Madame trixie fat bbw bouncing on fat cock

Madame trixie fat bbw bouncing on fat cock
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Raping the Pastor's Wife You read the name ball batter loads for a seductive adorable girl the story and saw the tags on the story, if you don't like this shit don't read it.

I also understand that no man can cum this amount of times in one day, let it go and just enjoy the fact that a girl is getting cummed on a shit ton. In high school I was desperate for sex, I still am, but back then I was willing to do anything to get it.

It didn't help I was 5'8" 125 and not the hottest guy in town. Since I was still a virgin senior year eyes were still very active when eyeing women. At my church our pastor, Josh, was in his mid 30's and a really cool guy. His wife, Deidra, was a year or 2 younger and smoking hot, she was 5'10", great body for having 2 kids, C cups and a good sized ass.

She had beautiful shapely legs that went down to my personal favorite, her feet, I love feet. I love licking, sucking, fucking, almost any female foot (not into guy's feet).

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I also loved women's shoes, mainly flip flops and sandals, I was happy with high heels but didn't like sneakers that much, all those were good for was sweaty socks. Anyways back to her, the family was originally from Kentucky and from that they had a cute southern accent. She had a beautiful face and was a country girl that loved to go barefoot. She hated shoes and any chance she had to take off her shoes, she would pop them off with her socks too. She preferred flip flops and carol vega anal fucking with her boyfriend in a homemade video usually wearing those and her toe nails were always painted either pink or black.

To say the least I wanted to fuck her and her feet like a termite wanted wood. So during the time I was desperate I had devised a plan to finally get in her pants. I knew that no way on this Earth would she ever agree to actually have sex with me and cheat on her loving husband, so I had to take it. Both my parents worked from around 8-5 and I had a driver's license so I drove myself to school. I also had a deep enough voice so the school believed me if I called myself in (I had ditched quite a few times doing that) so getting a free day to carry out my plan was a non issue.

I knew Deidra was a stay at home mom with their 2 kids (2 and 1 yrs old) and Josh was a substitute teacher but worked at an inner city school that had basically hired him full time. So I knew most days would work but I chose a Friday because I knew he would have a better chance of being at the school and no one would question why I ditched.

So I got all the necessary supplies together and packed them up in the backseat of my car.

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I left that morning and drove by my school, on my cell calling myself in for the day. I made my way to Josh and Deidra's neighborhood and parked a couple blocks away. Thankfully it was winter so no one would question a kid wearing a hoodie and jeans on. My whole outfit except my boxers and socks were bought from my local goodwill and very generic hot chick sucking and riding his dick a description wouldn't render much help.

I brought my duffel bag full of supplies with me and I had my taser my dad bought me, a balaclava I bought, a pair of handcuffs and a dish rag in my hoodie pocket. I walked by the house to see if Josh was gone, his car wasn't there so my plan was good to go and I went around the block to the small alleyway behind the house.

I quickly peeked over to check that the kids weren't in the backyard and then jumped the fence as quietly as possible. I knew that whoever was inside didn't have a clear view of the backyard but I still moved quickly. I made it to the door and checked the door to see if it was unlocked. Thankfully they trusted humanity and didn't lock the backdoor (bad choice on their part). I pulled on my gloves and mask, slid in the door way and pulled out the taser.

As I moved inside I was thankful for noisy kids because they completely covered any noise I could make. I moved to see her back was to me in the kitchen as she was making lunch for the kids. A slight tinge of guilt passed through me as I saw she was just a loving mother, it quickly passed when I saw her ass in booty shorts and a sports bra while barefoot. I set down my duffle quietly and pulled out the tape so it was in quick reach of where I was going to be.

I got directly behind her and tasered her in the back in her mid back, she let out a slight yelp but I quickly muffled any noise as I put my hand above her mouth. I dropped the taser and quickly handcuffed her hands behind her back and shoved the dish rag in her mouth. I moved quickly back to the doorway and brought my bag in and pulled out the tape to make her gag more permanent. I taped her mouth shut and legs together quickly before she could make any warnings to her kids.

I dragged her into the bathroom directly there out of the kids view and shut the door. I went back into the kitchen to see she had set out some snacks on a plate for them. I took off my mask because I knew they both couldn't talk yet so I walked omi hat groe titten young old pantyhose with the plate and said hi really quickly as they knew who I was and we're happy to see me.

I picked them both up, put them in their room and gave them their lunch and closed the door, containing them for my visit. I put my mask back on and made my way to the bathroom. I opened the door and saw Deidra lying there, crying now, I quickly told her "I didn't hurt your kids, they're in there room playing and having madison fox seduces a younger man away from his gf for hard dick. Now listen to me, you're going to do what I say or else I will hurt them, very slowly and in front of you." With that last part I pulled out my flip knife."See?

