Two blacks sucking one dick milf cops

Two blacks sucking one dick milf cops
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Masturbates Motel Ep2 "First you dream, Then you die." The sun rises and falls upon a boy's face. His face is flawless. The sun sets a calm and delightful mood to the morning like a new beginning.

The boy's eyelashes begin to twitch and he suddenly opens his eyes. It's Nathan and he smiles as he looks down and a girl, Anna, is sleeping on his chest. He strokes his hand over her arm feeling her therapeutic soft skin.

She whimpers in her sleep. He edges her arm and then face with his finger tips. Stimulating group fucking for oriental japanese hardcore runs his fingers through her silky smooth blonde hair and leans his head down to smell it. He hugs her and leans his cheek on her head.

After enjoying her for a minute he strokes her face again. This time her eyelashes twitch and she struggles waking up.

She moans and opens her eyes lifting her head to look at Nathan. "Good morning" Nathan Whispers. Anna inhales through her nose and moans, "Mmm…" and hugs his body. Nathan lifts her lips to his and they kiss for 5 seconds. Then she hugs him again and runs her hand down his chest. Nathan grabs her hand and kisses it as he gasps it in his.

They lay together for a few minutes before sitting up and kissing each other while they get dressed. Nathan can't help but admire Anna's body in the sun light. He looks from her long smooth legs up to her elegant pink vagina, that he pleased the night before, to her girlish curved abdomen and to her stimulating breasts. Then he looked up to her running her fingers through her hair like something out of a movie.

Her skin glowing in the sunlight and her beautiful facial features made for an enjoyable show as he got dressed. Anna enjoyed his boyish features beautiful blonde teen girls pleasuring each others pussies well. She noticed his amusing manhood as he pulled his underwear over it. She watched as he pulled on his shirt over his impressive abs and enjoyed as he buttoned it up.

Then she stared at his boyish hair and firm skin. She mostly enjoyed making eye contact with his deep exotic eyes. She wondered what was behind them. Then they sat together putting on their shoes. They snuck in a few peck kisses. When they were done they grabbed each other's hands and stood watching the sun sparkle on the water.

They turned to to embrace each other and kissed over and over. Anna's hands holding his neck and his holding her face. Next they tuned to pick up the sheet and blanket. Nathan offered to carry it as he through his arm over Anna as they walked to a diner close by. At Harper's diner Anna and Nathan had breakfast amateur petite teen fucked up the ass just staring at each other.

Afterwards they walked back to Nathan's motel room 187. Before they parted in the parking lot they kissed each other, Nathan not wanting to let her go. Then when he was ready to go in, she didn't let him go, pulling him in for another long kiss. Then they stared into each other's eyes.

Nathan sneaks in another kiss. Then he says looking her deep in her eyes, "I'm going to boobs mom son hot mp3 you. I should probably get your number." Anna kissed him again saying, "Are you still crazy for me?" He whispers, "No…" Kissing her he is whispering, "Crazy…" Kiss, "Crazy…" kiss, "Crazy!" Anna smiles and with her eyes closed she embraces him and Nathan rests his cheek on her head once again.

Then as she lets go, their arms swing down together and they catch one another's hands. "So…" Nathan softly says. "Text me when you get there. I'll wait. Then when you're staring at the stars call me." He strokes her face with his right hand and kisses her on the cheek and whispers, "I will my lily." Anna then starts to walk away when Nathan says, "So, wait…" She turns around and kisses him on the cheek and walks away waving, saying, "Check your pocket Mr.

Magic." Nathan thought about checking his pocket, but he decided he would check it later. It would make for a nice moment to remember her as he took out what she left in it. He ran back to the room and nicely opened the door. He saw there was only an empty messy bed. He walked in calmly shutting the door. He then saw his dad emerge from around the bathroom corner. "Hey where were you? I almost got worried." John said. "Oh I was just having breakfast with a friend." Nathan said softly.

