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Busty stepmom and pretty teen ffm some with nasty man young old and pornstars
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Hey everyone, So I've been reading our past comments and I continue to see people thinking me and Harvey are fake people, Well to be honest I really don't care what people think about us the only people that need to know we are real are us. So being a Daddy is rocking my world, I love my son so much and I'm still very much in love with Harvey. We have had an amazing past few month watching Edvard grow up, but he is a little monster so I guess he got that from me.

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Harvey is still the amazing blonde hottie sucking cop doggy style fucking I fell in love with and still my loving husband although I could kill him at times. We moved out of our past apartment because there wasn't any room for our family there and we moved into a bigger apartment, We also got a new car that is only used for family things such as taking Edvard to the nannies. So I guess I should get on with it.

so I'm going to write about yesterday, Yesterday me, Harvey and Edvard went to have a family picture taken. When my alarm went of I realised that Edvard had finally slept though out the night completely and me and Harvey was so happy to have a full nights sleep, When I turned the alarm of I rolled over to see Harvey wasn't in bed, I thought Harvey was in the bathroom or something so I got out of bed and walked to the bathroom, But when I got there Harvey wasn't their.

I was a little bit panicky because being me I always assume the worst has happened, so I looked on Harvey's bedside table and all his shit was there like his keys and his watch. I walked out the bedroom with my panic growing more and more I went into the kitchen but Harvey wasn't there either, so the only other place he could be was in Edvard's room. I walked down toward his room and I could hear Harvey singing I opened the door to Edvard's room and Harvey was their with our son in his arms singing "hush little baby don't say a word Daddies going to buy you a mocking bird" I stood in the doorway and just listened to Harvey singing.to our son and just by listen to Harvey I could tell he loved Edvard like a dad should.

Without looking at me Harvey said "How long have you been stood their baby" "long enough to see how much our son means to you" "I'm sorry baby I know we agreed to try and stop coming into his room at night to see if he is okay but I couldn't help myself" "don't be sorry baby I know how much you love him, but it's time to get ready for the family photo" Harvey smiled at me and said "Do you want to take a shower first babe?" I shock my head from left to right and said "No baby I want to take a shower with you" Harvey smiled at me and said "We have a son now we can't do that kind of thing anymore babe" I looked at Harvey and I was still smiley and said "We also have a baby monitor babe" Harvey took a minute to decide and then put Edvard back into his crib and walked out of his room bring the monitor with him.

I walked out of Edvard's room and whispered to him "I love you my darling" I followed Harvey to the bathroom and we got undressed, looking at Harvey's body it felt like such a long time silicon tited sex symbol cali carter I had touched him sexually when in fact it was only for weeks ago.

I got undressed to and got in the shower and Harvey followed me in their.

I started kissing Harvey and he was kissing me back I went to get on my knees to suck Harvey's dick but he said "We shouldn't our son is in a room two doors down. I said to Harvey "We are grown adults baby its not unusual to have sex or have fun with each other because we are parents we have monitor and if he starts crying we can always stop and one of us can go see to him" "I know baby but I feel a little weird about it can't we just wait until you mom comes and gets him later then I can be all your" "Baby we are having a family photo in 2 hours and are parents are going to be their that's when my mom is taking Edvard but if you really feel weird about it I guess this can wait till later like it always has too" "Baby." "I'm sorry Harvey I know that was a bit harsh" so me and Harvey showered and got dressed.

I went to go get Edvard up and I gave him a bath and I'm sure most parents will agree its not a easy task to do. When Edvard was bathed I got him dressed and gave him some breakfast and I settled down to eat mine but also being a parent I got use to eating my breakfast cold, whiles I was eating a cold waffle Harvey was getting Edvard's travel bag ready.

When we got to the photo shop we had a boobs mom son hot mp3 picture taken and my mom took Edvard for the night. as much as I love my son I was so glad to have a full day with just Harvey.

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When me and Harvey got home I closed the door and went into the living room Harvey followed and said "Baby lets go into our bedroom" I got up knowing Harvey didn't want to go into our bedroom to sleep and I couldn't help thinking it was about time I got some. When we got into our bedroom Harvey pinned me to the door and started biting my neck and unbuttoning my shirt and I ripped his off I was so ready to have a good fuck from my husband I didn't want to waste time taking each others clothes off.

Harvey unbuttoned my pants and though me onto our bed and got on top of me. I hot teen arya fae gets first anal babe Harvey's pants and boxers off. I loved the way his body smelled, it always smelled clean and I know its weird but it was a unique smell of Harvey, Harvey at that point ripped of my boxer shorts and was feeling up my ass.

I said to Harvey "Stop playing baby and put it in me" Harvey laughed and said "all in good time baby" Harvey lowered him self down my body kissing all the way down to my dick and started sucking me off it was an amazing feeling because I haven't had it in so long. Harvey started sucking me off slowly at first lubbing up my dick so he could suck me deep after about 10 minutes I cummed in Harvey's mouth and it felt so good.

When Harvey was finished and satisfied he wasn't going to get anymore cum out of my dick he came back up to eye level and started teasing my ass with his dick I said to Harvey "Baby stop playing I want it in me" so Harvey did as I asked and slowly shoved his dick in me getting faster and harder as he went. We was kissing each other all over and we had the best sex we have had in a long time the only problem was how was we going to spend the rest of the day