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Xxx story sex porn dounload
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Calvin's eyes burned as he slowly adjusted his blurry vision to the bright source of light pointing to his face. It took him a while to awaken from his slumber and assess his current situation: he was laying on a shabby double bed with two pillows, to its side there was a nightstand with a jar of water, an empty glass, a pill laid on top of a piece of paper and a piece of cake.

There was no other furniture in the room. He still wore the same salmon polo shirt and khaki shorts from last night, but his shoes were on the ground by the bed. The questions bothering Calvin at that moment where 'where the hell am I' and 'what the hell am I doing here'. Still confused, he got up and felt suddenly dazed, being forced to sit down again to recollect his forces.

Only then Calvin noticed that there was a stinging red spot in his forearm, begging to be scratched. There was a small and faint but noticeable red dot in the middle of it, too. A kind of bruise commonly created by a needle, he thought.

After getting up a second time, he walked to the open window. A pair of thin bed sheets, dancing to the wind and barely blocking the sunlight, were used as a make-shift curtain, held up by a pair of clothespins.

Calvin pulled them apart and a gust of wind brought the scents of grass, rain and flowers to his nose as they revealed iron bars blocking the passage to outside. The scenery was foreign to him: hills covered by forests everywhere he could see, with only one or two houses far in the horizon. Few areas for plantations, too. Near to his room was a reasonably vast empty area, with about 50mt of nothing but freshly cut grass.

Calvin put his hands in his head and breathed heavily. "Okay, okay, calm down. Try to remember, how have I come here? Where was I yesterday?" He turned around, spotted the door and instantly ran towards it.

It wouldn't open. "Hello?" he screamed. "Anyone? I'm locked in here. Is anyone here?" A few seconds have passed. No sounds from the other side. He kept knocking, then punching the door. "Hello? Anyone! Please, help!" --- "You're an idiot and an asshole, Calvin, that's why!" "Shuddup, Reg, fuck off!" Calvin scoffed, one hand holding a cold compress in his right eye and the other swirling a glass of whiskey.

"How's that MY FAULT? He charged at me, you saw it!" "Yeah, because you took his girlfriend off his father goffice son mom full sex and pulled her for a kiss, perhaps that was it? Tsc, Calvin," Reg said, pushing his juice away from him, "you can't just do what the hell you want. You're not above others." "That only happened because that idiot has no idea who I am! He's probably new in this club, everyone knows about me here." "Calvin, you're nothing, you're a fucking joke.

Your father is something, you're just taking advantage of his power. I'm fucking done with you," said Reg as he hammered some money on the counter. "Keep the change," he said to the bartender, "and good luck driving yourself home, you drunk jerk." Calvin just shrugged as Reg left. "As if I needed you! Please, pour one more for me," he added, raising the glass to the bartender. "Right innocent cutie stretches spread cunt and loses virginity, sir," the bartender answered.

"Rough night, huh? I'm still impressed the bouncer didn't throw you both out. I was told people here doesn't care much for prestige when it comes to troublemakers," he said, pouring one more shot to Calvin. "Are you new here? These people respect me. They know it wasn't my fault," Calvin said, drinking the shot in one go. "If you say so." "Humph," Calvin said. He turned his eyes to the bartender to check on his likeness.

Indeed, he had no recollection of seeing him here. A tall, muscular man, well trimmed beard, pointed chin and gray hair on his temples.

"I'll let that go for now. Go find someone else to bother, I'll go dance." The bartender put the whiskey bottle down and excused himself. "Enjoy your night, sir." Calvin waited for the bartender to turn away and cunningly snatched the bottle away. "That's on you," he whispered to himself, then threw the compress to the other side of the counter and left to the dance floor. It was as if nothing happened: Calvin was back on aggressively hitting on women, although with diminishing success due to his drunkenness and his not-so-charming alcoholic breath.

Defeated, he leaned on a wall safe from the bouncer's vigilant eyes and set to finish the bottle until he crossed sights with a woman standing on steps on the opposite side of the hall, above the people dancing.

She smiled at him, then delved into the crowd. Only to reappear right in front of Calvin. Ebony skin, with a voluminous Afro hair and thick lips. Likely older than him as well, Calvin thought. "You're not going to finish this by yourself, will you?" She said, closing the gap between their bodies and grabbing the bottle.

"Maybe?" He answered, closing the grip on the bottle and bringing it closer to him to further close the gap between them. "What's in it for me for sharing the bottle?" "Oh, quite the negotiator, aren't you? This is one of the expensive ones, right? I've never tried that one. Come on and be a gentleman, okay? How about a kiss?" Calvin smiled and gently held her chin with his thumb and pointer. "Now that's some offer. How about you pay me now?" The woman wrapped her free arm around his neck and gently touched his lips but parted ways as he tried to slither his tongue in her mouth.

"How about I drink some to get in the mood?" She said, grazing her knee against Calvin's crotch. "Fair enough," he said, handing her the bottle but taking it away after she took the first sip. "A fair trade for what you gave me.

Make me happy and you can have the whole bottle," he said, pulling her towards him and whispering in her ear. "How about you stroke my cock, right here, right now?" The woman gasped but didn't push him away.

"You're bold. I can see you're mad," she added, gently circling the bruise around Calvin's eye with her finger, "and I imagine you don't have any more pride to lose today, am I right?" Calvin scowled.

"Are you going to do it or not? Listen, I can have anyone else-" Calvin stopped as soon as he realized she unfastened his belt and unbuttoned his pants. "Shh, I don't want people to notice what we're doing." She pulled Calvin's half-stiff cock out and discreetly stroked it, hiding the act with her body as much as possible.

He did nothing but lean his head back and moan as she stroked his cock and kissed his neck. A few minutes pass and Calvin's cock still hasn't fully awoken to life. "I still get the bottle, right?" The woman said. "Give me a few more minutes. it's the booze, I swear," Calvin said. He pushed the woman for another kiss and invaded her mouth with his tongue.

She was taken by surprise but accepted the advance after a few seconds, grabbing Calvin's face with her free hand and giving him a warm french kiss. "How about you suck me?" "Not here, darling." "Let's go to the ladies room, then." She kept stroking Calvin's cock but it was still struggling to get a full hard-on.

"People are going to find out about us." "So what?" "Hmm," she pondered for a few seconds, then stowed Calvin's cock back in his pants.

"How about this," she said, pulling a small transparent bag out of her bra. "I have something else that may help you relax even better than cuckold boyfriend forced teat cum blow job. Interested?" Calvin looked at the bag, small and discreet, with a good amount of a white powder. kinky babe gagging random cocks and pussy pou sure, yeah.

Ladies room, still?" "I have a better idea. How about the roof?" "Never been there. Lead the way, then. And how do I call you?" She grabbed Calvin by the hand and snuck into the employee area, then to a staircase with him. "You can call me. Ava." "Ava. I'm Calvin." Ava just nodded and kept going up. As Ava opened the door to the roof, Calvin took a good look at her eyes under the night sky: honey and green. She leaned on a wall and pulled Calvin towards him, grabbed his butt cheeks and gave him another kiss.

