Flawless petite girl gets her narrowed hole and tiny butthole screwed

Flawless petite girl gets her narrowed hole and tiny butthole screwed
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CHAPTER 7: REPORT Claire moaned as the tentacles virgin sister and brother sex vfo back and forth, deep inside all three of her holes.

By now she had become accustomed to the triple penetration, which meant she could enjoy it for a little longer before her orgasm overpowered her. She was starting to get better at the deep throating too, as she sucked the tentacle greedily. Even the wet squishy sounds of the tentacles sliding in and out of her pussy and ass turned her on. She could hear Gruthsorik moaning as his monstrous cocks enjoyed her body and he soaked up her own enjoyment.

"I think you're ready a frustration mom and a son 2 this now," he suddenly announced. Ready for what? Claire wondered, and then she got her answer as she felt another tentacle pushing into her pussy. Her eyes widened and she started to protest, but she couldn't say anything with a tentacle stuffed in her mouth.

Muffled words gave way to a muffled screams as her pussy was stretched wide by the second invader. Her hands stopped stroking their tentacles and instead squeezed them tightly as the tentacle slowly worked its way up alongside the first one. When finally there were two tentacles fully filling her pussy, they started fucking her, moving together in and out.

A new level of pleasure started to mix with the discomfort. The new tentacle pushing at her ass caused renewed panic. She shook her no and begged with her eyes for Gruthsorik to stop. Her eyes screwed shut and she screamed again as it pushed in anyway. She felt like she would be torn in two as her ass became double filled just like her pussy.

Five tentacles filled her three holes to their limit. As the twin tentacles jammed up her ass started to fuck in and out, she came. Her body shook as the orgasm rolled over her body again and again.

Gruthsorik yelled out from his own orgasm, spraying Claire with his warm sticky jism, pumping double loads into her pussy and ass. It poured out of both fuck holes around the four tentacles within, unable to hold it all. Claire barely noticed when Gruthsorik released her onto the floor, her mind had fogged up, too tired and overwhelmed with sensation to put even half a thought together.

Her vacant eyes were rolled back and her mouth hung open with cum dribbling out, her pussy and ass once again empty and more sore than they had ever been. Eventually her faculties started to slowly return. She tilted her head up and saw Gruthsorik staring at her, a smug satisfied expression on his face, as if he was enjoying just looking at her like this, admiring his handiwork.

"Jesus fucking Christ, how many of those things do you have, anyway?" she asked weakly. "That was the full complement. All twelve," Gruthsorik answered.

She did a quick count in her head. Legs, arms, breasts, clit and mouth, pussy, ass. Yes, that made twelve. That stunt was going to take some getting used to. She looked forward to it. - - - The group before her filed out of the conference room and into the hallway where Claire was waiting. "They're ready for you in there. Good luck," one of them said.

Claire nodded thanks these college beautiful sluts hardcore and reality went in. A dais ran across the front of the room, at which sat the committee that oversaw all US military black research projects such as her own. Three generals from different branches with a lot of stars between them, and two senior senators. She was in Washington D.C., deep within the Pentagon, here for her annual review. General Miller of the Army took the lead by announcing her officially.

"Dr. Claire Thompson, of the Institute for Xenobiology and Cryptobiology. Good to see you again Dr. Thompson." "Good to be here, sir," she replied. The General continued, "Along with the usual assortment of things that go bump in the night, you have something new for us this year, this 'rape demon' as you call it?" "Yes sir," Claire said. "Your report made for very interesting reading, doctor. Can you elaborate a little more for me on your assessment of the creature's personality?" he asked.

"He's an uncivilized, sadistic brute, and unapologetically so, but I suspect it's largely a product of his biology," she explained. "With his normal modus operandi taken away, he's surprisingly well-spoken and intelligent.

Yet he is almost entirely amoral and unsympathetic, acting only in his own self-interest, without regard to his impact on those who are not receptive to him." "I'm a little unclear about something in your report, Dr. Thompson," said the Navy representative, General Spring. "This creature describes itself as feeding off sex, or rather the 'emotions' from sex so to speak.

Then you refer several times to feeding it, yet you're very vague on exactly what you've been providing, what you've found that's able to sustain it." Claire felt herself blush deep red.

Of course she'd been vague. No way around it though, she'd have to admit to it. "Well I. I. I've been feeding him with. myself, sir." "If you're saying what I im wet just thinking about sucking your dick aria alexander you are, and I suspected as much, are you sure that's safe?" asked Senator Lucille Whitman, the only other woman present. "By the creature's own admission there are health risks." "Yes, Ma'am.

I'm limiting my contact. the, um, feedings, as much as possible," Claire stammered. "I do have to keep him alive, but it's on a starvation diet, if you will. I believe the risks to be minimal until an alternative can be found." Not that she was in any hurry to find something different for Gruthsorik. As it was she wished she could personally feed him more often.

Much more often. "On the contrary, you must explore the risks further, observe and document them all the way to the grim end if necessary," said Air Force General Howe.

"Not using yourself, of course, but if you can figure how out this telepathic transfer of energy works and exactly how it effects the body, it could have medical applications. Perhaps military ones as well." Claire was shocked. "Are you suggesting I perform human experimentation? That's against everything a-" "Dr. Thompson," interrupted General Miller. "I realize this is your first major undertaking since you took over your Institute.

Let me remind you of something. The black operations of the United States military aren't just about keeping things secret that the public isn't ready to know.

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Sometimes they are about doing things that the public might not approve of, taking questionable actions for the good of the people and our great country. This is the job you signed on for. Can you handle it?" "Y-yes, sir," Claire managed.

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"Now hold on here," Senator Haas said. "Let's not be unreasonable. Dr. Thompson, I applaud your scientific and bitch is having fun with a sex machine ethics. It's important not to lose sight of that.

But your charter is the expansion of knowledge for the protection and betterment of our nation and the world. I don't like it any more than you do but the generals are right. This monster is a parasite and the study of all parasites and diseases start with the study of those affected by them. We're not suggesting you snatch a girl off the street like some kind of comic book mad scientist. Prison inmates are often used for volunteers in medical trials.

There are a lot of regulations for it, but they are routinely ignored by pharmaceutical companies and the government as well. I'm sure you can find a test subject everyone can be comfortable with regarding the consequences.

Somebody off of death row, perhaps." The rest of the committee nodded in approval.

Claire realized she didn't have much of a choice. Oh well, in for a penny, in for a pound. Better make the most of it, then. "I'll start evaluating potential candidates right away," she said.

"Then it's settled," said General Spring. "Doctor, your funding is reapproved at its current level for another year. Keep up the good work, and get it done. Dismissed." Continued in Chapter 8: Convict - - - This work is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License.