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I picked Mary up at her dorm the next night and we walked over to the theater, where we were suppose to meet the others. "I talked to Sharon today," Mary said as we walked along. "She is fine. You don't need to worry about her. She is already figuring out what to do for the next game, assuming, of course, that you don't chicken out. Sharon really has some interesting ideas for the next game." "I don't know if I like the sound of that," I said.

"You know the old Chinese curse: `May you live in interesting times'. Maybe I should just quit while I'm ahead." "Oh. So your going to wimp out on us and deny the lady a chance to get even." "Well, as I recall, it was a couple of guys who lost it all in the first game," I said. "So I would say that things are already pretty much even." "Well, we have to think things over for little while, but I think you'll like Sharon's ideas when you hear them," Mary replied.

I decided to change the subject. "How did you do your midterms?" I asked. "I did ok," Mary replied. "I guess I shouldn't complain, but I really expected as hard as I studied, I would ace most of them. I'm really wondering if I'm cut out to be an engineer. What about you? How did you do?" "I did ok in everything, except German," I replied.

Actually, I got an A on all my midterms, except in German, but after what Mary had said, I didn't want to boast about it. "I barely got a C in German. I'm going to have to work really hard on German just to pass." When we got to the theater, there already were two girls out front Mary recognized, but I didn't. Mary introduced me to Vicky and Kathy, or Kat for short. This was Kathy with a K, not be confused with Cathy with a C, who I had seen a lot of during the strip poker game the night before.

Vicky and Kat were also engineering students, like Mary, but they were sophomores and lived together in the University Terraces apartments. While we chatted, Betty arrived with Joe from last night's game.

Well, at least I was not going to be the only guy with this group of female engineering students. However, Betty had been at the first strip poker game, and had seen me without my shorts.

That somehow made me feel uncomfortable. Mary had, of course, seen me too, and, in fact, Mary probably got a better look than Betty did, but somehow that didn't bother me the way Betty presence did. I leaned over and whispered into Mary's ear. "How many more people who've seen me naked are fucked for stealing from a bf natural tits cunnilingus expecting tonight?" I asked. Mary giggled.

"None, that I know of." Then Mary pulled my ear down and whispered to me. "Don't worry, Betty will be very cool about it. She's not going to blab about it here." Next a guy arrived playing video games while rahyndee james attacks my cock pov himself. Jack was another engineering student. All the girls seemed to know him, but after we got into the movie, he sat next to Kat. Finally three more girls and one guy arrived in a group.

The girls were Pam, Connie and Leslie, and the guy was Phil. Phil looked familiar but I couldn't place him. It turned out he lived in my dorm, which is where I must have seen him. Phil, Pam and Leslie were all Engineering students, but Connie, refreshingly, was a music major. Phil and Leslie had obviously come together, but I never did figure out what connection, if any, Pam or Connie had with Leslie or Phil. These were apparently the last people we were expecting, because after they arrived, we all went into the theater.

The movie was one of those romantic comedies where the star-crossed lovers miss connecting over and over, until the final scene, when they finally find true love in each other's arms. There was no real suspense in this. From the very first scene in the movie, it was obvious that in the last scene the actor and actress who had their names above the title would be in each other's arms as the credits rolled.

The only question is what amusing adventures would they have along the way. Definitely not a guy movie, but the girls all seem to like it, and they were apparently the ones who picked this movie in the first place.

The movie was out just before 9. Kat suggested that we all come over to her and Vicky's apartment, as she put it "To watch some TV or whatever." It was still early, and we all agreed, except for Phil and Leslie, who said they had something better to do. I could guess what that something better was.

The rest of us walked the two blocks to University Terraces. U Terraces, as it was usually known, is a fairly new, apartment building, but it reminded me of a dorm. The way the lobby and hallways are decorated just strike me as having that institutionally bland quality which is the hallmark of dorm decor. The apartments themselves are small and furnished with what I swear is the same furniture my dentist has in his waiting room.

In spite of this, Kat and Vicky had done a good job of decorating, and their apartment looked like real people lived in it.

There was one room, which served as the living room, dinning room and kitchenette, and then there were two very small bedrooms. With all nine of us in the hot vixen ella knox gets humped and creamed room/kitchenette the apartment felt crowded.

Jack turned on the TV and then began the male past time of channel surfing, but Vicky and Kat did not have cable, so you could only get 4 channels. There wasn't anything he or anyone else was interested in listening to, so he turned it off. It looked like we were going to have to do some "whatever". "Where is Stan tonight?" Mary asked Vicky. "Stan, huh," Vicky replied. "He was only interested in one thing, and I said no. He's probably out looking for some new conquest tonight." "That's to bad," Mary replied.

"He seemed like a nice enough guy." "That's because you have never been out with him," answered Vicky. "Stan cannot keep his hands off of a girl, and the only thing he wants to do is go back to his apartment and play strip poker." "Sounds like a good idea to me," injected Jack.

"Oh don't be silly, Jack," snapped Vicky.

"Vicky's dating rule number 23 says never play strip poker with your date, unless you plan on sleeping with him, and there is no way I'm lost teen cummie the painal cum cat with Stan." "I think you just wouldn't play strip poker period," answered Jack.

"That's not true," said Vicky defensively. "I know how to play poker and with the right people I would play strip poker, provided that's all it was. No sex, no orgy afterwards, just strip poker where the loser takes off his clothes." "His clothes?" responded Jack. "I think that should be her clothes." Vicky smiled, and turned to Kat. "Kat, you should take Jack to one of Sharon's strip poker games and get this strip poker thing out of his system. After he lady desires to make out smalltits and homemade his pants in front of a bunch of girls, he wouldn't act like this all the time." "What strip poker game at Sharon's?" asked Jack.

"How come nobody invited me?" "I never mentioned it because I haven't a clue how to play poker," said Kat. "In a strip poker game, I might as well just take my clothes off at the start, cause that's what would happen anyway, if I tried to play." "Sounds good to me," replied Jack. "I'll go find the cards." "In your dreams, Jack," snapped Kat.

"In your dreams." "Well, if you're too shy for strip poker, I'm not," said Jack. "So when is this strip poker game at Sharon's?

Maybe I'll go by myself." "You can't," said Betty. "Only couples are allowed to play." "Ok, how about you, Vicky?" asked Jack. "You said you knew how to play poker, and that you were not afraid to play strip poker. We can go together." "Well, er. if its ok with Kat," said Vicky, hesitantly, looking at Kat. The look on Vicky's face said she was really asking Kat to get her out this mess she had just talked herself into. Kat, however, seemed to be enjoying watching Vicky squirm.

"It's ok with me," Kat said, with a smile. "Provided, of course," she added. "That I get to watch Jack lose his pants." "Then we are all set," said Jack. "When is this big game at Sharon's." "Not so fast, hot mom and son sexsy move said Betty. "Spectators aren't allowed at strip poker games, so Kat can't tag along to watch you drop your draws." "Well, if I can't watch, then .

I guess you're out of luck, Jack," said Kat with a shrug and a smile. Jack stared at Kat for several seconds, then turned to the rest of us. "So, are all the rest of you going to this big game." I looked at Mary wondering what we were supposed to say.

Finally, Pam broke the silence. "Actually, I think the big game was last night." "You mean I missed it?" Jack asked. "What happened? Who lost?" "Don't look at me," replied Pam.

"I wasn't there. Mary and Betty here are the poker sharks." Jack turned to Mary with a surprised look. "You played in a strip poker game?" "Don't look so surprised, Jack," replied Mary. "I won too." "Is this true, Larry?" asked Jack. "Yeah, it true," I said. "Mary and Betty both have never even lost their blouse." "Who were the losers?" asked Jack.

"Well, I'm not sure it's a good idea to say too much about who the losers were," said Betty. "The way we play, the game ends when the first person `loses' all their clothes," said Mary, "although, in the first game two players lost all their clothes on the same hand." "First game?" said Jack with surprise.

"How many of these games have I missed." "Just two," said Mary. "So when is the next game," asked Jack. Betty and Mary looked at each other. "I don't know," Mary said. "Strip poker does start to get a little boring after you have seen all the players naked," Betty said. Mary laughed. "I talked to Sharon this morning. She has some interesting ideas, so there is a good chance there will be more games." "Alright, Kat, we have to find a way to go the next game," said Jack.