Ok now that we've gotten that over with I'm going to go explore your house, if I hear you I'm going straight into their room and bringing the littlest one here for a lesson. Do you understand me?" She nodded and laid her head down, eyes still streaming tears. I was never going to hurt her kids I loved the little buggers but I needed to get my point across. So I went into the master bedroom, I moved to her dresser and started emptying her drawers onto the bed.

First was her shirts, then her shorts/pants, the bottom drawer was my treasure chest, her underwear. What poured out surprised even me as there were an impressive amount of thongs and g-strings. But the best surprise was the 3 dildos that fell out, one was a butt plug and one had pussy juice dried onto the tip! I moved those to the side for later use on Deidra and moved on to the closet. A lot of Josh's crap was in there but I kept digging hoping there were more surprises like her dildos in there.

I didn't find anything else like that but I did find all of her shoes and I was in heaven. I grabbed the nearest pair of flip flops and put them up to my nose and smelt, the smell of leather and the pungent smell of feet wafted into my nose. I licked right where the ball of her foot went and tasted leather and a salty taste left by sweaty feet. I had a raging hard on but I couldn't jack off just yet. I grabbed her flip flops and went back to the bathroom and opened the door.

As I walked in I exclaimed "wow aren't you a naughty little girl? I found your dildos and all your panties. Who would've thought a pastor's wife would wear so much lingerie? Anyways onward to out next task." With that I helped her up and escorted her into the living room. I put her flip flops down in front of her and leaned down to cut the tape on her legs. Before I did I looked up and warned her "You try to run and I will see how far this knife can go up your pussy" she nodded quickly and silently, she was a quick learner.

I then told her to step into her flip flops and walk in slow circles for me. I stared at her feet but knew that something was missing, I stopped her and popped out my knife and went behind her. I put the knife pointing down and outwards on her waistband and yanked down xxx hoot story student class hard as I could cutting the backs of her shorts open, showing me her hot ass cheeks with a thin line of fabric she laundry day deepthroat with big tit neighbor underwear tucked in between them.

I cut the shorts again at her thighs and was able to completely take off her shorts. I turned her around and put the tip of the blade under her sports bra, I cut the front of it wide open as her tits bursted out the front and two nipples, hard as rocks, pointed straight back at me. I cut the shoulder straps off and ripped the bra off leaving her topless chest heaving with fear.

I kneeled in front of her and cut off her g-string at the hips and let it fall, leaving the woman of my dream completely naked except for her flip flops in front of me. I picked up her panties and told her to keep walking slowly as I sat down on the couch. I pulled out my raging hard cock and started stroking it with her panties looking at her tits and ass bounce with every step and her toes flex and snap her flip flops every time she took a step.

I was ready to cum very quickly and when I was made her stop and stand on the balls of her feet. I kneeled behind her and rubbed the head of my cock on her soft soles and kissing her beautiful ass cheeks I came on the arches and balls of her feet. I instructed her to keep walking and as she put her foot down I heard the squish of her feet on my hot sticky cum and I saw it ooze out the front in between her toes.

She did a few laps before I made her stop xnxx big black cock 2019 instructed her to sit down in front of me. When she sat down I took off her flip flops and made her scrunch her toes for me to see and look at her toes and wrinkly soles drenched in cum.

I then took the tape off her mouth and told her to lick the cum off of her flip flops and feet. She called me a pig and I slapped her across the face "you will not insult me in any way, you will not address me in any other way besides master or sir, or else I will punish you like how I just did or in any other matter I choose, you will answer to slut, bitch, whore, cunt, or any other disgusting term I can come up with, do you understand me whore?" I roared at her.

She quickly squeaked out a "Yes sir" I leaned back and told her to carry on so she leaned over and stuck her tongue out and licked quickly across her flip flop, barely getting any cum. I grabbed her by the hair and instructed her to stick her tongue out, she did and I made her lick the flip flop clean and good, ensuring she swallowed it all. I let go and told her to lick her foot clean, she quickly obeyed and licked her feet clean and even sucked her toes clean which had me impressed.

I told her that she did a good job sucking her toes without me telling her so I picked her up and escorted her into her bedroom and laid her down ass up. "Now slut, since you have pleased me without being asked I'm going to reward you" I told her.

I spread her ass cheeks and started to lick at her pussy and asshole while fucking her feet with my raging cock. She started to moan against her will, she even put a slight bit of pressure on my dick with her feet.

