Reena sky and melissa moore hungrily eating their pink slit

Reena sky and melissa moore hungrily eating their pink slit
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Patianna Kendi was very satisfied. Very satisfied indeed with her new job. Two weeks before, she had gone for a job interview for a secretarial position in a small office. To say the company was small was an understatement. Apart from Patiana's boss, a good looking man in his mid-twenties who called himself Mr Jones, nobody else seemed to work for the company. In fact, the whole office only consisted of a reception area and Mr Jone's office.

The money was not great, but the work was undemanding. All she had to do was answer the phone, do a bit of filing and deal with the mail. In fact sometimes Patianna wondered if he really needed a receptionist at all with the amount of work she had to do.

But she wasn't complaining. Up until the second week, everything had gone fine. Mr Jones treated her in a formal and cordial fashion, always calling her Miss Kendi.

Despite the fact she was a very attractive dark skinned woman of African origin in her early twenties, he did not flirt with her, nor even give any signal that he was interested in her. This surprised Patianna as she often received advances from men she came across, especially from young men in their twenties who were always drawn by Patiana's exotic angelic face and shapely body. It also disappointed her slightly, as she did find Mr Jones very attractive and she assumed that he must be a successful business man.

Just the sort of man she would like to be with. But since he did not show any real interest, except for the occasional admiring glance, she assumed that he was either hitched, gay, or not interest in dark skinned women.

Whatever the reason, to Patianna it did not really matter. Because the most important thing for Patianna was that he hadn't asked any awkward questions about her work visa.

That was up until the Monday of the third week. Then everything suddenly changed. On that Monday morning, Mr Jones asked her to come into his room to do some filing. He requested her to move all the files from the top drawers in the cabinets into the bottom ones.

Roxxxy rush gets her booty drilled deep anal blowjob cum swallowing double, this was to "make room for his new files".

Patianna found this to be a strange request, but complied and started to empty the top files. As Patianna worked on the cabinets, Dave Jones stood behind her leering up and down at her gorgeous body. Patianna was wearing a skimpy halter-top and tight fitting leggings through which he could see the panty line of her thong. Visible panty lines were a favourite fetish of Dave and it wasn't long before he could feel a bulge expanding rapidly in his trousers. He had secretly lusted after Patianna's body for the last two weeks, masturbating every night at the thought of the horny little bitch, and sometimes during the day as well.

But he wouldn't have to masturbate today. Oh no, today things would be very different. As Patianna crouched down to start putting the files in the bottom cabinet, the skimpy back of her lacy white thong became visible above the waist of her leggings.

"Oh, what a fantastic little slut." Thought Dave to himself rubbing his hardened cock through the front of his trousers as he leered at Patianna's whale-tail. Now was the time to take advantage. "Miss kendi, I need to speak to you about a grave and important matter." Said Dave sternly. Patianna stood up to face Dave, a broad smile on her angelic cock craving and kinky milf pervert rica shibuki toying and banged hard. A smile that Dave would soon be gleefully wiping off.

"What is it, Mr Jones?" Asked Patianna concerned. She could see his eyes leering at her body up and down, stopping to gaze at her mertua vs menantu semi ngentot and her crotch. She began to feel worried. He had never looked at her in such a vulgar way before. Dave smiled to himself and licked his lips.

He could clearly see not only Patianna's nipples protruding through her skimpy halter-top, but also her pussy lips protruding through the crotch of her leggings. The horny little whore! "It's your visa, Miss Kendi. There's a problem with your work visa." Patianna swallowed hard.

She knew this meant trouble. "What sort of problem?" She asked timidly. "I'm sure it's valid, Mr Jones." "No, Miss Kendi." Replied Dave, sternly. "It's not valid. It's a fake." "But.but…, it can't be." Stuttered Patiana. "Mr Jones, I promise you that it's…" "No. Miss Kendi. It is definitely a fake." Patianna began to weep. This pleased Dave immensely even if he wasn't convinced the tears were genuine. "What will you do?" She sobbed, wiping her eyes.

Dave sat back on the edge of his desk. "Naturally, I should report you to the authorities." He said, his satisfaction growing as Patianna covered her face with her hands, sobbing profusely. "But there is another alternative." Said Dave, sternly.