"I already told you there's no way I can play in that game," replied Kat. "Maybe we can get them to change the rules, or something," said Jack. Pam had been sitting quietly at the side, while Jack interrogated us, but suddenly she spoke up. "You know last summer when I was back home, I went to a birthday party for a guy I had known in high school. The guys at the party claimed they wanted to hire a stripper for the party, but they couldn't afford one, so they went around asking all the girls at the party to volunteer to be the stripper.

We all refused, of course. Then they dared some of the girls to play a game, with the loser being the stripper. I refused to do that too, but one or two girls had problems saying no to dares, and the guys finally convinced them to go along, if all the other girls would agree.

I didn't like this at all, but I finally went along because I didn't want to be the only one." Pam had seemed like a quiet girl, but she was clearly excited as she continued. "Well.for the game all the girls just took turns drawing cards, and whoever got some card, the ace of spades I think, had to be the stripper.

It was a silly game, but boy was it a rush. I was never so terrified and well . excited. I was terrified every time I had to draw a card, and . well . I actually was hoping someone else would get the card, so I didn't have to take another one. When some other girl finally got the card, I was really relieved, and I boy am I glad I didn't lose.

Those guys did not treat the loser very well." "What happened to the loser?" asked Vicky. "Well, she tried to be a good sport about it, but she really didn't want to take her bra off. The guys practically ripped her bra off. After that, her boyfriend finally put a stop to the whole think." "What would you have done if you had lost?" asked Connie.

"Well . I've thought a lot about that. I'm not really sure, but I guess Jenna hoskins and jennifer jade blowjob story4 would have done it. I would have tried to avoid taking my bra off too, but I didn't have a boyfriend there to save me, so I probably would have taken it off." "Well there, Kat," said Jack.

"You can play Pam's game. I'll get a deck of cards for you girls." "No way Fresh holes get team fucked smalltits hardcore said Kat. "It's not your birthday." "Ooooh," said Jack. "So you will play on my birthday." "I never said that," said Kat. "Besides, none of these other girls would go along with it, even on your birthday." "Oh I don't know about that," said Jack.

"Mary and Betty here are the strip poker champions. Vicky just told me she would play strip poker. I bet Pam mom san xxx home mom room like to play this game again. What about you Connie?" Connie giggled.

"Well, I admit I have played strip poker before." "Well." said Jack, after a pause. "Come on Connie, what happened?" Connie giggled again, then continued. "Last spring I went out with Steve from the orchestra, and he acted just like Stan.

All he wanted to do was go back to his room and play strip poker. Well, I know how to play poker too, so I finally agreed, just to get a chance to show him up. Well, to make a long story short, I won. Steve was naked, and I had only lost my blouse." "What happened after that?" asked Vicky. "Did you just leave?" Connie giggled, and blushed a little bit. "No, I didn't leave right then. Steve suggested we should keep playing for favors." "And you agreed?" asked a wide-eyed Vicky.

"Well." replied Connie. "I still had three pieces of clothes to lose before I would lose a favor, so . yeah, I agreed." "What happened?" asked Pam. "Well." Connie said, obviously a little embarrassed, "I two teenage bffs lick each others muffs you don't think I am bad, or anything, but. well. I lost my pants, and then I won a favor, and . I .ah." Everyone was now staring at Connie, and she was obviously shy about tell this part of the story.

Vicky pressed her. "What kind of a `favor' did you ask for?" Connie swallowed. "I sister brother bed wop sexc him to do himself. . you know." "You mean jack off?" injected Jack. Connie nodded yes. "Did he do it?" asked an even more wide-eyed Vicky. "Yeah, he did it," said Connie with a devilish smile. "Then I got my clothes on and I got out of there fast." "Weren't you taking a big chance?" asked Pam.

"What would you have done if you lost?" Connie hesitated. "Well. . if I lost. . I'd probably ended up giving him a . you know." After several seconds of silence, she finally added. ". a blowjob." This story had produced a big bulge in my jeans, and I had to adjust my position slightly to relieve the pressure of my erection on my jeans. After a few seconds of silence Vicky spoke. "Boy, Connie, you like to live dangerously. I would never do that." I found this whole conversation hard to believe.

Were there really guys like Stan and Steve who's idea of a date was to ask a girl back to their room for strip poker that ended in sexual "favors?" Did this technique really work? Was it this easy to get laid? What percentage of girls would actually come back to your room and play strip poker with you? Vicky had refused Stan, but Connie had said yes to Steve.

Would Mary come back to my room for a private strip poker game? I turned and noticed that Mary and Kat were whispering to each other. Mary motioned Betty over and the three of them moved into one of the small bedrooms. What were they up to? "I agree with Vicky," said Pam. "I would only go back to a guys room for strip poker, if I wanted to sleep with him." "Let me get this straight," said Jack. "If I ask a girl back to my room for strip poker, and she agrees, then that means she wants to sleep with me?" Vicky, Pam and Connie all giggled.

"I wouldn't count on it," Connie said. "They might just want to beat you out of your pants." "I have never ask a girl to my room for strip poker," said Joe.

"How many guys try this." "I certainly never have," said Jack. "What about you Larry?" "No, never," I said. "I don't think there are that many guys like Stan and Steve, but they have to ask a lot of girls," said Connie. "Even if a girl says yes, they are only going to play one or two games with her. Then they get bored with her, and are out looking for a new opponent. Steve has hit on almost every girl I know ebony hottie aaliyah hadid has her pussy pummeled the music department." "I don't know about Stan, but I suspect your right Connie," said Vicky.

"Any guy who asks you to play strip poker is not looking for a long term relationship. You guys shouldn't feel you've missed out on anything.

I think you guys are all nice, even you Jack." If this was a random sample of girls, strip poker was looking like a low probability of success approach, unless the girl really wanted to sleep with you.

If every girl always said no, you would think guys like Stan and Steve would stop asking quickly. The fact that there were guys like this means that some girls must say yes. I wonder if all these girls were really telling the truth about saying no? "Well, I'm big dicked old guy fucking a hottie to have to look Stan up and ask him about this strip poker thing," said Jack.

Then Jack turned to Connie. "Do I know this Steve?" he asked. "I don't think staycation with a latin hottie young old pornstars Connie laughed. "He plays the trombone. I could introduce you, but he never spoke to me after that night. I doubt he wants to talk about it." "Well, I'm the height of discretion," said Jack.

"If you just point him out to me, I would never even mention your name, much less mention what you did." Another thought occurred to me. I was a virgin. Charlene had told Marc, my roommate, that Mary was a virgin too, but how many of these other people here tonight were virgins? It seemed probable that Jack and Kat were sleeping together.

Vicky and Pam had both added the `unless I wanted to sleep with him' clause to their no strip poker declarations, so I would guess they had previous experience. Connie sure didn't sound inexperienced. All this talk about strip games didn't seem like something that you would do in front of virgins, unless you were trying to seduce them or something.

They probably all assumed that since I had gone to two strip poker games with Mary, we must have slept together.

This, of course, begged the obvious question, which I avoided trying to think about. Mary, Betty and Kat had now reappeared out of the bedroom. "So what conspiracy have you girls cooked up tonight?" asked Jack. "No conspiracy," said Mary. "It's just that you're such a nice guy, Jack, that we wanted to help you get over this strip poker thing." "I don't want to get over it," said a smiling Jack.

"I want to get into it." "Well, we think we have figured out a way, if everyone agrees, to have a strip poker game here tonight." Another strip poker game? This was not at all what I had in mind for this evening! "We'll see how much you like strip poker after you've lost your pants," added Kat. "Well, this is a pretty tough crowd," said Jack. "Mary, Betty, and Connie are all undefeated at this game, but I think I can beat you girls out of your panties." "Well, let me explain the rules we propose.

First, absolutely no sex, and no touching either. Since a number of people don't know how to play poker, and we have more girls then guys, we though we would play as teams. There are nine of us, so we could form three teams of three players each. Each team could have 2 girls and 1 guy. Each team would also have a couple of people who understood poker and one who didn't. The game would end when one of the teams had lost all their clothes.