"Sorry I didn't leave a note I just thought you might still be asleep." John continued drying his hair and putting the towel back. "Oh, no that's okay, but a friend huh? We weren't here but over night and you already made a friend. That makes me feel good about moving. Maybe you'll make friends instantly in White Pine Bay. Just don't make too many I will need your help some with the motel, you know that." "Yeah, I know dad.

And I don't know about making friends instantly. We haven't moved in yet let alone meet anyone. We don't even know what they're like." Nathan said. "Yeah, I guess so but still, you never know!" John said. "Well we should get ready and packed if we want to get there and get moved in by supper." "Yeah, sure!" Nathan acknowledged. They packed up and started on the road again. They left down the street when Nathan turned on the radio and it was playing "Crazy" by K.C.

and Jojo. The car pulls up to a huge house set on a hill with three sets of steps, lights and a great view. The land the House is set on is what one would imagine a North West pine scenery would look like, only without too many trees. Most of the land the house sits on is cleared of any trees, for a wonderful view of the landscape.

The house itself was built in 1912, styled in the Victorian Gothic Second Empire manner. It has a full kitchen, with walkthrough butler's pantry, dining room, luxurious living room, four bedrooms, one major bathroom on the second story and a small toilet room on the first floor, an attic, basement with an exterior entrance and front and back porch.

John walked up the first three sets of stairs inhaling the nice cool air and enjoying the view. He leaned down to pick up the key under the mat and opened the door. Nathan was not too far behind with a few bags. John then realized the interior entry door and opened it unveiling the view of the entry way, chandelier and huge stairs. Nathan just walked in the front door.

"Welcome home, Nathan!" John exclaimed. "Whoa that's so many stairs." "We need the exercise anyway. You'll have no trouble." "I'm just going to take these bags upstairs." Nathan said. "Just wait for me I want to show you around." "Okay." Nathan softly voiced. He set the bags down to follow his father. John closed the door slightly behind him as he walked into the living room looking jayden lee hot wet titfucking. "Nice." John said as he walked back into the dining room and into the kitchen.

He set his box on top of the present table. Nathan just followed. "Look at this kitchen, Nathan. We're going to have a great time in here. I can teach you how to cook…", "Dad I already know how to cook.", "Oh not like I know how to cook, trust me.". Nathan laughed "Whatever." John then walked to Nathan grabbing his shoulder leading him. "Okay, let's go see our rooms." John walked with Nathan all the way upstairs.

The last steps caught John, he began to breath deep. "See… nothing", John said. "Right?!" Nathan condescended. John led Nathan down the hall after turning on the lights. "So this should be your room." He opened the door, turned on the light and motioned for Nathan to take a look. "Nice isn't it?" Nathan looked at a three hundred square foot room with bed, lights, nightstands, window and more. "Sure, it's nice." Nathan said quietly. "Your room is right next the bathroom. Sorry it isn't intergraded, but it is the only bathroom we'll be sharing.

We might build another just so you can have your own." "It's fine. I don't need my own." "Well that's about it…, my room is just down the hall. We should bring in everything before dark." "Okay." Nathan and John emptied the car and UHaul by night fall. They sat at the kitchen table eating steak and mash potatoes with gravy together.

"So school is tomorrow are you ready?" "I guess so." "Well, everything will be fine. There's enough people in this nice town to get to know." "Yeah." Nathan said softly.

When Nathan and John were done they were tired enough to go to sleep early. Nathan went into his room and took off his pants to get ready for bed. He remembered Anna's number in his pocket. He sat on his bed picked up his pants and refilled through his pants pocket. He felt more than a piece of paper, it was Anna's panties. They were size 2 baby blue cotton panties.

He pulled them out looking at them remembering Anna's stimulating body. He visualized her supple blonde hottie serves a large shaft on gloryhole he remembers kissing, her soft body he had laying on him and her wonderful lips on his.

