Gonzo and horny ryan conner gets fucked in anal by lexingtons bbc

Gonzo and horny ryan conner gets fucked in anal by lexingtons bbc
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My heart sank for the second time. I flopped over back onto my side of the bed and kept my head under the covers, trying to act like I wasn't just trying to inhale Dustin's dick. But it was no use. "What the hell are you guys doing?" Corey whispered "uhh, Trev here was just scratching an itch I couldn't reach haha" Dustin brilliantly replied. I'm sure my face was beet red, my heart was about to pound out of my chest and I didn't dare peer out from behind my blanket shield.

"Hahahahaha nice save Dusty" Sylvan said as he sat up, "Sounded like Trevor was able to reach it" "Hey Trevor, you alive? Haha" Corey asked. "Yeah ive got an itch too" Sylvan added. I wasn't sure if I was terrified or excited by Sylvan's hint. I peeked out from the covers. "I don't know what to say…" I shyly answered. "Don't worry man" Corey laughed, "we're all friends here, we wont tell, fuck, ive wanted to try it with you a few times before" It was definitely excitement I felt now, I sat up more.

Corey is hot as fuck, ginger, pale blue eyes and porcelain skin, muscular and strong. Sylvan (named after the lake/town where he was conceived) iskul tichar bf storys sexxxx lean and skinny but ripped, he's got a few tattoos on his arm, back and chest, light brown eyes, brown hair and country boy swagger.

"Is that so?" I said with a smirk. He spun out of bed to stand facing me and pointed at his erection straining in his boxer-briefs. "Does this convince you?" I blushed and before I could respond he stepped up to the side of my bed and plopped his dick out for me to see.

It was great, I had never seen ginger pubes before but I liked them.

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I reached out and gripped his dick. Dustin immediately reached over and grabbed mine.

Holy shit… this was happening. Sylvan was quickly standing next to Corey butt naked too. His pubes were dark as promised by his sexy treasure trail and trimmed really short.

Sylvan and Coreys dicks are both smaller than Dustin's, but still each is a mouthful. I let go of Coreys cock and stroked Sylvans a few times. "Hey me first! Haha" Corey begged. Sylvan slapped his ass with a chuckle. Corey stepped closer to me and I playfully stroked and licked the precum from the tip of his dick before gently working it deeper into my mouth.

It had a bit of an upward curve, which I found hot for some reason. I praised his rock hard abs with my spare hand as I slurped and sucked his cock.

He ran his finger through my hair and moaned quietly.

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Sylvan and Dustin were each barely stroking their own hard cocks. When I stopped, Corey walked around the bed to sit with Dustin and watch me blow Syl. I slipped out of bed and sat on the floor against the bed. Sylvans hot dick hung above me and he was eager to get it as far down my throat as I would allow. He was a bit rougher, which I liked. He held my head and bobbed it on his shaft. I slobbered all over his hard dick and shaved balls and occasionally move my green eyes up to see his defined abs and grinning face pleasured by my tongue.

Dustin said he wanted to 69 with me next. I wiped my chin, Sylvan and I both had a mischievous olha o que ela falou pro corno enquanto assistia filmes porno and we all shared a laugh while I stood up, smacked Sylvan's ass and Dustin moved to hang his knees over the foot of the bed.

He signaled with two fingers on each hand, and a sext smile for me to climb on. Since hes taller than me, with my mouth on his dick, my bum just about reached his chin. His arms were free and he spread my clean butt and poked my hole with his thumb. I started enthusiastically and deeply sucking his cock and I could feel his body tense with intense sensation. "Ah, yes" he whispered. By this time Sylvan had knelt on the floor next to the bed in order to embrace Corey's ginger dick with his mouth.

Dustin started burying his face between my cheeks, licking and kissing my hole. It was so amazing I bucked a little, dropping his slobbery cock on his sexy stretched abs and letting out "Oh Dustin!" I quickly plunged back down on his cock, desperately trying to repay the ecstatic feeling he was giving me.

"Wow he likes it! Haha" Corey exclaimed as his dick popped out of Sylvan's smiling mouth. Dustin had also started gently prodding my moistened asshole with his fingers.

"Oh yeah! Haha" I laughed as I sat up, smothering Dustin with my ass. Dustin slapped my ass. "Get off!" he muffled. His thick arms had no problem lifting me to the side.

