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Xxx hores girl big cock
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Chapter 8 It had been a long day, first the explosion at work and rescuing Mike, then telling Carl and Becky about how I got two of my medals. Carl was shocked to learn of the horrors I'd seen while Becky was heartbroken over everything. She had been a good sport though and not pushed for having sex.

It took several hours but I had drifted to sleep and was awakened at 9:30 by Carl working in the kitchen. Becky rolled over to face me and gave me a kiss.

"Good morning. How are you feeling?" "Like I got hit by a truck. How are you?" "OK. What time did you fall asleep?" I thought about it for a second, trying to remember the last time I looked at the clock. "About 4." "Damn babe, I'm sorry. Do you want to go back to sleep? I can wake nipple torture anal bondage enema when breakfast is ready." She laid her arm on mine with her hand on my cheek.

"No, Performers of the year lexi belle p be OK, just need some coffee or a red bull." "Or me?" She had that look of desire in her eyes.

I was getting harder every second she gazed longingly into my soul. "Think you got what it takes to wake me up?" I asked playfully. She responded by reaching down and placing her hand on my now hard cock. "Feels like you're already awake." She said smiling.

"He is, I'm not." "Well, lets fix that." She pulled the blanket off of us, exposing our once warm bodies to the cool air of the room. We had slept in our underwear, me in boxers and her in panties and large t-shirt.

Pushing me on my back, she tore her shirt from her tiny form and straddled me, our essences separated only by cotton undergarments.

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We shared a long and passionate kiss as she grinded her pussy on my cock. If she had gotten off if me, I think my member would have lifted my boxers off of my skin. "I know just how to wake you up." She said with a gleam in her eye. She swung herself off of me and turned around, putting us in a 69 position.

Needing bo further encouragement, I pulled her panties to the side and saw her glistening slit inches from my face.

I could feel her hands pulling my boxers down so she could have open access to my manhood so I gave her clit a quick kiss, causing her to moan. "Don't stop now, I wanna cum all over your face so you smell like me at breakfast." I don't know why, but that turned me on so much that it took everything I had not to force her down on my shaft. I felt her tongue exploring the head of my cock, teasing me with every sensual touch.

I couldn't take it anymore! Hot ass lady pounded by pervert driver for a free fare grabbed hold of her ass and buried my face in her pussy, licking and slurping up every drop of her juices that I could. She gripped my leg rather hard and yelped in pleasure. Once the initial feeling subsided she cooed a bit and took me in her mouth. The more she sucked me, the more I licked her, she does up, so did I. Soon I could feel her start shaking as she got more vocal with her moans and groans.

"Don't keep quiet baby, let Carl know we are up." I said between licks of her lips. Her juice was flowing busty ebony in red stockings squirting and fetish now and I knew she was close.

"Oh fuck baby, you eat me so well! I'm gonna cum all over you!" She screamed. Carl definitely heard that. "Cum for me baby, cum all over me!" I said as she began to shake. Her body spasmed as she had her orgasm, wave after wave of pleasure talking her far from reality. I lapped up everything she could give me and wanted more.

When the high of her climax had faded, she climbed off me and laid back on the bed, smiling the whole time. "Fuck me baby, fuck this tight little hole until you fill me up with your warm goo." I got up and positioned myself between her legs, my rock solid cock waiting at her entrance. I was so fucking hard I probably could have beaten someone into a coma with my dick right then. Slowly I shoved it deep inside her, a slight squeal of lust the only sound. I worked carefully, making sure I didn't cum before she did.

I loved having sex with Becky, but it was about her, not me. With every thrust I could feel her inner chamber tighten, only releasing me so I could slide out to the tip and repeat the process. I slowly increased speed as she moaned louder. I thought I heard something hit the door, maybe Carl was listening? Don't know, didn't care. Soon Becky was screaming again, my kisses failing to muffle the sound. Her pussy was fluttering like a heart having a heart attack and soon her muscles clamped down on me, releasing a torrent of her precious cum over my dick.

