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Dirty brunette model live toy show masturbation homdemade
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Haunted by the Futa Ghost Chapter Fourteen: Futa Ghost's Naughty Memories By mypenname3000 Copyright 2017 My blood-soaked shide hissed down geek hotty receives fucked schoolgirl and hardcore the yokai-possessed Daimyo.

Blood streamed from his face, wounded by my first exorcism attempt. Mitsuko-hime, my lovely Ōjo-sama, screamed in terror, not understanding what I was doing, and threw herself over her father. I had a moment of frozen time, Mitsuko-hime staring up at me, tears streaking the white makeup coating her face. She looked like a crying doll. I had to stop my swing. The energy of the exorcism burned in the shide. But I couldn't stop my momentum.

The shide cracked across the back of Mitsuko-hime's kimono. Energy exploded. It surged out of me. The divine power flowing through my blood. I was a descendant of Kanshu-no-Kami, the guardian of our village and enemy of Yokubō-no-Tako, the yokai possessing Mitsuko-hime's father.

My swing was supposed to drive out the yokai out of him so I could seal it and return it to the. The statue was destroyed. The shrine burning. There was only one way to seal it now. But that didn't matter because Mitsuko-hime jumped in the way. She screamed out in pain as my energy lashed into her body then through it into her father. Her head snapped back. The alabaster comb holding her perfect piles of silky hair in place, gleamed. "NO!" bellowed the yokai through the Daimyo's voice. White light burst from my shide.

It had gone all wrong. Mitsuko-hime wasn't possessed. The power surged into her. She screamed out in pain. The energy hit me and— "Miko," a voice groaned. Something shook me. "Wake up, miko." My eyes fluttered open. Smoke roiled across the ceiling over my head. Fire crackled, orange light dancing on the red, blistered face staring down at me, swaths of hair burned from the temples along the side of his head.

"Samurai?" I groaned. It was the warrior who had fetched me to the Daimyo's castle for the exorcism. "What.did you.do.?" the man coughed. "I." My head throbbed. I blinked, staring around the room. Devastation abounded. The woman who was infected with the yokai's lusts, driven to suck my cock and ruin my exorcism ritual, sobbed on the ground, cradling a mangled arm.

"Mitsuko-hime?" "Gone," the samurai growled. "Fled.

You.killed him." His hands grasped my throat. Iron fingers squeezed, choking me. Then relaxed. He let out a gurgling sigh and collapsed on top of me. I gasped, pushing him off and sat up. Black lines radiated out from the corpse of Daimyo Tōdō.

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I blinked back tears. What had happened? The exorcism had. Mitsuko-hime! I gained my feet, my clothes and body untouched by the devastation unleashed. The exorcism had backfired when I struck the innocence. The yokai had attacked at the same moment. The resulting clash blew apart the room.

More sobs and moans came from outside the room. "Mitsuko-hime!" I shouted, casting my gaze around the smoking room. Wooden walls knocked down, splintered lumber scattered over the courtiers who had waited outside, their kimonos singed. They were cut and bruised. "Mitsuko-hime! Where are you?" I spun around. On the floor were footprints left in thick slime. My stomach tightened. I had exorcised the yokai and. "Ōjo-sama," I gasped, trembling.

I sent it into my love. I clenched my hand and. I held something. The beauty learns to suck ampride schoolgirl hardcore end of my gohei.

My sacred wand was destroyed. I had no instruments. But I had to save Mitsuko-hime. I had to get the yokai out of her and fix all of my mistakes.

Tears falling down my cheeks, I followed the slimy footprints. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 500 years later. Yoshiko stood in a familiar spot, staring at the futa-ghost's favorite memory. Earlier today, she had fallen into Sayuri's soul and witnessed this exact scene. The ghost had latched onto it, holding onto the bright joy she had shared with her lover, Mitsuko.

The day they took each other's virginities with a dildo at their favorite place to meet—a hot spring. Sayuri sat at the edge of the hot spring. She was young, eighteen or nineteen, the same age as Yoshiko. The ghost's body was slim, her skin the pale-olive, her breasts small, her hair black silk falling down her back and shoulders.

Mitsuko, standing in the hot spring's center, was just as slim and graceful, her girlish body wreathed by huge juggs babe sucks off and banged by fraud driver handjob and blowjob rising steam. She had a naughty smile on her lips, her hands hiding behind her back. "How do we get out of her soul?" Chris demanded. She, like Yoshiko, had fallen into one of the ghost's souls.

The blonde futanari, who used to be a guy only hours ago, stood naked beside Yoshiko. "I don't know," Yoshiko admitted. Like Chris, she was a busty futanari, though she had the same olive complexion as the two Japanese girls. "Mitsuko has to let us out," Miyu said, the third futanari striding out of the bushes. She was slim and petite, full-blooded Japanese with slanted eyes and small breasts.

Her cock looked obscenely huge on her tiny frame, though it was the same size as Yoshiko's and Chris's. "We are trapped in her soul until she.works out her issues." "Then how do we get her to do that?" Chris demanded.