He walked up to Patianna and grabbed her, pushing her back against the cabinets. He cupped her breast with his hands and squeezed them. Then he moved his hands up and down her body, caressing her thighs and hips before moving back up to fondle her breasts again. Patianna was too shocked to do anything. She winced as he thrust his fingers down the front of her leggings and thong, fingering her dry tight pussy. Then Dave roughly turned her round and pressed the front of her body against the cabinet.

She heard him unzip his trousers and felt his hard bare cock rub against the crack of her buttocks through the smooth material of her leggings. Dave groaned with joy. How he had fantasized about rubbing his cock against her ass the last two weeks. Then he pulled down her leggings to her knees and pulled the material of Patianna's thong up the crack of her ass causing her to gasp.

God he loved it and now he really was rock hard. Patianna felt herself pushed onto her knees to find herself staring at Dave's erect cock swinging in front of her face. Patianna whimpered as Dave grabbed her hair and thrust his cock into her mouth. "You know what to do, you immigrant whore!" She heard him say.

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Patianna felt she had no choice. She was desperate not to be thrown out of the country. So she took hold of Dave's cock and sucked it as diligently and obediently as she could. Dave groaned with joy as he looked down at that angelic dark skinned beauty submissively sucking his cock. And God was she good, sucking all along his shaft and licking the tip of his cock. She really was a filthy whore. Dave groaned with joy as Patianna expertly worked his cock with her tongue and fingers, afraid to disappoint him.

Soon she could tell he was already approaching climax and began to rub his clock hard vigorously. "Oh, you dirty little slut." Patianna heard Dave sneer and before flinching as his sticky spurted over her face.

Dave's come dribbled down her cheeks and lips as she looked up meekly at his evil grinning face. "Now lick it dry." Ordered Dave. Patianna obeyed sucking Dave's cock clean to his obvious delight. "That's a good girl." Sneered Dave.

"You really are dirty little immigrant slut, aren't you." During the remainder of blonde bombshell pleasures a big shaft orally day, Patianna was called on to suck Dave's cock another three times.

Twice he called her into his office and once he even demanded a blow job while she was sitting at her reception desk. Each time he called her a slut and whore as she sucked him off, and each time she felt his come spurt over her face to a torrent of verbal abuse. After licking Dave's cock dry for the fourth time that day, Dave pulled up his trousers and addressed her in his usual cordial tone.

"There is a very important client coming tomorrow." He told her. "I want to him impress him. So ensure you wear something sophisticated, but sexy.

You know the thing. A short business skirt, stockings and nice shoes." "But, Mr Jones, I don't have money for such things." She whimpered. He looked at her sternly and disappeared into his office. In a moment of panic, she though he had gone to call the authorities about her illegal status in the country. But she was strangely relieved to see him immediately return with an envelope in his hand. "This should be enough." He said handing her the thick envelope.

Go shopping tomorrow morning for the things you need and keep the rest. But be here no later than 2 o'clock. Understood?" Patianna nodded silently took the envelope.

"Oh, and don't let me down, Miss Kendi." He warned her as she left. "Or the consequences will be very serious for you." When Patianna got to her dingy rented one bedroom flat, she found in shock that there was £2,000 in the envelope.

Much more than she would need to get a selection of clothes. Of course, she was grateful for the money. But she was nervous about what would become of her and completely bewildered about Mr Jone's schizophrenic behaviour.

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On one hand he had sexually and verbally abused her. But on the other hand, when he wasn't fucking her mouth, he was a complete gentleman. That night she could not get to sleep, worried about what awaited her over the next few days.

On Tuesday at 1.30pm, Patianna turned up at work wearing her new clothes. A thigh length business skirt, fishnet stockings, high-heeled shoes and a lacy bra underneath a tight fitting blouse.

Dave came out his office and inspected her. He looked her up and down and nodded to her in approval. The little slut had exceeded his expectations. He could already feel his cock going hard, but resisted the temptation to get it out. There would be time for that later.

