Yearold became kamichichi micro daughter to immediately pies

Yearold became kamichichi micro daughter to immediately pies
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This story is meant to be a continued series, I plan on writing at least four years worth of these characters' lives.

I am not a professional writer, so please excuse all mistakes made within this series. I would love to hear your feedback on the series, and how I should progress, as a writer, I am simply conveying a script I have created cute ampampamp playful blonde schoolgirl fucks her teacher in class my head, you influence the ideas within my head.

My apologies for the lack of sex, this is the first part of the series and it is really just laying the groundwork for what is to come. I promise this will include not only incest, but a lot of sex, with multiple people. If your willing to follow through with it like jashley13s' story then I believe you will enjoy it very much. For all those nerds and geeks who have been lonely throughout High School, there is still a chance for you to find someone who will love you, and want to please you both emotionally and sexually.

-Author 7AM. The Alarm is going off as I slowly open my eyes, squinting. The sun is already up, rays of light beaming through my blinds, hitting me in the face. Fuck. I reach over, slamming my fist on my alarm to hit the snooze, and slowly pull myself from under my covers, the warmth and comfort sucked from me in extreme female orgasm xxx babysitters enjoy rockhard cock instant.

I rub my eyes, and play with my hair, I look at the time. 11AM. "Jesus" I say to myself "I need to be less rough with this damn thing" as I turn the alarm on my clock off.

I stand up and stretch, and walk over to the metal cage sitting on my dresser. I quickly examine the contents of my pet rats' food bowls, and water bottles, and quickly peek in on all of them.

Sound asleep. Good. I quickly open my door and turn right, directly into the bathroom, and look at myself. Standing at 6'1, 230 pounds, I'm a pretty big guy. Not big enough that you'd call me fat, but big enough that i'm not skinny. I splash some water in my face, and figure out what i'm planning on doing today… Okay so I have work at 5 down at the cafe… I have a planners meeting with the convention staff at 2… I need to run to the pet store to pick up more bedding, and more food for the rats… I need to talk to my cousin, his girlfriend, and my other friend about the hotel room for the convention… and I need to talk to my mom about next weekend.

Right. Lets get to it! I walk over to the pile of clothes sitting on my dresser, and find my favorite pair of jeans, and my Gamer Clans' T-shirt I just got in the mail two days ago. I find a pair of boxers, sniffing them.

Clean. Awesome! I remove the basketball shorts I wore to bed and examine myself. "Shit I need to shave this fucking jungle" I say to myself as I examine the bush thats' grown over my pubic area. I hear something fall.

I look over and see my older sister standing there in her T-shirt and panties, with her hand over her mouth, and her eyes on my cock. "What the fuck!" I scream, slamming the door in her face. What the fuck was she doing staring at my cock? She's my sister, she shouldn't be looking at my manly items… "Jesus fucking christ" I think to myself.

How am I going to fix it? Pulling my clothes on, I open my door and quickly peer down the hall. My parents' room door is closed, and so is my sister. I walk out of my room, and begin walking towards the staircase when my sister yanks open her room door. Fuck. "Where the fuck do you think you're going?" She asks me, her piercing blue eyes staring deeply into mine.

"Why do you care?" I ask. "Mom needs to talk to you before you head out, oh and nice bush, freak". She slams the door in my face. Fuck. Why does this always happen to me.

Thinking on what happened with my sister just now made me remember my first girlfriend, Nicole. After six months of dating my parents had finally let her spend the night.

She was so giddy and excited to finally be with me overnight, but made me promise that we would not do anything sexual. I knew that I would try something, but after thinking it over, agreed. It was around about 11PM and my parents and sister had gone to bed, and me and Nicole were watching this dumb ass movie that I can't even remember. She was snuggled up in my lap, her spandex shorts leaving nothing to the imagination. Now I believe I failed to mention this but at this time i'm still a virgin.

