Faketaxi swingers couple get it on in taxi

Faketaxi swingers couple get it on in taxi
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I woke early the next morning to a massive hard cock and the smell of sex that lingered in my room. As I started to recall the actions of last night, my cock felt like it was going to burst.

I quickly pulled down my boxers and begin to stroke my dick, thinking of Taylor's sweet little pussy. As I finally reached my orgasm the first shot of cum manage to shoot and hit my chin.

I had never shot a load that far before, I knew from this day on sexual pleasures was going to be a whole new world. After I cleaned myself up I headed downstairs and to my surprise found Taylor sitting on the couch watching TV.

I looked at her very curious and asked her what she was doing up this early. She explained to me that she was always a early riser and then she told me that my parents had already gotten up and left to go shopping for some things.

She told me that they wouldn't be back for a few hours. I walked over to the couch and sat down next to her as she quickly cuddled up with me. Soon I felt her little hands grabbing my cock through my basketball shorts as she looked up at me with a smile.

Didn't get enough of it last night I asked her, as she told me no and pulled back my shorts and boxers to reveal my soft cock. Her mouth was quickly sucking on my dick, I was really shocked to see her aggression. I mean just hours ago she didn't even have a clue about oral sex and now she was giving it without me even asking.

I stroked her hair as I quickly became aroused again and my cock was once again fully erect. I leaned back as she continued to work, enjoying the talent she had, with the little experience she had. I soon found myself ready to blow my rocks for the second time this morning. I closed my eyes and gave a moan as I started to shoot my load into her mouth.

Fortunately for her it was not a lot because I had just blew my load fifteen minutes earlier. As I finished spilling my load into her mouth, she sucked up every drop just like the night before. When she finished she covered up my cock with my basketball shorts and looked up with me a smile.

Thank you I told her. How about breakfast I asked her as I got up from the couch and headed for the kitchen. I mean I know you stunning orgasms for a hawt gorgeous hottie got done enjoying a protein shake I said laughing. I could tell that she didn't understand the joke at all but she still mustard up a fake laugh. I grabbed a couple waffles out of the fridge and popped them in the toaster. In the mean time I grabbed two glasses and poured us some juice.

Taylor just sat at the kitchen table with a big smile on her face. After the waffles were done I grabbed some for her and took them to the table with her juice. As I served her breakfast, I leaned in to still a quick kiss. I grabbed my food and sat across from her. We talked about a whole bunch of things including school, my sister, and just life in general.

For her only being twelve years old I must say I greatly enjoyed he conversation. After she was done and I had finished mine, I collected our dishes and started to clean them as she returned back to the couch. I finished quickly and joined her on the couch where she snuggled up with me again.

We watched Saturday morning cartoons, which I had not done in forever, and we both laughed our heads off. After about thirty minutes she lifted her head from the my chest and planted me with a kiss.

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She then rose up off the couch and started to walk upstairs as I watched her tight mom teaching teen son sex stories and slender legs.

She turns around and with one single finger orders me to follow her. This is crazy I thought, I am a sexual slave to a twelve-year old girl and I am loving it. I quickly ran behind her and followed her up the stairs and into the upstairs bathroom.

I watched her lean into the shower and turn on the water. She then turns around and without saying one single word pulls off her t-shirt, as I see her little bra which is blue with pink straps and little bows on it. She reaches behind her back and unhooks the back of her bra and slowly slips it off. She then grabs the band of her shorts and removes them from covering her tight little ass.

She had change her panties from the night before, these were a little less material.

It wasn't quite a thong but a pretty close substitute for a thong. She removed her panties after her shorts and then slowly climbed into the shower. Then I see her hand poke back out of the shower with the one finger once again, singling for me to join her.

I was undressed and climbing into the shower in just a few seconds, wasting no time at all. There we stood in the shower looking at each other as I watched the water wash over her virgin body. I stared at her soft mound that I was getting to look at for the first time in the light, and it was beautiful.

A completely tight bare little pussy with just a few whiskers of hair beginning to pop out. Then she spoke, " I'm Ready" that was all she said and I knew what she wanted from me. She wanted me to take her innocent virgin body right there in the shower.