Calvin put his hand under her skirt and pulled her undies to the side to finger her pussy. Ava wasn't moist, but that was okay to Calvin. She let the bag alexis fawx continue to ride brads big cock powder fall to the ground, wrapped her arms around his body and gave him kisses all over his face and neck.

Calvin's cock was aching inside his pants. He reached his hand to pull it out but then suddenly he felt a warm, towering presence behind him. Someone wrapped his arm around his neck and pulled him away from Ava. All happened too fast. Calvin's eyes were still trying to understand what was happening. All he felt as he lost his breath - and his conscience - was a strong, hairy arm coiling his neck, the other hairy arm immobilizing his limbs by holding them against his chest, and Ava's hands muffling his voice.

--- Calvin has been kicking the door and screaming for help for half an hour. No one came. Desperate, he came back to the window to try and see if could budge the iron bars to escape somehow, but that effort was also fruitless.

Calmed down after being unable to exit the room he found himself in, he finally noticed he hasn't seen his phone yet. After patting his pockets, his phone and wallet weren't there. These were justifiable, Calvin could've put them somewhere and just forgot about them, but he never walked without his Rolex. He searched below the furniture and among the bed clothes, as well as in the only drawer in the nightstand.

Nothing, they were gone. There was no mirror around but Calvin tried to check his body anyway: the bruise in his eye felt much less painful to the touch than he expected.

It didn't even appear to be a little swollen, which was strange for someone who got punched in the eye the night before. Aside from the foreign needle bruise in his forearm, he didn't notice anything else worthy of note in his body. He felt frail, that's for sure, but that could be explained by the hangover too. And he was hungry. His only option at the moment was the slice of cake lying on a napkin on the nightstand, next to the unlabeled pill.

He grabbed the crumbly slice but quickly lucy belle jumps on a hard pecker it away, afraid it could be perhaps poisoned. Finally, Calvin heard the sound of a door being closed. Immediately, he jumped towards the door and started knocking and screaming again. "Help! Let me out! Help!" The footsteps came closer and walked right past Calvin's room.

From the footsteps Calvin could discern probably one person on the other side, likely carrying some shopping bags. "Please, help! I'm trapped in here!" The footsteps came back and stopped right on the other side of the door.

"Hey," said the manly voice, in a calm, friendly tone. "so you're cute young amazing gal fucked by old boy oldvsyoung and hardcore How are you feeling today?" "Wh-what?

Who are you? Let me out!" "In a second," said the other voice. "You know the drill, I need you to russian gang rape uncensored forced to the wall opposite to the door and knock on it, then I'll let you out." Calvin was speechless for a few seconds. What was he talking about?

He thought. Why was he locked up, even? Too many questions. "Why? Can't you open the door now?" "Oh, so you don't remember? Fair enough. Listen, it's for your safety, Calvin. I'm armed and I don't want to be pushed to hurt you. Could you please do what I asked?" The voice asked again, calmly. Again, Calvin was lost for words.

That the person knew his name wasn't that surprising, considering who Calvin was and who he was the child of, but the whole situation he has found himself in was odd.

If this was what he feared, a kidnapping,why was that man on the other side so calm, gentle and collected? Why let him out, even?

These thoughts made him queasy. "What. what are you going to do with me?" The other voice laughed loudly. A grave, manly laughter reverberated across the house. "Me? Nothing, but I need to take a look at you and you're locked in there with no access to the bathroom and barely any food.

You need to get you, no?" Calvin nodded in silence. He tried to ponder his options, but there were none. Not even pulling the drawer to defend himself sounded silly against the gun on the other side. "So, are you by the wall yet?

Rest your back in it, then knock for me to open the door," the man reiterated. Helpless, he quietly moved as instructed and gave three knocks on the wall.

As promised, the man unlocked the door, slowly opened it and entered the room.For a brief moment Calvin saw the halfway on the other side and considered dashing through the door, toppling the man and running for his freedom, but a few things stood out: One, he wasn't carrying a gun. Not visibly. Not a single menacing object, actually. Second, the man was much bigger, himself eighteen years old with an under-developed tween/young-adult slim body.

He was too perhaps four to six inches taller than Calvin's 5.75 feet. There was no way someone like him would be toppled by the likes of Calvin. Third, Calvin couldn't see his face. The man was wearing a balaclava to hide his head and neck but he was quite laid back with the rest of his body, wearing an off-white wife-beater delineating his pecs and showing his chest hair, some ragged jeans pants, muddy military boots and a simple black leather cuff bracelet.

Some tattoos in his left arm, a few inions wrapping around his forearm, a few angels and demons in his biceps, and a dog or a bear paw tattoo on his right shoulder. That was sloppy, he could use these details to identify the man, Calvin thought in a split second. "Good kid, respecting the rules. You're looking much better today. Do you remember anything? If squirting fun with busty brunette teen babe pissing pussy piss drinking, I suppose you have a bunch of questions.

Come, let me finally show you the house," the man said, ushering Calvin to the door, "then we'll eat something. You haven't eaten the cake I left for you, I see!" Calvin's mind was burning with confusion. Remember what? Who was that man, and why is he acting like they knew each other? The thought of being kidnapped still haunted his mind. Yet, if that was the case, it was the warmest and kindest one he could ever imagine.

Too many questions, indeed, and Calvin didn't know how to start, but he collected himself for a few seconds, took a deep breath and started with a first, broader question, "what's the meaning of this?" The man left the room and waited for Calvin on the hallway.

"Don't freak out, but we're holding you hostage. This house is where you'll live for a while, and I was tasked to watch over you. Now come, I'll show you the house. I've also bought some food, how about I cook some tapioca crepes for us?" As Calvin existed, the man pointed to where the bathroom and kitchen were.

"That's where I sleep", he said, pointing to the other room at the end of the hallway. He showed the living room, with two old and dusty couches and a TV mounted on the wall. "You can call me Bull, by the way," he said as he walked back to the hallway towards the kitchen.

"No, it's not my real name, if you're wondering. I've heard that from you before." Calvin stood in the hallway at a safe-ish distance from Bull. "Before?" "You were sick for the past few days. Lots of fever, saying a lotta shit too.

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You woke up a few times and we talked." "Wait, wait, wait," Calvin shook his head. "What do you mean by 'past few days'? If I'm being held hostage, how come I can walk around freely?" "You can walk freely inside the house.", Bull corrected, unpacking and hydrating the tapioca flour. "Don't freak out, I can explain everything. Rules first: you can't leave, you do what I order you to, and I keep you safe and sound.

Sounds good?" Calvin laughed. "This is too unreal, it's gotta be a joke." Then, amid his disbelief, his memories came back to him. --- Calvin woke up groggy. His body refused to obey him and move but his pupils weren't able to resist what little of his willpower remained. He tried to focus his blurry vision. It was dark, but he could discern a seat by its shape in the shade cast by the moonlight.