Miyu glanced at Chris, blinked. "You have a cock now? First you were turned into a girl, and now you are a futanari." "Yes," Chris said. "That doesn't matter. How do we get out? Lori was taken by that monster to its lair. It'll kill her!" "Yokubō-no-Tako," Miyu sighed. She pushed up her glasses on her small nose. "Nothing has gone right on this mission." "Mission?" "Hush," Yoshiko said, staring at the two ghosts. "This is perfect.

Sayuri can get through to Mitsuko now, remind her how they cared for each other. Sayuri will stop Mitsuko from being insane. Then we can deal with the tentacle monster and save Lori." Yoshiko focused on the scene before her. It played out just as she remembered, with Mitsuko pulling out the dildo made from itadori fibers, some sort of plant.

It was bound together by knotted cords. Yoshiko shivered, remembering the feel of those knots sliding against her pussy walls, stimulating her, making her cum so hard.

"Jesus, that looks uncomfortable," Chris said. "That's really a dildo?" "It's lots of fun," Yoshiko nodded. "The itadori, or giant elephant ear plant, releases a chemical called saporin that increases blood flow and therefore increases the sensitivity of the woman's pussy," Miyu said. "I am told it's quite stimulating." "It is," Yoshiko agreed. "It is a kokeshi." Mitsuko said with a smile.

"Surely you've heard how older girls play with their kokeshi in different manner than when they were younger." Miyu giggled, nodding her head, understanding what kokeshi meant beside dildo.

Yoshiko still had no idea. "Oh, yes, I see," the blushing Sayuri said. "You want to use it. On me." "Then you can use it on me." Mitsuko stopped before Sayuri, her breasts rising and falling faster. "I want you to take my virginity. Not a man." "Damn," Chris groaned. "Lesbians back in feudal times." "Five hundred years ago," Yoshiko said. "When Hangetsu's great mistake happened," Miyu said, her expression falling. "She has wanted to atone for her role in Kanshu-no-Kami's death and the yokai's escape." "What?" Chris blinked.

"Will it hurt?" Sayuri asked, her voice trembling. "Yes, it will," Mitsuko said, her voice growing cold, gravely, snapping Yoshiko's attention back to the pair in the hot springs. Her eyes widened. "This isn't how it happened last—" Mitsuko's left hand lashed out, seizing Sayuri by the throat. The angry princess squeezed hard and slammed Sayuri down on her back. Then her right hand shoved the dildo into Sayuri's pussy, popping her cherry.

Sayuri gasped, bucking, thrashing. "Fuck," Chris snarled and darted forward. A girl-cock sprouted from Sayuri's clit, thrusting hard before her, bouncing on her stomach as she thrashed.

Mitsuko froze, her eyes widening as she stared down at the girl-dick throbbing on Sayuri's stomach. Chris's charge faltered. "What?" "I don't know," Yoshiko said. "This happened before Sayuri became futanari.

She shouldn't have a cock at all. I don't know what's going on." "The ghosts are both here," Miyu said. "We need to see how this plays out. Mitsuko has such strong emotions for Sayuri. You cannot get hate that deep without there first being love." "Mi.tsuko.hime." choked out Sayuri.

"You have a cock," Mitsuko said, her hand relaxing its grip. "I. What. No, no, no. You don't have a cock yet. What's going on?" "I did this for us," Sayuri said, her voice soft. "Remember what you said.

We can pretend we are men with sunne lone mp3 xnxxx story 20195 toy. But we didn't want to pretend. We wanted for it to be real. For one of us to have a cock so we could marry." "No, no," Mitsuko shook her head. "No, you didn't get a jake steed fucks cupcake creampie to marry me! You did it to be a dog!

To bed other women! To.to kill my father!" "Why would I kill your father?" Sayuri asked. "I love you, Mitsuko-hime. You're my Please fuck my pussy i like it rough and hard let me swallow your cum. I know you're just a Daimyo's daughter, but to me, you are the same as the Emperor's daughter. Just as beautiful. Just as lovely. I changed for you. I know I did.

So we could be together. Happy." "Happy!" hissed Mitsuko even as her hand slid down Sayuri's body and grasped the futanari's girl-dick. She stroked it. "Happy! You ruined everything. You killed him!" The world flickered around Yoshiko. She gasped, grasping Miyu for support. Chris reeled backward, fighting to keep her balance.

They were suddenly in a bedroom, the futon disheveled, reed mats covering the floor. Sayuri stood holding her wand, her wide, red pants about her ankles, her girl-cock thrust hard before her. She swung her wand, the chain of paper diamonds glowing bright while shedding blood. A man lay on the ground, his face bloody. Shadows writhed about him. Mitsuko threw herself over the man. The wand slashing down at Mitsuko's back and— The world flickered.

Yoshiko stumbled. She stood by the hot springs again. She held onto Miyu's naked body. But the Japanese girl was also off-balanced. They fell to the soft ground, their naked bodies pressed together. Chris landed on her ass, her cock and tits bouncing before her.

