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Hot sex jav xoxoxgenc kiz arkadan
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Present (Continuation of Prologue) Principal Ego, instructs me to strip off all-atom of clothing and also any sort of reminder I had on me before he came back. Which is tough because I still have somebody's cum inside of me and I need to shower, I am in a bathroom. I quickly shower and stand in a corner naked and secretly praying no one would come in because Principal Ego is surely taking his time on getting back and I am starting to get chilled.

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I hear the door click and let out my breath of relief when I see it is Principal Ego, he locks the door and strides towards me, that is when I notice what he is holding, a board ruler. Oh God no. "What happens to disobedient girls?" He asks me has he looks my body up and down, my nipples are hard beads now. "They ought to be punished," I reply him. "Correct, now did I or did I tell you not to have sex with him again?" He asks me and I shudder looking at that ruler.

"Yes you did, sir," I say and he smirks. "Turn around ass up, bend down so your hand is touching your toes and remain that way." I do it, without a shred of doubt I am getting canned with the hard wooden ruler. "I'm going to give you some licks when I'm satisfied I chubby black girl ebony sweetness is fucked by a bbc stop." I brace myself for the pain, I can't see what he is doing, but I feel the first slap on my two ass cheeks and it makes me cry out, the sound of the wood hitting my bare butt echoing in the room, but it doesn't stop more rain down on my ass continuously and when he pauses I am crying and sobbing my eyes out, worse yet I am wet all over from my shower.

After what seems like forever he stops and rubs my sensitive ass, which I bet is red as a tomato. I feel his lips on both of my cheeks before he tells me to get up. He tells me to face him, chest out, he takes my hands, drags them to my back where he tells me to leave it, my butt still stings and tears are still dropping from my eyes, but he doesn't seem to notice, instead I watch in sweet terror, has he uses the ruler to slap both of my breasts at once, leaving it stinging and resoundingly red, I squeal out and another one comes down, he gives me eight more strokes before he finally stops, by now I am racked with sobs and collapse to the floor.

"This is me being nice to you, I shall not tell Sandy. But this better be the last time you ever sleep with Louis or any other boy for the matter." "Principal Ego, you hit me so fucking hard, my whole body hurts." "My name is War, Ann-Alyssia and don't curse." I feel his soft lips roamed over the skin of my bare back, soft and wet. It tickles my very sensitive skin in a burning special kind of way, it is warm, a lot warmer than the temperature in the room.

"Lift your hands." War instructs has he walks up in front of me, I shift my position so that I sit up. "Don't move." War demands controlling has he pulls my arms back into the same kneeling position. "What are you doing?" I whisper although it is pretty obvious what he is doing.

"I'm making you mine," War says softly against my lips. "Now, give me a kiss." His words linger in the back of my mind, echoing and like a robot I follow his command.

I lean forward and he places his wet lips on top of mine. I feel the tip of his tongue caress my bottom lip, making it wet. I gulp parting my lips, War slides his warm, wet tongue into my mouth and begins to explore it. It feels good, in a weird way. My lips are sealed around War's as we continue and deepen our kiss further. "And how are you planning to do that?" I whisper has War breaks away from the kiss while breathing heavily. "You'll see" War whispers has he winks at me. "Now you better listen to what I say." Despite the harsh treatment I had just received my body is full of lust for him "Uhm, okay?" I say.

War moves away from my face and I feel his fingertips dance across my back, his fingernails tickling and playing with my skin, giving me goosebumps.

"Ann-Alyssia young guy gets cum on her face all mine, every little inch of you." His fingers draw down my arched back, his index finger tracing my spine. "Every. Little. Fucking. Inch. Of. You." War articulates the words carefully with his low deep voice. It sounds sexy. "And this." War says while dragging his finger down my crack. "This." He repeats himself, his finger finds my entrance. "This is definitely mine." War pushes his finger inside me and I moan.

It feels good, even better than good, it feels so amazing. His voice is so dark, raw and sexy and I can't do anything but listen and oblige to his every word.

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"This is mine to touch." He says thrusting his finger inside me and I gasp, feeling the tip of his finger jerk inside my body. My pussy gets wetter from his touch and my nipples harden. "Mine to kiss." He leaves a wet kiss over my bare clit and giving me another thrust with his finger. "Mine to fuck." He continues with his sexy voice. His finger begins to move at a steady pace and I groan, feeling another finger entering my body. "And mine to own." War whispers, his skilful long fingers starts thrusting into my wet pussy.

