Tlbc two black dicks plus one white chick

Tlbc two black dicks plus one white chick
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Helena was tall with thick, long dark hair and big brown eyes. She had just arrived in New York from Colombia 3 months ago and was still trying to get her head around the craziness of the English language. She was glad to be there, learning and just starting to work for a local commercial editing and color grading agency. After a recent break up, she had signed up for Tinder, half expecting to find nothing at all, but hoping she might get lucky.

As usual, everyone was either ignoring her or looking for a MFF threesome. Then one Friday evening, while getting swipe-happy, someone finally reached out with a message and started a real conversation. Her name was Maria, she was a local New Yorker, and she wanted to meet in person. Helena was excited. More than excited. She was wet.

And she hadn't even left the house. She took the subway in from Brooklyn to the city and made her way to the café Maria had suggested. Helena was there right on time. After 5 minutes, she began to grow worried.

"What if Maria didn't come? What if she…" But Helena didn't get to finish her thought as Maria walked through the café doors. She was thunderstruck. Maria was just as beautiful in real life as she was in her photos.

Shoulder length dark blonde hair, deep blue eyes and the sexiest pair of hips leading up to a stunning, petite waist that Helena was immediately fantasizing about wrapping her legs around. She stood up to greet Maria and they both kissed on the cheek and hugged politely. "Sorry I'm late! I had to park my car and walk a couple blocks." hot rainia gets free hot sex in the car course!

It's fine" Helena replied. They sat down and continued to chat about life, Helena's reasons for moving to New York, what Maria did for work, food, politics, travel…and then Helena gracefully steered the conversation toward past sexual encounters. "What was your first time with a woman like?" Helena asked Maria. "Oh I knew from when I was pretty young.

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My first time on Tinder was with someone who wasn't as experienced as me so it was kind of awkward. But the second one was amazing. We clicked, it was easy and there was no drama. After all this is just sex, it's meant to be enjoyed and there doesn't have to be any more that that, you know?" "I completely agree" Helena nodded. "I mean, I've just come out of a relationship so that is definitely the case for me. But also I feel like people in Colombia are just more open than New Yorkers.

You're all so up tight here!" Maria's laughter of agreement tinkled brightly and Helena squeezed her legs together. She tried not to bite her lip while being drawn in my Maria's smile…and her white business shirt, slightly sheer with her bra just showing through where the fourth button struggled to keep her breasts from bursting out.

"So what do you think?

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Should we do something?" Maria asked all of a sudden, waking Helena out of her brief reverie. Helena perked up immediately "Yes." The statement was clear. She was drunk with anticipation for what could happen next between them. "Where should we go? I'm new, so I'm not sure." she said.

After paying the check they both stepped outside and Maria proposed, "Why don't we go for a walk?" "Ok" Helena replied. Now she could tell Maria was a tease. Why would she make her wait? They walked around a few blocks and when there was finally a pause in the conversation, Helena demanded quietly, "Let's go to your car". "Ok" Maria replied, now relinquishing control of the situation to Helena.

After a few blocks, they approached Maria's black tinted window jeep. Helena opened the door and they both climbed in. Without wasting a moment, Helena grabbed the back of Maria's head and pulled her in for a long, deep kiss. Her tongue rolled slowly around Helena's mouth. She traced Maria's lips with her own, sucked on her tongue, and lightly bit her plump bottom lip. Maria let out a soft moan. Helena put her hand on Maria's thigh, gently rubbing upward.

She could feel Maria's body begin to relax against her, her breathing got faster as Helena pushed her tongue deeper. A horn beeping nearby startled Maria out of the kiss. Helena could tell they wouldn't truly be able to finish here in the car. They needed somewhere more private. "How about we take this to my office?" Maria suggested, breathless.

Helena nodded, her pulse quickened. Maria started the car and pulled out from the curb. "How are you feeling?" Helena asked, her hand still rubbing up Maria's sheer stocking legs. "Excited" Maria murmured, as she tried to keep her eyes focused on the road. Her office was not far. As soon as they arrived, Maria swiped her key card and led Helena up the stairs. They went pulled euro doggystyled in public restroom european pulling to the spare office, a single large couch in the corner, big enough for them to both sit on.