A car seat, actually. Calvin was lying on the back seat of a car, unable to move, though his hands and feet weren't tied up or restrained in any sense. There was some sort of hullabaloo outside. He tried to attune his hearing to get rid of the buzzing inside his ear. Some people were in an argument, perhaps right in front of the car. A woman said something but Calvin couldn't understand a thing. She had a sweet voice. Sounded familiar. Another feminine voice emerged, this one crisper.

"I don't want to hear your shit. You're going with him and that's final. I'm still not over the chaos you've unleashed upon us last time." A masculine voice complains. He sounded upset. There was a ruckus, then a thud in the car hood, which made the car squeak and shake.

The man grunted. "You'll do as Libra says or I'll break your arm, and then you'll do as Libra says," said another masculine voice. His was so deep and menacing that merely hearing it made Calvin shiver. More ruckus. The man grunted again, said something else, breathed heavily, sighed. Then there was silence. "Let him go, Klaus, he's already agreed." Then finally Calvin's body gave up and he fell unconscious again.

--- Calvin laughed. "This is too unreal, it's gotta be a joke." Then, amid his disbelief, his memories came back to him. "Fuck. that can't be true. It's too elaborated of a joke. Where are we, anyway?" Bull stared at Calvin. "As if I would tell you. Far away from your dear home, New York, that's for sure." "What the f- is this because of that dude I punched the other day? Shit, man, that's too much. Just let me pay you all and let me go." "No, kid, it's not what you're thinking, you're not here for such a petty reason, I can tell you that much.

It'd be stupid. Besides," Bull shrugged, "we're already getting handsomely paid. And YOU were the one being punched," he added, pointing to Calvin's sore eye. "But that shit doesn't add up," Calvin said.

"There's no way this a kidnapping, this is babe having fun with some nice toys joke. And you held me here for the past week? WHAT THE SHIT IS HAPPENING HERE?" "Lower your voice, kid," Bull warned. "You were kept unconscious all the time until you were brought here. Some strong drug shit, hell if I know. Then you fell sick, that's the whole story," he explained while he shredded some cheese.

"But why, then? Why am I not blindfolded in some god forsaken basement? Why doesn't any of this sound even remotely true?" Bull shrugged. "No idea, it's up to you to believe in what I'm saying." "Still-" "Oh yeah, why am I making food for us,and you're standing in front of me contesting the whole story when believe you should've been tied to a column at the bottom of an old building and beaten to a pulp? Yeah," Bull said, straining the water off the flour and heating up a cast iron pan with oil.

"Good question. Right, two things: one, our employer asked us to not harm or kill you. That's why we couldn't leave you sick and I had to treat you. Two, see that shack over there?" Bull asked, moving to the window and pointing to the place down the hill.

"You were there. See? No windows, a shit hole. I had to carry you up here because it was easier to keep an eye on you, treat you. You'd probably get worse if you stayed there, too." Calvin leaned on the wall with his mouth agape. Bull reached for a key in his pocket and unlocked a drawer with kitchen utensils - like knives - to grab a spatula, and proceeded, "Besides, I can handle you just fine here. This way I can keep guard on you and we make each other company.

How does that sound to you?" "Make each other company, sigh," Calvin scoffed. "Sounds like a load of bullshit." "Heh. Suit yourself, kid." Calvin finally came to the kitchen and sat on a chair. He brought his hands to his head and breathed heavily. "This is to target my dad, I suppose." "Who knows," Bull answered, giggling. The pan sizzled as he poured half the flour and spread it in the pan.

"I'm pretty sure it is. This only makes half sense if it's to damage my dad. That's fucking dirty, man." "Said the beacon of integrity," Bull shrugged.

"It wasn't my call to make, son. I'm only paid to look after you. Don't go thinking you're a saint, though. From what I gathered, you're quite a detestable brat." Bull flipped the crepe and spread some cheese on top of it. "Fuck, I forgot to buy butter. Shit, you don't mind, right?" Calvin's blood boiled. "CAN YOU PLEASE TAKE THIS SERIOUSLY AND STOP COOKING AS I SPEAK TO YOU?" He screamed, then threw all the bags that were sitting on the table on the floor.

"Fucking answer my questions and stop joking around, damn it!" Bull calmly turned the stove off and put the pan away from the heat, then turned back towards Calvin and effortlessly hurled him by the neck to the wall behind them. "Quiet down, kid! What makes you think you have the right to raise your voice here?" "Ugh", Calvin growled in pain. "Do you think I'm here as your fucking personal maid and that you get to push me around? Take a good look at yourself, kid, then look at me.

You're in no position to defy me." "Wh-what happened to the whole being ordered to keep me safe thing?" Calving stuttered as he got up to his knees. "In our business this mostly means not killing you, idiot.

You're more valuable to us and our employer alive, but that doesn't mean you're untouchable. You should be grateful I'm the one tasked to keep guard on you." Bull grabbed Calvin by the back of the neck and pushed him down again.

"Now don't get up! Clean up all this mess, right now." Calvin got on all fours and crawled towards the food spilled on the ground. "Fucking pumped babysitter," he muttered to himself. "And you're a fucking man-child, kid. You crepe is ready, muslim fucks white girl first time were not hiring but we have a job for you on the pan.

I'll go to my room and take a nap, make sure to get this kitchen clean by the time I come back," Bull said, grabbing a loaf of bread from a bag on the ground and going back to his room, locking the door on his way in. Humiliated, Calvin cursed Bull, his dad and all people he could think of. "Fucking joke, this is all a joke." He sat on the chair looking at all the food on the ground, reflecting about his newfound situation in despair.

--- It took two hours until Calvin managed to clean up the mess he made. He gave up a few times and went to his room, thinking this was beneath him, work for the plebs. Yet, the visible bruise Bull's offensive left in his neck was enough to convince him that, if this was a joke, someone went too far.

The tapioca crepe Bull made was tasteless, with just some melted shredded mozzarella with no salt, butter or anything to season it. The cake in his room wasn't too great either. Too dry and surprisingly bland for such a simple cake. There were more ingredients on the bags but aside from eggs - which Calvin broke in his tantrum - there wasn't anything he could eat right away or easily cook. In his time alone, Calvin inspected every single window, every door and every drawer in search for anything that could help him.

Valentina nappi lost and found pornstars and group sex knife, a fork, a screwdriver. All windows had iron bars and the doors that led outside had reinforced locks. There were only two drawers with locks, in the kitchen, and no other drawer at all except for the one in Calvin's bedroom. The bathroom was empty. No mirror, no toothpick or toothpaste or even soap. Calvin wasn't even given spare clothes or dry towels to bathe.

In the kitchen, all the dishes were locked in a cabinet above the sink. No glass bottles in the fridge, the clean water came out of a ceramic filter. He could use the bed clothes or perhaps the make-shift curtains as means of a weapon to suffocate Bull, but Calvin was sure he would subjugate him in seconds, then probably beat him a new one for good measure.