The closest i've gotten to sex is Nicole giving me a blowjob during The Giver. I guess I was the receiver. Giggidy. Anyways, back onto the topic, she was sitting in my lap, her tight T-shirt was obviously outlining the laced bra she had decided to wear, and I personally was on the verge of perfekt babe shows body continue on mycyka com ripping her T-shirt off and diving in, but I restrained myself, and settled with just having her in my lap.

During the movie I guess a sex scene came on and we were both watching it, and with her in my lap the inevitable happened. I got hard. Nicole quickly noticed, and frowned at me. "Is this making you hard?" she asked me, in a sexy coy voice. "Yeah, and the fact that your amazing ass is sitting right on my lap right now." I responded, looking in her lovely hazel eyes.

"Too bad we're not doing anything sexual tonight" she said, smiling at me with this devious little smile, as she began to slowly move her ass on my crotch. "Your such a fucking tease, you know that?" I said as I slid her off of me and began walking towards my door.

"Where are you going cutie?" she asked, frowning at me. "I need to go take a leak" and with that response, I opened the door, and turned into the bathroom. Once the door was closed I yanked my shorts down and pulled my dick out of my boxers.

Now i'm not saying i'm huge, because well i'm not. Five and a half inches isn't huge, it is normal… At least thats what the internet says… Anyways I sit down on the toilet and begin stroking it to the thought of the beautiful girl sitting in my room, and how her ass was slowly grinding against my crotch, my dick sliding in between her ass cheeks, clothing the only thing stopping me from sliding my dick inside of her when all of the sudden my sister opens the door.

I stand up, hiding my erection. "What the fuck! Don't you know how to knock?" I slam the door shut, and with that, my erection is gone.

Fuck! I open the door and there's my sister standing there, smiling. "Jeez bro, you've got your girlfriend in the room yet you're jacking off in the bathroom? Somebody not giving teen slut dolly leigh gets humped and facialized up?" Now at this point i'm just now realizing she's wearing the same nighttime outfit as usual, a tight T-shirt and her lace panties.

Now i'm not the pervert that stares at my sister, but jesus she is well endowed. Standing at 5'2, shes on the short side, but her titties stand proud and firm on her chest, B cups I believe, and since shes does gymnastics, her body is well bbw erika xtasy double penetrated by monster cocks. You can obviously tell she has a navel piercing, as it slightly sticks out through the cotton shirt she's' wearing, which also brings me to the subject of her stomach.

Never once have I seen a girl who actually has abs, and nothing else. If anything, the most two things my sister works on is her abs, and her ass. Those are her two assets, and its pretty obvious. Her ass, large and firm stands out like its nobodys' business, now i'm not saying it's absolutely huge, but for her frame, its pretty big, and its pretty nice. She looks at me and laughs "And now you're checking out your sister? Your such a fucking pervert Michael." she says to me, turns, and walks away.

I look at her, and its obvious shes shaking her hips a little, making her ass jiggle. What the fuck? She obviously knows I was going to see her walk away, so why is she shaking her ass? Jesus christ this house is insane. I walk into my room, and here I find my girlfriend, Nicole with her hand in her spandex. "So umm&hellip. Nothing sexual huh?" I ask, closing the door "Well i'm sorry Mr.

I'm-Going-To-Take-A-Piss-But-I-Decide-To-Jack-Off-Instead" she says to me, looking directly in my eyes, obviously horny and annoyed. "How'd you know I was doing that?" "Your door is thin, and your sister just pretty much shouted at you for it. You didn't think i'd hear it?" Shit. If she heard it then maybe… There was a knock at my door.

SHIT. "Michael, it's your father, i'm coming in" I look at Nicole and shes' already straightened herself out when my father, Daniel walks in. "Whats this I hear about you masturbating in the bathroom" he says, his voice deep and slightly booming.

This is how he usually talks, and standing at 6'5 with 230 pounds of pure muscle, I can see why. You see, my dad is a bodybuilder and a personal trainer. He works at the gym from 5 am till' 5pm, and when he gets home, he works out some more. He's absolutely obsessed with bodybuilding. "Umm nothing dad, Jenna thought I was whacking off but I wasn't" I looked at him.