I was unwilling to give her a break and kept stabbing her over and over. When her body relaxed, she pointed to the dresser and smiled. I pulled out of her and she went to the dresser. Bending over, she lifted her left leg up and set it on the top. She gave her ass a smack and motioned for me with a single finger.

"Fuck me baby, abuse this hole until you cum or we break the wall." I was inside her an instant later. Again I started slowly, but wasted no time in speeding up until I was worried I would put her head through the wall. She screamed in pleasure with every sharp thrust and the dresser was rocking against the wall. Carl had to be listening now, if he wasn't watching us somehow. My balls began to tighten and pressure was building around my cock. I was getting very close. I grabbed her hair with one hand and played with her clit using the other.

"I'm gonna cum baby! I'm gonna fill you up!" "Give it to me baby! Please God give me all of it!" She yelled, making sure the neighbors could hear.

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I felt her body contract as she had another orgasm, followed quickly by my own. String after string flooded her body and I released her hair. She sank forward onto the dresser and was breathing deeply. I pulled out after our combined rush had subsided and got a towel to clean up the mess we made. I was created with a long and loving kiss from Becky as I returned from the bathroom. "Thank you baby, that was wonderful. I needed that so badly." "You're welcome babe, but now I'm pretty sleepy, I think I'll go back to bed." I said playfully, simulating a stretch.

She hit me softly in the stomach and gave me a glare. "If you fall asleep I'll tie you down and take you with the door open." God damn she was sexy. "Don't threaten me chubby with small tits large ladies amateur a good time." I said as I kissed her neck. We got cleaned up and went out to have whatever Carl called breakfast today.

I have to admit it did smell good. "Well good morning love birds, had a bit of fun did we?" Carl said accusingly. He had a big smile on his face that made me wonder if he was watching us somehow. "Just a bit. We do have some things to gt done today, but more fun can come later." I said with grin. "Smells strangely good out here, what have you been working on?" "Besides your slight distraction, I made pancakes, bacon, sausage and hash browns.

There is orange juice and coffee on.

Help yourselves." We fixed plates for ourselves and sat down at the table. This was it, the moment of truth. I looked from Carl to Becky and back to Carl.

I put butter and syrup on my pancakes and cut a small piece. I watched Carl intently as I lifted the fork, stopping before I got it to my mouth. "If this is poisoned, I'll haunt your ass for eternity." I said before taking a bite. I was floored, it was amazing. This was something that Carl cooked.

Carl, the man who burned pizza rolls, who made chicken so dry the desert seemed tropical. What shrima malati fucked by guys amp dped sz happened? My eyes went wide as I chewed and swallowed. I looked at him in confused silence for a moment. "Well, how is it?" He asked, barely able to contain today my wife wanted to get fucked excitement.

"It's. It's. Amazing! Who did you pay to make this for you?" I joked. "I'm glad you like it. I followed the directions on the box." He was victorious and it showed. "Wait a minute. You can read!?" My quip was met by a flying napkin. We finished breakfast with more jokes as Carl's expense before Becky and I cleaned up and did dishes. We sat in the living room watching TV.

Well, Becky and I watched TV, Carl stared at us. "I don't get it, how do you do it?" He asked Becky. "Do what?" She asked "Get pounded like that and still feel fine.

You should be seeking medical treatment from what I heard." I began to turn red. While I was impressed by his comments, I was still a bit embarrassed. He is like an older brother so it was a bit awkward to say the least. Becky was a good sport and took it as a compliment. "I have a steel pussy, he's the one who should be seeking a Corpsman." She patted my leg in appreciation. Carl laughed and soon we joined him. He looked at us both and noticed we were holding hands.

"So are you two finally dating?" "Yes. It took him long enough to ask me though." She said with a grin. "Well its about time. I'm happy for you two, but I have a favor to ask." "Shoot" She said looking at him. "Hook me up with one of your hot friends." His request was met with a xxxi story 8 age dow to the chest.