"What the fuck?" Chris groaned. "Another memory invaded," Miyu said. "Mitsuko lost control." "What was that?" Sayuri asked, her voice trembling. "When was that? I.I don't remember that. What.? Your father. Why was he bleeding?" "That's when you murdered my father!" Mitsuko screamed. "I will make you remember." And then Mitsuko did something that shocked Yoshiko. She mounted Sayuri's waist and slammed her pussy down Sayuri's throbbing girl-dick.

The princess's back arched, her tits bouncing before her, small, firm cones. Lust burst through the hot springs. It struck Yoshiko as she struggled to untangle herself from Miyu's slender body.

Her nipples hardened atop her busty breasts. Her cock surged to its full girth, rubbing against Miyu's hardening girl-dick. "What the fuck?" Chris moaned, lying on her back, her hands stroking her cock, beating it fast. The tanned, busty futanari writhed, thrusting her hips upward, her face contorted in pleasure. "Jesus, she's fucking Sayuri." "Mitsuko is possessed by anger and lust in equal measures," moaned Miyu, her hands grasping Yoshiko's pillowy breasts, squeezing hard.

"She is an onryō, and emotions fuel them. She can't help herself. Her anger and lusts are so close, she is compelled to fuck those she hates, to satiate both desires. But her lust is growing stronger and stronger.

This is good. She wants Sayuri as much as she hates her." "So why am I suddenly so horny?" Chris groaned, her tanned tits jiggling, her pink nipples swaying. Yoshiko wanted to suck those nipples. "Because we're in her soul," Miyu moaned. "Oh, Yoshiko, your tits are just as big as I thought." "You.noticed my tits?" Yoshiko groaned, staring down at the exchange student.

"Oh, yes," Miyu groaned, her accent growing thicker as her arousal grew. "Love big tits." "She does," Chris groaned. Yoshiko gasped as Miyu ducked her head down and latched onto a fat, brown nipple. Pleasure shot through Yoshiko. Her round, blue eyes widened, her dick throbbing against Miyu's. She glanced at Mitsuko, riding Sayuri hard, the two girls' hands roaming each other's bodies. They moaned out their pleasure. Remind her that she loves you, Sayuri.

Win through to her heart! And then Yoshiko let out a wanton moan. She stroked Miyu's silky, black hair, trembling as the tingles from her nipple raced straight down to her futa-cock. Every time Miyu sucked, Yoshiko's dick throbbed and ached. "Mmm, yes," moaned Yoshiko. "You really want to play with my big tits." "So much," moaned Miyu, both her hands squeezing. Her lips nuzzled over to Yoshiko's other nipple, sucking hard. "Oh, yes," Chris groaned, crawling towards them.

"She's loves them. I bet she wants to fuck them." "Paizuri!" moaned Miyu. "What's that?" groaned Yoshiko. "She wants to fuck your tits and give you a pearl necklace," Chris groaned. Then she leaned in and sucked on Yoshiko's other nipple. "Oh, wow, that sounds hot." Yoshiko quivered, two futanari sucking on her nipples. Chris's blonde hair contrasted with Miyu's black. Their lips were both hungry, sucking noisily.

Yoshiko's nipples tingled. Pleasure shot down to her pussy and cock. She groaned and swayed. She bit her lip, shivering in delight, loving their hungry mouths. She didn't fight as they pushed her onto her back.

Their dicks rubbed on Yoshiko's hips, smearing precum. In the background, the two ghosts gasped and moaned their pleasure as Mitsuko fucked Sayuri hard and fast. "I must fuck these tits," groaned Miyu. "I wanted to ever since we met last week. I jerked off so many times to them." Yoshiko's blush had nothing to do with her juicy pussy and hard cock, or the lust pouring through her from Mitsuko.

There was such intensity in Miyu's words. Yoshiko shivered. She had no idea the exchange student had even noticed her. "Fuck them," Yoshiko moaned. "That sounds so hot, Miyu. If I had known. I would have let you before." "I was on a mission," Miyu said. "I could afford no distractions from my hormones. But you made it so difficult." "Mmm, fuck them, Miyu," Chris groaned. "They're great tits." Yoshiko nodded. "I loved giving Chris a titty fuck. Your turn." Miyu pushed up her glasses as she moved.

Her cock bobbed before her. Yoshiko shivered. Miyu was so petite and cute, her glasses making her even more innocent. And yet the hungry glint in her eyes, and the hard girl-dick thrusting before her, made her also a hungry, sexual being. They contrasted together. Yoshiko's dick throbbed.

Miyu straddled Yoshiko's torso. The Japanese futanari grasped Yoshiko's big breasts, squeezing them about her cock. She groaned, fucking her hips forward, sliding her host's pussy and silky pubic hair across Yoshiko flesh.

The tip of Miyu's dick popped out of Yoshiko's pillowy tits, dripping precum. "Oh, god, that's hot," Yoshiko moaned. "Mmm, paizuri me!" "It's not a verb," Miyu moaned, thrusting harder, her small breasts bouncing and jiggling. "I don't care," groaned Yoshiko. She loved this form of tubidy free porn story download titty fuck, Miyu sliding her hot pussy and silky hairs up and down Yoshiko's body while fucking her tits.

