Wild lesbians queening each other nicely massage fantasy

Wild lesbians queening each other nicely massage fantasy
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It was in June. The sky was blue the lake water hot enugh. Ryan was at his best friends - Nicks house. They were preapering for NIcks 16 birthday. Since Nick had a big old house they decided for a barbacue outside, near the pool. It was about 5 p.m. as the quest started arriving. Ryan new them all, couse he lived here a couple of years back. He himself was waiting for a girl named Sara. He sexy hottie babe having a masturbation show her for bout a year now, thay made out a time or two, but still nothing started beatween them.

Why? Both of them were certain that long distance relationships dont last. She finally arrivedwith a friend wich Ryan didnt know. As the party went on, he got to know shes called Ice.

Couse she didnt let any guy touch her. That didnt bother him, in his 18 years of life he meet all kinds of women, and you could find a few Ice's among them.

He was talking to NIck when Sara asked him to talk. Some said it looked funny. He bieng 2 meters tall and her with her 1,65, but neither of them cared. They got a few meters aside and Sara said - Listen Riding a horny pecker hardcore and big butt dont want to make out tonight so dont even try, - Why?-he asked with a little anger building in him.

- Well. I'm with Ice, and she might hurt you if you start something. He laughed for a moment and then said - Belive me, I dont care what Ice thinks, or does. The only way she could hurt is with a gun or something like it, and you know it. He was right, she knew. Because Ryan got beaten up pretty badlly in junior high school he started walking on martial arts lessons.

And after a year or so, he became pretty good. it didnt stop him, he still trained, harder and harder. Now when he was a senior in High school, he kicked ass. The trainning did not only gave him power, but got his body into shape, he was muscular,and she liked it. - That's true but i dont what neither of you to get in a fight I care to much for both of you.

In that second Ryan heard a slaping sound, so he turned around to find that Ice was fighting with Cris. One of those high school football players that are really screwed on the edges. He didnt like that type, and wouldnt invite him, still it was Nick party, and Nicks decision.

The guy had a large red hand on his chick, and even from the distance it was easy to see his drunk. So Cris being in a state when he didnt think clearly, made a fist out of his hand and striked Ice in the stomach. Sara runed towards her, because Cris was preaparing for another strike. This time with the leg. Ryan didnt stand still and in a second was beatween Ice wich was out cold, Sara trying to get her up and drunken Cris.

- Man dirty brunette model live toy show masturbation homdemade it. You showed that you an idiot, and that enough. - YOU WANT A PIECE OF ME AS WELL. SO YOU GONNA GET IT MISTER KARATE MAN.

- shouting he trided to strike Ryan in the face, then in the stomach, then headed for the legs. Ryan was trying not to hit him to much, just not to hurt him, but he saw that Ice needs help, couse she was still unconscious. So he hit Cris opne, then twice, and left him laying aside of the pool, KOed. He set Sara aside of Ice, and took her on his hands. - Nick, I''m goona put her somewhere till she wakes up. - Sure, just dont come back withouth her, or she might mase up my place.

- No problem bro, iI'll handel it. - What with Cris? - Put him somewhere, he'll come alive in an hour or so. - OK. He climbed the stairs leading to the house, with Sara following his every step. He knew Nick's house like the back of his hand, and he was planning on puting Ice in his own bedroom, just for the fact that he didn't know how long she'll take to come back.

He could fell Ice's muscules. She was really fit, Her tight were hard, as were her back muscles. He also had a great wiev of her tits. They were medium size, ut round and firm. just the way he liked em.

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He only though its sad that no guy can touch her. As he lied her on his bed Sara said. - Thanks. - Dont mention it, besides i couldn't leave her laying there?

- he had a thought - And one more thing. Why did she collapse so quickly? You said she could put up a punch or two. - Well yeah, but a few days ago she had an operation, and her stomach is jest not fully healed. So maybe it was because of the pain? - Sure could. OK. Lets leave her here till she wakes up. - And he started walking out of the room.

He went to the bedroom oposite his, wich wasnt anyones at this time. Sara came in right behind him.

He sat on the couch and she was standing before him. He open his mouth to say something, but she didnt gave him the chance. She closed her lips above his and puted her tounge in his mouth. He was shocked for a moment, or so, But just after that started returning the cares. His lips were full and soft, and he was awere of the fact that women like them. After a moment Sara sat on his lap and started caresing his chest through his T-shirt.

He moved her closer, and started playing with one of her tits throuch the blouse. She moaned slightly pretty nympho gapes juicy snatch and gets devirginized he touched her stiff nipple.

He then started caresing her neck with his lips. Her moans became louder. He heard her whisper into his ear - I was waiting for this night, because of you I'm on the pill for two months now. Again she put him in a state of shock. He was ceratain she liked him, but not to a point like this.

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- So if you would so kind as to stop lacking, then get me hot, and take my cherry, because i wont give it to anyone else. He would be a total idiot if he refused. So he stared caresing her again. Kissing her neck, taking off her blouse, and revealing her black silk lingerie, contrasting with her milk white breasts.

He took out one and started kissinig it and gently squeezing at once. Sara let out a quiet squeak when he tuched the nipple with his tounge.

She started pushing his head harder to her tit when he started to suck on it. Having one hand free he unhook her bra and let it slip. He then took the other tit in his hand and started squezing it as well, making sure that the nippel gets some attention to. She squealed when he bit on one nipple and pinched on the other. After a delicious katrina pleasures a massive meat pole interracial and pornstars minutes he changed the tity and put his other hand under her skirt touching big cock in shemale asse inner tights.

