Sexy on the beach along superb saya tachibana

Sexy on the beach along superb saya tachibana
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On Top of Old Smokey (or vise-versa) I remember it like it was yesterday. I grew up on a cattle ranch, with the nearest neighbor over a mile away. I was 16 and alone at home. It was late summer and the rest of the family was working in the hay fields while I was home and working in Mom's garden. Mom had planted a large vegetable garden in the back yard but the weeding seemed to always fall to me; although, truth-be-told, I did enjoy the solitude away from the rest of my large and noisy family.

It was a hot summer day and I was only wearing a halter top and a pair of loose, hi-cut running shorts. I was on my hands and knees weeding in the garden, when I felt a cold nose poking me in the butt. It was our Alaskan Malamute, Smokey. Well, Smokey was always poking his nose in everyone's crotch or butt, so I didn't think too much about it and just shooed him away.

But today, he was very persistent and kept poking and licking me. As he did so, I felt his long tongue, move my loose shorts aside and lick across my pussy and ass! At first I was mad and started to swat him away but, as his tongue began licking faster and faster, it felt so good, I thought, "What could it hurt?" So I just knelt there and let Smokey lick me from clit to asshole and it felt Wonderful!

With each lick, his tongue would slide across my clit and then in between the lips of my pussy. I had never felt anything like this in my short life! Suddenly, I felt his tongue stop licking and before I knew what was happening, Smokey had mounted me and began poking my ass cheeks with his hard cock.

I could feel his long, hard cock poking frantically against my thighs and ass cheeks as he tried to find what he was looking for. Lovely brunette bbae ariana grand riding stepdads cock shorts were still on, so I was not too concerned. I thought there was no way he could actually put that huge cock inside me.

That is until I felt his long cock suddenly slide past the leg opening of my loose shorts, across my pussy lips and over my clit! Smokey could obviously feel the heat from my now wet and dripping pussy and began pumping furiously.

I could feel pre-cum shooting from the end of his bright red cock as he sprayed my ass and pussy. After about a dozen fast jabs, I felt his hard cock part my pussy lips shameless attractive chick cant live without hardcore slide inside me!

It was like a hot poker had pierced my pussy!!! Now that my dog had found what he was looking for, he began fucking me in earnest. His front paws tightened around my waist as he began to furiously pound my pussy. The first thrust pushed about 2" inside me pussy and with each successive thrust, he drove more and more of his huge dog cock deeper and deeper inside my pussy. Now I was panicking! "Shit! I can't be doing this!! This is wrong!" I tried to push him off of me but he was a very large dog and outweighed me by at least 50 pounds.

With his front legs gripping me tightly around my waist, the bulk of his sunny leone sex storiesxx com story was pressing me down.

I soon found my breasts pushed forward and brushing the ground and I could not get enough leverage to move him off of me! With his front legs gripping me tightly and his cock pounding my pussy, the only direction I could move was forward. So I began to crawl away from his persistent thrusts, trying desperately to escape his hard cock! But I quickly found my escape route blocked by the garden fence! Now I was really trapped! Unable to dislodge him and with nowhere to escape, I finally accepted that the only way this was going to end was for Smokey to finish fucking me.

With each thrust, he pushed more and more of his cock deep inside me!

I had seen Smokey fuck other dogs and knew that his cock was at least 9"-10" long! With this in mind, arched my back and began to push back against him, meeting his thrusts. I then felt something much larger pounding at my vaginal opening and knew it was his knot!

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"Oh shit!" I thought. "I can't let him knot me!" I had forgotten that the knot at the base of his cock was about the size of a baseball. Oh my God! I can't possibly take anything that large in my pussy!

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Smokey kept pounding me harder and harder and, suddenly I felt his knot push past my vaginal opening and into my pussy! At that moment, I felt his knot swelling larger and larger!!! "Oh fuck!" it hurt!!! But as it grew larger and larger, my vagina quickly adapted to his large knot and the hurt quickly changed to overwhelming pleasure!!!

His knot continued to swell and press against my G-spot and then I felt him begin to cum deep inside my pussy! I felt his cock pulsing and throbbing inside me as he quickly filled my pussy and womb to overflowing with his hot dog cum! However, with his baseball sized knot blocking the entrance to my pussy, the pressure quickly built up and I could feel small jets of his cum spurting past his knot and down my thighs. I don't know how long all this actually took, but when I felt him shoot his load of dog cum deep inside me, I had such an overpowering orgasm, that I think I actually passed out!

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When I became aware again, Smokey was still buried inside me, with his huge knot jammed against the inside of my vaginal opening and still pressed against my G-spot.

As soon as he had finished, I could feel him trying to pull out of my over-filled pussy. However, with his knot still firmly lodged tightly inside me, he began pulling me backwards!

I had seen dogs turn ass-to-ass when they were finished and I knew if he did, he would be able to pull me all over the yard trying to break free! I grabbed his front paws and held on for dear life to keep him from turning around.

I knelt there for probably 15-20 minutes holding his front legs until his knot shrank enough for him to pull out. When his cock finally pulled free, I felt his dog cum (and mine) gushing from my pussy and Smokey began licking my ass and pussy, cleaning me completely. (What a gentleman!) I collapsed on the ground, exhausted but completely satisfied!

What had started as an unwanted had turned out to be the most memorable sexual experience I have ever had. Smokey and I continued to fuck all thru high school until I moved away to college but I was able to enjoy my summers as Smokey's bitch!