But first he had business that needed attending to. At 2pm, a man in his forties dressed in a suit turned up at the reception asking for Dave. As instructed, Patianna showed him directly into Dave's office. As he followed her in, she could sense him leering at her. She left the two men alone and went back to the reception. Ten minutes later, Dave called her on the internal phone and asked her to bring in some tea for them both.

The two men were sitting casually beside Dave's desk when Patianna entered the room with the teas. Dave was trying to negotiate a deal with his visitor, a business man named Brian Scott. But as expected, Brian refused to accept the price that Dave wanted. So Dave decided to bring out his secret weapon. Dave knew that Brian was a complete pervert who was sexually obsessed with exotic African women. And the beautiful Patianna was that weapon.

"What do you think of my new receptionist, Brian" Asked Dave as Patianna bent over the desk to arrange the tea pot and tea cups. "Nice, eh?" "She's fantastic, Dave." Said Brian leering at Patianna and speaking about her as if she wasn't there. "I wouldn't get tired of fucking that bitch." Dave smiled to himself. He knew Brian so well. He would do anything to get his cock in a girl like Patianna.

"Please come here, Miss Kendi." Asked Dave politely. Kendi walked over to stand in front of Dave. Dave pushed his hands up Patianna's skirt, caressing her stockings and bare thighs. He pushed her skirt right up to her waist revealing her skimpy panties and caressed the length of her hips small flat teen hd and mature big tits tube porn thighs.

Patianna sighed as Dave caressed her pussy lips through the material of her panties. "The little slut lets you do that to her?" Growled Brian. "Of course. Miss Kendi is very obedient. And she owes me a few favours." Replied Dave unzipping trousers and releasing his erect cock. "Now Miss Kendi suck my brazilian doxy gets pleased to max hardcore blowjob, please." Patianna ballbusting fun with goddess rapture humiliation femdom knelt down and started to lick the tip of Dave's cock.

She was relieved Dave had been discreet about her illegal status in the country. Mentioning it would have caused her even more problems than she already had. "What else can the little slut do?" Looking on in fascination as Patianna thrust Dave's cock repeatedly in her mouth. "Oh, many things." Replied Dave, smiling. "Miss Kendi, please go over and see to Mr Scott." Patianna stood up and walked over to Brian. Brian stood up desperately unbuttoning his trousers and releasing his rock hard penis.

He was ready to fuck the slut. Patianna gasped as Brian pushed her hard back against the desk and ripped her blouse open. It was obvious Brian was not a great practitioner of foreplay.

"Now, now, be gentle." Patianna was surprised to hear Dave say, as Brian roughly fondled her breasts and then pulled down her panties. But that train of thought was rudely interrupted as Brian position himself between her legs and thrust his rock hard cock into her. Patianna moaned as Brian violently fucked her.

Dave looked on in delight, especially enjoying the grimace on Patianna's face as she received each thrust. He didn't know if she was moaning and grimacing in pain or pleasure. Either way he found it completely horny and rubbed his cock as he enjoyed the spectacle of the horny little slut getting a good fucking.

Patianna cried out uncontrollably again and again as she felt Brian's cock ram relentlessly into her pussy. Three times Brian fucked her long and hard on the desk, each time coming into her with a triumphant shout.

Then in between each of Brian's fucking sessions, she had to suck Dave's cocks until he spurted his come over her face to the usual torrent of verbal abuse. Eventually, Brian decided to stop. At least for that day. "I will definitely think about your offer, Dave." Said Brian as he put his clothes on. "But I will have to consult with my partners. We will come round tomorrow to review the contract." Brian leered at Patianna who was sprawled in a chair, sticky with sweat and come.

"And if all goes well, we may even sign tomorrow." He said suggestively. After Brian left, Dave gently helped Patianna up. "You better go and clean up, Miss Kendi." He said. "It will be a busy day tomorrow." Back in her flat that night, Patianna reflected on the events of the day.

The truth was that she had actually enjoyed the whole thing. The fact that the Dave and Brian had insulted, humiliated and sexually abused her to satisfy their lust had only served to excite her. Although, they had treated her roughly at times, they had not hurt her, and even unintentionally given her some pleasure. Patianna had had a couple of boyfriends in her adult life.