She was moaned laudly when he squeezed them gently. He slowly began to move his way to her hot clit caresing her breast at he same time. When he finnaly reached her love spot he was surprised to find it soaken wet. He gently rubed her pussy lips through the panties, and it made her jump with pleasure.

He started kissing her, and in the same time put his hand in her panties. Her pussy was hot and wet as it should be. He started caresing her swollen lips genty with his fingers. Sara had her mouth shut by his lips, and could moan in any ther way as to his mouth. He found her clit and gently pinched it, wich made her scream with pleasure inside his mouth. He gently inserted his middle finger inside her cunt. She was tight and felt like velvet inside.

First slowy then with more power and more speed he fucked her pussy with his finger. It didn't tae long for her to push his lips away from hers, clenched her legs, and screamed in orgasm.

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A little worn out after the experience she got his finger out of her love place, and laid a moment on his cheast. Then she got up, and started undresing herself, and then him. When she took of his shirt, she could see his muscled cheast and his stomach muscles. After watching him a minute she said - IIt's my turn.

She got on her knees before him, parted his legs, unbuckled his belt, and unziped his pants. He helped her take them off him. She then took his briefs with her teeth. It made his boner jump a bit. When he was buck naked Sara was astouned by the size of his cock. It wasn't more than 7 inches, but still she was a little afraid of taking him inside of her.

So firstly sweet lovely teen in butt slam act got on her knees again and started blowing him. She took his boners head in her mouth, and started slowlly sucking it. Ryan put hishands on her head. He was felling better by the moment, and the best was still to come. Sara gradually took more and more of his cock in her mouth.

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Inside apart of sucking she licked it with her tounge. like a lolipop. When she finally got to the very end Ryan moaned. The hot air inside her mouth and her breath on his crotch were driving him nuts. She reached down and started squeezing his balls, as she worked her mouth. The sansation for Ryan was unbeliveball. Sure it wasn't the first time, but still it was done by her, by Sara, his closest female friend.

He wanted to return her pleasure and lifted, and turned her body and his own so that he had her pussy right above his face. Sara whanted to protest, but she was too busy with Ryans prick to speak. Ryan got her cunt bofore his mouth and gently kissed her inner tights, slowly finding her love pot.

Sara felt shivers going up from her tight to her head. She decide that she wont be worse, and started kissing Ryans belly, his tights and his dick. Every time she kissed him Ryan felt shivers going up his spine. They laid there for a few more moments tide with each others hands and legs.

As Ryan felt his orgasm neering he spoke to Sara - Sara I'm gonna cum, if you don't want to swollow it you better finish me with your hand. Sara herd it, but didn't stop moving her head up and down his shaft.

He wanted to pleasure her as she did. so he sucked on her clit as hard as he could. He bit it when he felt his jizm shoot into her mouth. Sara squeled swallowing the cum and felling her own love juice flow out. After a minute she got up, sat down on his stomach and started kissing his cheast. She could ice video 20160501-132622 tube porn his dick starting to stiffen again.

- Will you be gentle? - she asked - Ofcourse. I'll be very gentle. - saing that he raised her by the hip, and laid down besides him.

He got on top of her, and slowly put his cockhead into her pussy. She shivered in pain, but didn't give up. He slowly pushed his shaft inch by inch up her tight pussy.

The virgin membrane gave up pretty quickly, still Ryan didnt want to hurt Sara, swetha naidu xxx sex storys he didn't start moving faster. When he finaly was in her fully he laid on top of her latting her pussy acclimate to his dick. Sara had tears in her eyes. She wasw happy that shes loosing her cherry to Ryan, but it was painfull, che just hoped that the pain would go away with time.

After five or six minutes Ryan started slowly taking his cock out, and pushing it back again. He did that a few more times, not changing the speed. When he started felling that her hole is reacting to his thrust he started to move a little faster.

Sara felt better with every minute. Her pussy was finaly stretched and the ain was now a thing of the past. Ryan Started to move more. He took Saras leg in hand and raised it, with the second hand caresing her clit. Both started panting as the pace increased. Sara was felling incredibly. She couldn't say a word wich wasn't a moan or a pleed to Ryan to fuck her harder, or faster, or both.Ryan changed the position putting Sara on her knees, and attacking her cunt from behind.

Her cunt was full of juices, both hers and his. With one had he circled around her clit, pressing on her rosebud with the other. When Sara felt Ryans thumb pressing her rosebudher pussy ached with pleasure. A shiver came through her spined every second. She was gooing crazy and she liked it. Ryan started moving even faster when Sara started scraming from joy. Her lustfull voice called to him to "fill'er up with cum" Just when Ryan felt the fellinf of the sweet end, he Reversed Sara and insreted into her pussy again pressing one of her nipples, ner clitand kissing her passionetly.

In the moment that Sara felt Ryans hot semen inside of her she reached climax. She screamed inside Ryans mouth, and pressed against him verly strongly. Then they just laid there for few moments, with him still having his cock up her pussy.

After a moemnt they kissed, got up, and went to separate bathrooms. When they came out Sara handed Ryan ther panties - This is so you don't forget. They still have my scent on them. Ryan smelled the panties. The scent was the most beautifu perfum. - I'll keep them forever. She smiled and kissed him passionetly.

- Lets go see how Ice is doing. When they came in Ice as just gaetting up from the bed. - Ow I see your aweke - said Sara - Does anything hurt? - Just aspiring teen model gets tricked by an agent and she gets fucked outdoor pride, and my ribs.

But don't worry I'll handel it.By the way how did I get up her? .To Be Continued