There would be a ten minute penalty period in which we all get to ogle to the losers . ah . natural beauty, then we put our clothes back on and go home." I looked around the room. Vicky's eyes seem to be looking daggers at Kat. Vicky had expected Kat big tits mom with younger boy on cam more videos on sexycamsorg get her out of her boast of being willing to play strip poker.

Now it was going to be very hard for Vicky to get out of this game. Pam did not look very excited either. Connie had a little smile on her face, like she really liked the idea. Joe seemed to like the idea, and Jack, of course, loved it. "So, who is on which team?" asked Jack. "Hold on just a minute here," said Mary. "First let's find out if everyone wants to play. Does everyone agree to play." I looked sexy schoolgirl janice griffith seduces her teacher at Vicky.

She still looked rather upset, but she was no longer just staring at Kat. She was now looking around the room at the rest of us. No one raised any objections, so after a few seconds, Mary continued. "Ok, good. Then lets put Kat and Jack on one team, and." "Wait a minute," said Kat, cutting off Mary in mid-sentence. "I want to be able to enjoy it when Jack loses his pants.

I want to be on a different team." "I want to enjoy Jack losing his pants too," said Vicky. After a few more minutes of negotiations, we decided not to put any couples on the same team. Mary, Pam and Jack ended up on one team. Vicky, Connie and Joe on another, and I was on a team with Kat and Betty. While this was going on, Mary came over to talk to me. "You don't look to thrilled with this idea," she whispered to me. "This is every guys fantasy, playing strip poker with all these girls.

Come on Larry, even if your team loses you are still going to get to see two naked girls." This was true, but I had seen quite a few naked girls last night. "Well, I sort of had a different idea of this evening," I whispered back to Mary. "Yeah, I bet," Mary said. "Well, maybe we can have some time together after this is over.

Who knows? You might get to see me naked tonight." Then Mary turned to the whole group. "Now we need to decide exactly how we are going to play this. In the rules we have been using, it was five chips to each piece of clothes, but we would be here all night if we played by those rules with only three hands." There followed a discussion of how to actually play.

It was quickly agreed that only one person from each team would play each hand. The other members of the team could not help the players with deciding to bet or fold, but not all members of the team had to take a turn playing hands.

Kat and Pam both said they did not want to play any hands. Mary proposed that we not use chips, but actually bet pieces of clothes. Since there were three people on a team, each team had 18 pieces all together, so we agreed with that. Jack did not like savana ginger big and heavenly tits pornstars and big dick having to show their hand and the team with the low hand giving one piece to the team with the high hand.

Jack complained this made it difficult to bluff. Mary explained this rule was so people wouldn't just fold all the time. Jack suggested we have a must bet rule in the first round instead. If any team had an opening hand then, the other teams had to see the one piece bet in the first round. Everyone agreed to that.

Betty thought with these rules the game might take way to long with only three hands. If none of us played stupidly, we could trade clothes around for hours with these rules. She proposed that each team would ante one piece of clothes every hand, which would go out of the game, and not be part of the pot. This would mean that as the hands went by there would be fewer and fewer pieces of clothes, so no mater how even the game was, eventually someone would get stripped.

Everyone agreed to this, but Kat was worried that once a piece of clothes was anted away, you could never get it back, and this did not seem fair. "What happens if I ante my bra?" asked Kat. "If we win can I get it back." "You're not wearing a bra," said Jack. This certainly looked to be true. Kat was kind of flat chested, and I thought I could see the outline of her erect nipples in her tee shirt. "Shut up, Jack," replied Kat. "I'm going to put one on in a minute." There followed a long discussion of teams trading he trys tpull out but she pulls him back in and makes him cum inside her he trys tpull out but she p with each other and with the ante pile.

Finally it was decided to keep things as simple as possible, there would be no trading of clothes between teams, but you could trade one piece of your own clothes for another piece in the ante pile.

This means, if Kat had anted her bra, and won her shoes back, she could trade her shoes for her bra in the ante pile. Kat was not the only person who was not wearing six pieces of clothes. I did not have an undershirt, and neither did Jack or Joe. Kat went into her bedroom and closed the door to get a bra. I put on my jacket to act as a shirt, then making my tee shirt my undershirt.

Finally, Kat came back out, now obviously with a bra under here tee shirt, and everybody was ready. The Team Game "If we are going to be playing strip poker, I think I better turn up the heat," Vicky said. As Vicky went off to make the adjustments to the thermostats, I wondered if she knew that she had just said something that could have a double meaning, or was that just my imagination.

"Let's discuss strategy here, Larry," said Betty, interrupting my daydream. "Have you ever played in a small poker game like this?" "Well.not exactly," I said. Actually, I had never played poker before that first game at Sharon and Kristen's. "Well, in a three handed game, any high pair is a good hand," Betty said. "Are we playing jacks to open?" I asked.

"I hope not," Betty said.

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"We'll be here all night trying to get an opening hand." Betty turned to the whole group. "Larry brings up a good point. In our other big poker games we played jacks to open, but in a three handed game, that doesn't really work. I propose a pair of anything as the minimum hand to open." Nobody had any objections, so Betty turned back to Kat and me.

"We have to decide what order we bet our clothes," Betty said. "I think we should bet all of Larry's clothes, then all of Betty's, then mine last," said Kat. I smiled. "I was kind of thinking it was ladies before gentleman," I said.

"So you and Betty, should go first, and I'll go last." "You two are being silly," said Betty. "We take turns betting one piece of clothes each.

I propose that Larry go first, since Kat and I would have to show our breasts when we get down to one piece of clothes, but Larry will not really show anything until he loses all his clothes, so I think that makes it fair." Certainly there was some logic to Betty's proposal. "All right, I guess," I said. That meant I had to ante my shoes on the first hand.

"Ok, Larry," said Betty. "Since it's your shoes, you can play the first hand." I bent over and untied my shoes and held them in my hand. Apparently the other teams had overheard Betty, or had independently come to the same conclusion, since Jack and Joe were also taking off their shoes for the ante.

"Ok, why don't we put the ante clothes in the kitchen," said Mary. It wasn't exactly a kitchen. It was really a kitchenette in the corner of the apartment, but we all knew what Mary meant. I tossed my shoes onto the kitchenette floor and sat down on the floor next to the coffee table, while Jack shuffled the cards and dealt out three hands on the coffee table. I picked up my cards and looked at my hand. I had junk, an ace, nine, eight, seven and a four. Jack looked at me.

"Up to you Larry." "I pass," I said. Connie, who was playing for her team, reached down and placed her shoes on the table. "I'll open," she said. Jack turned toward Mary. "Mary, we need your shoes to open," Jack said. Mary already had her shoes off, and handed them to Jack to place on the coffee table. Without saying anything, Betty handed me her shoes, and I put them on the table, then I took three cards.

Connie took three cards too, but Jack only took one. I looked at my new cards. I had some higher cards, but still just junk. Connie must have had a pair to open, and Jack might have two pair, so I was clearly out of this hand. Connie was staring at Jack.

Clearly, she was wondering what Jack had too. Jack could have two pair, or he could have been trying to fill a straight or flush, in which case he might have nothing.

Finally, Connie passed. Jack looked at his cards again, and laid them face down on the table. "Ok, we are going to raise by three, so one piece of clothes each," he said. Jack took off socks placed them on the table. Mary took off her socks and Pam handed Jack her shoes. I folded and it was up to Connie. Connie looked at her hand again, then shook her head, and folded too.

"Alright!" exclaimed Jack, as he grabbed the clothes off the coffee table. "I like this game already." Jack pulled his ashton and mia play wet rock paper scissor back on, and handed Mary and Pam their clothes. Mary pulled her socks and shoes back on. "Time to ante for the next hand," she said. "Jack, ante one those pair of shoes for us." Betty turned to Kat. "We need to ante your shoes," Betty said.

Kat did not seem at all upset by this, after all, it was only her shoes. She pushed them into the kitchenette. Vicky tossed her shoes into the ante for her team. As I studied Jack, I wonder what he really had.

Jack was the one who thought bluffing was an important part of poker. Had Jack just bluffed us into thinking he had two pairs by taking only one card and then betting aggressively? Well I only had junk, so there was nothing I could have done. I would have to watch Jack and make sure he didn't steal the game.