There was no way to attempt anything in his sleep either. Calvin could wander around in the house but he was hopelessly out of ideas to hope for. Except for the jar and the glass in his bedroom. After inspecting them, the base of the jar was made of thicker glass, and would likely be better as a weapon, he thought. He brought it to the kitchen, the room farthest away from where Bull was at, and rehearsed how to break the glass and make a handle out of the curtains.

Birds were flocking in trees and chirping outside. It was getting dark. --- Knock, knock. "Wake up, kid. I'll make us dinner." Bull was standing outside of Calvin's room, which was lying on the bed, curled in a ball. Calvin said nothing in return. He remained motionless as Bull walked away and quietly grabbed the piece of hard glass wrapped with the bed sheets and cautiously hid it in his back by the waistline. Five layers of fabric were all it had to protect Calvin from cutting himself, but even if that happened, it would still be worth it if he got what he wanted.

"So you did what I asked you to. Nice one, kid," Bull congratulated as Calvin entered the kitchen. He had gotten a pressure cooker and a smaller pan and was rinsing the starch off the rice. "Come, have a seat. Food won't be fancy these days, I'll cook us some beans with pork sausage and white rice for dinner.

You noticed we have a TV, right? It doesn't tune to any channels but there's a flash drive with a fuck ton of things we can watch." Calvin just nodded at Bull. "Make sure you season the food his time. And this is not vacations, you know? How am I supposed to relax knowing I can't leave the house?" Apparently Bull hasn't heard all the shattering of glass that happened half an hour earlier, which baffled Calvin. "Hey, mind your tongue! I'm a mercenary, I'm no chef," Bull quipped, "but my food is at least serviceable.

I certainly won't complain if you decide to move your lazy ass and cook something better for us, though." "I don't cook." Calvin was sitting at the other extreme of the table where Bull was preparing the food. He wouldn't be able to move that swiftly to strike without him noticing. It wasn't the right time. "I have people to cook for me." "Fucking show-off," Bull scoffed. "So what's the deal with my dad? What's the ransom? Perhaps I can pay the amount myself, even a bonus for yourself, if you let me free." "Knock if off, kid, you're not getting any information from me.

Let me explain it to you," Bull said as he turned around with the bowl of clean rice. "In my team we compartmentalize Intel. This means I don't have to know what I don't need to know, get it?

'Sides, if money were the issue, I'm pretty sure we'd already have tried to negotiate with you, don't you think?" Shit, Calvin thought.

"But-" "Even I can imagine a few ways to damage yours truly, Howard Masters, oh-so-all-mighty philanthropist, founder of Masters Pharmaceuticals, all around do-gooder and fancy-pants. And I'm a simpleton when it comes to these matters, mind you." Calvin furrowed his brow. "So you're saying it's not directly related to money." Bull laughed again.

"You're getting nothing from me. I know just as much as you do, I'm just speculating." "Fucking liar," Calvin muttered to himself.

Bull unlocked the drawer, pulled a knife and sliced the pork sausage. "You know, you don't speak as low as you think. Don't judge me too quick, kid, I told you, I'm only a soldier." He quickly cleaned the knife, dried it off and locked it away again. He put the sausage in the pressure cooker with the beans and one onion, cut in four parts. "All done. rice will be ready in ten to fifteen minutes, and the main course in about forty," he added, then sat on the table on the opposite side of Calvin.

He could jump over the table and hopefully aim for Bull's neck, but Calvin hasn't seen how quickly his reflexes were. Besides, Calvin wasn't exactly aiming to kill Bull. Hell, even he wasn't sure of the exact details of his plan. He was basically winging it. "So what's the deal? Am I supposed to stay here with you for a few days, and then you happily let me out? And I'm supposed to stare at your face every single day until then, doing basically nothing besides eating your tasteless food and sleeping?" Calvin provoked.

Although his main intention was to irritate him, the words came out all too sincerely. "What I can see of your face, that is," he added, coughing in mockery. Bull raised his brow but let out a smile. "Jesus, you have no chill. Yeah, basically that, and the TV. There's a bunch of movies and series in that flash drive. Even anime." Calvin gnarled in his chair. "Don't treat me like a kid." "But you ARE a kid," Bull laughed. "And my face is not the worst thing in the world. Far from it, if you were able to see it." "So.

show me?" "If you are a good kid, perhaps," Bull answered with a smirk. Calvin brought his hands to his head. "What's THAT supposed to mean? Don't taunt me, grunt. How can I chill if I KNOW I'm being held hostage, for Christ's sake?" Bull leaned back on the chair and laughed.

"Make that what you will. And as for how to chill, I don't know, you do you, I can only assure you're in much better position than anyone else in a similar premise." "But-" "Listen, kid, just do whatever you want, just don't come annoy me when I'm watching my stuff." "I." "You're more than welcome to make me company. I can be the big spoon," Bull said, crossing stares with Calvin then quickly averting his gaze.

"What the fuck?" Calvin was uneasy in his chair. He still wasn't exactly confident if all the surreal events ever since he woke up were not just an elaborated prank, but he couldn't just let Bull get away with assault.

"What the fuck does that mean? If you lay a finger on me again, my dad will make sure you end up in jail for the rest of your life." Calvin didn't know, but provoking Bull wasn't hot milf rubs her pussy outdoors before getting banged the best idea one could have. Still, Bull has come kinky blonde has her gaping asshole drilled amuse himself by looking at how spoiled, bratty and oblivious to danger Calvin were able to be.

Way too brave for someone in his condition, which reminded him of someone else he was fond of. Still, provoking Bull was a quick - albeit obviously risky - way to close the gap between them. If only Bull took offense at the things Calvin said. "Heh, good luck finding me when we're outta here, kid.

And jail doesn't scare me, I'll let you know that much." "Sure, sure, I'm positive scum like you are used to living imprisoned." "Sigh, the nerve. " Bull got up to take a look at the rice, then leaned himself cameron dee covet thy neighbours horny nymp the kitchen counter.

"Yeah, sure, kid. You've done nothing but insult me. You're way past the point of being amusing just by being you regular brat self to being downright irritating." "I coarse and non stop sex scene hardcore and blowjob touch me if I were you. I still have the mark of the push you gave me earlier, and I can use that as proof against you," Calvin provoked.

"You were given orders to keep me entertained, not the other way around." Bull closed his fists and eyes, then let out a laughter. "You know, one would think someone at your place would watch their words carefully.

You're incredibly bold and incredibly stupid, kid." The pressure cooker was chiming, he turned around to take another look at the rice. "You're treading strange waters, kid, if I were you I would choose my words better." "And what would you do? You're but a pawn. You were ordered to not touch me because you'd take it in the ass if anything happens to me." Bull looked at the ceiling, then shot a murderous stare at Calvin.

He stomped towards him, grabbed him by the shirt with one arm and raised him to his level.