They immediately both sat down and embraced again, picking up where they had left off. Their hands were now all over one another. Helena gripped the sides of Maria's arms, pushing her back and unbuttoning her shirt so that just her bright red bra remained. Helena was hungry to suck on Maria's breasts. They were so round and supple. She reached around and unclipped her bra as well, immediately cupping Maria's tits and sucking the nipple deeply, flicking her tongue across each lightly as Maria arched her back and began to writhe with pleasure beneath her.

While she was attending to Maria's breasts, Maria had pulled down the top half of Helena's bra cups and begun pulling on Helena's nipples, pulling harder as Helena sucked harder.

Helena shifted back and could see Maria open her eyes and drink in the sight of her voluptuous breasts. Helena knew her own were double the size of Maria's, and it seemed Maria couldn't take her eyes off them. Both their tops were off now, and Maria quickly unclipped Helena's bra, letting her full bosom leap out into the cool air. Helena nice mom and teen suspect was taken to backroom lp police for a derobe search which forward and Maria buried her face in them, hungrily placing long licks across the nipples, squeezing them sharply as she also reached around to put her hand down the back of Helena's pants and shifted her closer.

Maria lay back against the back of the couch, her legs spread, and Helena towered on top of her. She grabbed Maria's skirt and stockings and pulled them off until Maria was completely naked except for her cream panties.

Helena noticed a darker spot right in the middle of them. Maria was clearly soaking wet, and the sight sent Helena into overdrive.

She removed her pants, and Maria's panties, now just her own G-string remaining and continued to kiss Maria passionately, first pressing her fingers slowly down on the top of Maria's pussy, then down through the slick wetness of her exposed slit. Helena felt a jolt of pleasure go through her as she realized just how desperately horny on Maria was for her. She knew that Maria would let her do anything she wanted to her. Helena lowered herself down and started slowly humping Maria's now exposed mound as both of them continued to breathe hoarsely.

Maria's hands were all over her ass, then pulling back the front of Helen's G-string and dragging Helena closer to have their pussies touch for the very first time. It was electrifying. Maria's legs were completely splayed open, her own eyes looking intensely down at the lewd scene before her.

Helena glanced up to see Maria looking lustfully at her own cunt and couldn't hold back any longer.

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She needed to taste her. She took her own G-string off, pushed Maria's legs back further and got down on her knees and took one, long lick from the bottom to top of Maria's juicy pussy. "Ahhhhgggghhh" Maria let out a cry of delight, grabbing onto Helena's hair, pushing herself against Helena's open mouth.

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Helena licked again, then suckled on Maria's swollen clit, massaging it with her tongue as Maria writhed beneath Helena's firm grip on her hips. Helena licked again, this time right across Maria's asshole and up through the now wet mess that was Maria's glistening cunt.

"Ugggghhhhhhgg" Maria cried out again, now more frantically pushing her hips forward, her feet still wide but resting on Grant michaels and renae cruz in route 69 shoulders and her hands grabbing and pulling Helena's hair. "Ooooh. Oh fuck. Ooo ooh god, you're gonna make be cum so quick". She stammered. "Do it." Helena commanded her between long licks of her pink slit. Maria was now on the edge and Helena knew it was only a matter of seconds before she "ahhhgghhhhhahh fuuuuuckk yyessss" Maria squealed as she pressed her now sopping wet cunt right into Helena's face.

Helena held onto Maria's hips as she buckled underneath the wave of her orgasm, her clit so engorged she could feel the after shock of Maria's orgasm pulsing against her own tongue. Helena kept licking, but slower now, more gently. As her tongue grazed across Maria's hood, Maria would spasm lightly, the area now extremely sensitive to any touch. Once Maria had partly recovered, she drew Helena up from between her legs and kissed her long and deep on the filthy lesbians cant stop the sex dildo toy, taking in the scent and taste of her own pussy juices.

Helena stood up and pushed one of Maria's long legs back, opening into front splits, then positioned herself over them, bringing herself into the perfect tribbing position. Maria looked up at her lustfully as she lowered her protruding pussy lips down again onto Maria's wide-open slut hole.