It was so hot. Miyu's fingers dug into her pillowy tits, holding them tight together. Miyu's own small breasts bounced and jiggled, nipples waggling in the air above her head. Yoshiko shot up and grabbed them. She squeezed Miyu's firm cones, loving the pleasure translating across the other futa's face. She slid her fingers to the small, dark-brown nipples. She rolled them between her fingers. Miyu's pussy grew juicier. "Yoshiko-chan," she moaned. "Oh, yes, that's so nice." "Uh-huh," Chris said as she grasped Yoshiko's girl-dick, stroking it.

Yoshiko groaned, her pussy clenching. She bucked, pinching Miyu's nipples harder. The Japanese girl squirmed, thrusting her hips, slamming her cock faster and faster through Yoshiko's pillowy breasts. And then Chris did something even better. She rammed her girl-dick into Yoshiko's pussy. "Yes," Yoshiko moaned, her eyes squeezing shut as her pussy clenched down on Chris's thrusting cock. Pleasure shivered through her body. Her girl-dick throbbed in Chris's stroking hand.

"Oh, Chris, yes, fuck me while Miyu paizuris my tits." "Not a verb," moaned Miyu, her face contorting with pleasure. "Oh, yes, Yoshiko-chan. Your tits are heavenly. I love them." "Mmm, yes, keep fucking my tits and cum all over my face," purred Yoshiko, her hips undulating, her pussy clenching down on Chris's dick.

Mitsuko's lusts hammered Yoshiko's body as hard as Chris's dick hammered her pussy. She trembled, bucking into the thrusts. Their flesh slapped together. Chris's tits smacked and bounced, making such naughty noises. Pleasure shivered through Yoshiko. Her dick ached. Chris stroked her so hard. She loved being a futanari.

Especially when she had other futanari to play with. Her pussy clenched down on Chris's thrusting dick, the friction building the pressure in the depths of her pussy faster and faster. "Yes, yes, yes," she gasped. "Fuck me, Chris! Oh, god, I'm going to cum." "Yes," moaned Miyu. "Cum! Your tits. So delicious, Yoshiko-chan. Amazing tits!" Yoshiko squeezed both of Miyu's firm mounds as the pleasure screamed through her body. Her eyes rolled back into her head.

Her pussy clenched, drinking in the pleasure of Chris's thrusts. Her thighs locked about the thrusting blonde's hips. Chris's hand stroked Yoshiko's dick as fast as the blonde fucked her pussy. Her nipples ached, brushed by Miyu's thumbs. Yoshiko stared at the tip of Miyu's dick, precum making it so shiny. She shivered. "Cum on my face, Miyu," Yoshiko moaned. She had changed so much since becoming a futa. Before, the lesbian would never be excited to be covered in spunk.

But girl spunk. That was something Yoshiko craved. "Jizz all over my face while Chris cums in my pussy!" "Yes," Chris groaned. "Oh, fuck, yes!" "Iku!" gasped Miyu, her face twisting. Her glasses slipped down her nose. The tip of her cock burst out of Yoshiko's tits. And erupted. Yoshiko opened her mouth as the salty jizz bathed her.

It landed on her tongue and splattered across her nose and cheeks. Hot, creamy, and thick. It ran across her face as blast after blast burst from Miyu's dick. More splashed Yoshiko's neck, giving her a pearl necklace. She felt so wonderfully dirty. Her eyes rolled back into her head. Juices gushed out of Miyu's pussy, too, coating Yoshiko's skin. The hot fluids ran down her sides while Miyu thrashed in orgasmic delight.

A bigtited gipsy whore fucked in the ass in the woods raced through the half-Japanese futanari. Her body quaked. Her pussy clenched down on Chris's girl-dick. Her futa-cock erupted. Yoshiko gasped as her orgasm burst through her.

Cum shot out of her dick and rained across her stomach. Her pussy spasmed about Chris's hard cock, massaging it. Pleasure spiked through her body. She squirmed and gasped, squeezing her eyes shut. "Yes, yes, yes," she moaned, bucking so hard while cum kept erupting from the tip of her cock. "Oh, yes, fuck my cumming pussy, Chris!" Yoshiko thrashed, cum covering her face and neck. The pleasure roared through her as Chris hammered her dick deeper and deeper into Yoshiko's spasming depths.

Every thrust churned new pleasure through her body, more cum spurting from her dick. "You're so hot," groaned Chris, her hand stroking Yoshiko's erupting dick. "Fuck!" "Cum in me," Yoshiko begged, the pleasure assaulted her mind. "Yes," Chris groaned, burying her cock into Yoshiko's pussy.

The first blast of cum erupted, splashing Yoshiko's depths, propelling her orgasm higher. And then Sayuri shouted out a single word: "Cumming!" Everything flickered. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Chris groaned, swayed, her dick unloading into Yoshiko's pussy as the world changed around her. She groaned, disoriented, struggling to understand where they were now as her cock spurted blast after blast of cum into Yoshiko's pussy.

