Lesbo cougar toy fucked and licked from behind

Lesbo cougar toy fucked and licked from behind
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Hi everyone! It's me Jake, if you don't remember me, I'll help you. Last story, I told you about how I was invited over my Cousin Lauren's house the day after Christmas. The best thing happened when I was there, I saw Lauren nude and then I fucked her. It was the best day of my life, but Laruen said that the very next day, there would be more.

I left the story of when we went to bed after sex; we will pick up the morning after. I woke up, I still had my eyes shut as I wanted to go back to sleep, but I could feel something wet sliding up and down my cock. I opened my eyes and looked down, there I saw Lauren looking right at me with her beautiful green eyes, giving canadian pussy outdoors milf shanda fay gets off a blow job.

"Holy shit!" I said. "That feels so good!" Lauren then licked my cock like an ice cream on the cone and said, "I only give my best sex skills to you cousin. This is the second part of your Christmas present. First the day starts with a blow job, then the rest of the day will be nothing but sex and lots of cum." I got a big smile on my face and said, "Best Christmas ever, best Cousin ever." Lauren Licks my hard cock a few more times and says, "Come on baby, cum for me, cum right in my mouth and let me taste it, I want to eat it." She puts my cock back in her mouth and really tries to get me to cum.

"Oh yeah… Yeah. Shit. That feels so good. Oh my god! I'm going to cum. It's coming!!!" I shot my big load right in her mouth, three big shots.

Lauren opened her mouth to show me my cum, she then swallowed it and opened her mouth back up. "Mmm, what a big load, its sooo good." "I'm glad you like it, when hot girls give me the best, I too give them my best." Lauren smiled and said, "Get up, I'll make you some breakfast." Lauren grabbed my hand and led me to the kitchen.

I sat on the stool in front of her at the counter, watching as Lauren made us some pancakes. I started to look at her apple sized tits again. Lauren caught me and said, "Still love looking at my tits I see." I looked back up to her face and she gave me a wink and handed me a plate of pancakes. I finished eating first, as I kept thinking about the blow job my cousin Lauren just gave me, it was the best blow job any girl has given me.

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I looked over at Lauren who was still eating and watching the TV in the kitchen. I then looked down at her pussy and noticed it was wet again. So, I started to finger her. Lauren continued eating as if she didn't like it, but after the last bite, Lauren let out this really loud moan. Few minutes later Lauren came on my hand, she then licked my hand to taste all of her juices. Lauren then suggested that we should take a shower before we continued to fuck.

My cock hardened a little, Lauren then grabbed my busty penny pax sucking a cock natural tits and cock sucking and pulled me into her bathroom attached to her bedroom. We both went into the shower at the same time and started to wash each other. I washed my cousin's back first.

Started with her shoulders, down her back to her ass, I gave her ass a nice squeeze. She rinsed off the soap and I washed her front.

I started with her legs and worked my way up to her pussy. As I got to her pussy I started to rub it. Lauren started moaning as I finally got a full boner.

Lauren staring into my eyes as I rubbed her pussy, she never closed them. I then worked my way up to her tits and gave them a squeeze. Lauren rinsed off and then washed my chest. Cousin Lauren reached my cock are started to stroke it. Lauren then turned around and said.

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"Fuck me, Fuck me from behind in the shower, I want you to fuck me as hard as you fucking can." I stuck my cock in her pussy, I started slow to tease her.

Then without warning, I just fucked the shit out of her. "You wanna be fucked hard? Well here it is.

Me fucking your pussy as hard as i possibly can." I said. Lauren didn't say anything, couldn't say anything as I was just fucking her too hard. Lauren started screaming and moaning at the top of her lungs with pleasure as I continued to fuck my cousin's pussy. Lauren came twice in a matter of seconds and I came shortly after, right in her pussy. Lauren turned around, leaned against the wall, and slid down to sit on the floor of the shower.

I turned off the shower and then joined her on the floor. "Oh, wow! I didn't know you could fuck like that Cuz!" Lauren said while trying to catch her breath. "Same here," I replied. Lauren laughed and looked at me, she gave me and kiss and grabbed my hand as if I was her boyfriend. We just sat there for hours, just thinking in our heads, air drying and still holding hand. We went back downstairs and I sat on the couch while Lauren went to order some pizza for lunch.

Lauren sat on the couch next to me after ordering the pizza. "How do you like your Christmas present so far?" Lauren asked. "I love it," I answered. "It's the best present anyone has even given to me." We started making out again.

I work sucks foot fetish and black hair got a boner and Lauren sat right on my cock and had it right in her pussy. Lauren didn't ride it; we just sat there making out with my cock in the pussy. I was starting to get ready to fuck her, when all of sudden, the doorbell rang. Lauren and I stood up real quick and I ran straight into her parent's room. Lauren put on a robe and answered the door. It was the pizza delivery man.

"Foods here," Lauren said laughing. I walked to her, and we grabbed a slice of pizza.

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I sat and the couch again and Lauren sat on my cock, which was still hard. Lauren slowly started to ride it and took a bite out of the pizza. After Lauren ate her slice, she started to really ride it.

Lauren then came twice and I then started to take command. I had my Cousin Lauren get on her knees and lean over the coffee table. I went down and I fucked her doggie style. Lauren started moaning louder this time; she really liked being fucked from behind.

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I started to fuck her even harder, so hard that Lauren just laid gigi allens and stevie shae bonding with my dads girlfriend way on the table taking my cock. Lauren came five times and I just kept fucking her. After the fifth time, she requested the I came right in her pussy, and I did, three big squirts of cum.

We sat back on the couch and watched some TV. Two hours later the hockey game was on TV, we watched it on Crystal clear HD. While watching the game, when our team scored, Lauren would give me a hand job and Lick all the cum up. Our team ended up winning, 3-2. We scored once in all three periods. We both wanted to fuck for one last time, but both agreed that we were too tired.

We just went back into Lauren's room, cuddled in her bed and fell back asleep. The next morning Lauren woke me up; I got dressed and went to the front door. Lauren gave me one more amazing kiss and said, "I call you to do this again sometime." I smiled and walked out the door and left before her parents came home.