Sexy babe mia blow has her pussy demolished

Sexy babe mia blow has her pussy demolished
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CHAPTER 1: The light coming from the street lamps criss-crossed through the trees trying in vain to lighten the road. On the empty four lane road she walked. Her gait quick and hurried. Her hands clutching the little bag she held, body was trembling, trembling with fear or was it anticipation? "Click-Clock-Click-Clock-Click-Clock ", the sounds of her heels cut the darkness and the silence of the night like a scalpel at the hands of an experienced surgeon.

Soft murmurs of her talking to herself were the only other sound to be heard in the distance. She wasn't very tall just the average 5 foot 6, not exactly thin but wasn't fat either. Her hair loose behind her head. Dressed in a knee length skirt and a very well fitting blue blouse, her silhouette looked sexy. Her face was obscure from the lack of light around her. The only thing that caught attention were the small crystal earrings she wore.

The sound of the heels got the attention of a bunch sara jay shows off her amazing big tits in tiny bikini college students."Dude, what's that? Do you hear that? ",said Nicholas to his four buddies. These guys were the routine "jocks" who hung around the gym way too often and got wasted any possible chance they could. All of them were over 5 foot 10 and while not exactly beefed up hulks, they sure were muscular and strong.

"Wait!",said Kermit, " I can hear that as well". "Boys, it seems like we just found a way to get our rocks off, didn't we?", smirked Dominic. The only guy who had yet to utter a word was Leo, he was perplexed at this thought. His morals didn't allow him to speak. His head was yet to make a decision about that idea. The conversation was cut short by the sound of the approaching heels. "Come on man, we found our prey", said Dominic, who drank his remaining beer in a gulping loudly.

"Dude I'm off, I can't go through with this", said Leo. Stating this much he grabbed his backpack and walked off towards his home. "Well this leaves him out of the equation.

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So boys what say we have some fun with this bitch?",said Kermit. The girl heard murmurs behind her. She hastened her pace, the goons behind her felt this, and hastened their pace too.

It was just a matter of time before they caught up to her. And were just behind her . "Where do you think, you're going miss?",said one of the goons in a sly voice. "You know you shouldn't be roaming around such late at night", said the other."There may guys like us wandering around the road." "This is it", she thought, "the moment where it all comes to fruition".

She stopped under a street lamp. She turned around to face them. Her face was still obscure from the light that just illuminated the bottom half of her face.

She seemed scared, but something was off about her. She trembled as she opened the top button of her blouse. The lust in the eyes of the animals in front of her was apparent.

She slowly reached for her hand bag and in it the Smith & Wesson handgun with silencer attached neatly concealed in her bag. She stopped though for some unknown reason, she wanted two big booty hoes big butt lesbian have some fun with her prey before she. She let her hand bag slip off her an fall to the ground. The next button came off, it revealed just a shy hint of her ruby red bra.

The buttons came offslowly revealing her C cup breasts. The hunger and lust in the eyes of the three was unmistakable now.

One by onethe buttons came off the blouse fell from her shoulders. With an air of sexiness emanating from her she finally took off the blouse. Kermit slowly reached forward, his rough hand's smoothly coping a feel of the girl's full breast. Dominic and Nicholas reached ahead, the view in front of them was definitely arousing them.

Their hard-on's denting their jeans. Dominic reached behind her and started to unhook the girl's bra.

He fuddled for a while with the girl's bra hooks, sensing his failure she reached behind and unhooked it for him. The red bra fell to the ground. Nicholas was busy admiring the girl's nice round ass, fondling it, "Smack!", a slap on the assmade her cute ass wiggle like jelly.

"Ah!", the slap sent waves of pleasure and pain through her. She was definitely enjoying it, their rough hands fondling her, using her, it was all very erotic to her. She was definitely aroused by now, her knickers were getting moist, she felt her knees weakening. With the bra gone now, there was nothing stopping Kermit now.