I laughed, remembering how not long ago I was the target of her pillow throwing antics. After a few hours Becky and I showered and got ready to go to the hospital. We arrived just after visiting hours had started and already there was a crowd around Mike's room.

Unfortunately, these weren't family and friends wishing him well. These people had jackets with big yellow letters that read CSB on the back. They must have come to interview him after the incident. We approached as a pair of investigators were exiting the room. "Excuse me, are you here to see him?" One gentleman asked. "Yes, he's a good friend of mine and we wanted to see how he is doing." I replied. "Do you work with him?" He asked in a rather annoying tone. It had a sense of 'this is more important than your visit'.

"I do. I pulled him out of the fire." "Can we get a statement from you?" "Why not. I didn't see anything until the damage was done." I told my tale of the events as I remembered them and received a hand shake and a business card before they left.

We checked in with the nurse and went in to Mike's room. "Hey tough guy, how you feeling?" I asked seeing he was awake. "I'm hurting, how are you?". Mike was an older guy, probably in his late 40's with grey hair and moustache. He was hooked up to several machines that did God knows what but he seemed to be in high spirits.

" I'm glad your alive. I met some of your family yesterday." They are a crazy bunch of assholes, but hey, you can't pick your family right." We shared a little laugh before I introduced him to Becky.

"Listen Andrew, thanks for saving me. I hear your the talk of the plant now." Again with the hero business. "You would have done the same for me Mike." We talked for a bit before his family came back.

Becky left and brought his son in, who ran over and hugged his dad. I noticed he had my dog tags on still. "Thanks again for saving my dad, and for the necklace." He showed Mike my dog tags which made him smile. "I got those before our Afghanistan trip.

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Saved my life a few times. They will keep him safe." I told Mike. He smiled a 'thank you' smile and gave me a look.

"There you go again being superstitious. When will you learn?" "Never. I hope you feel better soon, if you need anything, let me know. The nurses have my number." I exited the room and his wife gave me a hug.

"Thank you again. For everything." She said softly in my ear. If I didn't know better, I'd think she was hitting on me. She went in the room as Becky and I left and headed home. When we got there, Carl was still on the couch. I'm not sure he moved at all since we left. I stared at him hard, making him say something. "What?" He asked slightly creeped out. "What should we do today?" I asked Becky gave me a lustful look. "I can think of a few things." She said, making Carl uncomfortable.

He shifted a bit in his seat. "Hey hey, take that elsewhere. If you two go at it again, I'm gonna record that shit and post it online." "Your a sick man, you know that?" I joked. I looked at Becky who seemed to have a lightbulb above her head. "Oh no, don't get any ideas miss." "We could be an internet sensation!" She said. I couldn't tell if she was serious or not.

This could be dangerous territory. We rattled babe fucked hard and gets a donut a few ideas on things to do but everything required it to be evening or later. Seeing this going nowhere, Zoey laine step daughter pov bows fucks big cock pulled out my phone and called someone who was never short on ideas.

When it started ringing I put it on speaker. "Tyler." Came the voice on the other end. "Hey, its Drew." "Drew, how ya been? Still with Becky?" "Yes he is!" She yelled so he could hear her. "Hi Becky, miss ya darlin!" He said. Always a sly one he was. "Hey, hands off the girl, she's mine. Find your own." I heard him laughing on the other end. "So what's up?" "We need ideas for something to do.

We are all off work and are bored." "Go shooting." Damn him. That's not what I was expecting at all. But it did sound fun. I looked at the others and was met with nods of approval. "Shooting it is, thanks T." "Don't mention it. When are you gonna invite me out there to tear the town apart?" "Whenever you want.

There is always space here." "OK, I'll be in touch. Talk at ya later." "Bye Tyler.". I hung up and we began gathering up the equipment for our day.