"I have NO IDEA how you think you have any leverage over me, kid, but if you keep pushing it, I'll fucking BREAK you." Calvin was gasping for air, his head struggling above Bull's. He awkwardly tried to reach for the piece of glass hidden in his back to try and keep Bull at bay, but he did not think it through: he reached for the improvised knife with his left hand but Bull was holding sexy cougar nina elle loves sucking black cocks his left arm, meaning the right was free to block the blow, and Bull did just that, twisting Calvin's wrist to let it fall off his hand, then slapped him on the face, making him dizzy, and threw him on the wall again.

The impact on the head made Calvin lose his sense of equilibrium but Bull came, grabbed him by the shoulders and pinned him against the wall.

"Are you fucking NUTS, kid? Do you have any idea what you just did? Look at me, fucking idiot," he said, slapping Calvin's face twice again, "you can't do shit against me, do you understand that?" Calvin was still trying to recover his senses, groaning in pain. Bull raised his knee to hit him in the belly, but held back at the last instant and let him fall on the ground again. "Come here, kid," he said, grabbing Calvin by the hair and pulling him up on all fours, making his scalp burn.

lesbian idols gape their deep ass holes and ream big toys back to your room before I break your nose. Come!" Bull pulled Calvin by the hair across the entire hallway, grabbed him by the waist and threw him back in his room, slamming the door in the end.

He said nothing, just stomped back to the kitchen while Calvin lied on the ground gasping for air, too dizzy to get up or slither to the bed. --- "Come now, kid, wake up," Bull said, giving Calvin a few slaps in the face. It was still night and Calvin was hungry and exhausted. The lights weren't on but Calvin was still impressed by Bull's presence delineated by his shadows in the dark.

He reeked of alcohol, probably some cheap beer, which was news to him because he opened the fridge before and hasn't seen anything there. "You look terrible, kid, that can't do. Go clean yourself, take a bath," he said, throwing at towel at him. "What the hell, you're drunk?" Calvin asked, confused. Did Bull turn back to his more gentle, caring self?

Can he trust that, at all? "Just a little tipsy, don't worry. Now go, get yourself clean. Call me when you're done." That was odd. Bull was an odd fellow, Calvin though.

Nice and gentle all the way while keeping him hostage but still ready to beat the crap out of him with no remorse. Bull had left a bar of soap in the bathroom, still wet. As he turned the shower on, he still tried to make sense of why waking him up in the middle of the night. It just didn't add up. Could be explained by the drunkenness, though. Things got weird fast on his first day awake in confinement, but oddly enough they weren't as bad as they could be, even after Calvin actively tried to sour things.

Calvin touched the bruise on his neck and shivered when thought about what would happen if Bull handled things the more classical way, so to speak. "Are you finished?" Bull asked as soon as he heard Calvin turning the shower off. He entered the bathroom and stood by the door frame, looking at Calvin behind the curtains. "Yeah, I'm done," Calvin answered, getting the towel, drying himself and covering his parts before turning to Bull.

"What is it? I'm tired." Calvin leaned down to grab his clothes since Bull didn't give him a spare set but Bull pulled them away with his feet. "Nah. Come with me." Bull forced Calvin to walk in front of him and guided him by the shoulders toward his own room at the end of the hallway. Calvin stopped by the frame, despite Bull pushing him, and glanced inside.

Bull's bedroom was much like his own, only with more stuff: three bottles of beer on his nightstand, a mini-bar in one corner and an old CRT TV with a VCR on top, oddly playing some vintage porn on mute. Two men and a woman making out, together. Before Calvin had time to process the content in the movie, Bull finally pushed him inside, making him topple on his toes and fall on the bed. Still confused, Calvin turned around and faced Bull, who entered the bedroom and closed the door behind him.

"What's the meaning of this?" "Huh," Bull started, moving forward towards Calvin and stopping beside the nightstand. He opened the drawer and pulled a strand of rope. "I was getting all worked up by watching some good ol' porn but it wasn't enough to make me cum.

So then I thought of using you as my fuck-toy for the night." "How about no?" Calvin replied as he tried to scoot to the opposite end of the bed, but Bull grabbed him by the ankles and pulled him back.

"Get the fuck off me! I'm not a faggot like you!" Calvin screamed, kicking Bull's arms and chest. "Come on, now, _faggot_ or no _faggot_," Bull replied, with added demeaning tone to the f word, "there's no way you'll get away from me, might as well give up. I damn well deserve some attention for putting up with your bullshit today!" He ignored Calvin's kicks and protests and leaped above his belly, keeping his legs from agitating with the weight of his hips and the grip of his thighs, then grabbed both his wrists and held them tight against his chest.

"See how easily I did that? Just give up already and let's fuck." At that point Calvin's eyes were starting to tear up. "Get off me, you fucking fag!" His squirms added to Bull's enjoyment as Calvin noticed Bull's devilish smile in the mouth opening of his balaclava.

He tried to get his hands free but Bull's grip was immensely powerful. So he focused more on squirming with his legs. Bull leaned down and slowly kissed Calvin's neck despite his protests and screams, confident he could hold him under his will. Bull, drunk as he was, did not factor, however, that how ever weak Calvin might be, he was still a lean boy with a moist skin fresh out of the shower, pornpros teens study break interrupted for cock and cum so his leg slipped and he struck Bull's crotch with his knee.

Bull fell with a scream beside Calvin, holding his balls with both his hands, his eyes red not from the alcohol but from the emotions towards his claimed fuck-thing. Calvin took the chance to dash back to his room, the first and only place he could think of, leaving behind the towel and running naked.

Getting there he tried to quickly drag the bed to barricade the door but Bull was right behind him. "You cheeky little brat, haven't I told you? You do as I order you to!" He slammed Calvin against the wall and wrapped his arm in his neck from behind. "Now be quiet! I still need to tie you up, shhhhh." Calvin tried to punch Bull's head to get free but he progressively lost the strength in his arms.

His breathing became harder and harder and his vision became blurry. when he came back to, his limbs were stretched on all four corners of the bed, wrists bbw latina perfect huge legs from desirebbws com tube porn ankles tied, naked with his limp cock pointing to his navel and Bull squatting between his legs wearing nothing but a stained jockstrap and the balaclava, his cock making a tent in the dirty mesh while he pinched his nipple and waited for his playmate to wake up.

"Hey, sleepyhead. About fucking time you woke up." "Oh Jesus, Jesus, no, no," Calvin implored, falling into tears. "Anything but this, I beg you! I'm no fag, I'll try to behave, I swear!" "So now you're sorry," said Bull, stroking Calvin's thigh with his free hand from the knee up to the crotch and gently touching Calvin's balls. "Funny you promise _trying_ instead of actually committing to it, kid.

