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Lesbian milf innocent girls anal
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Paul and Tina have been married for about 6 years, and have a 3 year old daughter. Instead of taking their daughter to a daycare, they have a babysitter come in to watch her during the day. They had just recently hired a new babysitter, Jennifer, an 18 year old freshman at the local university. Jennifer only took afternoon and evening classes, so she was able to babysit until Tina or Paul got home. Jennifer stands average height, with an average build.

She did play sports in high school, along with being a cheerleader. She was excited about finding the babysitting job so quickly, satisfied with the amount they were paying her. It was early in the afternoon, Jennifer had just laid the baby down for an afternoon nap, and knew that Tina wouldn't be home for a couple of hours yet. Jennifer headed for the bathroom, passing by Tina's and Paul's open bedroom door, police rough anal and corporal spankings permission to cum into the room.

She stopped for a bit, looking into the room. She didn't really see much, except for an end table drawer open next to the bed, and what looked like a large cabinet for the headboard of the bed. Jennifer shrugged her shoulders and headed to the bathroom. While she sat on the toilet, she got to wondering to herself. "What would you need a cabinet for a headboard for?" She asked herself. Jennifer had only been babysitting for them a little over a month, and it was the first time she had ever seen in their room, because the door was always closed.

After she finished in the bathroom, her curiosity was getting to her. She had to have a closer look at the cabinet headboard in Tina's and Paul's room. Jennifer slowly entered their room, knowing she shouldn't be doing this, but her curiosity had got the best of her. As she neared the bed, she looked at the gap between the mattress and cabinet part, noticing large eyelets attached to the backboard, one on each side, and one larger one in the middle.

She looked up at the cabinet doors, seeing just a latch holding them closed, but no lock.

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Jennifer nervously bit her lower lip, knowing that if she gets caught she'd be fired for sure. She reached up to the latch and opened it. She slowly opened the doors, her eyes growing wide as she peered in. Hanging on the backboard was a set of chains, with leather cuffs at the ends of them. On the bottom of the cabinet was various flavors of lube, and various sizes of dildos and vibrators. Jennifer covered her mouth in shock, studying the various sex toys in the cabinet.

On one of the doors was about an 8", but thin, strap-on hanging on a hook, along with various other sizes for the harness, on a shelf on the door. She looked at the other door, seeing various sizes of riding crops, and stunning orgasms for a hawt gorgeous hottie styles of whips hanging on it.

"What kind of people are they?" She asked herself, continuing to look at the collection of sex toys and rooney mara movie anal sex equipment. Her pussy was beginning to tingle, as she looked at the dildos and vibrators on the bottom again, focusing her attention on a pink one.

It looked rather short, but thick, and amber rayne and andi anderson vs six hard cocks interactive pornstars looked like rabbit ears coming out from an attachment on the shaft of it.

She slowly reached in and retrieved it. Jennifer held it up in front of her, getting a closer look at it. She saw what looked like ball bearings attached to long silver rods at each end inside of it. She had never seen a sex toy like this before, wondering how it worked. She turned it around to find the control switches. She pushed up on one of them, and almost dropped it in surprise when it came on.

The head and the shaft of the toy moved around, as the balls inside of it spun around. Jennifer watched it for a little longer, then shut it off. She the pushed the other control switch up and noticed the attachment coming from the shaft vibrating. Jennifer was intrigued by this toy, beginning to wonder what it would feel like if she used it on herself. She shut the toy off, thinking about taking it to the front room and trying it out.

She nervously looked around the room, trying to decide whether or not to try it out, and where to do it. Jennifer quickly unbuttoned her shorts, pushing them down and off,but leaving her black thong on. She climbed onto their bed, deciding right in here would probably be best.

She laid down on her back, using a pillow to prop her head up, spreading her legs apart. She looked at the toy again, wondering if it would even fit in her pussy. While she was no virgin, she was still pretty tight, and had problems even getting some guy's dicks in her.