I brought some old rifles my dad had passed down to me, as well as an AR-15 I had purchased a while back. It was the civilian model of the M-16 and by far my favorite, biased opinion not withstanding. In an hour we had gathered weapons and ammo, made lunch and hit the road. We went to the bonfire pit due to its distance from residential housing and set targets on several trees and wooden posts. We took turns firing each weapon but I saved my favorite for last. We took a break to eat and replace targets.

I set a new target on a tree and loaded 3 full mags of 30 rounds each. The magazines were technically illegal, but because the armorer was on leave when I was getting out, I kept them and signed the papers as if he had accepted my gear.

I stood back about 50 yards and recalled my memory to the hundreds of drills we did to keep us sharp in the Corps. Short, controlled three round groups of 2 to the torso and one to the head. After maybe a half hour and 2 mags of ammo, I was the only one still shooting. Carl and Becky had come over to watch me. "Damn, remind me to keep you on my team if we ever go paintballing." Carl said as he watched me work. I hadn't noticed them earlier and his voice startled me a bit.

"Now there is an idea! We should do that lesbian idols gape their deep ass holes and ream big toys weekend!", I said as a shot another 3 rounds, finishing off the ammo. We cleaned up the area and went back to the house to clean weapons. This meant I would clean the weapons while they kept me company. Not that they wouldn't volunteer to help, but I like them cleaned a particular way, so I do it and save myself from having to go behind them later.

I cleaned everything but the AR-15 when Carl came in to the living room from the kitchen. "How fast can you disassemble that thing?" "It's been a long time, but pretty fast." I said. "Wanna time me?" "Sure, disassemble everything cuckold boyfriend forced teat cum can. Ready, go!" He started the stopwatch on his phone. I worked at a measured pace, remembering my training and all the years I had torn this rifle down to its base components.

When I was finished I held my hands up. "Damn. 2 minutes flat. Not bad for being out of practice." I scowled at him. Out of practice. It's almost insulting. Oh well, I let it slide. I cleaned all the parts and reassembled it before putting each weapon back in its place.

Becky had dinner on shortly after I finished and we ate, discussing what our evening plans would be. Each person had their own ideas, but we couldn't agree on anything. This was getting ridiculous so I offered up something I knew everyone would be fine doing.

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"Smokey's?" "I'm game, Carl you coming?" Becky asked, looking in his direction. "Probably not. I think I'll just stay here and veg for a while." He said "OK, I guess you don't want me to hook you up with any of my hot friends." Becky said with a grin. Carl thought for a second.

" OK, I'm in." We cleaned up dinner and went in my truck to Smokey's. We got there a bit before 8, still early on any night. We ordered drinks and played pool, bullshitting with regulars and hustling new guys for drinks until about 10:30. By then the bar was well attended and several of Becky's friends had shown up.

Carl made the rounds, see who was responsive and who wasn't, sizing each one up as if searching for a particular girl. "Look at him, he's looking for something, but I can't figure out what." I said to Becky so nobody could hear our conversation. "I know, its funny to see him like this." She said before she kissed me. Carl had wandered away from Becky's friends and was talking to every girl he could.

This wasn't going to end well. I've known Carl for most of my life, and when he gets drunk, he is a bit. forward. He will go for something until he gets it or gets his ass handed to him. I began watching the guys closely for signs that Carl was in immediate danger. Becky noticed this and sat in my lap, distracting me the best way she can. "Don't worry, Carl is a big boy, he can handle himself." She said kissing me. "Yea, but he has been drinking so he is either going to get whatever he is searching for or get a beating." We kissed for a long while before Carl came back over with a girl.

We exchanged pleasantries and bantered for a bit. I had learned long ago to disregard those Carl picked up in bars because they wouldn't make it past the next morning. Becky went japan vs bik black cok dauble the bar and returned with drinks for everyone, and a bit of news for me.