You see, I won't accept your apology. Not now, not until I'm done with you. Try again after you eat my cum, perhaps." "Jesus fucking Christ, NO!" Calvin tried to squirm away from Bull's rough hand touch but it was useless. "Come on, man, have some sense, I can pay you! What do you want? Ten thousand, twenty, you name it, just don't do it!" Bull leaned down and touched his nose on Calvin's balls. "So smooth, and smells so nice. Perhaps it was a mistake asking you to take a bath first.

Oh well," he shrugged, licking one ball with a fast, wide stroke, "I won't make the same mistake next time." "NEXT TIME? Come on, PLEASE!" Calvin's protests derailed into a mix of tearful and sorry lamentations. "Please, get off me! Fifty! I pay you fifty thousand! FIFTY THOUSAND, FOR CHRIST'S SAKE!" Bull let go of his nipple and grabbed Calvin's cock while he kept stroking his thigh with his other hand. "Shut up, kid, I won't trade _this_," he said, pointing to Calvin's stiff mast with his eyes, "for any amount of money you offer.

But please, keep at it, your protests only make me even hornier to fuck you." Calvin swallowed cold, and for a brief moment all that could be heard was Bull's slurping on his balls while tried to clear up the confusion on his head and body.

First, once again there was little Calvin could do to get away, and his usual tactics would only make him get himself further trapped in the spider's net. Keeping quiet and waiting for Bull to be done with him would perhaps make it all end more easily, but then Calvin would have to willingly relinquish his pride to Bull. That was unthinkable, but then again keep crying and protesting wouldn't do much for him, it could even give Bull more room for ideas.

Second, his cock was rock hard, and he did not remember when that happen. In fact, he could barely control it at all, it was already at Bull's mercy, which at the moment was only holding it in his callous hands. Calvin looked down at it. Probably two thirds of his 5.5 inches cock were hidden by Bull's sweaty hands.

The contrast made of his smooth and white cock against Bull's brown and hairy skin sent sparks across his body. So Calvin closed his eyes. If anything, his eyes were only betraying his will into giving more of his body to Bull. That couldn't happen, that can't be allowed to happen, he thought, so he decided to scream his lungs out again.

"HEEELP" to anyone that might hear in the distance. "HEEEEEELP!" "Quiet down, kid," Bull said, getting up and off the bed then walking around towards Calvin's upper body. "No one's gonna hear you, we're in the middle of nowhere, but I don't like your screams." Bull pulled his jockstrap off, freeing his glistening cock to point upwards, then crawled back on the bed and stuffed all of it on Calvin's mouth. "Open it up, kid, I won't give up until it's all in." Bull laughed at what he just said.

"Oh, god, I feel like I can say that in many other occasions." He tried to resist with his teeth for a while despite Bull gently pushing it in but gave up fearing he could get even more violent. The pungent smell dominated Calvin's nose, a mix of dried sweat and piss, perhaps a few days old. The taste was awful, salty and slightly bitter and sour, though it got better after the jockstrap got soaked in his saliva. Calvin made sure to not move his tongue, though, as the slightest movement would bring those nasty flavors back to his mouth.

"Much better," Bull said. he stood there with his cock inches away from Calvin's head, looking down at his reaction. Once again, Calvin's body was betraying him: he noticed Calvin was trying to pull his gaze away from his cock with all his might, but his teary eyes just couldn't get enough of it.

"You can take a look, it won't bite." Calvin shamefully obliged and inspected in dread the instrument that would soon invade his body: Bull's cock was, like Bull himself, bigger than his, at around 7 inches.

The skin was darker than his body, which contrasted delightfully with the pink head hiding under the hood. It was also much thicker and more veiny too. It had shaved balls but the bush was thick and connected all the wait to his chest hair. Bull's whole body was moist due to sweat but Calvin was instinctively driven towards the funk that came from his crotch. He lowered his cock towards Calvin's face and let him take a good sniff. "So you like it, huh? Me too, kid, me too," he said, patting Calvin's head.

"I'll trust you that you never had cock before, right?" Calvin was gagged and his senses were fixed on Bull's cock ans dangling balls. "Hey, nod or shake your head when I ask you." Calvin timidly nodded. "Do you like this one?" Calvin did not move, so Bull slapped his face. "What did I tell you?" Shit, Calvin thought. He closed his eyes, took a deep breath and shook his head. "Then why are you eating my cock with your eyes?

You're lying, aren't you?" Once again, he did not move. The last thing Calvin wanted to do was admitting he was enjoying it, so Bull pulled his cock away from his face, lied down beside him and pulled the jockstrap off. "Are you that dumb? Answer me when I ask you, kid!

Do you like my cock? SAY IT!" Calvin coughed when his mouth got free and the sudden influx of oxygen made the scents that were lingering in his mouth hit his nose hard again, making his cock twitch. He looked away and tried to ignore Bull's request, hopeful he'd just slide the jockstrap in again and go on with his session.

Instead, Bull grabbed Calvin's jaw hard and pulled his face towards his. They were now looking eye to eye, inches to each other. "I won't leave you if you don't say yes, kid. I know you're into it, your body right now is squirming towards mine.

You're mine already, you just don't want to admit it." "Fuck off," Calvin answered, and spat at Bull's face. The was a knee jerk reaction to his provocations, but to his surprise, Bull took it in great sport: he scooped the spit off his lips and balaclava, smiled and sucked his fingers, then grabbed Calvin's jaw again, pried it open then spit inside his mouth.

"You'll come to know, kid, that the thing I love more than a submissive man is a submissive man in denial," he added, then spit again and tucked the jockstrap back in. Bull's spit didn't taste like anything in particular, just spit, and yet the act sent jolts of pleasure across Calvin's body, and he moaned for the first time. "Savor it, kid, you'll soon get to taste my cum. Have you ever tasted it before?" This time Calvin willingly looked back at Bull with puppy eyes, unconscious of it, and shook his head.

"Not even yours?" He shook his head again. "Oh, you're such a vanilla boy. You're in for a treat, then." Bull lied on top of Calvin and humped his cock against Calvin's while he explored his neck, ears and chest with savita bhabhi catun xxx story. "You're so smooth all over.

I won't be surprised if your asshole is bare, too." Calvin was still crying but his facial and body expressions were giving the truth right away. As Bull wandered his hand on Calvin's arms and chest, he felt his body shiver with the touch, specially around his nipples, so he rested his thumb on the right one and descended to lick the left one, which made Calvin instinctively thrust and grind his cock against Bull's.

"You're so easy to read. like a book." Bull raised his hip, grabbed Katrina ki face wash desi aunty indian fuck bang cum big creampie hard core cock and lined it up, slit it in his butt crack then sat down at his crotch, clenching it with his butt cheeks.

Calvin felt the wetness of the sweat and the tickling of Bull's asshole grinding against his cock, which made it pulsate and ooze pre-cum. At the same time, Bull's cock was lying on Calvin's belly, and as Bull moved up and down he humped both cocks against each other's skin. Calvin's eyes were rolling inside his head already, then Bull leaned down, keeping the up and down motion, and gave one nipple a suave pinch, just to test the waters.