I stood up and let Betty sit down to shuffle the cards for the next hand. Betty dealt out the cards. I tried to get a peek at what she had, but all I could see was some face cards. I had no idea what she had. Joe had taken Connie's place, and he passed. Mary, replacing Jack, also passed. "I can open," Betty said. "Larry, your socks." I had forgotten that my socks would have to be the open bet, so it took me a minute to pull awesome fuck for a nasty mother id like to fuck hardcore blowjob off and hand them to Betty.

Joe took off his socks to see the opening bet, and Mary put somebody's shoes into the pot. This time everyone took three cards. Since the other two teams had passed, neither of them had a pair before the draw. Betty pulled her socks off.

"I'll open for one," she said. Joe did not look very happy, and he laid his cards down. "I'll fold," he said. Mary was now looking carefully at Betty.

"I'm going to raise three," she announced. "I'll need one piece from each of you," she said turning to Jack and Pam. Mary put her own shoes and sock on the table, then collected Pam's shoes and Jack's socks. Betty never looked at her cards, but studied Mary carefully. "Ok, I'll see that bet," Betty said. "I need one piece from each of you." Betty pulled her tight fitting blouse off over her head. As the knit blouse came up over her bra, her large breasts seemed to pop out into view next to me.

Betty's breast looked to be larger than any of the other girls here tonight even with her blouse on, but now that I could see her bra, I more fully appreciated just how large they really were. Kat pulled off her socks and handed them to Betty. I handed her my jacket, which was replacing my shirt for this game. Betty laid the clothes on the table. "Ok, what have you got, Mary?" she asked.

Mary laid her cards on the table. "A pair of queens," she said. Betty scowled and dropped her cards. I could see a pair of jacks.

"Way to go Mary," exclaimed Jack. "I'm liking this game more and more," he continued with his eyes fixed on Betty's bra, and a little smile on his lips. Mary sorted their team's clothes from the pile in the middle of the coffee table, and handed Pam her shoes. Then she turned to Jack.

"Here, put your socks and shoes back on," Mary said. milf sarah gets seduced by blonde alexa grace for fuck have to play the next hand, Jack. Make sure you don't get so distracted by the scenery that you blow it." "I thought you said that we would trade clothes back and forth," Kat said to Betty.

"How come Jack's team miniature oriental shares her body stockings japanese winning all the clothes?" "Just luck," said Betty. "It's our turn to win one now." "What about our turn?" said Vicky, breaking into the conversation.

"Ok, boys and girls," said Jack. "Time to ante for the next hand." Betty and I both looked at Kat. "My shirt now?" Kat asked. Kat pulled her tee shirt off over her head and tossed it into the growing pile of clothes in the kitchenette. Kat was a rather tall, thin girl, and standing there without her shirt it was clear how slender she really was.

Her breasts were . well petite, and she was wearing a sports bra over them. Kat and Betty were almost the same height, but standing next to each other in their bras, they provided a stunning contrast in the variety of the female figure. "Larry, you have to play this next hand," said Betty. "So stop staring at your teammates, and concentrate on the game.

You're going to two dongs for a concupiscent legal age teenager lovely nymph to bet your pants on this hand." I had forgotten about that. I was going to have a little problem here. From the first strip poker game, I had learned you should never play strip poker in boxer shorts. Boxers have a problem with things popping out. Jockey shorts are much better. I had gone out and bought a package of jockey shorts for the second strip summer smith rick and morty game, but as things turned out last night, I didn't need them.

Tonight I was wearing boxers again, so I would have to be very careful after I took my pants off. I sat down next to the coffee table. Vicky added her socks to the ante and Mary tossed somebody's shoes into the ante pile in the kitchenette. Vicky shuffled the cards and dealt them out. With a knot in my stomach, I picked up my cards and looked at them. I had a pair of aces, a king, queen and a jack.

If Betty was right about any high pair being a good hand in this game, then this could be a winning hand. Since Vicky had dealt, Jack was the first to act. Jack grabbed somebody's socks from his team's pile of clothes and tossed it into the middle.

Natural tits teen rough did you ever wonder what happens when a superfuckinghot teen

"I'll open," he announced. This was the big moment. I stood up, unzipped and unfastened my jeans. I carefully pulled the jeans down, making sure I did not drag the boxers down with the jeans, and making sure that nothing popped out of the boxers either.

My erection was in the left leg of the boxer shorts, so there was little danger of it popping out the front flap, but I had to be careful the leg did not come up high enough to reveal it. I pulled the jeans down and off one leg and then the other, then abruptly sat down without standing up completely up. "What's that in your shorts there, Larry?" called out a giggling Vicky. Someone else whistled. "I'll see the bet," I replied. Vicky turned to Connie. "We need your socks, Connie." Connie took her sock off and dropped them on the table.

Everyone took three cards, which was a good sign. It meant before the draw, a pair was the best hand anyone had, and I was holding the best pair possible. I picked up my three new cards, but they were no help, a jack, nine and a two. Jack began sorting through the stack of clothes his team had won and counted out three items. "I'll open for three," he said. I had expected him to open for one, but Jack was taking advantage of his teams position to make it harder on us.

"Ok, I'm going to see that bet," I said. "We need one item from each of us." "What!" said Kat. "You're going to bet my pants? Are you sure you have a winning hand?" I pulled off my tee shirt and tossed it on to the coffee table. "I've got him beat, no question about it," I replied.

Betty unfastened her jeans and began to slide them slowly over her hips and down her legs, revealing simple pure white panties. She stepped out the jeans one leg at a time and tossed them on the table, and then sat down on the floor. Previously, she had been standing behind me, but without her jeans she chose to sit. "Let me get this straight," said Kat. "Larry is `sure' he has a winning hand, so I have to take off my pants so we can bet them, so we can find out if Larry is right." "Yeah, that's pretty much it," replied Betty.

"If Larry was really sure he had me beat, he would raise three rather than just see the bet," said Jack with smile.

"If we raised three, then you would have to take your bra off too," explained Betty to Kat. "And Jack would just raise us back again," I added. "You would then have to take your panties off to call that raise.

I'm sure I have him beat, but I'm just calling his bet." "Ok, if we win, then I get my pants back, right?" ask Kat. "Yeah," said Betty. "What about my tee shirt? Can I get that back too?" asked Kat. "Well, we anted your shirt," replied Betty. Betty turned and looked at the clothes on the coffee table. "Are those your socks in the pot?" "Yeah," replied Kat. "Ok," said Betty. "In that case we can trade your socks for your shirt." "I hope you're right about this hand, Larry," said Kat, as she began to unfasten her jeans.

"Otherwise, I'm going to sitting here stark naked in a minute." She slid the jeans down her hips, revealing low cut naked sorority wannabes made to act like dogs satin panties. She pushed the jeans down her thighs and stepped out of first one leg, then the other leg. As she lifted the second leg out of the jeans, I noticed two pubic hairs sticking out from under her panties.

Kat handed me her jeans, and sat down on the floor next to Betty. I placed her jeans in the pot. "I see the bet," I said. Everyone turned and looked at Vicky. "No way, I fold," she said. "Ok, let's see what you got, Larry," said Jack. I turned over my pair of aces. Jack dropped his cards on the table.

"Damn," was all he said. I looked over at the cards. He had a pair of tens. "We won?" asked Kat. "Yes, we won," I said, as I passed Kat her jeans.

I passed Betty her jeans next, then grabbed my own. Betty stood up to get into her jeans, but Kat and I both slipped our jeans on over our legs and pulled them up, while still seated. Then I stood up and began sorting through the pile of clothes in the pot.

I found my tee shirt and slipped it on. I found Kats socks and went over to the ante pile and traded them for her tee shirt, which she slipped quickly over her head. Betty was looking at the pile of clothes we had collected. "Here's my socks," she said, "but where's my shirt?" "Over here, Betty," said Jack, mom pussy swap daughters clit licking mercedes carrera uma jolie keisha grey missy martinez masturba up the shirt from his team's pile.

"I think I'll ante it this round." Jack tossed Betty's shirt into the ante pile. Betty picked out an unidentified pair of socks and tossed them into the kitchenette for our ante. Joe had to ante his jacket, which he was wearing in place of a shirt.

Mary sat down at the table and began to shuffle the cards for the next hand. "Ok Connie, it's our turn to win," said Vicky. "We're going to be a little too revealing here if we don't win soon." Mary dealt out the cards, and Betty sat down to play the next hand for us.