He went ahead, focused all his attention on one breast, she smelt great, so freshso sexy, the faint floral fragrance coming from her skin urged he forward, turning him into a wild beast whose primary goal now was to have his way with this girl in front of him. Meanwhile Dominic stood behind her, his nose muzzled in the neck sunny leone xxxx with boy the girl in front of him, his hard-on poking through his tight jeans and between her ass cheeks.

The soft hair, the floral fragrance coming from her, all this turned him on. His one hand reached down to her hips and snaked down towards her pussy lips. Nicholas was still entranced with her ass. Her soft round bubble butt, entranced him to no measure. Rubbing his hands all over her ass, folding it, playing with it.

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She felt weak in her knees, it was something out of her deepest fantasies. She finally got down to her knees. There was a look of discontent on the faces of her new found lovers. She rubbed her hands on the crotch of Kermit, as if enticing him to finally take out the hidden monster of his. She turned her attention to Nicholas and Dominic, she rubbed her hands on their crotch, enticing them, tempting them.

It didn't take them long to strip out of their jeans, all had nice cocks on them. She licked her lips in anticipation, their enticing cocks, their thick veiny members in her hands. She took Dominic's cock and started licking it up and down. Her tongue going up and down his cock. Her hands found Kermit's and Nicholas' cock, toyed with them rubbing them, rubbing her hands all over them, all the while sucking Dominic and giving him the blowjob of his life. It didn't take long for Dominic to feel the pressure building up in his balls."Aah!

I'm close", it was all he could moan, sending torrent after torrent of handjob cum three xxx brittney white takes it hard down her throat. She swallowed it all. "Damn! She's nasty", thought Dominic. She turned her attention to Kermit and Nicholas, letting Dominic's limp cock fall out of her mouth.

Her mouth seen found Kermit's cock, her rosy lips were soon wrapped around his rock hard erection."Mmmgh!",it was all that she could exclaim, the vibrations from her words, sending shivers down Kermit's spine. Dominic was spent, post-coital bliss taking the better of him, he felt light headed.

He stepped back, cock in hand subconsciously rubbing it aroused milf showing lingerie to her step daughter the scene in front of him. Kermit was having the time of his life, a pretty young girl blowing him in the middle of the street, it was all too good to be true. Her hands were occupied, she with one hand she toyed with Kermit's balls and with the other she slowly rubbed Nicholas' shaft.

Her tongue poking his pee-hole, while her mouth maintained a vice like grip on his cock. She turned her attentions to Nicholas who just stood there moaning in pleasure, her lips engulfed his cock, her tongue massaging the sensitive underside of the shaft.

She could feel his knees shaking, his pulse quickening. She felt a hand softly running through her hair pulling her down, she complied, she forced the cock all the way down to her throat. Her nose was tickled by the pubic hair, her tongue slipped out form her mouth and gently massaged Nicholas' balls.

It was too much for Nicholas to take. "Ahhhhh!",it was all that he could say before ejaculating don her throat.

She swallowed it all. Turning towards the last cock standing, she held it in her hands, massaging it. She placed her lips round his balls and licked. Kermit couldn't believe his luck. She finally left his balls and took his shaft in her mouth.

Her experience as a blowjob expert was apparent. It didn't take long for Kermit to cum, her mouth was filled to the brim with cum. She spat it out, having had enough to swallow for now. She licked the remaining droplets of cum from the tip of his cock.

Kermit stepped back in a daze, hq porn russian anal teen hot scene in the knees. All three were lost in post-orgasmic bliss, they never noticed her snaking her hand towards her hand bag. Why would they? She had earned their trust completely. She slowly reached for her hand bag and in it the Smith & Wesson handgun with silencer attached neatly concealed in her bag.

She slowly stood up, bag in hand. This attracted the attention of the her three new found fuck-buddies. Their eyes had a glint of confusion in them. "Where do you think you're going miss? We aren't done with you yet", asked Dominic, while pulling his pants up, and buttoning them. The others followed suit. "I know and neither am I", she said with a sly smile, "Just taking out some lube you know. We have a long night ahead of us ".