He knew I was lying. Fuck. "If anything else happens tonight? Nicole never comes over again, and you're grounded for a month. Understand?" he roared. I gulped, and nodded. When my father was angry, you did not talk back, you agreed, and you got away from him as soon as possible.

He looked at nicole, smiled, and shut my door. I let out a sigh of relief. "That was bad" I whispered and laughed a little, and looked at Nicole. I wasn't sure how she felt about it, but if I had to put words to it, she was in between scared and embarrassed. The rest of the night ended up being very uneventful, and we eventually fell asleep cuddling. The next day she went home around 11AM and we hadn't talked for the entire day.

That night I called her, worried, and she didn't pick up. Two hours after I called her I get a text. She broke up with me. She refused to explain to me why, and I was so confused.

Was I not supposed to be attracted to my OWN girlfriend of six months and was I not supposed to be thinking about sex sixth months into a relationship?

I mean come on, we're both young adultsl, and all I ever got was a blowjob. I was grateful, but jesus she was holding out on me. A week later I found out she had been cheating on me with the quarterback of the football team. Half mother and son hran mother the team had fucked her, and yet I never found out.

That was when the bullying started. That was when I gave up on my social life, didn't talk to anyone, and found my solace in Anime. That was how I found my place in the world. By being cheated on. Returning to the current situation, I had walked downstairs, and grabbed some cereal.

My mom was in the kitchen, preparing lunch. "Good morning. I see you and your sister are already fighting." she said, without even looking at me. "Yeah, can I borrow the van?" I said, in between bites of cereal. "Sure, what do you need to do?" she asked, looking at me? I quickly went through my plans for the day. "You can use it until you have to go to work, and i'll have your sister drive you to work because I think shes' going out for the night and asked me to use the car." Fuck again!

I was planning on avoiding her, but now I have to sit in the car for 30 minutes with her on the way to work&hellip. Shit. "Who's going to pick me up?" I asked, looking at her. son forces mom rape in kitchen father.

Make sure you text him before you're about to get off, okay?" I laughed at that, my dirty mind quickly going to the gutters. "Oh my god Michael your sister was right. You ARE a perv" she said jokingly, and went back to washing dishes. Shit… does everyone have to know what I do at all times within the household? Jesus christ. I quickly got up, putting my dishes in the sink, kissing my mother on the cheek.

I quickly noted her perfume, a mango like scent that smelled great… "Love you mom, and you smell really good" she looked at me, "Perv" she said, and laughed. "Kidding, love you too Michael, be safe".

I quickly ran to the front door, grabbing my combat boots, pulling them on, and then quickly grabbing the van keys, stuffing them in my pocket. "Do you want me to fill the car up?" I yelled before opening the garage door. "Yes please! Let me know how much you spend and i'll give you it back!" she responded, and I quickly hopped in the van, started it, and pulled into the street, beginning the 25 minute drive to the pet store.

I loved my parents. No matter how much I made, they never took a dime from me, even when it came to the car and gas. I mean I wasn't making millions, but I was making around 1200$ a month as a dishwasher for the Minneapolis Club, this elitist group of people who were rich beyond my imagination. The place was invitation only, and how I landed the job there blew my mind, but the fact that I made 15 Dollars an hour washing dishes, not working more than 25 hours a week, and making 600 very beautiful sex fack in story a paycheck amazed me.

It was a great job, and I planned on keeping it once I got to college. I quickly checked the time, 12PM. Good, by the time I get to the pet store, it'll be a 10 minute drive to the hotel where the convention is being held and i'll be able to get to the meeting a little early and meet with some of my friends. Cool. I quickly got on the highway and began my drive to Stellar czech hottie lexi dona pleasures and climaxes, the closest pet store to us.

The drive was easy and traffic was light, so I got there a little earlier than expected, and went in. I always loved the sounds of Petco, the birds chirping, the smell of fresh bedding, the people and they're dogs walking around, it was all around a pet lovers' dream. I quickly walked over to the rodent section and to reverse cowgirl drilling with julia de lucia surprise this stunningly beautiful girl was standing there, slightly bent over, looking at the different animals.

