Sister brother bed wop sexc

Sister brother bed wop sexc
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Three days had passed since I had fucked my best friend without him knowing it. The day after it had happened, I had been terrified when I woke up that he would remember something or say something, but the only thing he complained about was a massive headache, which, to be honest, was every weekend anyway.

I watched him a little closer than I normally would have anyway that day though, and whether it was my imagination or not, I could swear that he was flinching just a little when he would sit down. Regardless, I had gotten away clean. The only problem was one that I had foreseen before it happened: I wanted more. I knew I couldn't keep drugging him every weekend. I wasn't even sure if those pills were supposed to be mixed with alcohol.

Besides, it just wasn't the same. I really wanted to fuck him while he was awake. I got my chance the very next weekend. It didn't quite work out 100% like I wanted, but you'll see what I mean.

We were hanging out at his place again that weekend, but most unusually, it was just the two of us. Beer pong with just two people just doesn't have the same attraction as playing in a group, so instead, we played shot-for-shot.

He didn't realize it, but about half of the shots I was taking were water, so while he was getting wasted, I was staying reasonably sober. By around midnight, he was ready to call it a night. He was pretty wasted, but definitely in control of himself, and probably not that tired, to be honest.

But it had been a chill night, fun but with some definite lulls, and he was probably just bored. A plan had been playing around in my head, and I had another now or never moment.

Spurred by the success of my first time, I decided to go for it again. I went into the storage closet in his hallway and dug around for a bit until I found what I was looking for: a box of old neckties he never wore. Skinny petite ebony nasty ass with buttplug black knew that they would be there because I helped him move in.

I grabbed four of them and crept upstairs as quietly as I could. I peeked my head in his room and saw him laying on his back, sleeping.

I snuck in and tried to gauge how deeply he was sleeping. I didn't think he was sleeping deeply, but deep enough for my plan to move forward. I tied loops in the neckties and secured them to each of the small, low posts at each corner of his bed, and tightened them. Then, very slowly and carefully, holding my breath, I moved his left arm so that it was laying close to the post, above his head. He exhaled a bit more strongly than he had been, but otherwise didn't seem to notice.

He didn't wake up, anyway. I slipped the other end of the tie around his wrist and tied a knot, then tightened it as well. Not too tight, just enough to keep him from pulling away from it. I slipped around to the other side and tied that one as well. The next part was a little trickier. I slowly pulled the covers down off of him, making sure not to wake him, until he was lying there in his t-shirt, boxers and socks.

I slowly, methodically, spread his legs until they were pointing out at the posts, then tied his ankles as well. So there he was, hands and legs tied, lying face up in the bed, waiting for me. Still time for me to back out, if I wanted to. I almost did too. I may black milf yasmine and mya shared with bfs cock, if I hadn't seen the almost empty bottle of vodka on the ground near his bed.

I grabbed it and drank the rest of it in one shot, and I felt it give me courage. So I crept up onto his bed and positioned myself over him. Feeling the bed shake, he opened his eyes and they widened upon seeing me on top of him.

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He tried to move, but of course, he couldn't because he was tied up. "Dude, what the fuck?" he muttered groggily. He was still half asleep and somewhat drunk.

"Don't worry man, we're just gonna have a little fun," I told him, and then threw caution to the wind and kissed him.

His eyes grew even wider, and I shoved my tongue into his mouth, feeling his struggling against mine. I let up, and looked into his eyes. "Come on man, it's cool. You've done this before, even if you didn't know it." His face showed confusion, but I ignored it.

I went back to kissing him, kicking my shoes off as I went. I lowered my body onto his, so that we were pressed together, him still trying to stop me. When I stopped again, he asked me to stop and leave him alone. Coming blod in my pussy refused of course. I was already in this far, I was getting what I was there for.

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I stripped off my shirt, shorts and socks, leaving me in only my boxers, and tossed them aside. I grabbed one of his feet and began massaging it, the soft fabric of his socks feeling nice against my hands. He struggled a little, but it was clear that he was enjoying it a little, against his will.

I even heard him let out a tiny, hastily stifled moan. I pulled off his socks and then noticed a problem I hadn't foreseen: he was still wearing clothes, and I couldn't get them off without untying him. The solution was there on his small desk, where a pair of scissors lay. I grabbed them and cut through his thin t-shirt and boxers.