She gripped tightly onto Maria's leg and begun moving back and forth, sliding across her glistening cunt. Maria then grabbed onto one of Helena's big dangling breasts with one hand, and the top of her own mound with the other, to expose the clit to Helena's with more precision.

As both women continued to rock against one another, Helena was struggling to get the leverage she needed, to get as close to Maria's clit as she wanted to. In one swift motion, she pulled Maria to her feet. "Get on the floor and lie down", she demanded. Maria obeyed immediately, lifting her leg back into the same position obediently. Helena positioned herself over Maria's recovering vagina and both women pulled back their outer pussy lips to connect their inner lips together.

As their flesh connected, they sighed in harmony, and then began to move in rhythm once more. Helena's hips moved faster and faster, grinding deeply onto Maria.

"Ooohhhhhh" the both wailed, their breasts bouncing in unison, their desire building to climax. Helena could see Maria was about to cum again so she thought changing positions might tease her, slow her down. She lifted herself up and lay down on the floor, inviting Maria to take charge of tribbing on top of her. Maria took the reigns with ease. She took Helena's left leg and pushed it back, then positioned herself sideways across Helena's now puffy cunt.

Groaning in anticipation, she pushed Helena's outer lips aside and then swiped her own wet slit across the red, raw vagina beneath her.

Maria was completely gone. Her eyes were glazed over with pure bliss. Juice was seeping out from her hole and down Helena's ass crack as Maria squatted over her prize, her nipples hard as rock as she surveyed the display beneath her.

Helena couldn't believe it. This beautiful, gorgeous slut above her was hers, and Maria was going to cum all over her, a second time. Helena would play one last teasing card to hold Maria back from her ultimate pleasure.

She moved back and grabbed Maria, positioning her to lay back on top of her, legs splayed out once more, now with Helena's mound humping against Maria's ass from behind. She then began kneading and fondling Marias left breast with her left hand, while her right hand snaked around to Maria's now quivering quim, waiting just a second, before plunging two fingers into Maria's sopping wet twat.

Maria immediately began humping up into the air, pushing against Helena's two fingers that were now deep inside her. Her ass cheeks bouncing and almost clenching around Helena's plump mound beneath her, as she was finger fucked by the Columbian beauty - harder, and harder, and harder.

Maria had lost all abandon now, all sense of time. All she wanted was to cream as hard as she could, all over her Columbian cum buddy. "Ohhhhhhhhgggg oghh your fingers feel so good inside of me. Fuck me deeper" she moaned as Helena's fingers plunged deep inside her again. Her own fingers now wildly frigging her own clit while Helena worked excitedly on her g-spot.

The orgasm was building, faster and faster now. She knew it was so close, "Uhhhhggh", "uuggghhh god" she grunted and groaned, fucking Sex fairy tales storys porn porn porn jav turk evli komsusunu sikiyor fingers high into the air, banging against her mound "aaaaaaghh fuuuuckkk meeee.

ooh my goddd I'm gonna cum. Uhggg I'm cummming all over you Helena. I think I'm gonna squirt. Uhhhhggggg." And with that, Maria's cunt exploded, her pussy milk squirting out onto Helena's hand. The sweet nectar dripped down her own ass crack and onto Helena's waiting clit, sending Helena into an instant orgasm of her own, "aaaaahhhhhhhhhii Mariiiiiaaaaa" she cried out in ecstasy, pinching both of Maria's breasts at once while she squealed, before both of them finished their orgasms and slumped down onto the floor next to one another, completely spent.

"I want there to be a next time Helena. I want you to fuck me again." Maria whispered to Helena, breathless. "I want you to do nasty things old and young big ass cum me. Whatever you want, I'll do it. I'll be your sex slave." Helena smiled, grabbed under Maria's chin, pushing lightly on her throat and kissing her again.

"If you're a good girl, maybe you can be. But you need to keep your pussy wet for me, do you understand?" Maria nodded. "I can't hear you Maria".

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"Yes. I'll keep my pussy wet for you. You can have me whenever you want me.

And wherever you want me." Maria promised. "Good. Then I look forward to giving you the fucking of your life the next time we meet. And next time, you're gonna cream all over my face and then you're going to lap up your own cum when I tell you to." Helena smiled. Maria's saturated cunt shivered in anticipation of their next encounter.