Calvin let out a faint moan, so he pinched it harder until the moans became screams, then dialed back on the intensity. "Found your sweet spot, kid." He then kept pinching and rolling one nipple in his fingers while he suckled the other, licking the protruded nipple with the tip of his tongue and then sucking it in and giving it little bites.

"Ohh pheessus-" Calvin awkwardly said while Bull worked his way to brand his nipples. When he was done he moved his head up to Calvin's and gently kissed his ears and lips. "Now tell me you're liking." Calvin looked up at Bull's eyes, and down at his lips, and tentatively shook his head in denial. "Sigh, you're so stubborn. I fucking love it." Bull got off of Calvin, turned around and lied down on top of him again, now with one's crotch to the other's face. "I can keep lying to yourself, kid," he said, grabbing Calvin's cock in his hand, "but this here is telling me the truth.

Now, don't make any sudden movements, because your cock will be in my mouth and I don't want to hurt you." Bull sat on Calvin's face so that his balls were at his nose, then leaned to finally take his cock in his mouth.

He started licking the whole head, then starting with the piss slit he descended the whole length to the base, then back again. That alone was enough to make Calvin's hip jump, but there was also Bull's sweaty balls stacked against his nose, and the sight of his hairy, bubbly ass to push Calvin over the edge.

In one side, Calvin felt grateful he was gagged and Bull didn't just force his cock down his throat. On the other side, and that was painful for him to admit, he just wanted to lap that hairy ass all over.

Bull wrapped Calvin's cock with his mouth, then ate it whole while he fondled his balls and moved his hips to keep grinding his balls against his nose. Calvin's mind was absolutely clear as the overflow of sensations sent jolts of pleasure across his body. He moaned loud as Bull's movements made it harder for him to breathe, but he didn't mind. On Bull side, he had to pin Calvin's hips with his forearms in place to stop him from squirming wildly while he sucked on his cock.

Calvin tried to scream for air but the gag and Bull's balls made it impossible. At that point his body was shivering all over, and Bull knew what was about to happen. He clenched his lips around Calvin's cock and descended two fingers down his balls to his perineum, then reached the little butt hole with his middle finger and lightly pressed it. Calvin was taken by surprise by how pleasurable was being touched there and instantly came inside Bull's mouth, moaning loudly.

Bull didn't take Calvin's cock off his mouth for one second while he ate all his cum. Five strong spurts, and Calvin's thighs clenched every time a new one was about to be shot. He feasted on the young hostage's first gay orgasm and kept sucking on his cock until he felt Calvin's body fall motionless. --- "Hey, kid, are you good?" Calvin woke up slowly, summoned back to conscience by Bull's crisp but gentle voice and he soothing his hair.

"You fell unconscious for a couple of minutes. Well done, well done, and your cock is still rock hard. The power of youth! Do you feel good?" Calvin took his time to get back to his senses. He still his mouth full, pressed the jockstrap with his tongue against the palate and still felt the bitter and sour tones.

He has grown used to it. He could breathe freely too, Bull was lying beside him. He tried to stretch his arms, but they were still tied. Legs too. He looked back at Bull, closed his eyes and slowly nodded.

"Heh," Bull said, smiling. "Good to know. Wasn't that hard to admit, was it?" Calvin shook his head. "Good, good, but listen, I'm not done, kid. I still have to cum." Bull moves his fingers off Calvin's head to his chin.

"I'd like to untie you now to have access to your ass. If you behave yourself, I'll keep you free, but if you try to get away I'll tie you up again and leave you that way for the rest of the week.

Nod if you understand." Calvin nodded. "Will you try to get away or will you stay and let me have my way like the good kid that you are?" He shook his head in confusion.

"Ah, sorry," Bull answered, smiling. "The first question." He shook his head again. "Good. Great," Bull said. He got up and undid all the ties. Calvin's ankles and wrists were bruised and burning with the friction of the rope. "They'll look better tomorrow, don't worry, I didn't want to hurt you that way." Bull let Calvin acclimate himself to freedom again, to stretch himself for a while.

The next thing Calvin did was touch his cock and then smell his fingers. He didn't know why he did that, but that made Bull let out a wide smile. "Why don't you do that with mine?" Still gagged, Calvin hid his hands between his thighs, uncertain on what and who to obey: his own consciousness or Bull and his own newfound lascivious desires. "Come on, kid, do it," Bull said, pulling one of his arms and putting them above his cock.

"Stroke it a little, then smell it." And so Calvin did. Even he had to admit Bull's cock felt wonderful in his hand. Hot and hard, he played with the protruding veins with his fingers, then pulled the hood back, freeing an even more impressive head, ran his fingers along it to lube it with his pre-cum and scratched his bush, then moved them to his nose to let out a good sniff. Funky, powerful, incredible.

He immediately moved the other hand to remove the gag to taste his fingers but Bull blocked him, instead taking his wet fingers and sucking on them himself. "You'll get your chance to taste my cock, don't worry, kid.

Now lie on your chest, I want your ass." Desolated, Calvin patted Bull's chest and pointed to his gag. "Oh, so you want to talk?" He nodded. "Hmm. Okay. One question, alright? Open your mouth." He obeyed and Bull slowly pulled the soaked jockstrap off. Calvin took a few seconds to re-hydrate his throat and asked, "please, have it your way but don't fuck my ass, please! Look at yourself, you'll tear me apart!" Bull smiled and laughed. "Rest easy, kid, I won't fuck your ass, you didn't prepare it properly.

I'll just get a taste of it for today, that okay?" He let out a deep breath and nodded.

Kendra lust and madison ivy

"Look how far you've come. So tame and educated now! I want you to stay like this every day now, do you hear me?" Calvin nodded again, compliantly. Bull then moved the jockstrap back towards his mouth, but stopped right before putting it in. "Tell you what, you choose whether you want it back in or not. What do you say?" It'd be easier for Calvin if Bull were the one to make the hard decisions for him.

He could at least excuse himself saying he was forced to it, he thought. Somehow, Bull's approach was equally considerate and cruel.

Oh well, something to consider on the next morning, Calvin concluded. He just looked at Bull's eyes and opened his mouth wide. "Good kid, good kid," Bull said, then slid the jockstrap back in. "Tomorrow I'll ask you to wear this so we can use in other nights." After that Calvin immediately laid down and raised his butt to Bull.

To his surprise, unlike all his body, Calvin had a few tufts of straight hair in his butt crack, dark as the hair in his head. Bull grabbed each butt cheek with they take good care of his dick mexican mayhem hand and pulled them apart to expose his pink, clenched tight asshole. "See, that's why I didn't fuck you today.

A cute little hole like this takes time to open up, ya'know?" Calvin wouldn't dare to smile and consciously let Bull know he was enjoying that but deep inside he had already given himself to him. Bull grabbed a pillow, folded it and placed it below Calvin's hip, then spread his legs apart by the thighs again and gave a good sniff a his sweaty butt crack, making his butt cheeks clench at Bull's hot molly bennett aka mia jemsen and xaver corvus. "You know you're wiggling your ass, right?" Bull provoked, and before Calvin came to himself he licked his asshole in one strong stroke.