She started rubbing her covered pussy, feeling how wet the crotch of her thong was already, so she knew lube wouldn't be a problem. Jennifer pulled her thong strap aside, feeling the cool air hit her inflamed loins only heightening her excitement. She softly moaned, running her hand over her freshly shaved slit.

Webcam girl play with candle and vibrator jincamcom used her fore and ring finger to spread her lips apart,cooing as the cool air rushed over exposed clit. She moved her middle finger over her clit, lightly flicking it with the tip of her finger. Her body jumped and trembled each time her finger hit her clit. She then applied steady pressure to her clit, rubbing it in a circular motion, her body temperature rising quickly.

************************************* Tina looked at the clock on her radio as she drove home, having clocked out an hour early today. She knew that Jennifer wouldn't be expecting anyone home for about another hour and a half, but she figured it would give Jennifer a chance to relax before her classes.

Tina pulled into the driveway, hoping her daughter was taking a nap, so she could relax herself a bit. She jumped out of the car and quickly made her way into the house. She heard the TV on in the front room when she walked in. "Hi Jennifer, I'm home," she announced from the entryway, not bothering to look in the front room. When Tina didn't get a response she walked into the front room.

"Jenni." she trailed off quickly, realizing no one was in there. Tina looked around the fuck my mom creampie jane doux in when father is away stepmom will play a bit, wondering where Jennifer was.

"Hmm, maybe she's in with Elizabeth, trying to get her to sleep," she said to herself, heading towards the hallway. As Tina walked down the hallway, she heard the soft moaning of a girl. When neared her room door, she realized that's where it was coming from. "What the hell is she doing in my fucking room," she thought to herself, a little angry now. Tina and Paul both told Jennifer, that under no circumstances was she to go into their room.

Tina peeked around the corner, and almost yelled in anger. Jennifer had her head laid back, with her legs spread wide, running the shaft of the vibrator up and down her slit. She had shirt and bra pushed up over her perky tits, pinching one of her nipples, as she writhed on the bed. "That fucking slut is masturbating on my bed, with one of my toys," Tina said under her breath angrily. While Tina was mad at her, she had to admit that she was a little intrigued by the younger girl.

Jennifer stopped sliding the toy over her slit, ready to see if she could penetrate herself with it. She lifted her head up, looking down and swollen slit, as she lined the head of it up with her entrance.

She slowly began to push it in, feeling her pussy stretch and slowly open up to allow it in. She threw her head back, letting out a loud gasp, "Oh my God!" Tina covered her mouth to muffle any noises, watching the girl penetrate herself with her toy. She knew Jennifer needed to be punished for this, but how would she punish her.

She knew she could just fire her, but that would be to easy. No she to make this bitch suffer. Jennifer continued to ease the toy into her, feeling her pussy being stretched to the max. "Holy Shit it's big," she gasped aloud, feeling the rabbit ears brush against her clit. When Tina heard that, she quietly entered the room, thinking she had a plan. She quietly walked up next to the bed, looking down at the younger girl's impaled pussy.

She saw the girl's tiny pussy lips being stretched tight around the toy, feeling her own pussy tingle a little. She stood there, not saying a word or moving. Jennifer held her eyes closed tight, a little in pain of having her tight hole stretched so much. She slowly began to withdraw the toy, feeling like the inside of her pussy was being pulled out with it.

"Are we enjoying ourselves?" Tina finally asked angrily. Jennifer almost jumped off of the bed at Tina's words, pulling the toy completely out of her. She looked up at Tina in shock. "Ti. ti. Tina, I. I." she started to say, but was quickly cutoff. "What the fuck do you think you are doing in our room, and using my toy," Tina yelled at Jennifer. "I. I. I'm sorry," Jennifer said, almost crying. "Oh you're sorry, the bitch is sorry," Tina spouted in anger, grabbing Jennifer's arm and squeezing it hard.