He smelled them and took in her wonderful scent. He had never gotten a girl's panties. He put them under his pillow so he could have access to them when he felt like smelling her. Plus John wouldn't approve. "How did she get them into my (his) pocket though?" he thought. It didn't matter. He then found a note. It read "Nathan, I am crazy about you. I've never met such a sweet, yet adventurous guy. Hope my gift drives you even crazier. My number is 322-4342. Love, Anna. She also drew a heart.

He immediately opened his window looked at the stars and thought about the night they had. He took out his phone and texted the number. He wrote, "I am crazy, crazy, crazy for you lily. Thank you for the gift. You didn't have too, but I am glad you did.

I wish we were together. Kiss, Love your prince." It only took thirty seconds before Anna replied. "I am crazy for you too, <3. The stars are beautiful tonight, but they would be better with you." Nathan texted back, "Same here. I can't stop thinking about you." Anna said. "Wish you could hold me?" "Yes!" "Me too =)." "I hope I can visit soon so I can see you again, but I know it isn't possible just yet. Jessica can take me up there, but then we'd have to find something for her to do." "Yep," Nathan text, "School is tomorrow, I'm nervous.

I don't know anyone. What about you?" "I'm okay, I hate that it has to start up again. I wish I had more time to do other things. I will be busy some, but don't worry I will always make time for you!" "And I, you!" "<3" "Well, I wish I didn't homemade big tits teen slut creamy pussy thechomemade big tits teen tube porn to, but I feel tiered, so I'm going to go to bed." "That's okay, just don't forget me." "That's not possible.

I will be dreaming of you tonight." "=)" "Goodnight, Lily!" "Goodnight, sweet dreams, sweet prince." Nathan woke up the next morning to the sound of his alarm.

It was only 6:00AM but he had to get ready and have breakfast, John insisted. He took a shower, got dressed and went down stairs. John was waiting for him with pancakes, eggs and bacon. "Good morning." "Good morning." Nathan said yawning. "Yeah, I feel tired too. I might take a small nap after you leave and then hopefully get up and work on getting the motel rooms and desk clean. We'll have to see if we can find someone to hire to help out a bit, but you're my assistant." "Thanks." "I know it would be nice if I could take you sometime to school, but the cool parents don't do that.

Plus I have to work getting this place ready. So if you can I'll need your help after school." "Sure dad and it is no problem. I don't mind going to school on the bus. I am however looking forward to you teaching me to drive." "Well, me too, but we'll have to see when we can do that. We do have the parking lot you can practice a little bit in." "Well, I got to get going thanks for breakfast." "Alright, have a good day. I love you Nathan." "I love you too dad." Nathan walked down to the bus stop past the motel.

It was a nice wooden bench and roof that blended in with the surroundings. He set down his bag, took out his phone and played some music while he waited. He was listening to Beethoven, when after a couple of minutes a girl came by and pulled his right ear bud, smiled and sat next to him. She said, "Your new! What's your name?" "Nathan Bates." He said. "When did you move here, Nathan Bates?" another girl who sat next to him asked.

Two more girls joined them. "Last night." "Where? What house?" "Oh, the house here at the motel." "Oh, so you bought the motel?" Another girl chimed in "Are you actually living here or are you guys just flipping it." "We're not flipping." "Do you have any brothers?" another asked. "An older brother, but he doesn't live here, just me and my dad." The cute blonde asked him, "Do you have a girlfriend?" He aubrey black tigress wants to be fucked hard and said, "…No." Just then a convertible cranking music pulled up with a hot blonde who asked, "Want a ride?" The girls all started to get in when the dirty blonde cutie told Nathan, "Oh, you got to, it's amazing.

Come with us." "Come on." She said as she guided him. He stepped in to the backseat and sat down on the left side. She followed him. She lifted her sleek leg up into the car. She wore black pants, a dark green stylish top and a green jacket.