She was no virgin, of course, but had found the few sexual encounters she'd had to be mundane and even boring. But now she was beginning to reconsider her attitude to sex. She had enjoyed the vigour with which Brian had fucked her and the obvious satisfaction he had got out of it. God, Brian had really fucked her brains out. And it made her smile to remember Dave's come spurting on her face.

Patiana was coming to realize that she relished being sexually abused and humiliated by men who lusted after her. As Patianna settled down to sleep, she reflected that Brian was coming with his business partners tomorrow. She found herself smiling. Yes, she was looking forward to tomorrow. On Wednesday, Patianna was in reception when Brian and his two associates turned up early for their meeting with Dave. Dave knew they would come early in the hope of ogling or feeling up Patianna while they waited in reception.

But Dave had no intention letting that happen. If they wanted her, they would have to sign the contract first. So, as instructed, Patianna showed them directly into Dave's office as soon as they arrived.

The three men leered at her as they followed her into the office, but were clearly disappointed when Patianna walked out the door. "Well then.

Will your little slut of a secretary perform for us as you promised?" "Off course, Brian." Replied Dave. "After you have signed the contract with my original price." After a short, but heated, discussion, the three men signed the contract. Dave was delighted. Not only had he secured himself a very lucrative deal, he would also get to see the little whore being fucked by three guys.

He couldn't wait. As Patianna waited at her reception desk, she was already tense with anticipation. She had noticed the lustful way the three men had stared at her.

The thought of the three men satisfying their lust on her was really turning her on. She moved her hands up her skirt and inserted her fingers into her pussy. She just couldn't wait. When Dave called her in she was already approaching climax. She obediently brushed herself down and entered the office. The three men were all sitting on office chairs waiting for her. "Ah, hello, Miss Kendi. I would like to introduce you to Tony Johnson and Steve Henderson." Said Dave indicating Brian's associates.

"You already know Mr Scott." Added Dave, nodding to Brian who had already opened the front of his trousers and was rubbing his erect cock.

"Now please present yourself to the gentlemen." Dave requested politely. "They are anxious to make your acquaintance." Patinanna walked over to Steve and Tony who were sitting together. The two men wasted no time in lifting her skirt, caressing her stockings and bare thighs. Patianna gasped as their fingers slipped inside her panties and massage her pussy lips. "The slut is already big boob amateur sex in the backroom Exclaimed Steve.

"She really wants it." The two men groped and fondled her whole body, ripping open her blouse and sucking her already erect nipples. In the meantime, Brian and Dave had undressed and were rubbing their cocks as they watched the two men abusing the young woman. "Ok. That's enough. Let's fuck the bitch." Sneered Brian. He grabbed Patianna by the waist and pulled her away from Steve and Tony.

Patianna cried out at the strength of Brian's vice like grip. "Now, now. There is no need to damage her, Brian." Intervened Dave, gently pulling Patianna away from him. "She is quite fragile." "Well are we going to fuck the slut or not." Brian roared furiously. "Of course, Brian." Replied Dave turning to Patianna. "Miss Kendi, please would you be so kind to bend over the desk for Mr Scott" "Of course, Mr Jones." Replied Patianna in her usual obedient tone.

Submissively, she put her hands on the desk and bent forward, standing with her legs wide apart. Brian wasted no time in positioning himself behind her and thrusting his throbbing cock into her pussy from behind. "I'm going to fuck this bitch's brains out!" He jeered, ramming his cock into her. Although Patianna had not shown it overtly up to now, she was already extremely aroused.

Being groped, ogled and treated like a sex-toy by these men had really turned her on. And Brian's aggressive behaviour towards her had only served to excite her even more. It wasn't long before Patianna was crying out from an intense orgasm, gripping the desk and grimacing in joy. Something she could never have imagined only two days before when Dave had forced her to give him that first blow job. Brian continued to fuck her a little longer until finally he came into her with an ecstatic groan.

Tony was next in line to fuck her, eagerly inserting his cock in Patianna's gaping mi and mom and friend pussy. Dave rubbed his cock and shouted encouragement as the three men took turns to fuck his secretary. They forced her into a number of positions, fucking her from the front and back, against the desk and over a chair. Patianna did not complain. She obediently and submissively accepted any position they put her in. He almost felt proud of her.