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I was ready to cum again and put my cock right against her asshole and pushed in slightly as I came, filling her asshole full of cum. She gave a hard moan, her body betraying her and as I saw a small amount of cum running out I got an idea and ran to her closet and grabbed a sexy pair of heels and brought them back and sat her up and leaned her ass over the edge of the couch and made her push the cum out onto her heels.

I later her back down and spit on her asshole, rubbing it in and pushing my finger into her asshole up to the 2nd knuckle. I got her butt plug and slowly but forcefully rammed the plug into her asshole, making her moan out again, I stood her up again and put her feet into her cum soaked high heels.

I walked her into the living room again and made her go down on her hands and knees in front of me. I pulled my still limp dick up and told her to start sucking my balls, mofos i know that girl skinny squirting s licked at them first and soon starting sucking my whole entire sack into her mouth and playing with her tongue.

I think she was actually starting to like this. She got me hard again and I stopped her and pushed my cock into her mouth, I grabbed her by the back of the head and started to face fuck her with her hands behind her back. She started to choke on my cock a little and spit was dribbling out of her mouth down her chest making her tits shine. I quickly had to cum and pulled out and kneeled down to cum on her toes and unloaded on them. She tried to head butt me while I was kneeling, I quickly slapped her and dragged her by the hair into the bathroom where I put her arunachal pradesh girls sex storys the bathtub.

"So you stupid cunt you just aren't going to learn, so here's what I'm going to do, you know I like feet, obviously, well I have another fetish, piss, and you are going to drink all of it and trust me I really have to go!" She begged me not to as I forced her jaw open and pissed everything I could into her mouth before she spat it up and I just finished pissing on the rest of her. I let her sit in the tub, crying, while I went into the other room to get her toys, I checked and saw that two vibrated and I brought them into the bathroom.

I popped the butt plug out of Deidra's ass and made her lick it off, I turned both the vibrators into full blast and pushed one into her pussy and the other into her now gaping asshole. I pushed them in as far as I could and put a piece of tape over her holes to keep them in. "You're going to keep those in for awhile, I'm going to check back in say.30 minutes?

I'm going to keep exploring your house, oh wait up, nevermind." She pleaded me to take them out of her but I put a new piece of tape over her mouth and looked over at the dirty laundry basket right there and started to sort out clothes. I threw all of Josh's clothes in a pile and found all of Deidra's underwear and socks.

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I found all the sexier ones and on a few noticed little dark stains from her pussy left in them. I licked on the spots and found they had musky tastes and I was enjoying them, all of her socks smelt like sweaty feet and I enjoyed sniffing and tasting them was even better. I wrapped a sock around my cock and started stroking with it watching Deidra slowly get aroused with two vibrators filling her up.

I was soon ready to cum again so I opened her mouth again and started to fuck her throat till I came down it, I could feel Deidra slightly choke then swallow my cum down her throat. After about 20 minutes she was nearing orgasm and slowly getting louder the pal gets obese one eyed monster sucked hardcore blowjob she was to cumming. I just sat and watched, seeing her piss, spit, sweat, and slightly cum covered chest heave up and down with pure sexual arousal.

Around 30 minutes she started to cum, her eyes rolled back into her head and I could see her cute little toes curl. I didn't take the vibrators out because I wanted to see what would happen, about a minute after she came she started to shake, eyes still rolled back. 3 minutes after she looked like she was having a seizure, then she suddenly stopped moving, eyes closed I thought I had just killed her I panicked and checked her pulse.

She was still beating but she had passed out from sheer pleasure, I took off the tape and removed the vibrators and turned them off, I licked off the sweet pussy juices on the vibrators and saw her pussy still leaking juices. I leaned in and licked her pussy getting as much pussy juice as I could. I had gotten hard and needed to cum again, I took the heels off her feet and used her cute little toes that had pink nail polish on them to jack off my cock, when I came I went all over her face and tits.

It was too good looking so I grabbed my phone and positioned her with her legs spread wide open, and her feet on display and I took a ton of pictures. I pulled my pants up and took off my mask as I walked out of the bathroom to go check on the kids. I poked my head into their room to see them both peacefully sleeping, having a good day not knowing what their mother was going through. I checked my phone to see it was only 10:30, we had only 2 1/2 hrs together and we still had around 3 1/2 more to go.

I shut the door and went back into the bathroom to see a still passed out Deidra, I turned on the shower and washed her off quickly to get all the piss and fluids off of her. At this point she had slightly awoken but was still groggy so I picked her up and carried her to the bedroom. I flipped her hands around so she was handcuffed facing up with her hands above her head hooked to the headboard.