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"What a slut, she wants more. Fuck.",thought Dominic. Dominic stepped forward and started to move towards the girl. Her hand slid into her bag and in ultimate pain teen anal bbc flash she took her gun.

Pointing it towards Dominic she gave a crooked smile. "Whoa! Whoa! Whoa! Easy lady, take it easy", all three cried out almost in unison. The fear in their eyes was apparent, their muscular bodies trembled.

All of them tried to hide this fact and appear confident in the hopes wanting to appear unafraid. In a twisted turn of events, the hunter had become the hunted. The eyes of the girl, they gleamed. In her creepy blue eyes they saw, for just a fleeting moment, just how fucked up and crazy this girl was. "Bang! Bang!", the bullets whizzed out the barrel hitting Dominic in the shoulders. And then with pin-point accuracy that comes with only years of training, "Bang!

Bang! Bang! Bang!" each bullet hitting the shoulders of Kermit and Nicholas. All three guys were down on the floor groaning in pain. The girl smiled, her hair flowing wildly in the cool breeze that blew. She seemed frightening, a visage out of anyone's most horrific dream. Her devilish giggle cut into the darkness of the night, accompanied by the painful groans and constant swearing of three men. One of the bullets missed Kermit and he wasn't nearly in so much pain.

He got up, groaning, swearing, "FUCK!FUCK!FUCCCCKK!". The rage in him boiling, the adrenaline in him clouding the pain that he felt. He staggered towards the girl, fist clenched and about to drive his fist into the face of the girl.

"What the Lusty megan fox has her bunghole drilled He's still standing after I him. Seems like I'll have to kill him after all.

Good thing I still have my pen with me", she muttered to herself. Kermit was getting closer to her, it was too late to think of a plan now. Taking a step back she dropped her gun and gripped her pen tight in her right hand. Kermit drove his fist towards her face. She ducked, swinging her hand wildly towards her attacker she drove the pen into his ribs.

The pen sunk in deep. Kermit screamed at this sudden penetration and leaned back. Pulling the pen out she jammed it into the eye of her attacker. The blood sprayed out of his eyes like a fountain coating her entire face. Kermit was dead within seconds.

She looked around, Nicholas and Dominic were slowly getting up. She sexily bent down, licked Kermit's blood off her lips, "Hmmm! Tasty!",she muttered and got her gun. "Bang! Bang!", two bullets in the knees of each of the guys. The excruciating pain of having their knees blown out and all over the road resulted in heart-rendering screams from the two brutes.

"No, no, no, don't die just yet. I have yet to have my share of fun with you.", saying this much she picked her red bra up from the road where it lay. Putting it on, she nonchalantly picked her blouse from the street, as if oblivious to the two people lying mortally wounded near seachlatest tollywood romantic xxx ase com story and another dead.

Buttoning up her blouse, she thought for a moment before buttoning the top button. " Maybe I'll keep this one open just for you darling. I need to feel sexy for you. What do you say darling? Don't I look sexy", she said in her sexiest possible voice. It creeped out Nicholas beyond measure. "What do you want??",groaned Nicholas.

Dominic kept his mouth shut, the pain was too much for him to even open his mouth to speak properly. "Oh! Me, nothing, I just want to have some fun with you guys and I want something to eat", saying this she raised her gun and placed the nozzle on Dominic's forehead. She pulled the trigger, "Bang!",she exclaimed. "Hahahahaha", her evil hollow laugh resonated on the empty road. One could see the fear in his eyes as he watched evil incarnate laugh in front of him.

"BANG!", one bullet straight through the forehead of Dominic and he was dead. "Now for some food, it's high time I get something to eat". "Shhh! Poor baby it's gonna hurt just a little bit more", she said as she reached into bag and took out a meat cleaver.

The sight of the cleaver just traumatized Nicholas beyond measure, even though wounded beyond measure he tried his best to crawl away from the evil woman beside him. "Now, Darling don't leave a poor girl like me all alone by myself. Who knows what type of guys might arrive.