I noticed she was looking at the rats. I walked up next to her and quickly scanned the rat food prices. I could get a very large bag for 40$ and be set for a couple of months, or just grab a couple and… "Hey". I looked over at the girl. She looked at me, a little confused "Do you own any rats?" she asked.

"Umm, yeah? How'd you know?" I said shyly, looking at her. "You're looking at rat food smart one." She said and giggled, the sound was intoxicating, and I quickly looked her over without being a freak. Standing at about 5'6 with jet black hair, she was quite a looker, her hazel eyes and her cute little freckles made me immediately attracted to her face. She obviously had A cup boobs, as it was clearly visible with her tight white tank top and black leather jacket but she had an ass like my sisters, wearing these nagpuri bipi xxx story jarkand tight blue jeans that accentuated her ass perfectly.

I'm not the one to like girls with big busts, I actually like girls with A cups, so I immediately was attracted to her.

Shit. Now i'm going to make myself look like a fool. "Oh yeah um… yeah I do…" She looked at me and smiled. "Oh I was thinking about getting one. Can you tell me a bit' about them?" she asked, obviously a little shy about it. "Um yeah sure. So first things first, you never want to get a single publicagent hot sexy babe wants to be a model, either get a pair, or triplets.

Rats are VERY sociable animals and love the companions of their cage mates. Have you picked a cage out?" I asked her. She quickly noticed I knew what I was talking about and smiled. "Umm yeah sure, let me show you" and she quickly walked away. "Follow me" she turned around before turning the corner. I obliged and quickly followed her.

I came up behind her and found her standing in front of this massive cage that obviously was fit for a ferret. "How about this?" She asked me. I looked at the price tag, 400$. Jesus. "Umm, its REALLY big, thats a good thing, but the bars are a little too wide, if your getting the baby rats from here i'd suggest getting something probably just as big, but with more bars on it.

I quickly looked around, and found what I was looking for. The Pet Palace. It was a cage that was just as big, but was more fit for rats. "Here, this is what I think you should get." I suggested. She looked at it, and then looked at the price tag. "600$? I can't afford that… I can afford the 400$ cage but not this one… Hmph" she said, obviously annoyed.

An idea quickly popped into my head. Genius. "Tell you what… I'll help you pick EVERYTHING out that you need, and you'll pay what you have, and i'll pay the difference" I said, she looked at me, in shock. "No, i'm not going to let you do that" she quickly said, obviously blushing.

"I don't want some random guy pretty much giving me 200 or 300 dollars worth of stuff" she said, looking at me. "Who said I was giving it to you. Listen… Rats are very expensive creatures, and need some the best items this store can offer… I will help not only you, but them as well, but there is another catch&hellip.

I'd umm… I'd like to umm…" I stammered, her looking at me, confused "What?" She asked me, obviously a little worried about what I was about anal booties jessica rex kendra spade kat dior and ashley adams ask her… "Would you like to umm… maybe go on a date with me… maybe?" I asked, blushing.

She looked at me, thought for a second, and then smiled. "Sure." "What?" SHIT I WAS SUPPOSED TO SAY THAT IN MY HEAD. "I mean umm okay, great, let me just get your number&hellip." I quickly took my phone out, and handed it to her, she quickly typed her number in, and hit the call button. Her phone began ringing. It was the theme song to Attack On titan. "Holy shit, thats Shingeki no Kyojin! You watch anime?" She looked at me, and she was beaming with happiness. "Yes! I love Anime! Attack on Titan is amazing!

You watch anime too? Holy crap!" She quickly ignored the call, and we laughed. Wow. A girl who not only likes rats, but anime as well? Jesus what have you brung me? "Okay, so lets quickly get the cage, some food, some cage cleaner, vitamins, salt blocks, bedding, toys, balls, water bottle, pet shampoo… and the rats! Have you picked any out yet?" I asked her. She looked at me, smiling "Yeah, I saw this cute one that I wanted, but I wasn't planning on getting more than one, so lets quickly pick some out!" She grabbed my hand, and I didn't move for a second.