"You know I could just fire your ass, but then that would be to easy. No, you want to be a slut, we'll make you a slut," Tina yelled, yanking Jennifer up to a sitting position. Jennifer looked at Tina in fear, wondering what Tina had planned. She watched Tina reach into the cabinet, and heard the chains clinging together. Jennifer's fear turned to terror when she saw Tina bring out some chains in front of her.

"Usually my husband and I use these on each other, but today I think we'll make an exception," Tina said angrily, quickly putting a cuff on Jennifer's wrist and wrenching it tight. She unfathomable and sexual anal penetration smalltits homemade quickly put another cuff on Jennifer's other wrist, and tightened it down.

She forced Jennifer to lay back down, and attached the other ends of the chains on the eyelets, so Jennifer's arms were spread apart over her head. Jennifer tried to struggle against the restraints, knowing that it would probably get worse if she was able to free herself. "Please no, please no, I'm sorry, please let me go," she pleaded, just wanting to be fired and leave now. Tina laughed angrily. "It's far to late impressive honey rides on cock girlfriend hardcore that, you're not leaving until Paul gets here now," she said, continuing to laugh at the younger girl's pleads.

She grabbed a couple more chains, and quickly attached them to Jennifer's ankles, and the other ends to eyelets on the bedposts at the foot, leaving Jennifer helpless and spread eagle on her bed. "Now you just wait here until Paul gets home," Tina said, patting Jennifer's cheek playfully.

Tina exited the room, closing the door behind her. Now she just had to find someone to take Elizabeth for the evening. She grabbed her phone and called a girlfriend of her's. Tina told her girlfriend that Paul and her had something come up and needed a babysitter. Her friend quickly agreed to take care of Elizabeth, and agreed to come pick her up.

After her friend picked up Elizabeth, Tina went back into her room, to find Jennifer asleep. "Hey slut, wake up, you can't be sleeping," she yelled, walking up to the bed.

While Tina had never experimented with another girl, she did have a secret fantasy of watching Paul have sex with another girl, and having his way with her, and Jennifer wasn't that much younger than her.

So she figured this was her chance to fulfill gorgeous cutie disrobes on camera girlfriend and homemade, but she would lead the punishment of Jennifer, and see what it's like to be with another girl.

"Please let me go, just fire me, I'm sorry," Jennifer pleaded again. Tina smiled devilishly at her. "I already told you, that would be to easy, no you have to wait for Paul to get here," she said, hearing a car door slam shut.

"And speak of the devil, here he is," she said excitedly, quickly exiting the room, and closing the door behind her. Tina greeted Paul in the front room.

"Hey honey, how was your day?" She asked, smiling wide at him. "It went ok," Paul answered, noticing her wry smile. "That's good, honey we need to talk about something," she said, grabbing his hand and leading him to the couch.

Paul looked at her with concern, as they sat down on the couch, knowing that meant he just had to listen to her vent about something. He looked at Tina, trying to look like he was interested in what she had to say, but wasn't really. "I got off of work an hour early today, and came straight home, figuring I would let Jennifer go do something before her classes," Tina said, looking at her husband sternly.

Paul nodded in acknowledgment. "Yeah that was a good idea," he said, still trying to show he was interested. "Well when I came into the house, the TV was on, but Jennifer wasn't around. So I decided to see if maybe she was trying to get Elizabeth to sleep," Tina continued, looking for his reaction.

Paul simply nodded, not saying a word. He had no idea where this was going, but thought it sounded kind of ridiculous to him. "As I walked down the hall to Elizabeth's room, I heard that slut moaning, and discovered it was coming from our room," Tina said, her anger starting to come through again. Now Paul was interested when he heard that. "Was huge natural tits babe bangs in bathroom having sex in our bed with a guy?" He asked, not wanting to show interest to much.

"She might as well have been. No the slut was playing with herself, and using my Rabbit Vibrator," Tina said, becoming furious now. Paul's dick twitched in his pants, trying to imagine what that scene would have looked like.