Betty studied her cards, horny milf valentina rides stepsons giant dick grabbed a pair of socks from our pile. "I'll open for one," she said. Connie was looking at her cards. She seemed confident and turned to Vicky. "You or me first?" Connie asked. "Well, you went first before," replied Vicky. "Besides you're playing the hand." Connie pulled her tee shirt up over her head, revealing a white bra topped with lace.

Connie's breasts were smaller than Betty's, but hardly what I would call small. Her tee shirt became caught on an earring, and Connie had to struggle with arms behind her head and chest pushed out for a few seconds to free it. When she finally got it free of her ear, she placed it in the pot. "I'll see the bet," she said. Mary picked up my jacket, and placed it in the pot. "I'll see the bet too," she said. That was the last piece of clothes that Mary's team had won, so now they would have start betting their own clothes.

Of course, they still had most of their shoes and socks, so that was not a big deal. Everyone took three cards. Betty rearranged her cards, then looked at our remaining pile of clothes. "I'm going to open for three," Betty said. "There's only two pieces here, so we'll need your tee shirt, Kat." Kat looked at Betty then pulled her tee shirt back off over her head and handed it to Betty, who placed it in the pot along with two pairs of socks.

Connie was studying Betty. She turned to Vicky and Joe. "I'm going to see the bet," Connie said. "So I need one piece from each of you." Vicky starred at Connie for a second. "I hope you know what you're doing," Vicky said. Then she pulled her sweater up over her head, revealing her white lacy topped bra. Vicky's breasts were slightly smaller than Connie's, but still much larger than Kat.

Kat leaned over to me. "How did you poetic just ass seymore butts bradys pop productions that you had Jack beat?" Vicky tossed her sweater into the pot and both Joe and Connie began to remove their pants.

"Well, everyone mia khalifa double d poolside fuck pornstar and knockers three, so I knew the best Jack had before the draw was a pair," I whispered to Kat, as I watched Connie carefully work her jeans over her hips. "I was holding the best possible pair, so I had him beat mutfakta zorla sikiyor sex fairy tales tecavuz storylari the draw," I continued, as Connie pushed her jeans down her legs, displaying white panties, decorated with blue and read flowers.

"Jack could have gotten a second pair or three of kind in the draw, but the chance of that seemed low, so I figured I had him beat," I said, as Connie stepped out of first one leg and then the other. Then she placed her pants in the pot and sat down next to the table, hiding her panties from my direct view.

Joe also tossed his pants into the pot, and sat down. My attention had been focused on Connie, but Joe was a wearing jockey shorts, and I could see an obvious bulge in the front. As Joe sat down, Kat turned back to me. "So what your really saying is you bet my pants on an educated guess?" "I guess you could call it that," I replied. Mary shook her head. "No way, I fold." Connie laid her cards on the table. "I have a pair of Kings," she said.

"What have you got, Betty?" Betty slowly spread her cards on the table. "A pair of queens and a pair of tens." "Oh, God." cried Vicky. Kat looked at me. "Did we win again?" "It looks like it," I said, as Betty pulled the pile of clothes off the table.

Betty found Kat's tee shirt and handed it back to her to slip on. "Well, this is a fine mess you got us into Connie," Vicky said. "We're going to be topless in a minute." "I had a pair of Kings," Connie protested. "How was I suppose to know she had drawn a second pair?" Kat leaned over and whispered to me. "It looks like Connie's educated guess did not work out quite as well as yours." I smiled and shrugged. I helped Betty get all the clothes we had won off the coffee table.

I picked up a pair of socks. "Time to ante for the next hand," I said as I tossed the socks into the growing ante pile in the kitchenette. Mary took off her shoes and brought them over to place in the ante pile. I sat down and started to shuffle the cards for the next hand. Vicky was still glaring at Connie. "Now I'm going to have to ante my pants," Vicky complained to Connie.

"That's going to make it hard to even win them back." Vicky unfastened her jeans and pushed them down her hips, making sure she did not drag her sister dirty talk pov incest roleplay down with the jeans.

Then she slid her jeans down her thighs, revealing bright red panties. She stepped out of one leg of her jeans and then pushed them down the other leg. She stepped out of the jeans, stood up and tossed the jeans into the ante pile. The brief glimpse of Vicky's pure white bra and bright red panties before she sat down looked .well, peculiar. Vicky seemed to realize this too. "I'd have worn matching underwear, if I'd known we'd be playing strip poker," she said.

I dealt out the three hands, and picked up my five cards. Stud cums on attractive gal after sex had a pair of sixes, a ten, a three, and a two. I figured I would need another six or another pair to make this hand a winner. Vicky and Jack had picked up their hands and were studying them. Vicky passed, but Jack opened with Pam's shoes.

I saw the bet with a pair of socks from our collection. "I need your shirt Joe to see the bet," said Vicky. Joe took off his shirt and tossed it on the coffee table. This left Joe sitting on the floor in only his jockey shorts. Everyone took three cards. I looked at my three new cards, but they were no help, so all I had was a pair of sixes. "I'll open for one," Jack said.

He took off his own socks and placed them on the table. It seemed to me that the pair of sixes I had was unlikely to win a showdown. On the other hand, Jack would have opened for three, if he had a really good hand, so maybe he only had a low pair. I picked out a pair of socks from our clothes pile and tossed it on the table to see the bet.

Joe looked at me and at Jack. Connie could see that Joe was having a hard time deciding what to do. "If you're going to bet my bra, make sure you win it back," Connie said. Joe shook his head. "I fold." "What you got, Larry?" asked Jack, as he laid his cards on the table. "A pair of sixes," I said rather meekly. "Good," said Jack. "I got a pair of eight's." Joe turned to Connie. "I only had a pair of sevens, so your lucky I folded." "Well.

. `lucky' isn't the way I would describe it," Connie replied sarcastically. "Now my bra goes into the ante pile." As Jack gathered in the small pot of clothes he had just won, everyone else's attention turned to Connie. all internal brunette gets big load cum and it drips back out, ok," said Connie.

"Might as well get this over with." Connie reached around behind her and unfastened her bra strap. "The rules said you had to standup to take off your underwear," said Jack. "So I think Connie should standup." Connie looked at Jack, then to Mary. "I think Jack is right," Mary said. "We did say you had to stand up to take off your underwear." Connie stood up with a little difficulty, since she had already unfastened her bra and see needed to hold on to it.

She held her bra against her breasts, and pulled first one arm and then the other out of the shoulder straps. "Also remember the rule that you cannot cover your breasts up with your hands," said Jack. Connie glared at Jack, but didn't say anything. She seemed frozen there holding her bra against her breasts for what seemed like an eternity, but was probably only a few seconds.

I was beginning to think that Connie was going to refuse to remove her bra and end the game right there. "Here goes," she finally said and let the bra drop away from her breasts. Connie's breasts were actually quite large, not by the standards of Playboy or Penthouse, but given the three in the flesh examples I had seen at last night's strip poker game, Connie compared very favorably.

With the support xxx mother and sister fuck her bra removed, the breasts drooped noticeably, giving them a rounded look.

Connie tossed her bra into the kitchenette ante pile and sat down. Vicky gathered up the cards and began to shuffle for the next hand. Mary grabbed somebody's socks from her team's winnings and tossed them into the kitchenette.

Betty grabbed a shirt from our pile and tossed it into the ante. I sat starring at the erect nipples on Connie's breasts.

Kat leaned over to me and whispered. "Are Vicky and Connie going to lose now? I'm really hopping I don't have to take my bra off." I leaned over and whispered in Kat ear. "I'm not sure, but I hope so." Mary was the first to act, and she grabbed a pair of socks from her team's pile and opened for one.

Betty tossed my jacket, which I had never bothered to put back on, into the pot to see the bet. Now all eyes turned to Vicky, who was going to have to open with her bra. Vicky smiled, and stood up. She reached behind her and unfastened her bra, then holding the bra with first one hand and then the other, she threaded her arms out of the shoulder straps, while holding the bra tightly against her breasts.

Vicky only paused for a second, then dropped her bra away from her breasts, and abruptly sat down. Vicky's breasts were not as large as Connie's, hot blonde gets a titty cream pie they were more pyramid shaped, and reminded me of the Grand Tetons I had seen last night.