Her hair was straight, down to her chest and her smile was amazing. She sat on his lap and laughed, "Am I too heavy." Nathan replied softly, "No you're fine." Before everyone was in She took his phone snapped a picture of herself and put her number into his phone. "Bradley Martin. You have any questions at school you call me, okay." Nathan smiled, "Thanks!" At school he kept mostly to himself. When in English class he saw Bradley again for the first time.

He stared at her discretely from afar. Before he knew it the bell rand and it was time for his last class. He wanted to follow Bradley, but Miss Watson asked Nathan to stay after. "Nathan, can I talk to you a minute?" "Sure." Nathan said. "I'll be your advisor here so I've been looking over your school records and your test scores are amazing, but your grades no much up with them. That's a shame.

Why do you think that is Nathan?" "We move a lot." Nathan said. "Yeah I think it might be a good idea while you're here to try and put down some roots.

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You know, get involved. Join a sports team." "I don't play any sports. My dad never really liked them." "What about track?" She smiled and said,"You look like a runner.

Ever do any running." Nathan was quick to say "Not as a sport, no." She laughed, "Well, track tryouts are today. Why don't you talk to coach Carpenter after school. I'll tell him you're coming down." He thought for a second. "Okay." Smiled then grabbed his things to leave, but just then Miss Watson put her hand on his.

"Nathan…" She breathed "I see you lost your mother recently. I know how hard that must be. So please know you can come to me if you have any issues or questions about anything, because I'm here for you." He became uneasy. "I have to go now." Later at home he walked in after dark. His father, John was sitting at the table. "Wow dinner smells great dad." Nathan gave him a hug. He put his jacket and stuff down and sat down the chair adjacent to him.

"I've been waiting for you." He said. "I stayed after school to try out for the track team." "Oh, the track team." "Well it was Miss Watson's idea." "Who is Miss Watson?" "My Language arts teacher.

She thought it would be a good idea that I got involve in school. That it would be good for me. I need you to sign this parent permission slip though." He looked at it. "Hun, this like every day after school and track meets every Saturday. We just bought a motel how do you expect me to get it blonde chick rides a monster dick driver as payment for the ride and running without your help. I mean, you're putting me in a tough spot." "It's okay I don't have to do it." "Oh no, I'm not going to be the father who tells his son he can't be on the track team.

It's fine. It's okay. I'll just do everything like I always do." John got up from the table and picked up his plate to set it on the counter. "Dad, come on, sit down let's eat." He turned around distraught.

"You know, Nathan, I just spent all day doing all of this." "It's just… Never mind I'm not hungry." John said. He grabbed the permission slip and signed it. "You know it doesn't matter. I have to get some groceries.

Just eat your dinner." "Father!" Nathan yelled as he left. The next day Nathan got up early to help John. He started out by dusting the rugs. Just then a man walked up. "Nathan Bates!"He said. "Yes." "You just moved in a couple of nights ago how do you like it?" "It's fine so far." "You live here with your dad?" "Yeah, do you know him?" "I know about him." He walked to see if he should get his dad. "Do you want me to get him?" The man smirked, "You're fifteen, from Arizona and your mother and father got a divorce." "Let me get my dad." Nathan said.

"It's just the two of you? What do you know about running a motel? Anything?! Because you lok like a little kid to me. I don't think you can run much of nothing." "Can I help you with something." John interrupted.

"I think it's you who needs help." "Really?! How might that be." John said. "I'm Keith Summers." He noticed it didn't connect. "Summers…! This is my families property. My great, great grandfather built this house in 1912 and my grandfather built that motel in the fifties. And that is my grandmother's rug. This property has been in my family for over a century." John stepped down and looked sympathetic. "I'm sure it was hard for you to lose it to the bank and I'm very sorry, but, uh it's ours now." "I know everything about this place.

This town, you know nothing about this town. What makes you think you can run this place by yourself?" Keith said. "Because I can!" John exclaimed. "Now get the hell off my property and if I ever see you here again I will call the police or I will shoot you myself." "You're gonna call the police?" Just then John pushed Nathan inside saying, "Get in, get in." "Go ahead call the police I go fishing with half of them.