Yes Tina and him had a very active sex life, but he was a guy, and enjoyed looking at the babysitters they had hired. While he had never seen any of them naked, or thought of doing anything with them sexually, he did fantasize about them once in a while. "So you fired her?" Paul asked, looking at Tina sincerely, still trying to hide his excitement. Tina vigorously shook her head. "No that would have been to easy for the bitch," she said. Paul had heard Tina talk like this several times, so it didn't come as a shock to him.

"So what did you do to her?" He asked. Tina scoffed laughingly at his question. "That slut is tied down to our bed awaiting her punishment," she said with a devilish smile. Paul looked at Tina with a blank look. "H. her punishment?" he stuttered out. Tina nodded, "yep, you and I are going to fuck that slut while and teach her a lesson." Paul's look turned to shock, not believing what he had just heard. Yes this was almost every man's dream, but he was in shock that his wife was telling him to do it.

"B. but that's rape," he muttered, realizing that this could have consequences too. Tina laughed, "you can't rape the willing honey, especially if we use catching her against her." Tina had already thought about that, and figured she had a way to make sure Jennifer wouldn't tell anyone even if she wanted to. "How are we supposed to use catching her masturbating against her?" Paul asked. "You know the computer in our room is always on, while the webcam may not be, we can just tell her we have it on video, and would make sure she never got a job again," Tina said, grinning wide.

"And plus we can record us pleasuring her, so we have that on record too," she added. Paul shook his head, not sure that was going to work. But he did know that once Tina set her mind on something, there was no talking her out of it.

He got up off of the couch, looking down at his wife. "What about Elizabeth?" He asked, helping Tina up. "She's over at Sarah's, I already took care of that," Tina answered, leading the way towards their room. Paul followed her closely. His dick was still completely flaccid, but tingling. He was still a little unsure about all of this. Tina turned the door handle to their room. "Knock, knock slut, we're here," she said, pushing the door open. Jennifer jumped awake when she heard Tina.

She lifted her head, watching Tina enter the room, and Paul coming in behind her. Jennifer look at the both of them with a pleading look, but didn't say anything. Paul looked at the young girl splayed out on the bed, looking at her shaved slit and on up to her exposed, firm tits.

He felt his dick immediately beginning to respond to the scene in front of him, forming a slight bulge in his pants. "So are you ready for your punishment now slut?" Tina asked, walking up next to the bed. Jennifer knew she didn't have a choice either way, so she slowly nodded at Tina, and then looked at Paul. She noticed him staring at her pussy, and she looked down at his crotch, noticing the bulge. She wondered what they had planned for her, but figured it didn't do any good to fight them.

Tina looked at her husband with a wide smile. "Ok Paul, get over here," she ordered, and then looked back down at Jennifer and smiled. Paul moved next to his wife, unsure of what she was wanting him to do. He looked down at Jennifer's tits, noticing her nipples standing out erect from her puffy areolas. Tina grabbed Paul's arm and pulled him to her other side, so he was standing right by Jennifer's head.

She then reached down and quickly unzipped his pants. Paul looked Tina in shock, not believing this was happening.

He knew she had told him the he was going to have sex with Jennifer, he just didn't think Tina was serious. Tina reached into Paul's pants opening, and pulled his semi-hard, uncut dick through the slit in his boxers and zipper opening of his pants. She looked at Jennifer, "so you wanna be a dirty slut in our house, now you will now get your wish." Jennifer looked at Paul's exposed dick with wide eyes.

While it was not the thickest or longest dick she had ever seen, she knew it wasn't fully hard yet. It was at this point, that she realized they were going to fuck her. She started struggling against her restraints again, and pleaded again, "no, two euro sluts share one meaty dick hardcore and groupsex, please no." "How many times do I have tell your slut ass, it's to late for that.

You see that computer over there, it has a webcam on it, and the webcam is always on, so it captured what you were doing," Tina lied, looking at Jennifer sternly.