I started kneeling over her face making her suck my balls, I pulled out my phone and took a lot of pictures of that and of her sucking on my dick. I then moved down to her pussy and pushed my cock into her hot, pink, depths and fucked her like a madman while sucking on her toes. I came pretty quickly inside her pussy and pulled brazilian daniella rides cock by the pool doggystyle anal sex watching the cum drop out of her.

To get hard I started sucking and licking her feet and toes, getting me hard very quickly. I pushed into her asshole and started fucking her dirty little asshole and as I was fucking her she started to moan, I took off her tape and whispered hoarsely in her ear "you're starting to like this you little slut aren't you?

you love it when a man treats you like the dirty little cunt you really are huh?" She screamed into my ear "YES MASTER, I LOVE MEN TREATING ME LIKE A DIRTY SLUT, PLEASE KEEP FUCKING MY DIRTY LITTLE ASSHOLE AND MY LOOSE PUSSY!!!" I was shocked, I knew she had moaned from pleasure a few times but who would've thought she would have liked this.

With it I felt her start pushing back on my dick with all she had and we were fucking like animals as I felt her asshole start to clamp down on my cock as she started to cum and pushed me over the edge and I filled her ass up to the brim with cum. She wanted me to get a good pair of sandals she had and she wanted to model them for me with cum on them as she pushed the cum out onto her sandals and modeled them for me naked.

While her back was turned to busty gianna on her first time as amateur I pulled my mask off, when she turned back around she looked at me with a puzzled look and then with a smirk chuckled "I knew it" as she knelt down in front of me and started blowing my cock.

She didn't want to spend too much time blowing me and leaned back to give me a proper footjob with her cummy soles. Her feet glided over my cock and sent me reeling back and I was in heaven as I came all over her feet and watched her clean them off and then get a small bit left on her finger and push it as deep into her pussy as her finger would go.

We walked into the bathroom again and kneeled down in the bathtub and asked me to pee on her again. So I pissed on the top of her head soaking her hair and then she leaned back and opened her mouth and caught a good drink of piss which she swallowed like a good slut. She turned on the shower to give us one good shower fuck before I left, the hot water started to come down on us getting us both very hot. She kicked one foot up onto my shoulder and then put my cock in her pussy.

We started out slowly and I moved her foot so I could lick it while fucking her, she loved having her feet licked as it turned out and I pushed her to orgasm a lot quicker but before she could I picked her up and pinned her against the wall with both feet over my shoulders with me pounding her into the wall.

She and I came at the same time with her pussy milking my cock for all it was worth, I filled up her pussy with my cum and watched it run out and down her leg as we finished our shower.

I helped her clean up and afterwards I found out she loved domination, feet, and piss. She was my perfect sex slave and when I told her what I wanted she completely agreed, which was a sex slave I could call at anytime to come service me sexually in any way possible.

As I packed up my stuff she told she wanted me at least twice a month to do what I did that day which was bust in and "rape" her like an innocent girl. I agreed and then as a parting gift she gave a pair of used panties and socks as well as a pair of sandals she wanted to wear on Sunday but she needed me to "fix them" before she could wear them and she needed them back by Sunday.

I put all my special items in my duffel and walked out the front door back to my car and home. We exchanged phone numbers and I jacked off with her panties wrapped around my cock and sock in my mouth looking at the photos I took of her. I came on dads matured cock raiding maya kendrick on top sandals about 5 times covering them in cum and before church started I went to her house and gave them to her, she looked at them in shock but quickly tossed them on, that same satisfying squish of cum on feet sounded in my ears.

She quickly kissed me and flashed a tit pulling down her dress and then we went into the service. Midway through the service I wanted to test my power over her and texted "go to men's bathroom in 2 min, PANTIES OFF" I sat down in the stall and waited for her, I heard the door open and saw her gorgeous feet under the stall so I came out and pulled her into the stall and sat her down.

She gave me her panties wadded in her hand and I gave her the panties and sock she gave me back but drenched in cum. She stuffed them in her purse and asked what did I want to do so I grabbed two big handfuls of her hair and she knew what to do so she pulled down my zipper and started sucking on my cock.

I pulled her head and started face fucking her, she tried to not choke but couldn't help and got a little bit of spit down the front of her dress. I came in her throat and then pulled up her dress and just put the tip of my cock in her pussy and unloaded a hot load of piss inside sex sunny leon story com. Now I'm just waiting for my next "rape" day.

Part 2 tell me I'm good with one but if you want another tell me!