I pulled the shirt off of him, but left the boxers for now. A couple more times he asked what the fuck I was doing, and I told him we were gonna have fun. I went back to his feet, rubbing them against my cock, one at a time, through my boxers. I was hard and practically poking out of them. I dropped onto my knees and began licking and sucking his feet. They glistened ever so slightly from the slight sweat they still had from being in socks and under covers, and I licked and sucked them until they shone with moisture.

He asked me to stop again, and I pretended like what I had heard was that he wanted some. I climbed on top of him, head-to-foot, and put my feet right in his face.

He closed his mouth, of course, but I felt around with my toes, found his lips, and clawed them open. I slid as much of my foot as would fit in there, then began moving my foot around, toeing at his tongue. He tried to say something, but couldn't with my foot in his gratifying a lusty thick cock hardcore and blowjob. I went back to sucking his toes for a while. Finally, I took my foot out and he exhaled hard.

He went to say something, but I shoved my socks into his mouth so that all he could do was grunt. I climbed back on top of him, and began kissing my way down his chest. Neck first, then pecs, then nipples, all the way down to his chiseled stomach. I stayed in this area for a while, kissing his belly button, sticking my tongue into it.

I sucked on it just a little bit and heard him give another tiny moan, but when I looked up at him, his face was still frowning angrily, socks sticking out of his mouth.

I stripped out of my boxers at last, and my cock seemed to revel in freedom. I climbed on top of him yet again, and knelt over freaky teen jessica lincoln loves double penetration pornstars group sex so that my cock was in his face.

His eyes widened again, looking at it warily. I pulled the socks out of his mouth and shoved my cock in in its place. He choked briefly, his eyes watered, but I kept pushing. I began thrusting, fucking his face like there was no tomorrow. It felt incredible, much better than the slow, quiet movements I had had to make when he was sleeping. He gagged several times as I thrust in and out, and after a while he began drooling.

At that point, I pulled out and scooted forward, sitting on his face. I told him that I wasn't going to move it until he licked my asshole. He did, very very slowly at first, then a little more vigorously, and soon, at my instruction, he shoved it deep into my asshole.

I gyrated on his face, his tongue swirling and licking until my ass was soaked. I crawled off his face, and moved to the bottom of the bed, where I pressed the tip of my tongue to the tip of his cock, which was only semi hard at this point.

I licked it like a lollipop, up and down, side to side, in circles, and it swelled massively. He moaned, still trying to hide it, but clearly beginning to have more trouble. Once he was fully hard, I began sucking hard on the very tip of his cock.

I mean, hard. I slip my lips deeper and deeper, keeping up the same level of intensity the whole way down until the whole thing was in and I was practically gagging. I bobbed up and down on him, pulled off of him and licked it some more, sucked the tip and went all the way back down, just going crazy on him. When I felt like he was about to burst, I got up on my knees and slid the tip of his cock into my still soaking wet asshole.

I clinched my ass on him, and I had only gotten to bounce just a couple of times when several shots of cum hit my ass. It was warm, sticky and plentiful. As soon as I crawled off of him, it began to leak out and dribbling onto his bed. I rubbed the very tip of my cock on the outside of his asshole.

He moaned again, not trying to hide it this time. I was still slick with his saliva and my wife sucks my dick and swallows him very slowly. I braced myself with both hands on his chest and desi newly married girl need ass fk to absolutely attack his ass.

I thrust in and out, hard and fast, and he squealed in pain several times as I did so. Him being tied kept him in a fantastic position for me to continue to thrust. I went all the way in and flopped my entire sweating body onto his and laid another deep tongue kiss on him.

To my surprise, he kissed back this time, moaning again. I could feel the pressure building, until I fired off a huge load into his ass. Before I shot the rest, I pulled out and emptied the rest onto his stomach.

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It went everywhere, sliding into little puddles all over his stomach and chest. I licked up two of the puddles, and them, the cum still on my tongue, I kissed him and let it fall into his mouth. He kissed me back deeply, clearly enjoying what was happening. Once we had cleaned all the cum off of him, I knelt on top of him, and he asked if I'd untie him.

I told him only if he wasn't gonna beat my ass. "Dude, it was fucked up what you did. I mean, really fucked up.

But, it ended up being incredible. I…I guess what I'm saying is, I forgive you." His eyes said he was telling the truth, so I untied him, feet first, then hands. I went to get up and go sleep in the spare bedroom, but he pulled me back into his bed and spooned me, our naked, sweaty bodies fitting perfectly to each other. And just like that, we drifted off to sleep.