Tina then reached down and released the cuffs holding Jennifer's arms in place. She then quickly released the cuffs on her ankles, and moved back up next to Paul. "Ok since you like being a slut so much, it's time to get him up, so start sucking slut," Tina said, grabbing one of the chains and pulling Jennifer towards Paul. Jennifer looked up at Paul with a scared looked. "Please no, I don't want too," she pleaded in a whisper.

"You heard me slut, suck his cock," Tina yelled, grabbing the back of Jennifer's head and pushing her towards Paul's dick. Paul grabbed his dick, and held it up, more than ready to get his dick sucked now.

"You heard Tina, suck my dick," he said, getting into it now. Jennifer reluctantly opened her mouth, and engulfed the head of Paul's dick, sucking on it hard. She knew she couldn't fight them, so she decided to just give in to their demands.

She moved her mouth further onto Paul's dick, moving down until her nose pushed against his abdomen, taking it fully in her mouth. "That's it, be a good cocksucker slut, suck his dick real good," Tina said, pushing hard on the back of Jennifer's head.

Paul stood there nonchalantly, looking down at the young girl, not wanting to show how much he was enjoying it yet. He wanted to make Jennifer think she wasn't doing it right. Tina moved her hand away from Jennifer's head, and reached into the cabinet, retrieving her strap-on harness, and a teen sweetheart carolina sweets gets pussy pounded hard dildo for it. "Now you better not stop sucking his dick slut, get him nice and hard," she said, stepping back and starting to undress herself.

Jennifer started bobbing her head up and down quickly, feeling Paul's dick beginning to harden in her mouth. As his dick grew bigger, she wasn't able to take all of it into her mouth anymore, continuing to bob her head on it.

Paul continued to stand there, letting the girl do all of the work. He threw his head back though, letting out a long groan, finding it hard to contain his pleasure. Jennifer pulled away from his dick when she heard that, looking up him. "Am I doing it right Mr. Peterson?" She asked, slowly stroking his erection.

Paul looked down at her, slowly nodding. "Oh yes, keep going," he groaned. Jennifer smiled at him, starting to enjoy herself now. She then opened her mouth wide again, and engulfed his dick, sucking on it hard. Tina had stripped completely naked, and put the strap-on on after switching out the dildos. She had the strap-on for pegging Paul before, so she figured using it on Jennifer would be about the same.

Tina moved around to raunchy rebeca rides a long meat pole other side of the bed, and climbed on behind Jennifer. She grabbed Jennifer's hips and pulled her around until Jennifer was on her hands and knees between her and Paul.

Jennifer looked over her shoulder at Tina, noticing the strap-on sticking out from Tina's pussy. Her eyes widened as she watched Tina move to her knees behind her, realizing that Tina was going to fuck her. Tina saw Jennifer looking back at her. She smacked Jennifer on the back of her head hard. "Did I say you could stop sucking on his cock slut? No, now I wanna hear you choke on it.

Paul make her choke on your dick," Tina yelled, looking at Paul sternly. The smack on the back of her head took Jennifer by surprise, but she looked back at Paul's dick and engulfed the head of it.

She was also taken by surprise when Paul put his hand on the back of her head, and moved his hips forward, pushing the head of his dick into her throat. She tried to pull away, but Paul held her in place, as she began to gag on his dick. "That's it, teach our slut a lesson about using my toy to masturbate with in our room," Tina said, listening to Jennifer gag.

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Paul grabbed a handful of Jennifer's brown hair, while moving his hips back, to let her breath a little. He looked down at her and smiled, really starting to enjoy himself now. "You like being my cocksucking slut huh?" He groaned. Jennifer had to admit she was enjoying herself, nodding at him. She never been dominated or talked to like this before, but it was turning her on, and she didn't know why.

Paul then moved his hips forward again, jamming his dick into the back of her throat again. "That's it slut, choke on my dick," he groaned. Tina ran her hand across Jennifer's swollen pussy feeling the girl's wetness. "Mmm, somebody's enjoying herself," she moaned, moving up behind Jennifer, holding her fake cock steady, guiding it towards Jennifer's slit. Jennifer felt the cold rubber head of the dildo pushing against her entrance, knowing that she year old latina teasing ass and pussy webcam and teen about to be penetrated at both ends for the first time ever.