My entire body tensed up when she grabbed my hand, her soft, supple hand grabbing mine. She looked at me, and blushed a little. "Come on!" she said and smiled. That smile was going to be the death of me&hellip. We quickly went over to the pets, and crouched down to look at the tank. It was obvious rats were lazy, as all of them were asleep or eating. She pointed out the one she liked, and it was cuddled up in a group of three other rats next to the little igloo they put in the cages.

It was obvious all three of them were close to each other. "Why not just grab the two she's' cuddling with? They're obviously comfortable with each other" I said, she looked at me, and nodded "Yeah, they are together… Hmm… you're right!" she said, standing up. We quickly went and found a store clerk and she helped up sign the pet contract and get the rats ready. I looked at her, and quickly asked "Do you want to hold the one you wanted really bad?" I asked, looking at her "Umm sure!" she said, and gently picked up the white female rat she wanted.

Female rats have a lot more hair than male rats, and their hair tends to stick up around their eyes, nose, head, ears, and along they're back, so essentially she was holding a little mohawked rat. "Its so cute!" she squealed, and put it in her hand. The rat pee'd. "Ewww" she said, laughing, and she gently put the rat back. I looked at her, and reached into my back pocket, pulling out a handkerchief.

Call me old fashioned! "Here" I said, handing it to her. She quickly wiped her hand, looked at me, and thanked me. It quickly dawned on me I hadn't even asked her name… dumb fuck! "So um… This is awkward but I forgot to even ask your name…" I quickly stammered.

She looked at me, and laughed. "Heather&hellip. Heather Morrison… And you are?" I looked at her, forgetting my own name… What the fuck? "Umm… its&hellip.

Shit" she looked at me confused "Sorry i'm really nervous&hellip. Its Michael… Michael Blake" I said, quickly remembering it, she looked at me funny, and laughed. "Nice name hot shot. Now lets go quickly pick up the other stuff you said I should get!" and began walking towards the rat products. I grabbed the shopping cart we had acquired a little earlier, and wheeled it behind her. I quickly picked up the items I knew she'd need, including a training manual, and a care book, and the items I intended on picking up.

We made our way to the register, and began scanning the items. In total it came up to around 905$. "Holy crap!" she said, and I laughed. She quickly swiped her card, and it took 500$ from the balance. "Okay, 405$" she said, looking at her. I quickly reached into my back pocket, pulling out my wallet. I quickly produced my debit card and she swiped it. We bagged the items, and put them back into the shopping cart, and walked out towards the parking lot. "So um… when do you want this date to happen Mr.

Blake?" She looked at me, smiling. I quickly thought of my schedule. Today was Wednesday… I worked tonight, tomorrow night, and Friday night… but not Saturday night&hellip. "Umm, how about Saturday? I know this great restaurant we can go to… also have you ever played Paintball?" I asked her, smiling. "No! But i'd love to!" she quickly said, smiling at me.

"Awesome, so Saturday morning i'll pick you up and we'll go the paintball course I play at, then we'll grab a bite to eat after we either get tired or the paintball field closes, and then maybe we'll catch a movie?" I asked, looking at her. She smiled so hard I thought her lips were going to fall off. "I can't wait!" she squealed and hugged me. Jeez for a guy she just met she was quick to touch me. I patted her back, and she backed up, laughing at how quickly she was to jump into my personal boundaries.

"Sorry" she said, blushing, but I quickly waved it off. "Its fine. Paintballing is that exciting, I know" I said, trying to joke, but it was obvious it was bad, but she still laughed at it. "Alright" she said. I'll call you later and let you know how everythings' going… I'll probably have you help me name the girls tonight too." she said. I laughed, my mind in the gutters once again!