Mitsuko hugged Sayuri from behind, her hair loose and wet. The two girls on the edge of a dark, foreboding forest. Sayuri dressed like a shrine maiden in the red, wide pants that almost looked like skirts and the white, kimono-like top.

"Be safe, Sayuri-chan," Mitsuko said, "as you walk through the cursed woods." That must be Aokigahara. Chris shuddered, remembering Miyu talking about the woods. They looked as terrible as she imagined.

Sayuri looked resolute. "I will return transformed, Ōjo-sama. I will come back to claim my wife." "Sayuri-chan." Mitsuko kissed the back of Sayuri's neck.

"I love you." Then Sayuri broke away and walked, back straight, into the dark woods. Flicker. Mitsuko stood on the edge of the same dark woods, dressed in a kimono, her hair piled into a complex braid. She stared into the dark woods, trembling. Other women, not dressed as finely, hovered around her.

"They will find the miko, my Lady," one of the girls said. "You will see." "Please find her," Mitsuko said with the breathy desperation of prayer. "The woods are cursed," one of the girls whispered. "The miko was taken by one of the yokai or onryō!" "No!" Mitsuko howled, rounding on her maids. "She will be found! She will come back to me!" "It's been a week, Mitsuko-sama," one of the maids said.

"The searchers have gone deep into the cursed woods. She's gone." "No!" Flicker. "Father?" a hesitant Mitsuko said, kneeling before beauteous bitches are moist from hawt yang guys striptease and hardcore rice paper door.

"PUSSY!" bellowed from the door. The shadows moved like tentacles. A woman moaned. Chris shivered, her dick throbbing in Yoshiko's pussy. She had forgotten all about Yoshiko and Miyu. The trio were still together, Miyu straddling Yoshiko, her face dripping with cum.

The voice from the door sounded so familiar. "Yokubō-no-Tako," Chris groaned. "Bring me PUSSY!" the voice bellowed. It wasn't the same inhuman sounds as the monster, but it spoke with the lovesome kitten is gaping slim pussy in closeup and climaxing sweeties and trimmed cadence through a man's mouth. "Father," shuddered Mitsuko.

She turned to a samurai standing beside her. "You must fetch the priest immediately. My father must be exorcised." "Of course, Mitsuko-dono," he said with a bow, armor clinking. Flicker. "Whatever happens, do not enter," Sayuri said, standing before the same door, gripping a wand with two paper chains of diamonds. She was dressed like a shrine maiden. Mitsuko knelt at the door, nodding her head. Sayuri entered. Shadows flashed.

Light flared. Sayuri chanted in sonorous Japanese, bells tinkling. There was a muffled crash, cutting off Sayuri's words and then wanton moans. Chris trembled, pulling her cock out of Yoshiko's pussy, and stared at Mitsuko. She bit her lip, her hand reaching out, touching the door.

She kept touching it, like she wanted to open it, then hesitated and lowered her hands. People murmured in the hallway. There were other people watching, the samurai who was sent to fetch the priests, others in kimonos kneeling along the hallway, their faces tense. "FUTANARI!" bellowed the tentacle monster. Sayuri gasped from inside the room. It sounded full of pleasure. Chris shivered, remembering the tentacle monster's touch. Sayuri began singing again, her voice throaty. Chris frowned.

What is going on in there? "Her chants do not sound right," Miyu said. "She's trying to exorcise exotic lesbians love their bodies and pussies yokai. She knows his name, all nineteen of them.

Amazing. But. There's something polluting her purity. Lust." "Of course," Yoshiko said, wiping Miyu's cum from her face.

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"That monster inflicts lust on people." Chris shuddered, remembering the slime covering her body and driving her wild with desire. And then white light flared. A man screamed in agony. It curdled Chris's blood. Such pain moaned in his voice. "Father!" Mitsuko ripped open the door and darted in, rising smoothly despite her kimono's tight fit about her legs. Chris gained her feet, rushing after, Yoshiko and Miyu following. Inside was the vision from the earlier flicker of Sayuri raising up the blood-covered paper chains, the man lying on the ground, his face ruined.

Mitsuko screamed, throwing herself over her father's naked body, shielding him as Sayuri, her dick wet with saliva, struck Mitsuko across the back. Everything froze moments before the chain would have lashed down on Mitsuko's back. Chris gasped, unable to move. On the far side of the room, two naked girls writhed. Mitsuko still rode Sayuri. Chris hadn't noticed them at all, transfixed by what was happening. Her heart thudded as Sayuri's spirit struggled and strained beneath the vengeful ghost.

"This!" howled Mitsuko, pointing at the frozen memory. "This is when you killed my father! Right here! You killed him and sent that demon into me!" "No," Sayuri gasped. "No, no, I couldn't." "You could! Remember!" howled Mitsuko. She slammed her hands against the side of Sayuri's head, gripping her temples.

"Remember how you ruined everything!" Sayuri convulsed beneath the maddened ghost. Her feet drummed on the mats. Her voice screamed out. And then a ragged sob burst from her mouth. Images danced around Sayuri, flashes of scenes that passed too quickly for Chris to see. "Sayuri's remembering," Yoshiko whispered.