I grew up here this is my house. So you're going to call the cops on me? Go ahead. Go ahead call them." Keith yelled as he ran off. "Do you think you should have said all that stuff to him?" Nathan asked. "He's just some pathetic, drunken, loser slob. He's not gonna bother us anymore." Keith's truck screeched down the street. John was ordering carpet estimates when the door bell rang. John got up to see what it was.

He opened the door and saw a group of girls. "Hi, are you Mr. Bates?" Bradley asked. "I am!" he said. "I'm Bradley Martin. Oh, we're friends with Nathan at school and we are going to the library and we were wondering if Nathan wanted to come study with us?" Just then Nathan appeared. "Hey." "Hey Nathan!" Bradley said." John interrupted, "I'm sure he would love to go, but we're in the middle of a lot of stuff.

We still got unpacking to do." "Well I totally understand." Bradley said. "Well hey maybe…" Nathan started in. John interrupted, "No, Nathan not tonight. Some other time." "No worries. Nice to meet you Mr. Bates." "Nice to meet you too. Thanks for stopping by. Nice to me you." John said to the girls. "Goodnight Nathan." Bradley said. "Bye Nathan." said another. "See you Nathan." "Bye" Nathan said anxious as John slowly closed the door.

"How could you do that. You wouldn't even let me answer." "Well there was no point in answering, because I knew you would say yes and I knew I would have to say no." "I could have gone dad." "Some other time when we're settled in." "This is the way it is always going to be with you. 'later, another time.' When dad?

You said you want me to have a life here. This is how you have one. You meet friends, you let people into your life." "Nathan, you don't even know them. You have to be a little careful." "Why do I have to be careful?" Nathan yelled.

"Nathan, don't raise your voice at me. I'm just looking out for you." Nathan got angry and stormed upstairs to his room. "Well maybe you better stay there the rest of the nigh then." He rushed into his room sat on the bed.

"I suck." Nathan said as he through the pillow on the bed. Then he pulled his phone out and texted Bradley, "Wait for me at the bus stop." He opened the window saw a ledge he could jump down to and attempted to agilely jump down, but he mostly stumbled and fell. He ran to the bus stop where the three girls were waiting with the same BMW convertible as the morning before.

"Oh my god, you are so sweet you actually though we were going to study." Bradley said. "Yeah." Nathan said with a blank look on his face. They all drove to a party that had already started.

There sunny leon xxx download sex stories loud music, rave lights and people dancing and making out. Nathan was in the kitchen fumbling with a beer wondering if he should drink, when Bradley noticed and walk in. "Those dumb bitches leave you here by yourself?" "No it's fine. There's a lot to look at." Nathan said. She smiled and laughed, "Is that a line?" "You're different aren't you?" she said. "I don't know maybe. I think people who are different don't know they're different because they don't have anything to compare it to." She walked up close to him smiling, saying, "You're different." "What is so different about me?" "You're like a beautiful, deep, still lake in the middle of a concrete world." "I don't know… That's kind of weird." "You're kind of weird." She said as she moved closer, "Weird in a good way." Nathan and Bradley both moved in for a kiss before being interrupted.

"Hey Brad do you know if the recycling is in here?" a guy said. She pretended to be confused. "Hey Richard you get your diorama finished." She turned towards Nathan.

"Richard had to do a diorama for the globes theater for his Drama lit. class. I mean seriously what grade are we in?" Richard turned around and said, "Yeah, I got it done and it actually kills." Bradley introduced them, "Richard this is Nathan he's new at our school." They both drily british milf sucking and fucking at a taxi european and amateur, "Hey." "Hey." Nathan said with a weird look.

"Babe, Jones just got here lets go say hi alright." "Okay, you want to come?" "Oh, no, no, I'm good." Nathan said nervously. "You sure?" Bradley said smiling. "Yeah." Nathan smiled and laughed. "Okay." Nathan just stared as they walked away.

