefly. I grinned to myself a little when I saw that her nipple on that breast was showing through her bikini top. They must be really sensitive if they reacted that quickly.

I softly pushed my thumb against the portal center where I knew her nipple would be, and let it rest against the hardening nub I found there. Other than a glance down at herself, Kristen made no other movements. As conversations continued, and everyone was finishing up, I started slowly moving my thumb in a circle, rolling her nipple slightly as I watched her. Although she glanced down a teen babe loves pumping big hung guys handjob and young or two, she did not react at first.

After about a minute or two of my moving her nipple around, I saw her start to fidget a little, sliding her arm across her breast, and shifting in her seat some. She was obviously distracted from the conversation, as Dee had to ask her twice what she wanted to do after dinner. All this playing with Kristen's nipple had my cock hard, no surprise there.

I had to stop when the girls started clearing away the dinner plates. Mom made me help clean the kitchen of course, but with the three of us working on it, it went fast.

As distracted as I was by watching the girls while we cleaned up, I almost missed them talking about the movie they were planning on going to that evening. It was not too much a girly flick, and one I had thought about seeing too. I said "That sound like a good movie, Dave and his girlfriend Heather went to it last week, and liked it." I was surprised when Mom said "Maybe you girls should take Davey with you?" I was more surprised when Kristen said "Sure, we could do that, right Dee?" Dee barely hesitated, and then said with a laugh "Why not, he can buy the popcorn!" "All right, it's a deal!" I replied quickly, thinking more about being able to spend time with Kristen, than about the movie.

I planned on having some fun at the movie, and quickly finished my part of the kitchen, and took my book to my room to prepare. Transferring the spell from page 72 to my right palm only took a few minutes, and by the time I was done I heard the girls go into my sisters room to change for the movie. I waited downstairs only a few minutes until the girls came down, and since sexy slender blonde yearold mckenzee cumshot facial movie started in like 15 minutes, we left immediately.

I drove, and Kristen sat beside me with Dee by the window. It was a little difficult driving though, since I did not want to inadvertently push something through the portal on m right hand onto Kristen's pussy. The girls chatted non-stop on the way, and I did not pay much attention since I was driving with a distraction already.

When we got there, Kristen got out of the car on the drivers side instead of the passenger side, which almost gave away the portal spell.

I reached for her hand to help her out of the car, with my right hand, and only remembered to switch at the last second. I tried to make changing hands less noticeable by bowing as I helped her out, acting like a coachman from the 1800's.

Kristen giggled a little, and Dee looked amused too, as I put on my show. I thought Kristen held onto my hand for longer than she needed, and wondered again if she liked me. I held that thought as we hurried in to get the tickets and the popcorn and drinks. I almost gave away my secret again when I handed a drink to Dee to hold, and my right palm contacted the cup too firmly.

Enghlish xxx sex fir vidios seemed to startle a bit, as I think some of the cold surface of the cup brushed against her pussy. I was more careful after that, and we hurried to get seats as the movie was already starting. I sat next to Kristen on her right with Dee on her left. Kristen held the popcorn so we could all share. As talked some as we sat through the previews, and I felt myself getting more comfortable with Kristen.

She seemed to enjoy talking with me as we waited for the movie to start, which raised my confidence level quite a bit. The movie finally started, and it quickly proved to be as good as Dave had said. I got into the movie, but not so much that I forgot the beautiful girl sitting to my left, especially when our hands touched as we got popcorn. I also did not forget the portal spell on my right hand.

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When I noticed that Kristen was totally engrossed in the movie, I started eating popcorn one piece at a time with my right hand. As my hand covered my mouth, I paused to carefully push my lips close enough to my palm.

I could actually feel the heat coming off of Kristen's pussy through the portal.

I did not realize it, but my breath going through the portal must have been just enough to feel, for Kristen started moving a little bit. I gradually increased the pressure of my breath through the portal. After a few minutes of this, I glanced to my left, and saw Kristen's eyes were closed, and she appeared to be breathing through her mouth.

I exhaled a little more forcefully as I watched, and saw Kristen's hands tighten a little on the popcorn, and she bit down on her lip a little. My cock was rock hard at this point, and throwing caution to the winds, I massage teen 6 tube porn extended my tongue while watching her out of the corner of my eye.

She started just a tiny bit when my tongue made contact with her labia, and her brow furrowed a bit, but her eyes stayed closed, so I continued the contact.

Splitting my attention between my sister to make sure she did not notice anything odd and Kristen, I slowly pushed my tongue flat against the surface of her pussy, letter the warmth of my tongue match the warmth coming from her. Gradually my tongue started to slip between the lips of her pussy, and as slowly as I could, I drew my tongue upwards, towards oldnanny extreme fisting teen and mature extreme fist pussy fisting tube porn her clit should be.

Kristen's hand moved to just above her knee, and her finger tips dug into her leg in reaction to my tongue. I pushed the tip of my tongue deeper between her lips and to her opening, then back upwards more forcefully, watching her react to every tiny movement.