He move ms his fingers faster. "This is all mine." He growls. "Mhmm" I moan, feeling the rush of his fingers pleasing me, jolt through my body. I feel his fingertips deep inside me and my throat is trembling to keep my moans back. "Too fucking bad, he can't have you because you're all mine," War speaks possessively and it turns me on.

It turns me on knowing he is this possessive of me and he wants me this badly, it hot cumshots for a indecent sweetheart smalltits and homemade turns me on that he has the courage to say it, like this. "You're mine to kiss." He whispers, planting another kiss on my clit.

I gasp feeling his hot, wet lips on my pussy. "You're mine to touch." War slams his fingers into me harder. "Ohh" I moan feeling the force of his fingers inside me.

"You're mine to fuck," War says withdrawing his fingers for another hard slam. "But most importantly." He pauses. His fingers moving inside my tight pussy quickly and hard, when using this much force it almost feels like his fingertips are punching rather than poking my G-spot. The feeling is so intense, my breath hitches and my eyes squint close. My toes curl in frustration and my body tenses up.

I feel my orgasm build up has War shifts himself so he sits next to me. His fingers still plunging deep inside me. "Most importantly Ann-Alyssia" War purrs sweet and sexily into my ear while his fingers push themselves into me, harder this time, almost sending me over the edge.

He can sense I am close, he can tell by the way my walls are tightening around his fingers and by the way I whimper out his name pleadingly. "War" "You're mine." War whispers into my ear, he curves his fingers inside me and I cum. My orgasm waves through my body like a tsunami and by the time I have calmed down War's entire hand is wet and covered in my juices.

"Now." War Ego smirks as he pulls out his soaked fingers and presses them to his lips.

I watch him with my head tilted, God he is so fucking sexy. The erotic vision of his soft lips wrapped around his fingers has his tongue slowly lick his fingers, covered in my, could probably make me cum again. "I'm going to show you how much I meant it." War finishes licking his fingers. "Are you ready baby?" He whispers, shifting so that he is standing behind me, I nod. "Mmm good girl." War moans.

His hoarse voice is too sexy to my ears, his moan is so deep and masculine, it makes my pussy tingle in excitement. I bite my lip, feeling the head of War's cock teasing my entrance.

"I'm going to claim you and possess you like never before." He growls from behind me, entering me in one thrust. "Mmm," I groan, feeling his cock enter deep into me, much deeper than his fingers. War very hot milf getting assfuck from matur anal onto my hips, his fingers press against my soft skin and his cock burying itself deeper inside me.

War waits a few seconds until he finally begins to move. His fingers grasp on harder to my hips and his nails dig into my skin has he begins to rock in and out of me. With no mercy, he separates my internal walls with every fierce and hard thrust. I rock my body back against his, wanting to feel every inch of his cock mom san xxx home mom room me.

Fucking me, using me, owning me. "Fuck baby, that's how I like it." He growls between his gritted teeth has I push my ass and lower body backwards against him, my ass grinding against him while his cock still thrusts in and out of me.

"Ohhhh. I groan. War expands my walls so much that it almost hurt, but a good sort of pain. "You're mine Ann-Alyssia." He groans out, his cock hitting my g-spot harder and over harder each time. "You're fucking mine." He growls in frustration has he grips on tighter to my hips. His nails dig into my skin and are probably leaving marks, it hurt, but a stinging good sort of contrasting pain, like the rest of my body "I am." I scream, feeling my walls tighten around his cock.

My body is moved in jerking motions back and forth on the floor, my knees sliding against the cold tile but my hands keep steady. My hair is shaking as the force of War's thrust make my entire body swing slightly forward everytime he hits my deepest spot and my body jerk backwards to meet his thrust. I am possessed by War, he's claiming me for himself and for his own usage. It is a weird but extremely sexual vision and hearing War growling thing's like that in my ear makes me go crazy. "Tell me Ann-Alyssia, whose girl are you?" He moves one of his hands down around my hips and towards to stomach.

"Yours" I breathe out heavily. "I can't hear you?" He growls has his fingers find my clit, War thrusts into me faster and harder while his fingers rub my clit teasingly slow. "Yours" I repeat myself a little louder. "C'mon Ann-Alysssssia" War groans louder and impatiently.

"Whose girl are you?" "Yours" I hiss while feeling his fingers pressing harder at my numb. "I still can't fucking hear you?" War yells frustrated and angrily in a sexy way has he smacks my butt hard. "Ow." I whimper has his palm collides with my skin. "Tell me again Ann-Alyssia." War growls loudly, rubbing his fingers faster against my clit. His cock thrust into me with force and my tightened walls are ready to explode. "YOURS. IM YOURS WAR." I scream in agony and frustration.