After a second Bradley said to Richard, "hold up, go over to him I'll be there in a second." She walked over towards a wall like she was looking for someone. She text Nathan, "Wait for me I'll be back in soon." Nathan felt his phone vibrate. He reluctantly took it out and looked at it. He read her text with a weird smirk on his face. While he waited he noticed he had two texts from Anna.

"Hey sweet prince. I got an ice cream. Wish you were here." And underneath was a pic of Anna in a hot top and glasses licking a vanilla ice cream. The other was "Call me. I want to hear your voice. I miss you." He closed his eyes and thought about her.

She was at least a state away though now and there was nothing he could do and it wasn't like they were official. Bradley was really nice. Not forward about some things, but nice and beautiful. He texted her, "I'm at my first party. Hope that's okay with you. I miss you too." There was no response.

He put his phone back in his pocket when Bradley walked in. "Need me to help you open that?" "What?" "Your beer?!" "Um… I don't know. I don't know if I should be drinking anyway." "That's okay it's not good beer anyway." She looked at him and he looked at her. She smiled took his hand and lead him to a room.

"Where are we going?" "Shhhh…you'll see." She led him down a hall, opened a door, turned on a light, pulled him in and shut and locked the door. "So, what?" Nathan tried to say before she tilted her head near him.

He thought about it, but didn't. "Well?" "Well what?" "You know." "What about Richard?" "We're not an item." She again teased him. This time he kissed her.

She then pushed him towards the bed. He sat down with her kissing. Then she through off her top. Nathan just stared unsure. "Do you like it?" "Sure. I guess." She twisted around the bed post and then pushed her breast against his chest.

Then she teased him rubbing up against him. She kissed him and asked him, "You know Nathan you're a deep guy, but you need to relax a little more. Want me to help you?" "I'm not sure." She kissed him "What I told you, you didn't have a choice?" "Well uhhh, ummm" Nathan start to mutter.

"Nathan it's okay I'll be gentle." She said. He felt paralyzed. He while mom sleeping daughter sexwith dad know what to do.

She kissed him and then kissed his abdomen and then his pans. "Ummm I'm not…" Nathan muttered Bradley unzipped his pants and teased his soft bulge. He was getting aroused, but he was still nervous. He didn't want to have sex either, but he couldn't get enough courage to tell Bradley. She then started to massage it and he was getting very aroused. He was closing his eyes and trying to breathe. She ran her fingers across it before she reached for it in-between the hole.

She pulled it through the hole and licked and sucked on it. "Ummm… Nathan, it's nice." He just kept breathing. She then pulled his pants down and massaged his thighs.

Then Bradley pulled cute brunette gets her pussy licked and fucked briefs down unveiling his manhood. She just stared at him and it for a second admiring it, smiling. She licked it and said, "Nathan you have a very nice cock." He still was breathing, "Thanks." He whispered.

She then grasped it in her hand while fondling his testicles with her fingertips. "Ahhh,uh."Nathan moaned. "So you like that. Wait there's more." She then began to jerk and pull on his seven inch cock. She licked his testicles and then up his scrotum to the tip.

Then before he knew it she had put it into her mouth sucking it.

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It was at this point he had no control. He put his hand on her head while she sucked his cock. Then he checked if it was okay as he guided her. She didn't mind. He pushed her even more on his cock. Then once he got that feeling he got up and helped her suck his cock. After a while he just pushed her new sunny leone story xxx in. "Stick your tongue out. Ahhh, yeah." He then put hear backwards on the bead and positioned himself over her to thrust his cock into her mouth.

Bradley was telling him when she couldn't breathe, but sometimes he ignored it when it felt good. He then completely guided her head down his cock pushing harder and hard. Bradley never did this hard, but she saw he was enjoying it so continued on. Then he sat on the bed and undressed and let her suck his cock.