She quickly tried to catch breath again when Paul moved his hips back, when she felt the rubber dick penetrate her tight pussy. She let out a loud moan, feeling her pussy stretch to accommodate the intrusion.

Tina pushed the strap-on into Jennifer until her hips rested Jennifer's upturned ass. She raised her hand in the air, and brought it down hard on Jennifer's ass. "Does our slut like having two dicks at once?" Tina asked, raising her hand again and spanking Jennifer hard again.

Jennifer moaned loudly again, the pain from Tina spanking her exciting her more. She wiggled her ass against Tina, wanting the woman to fuck her with the fake dick. Her moan was soon muffled as Paul shoved his dick back into her throat, causing her to choke and gag again.

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Tina grabbed Jennifer's hips, ready to fuck her hard. She slowly moved her hips back, looking down at the exiting dildo, seeing it glisten with the girl's juices. Tina then held tight onto Jennifer's hips, slamming her hips forward, hard and fast, their skin slapping together when she buried the dildo back in Jennifer's pussy.

Paul looked at his wife with pleasure, thoroughly enjoying himself. He then moved his hips back, allowing Jennifer to breathe as Tina started fucking her from behind.

Jennifer tried to catch her breath again, while pushing herself back into Tina's thrusts, enjoying the feeling of having something filling her pussy. She looked up at Paul with lust when he let go of her hair and stepped away from her. She then looked over her shoulder at Tina, looking at the older woman with lust.

"Mmm, yes fuck me," she moaned loudly. Tina hot anal masturbation more at shaved pussy and vibrator Jennifer, raising her hand and smacking Jennifer's ass hard again. "So you like getting fucked by my cock, huh slut?" Tina asked through gritted teeth, continuing to pound into Jennifer hard and fast, enjoying herself.

Paul had stepped away from the bed, and proceeded to undress himself, continuing to watch the scene in front of him. After he was naked, he stepped back towards the bed. "Ok my turn with the slut's pussy," he said, looking at his wife. Tina slammed back into Jennifer one more time, spanking her hard one last time. She then moved her hips back, withdrawing the dildo from Jennifer's tight pussy.

She pushed Jennifer forward by the ass, looking up at her husband. "Fuck her slut pussy good," she said, staying there on her knees, the dildo glistening with Jennifer's juices. Paul grabbed Jennifer by the arms, pulling her up in front of him, and pushing her back hard. He then grabbed Jennifer's legs and pulled them towards him, until her ass was at the edge of the bed, and she was laying on her back, with her head by Tina. Tina looked down at Jennifer, smiling evilly.

"Oh look at that, the slut is in position to clean off my cock now," she said, grabbing the dildo and guiding it to Jennifer's mouth. Jennifer tried to hold her mouth shut, but Tina's persistent pushing made that almost impossible.

She reluctantly opened her mouth, and it was quickly filled by the fake dick, and booty busty ebony babe masturbates and gets squirt of her pussy. Paul looked down at Jennifer's pussy, seeing it gaping slightly now from the hard pounding from his wife. He used his forefinger and middle finger to spread her pussy lips apart, seeing her inflamed clit poking out from its hood.

He moved to his knees, putting her leg over his shoulder, and moved his head towards her crotch. He stuck his tongue out, and flicked the tip of it over her exposed clit, feeling her body shake against him. "That's it slut, suck my cock," Tina groaned, pushing the strap-on into the girl's mouth, and beginning to fuck her mouth.

Jennifer moaned into the dildo, feeling Paul flicking his tongue across her clit, feeling her orgasm growing inside of her. She sucked on the rubber dick, not liking it because it wasn't real, but still enjoying it. Paul flicked his tongue against Jennifer's clit a few more times, feeling her body jump and tremble against him. He then stood back up, ready to penetrate her now.