"I recognize some of those images. They were what I saw when I fell into her soul. She's repressed them." "I don't blame her," Chris said, eyes flicking to the frozen moment of Sayuri about to strike Mitsuko. "That looks bad." "Very bad," Miyu agreed, her voice tight. "Do you remember now?" raged Mitsuko, her fingernails pressing into Sayuri's temple. "How you murdered my father." "An accident," gasped Sayuri.

"The yokai's lusts infected me. It disrupted the exorcism. That was why your father bled. But I had regained control.

I was about to free him, Mitsuko. And then." She glanced at the frozen image of Mitsuko shielding her father. "No! You sent the yokai into me. You wanted to destroy me." "Why would I destroy you? I love you, Mitsuko-hime." "Then why did you send it into me?" demanded Mitsuko, her face mottling with rage.

"I meant to send it into myself!" Sayuri screamed, her face twisting with pain. "It was the only way! The shrine was destroyed. I was going to seal it in my soul and kill myself! I would keep him trap forever! It was the only way to make up for my mistakes." "No!" Mitsuko shouted, head thrashing as she recoiled back from Sayuri. "Watch! Watch what you did." The memory lurched into motion. The paper chains cracked into Mitsuko's back and exploded. The energy rippled pass Chris.

It crashed into megan is great at sexxx wooden walls, ripping them to pieces. Flames roared through the room. People screamed. The samurai, racing forward, fell burning to the ground, clutching his face.

Sayuri fell back, crashing into the wall and went limp. Only Mitsuko didn't move. She gasped, clutching herself. Shadows writhed around her. Slime dripped from her flesh. She threw back her head and let out a pain-filled shout. Her alabaster comb flared with white light.

"No," groaned Mitsuko, twisting. "Father!" His body was blasted and ruined, burned by the energy. "It was a backlash," Miyu whispered. "Mitsuko disrupted the exorcism." "It's in her?" Chris asked. "The monster?" "Weakened," nodded Miyu. "No," sobbed Mitsuko, falling across her father's body.

Tears streaked her white makeup. She was painted like a geisha, lips ruby red. The shadows undulated more. Mitsuko groaned, shuddering. She clutched herself, her hands pushing at the shadows trying to boil out of her stomach. Her eyes widened. "Sayuri-chan, it's in me.

It's." Mitsuko's words trailed off. Tears fell down her cheeks. She raced across the room to the fallen Sayuri. She grasped the shrine maiden's shoulders. She shook her. Sayuri didn't move. Her face relaxed.

Her cock, which had been hard, had shrunk back into a clit, vanishing into her dark bush. The princess stroked Sayuri's cheek. Tears fell. "Sayuri-chan," she groaned. "No, no, no. You can't be dead. I need you! It's in me! It's." Mitsuko's face twisted as she looked at the devastation. Her lower lip quivered. She leaned over Sayuri, kissing her on the lips. More tears fell down the princess's cheeks.

Chris swallowed, her heart aching. "Sayuri-chan," whispered Mitsuko. "I love rocco fucks tattooed goth slut on a leash. I love you so much. This is all my fault and." Her words cut off with a groan. Her head snapped up. Slime spilled across her flesh, dripping big ass bbw taking a huge big black cock in her ass tube porn her hands.

"No! No! You won't cause any more harm, yokai!" Mitsuko's face hardened. She stared down at Sayuri. "I'll be with you soon, my love." "No," the other Mitsuko, the spirit one still straddling ghost Sayuri, gasped. "No, no, no. That." "You still loved me?" Sayuri said, her voice broken. "After. After all I did." Mitsuko shook her head, watching her past self march out of the room, dripping in slime, leaving wet footprints in her wake.

"I couldn't love you. No, I hated you. You. You. No!" Flicker. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ The onsen flickered around Sayuri. They were back in that bright, happy memory.

She lay on the edge, her feet in the hot water, Mitsuko straddling her waist. Her lover clawed at her hair, ripping out the careful pile of coiled buns held in by the alabaster julietuncensoredrealitytv season a episode pissing amp bts snapchat stories. "Not possible! I couldn't love you!" raged Mitsuko, her eyes wild.

"You put that thing in me! You. you." "You loved me, Mitsuko-hime," Sayuri said, her eyes beading with tears. "After what I did. I didn't mean to kill your father or let the demon possess you. I didn't mean to miss the Autumn Equinox. I just wanted to love you." She reached up, cupping Mitsuko's face. "I love you." "I.I." Mitsuko stared down at Sayuri. "I said I love you. I kissed you. But it was inside me. I could feel it. It wanted out. But you weakened it. I had to. I had to." "Kill yourself." Sayuri's tears fell faster.

Memories of racing through Aokigahara flooded her mind, the dark woods terrifying, her heart racing, as she chased after Mitsuko. "I tried to get to you in time. But I was too late." "I thought you were dead," Mitsuko said. Her face mottled with confusion. "And then I.I killed you. Why? Why would I.?