He stops rubbing my clit and withdraws my orgasm for a second. He starts rubbing my clit again and with one last thrust, I squeeze my walls and tense my body, I put everything I have into the orgasm and it floods through me. "Fuck baby" War groans has he pulls out of me and watches me cum, the wet juices flow down my legs and I grow weak.

I fall forward, leaning my entire upper body against the floor. "Oh my god." I whimper, feeling my entire body float to the ground. That was the best ecstasy ride I'd had in a long time, beat any with Louis. "That was so fucking sexy babe." War whispers into my ear. "Give me another one War" I whisper through my messed fucked up breathing. "Please." "Sweet Ann-Alyssia." War purrs. "You don't have to beg" he circles his finger around my sensitive numb, if he applies pressure right on it I probably would pass reena sky and melissa moore hungrily eating their pink slit, that's how sensitive it has become.

"But, it's such a fucking turn on when you do." I bite my lip hard while staring into War's eyes teasingly. "One more. Please?" I whisper desperately as I grind my hips backwards. "Ugh, fuck me." War groans while looking into my eyes. I stick out my tongue playfully between my teeth. "Oh, I'd love too," I smirk. "Better stick that pretty little ass of yours up so I can fuck you," Justin whispers into my ear before he walks back behind me. I arch my ass up in the air as far as I can and wiggle it teasingly.

"Don't be such a tease babe." War groans while his hands caress my sore ass. "Why?

Don't you like that War?" I purr innocently. "You're making me so fucking hard baby." He groans as his hands slide over my ass. "Good thing I'm all yours hq porn russian anal teen hot scene I purr while looking back at him.

Justin's lips turn into a smirk. "Very good." "Are you gonna make me wait forever or?" I say has War fingers teasingly slides down my wet slit. "Impatient baby?" War says teasingly as his fingertip gently poke my entrance.

"A little." I lick my lips while staring back into his brown eyes. "I see" War grins, his finger continues poking my entrance playfully, teasing me and my body.

"War" I groan. "Just fuck me already." "I love feeling your wet pussy though baby." He pokes around a little more. "Please Principal?" I whisper in sexual frustration. "Well, since you're asking so nicely." He says sexily.

War withdraws his finger and enters me once again. "I love this feeling even more." He groans, his full size is buried deep in me. "Please make me cum like that again War" I purr pleading. "Oh, baby I fucking will." War groans sexily, beginning to thrust inside me. "Oh, you better." I moan. I love the feeling of having him inside me, it is so pleasing and he is so good at it. The way he makes my body dance along with his every move, obey his every order and react to his touch.

I can feel my walls wrap themselves around his cock, tighter and tighter with every thrust and War shoves his cock harder and harder into me, through my tightened walls. "Oh gods." I whimper feeling my entire body tense up again and has I was bracing myself for another orgasm, I feel War's palm against my ass.

"Mmm, are you gonna cum again Ann-Alyssia?" War growls, shoving his cock into me harder. "Mhmm" I moan. "Cum for me baby, I wanna see that pretty little face of yours when you cum and feel that tight little cunt of yours squeeze down on my hard cock." I turn my head to look at War. My mouth is half open as the moans and sex noises erupt from it. "Please." I whimper when I feel his hand teasingly rub down softly on my clit once again.

"Mmm, I just love the sound of your moans. You sound so sexy when you whimper my name." I bite my lip hard while another loud whimper escapes from my mouth. "You're gonna make me explode baby." War groaned has he thrust into me again with more force. "Waaaar" I whimper in frustration and pleasure, I want so badly to release myself.

"You want your orgasm baby?" He smirks at me. "Yes," I pant. "Mmm really?" War whispers. "Really." I groan out my reply, his fingers teasingly rub around my clit. "Is that so?" He smirks teasingly while his eyes are focused on mine. "Please War," I beg. "That's my sexy girl" War groans, his fingers rub my clit harder and sets off another release. "Oh god War," I scream as loud as I can, feeling my walls contract and the wave of pleasure coming back in ten folds, it doesn't stop with just one wave but wave after wave takes over my body and my eyes shut.

"Fuck baby." War moans releasing himself inside me, or so I think. I am too busy riding out my own orgasm to feel his. "You're so fucking sexy and you're all mine. Every inch of your sexy little body is mine." "I'm all yours." I let out a whiny sort of sound. War says after we both calm down from our orgasms.

"This should teach you, who owns teen talked into and pussy pounded creampie first time if youre going to be a creepy now."