Still nervous about the age difference I was not sure that I wanted to, but as I stared into her eyes she doesnt miss a drop in her mouth decision was made. I bent over and kissed her softly on the lips as our tongues met and we begin to make out.

I slowly wrapped my hands around her ass cheeks and begin to lift her off the ground. Her little body could not weighted anymore then about eighty five pounds. Once I had lifted her so her tight little pussy was even with my ragging cock, I pinned her back up against the wall. Once she was up against the wall I released her little butt with one hand to ebony hottie aaliyah hadid has her pussy pummeled my dick and guide it to the entrance of her pussy.

I teased her as I ran the head of my pennies up and down the slit of her vagina. Then looking her in the eyes I asked her if this was really what she wanted, she shook her head yes to me. I begin to apply some pressure as the head of my cock slipped into her pussy, I felt her instantly tighten up, and her breathing begin to accelerate.

I told her that she need to relax for this work, and that the pain would be gone shortly. As I feel her finally begin to relax I begin to apply pressure again and my cock slowly starts to slip in again.

Her legs were locked behind my back and every inch I pushed end the tighter her legs got. She was starting to take the presence of my cock inside of her a lot better. Then finally I ran into it, her hymen,her eyes were closed and her breathes were deep, and with one great thrust I ripped through her hymen and my cock slid completely into her pussy, all seven inches. She let out a scream which sounded like a mixture of pain and pleasure combined. Then I felt the blood start to rush as I looked down and saw it drain out of her vagina and down into the stream of shower water.

I looked back up her and she had tears in her eyes, I asked her if she wanted to stop. She begin to beg me to continue and that she wanted this to be just like it would be with any other girl. After a couple minutes, when she had finally settled down from the shock of losing her virginity, I being to move my cock again. I slowly started to pump, pulling about four inches out and then back in.

She was so incredibly tight and I knew it would not be long before I would begin to cum again. I was lost in a heaven as I was fucking this beautiful twelve year old goddess. I slowly and passionately continued to make love to her, as I felt her begin to thrust her hips I motion with me. I lowered my head and took one of little tits in my mouth as I continued to stroke my cock in her. As my tongue played with her tiny hard nipple she begin to moan. Then I felt myself start to cum and I begin shooting my load into her pussy and at the same time I felt her pussy tighten and her begin to moan louder as she to reached her orgasm.

I finished shooting my load but her orgasm continued as i continued to suck her tit. she finally started coming down from her orgasm as I could fell her body tremble. Hey chin was rested on my shoulder and her legs that were once wrapped around my back, had fallen down so they dangled. When her orgasm had finished I brought my mouth from her breast and gave her a nice long kiss.

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Once we were both finished we sat there for a minute and then it hit me, I had completely forgotten a condom. In fear I asked her if she had had her first period yet as she explained to me that she had had her first about four months ago.

She then explained that she had one more since then but it had been almost two months since that one. I dismounted her from my cock and set her back down on the shower floor as the water continued to run over us.As as set her down, she had to catch her balance, still adjusting to her first fuck.

I thought for a minute and then thought to myself, honestly what could the odds be. After calming myself down from my short scare I kissed her and turned off the water as we climbed out and xxxi story 8 age dow to dry each other off. We both begin to get redressed, and once finished I looked back at her to see her standing there fully dressed except for something in her hands.

Then I realize that she was holding her little panties in her hand, she comes over and pulls cheater assfucked and creampie on casting couch girlfriend and cheating my basketball shorts and drops her panties in on top of my cock.

She then opens the door and walks out and back down the stairs as I can tell she is walking funny from her first time of having sex. I pulled the panties out of my shorts and took them to japanese teen takes on a group of guys uncensored room as I put them in my desk drawer next to my box of condoms.

After I hid my new prized possession I went back downstairs to find that my sister was now up and talking to Taylor. Megan(my sister) asked me if I had just woke up, as I lied to her and told her yes, I could see a small smile on Taylor's face.

My sister asked me if I would go swimming with her and Taylor in the pool, because they were not allowed to swim without supervision. I agree and told them I would go up and change and meet them out at the pool.

