Teen sex hot sex chubby bbw

Teen sex hot sex chubby bbw
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Laura is a 24-year-old student studying in the engineering field. As the only girl in her class, she made quick friends with her male classmates and lectures. But only friends and nothing more.

It was her final year in college, exams results are open and she final one of her exams. Shocked by the results she quickly emailed the head of the department and got appointment. Wearing jeans and a simple t-shirt, she entered the college and went straight up to the office.

Knocked on the door, "Enter," he said. She did and notice that he was sitting behind his desk typing away. She sat down on the seat "Sorry about this Noel, but there has to be a mistake.

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Can I get a recount or something?" he finally looked up and stopped typing "I'm Sorry Laura but I saw your exam paper it wasn't good "he took a pause which Laura leaped in "Please Noel, I really can't do a repeat I have a job lined up and all for this, is there anything that I can do?? Please anything" with that Noel smiled and said "or willing to do anything to pass this exam?" "Yes anything Noel… Please there has to be something?" "Well there is something but you have to understand you can't let anyone know I did this FOR YOU!" "I promise I won't tell anyone" with a hopefully smile "well my dear there is something you can do for me and I'll have a talk with your lecturer and then you'll have to give a good excuse why you need a passing grade" as he was talking he got up off his chair and walked around his table.

"Yes I'm willing to talk to him about" "Good now, I'm going to tell you to do things for me, and you are going to do this with no pausing for though otherwise no deal, got it!" "Ok what do I have to do" getting nervous now with each pasting moment.

"Well Laura you're a good looking girl, this is how it's going to start I have a meeting with your lecture in 2 minutes in this office, you are going to knee under webcam redhead girl masturbation clip toys and babe desk and you are going to take care of my cock with that lovely mouth of yours.

If you do not do a good job between now and when he leaves you will not get your passing grade. And the repeat exam will be a lot harder to" smiling all the way through it Laura in shock does not know what to say or do, "well then you better get under my desk" with Laura in shock he roughly moved her neck, "get going you whore, get on your knees and crawl&hellip. That's it good girl." As Laura crawled under the desk, her senses came back and started to put up a fight "no I won't do &hellip." Slapped across the face "YOU will do as I say&hellip.

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Or your dreams will but out of your reach" realizing that he was saying the true, she went back under the desk " Good girl, now mine your hands" as he pushed his chair under.

"Un zip my pants and get started and don't stop until I cum" Laura unzipped his pants, before lifting his cock out she could see it was still growing, and it was already massive. Lifting his underwear up for unleash it, it just popped out and hit her on the nose. "Better start now before my meeting starts" She licking the head of his cock, the moans above were getting louder.

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Still licking from the bottom to the top of his massive cock&hellip. Taking the head of the cock in her mouth slowly. Noel could not take it anymore; he pushed his seat right up to the desk. Launching his full cock into her mouth. All he could hear was her choking on his cock as the door knocked. Laura hear the door and stopped afraid to move and to do anything "Did I tell you to stop…get back sucking my cock you dirty bitch?" "Enter, Hi Dick" Oh no Laura though, that's her lecturer shit what will he think now&hellip.

Oh god "Hi Noel, you wanted to talk to me about the exams?" "Yes yes I think please sit down just going to send this email and we can start" as he said that he passed down a sticky note "keep going or no pass bitch" As she saw that note, Amateur webcam couple foot job doggystyle and cumshots had no choice. Started sucking and licking his cock all the while he was talking to Dick. As they were talking Noel didn't moan once, while Laura was working on his cock, he looked down a few times and seeing his cock disappearing into her mouth every time her head was going up and down, "So that's that Dick.

Thanks" "No worries Talk soon" hearing the door open and close&hellip. Noel let out a great big moan, "That's it I KNEW you were a fucking whore… look at you go! Oh yeah that is it bitch you love sausages&hellip. Ugh ugh oh yeah……" As he was calling her all those names she felt her pussy getting wet with every name.

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Never has anybody talk to her that way before "Oh yes keep going keep going…………&hellip. I want to cum all over that face!" As he was talking, she was sucking his cock as if it was her last meal. Thinking that after this she will have to head to the toilets and finger herself&hellip. She was so fucking horny wanting / needing a cock to plough her out of it "UGH UGH UGH…&hellip. Awhhhhh yes" as he was Cumming, he shot his cum all over her face and a few into her mouth… "Ahhh that was great" he let her out from under the desk.

The only way out was to crawl back the way she came, a face covered in cum and her panties soaked waiting for something to fill the void. As she crawled open into the open and got up "That's was a good blowjob, you're a good good girl" Noel said "Well looks like it's my turn then" Laura asian mother id like to fuck likes sucking balls japanese hardcore bolted up there Dick was standing looking at her evilly.

"I knew you were a cock teaser by no more bitch" throwing a towel at her "wipe that off bitch and follow me"