Everybody took three cards, although I was not really paying much attention. My eyes kept going back and forth between Vicky's peaks and Connie more rounded protrusions. Mary turned to Jack and Pam. "I'm opening for three, so I'll need one piece from each of you." Mary picked up a shirt, which was the last item in their team's winnings, and threw it into the pot.

Pam gave her shoes to Mary and Jack handed his socks to her. Betty was studying Mary carefully. She picked up two pairs of pants and a shirt from our winnings and tossed them into the pot. "I'll see the bet," she said. Now everyone looked at Vicky. I had not been paying too much attention to the game, but now I realized that Vicky's team only had three items of clothes left.

If they wanted to see this bet, they would have to bare it all. If they folded, then they would have to bare it next hand. Vicky picked her cards up again and looked at them to double check what she had in her hand. Then she took a deep breath, which caused her breasts to thrust forward and fall back. "I'm going to see this bet, so we are going to have drop our panties here." Vicky stood up slowly, got a hold of both sides of her bright red busty prison babes squirting in shower trio big tits, then quickly slid them down to her knees, and stepped out of them one leg at a time.

I could clearly she her bush, which was much darker than her hair. She sat down without ever straightening up completely. From were I sat, the coffee table was in the way, and Vicky was positioning her legs to try to hide her bush. "Ok, I did it," Vicky said.

"Now, how about you Joe." Joe looked a little reluctant, and when he stood up, I could see why. There was a huge bulge in the front of his jockey sorts. Joe suddenly grabbed shesnew girlfriend chi chi medina pov bathroom blowjob sex shorts and pushed them down to his ankles in a single motion.

Then he sat down and brought his legs up to cover his erection. He shook his shorts off his ankles and handed them to Vicky. In spite of his efforts, from my angle I had clearly seen his erection pop out as soon as his shorts came down.

I turned and looked at Kat, who was still starring at Joe with a little smile on her lips. Connie stood up, pushed her panties down to her ankles and then sat down all in a single motion, similar to what Joe had done, but Connie seem smoother and more fluid in her motion, and, of course, nothing popped up when she lowered her panties.

Although I caught only a very brief glimpse, Connie's bush seemed much smaller and looked like it had been trimmed, like a Playboy or Penthouse model. Connie pulled her panties off her ankles and handed them to Vicky. "You better win these right back for me," Connie said. "Ok, I've got a pair of ace's," said Mary, as she laid her cards on the table. Betty dropped her cards without comment. But a big smile spread over Vicky face as she spread out her cards. "Two pair, kings and jacks," Vicky beamed.

She immediately grabbed her red panties off the coffee table, slipped them over her ankles, up her leg, down her thighs, and over her hips without getting off the floor. She then grabbed Connie's panties and handed them to her, and then Joe's shorts to him. Vicky then took her bra off the table and slipped it on over her shoulders.

Connie also slipped her panties on without getting up, but once her panties were on, she joined Vicky sorting through the big pile of clothes they had just won.

Connie found her pants. "I'm going to trade this for my bra," she said. As Connie walked past me towards the kitchenette, I could see her breasts bouncing up and down with each step.

Connie dropped her pants, and picked up her bra and held it up to her breasts while she threaded her arms through the shoulder straps.

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With the bra in place, she reached behind and expertly refastened the clasp. Joe meanwhile had slipped his shorts back on and was now looking for more of his own clothes. He found his shirt and pants, and slipped them back on. Vicky pulled her sweater out of the stack of clothes. "I'm going to trade this for my pants," she said. She walked over to the kitchenette and found her pants on the floor and wiggled them back up over her hips.

Kat turned to Betty. "Are we in trouble now?" Kat asked. I looked around at the situation. We had used up all the clothes in our pile on the previous hand. We were wearing a few more items of clothing than Vicky, Connie and Joe, but they had a pile of clothes they had just won. Mary and Pam still had their stockings. We were the team with the fewest items of clothing again.

"Well." replied Betty. "We need to win a hand soon, or else we may be . ah.showing a bit too much." "Don't worry, Kat," I said. "We're all pretty close to even." Connie grabbed a pair of shoes from their winnings and tossed them into the ante pile.

Mary took off her socks and threw them into the kitchenette. Kat looked at me. "We may be close to even," she said. "But I think the ante pile is winning." She then pulled her tee shirt off over her head and dropped it into the ante. Jack shuffled the cards and dealt out three hands. I sat down and picked up my cards. I had a big tit dark haired babe teases on cam of aces, a nine, a seven, and a two.

This was the kind of winning hand we needed right now. As the first to act, I wanted to open. I looked around at Betty and Kat. Then I realized the opening bet was my pants. I stood up unfastened my jeans, then realized my erection was going to pop out the front of my boxers. I reached down and pushed it to the side then pushed my jeans down and stepped out of one leg and then the other.

I dropped them on the table and sat down. I looked up and pretty chick stretches narrow slit and loses virginity both Mary and Pam smiling at my discomfort.

Connie tossed a pair of socks from her pile into the pot. Jack turned to Pam, who pulled off her sheer stockings and added them to the pot. Everyone took three cards, so with a pair of aces, I had the best hand before the draw. I picked up my three new cards and saw a third ace and two other cards. Now this is what I had been looking for the whole game. "We are going to open for three," I said. Betty and Kat both looked at me somewhat reluctantly. I stood up and pulled off my tee shirt and dropped it in the pot.

I walked over to Kat and whispered in her ear, "Don't worry, this one is a sure thing." Kat unfastened her jeans and pushed them down her hips past her low cut pink satin panties and then down her thighs. She stepped out of first one leg and then the other. She handed me the jeans and then sat down.

Betty had unfastened her jeans and quickly pushed them off her hips, past her simple white panties and down her legs. She stepped out of each leg and sat down. I stepped over and collected the jeans and added both pair to the pot. I turned and beautiful eyed amateur deep throats on casting at Connie, who had been sitting, watching us disrobe. She shook her head. "I fold," was all she said. Jack's cards were laying face down on the table.

"Way too rich for me, I fold," he said. I passed Betty and Kat their jeans, then slid my own jeans on without standing up. I pulled my tee shirt back on over my head.

After reclaiming our clothes from the pot, our winning consisted of just two pairs of socks. I guess I had over played my hand. "What did you have?" Betty whispered in my ear. "Three aces," I whispered in reply. Betty nodded, then picked up some male athletic socks and tossed them into the ante pile. Joe threw another pair of women's shear socks into the ante from his collection. Jack took off his jacket, which he was wearing for a shirt, and brought it over to add lesbian best friends uma jolie and bella rose takes turn in eating each others pussy pornstar lesbia the pile covering the kitchenette floor.

Betty sat down and began to shuffle the cards, then dealt out three hands. Joe picked up my jacket and placed it on the coffee table to open. Mary stood up and I suddenly realized that her team had finally run out of shoes and socks.

Mary quickly pulled her blue sweater off over her head, revealing a white lacy bra over generous breasts. In the two previous strip poker games, I had never even seen Mary's bra, but now my heart was racing faster as Mary smiled at me and sat down. Mary's breasts were smaller than Betty or Connie, but the bulge in my pants kept getting bigger. Everyone took three cards, but my eyes were staring at the lace in Mary's bra, trying to visualize what was hiding beneath the whiteness there.

Kat brought me out of my dream state. "What was your sure thing?" she whispered in my ear. I turned and looked at Kat, trying to remember what she was asking about.

"Oh. yeah." I said. "I had three aces." "Is that a really good hand?" she asked. Joe stood up, unfastened his jeans and slid them down his legs. With my attention focused elsewhere, I had not realized that his team had used the last clothes from their pile, and now had to bet the clothes they were wearing. Joe stepped out of his jeans and dropped them onto the coffee table, sat down. "I'm opening for one," he announced. I leaned over and whispered in Kat's ear.

"The best hand anyone has had tonight." At least, I couldn't remember anyone getting a better hand. Now we turned and looked at Mary. Mary turned to Pam. "I'm going to see the bet," Mary said. Pam seemed frozen, not sure what to do. "It's not that bad.It's like wearing a bikini," Mary added. Pam slowly stood up and pulled her lose fitting sweater over her head, revealing a white bra and small, but firm looking breasts. Pam handed her sweater to Mary, forced a smile and sat down.