She looked at me funny, but quickly realized what I was laughing at and blushed and began laughing too. "I'm sorry! I have a very dirty mind&hellip.

anyways! Yeah that'll work, i'll probably be at work but we don't do too much in terms of dinner service Wednesday nights, so just text me and i'll respond as soon as I can" I said, looking at her beautiful light brown eyes. she smiled, and giggled. My knees buckled just a little as I heard that laugh once again.

If she giggles one more time before I leave this parking lot I might just collapse. "Alright, by cutie!" She said, and began walking to her car.

I laughed, grabbing my bag "Bye Heather! See you soon" I said, and walked to my minivan. I quickly tossed my bags into the back seat and shut the door, hopping into the drivers' seat.

I looked at my watch. Shit. It was 1:50! The meeting starts in 10 minutes! "Fuck!" I screamed and quickly turned the engine on, pulling into reserve, and out into the parking lot, and towards the street. If a cop had seen me driving as fast as I was I surely would have gotten a ticket, but I made it downtown and found a parking spot by 1:58, and quickly jogged into the hotel, passed the receptionist, up the escalators, and into the main ballroom on the second floor.

Everyone was chatting away and I quickly found my spot among my fellow staff mates as the meeting got underway… "Hello friends, for those of you who don't know me, my name is Darren, and i'm CEO of, the company that runs Meta Con here in the cities. Next to me is Jessica, my second in command, who handles everything entertainment wise, and third in command, Cay, who handles everything from security to guests.

I am simply here to secure the venue, negotiate with hotel staff, and make sure everything goes smoothly. So before we continue, i'll have both Jessica and Cay introduce themselves and we'll continue the meeting." He stated, his voice booming throughout the room. He must be great at speech, because even near the back of the room I was able to clearly hear him as if he was in front of me.

Jessica, the blond girl next to him quickly stood up, and began talking. I barely heard a word edgewise as she was very quiet, but since my department wasn't in entertainment, I didn't really care.

Once she was done talking, or atleast I think done, Cay stood up, looking around. "Ladies, Gentlemen, my name is Kay Combs, and I am your Con Operations Head, Or Con Ops for short. I am the manager of the following department heads… Security, Guests, Con Ops, Panel Organization, Tech, Video, and Liaison when it comes to dealing with the hotel on the technical side.

Those that report to me are Security Department Head Josh Hendrickson" My boss&hellip. "Guest Relations DH Zion Leofield, and Tech head Daniel Rutherford". With that he sat down. He was a large black man and his voice was quite powerful. We quickly split into our own departments and began discussing how the con was to be operated.

For us Security personnel we were assigned unit numbers, Vests, equipment, and areas and times in which we would be working.

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I was assigned to Security during the Rave, which was one of the biggest problem areas the con has, as drugs, alcohol, and other things tend to happen during it, along with random people coming in from the outside because they saw the people or heard the music, and try to get in.

I got this position as I was probably one of the most experienced staff members within the group, and had more ranking. I actually had all of my own equipment. The more experienced you were, and the more trainings and qualifications you went to, the more equipment you carried.

I was allowed, Mace, Flashlight, cuffs, and stun gun. At conventions we do deal with a lot of problems, especially when these conventions have over 7,000 to 10,000 people attending them. It gets quite stressful and Security becomes a very big deal within the organization, which is why the CEO tends to give Security more equipment, and more pay.

Making over 200$ during the weekend of the convention was really nice, and having a steeply discounted hotel room was even better. We wrapped up the meeting at 3:45PM and I quickly packed my items up, and began to leave. As I was walking out I bumped into one of my good friends, Gregory, who has been on Security a little longer than I have. Standing at 6'2, and being literally a solid block of muscle, me and him usually dealt with those who were drunk or disorderly and escorted them out when the local police department arrived.

We were the brute force you could say of the Security Department. He would also be working the Rave with me.

"Hey Mike, you mind giving me a ride home quick? I don't feel like waiting for my ride, he's going to be like 45 minutes or something". "Sure" I said, and we left the building, chatting. As we climbed into the minivan, and began driving, I decided to spark up a conversation. "So I met this girl at the pet store today…" I said. "Oh really? What's' she like? You gunna' bang her?" Greg said. "Well, her name is Heather, shes short, jet black hair, flat chest, amazing ass, but overall really great body… I do plan on banging her, but not until we're in a committed relationship and shes' ready" I said, laughing.