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"Hey Trevor I can do better than Dustin's finger" Corey winked as he held his hard cock. "Whoa he put the moves on me first!" Dustin laughed. Was this hot or demeaning? I wondered… um Hot, definitely hot. "Uh yes please!" I laughed and gripped Dustin's rod.

I love how fun it was despite the seriously erotic stuff we were doing. I handed him my super secret unopened bottle of silicone lube and layed in the middle of the bed face down and stuck my butt in the air.

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"All yours" I told Dustin. His face lit up and he feverishly peeled the seal off the lube and positioned himself behind me. He fingered me with lube first to help me relax and then slapped and rubbed his bit thick dick on my crack. "Ready?" "I think so" Corey and Sylvan were sitting up against the pillows on either side of me and lightly playing with themselves while Dustin began pressing his tip into my butt. With an obvious pop my tight hole allowed his massive shaft to slide in.

I winched in pain and grabbed Coreys ankle since it was right next to me. Dustin pulled back a bit and rubbed my lower back.

"Okay?" he asked A second or two later I exhaled, "yeah" and loosened my grip on Coreys leg. "Haha bigger than you thought eh?" Corey joked.

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"Shut up Corey" I smiled Dustin pressed on deeper into my boyhole. It felt like my whole body was filled with his hard cock. He softly rocked back and forth and his thrusts got longer and smoother. It was fucking amazing. I had dreamed about getting nailed by my dream stud since I was 13. Soon he was really fucking me good, and I gripped the bedsheets in my fist as intense pleasure was thrust into me again and again, his hard stomach tapping my butt with each 8 inch slide.

I was moaning "oh yes" "fuck me" "aaaah" you know, the usual. "Im gonna cum" Dustin sighed. He lifted me to sit up so I could turn to kiss him as we both kneeled. A few brutal thrusts and his load exploded deep inside me and he held me tight. I folded back down to doggy style and reached over to grab Corey's still rock-hard cock.

He shimmied over to be in front of me and I ravenously shoved his dick in my mouth. Dustin pulled out and left my ass full of his warm cum. I felt like a whore but I didn't care, it was fun, I trust these guys and I just got fucked hard by my all-time crush. With his dick again dripping with my saliva, Corey tugged at my arms, signaling me to straddle him. We kissed deeply and I guided his cock to my slippery hole. His strong arms bounced my tight ass up and down his shaft and I moaned and clung to his ginger head in absolute ecstasy.

Corey was rougher and I liked it. "Ha Trevor you like my dick don't asian teen suspected and fucked by a mall cops hard cock fuck yeah" I moaned. "Im gonna plow you" Corey said and flipped me onto my back. He threw my legs over his shoulders and plunged into me again and I pushed against his broad chest.

He fucked me hard, the curve in his dick pressing on my prostate in a way that made me nearly whine. My head was hanging over the edge of the bed and soon Sylvan was standing above me slapping my face lightly with his dick. "Am I going to be left out?" he smiled.

I grabbed his dick and took it in my mouth while Corey threw one of my legs to the side and kept fucking me sideways, slower but just as forcefully. It wasn't long until Corey pulled out of me with a moan and blew a huge load of cum straight onto my hole. "Trade ya Sylv" Corey smirked. Sylvan hopped onto bed and I rolled over onto all 4s.

Dustin beat Corey to my head end and I was happy to suck on his dick while Sylvans lean muscles and thick dick had their way with my cute butt. Sylvan didn't hesitate to plunge with Coreys cum balls deep into me and I bucked and let out a surprised "mmm" with my mouth full of Dustin.

Sylvan tyler plows two hot ginger pussies so hard more creative and let his dick explore the playground of my ass. He went from pulling all the way out and plunging back in to wriggling while deep and smacking my ass to slow strokes and using his at the same time to finger to tickle my prostate.

Corey joined Dustin at my mouth and shortly after Slyv shot the biggest load of the three all over my back and butt, both Corey and Dustin covered my face in warm sticky jizz. I smiled.

"Youre fucking amazing" Dustin smiled as he caught his breath. I went to the bathroom to clean up and we stayed up for about an hour talking about our experiment before I fell asleep resting my head on Dustin's firm chest.