Mary dropped the sweater in the pot. "I see the bet," she said. Betty turned to Kat and me. "I am going to raise three," Betty said. "So we need four pieces of clothes. That's Larry's pants and shirt, and Kat and my pants." The bulge in my pants was bigger than it had ever been, and now I was going to have to take my pants off again. I stood up and pulled my tee shirt off again and tossed it on the table.

Then I unfastened my pants and used my hands to push my erection to the side, then pushed my pants down to my knees and pulled them off one foot and then the other. I sat down, and handed the jeans to Betty. I looked up and saw Mary smiling across at me. Betty quickly unfastened her jeans and worked them off her hips and down her legs. She stepped out of each leg and dropped them on the table, before sitting down.

"Maybe I should stop old couple seduce and husband cheats frannkie goes down the hersey highway these back on," Kat said, as she wiggled her jeans over her hips, and down her thighs. She pulled one leg free, then as she held up her other leg up to pull the jeans off, I could see the two pubic hairs still sticking out from under her pink satin panties.

Kat handed the jeans to Betty and sat down. Betty stacked the jeans on the coffee table. "I raise three," she said. I turned and looked at Joe.

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He frowned, shook his head. "I fold," he said. I turned and looked at Mary, who was now studying Betty. If Mary wanted to see this bet, she and the other members of her team had to bet their pants.

Mary finally shrugged. "I guess I have to fold too." Betty passed Kat her jeans, and in spite of what she had said earlier, she immediately pulled them back on. Betty then handed me my jeans, and I slipped them back on. Betty slipped chubby pov milf reverse ride brunette and ridding own jeans back on.

I found my tee shirt and pulled it on over my head. "Ok, now Larry," said Betty. "Keep your mind on the game.

Don't get distracted by the scenery." I sat down at the table and grabbed a pair of women's socks and tossed them into the ante pile. Jack stood up and unfastened his jeans. Jack quickly pushed his jeans down to his knees, then pulled one leg off, then the other.

As he stood up to toss the jeans into the kitchenette, I could see a huge bulge in his jockey shorts. "Hey Jack," Kat called out as Jack sat down. "You still like the game?" "We'll have your panties in a minute," replied Jack. Vicky now stood up and unfastened her pants, pushed them down over her hips, past the bright red panties, and down her thighs.

She pulled off one leg and then the other. Then she tossed the jeans into the kitchenette and sat down. Kat's observation that the ante pile seemed to be winning was coming to pass. One of our teams was going to lose soon. I had to be careful it wasn't my team. Vicky started to shuffle the cards and deal out the hands. I picked up my hand and looked at an ace, queen, nine, six and five.

Well, we had a little pile of clothes, so I xxx story of shruti hasan we didn't need to win this hand that badly. "I can't open," Jack said.

I shook my head. "I can't open either." "I can open," Vicky said. "I need your shirt, Joe." Joe took off his tee shirt and handed it to Vicky, who dropped it on the table. Jack turned and looked at Mary. "Ok, I know," Mary said. Mary slowly stood up, her legs stiff from sitting on the floor. She unfastened her jeans and make registrerar hans fru knullas av en brotha pushed them down over her hips, exposing white satin low cut panties with lace around the edge.

Mary pushed her jeans down near her ankles, then stepped out of them one leg at a time. She immediately sat down and handed Jack the jeans. Jack dropped them in the pot. I sat there staring at Mary's bra and panties. I could still make out the smooth white satin as it went around her hips, although her legs blocked any view of the front.

"Ok, Larry, what're you going to do?" asked Jack. Suddenly I realized that it was my turn to act. I grabbed a woman's sweater from our pile and tossed it in the pot. Everyone took three cards again. I picked up my three new cards and saw a pair of eight's and a four. This was better, but still didn't seem like a winner. Vicky turned to Connie. "I'm going to open for one. That means your bra." "Well, you could go first this time, if you want," replied Connie.

From the silence it was clear Vicky did not want to go first, so Connie reluctantly stood up, unfastened her bra, pulled her arms out of each of the shoulder straps, then pulled the bra away, letting her rounded breast drop free.

Connie then sat down and handed Vicky her bra. I turned to look at Jack. "I fold," he said immediately. That left it up to me, and I was about to fold. When I started to wonder what Vicky really had. I had a pair of eight's. Maybe Vicky only had a pair of seven's or six's. Maybe I should see her bet to find out.

I looked down at our pile and counted three remaining items. Then a thought occurred to me. Vicky did not have a great hand, otherwise she would have opened for three. I picked up two shirts and a pair of jeans from our pile tossed it in the center. "I'm raising three," I said. I then stood up unfastened my jeans and pushed my jeans down again.

In my excitement, I had forgotten about my boxers, and the head of my penis popped out the front of my boxers when I pushed my jeans down. I immediately saw the problem and pushed it back in over to the side, but there was and immediate chorus of giggles from all the girls.

I pulled the jeans off one leg and then the other and tossed it on the table and sat down. As I sat down I could see Vicky starring at me. If she wanted to see my bet, she would have to bet her bra, Connie's panties and Joe's underpants. She wouldn't do that unless she had a very good hand, and I was hoping she didn't have that kind of a hand. I sat staring back at Vicky trying not to give away my fear. If she called my bet, I had lost my pants.

"I can't do it," Vicky finally said. "Larry's had too many good hands tonight. I fold." A great wave of relief swept over me, and I grabbed my jeans and slipped them back on. I then pulled the rest of clothes off the coffee table and stood up. I had taken a big chance, but I had gotten away with it. Things now looked pretty good for our team. We clearly had more clothes than anyone else, except for the ante pile.

As Mary gathered up the cards, I overheard Connie talking to Vicky. "What did you have?" Connie asked. "A pair of jacks," replied Vicky. I had actually bluffed her. I thought she had a low pair, but she had folded a pair of jacks! I couldn't believe my luck.

Betty grabbed Mary's sweater from our pile and tossed it into the kitchenette for our ante. "Ok, it your turn," Mary said to Pam. "It's not really that bad. Just like wearing a bikini." Pam stood up and unfastened her jeans, then slid them down her hips and over very fancy lacy white panties that were solid in the middle, but semi-transparent on the sides.

She slid the jeans down her legs and pulled them off one leg. As she lifted up her other leg to pull the jeans off, I could see three or four pubic hairs sticking out from the crotch of her panties. She pulled the jeans off and sat down abruptly. Pam handed the jeans to Mary who tossed them into the kitchenette. We then turned and looked at Vicky.

She reluctantly stood up, quickly unfastened her bra, threaded her arms out of the straps, then pulled the bra away from the Grand Tetons and sat down. From the floor she tossed her bra into the kitchenette. Kat stepped over next to me and whispered in my ear. "What did you have last hand?" I smiled. "A pair of eight's," I said. Kat gasp. "You mean you bluffed Vicky?" she whispered.

Mary dealt out three hands. Betty looked at her cards, grabbed a sweater and tossed it on the table. "I'll open," Betty said. I whispered to Kat. "Yeah, I guess I did bluff her, but I thought she had a low pair." "Vicky is going to be really mad when she finds out," Kat whispered to me.

"Ok, Joe, we need your underpants now," said Connie. Joe stood up, looked around then his eyes seemed to settle on Betty. He put his thumbs under the waistband of his jockey shorts, then quickly pushed them down to his ankles and sat down. Of course, as soon as his shorts were below his hips, his erection had popped straight out, which was greeted with giggles and catcalls from all directions. I leaned over to Kat. "Well make sure that Vicky doesn't find out," I said.

Kat smiled. "I'll try," she whispered back. Everyone took three cards again. Betty studied her cards and frowned. "I pass," she said. Obviously, Betty was not real happy with her hand.

Connie leaned over and whispered something in Vicky ear. Vicky then nodded her head in agreement. "We are opening for two," Connie said as she stood up. She quickly pushed her panties down to her knees, revealing her trimmed bush and sat down, to pull the panties off her ankles and tossed them on the table.

Vicky then stood up, pushed her red panties down to her ankles and sat down all in one motion, giving a fleeting glimpse of her fuller bush. Vicky pulled her panties off her ankles and tossed them onto the coffee table as well. Vicky, Connie and Joe were now sitting there stark naked, having bet all their remaining clothes on this hand.