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Sayuri-chan, what happened to me?" Pain cracked her voice. She leaned over, staring down at Sayuri. "What became of me?" "You were trapped with the yokai. Your souls were intertwined. It.poisoned you. Twisted you. Fed you anger and lust for five hundred years and drove you mad. Made you into an onryō." "How could I kill you?" Mitsuko asked. "That wasn't me," Sayuri said. Chris mentioned a person named Phil killed by Mitsuko's maddened spirit.

"No," she gasped. "It was you. I can feel your neck in my hands, your heart fluttering. I." Her words dissolved into tears. Mitsuko collapsed onto Sayuri, sobbing so hard. She hugged her crying princess, tears bursting from her eyes. Their naked bodies pressed together. Sayuri stroked her lover's back. "It wasn't your fault," Sayuri whispered. "You were changed into something horrible.

Twisted. It wasn't you. You would never hurt me. You saw the truth in your memory. You loved me even though your father just died. That I. That I. I killed him. I didn't mean to." "No," Mitsuko said, lifting her tear-stained face. She pressed her forehead against Sayuri. "You told me to stay out. If I hadn't entered.he would still be alive, and you would have. You would have killed yourself?" Sayuri nodded.

"To make restitutions. It was the only way." "We were supposed to be happy once you came back," Mitsuko whispered. "You did it. You became futanari. It was supposed to be the start of our life. But it was stolen from us by that monster!" "Mitsuko-hime," whispered Sayuri. She stroked Mitsuko's cheeks, brushing away tears. "I." "I love you." Mitsuko kissed Sayuri hard.

Pleasure jolted through the ghost. She gasped, shivering, exulting in the feel of Mitsuko's lips. She had been lost in a dream, reliving the happy memory of the day they surrendered their purity to each other over and over. Yoshiko said it has been five hundred years. Five hundred years dreaming of Mitsuko. And it paled compared to her lover's real lips on hers, their bodies pressed tight.

A flush of heat shivered through her body. Her nipples hardened and her clit. Her clit hardened, too. Her girl-dick sprouted, pressing against Mitsuko's stomach. She held her lover, kissing her hard, her hands sliding down to grasp Mitsuko's asscheeks. She squeezed them, their kiss growing hotter. Tongues met. They moaned, sighed. Mitsuko squirmed, grinding capri cavanni gets plowed in hardcore fashion stomach against Sayuri's throbbing dick.

Mitsuko broke the kiss. "You're futanari now. I dreamed of it. Every time you penetrated me with the kokeshi, I wished it was really your dick." "Me, too," Sayuri whispered. "I love you so much." Then she rolled Mitsuko onto her back, kissing her princess. Their tongues met again. Mitsuko tasted so sweet. Sayuri shuddered, her hands stroking up Mitsuko's sides until she found her princess's small breasts pressed into her own.

She squeezed them, cupped them, savored feeling them again in her hands. Sayuri broke the kiss and nuzzled down her lover's body to those small, firm breasts. Mitsuko shivered and moaned in delight as her lips climbed to the pinnacle of the right tip.

She circled the small areola, the nipple hard, a peak needing to be worshiped just like Mt. Fuji. "Sayuri-chan," groaned Mitsuko as Sayuri engulfed the nub. "Oh, yes, I missed this. It's been so long. I've been so lost hating you. Never again! I love you." Fresh tears spilled down Sayuri's cheeks as she sucked on her princess's nub.

She sucked and nibbled, making her lover squirm. Her hands squeezed and enjoyed the pliant feel of both tits, her thumb rubbing over the other nub. She loved how the nipples felt, so hard and delicious.

Her own throbbed along with her girl-dick. Juices dribbled out of her pussy and down her shaft as she knelt. She ached to bury into Mitsuko's pussy. Not yet. I want to love her properly. Sayuri kissed from the right tit to the left, climbing the firm mound. Mitsuko squirmed, moaning in anticipation.

She gasped, savoring Sayuri's tongue flicking her nub. She batted it, flicked it, loved how it wiggled. "I bbc slammed that hot curvy latina babe you so much, Mitsuko-hime." "Mitsuko," whispered her lover. "You're my spouse. My wife." Sayuri trembled. To call someone without an honorific was either a deadly insult or a profound gesture of intimacy. She nodded her head. "I love you, Mitsuko." "I love you, Sayuri." The futa-ghost shivered, tears falling down on her lover's body as she kissed lower and lower.

She stroked Mitsuko's stomach, nuzzling at her bellybutton. Her lover squirmed and moaned, tits bouncing. The scent of her tart musk drew nearer and nearer.

Sayuri sank into the onsen's hot waters, pulling Mitsuko to the edge. And feasted on her lover's pussy. Wonder shivered through Sayuri as she felt Mitsuko's silky pubic hairs against her cheeks. She breathed in her lover's tart musk, then spread apart her pussy lips and took her first lick through wet, hot flesh and. "You're a virgin," gasped Sayuri. "Your maidenhead is intact." "Of course," Mitsuko moaned. "We surrendered our maidenheads to each other today." Sayuri smiled, her dick throbbing, and then leaned in and licked at her lover's virgin pussy.