He loved how she whimpered at each thrust. He loved how her angelic face contorted into a submissive grimace when the fucking got especially hard. He loved how she spread her stocking clad legs wide apart so the men could give her a good deep fucking.

He noticed signs that she was enjoying it. Every so often she would cry out in what appeared to be extreme pleasure. And every so often her face would contort in an angelic smile of ecstasy.

They didn't give Patianna a rest for over two hours. When she didn't have someone's cock in her pussy, she found Dave's cock ready to fuck her mouth. By the time Dave came over her face, there was another hard cock just waiting to fuck her pussy again. At home that night, Patianna reflected on what a fantastic day it had been. She had never before imagined how good it could be to have four men abuse girlfriend cums hard and gets fucked with facial young firm body.

She had enjoyed yesterday, but today she had experienced several orgasms on these throbbing cocks. She had especially enjoyed it when Tony had fucked her. He had a strong, muscular body, and Patianna had enjoyed watching him as he fucked her. Yes she wouldn't mind seeing Tony again. But for now tonight she had to rest. She felt very weary tonight after the days events, so she was relieved that Dave had given her the morning off and generously compensated her for the damage to her clothes which were ripped, stained or had been stolen by Brian and his associates.

He had told her to come in late in the afternoon for some important business. It intrigued and excited her to discover what that "business" would be. On Thursday, Patianna turned up at the office in the afternoon as instructed wearing a new set of business clothes she had bought that morning. She was surprised to see that the office and reception had been totally redecorated and refurnished. Waiting in reception were five young men who she had never seen before. "Good day, Miss Kendi." Said Dave in his usual formal tone.

"As you can see, I had the office redecorated this morning." "Yes, Mr Jones." It looks very nice. "Said Patianna, wondering what this was leading to. "Indeed. Anyway, I agreed a discount with these gentlemen here to do the work." Continued Dave. Kendi looked around and saw that the men had already unzipped their trousers and were rubbing their cocks as they leered at her. She immediately realised that the discount depended on her being fucked by these five men.

"Please would you be so kind to attend to their needs, Miss Kendi." Said Dave as if he wished her to serve them some tea and biscuits.

"Yes, of course, Mr Jones." Patianna obediently responded. "I will attend to it straight away." Patianna walked over to the new couch in the reception area. She pulled her skirt up to her waist and lay down on her back. She spread her legs wide and high and began fingering her pussy through her tight lacy panties, moaning lustfully. With such an incredibly erotic and beautiful girl in such a provocative pose, it wasn't long before all six cocks in the room were rock hard.

Patianna didn't have to wait too long before the first of these hard cocks was rammed eagerly into her waiting cunt. One after another they fucked her on the couch. As usual, Patianna accepted it dutifully, sometimes whimpering submissively, sometimes crying out with joy. And while she was fucked by one of the young men, she often found herself sucking the various cocks that were waved in front of her face. At regular intervals, one of the men would grunt with joy and spurt his sticky come over her face or body.

Dave grunted as he came for the fourth time that afternoon. The milky substance spattered over Patianna's pretty dark skinned face, which was already dripping with the other men's come. Almost immediately, Patianna grabbed the next cock and started sucking on it. Despite the fantastic orgasm that the little slut always gave him, Dave was beginning to feel neglected.

Before, she had given him her full attention when she sucked his cock. She had made him feel special. But now she didn't distinguish him from any of the others. Dave pulled away and saw Patianna's face contort into a mask of joy as she cried out again in ecstasy.

She looked behind her and smiled blissfully at the young man called Mark who was fucking her steadily from behind. As Patianna eagerly thrust herself back on Mark's cock, Dave began to realise that perhaps this girl meant more to him than he realised. He was even feeling something else that bothered and pained him. A pang of jealousy. That night, Patianna relaxed soaking in her bath, satisfied from the rigorous fucking from that afternoon's gang-bang.

Her thoughts turned to the men who had fucked her. Her favourites were Mark from today and Tony from yesterday.