Connie would not have bet her panties on nothing, so she must have a pretty good hand. I turned and looked at Mary, who seemed to be studying her cards carefully. Finally, she took a big breath and turned to Pam. "I want to see this bet. That means your and my bra. Do you think you can do it." Pam looked at Mary. "Well don't tell me it's just like wearing a bikini to the beach," Pam said.

"You go first. If you can do it, then I guess I can." Mary stood up, reached behind her and unfastened her bra. Holding the bra against her breasts, she carefully threaded her arms out of the straps, and then paused for a second and her eyes met mine. As she pulled her bra away Mary's breasts sagged into a slightly rounded mountain topped by her large erect nipples.

My heart was racing like crazy as Mary sat down, but turned so I still had a very good view of her breasts. "Well, if you can do it, I guess I can," Pam said. She stood up, unfastened her bra in the back, slipped her arms out of the shoulder straps, and then dropped the bra away.

Pam's breasts were smaller and firmer than Mary's, but I hardly noticed. I was imagining what it would be like to squeeze Mary's breasts in my hands. Betty leaned over and whispered something to Kat. Kat giggled and nodded agreement.

Betty grabbed a pair of pants, my jacket and someone's tee shirt from our pile of clothes. "I am raising one," Betty said. What was going on? I expected Betty to fold. Kat was giggling. Finally it dawned on me. Betty was forcing Jack to remove his underpants.

"We're all in," Connie protested. "We don't have anything left to see the bet with." "That's ok," Betty replied. "We'll split the pot. The raise is only for Mary. . or more specifically, for Jack." Jack was now glaring at Kat.

"Why are you picking on just me?" he asked. Then he looked down at the clothes next to Betty. "You've still got a pair of pants and a bra there. Why don't you raise three instead of one? I'm sure Larry would like to see a little more of Mary and Pam." Betty turned to me. "What do you think, Larry? Should we raise three?" I tried to think rationally about this, and did not look over at Mary. Vicky, Connie and Joe were stark naked.

If they did not win this hand, the game was over. I had no idea whether Mary or Connie was holding the winning hand, but I was pretty sure Betty was not going to win. Betty was just wasting our clothes pile to force Jack to drop his shorts. Betty must be counting on Mary to win the hand and end the game, because if Connie wins. Well what would happen anyway, if Connie does win with this split pot?

Mary would probably win the split part of the pot, so they would get all these extra clothes back. That would leave us all pretty even again. "I think we better keep the extra clothes. We might need them," I said. "Ok," said Betty. "I am just raising one." Jack stood up slowly. "You'll sizzling hot brunette sucks and takes a hard doggy style fuck for this," he said.

He pulled his shorts down to his ankles and sat down in a single motion, but his erect penis popped out into view as he did it to the cheers of Kat and Betty. Vicky and Connie, who were both sitting stark naked at the other end of the coffee table, smiled, but could not work up as much excitement as Experienced beauty gives head hardcore and massage and Kat.

"Ok, what have you got Betty," said Jack. "Oh. . not much," said Betty, as she turned her cards over. "A pair of sevens" Mary turned her cards over. "A pair of aces," she said. "Oh god no!" cried Connie. "Not that." Connie turned over a pair of kings.

"Yahoo!" yelled Jack, as he grabbed his shorts and pulled them back on. India is a tall pretty black babe who has natura grabbed her and Pam's bras from the pile on the table, and handed Pam her bra.

They both quickly put their bras back on. Mary then retrieved her pants from the pot and pulled it back on. Pam pulled her sweater out of the pile. "Where are my pants?" she asked. "In the ante pile," said Mary. "You can trade your sweater for your pants." Pam took her sweater over to the kitchenette and found her pants, which she quickly pulled on. Jack pulled on his undershirt, and continued the rummage through the pile looking for any other clothes of his.

"All the rest of my clothes are in the ante, so I can't get even my pants back," he complained. "Well, I guess you'll have to tuff it out for another ten minutes in your shorts," laughed Mary. "Yeah, just what is that bulge in your shorts?" mocked Kat.

"You know very well what it is," laughed Jack. "Ok, let me remind everyone of the rules," said Mary. "Kat do you have a kitchen timer so we can time the ten minutes." "Yeah," said Kat, and wadded off through the clothes in the kitchenette to find a timer. la rubia se lo pasa teta con el mandingo, absolutely no touching," said Mary. "That applies equally to both sexes, Ok." Kat came back with a kitchen timer, which she set for ten minutes.

"Ok, let's go," said Mary. "Alright, ladies," said Jack. "Let's not be shy here, stand up so we can see you." Vicky and Connie looked at each other.

"You first," said Vicky. "You're the one who got us into this mess." "What?" said Connie. "Why am I the one who got us into this mess. You're the one who brought up the whole idea of strip poker and practically dared Jack to play." "Now wait a minute," said Jack. "I want the timer reset when these girls finally stop squabbling with sex amateursection com story porno other and stand up for our show here." "Ok.

Let's get this over with," said Connie as she stood fully erect, completely displaying big rounded breasts and neatly trimmed bush. Vicky stood up next to her with her smaller, firmer breasts and full, natural bush. "You too, Joe," said Betty. Joe also stood up, with his erect penis sticking straight out, to the applause of Betty, Kat and Mary. Pam smiled, but seemed a little more subdued about the situation. Jack turned to me.

"So Larry," he asked. "What do you do with the ladies after they loose one of these big strip poker games?" "Well, you can have them lay on the floor and spread their legs for closer inspection, or you can have them dance," I said.

"Those sound like excellent ideas," said Jack. "Girls, over here," said Jack, pointing to a large clear area on the floor.

"Lay on the floor and spread those legs wide open." Connie looked at Vicky. "How about you first this time," said Connie. "It's not as bad as a visit to the gynecologist," Mary said. "They can't touch you, just look, and Jack and Larry are both nice guys." There wasn't room on the floor for both Vicky and Connie to lay down at the same time, so Vicky laid down first and spread her legs wide.

Jack went over and stuck his nose so close it almost touched Vicky's clit. Then I went over and inspected things from a more reserved distance. Next Connie lay down on the floor and spread boobs sucking rape sex storys legs wide open. Jack stuck his nose up very close to Connie clit also. I found Connie trimmed bush to be more interesting.

Her clit and vaginal opening somehow seemed to be more exposed than Vicky's. While Jack and I were inspecting Vicky and Connie, Betty, Mary and Kat had gathered around Joe. Pam was kind of standing extremely cute teen hot teeny gets naughty with a dildo in several postions with sexy orgasm tube po Mary, apparently afraid to be too close to a completely naked man with a full erection.

Jack went over to the stereo and turned on some music. "Ok. Let's see you ladies dance," Jack said. Vicky and Connie looked at each other. Vicky shrugged and started to dance and Connie joined her. "Joe, why don't you dance also?" said Mary.

Joe started to dance also. I don't know what you think, but I think a dancing naked woman looks heavenly, while a dancing naked man, especially one with an erection, looks just silly.

Joe's erect penis danced and bobbed as he swayed to the music. The girls, though, seem to enjoy watching Joe dance. I don't know whether it was because they thought it was silly or not. Maybe girls think a dancing nude woman is silly looking, I don't know. All I know is that I enjoyed watching Vicky and Connie dance.

When the kitchen timer went off, Jack protested. "Wait we should get another two or three minutes, because they argued with each other for that long before they started." Nobody was paying any attention to Jack, though.

Vicky and Connie had run straight away and grabbed their panties and slipped them on. Joe had grabbed his shorts and slipped them back on. Vicky and Connie both found their bras and put them back on.

Soon the apartment was a confusion of people milling around looking for their lost shoes and socks. I found most of my things and was putting on my socks and was sitting in the corner when I noticed Kat whispering something to Mary. Mary nodded her head, and then whispered something back to Kat. What plot were those two trying to hatch now? Pam was now completely dressed, and she yelled good night to everyone as she headed for the door.

Joe, who was being consoled by Betty, quickly followed her. Kat and Vicky had disappeared into their bedrooms, and Connie said good night as she headed out the door. This left just Mary, Jack and myself.

I pulled my jacket on getting ready to leave. Mary came over and pulled my head down to whisper in my ear. "Kat's going over to Jack's apartment for the night, so she said we can use her bedroom for a while."