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Kristen's breathing was noticeably faster now, and as I pushed my tongue up higher in her pussy, I must have hit her clitoris, because she suddenly went rigid, her fingernails digging hard into her leg. I glanced quickly over at Dee, but her attention was fully on the movie. A few more licks over Kristen's clitoris, and she bent forward over the popcorn bowl, in what I guessed was an orgasm. I gave a few more licks over the bump that was her clit, until Dee must have noticed something. She leaned over to Kristen and said something.

Kristen replied back, nodded her head and sat back in her seat. As Dee returned her attention to the movie, I saw that Kristen had beads of sweat on her forehead, and a glazed look in her eyes. At this point my cock was so hard it actually hurt, and I knew I had to do something about it. I had to squeeze past Kristen and my sister to get to the bathroom, and in my hurry to do so I did not realize the large bulge in my pants had to go right by their faces.

As soon as I made it to the bathroom, I found an empty stall, sat down and as quietly as I could stroked my cock with my free hand. I shot about 8 blasts of cum into the toilet in record time, and sat back catching my breath as a wave of euphoria slowly drained out of me. I could not believe my luck and sheer bravado in licking Kristen while sitting right next to her.

Thinking about it got my motor running again, and I headed back to the movie, thinking I needed to do that again. Making Kristen cum while sitting right next to me pretty young and horny just the way we like them such a power rush and a turn on like nothing I ever experienced. After getting back to my seat, I waited a few minutes, getting into the movie a bit.

It was getting more exciting, and actually distracted me from my plans for a while. I had my arm on the seat rest between Kristen and I, and when one of the bad guys in the movie suddenly appeared on the screen startling Kristen, she grabbed my hand for support.

I turned my hand a little to the left, and she shifted her grip, interlacing hardcore backstage fuck for crazy wild milf fingers with mine.

I was so surprised, I momentarily lost track of the movie, instead focusing on the feel of her warm and somewhat sweaty hand in mine. It felt great, and started me thinking about her pussy again. After the scary scene was done, she still kept hold of my hand, and looked over at me and smiled sweetly.

I smiled back of course, a thrill running through me automatically. The movie got her attention again, but the feel of her hand had me totally distracted, and thinking of licking her pussy again.

On the pretext of grabbing a little popcorn with my free hand, I leaned closer to her as I grabbed a few kernels. She leaned her head against my shoulder as I did, so stayed tilted over against her as I ate the popcorn. Keeping my hand against my mouth, I smelled the remnants of her scent from the portal on my palm.

Losing any semblance of control (as if I had much to begin with) I moved the portal closer to my mouth breathing in more of her essence. Following the same procedure I used last time, gradually increasing pressure with my lips and tongue, I began licking her pussy again, while staying aware of her hand grasping mine.

As she felt my tongue part her lips again, her grip tightened on mine. The closer my tongue got to her clit, the more she squeezed my hand. I realized this was a kind of feedback, I could tell what she liked, and do it more. My cock was almost fully hard at this point, and starting to tent my pants, but I ignored it as much as I could, and concentrated on the delicious taste of her pussy as I slowly slid my tongue from her opening all the way to her the bump of her clit.

From the pressure feedback of her hand, I knew I had hit the right spot, and I gently moved my tongue against the little slippery knob of her clit, feeling her get closer and closer to an orgasm.

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The movie was also coming to a climax, as explosions thundered around us and lit the screen. Her climax was obvious when it happened for two reasons. One, the bones in my hand were seriously strained as she clenched down in a death grip. Two, the amount of slippery juice from her pussy actually running onto my hand, caused a few drops to run down my palm and arm, and drip onto my shirt.

Heedless of the consequences, I kept licking slowly over her clit, and either her orgasm continued for quite a while, or she had more than one.

The excitement of having my tongue in her pussy, and doing this in public, with her hand clenching mine as she came was finally too much for my cock, and I came as well, pulsing a load of cum into my shorts. I stopped licking her pussy as I came, as the sensation was far too distracting for me to maintain my concentration. As my own orgasm started to fade, I looked over at Kristen, seeing a flushed and sweaty look reflecting the last of the explosions on the movie screen. She turned toward me and smiled and squeezed my hand again, as she leaned back against my shoulder.

As we finished watching the movie together, the feeling of contentment I had remained, as we were still holding hands. The movie ended after a few minutes, although I was sort of confused by the ending, as I had missed a large portion of the plot. As we got up to exit the movie and the lights came up, I realized I had a wet spot on the front left side of my pants, where my cum had soaked through.

Luckily it was the second time I came, or the wet spot would have been a lot bigger. I held the popcorn bag slightly in front of my crotch as I came out of the aisle to hide it. Kristen and Dee ran into the bathroom when we got into the lobby, and I decided to do the same, two lesbians have fun with sex toys see if I could do something about the wet spot on my jeans.

I grabbed a paper towel and went into a stall to see if I could dry it, but it did not do much. I noticed a slight smell of my come as I rubbed on my pants, and I really hoped that Kristen and Dee would not notice in the car.

Meeting the girls back in the lobby, we headed back to the car. Dee said " I can drive if you want, so you two lovebirds can sit together!" I am sure I blushed some, and started to say something back, but Kristen had grabbed my hand again, and said "Thanks Dee, that would wet blowjob with sexy milf pornstar hardcore nice." Clearing my throat nervously, I said "Sure Dee, here's the keys", and tossed them to her.

Part 7 to follow.