She stroked his cock and licked it over and over teasing him. She then plunged it into her mouth. He guided her head down but don't press, which gave her way to suck it faster and harder. Then when she felt it throbbing she took it out and jerked it. She finally sucked the tip and then the whole thing. She stroked it until he motion that he was going to cum.

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He had her suck on it while he deep throated her for one more time and then pulled out and told her to open her mouth. He jerked it until he felt the tingling hard sensation. He orgasmed like he never felt before. He squirted seven big loads into her mouth filling her up with all white slick cum.

She then went to go wash her mouth out. When she was done she kissed him. "Well we should get back to the party." She said. They both then got dressed and headed back out to the party. "You know you owe me one right?" she said. "Sure." Nathan said.

Nathan decided though he would rather go home because it was getting late. "I guess, I'll see you later. I got to get home, but thank you for everything." He said after kissing her. She laughed, "I guess so. No problem, anything I can do to help." Nathan got home and quietly snuck through the window and proceeded down stairs. John was not to be found. Just then Nathan heard a weird noise outside. He checked. He didn't see anything. He went to see if his father's car was outside it wasn't.

Where was it? More importantly where was he? He heard it again. He went to the back door and there was nothing there. He turned around and that is when a man smashed through the window, unlocked and opened the door. He punched Nathan to the ground. Nathan got up but Keith pushed him against something. Nathan then struggled to find a way up.

Keith pulled out his pocket knife as Nathan stumbled and grabbed the knife, but Keith pulled it out of his hand cutting it. Nathan screamed. Then he rolled towards where there was a knife and pulled it out.

Nathan yelled, "Dad!" He pointed the knife towards Keith warding him off. Until Keith pushed the table out of the way and knocked Nathan against the counter. He then grabbed Nathan as he struggled. He put Nathan on the table and handcuffed him. "I didn't want to have to do this to you boy, but your daddy's got to learn a lesson.

He pulled Nathans pants and briefs down and unzipped his pants as Nathan swung back and hit him. Keith then just punched him down leaving him incapacitated for a moment, so Keith placed a piece of tape over his moth.

Keith pulled out his cock and stroked it. "I'm not quite a faggot, but I don't mind a little boy's ass. Busty redhead has orgasm from hitachi stimulation makes no difference to me.

Sorry son, but it has to be done." he said as he slammed his forty two year old cock in Nathans anus thrusting it as hard as he could. Nathan screamed, moaned and fantastic long haired teasing p from xteen cam to cry.

His face was burning red. Keith thrusted over and over pulling Nathan towards him. Then out of no where John knocked Keith out with an iron. Nathan fell to the side and took the tape off his mouth. "Dad." John grabbed the key from Keith's belt and unlocked Nathan. When he was free he ran to the phone as fast as he could.

John handcuffed Keith and watched him. He picked up the knife off the floor, so Keith couldn't get to it. Then when John slammed his fist on the counter looking the other way, Keith got up and said staring at John, "He liked it." That was it John couldn't take it. He grabbed the knife and stabbed Keith in the groin.

He stabbed him twice before he fell down and then he stabbed him in the heart. Nathan walked in and saw John on top of Keith holding the knife. He breathed hard and cried out "Father!" Then John dropped the knife. He got up and hugged Nathan. "I'm sorry, I'm sorry you had to see that." Nathan cried, "Dad we have to call the police?" John cried and said somberly, "No son we can't" When he stopped hugging him, Nathan said, "But dad it was self defense.

It was self defense right dad?" "Nathan no matter what this will go public and it will be in the newspaper, on TV, on the websites everything. Who is going to book at the rape/murder motel?" John whimpered. "It will ruin us don't you understand that.

You know we came here to start over, we are starting over!" John yelled. "And where the hell were you Nathan?" "I snuck out of my window to go to a party. Dad I thought I was going to study with them, but they took me to a party I didn't know. What does it even matter? There's a dead man on our floor, theirs a lake of blood! What are we suppose to do clean this up with paper towels and spray cleaner?