"I talked to the bartender and he says the got a karaoke machine! Wanna sing with me?" Damn my luck. Singing wasn't something I wanted to do tonight, especially with Carl here. "Yeah, we can. But I pick the song this time." She gave me a pouty lip but I didn't budge. She agreed and I went to pick a song. When I found the right one, I took her by the hand and led her to the floor. The bar went quiet. Well, as quiet as a bar can really get. A eyes were on us as the music started. We sang 'its your love' by Tim McGraw and Faith Hill, finishing to a round of applause.

We went back to where Carl was with tonight's girlfriend and finished our drinks. "You should sing something by yourself." He said over someone else's song. "No way. Not here. If I embarrass myself here, how would I ever come back?" "I'm sure Becky would want you to.

Should we ask her?" He said big butt slut jenny glam classic lp on anal treatment sz towards her as she shot pool. "No no, I'll do it. Asshole." "OK, but I pick the song.

Don't worry, I got your back man, trust me." I did trust Carl, probably too much for my own good sometimes. He went to pick a song and was largely unnoticed by the girls. He came back and told me I was up next. Oh, what have I agreed to? I walked over to the machine and the music started. I was happy to not only recognize the tune, but like the song. How on earth he knew about I'll never know.

Soon I was lost in the song. "We're scattered out On rural routes everywhere From California to The Carolines Flag wavin', Jesus prayin' Mama lovin', don't care Redneck, white shirt Blue jean kind" The crowd must have recognized the song because they started getting into it, some sang along, others raised their glasses, some just yelled out.

"Folks like us Like to live a little Honest, simple Outside, small town America Dream chasin', beer drinkin' Raise 'em up, if you're thinkin' This ole' world ain't got enough Boot wearin', God fearin' Folks like us" I saw Becky blowing kisses at me and dancing with the pool stick. She was so damn beautiful I almost missed the next part of the song. "With Folgers in a Thermos At the door with a brown bag Steel toes on the go With the risin' sun Even when the wind Ain't at our backs We don't quit, won't quit 'Till the job gets done" By now the crowd was singing the chorus along with me.

They would have drowned me out if it weren't for the mic. "Folks like us Like to live a little Honest, simple Outside, small town America Dream chasin', beer drinkin' Raise 'em up, if you're thinkin' This ole' world ain't got enough Boot wearin', God fearin' Folks like us Come on, now" I saw the owner standing by the bar watching the spectacle intently.

What would become of Carl's actions I wondered. "We hang out, just a little too much Hey, the way it is now, ain't the way it was A whole lot of real and a little less fake Yeah, I guess that makes Folks like us Yeah, folks like us" "Folks like cute brunette gets her pussy licked and fucked to live a little Honest, simple Outside, small town America Dream chasin', beer drinkin' Raise 'em up, if you're thinkin' This ole' world ain't slutty milf enjoying black dick nailing her enough Boot wearin', God fearin' Folks like us No there just ain't enough Folks like us" When the song finished the crowd erupted with cheers.

Becky ran over and jumped in my arms, kissing me with a fiery desire I had never seen before. I went back to our table, being congratulated on the way back. The owner came up as the next person was going up to sing. "Hey y'all, I'm Hank, owner of this here bar." He had a sort of southern charm about him with a harsh and raspy voice. Be was about 5'10 with a big pot belly and a shaved head. "Hi, I'm Andrew, this is Becky, and that's Carl.

What can I help you with?" "I just wanted to congratulate you on that performance and let you know that y'all are on the house the rest of the night." "That's very kind of you. I wasn't all that good though." "Oh come now. Stop being modest. That was a good show you put on there. Live it up son, you've earned it.". He walked off without another word and we enjoyed the rest of our night. At some point, Carl's girl left him while he was off getting drinks but he soon found another.

We ended the night out with the 4 of is going back home for some rest and relaxation. Judging by the look Becky was giving me, I wouldn't get any rest.