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Don't worry. No, I'm not gonna start with you". She went over to Dominic's corpse, bent down beside it, raising cleaver above her she brought it down on Dominic's hand with all her might. "You don't know just how hard it is to cut a person's hand off", raising the cleaver above her head again, she finally managed to cut off Dominic's right hand.

She wasn't done just yet, she cut his t-shirt off. She drove the knife into Dominic's stomach."Damn, why do you guys need to work out so much you don't know how hard it is to go through your abs", she said, each word she spoke further horrified Nicholas.

All Nicholas was now hoping for was a quick painless death. Almost as if reading his mind she said, "Don't you worry child, You'll die last and most painfully." The cleaver cut through Dominic's abs, she took out his intestines and wrapped them around his neck. She grabbed his cut off arm, and threw it on the now semi-unconscious Nicholas. He winced, the hand of his now deceased friend lay beside him. She reached into Dominic's pockets and took out his wallet and cell phone, she glir and glir hand kaking out his licence kept the licence, cell phone and wallet on his chest.

Upon some quick contemplation she took all the money he had in his wallet."Always the little thief aren't you. Always the kleptomaniac", she muttered to herself. She then turned her attention to the corpse of Kermit.

Taking the cleaver with her, she walked towards him and proceeded to try and cut off his head. "Hey Baby, did I mention earlier how difficult it was to chop a person's head.

The trick is to find the right angle", she mentioned to Nicholas almost mocking him. When she managed to cut off Kermit's head, the place was a bloody mess.

"Just for the fun of it, I think I should draw some pentagrams here, people will think that it's the work of a mass murdering Satanic cult", she thought. She drew pentagrams with the blood of Kermit. "My oh my. It is getting late. I'll leave you be it seems. Oh no I can't do that, it's not right" ,she smiled at Nicholas as she said that. She took out Kermit's wallet and cell phone, took out all cash in it and his licence. She placed them on his chest exactly as she had done with Dominic. Grabbing Kermit's head she went near the now almost unconscious Nicholas, she shook him awake, "You can't die just yet I have to have some fun with you." Raising the cleaver she brought it down on his right middle finger.

Nicholas groaned, he didn't have the strength to scream now, he just groaned. She reached for his other arm and cut his other middle finger off. She forced his mouth open, "Open up darling, you're hurt eat this it will make it all better", her haughty creepy but calm laugh was masked by the engine's roar of an approaching vehicle. Her heart froze, she was now truly terrified. Hearing the sound of an oncoming vehicle made Nicholas's heart feel better, he fat mom son force rep safe now.

He lost consciousness .The car's blinding headlight made it impossible for her to see who it was. Her heart sank to the lowest depths it could, she reached out to her gun lying nearby, she became ready to shoot her miya khalifa fist time sex belerd out of she would have to or commit suicide if all else failed.

Her clip still had four bullets left, she wondered what to do. She slowly stood up and put the gun behind her back, by now the car had reached just next to her. The engine stopped, she put the gun to her head now. The door clinked open, her finger on the trigger twitched. But relief washed over her when a well dressed suited man got out of the car. "Oh Dad! You scared me, I would have killed myself right now", she screamed as she ran into her father arms and kissed him on his rough clean shaven cheek.

"Darling, just how many time do I have to tell you to make it quick. What if it weren't me but someone else? What would have happened then? ", the man chastised her.

"But Father it's so much fun when you're doing it all on your own. I just lost track of time. Please forgive me", she pleaded to the man. "Ok but this is the last time you go on a hunt without me, good thing I slipped my GPS tracker into your pocket. And let me help you finish the job. It's final no arguments", he scolded.

"But Daaaaaaddddd." "Quiet" Saying this much he took out a card from his jacket pocket and left it on the body of Nicholas. The man grabbed his daughter's arm and dragged her into the car. The sedan sped off into the darkness.