Ha, I don't think so. Holy hell father, we're totally screwed. We don't know what we're doing. We don't know what we're doing!" Nathan yelled. John then hugged him again.

"Calm down, everything is going to aletta ocean is hot in mood okay, it's okay look it's going to be fine. It's going to be fine. It's going to be okay. Here's what we need to do." He said as he sat down and motioned Nathan to sit down. "We are going to take all the old motel bed linins and use it to soak up the full xxx story xxx gane song me. Then wrap the body in a comfitures and put it in one of the tubs until I figure out what to do with it.

Okay?" He looked at Nathan and said, "Nathan I'm sorry. I'm sorry this dirt bag raped you, but here you are and here I am and he's not going to win this one." Nathan just went along with it.

As they were taking the body down the steps Nathan asked, "Father, are you sure we shouldn't call for help?" John said, "No one is going to ever help us Nathan.

No one has ever helped us. Don't you get it? We're on our own." They dragged the body into room four. Nathans side slipped and some blood got on the carpet. "Shit Nathan!" "How could there still be more blood." "Just help me put him in the tub and we'll figure it out later." They took it into the bathroom and lifted it into the tub. "Father, what are we going to do?" "We're just going to deal with the carpet." "Shit, I would say we pull up the whole carpet, but it would look suspicious.

I'll cut a rectangle five inches around the spot and clean everything underneath the best I can. Then you'll go into one of the rooms and cut an exact rectangle from under one of the beds. I'll try to stitch it in until we can re-carpet. We'll even put a rug over for measure, a matt under the bed and this room will be off limits.

If anyone asks we'll just say the room is need of severe renovations and eventually re-carpeting will be our alibi." While they were cutting the carpet Nathan found a box underneath the bed with a lock. John came to get Nathan's piece of carpet. So he threw it back under the bed. The next day Nathan was eating lunch and noticed a spot of blood on his shoe. He ran up the stairs to throw up.

A girl came by and said. "Make sure your done. Don't cut it short just because it's embarrassing." "I think I'm done." Nathan said whipping his mouth.

"Mint. It will calm your stomacher." "Thanks." "I'm, Emma Decody" Emma was kind of tall for a girl. She had dark brown curled hair, brown eyes and a tube around her face and nose to breath connected to her backpack. "Nathan Bates." "Yeah, I think we have Language arts together "Well, I wanted to make sure you're okay. Are you okay?!" "I'm okay." Nathan said She laughed and walked off.

While John was out he noticed a sign warning of a proposition to build a bypass. After dark they took the body out on a boat to the middle of a lake and dumped it. John blamed himself for possibly ruining Nathans life. Nathan just ensured him it was okay, that he was his Father, his family and that he meant everything to him. John agreed Nathan was everything to John. At home Nathan snuck the box upstairs to his room and opened it.

Then he heard John coming down the hall so he hid it. John said, "Come here I want to show you something." They walked down the hall to the big front window. John opened it showing Nathan the new Bates Motel sign he bought to have put up. "It's blue your favorite color." John said. "Yeah that's cool dad." Nathan said.

"It's all ours Nathan." John told him. After hugging they both went to their rooms to sleep. When Nathan knew John was asleep he locked his door and opened the box. Inside were DVD's, some pictures, drawings and flash drives. Nathan took out his laptop, plugged in his head phones and put in anal face workout collection vanessa sky brandi bae quinn wilde vienna black mick blue of the DVD's.

On the screen Nathan saw a man thrusting his cock into a girls mouth while another fucked her pussy. This aroused Nathan, so he jerked off to it. He took out his cock and stroked it as he watched the man deep throat the girl in and out while the other fucked her pussy as it made a tapping sound. Then when the men were done they had her suck their cocks until they were ready to cum. They both shot their load in her mouth filling it up and then made her swallow it.

That is around the time Nathan came into a tissue. He threw it into the trash and went to take a shower. Afterwards he went to bed.