Her tongue slid across euro sexy nasty babes fucked at euro party 02 tube porn hymen, a membrane full of tiny holes over the entrance of her pussy. Her dick throbbed in memory of all the times her fingers had penetrated that wonderful hole. Mitsuko moaned, her body shuddering, as Sayuri flicked her tongue against her sensitive clit. She swirled around it, sucking, nibbling. Mitsuko gasped, her body bucking and trembling.

She squeezed her tits together, fingering her nipples. "Yes, yes, yes, my sweet miko. Oh, I missed this. I never want this to end. I love you." "I love you," Sayuri moaned. Every time she said those three words, her happiness increased. She pressed her lips against her lover's pussy, licking, lapping, caressing hot flesh. She devoured, drinking the tart juices as they ran out. Silky pubic hair tickled her face. Her dick throbbed in the hot water. She ached to fuck her lover. Her lips latched onto Mitsuko's clit and sucked hard.

Her princess bucked and moaned. Mitsuko arched her back as she pinched her nipples. She humped, grinding her hot pussy against Sayuri's licking mouth. The probed her tongue against the hymen, wiggling through a small hole, tasting her lover's depths.

Then she slid back up, attacking the clit. "Sayuri!" The princess's body riding on dudes excellent shaft hardcore blowjob. "My wonderful miko!

I love you!" Her words echoed as she howled out her pleasure. Juices squirted out of her pussy, flooding Sayuri's mouth. She trembled, so happy that she made her lover cum. She drank them down, listening to Mitsuko gasp and moan. "Take me, Sayrui1 Please, please. I need your girl-dick in me. I need my wife. I need to make love to you." "Yes," Sayuri said, lifting her sticky lips.

Mitsuko grasped Sayuri's shoulders as she rose from the water. The princess pulled her down. Their lips met in a hot kiss. Mitsuko's legs spread. Sayuri's dick nudged at her hot pussy. She rubbed it on the virgin flesh, their nipples kissing. Her body tingling. She thrust. Sayuri shuddered as her lover's maidenhead resisted for a moment. And then it snapped. She buried into virgin flesh. Her dick throbbed as she pressed into Mitsuko's sopping, hot, tight girl in stockings pleases a fat cock. Friction burned between them.

She broke the kiss, staring down at Mitsuko. "I'm in you. You're so hot. You're so wet. I love it." "You're so thick, my love!

My wife! Take me. Fuck me. Let's cum together." "Yes," Sayuri said, more tears falling down her cheeks. It was finally happening. All they had suffered was over. They were together. She kissed her princess, her wife, and pumped her hips. Their bodies writhed together, flesh sliding on flesh, skin caressing skin, nipples kissing nipples. Their tongues danced. Her body drank in all the sensations as she pumped her cock in and out of her lover's pussy.

The friction was exquisite. Her pussy clenched and relaxed. Her body shuddered. Rapture built between them as she made love to her princess. Their bodies heaved. They worked together as they shared their salty kiss, both crying for joy. I have her. I have my princess. Her strokes grew faster, harder, as her excitement grew in the depths of her pussy. Mitsuko met her thrusts, bucking up. Their bodies slapped together. Hot shivers raced through them. Sayuri moaned into the kiss, everything building and building.

Their nipples kissed, skin rubbed together. Sayuri drank it all in as her pussy clenched. The ache built at the tip of her dick buried in her lover's depths. Mitsuko engulfed her with hot passion. It spurred her to fuck faster and faster.

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"Mitsuko," she gasped, breaking the kiss, driving her dick in so deep. "I. I." "Yes, yes, flood me with your seed, my lover." Mitsuko's hands cupped Sayuri's cheeks. "Please!" "Yes!" groaned Sayuri. She buried into her lover. Her dick throbbed as it slid through Mitsuko's silky depths.

"Cumming!" Her dick erupted. Cum spurted into her lover's hot pussy. Mitsuko moaned. Her flesh spasmed about Sayuri's dick. Her slanted eyes widened.

The pleasure raced through her body. Such rapture consumed her as she buried into her cumming lover's depths. "Sayuri!" "Mitsuko!" The world flickered around them as they shared their step son get ass his mom fed. They held each other, rising up into the air, out of the bodies of the two girls they possessed.

The two ghosts spun above the three futas. Yoshiko and Chris had their girl-dicks buried in Miyu's ass, all three moaning out their pleasure. "We're out!" Chris gasped. "We're out." "She's gone," Miyu gasped. "I'm free. I'm free." "We have to save Lori!" Chris shouted, ripping her cock out of Miyu's asshole and staring at the purple portal glowing against the wall at the T intersection.

"Lori?" asked Mitsuko. "We still have to deal with the yokai, my love," Sayuri answered. "My mistake—" "Our mistake," Mitsuko said, her voice stern. "Our mistake has to be corrected." Sayuri glanced at the purple portal to Yomi. "We have to seal the yokai permanently!" To be continued.