Although, she had enjoyed being fucked by the others, it was Mark and Tony she yearned to see again. Friday morning turned out to be a big surprise and disappointment for Patianna. Dave treated her in the professional way he had treated her in the first two weeks of her employment.

He did not demand a blow-job nor indicate that there was any special "business" to which she would have to contribute. In the middle of the morning, Dave told her he would be out of the office for the rest of the day, leaving her alone to do some filing in the office and look after the phones. By midday, Patianna became unsettled.

She was bored and frustrated, yearning for a stiff cock to fuck her cunt like the slut she was. She raised her feet on the desk and began to caress herself, moving her hands up from her stockings, to her bare thighs and finally inside her panties.

Fantasizing about Mark and Tony, she massaged her pussy, moaning with pleasure. But she soon realised that this was not going to satisfy her.

And it occurred to her that she did not have to fantasize. So still rubbing her pussy, she picked up the phone and dialled a number. "Hi, Mark, it's Patianna." She said huskily down the phone. "Are you free just now?" When Dave entered the office with a bunch of flowers for Patianna later that afternoon, he had expected to find her waiting for him at the reception.

He had hoped to surprise and delight her with the unexpected romantic gift. But instead, he found the reception empty and could distinctly hear Patianna's moans of joy coming from the open door of his office. He peaked round the door to find Patianna straddling Mark on an office chair while sucking Tony's cock. Patianna was clearly enjoying herself, bouncing up and down on Mark's cock, squealing and moaning with pleasure.

With one hand she was vigorously rubbing her clit, while with the other she was holding Tony's cock, occasionally thrusting it in her mouth and father goffice son mom full sex on it. Patianna smile up to Dave with an ecstatic grin on her face him when she saw him at the door, before moaning out loud and then sucking on Tony's cock again. The two men hardly seemed to notice him or care he was there.

And what was worse for Dave, was that Patianna did not seem to really notice or care either. Patianna was having a great time since she had asked Tony and Mark to come round. She was almost in a constant state of ecstasy as these two cocks fucked her brains out. It didn't worry her one bit when she saw Dave standing at the door.

Xxx sex stories big ass aj applegate had blackmailed her into being the slut she now dirty black slut sucks dick in backseat of bang bus and she couldn't believe for one second it would bother him. In fact, she expected him to join in. It was only after Mark stood up so that he and Tony could spurt their come over Patianna's face that she suspected there was something wrong.

Instead of getting his cock out and thrusting it in her mouth, Dave asked Mark and Tony to leave. When they were alone, Dave glared at Patianna as she sat naked on a chair in front of him.

"I think it would be best if we parted company, Miss Kendi." Said Dave formally. "You are free to go and you can be assured of my discretion concerning the immigration authorities." Patianna paused to think.

She looked up at Dave. She thought about the way he had treated her and the things he had made her do. "No, Mr Jones!" She replied. "I don't want to go." "I do not think we are in a position to work together anymore." Continued Dave in a professional tone.

"I am afraid I have no choice but to let you go." Patianna was determined to stay. She loved this job, and she liked Mr Jones. He may have abused and humiliated her, but he had also given her the best week of her life.

And he obviously cared for her in his own peculiar way. She longed for that to continue. She had to convince him to let her stay. And to do that she had to give him what he wanted. And so Patianna started to cry. "Oh, please let me stay, Mr Jones." She sobbed as Dave looked at her impassively.

Patianna noticed the bulge kitchen mom n son xxx Dave's trousers starting to grow and she knew she had him. She crawled over to him and unzipped his trousers, pulling out his erect cock.

"Please don't make me go, Mr Jones." She sobbed. "I'll do anything." Patianna rubbed Dave's rock hard cock in her hand, looking up at him with a sorrowful expression on her face. It was more than Dave could handle. "Suck that, cock you filthy immigrant slut!" He sneered down at her. Patianna obediently thrust his cock in her mouth and sucked on it diligently. Dave grinned and admired how his pale skinned cock contrasted against the dark skin of Patianna's exotic pretty face as he fucked her mouth.

She was his private illegal immigrant slut again. And he was glad to have her back again. THE END