They headed off to the guest room to get changed and I headed up to my room. I grabbed my swim trunks and put them on and then walked over to my desk and got out Taylor's panties, I took a good whiff of them before putting them back away. After my little sexual high I headed downstairs and out to the pool, I pulled up a lawn chair and waited for them to join me.

Then the back door flung open and my sister came out first. Megan is two years older then Taylor, at fourteen she was pretty well developed for her age. She was five-four with a very slender tan legs that was met by nice shapely hips.

Her hips ran into nice toned torso that didn't show an ounce of fat. She had a nice rack of 34B tits that she like to show off all the time. All this with her cute little face and perfect little smile, her blue eyes and long brunette hair, I would say she was a goddess.

Now don't get me wrong, although I recognize how incredibly hot my sister is, I have never been sexually attracted to her. She walked out to the pool wearing a solid black bikini that I had never seen her wear before.

Right behind her came Taylor who to my surprise was wearing a skimpy little blue bikini. The bikini was about half the material of Megan's and I would of called Megan's bikini borderline sluttish. She walked out with a little strut, wearing her pair of sun glasses as her and Megan walked down near me. Megan asked Taylor to rub her down with sun tan lotion, after Taylor agreed to do Megan, Taylor asked me to do her. As she turned around and started rubbing Meagan's back down, I put some lotion on my hand and started to rub Taylor's legs.

As I rubbed up her legs I peaked around her ass to make sure my sister was facing away before I slipped my hands under her bikini and begin to rub her pussy.

I could feel her knees buckle a little at the first touch of my lotion hands touching her recently fucked pussy. I rubbed her for about thirty seconds before I pulled my hands out and finished wiping her down, spending extra time on her ass and tits. After I was finished I grabbed her and threw her into the pool, pointing and laughing at her when the next thing I know my sister pushes me in from behind.

Then Megan dived into the pool and we all begin to splash water at each other, I mean it was like a scene out of a movie. Megan and Taylor were soon in the shallow end wrestling each other and laughing.

Taylor then accidentally ended up smacking Megan's boob as her arm flung around one time. In retaliation Megan slapped Taylor right back in the chest as she giggled at her actions.

They then got into a tit smacking war, I think that they had completely forgot I was still in the pool. Then I felt myself starting to get hard from watching them, I swam over to the deep end of the pool to hide my erection.

As much as I wanted to fool myself I knew this erection was not from Taylor's flat chest being smacked. Instead it was from watching my sister Megan's tits bounce up and down every time they were slapped. I mean what was I thinking, this is my sister, my flesh and blood. I tried hard to get the image out of my head, but the harder I tried the more I thought about sucking and fucking her tits.

I soon snapped back from my day dream and found myself with my hand down my pants rubbing my cock. I quickly pulled my hand out and looked at them to see if they were watching. Lucky for me the girl's war had not ended and neither of them noticed me jacking off to them in the deep end. Then they both finally stopped and sat there laughing, they must have laughed about it for ten minutes before Megan headed for the stairs.

Megan climbed out of the pool and yelled back to us. She told us that she was going to run in and call some of her other friends to come over and swim too, as she disappeared into the house. As I watched her walk into the house the next thing that I know I feel Taylor's hand wrapped around my dick. Jesus I thought how horny could this little girl be, or was she just doing it because she thought she had too. Either way I didn't really care as I turned around to look at her and give her a kiss.

We both swam over to the deep end and hid under the diving board so we could not be seen from the house. Also there was a slight edge that we could stand on over there. She dropped her hands into my shorts and begin to jack me off as I returned the favor by slipping two fingers into her pussy. I started to kiss her neck as we continued to masturbate for each other. My lust for her had turned into pure passion for her young vixen body. As I continued to suck on her neck I could feel her slow down and her body begin to tremble.

Soon she was moaning and having her orgasm as she begins to cum on my fingers. After she settles down from her orgasm, she picks the pace back up on jacking me off, as I keep finding new places on her neck to kiss. Soon I too was cumming and I moaned softly onto her neck as I shot my load in the pool. Then I heard a sound behind us as I quickly turned around to see Megan standing there. "So who forgot to invite me to this party" she says and then to my shock she takes off her top to let her breast fall out and she dives into the pool towards us.