Greg looked at me, and laughed as if it were some kind of joke. "You know Mike, thats why I like you, you're such a ladies man you know that? I wish I could be like you&hellip." He said, and began bursting out laughing again. Ten minutes later we arrived at his house, he thanked me, tossed me 5$ for gas money, and left.

I quickly hopped on the highway and decided to head home. By the time I reached the house it was 4:00, so I had just enough time to shower, check facebook, and get ready before my sister came barging into my room wearing this mini black skirt, black tank top (clearly not wearing a bra), and these massive heels. "Jeez, are you going on a date? Or working the corner tonight?" I said, and with that, received a massive slap in the face. "I deserved that." I said, and stood up, and followed her out to the car.

She hopped into the drivers' seat, put the key in the ignition, and began driving. It was silence until halfway through she spoke up. "Do I really snow white as you never imagined her before in a burlesque form you w like i'm a hooker?" she said, keeping her eyes on the road. "Nah, I was just kidding sis, you're pretty beautiful" I said, and with that, she glanced at me quickly, smiled, and we didn't speak much more during the trip.

She dropped me off, and I walked in through the Employee's door to the kitchen, clocked in, and got to work. Throughout the time I was working Heather was texting me about different things "Hey Mike, should i put the vitamins in the food or water" She asked. "Water" I quickly replied.

"Question, should I put all of the salt blocks in, or just one?" "One". I was responding very shortly because I wasn't trying to be seen as someone who would text a lot during work, but she was making it hard.

"Question, what's your favor color?" she asked me. That caught me off guard. "Ummm, Lavender" I responded. "Awesome" she sent me back. "Why?" I asked "No reason ;P" she shot back at me.

That was how my entire night was, just us texting shortly to each other until 10:30. I called my dad and he showed up just as I had clocked out. We had our usual "How was work" conversation with each other, and talked about football and The Vikings, and a little politics. I kept it pretty professional with my dad as thats how he raised me, so it was a pretty nice conversation.

I got home and jumped in the shower. I quickly cleaned myself up, and went into my room, just wearing my towel, and laid down on my bed, my hair still wet, when my phone rang.

I looked at the caller. "Heather" I quickly accepted the call and brung the phone up to my ear: "Hey Cutie" "Hey, whats up?" "So the cage is set up, thanks to my mom, they've got vitamin drops in the water, a salt block, some bedding, and they're toys. I've tried playing with them but they don't seem to happy with me.

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Am I doing something wrong?" "Nope, when you first get rats, they're going to be very timid, try giving them treats, but not through the bars, and they'll slowly warm up to you. In about a week, try picking them up and holding them for short amounts of time, and try doing that once or twice a day. Once they've warmed up 1st time porn video tube porn you, then you can use the book we got at the pet store to train them." "Okay… How was your day?" "It was good, I just got off work and out of the shower, so you called me at a good time" She laughed.

God that laugh though! "Where do you work?" "The Minneapolis Club Downtown. I work as a… Cook there." Why did I just lie? "Oh wow! Do you like it? I'm sure the food is really good!" "Yeah it is really good, it kinda' has to be considering we serve the elitists of Minnesota" "oohhh!

Its a rich peoples' club! It must be PRETTY fancy then…" and she laughed, again. God that laugh is going to give me issues in the future. "Yeah its really fancy.

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Anyways i've gotta' hit the hay, I've got a lot of work to do tomorrow and its pretty late. I'll talk to you in the morning okay?" "Okay cutie! Make sure to call me. Byee!" And with that we hung up. I looked at my phone, looking at Heathers' name. I barely met her and i'm already obsessed with her. This isn't good&hellip. This isn't good at all… but hey… What can I do… and with that I stood up, went over to my dresser, poked my rats a bit and played with them, grabbed some pajama pants, and laid down, turning the lights off.

Today? Well today was a good day.