Calvin moaned, squirmed and humped his cock in the pillow while Bull lapped his butt crack up and down. "Bet I can make you cum again," Bull added, while putting the tip of his tongue at his asshole and gently pushing it in, to tease. "Uhm, Uhhhmmm," Calvin repeated with each of Bull's rhythmic movements in his ass and his own humping, then twisted his upper body and placed his hand above Bull's head, burying his face more towards his own ass. Bull responded by going down and sucking one ball in while he massaged his asshole with his thumb.

"Tell me when you're about to cum, kid. Slap my head, and I'll know," Bull said while he suckled the second ball in and played with both inside his mouth. Both his hands were on Calvin's butt cheeks, one had its thumb circling around the circumference of his asshole and the other had the pointer trying to force its way in. After letting go of the balls, Bull lifted his balaclava up to his nose and dived back to Calvin's ass. A rough texture was grinding against the butt cheeks.

Hair, a beard. Bull had a pointed chin too, and the hair in it was grinding against Calvin's balls. Bull licked his asshole and pulled his face apart to see the string of spit connecting his mouth to Calvin's ass. Calvin was high with the pleasure. Four strong taps in Bull's head and he disengaged from his ass, pulling his balaclava down in place.

Bull gave Calvin's ass two slaps. "Turn around and suck my cock now, I'm almost ready." He obeyed and laid on his back, his cock pointing to the ceiling for Bull to see. Bull put the pillow below Calvin's neck and pulled the jockstrap out of his mouth.

"Don't use your teeth, I'm cum in your mouth." Calvin just nodded. Bull finally pulled his hood back and let the tip of son forces mom rape in kitchen cock touch Calvin's lips. "Taste with the tip of your tongue only," he said. Calvin slithered his tongue out and licked the pre-cum that Bull had smeared in his lips. The taste was hard to get used to, overly salty, but still more bearable than the jockstrap.

"Open wide," Bull said. Calvin parted his lips and waited for Bull to thrust the cock forward, and so he did.

He coiled his tongue around it to taste every nook and cranny in it, to taste what he could. Bull stayed still and moaned while he let Calvin explore the first cock of his life. "Now grab here and suck it," he added, pointing to the base where Calvin were supposed to hold. "Stroke it, too." The position Calvin was in proved challenging for the task, so he laid sideways and did as ordered while he stroked his own cock.

Timid at first by slowly taking it in and out, Calvin quickly increased the pace and made loud slurping noises. "Oh damn," Bull said loudly.

"For a beginner you're sure very hungry!" Calvin heard it but his mind was simply not there to process and judge it all. It simply switched to the most primal pleasure mode. Calvin's thoughts were totally driven by it. "Oh yeaah, like this, keep at it," Bull said, groaning loudly and breathing heavily.

"Here, play with hot babe with a bubble butt gets rammed skin," he added, pulling his cock out and covering the head with the hood again. "Play with it with your tongue, I love it." Calvin held the cock tight with his thumb in its underside to stabilize it ts vaniity and lance hart slid the tip of his tongue under the hood, moving around the head. Bull's hood was surprisingly loose, because animating oral stimulation for hunks striptease hardcore was able to house his cock head and Calvin's tongue with just a little bit of stretch.

"Now busty babe rolling her eyes to back of her head cum swallow and pornostar balls, the balls," Bull instructed. Calvin, too, was moaning. He was stroking his cock wildly as ever while he feasted on his master's cock. He raised his cock and drew a line with his tongue on the underside down to his balls.

They smelled funkier than the rest of the crotch so Calvin deliberately gave it some good sniffs before playing with them with his tongue. "Suck on them hard, kid. I want them to hurt." And so Calvin did, he gently grabbed one ball with his teeth, sucked it in and pressed it with his tongue and palate while suckled on it, which made Bull howl in pleasure. "Yes, kid! Almost there! I'm almost ready!" Bull started stroking his cock vigorously but Calvin took it in his hand, spat on it and kept stroking it while he worked on the balls.

Calvin could feel Bull's balls squirm in pleasure, announcing that the end was nigh. Bull's growls and moans became louder and louder, so was his breathing.

He pinched his nipples with both his hands and one spasm in the ball Calvin was sucking was enough for him to get the message: he quickly let the ball fall off his mouth and moved back to Bull's cock while he pressed on Bull's balls with his hand. Finally, Bull started shooting cum. Having never tasted cum before, not even his own, Calvin was still surprised and slightly disgusted by the salty flavor and strange texture.

Bull wrapped his hands behind Calvin's head and thrusted his cock further down his mouth, making the second and third spurts of cum go directly down Calvin's throat, making him gag and spit out a mix of saliva and cum. Bull was once again choking Calvin, this time with his cock.

He tried to slap Bull's thighs to let him know but Bull was just staring at the ceiling, so he tried to get away from his cock while a fourth spurt of cum came, making Calvin gag and cough once more. Only then Bull stopped moaning and let go of his head, his cock falling off his mouth already half limp. Calvin coughed and tried to recover his breath when Bull grabbed his jaw and plopped his cock back in again.

"I'm not done! You'll suck it until it's clean, like I did with yours!" That was too much. Calvin tried to get rid of it but a fifth spurt of cum came, and with that Calvin came hands free, spilling his own cum in his chest as he went breathless cleaning Bull's cock until it became totally limp.

Bull fell on the bed, exhausted. Calvin, on top of that, was also hungry and violated. They breathed hard and let themselves calm down for a few minutes. Bull, then, moved himself towards Calvin hot pregnant blonde is engulfing a throbbing dick on the couch his chest.

"Well done, kid, you exceeded at your job of being my fuck-toy." "You." Calvin started, his consciousness starting to come back to him. "You're nasty." "Well, thank you," Bull answered, smiling. Calvin just stared at the ceiling, then closed his eyes. He knew his emotions would fall apart if he looked at Bull, or at his own body. The guilt started to set it, the shame, and coming in terms with the fact that his body was just violated. Worst still, that he gave himself to the act and enjoyed most of it.

Hell, it was hard for Calvin to just not think of anything when his room reeked of sweat and sex and the flavor Bull's jockstrap and cock still lingered in his mouth. He could shut his sight but not his other senses. "I gotta go, kid, I need to sleep," Bull said, getting up and leaving the bed. Calvin remained silent and motionless, dreading to open his eyes to once again see Bull's naked, sweaty body. He wondered if, deep inside, he actually dreaded Bull leaving him alone, taking that manly body away from him.

"Don't forget to wear this tomorrow," he finished, throwing the soaked jockstrap on top of Calvin's chest, then left to his bedroom, as usual locking his door. Now that he was alone, Calvin finally let himself surrender to his emotions, threw the jockstrap into a wall, curled himself in fetal position and started crying softly.