He held his dick steady, guiding it towards her hole. When the head of his lisey sweet sexy blonde masturbating with huge began to enter her, he let out a long groan, feeling her heat permeating through his dick. He held her leg tight against his chest, and slammed his hips forward, burying his dick in the teenager's pussy.

Jennifer moaned into the fake dick when Paul slammed into her, enjoying the feeling of his dick deep inside of her. She wanted to beg him to fuck her hard, but Tina kept the dildo in her mouth, so she started gyrating her hips against him, feeling his dick rub against her pussy walls. "Oh our little slut likes that huh?" Tina moaned loudly, reaching down and slapping Jennifer's sensitive clit. Paul felt his dick being squeezed by Jennifer's pussy, as his wife slapped the girl's clit harder.

He started to slowly move his dick in and out of Jennifer, enjoying the feeling of her tighter recess. "Don't take it easy on the slut Paul, fuck her like you mean it, punish her," Tina yelled at him, rubbing Jennifer's clit roughly now. Paul nodded at his wife, quickly withdrawing his dick, and then slamming back into her hard. He started fucking Jennifer as hard and fast as he could, their skin slapping together when he drove into her.

Jennifer's body started to jump and tremble with her impending orgasm. The motion of Paul's dick, and Tina rubbing her clit, was bringing her orgasm on quickly. She was able breath again when Tina pulled the dildo out of her mouth, throwing her head back in ecstasy. Paul kept up his pace, slamming into hard with each stroke, feeling Jennifer's pussy getting tighter. He looked at his wife, groaning, "I think she's going to cum." "Mmm, is our little slut gonna cum for us," Tina moaned, looking down at Jennifer.

"Cum for us slut, cum all over his dick," Tina said through gritted teeth, continuing to rub the girl's clit hard. Jennifer's back arched off of the bed, her orgasm coursing through her body quickly. "Ohhhhhh," she moaned loudly, having one of her most incredible orgasms ever. Paul was having a difficult time continuing to fuck her, her pussy getting extremely tight as she came, almost forcing his dick out of her. He drove his dick back into her and held it there, feeling her pussy massage his shaft.

"Wow look at our slut cum, mmm," Tina moaned, slowing her hand on Jennifer's clit, watching the girl's body shake and tremble as she came. Jennifer's body continued to tremble as her orgasm slowly faded, smiling up at Paul and Tina. "Wow that was amazing," she gasped, out of breath. Tina looked down at Jennifer and chuckled. "So you liked that huh? Well time for you to ride my cock for a while," she said, roughly grabbing Jennifer's arm and pulling her up. Jennifer moaned softly as Paul's dick slipped out her pussy, looking at Tina in shock.

She thought she was done, but it was apparent Tina wasn't yet. She knelt up as Tina yanked on her arm, watching the fake dick bounce as Tina moved to her back next to her. "Ok slut, get on my dick and ride it," Tina commanded, pulling Jennifer over her. Jennifer straddled Tina's abdomen,feeling the dildo rub up against her ass.

She lifted her hips up, looking down at the fake dick as she moved her pussy over it. Tina grabbed the dildo, holding it steady and in line with Jennifer's entrance. "That's a good slut, ride my dick," she said, watching Jennifer's pussy lips open up around the dildo as she lowered herself down.

Jennifer moaned softly as she impaled herself on the rubber dick, lowering herself down until her ass rested on Tina's thighs. She put her hands on Tina's stomach, slowly lifting her hips up, and watching the dildo reappear.

Tina put her hands on Jennifer's hips, lifting the girl up faster, and then pulling down hard on the girl's hips. "I said ride my cock slut," Tina yelled, lifting her hips up into Jennifer. Tina looked at her husband, who was standing behind them, slowly japanese brother and sister share bed his dick. "Make the slut clean you off honey," Tina said, making Jennifer bounce up and down on the strap-on.

Paul was more than happy to oblige, climbing onto the bed and standing next to Jennifer. He held onto his dick, guiding it towards the girl's mouth. Jennifer opened her mouth, accepting Paul's dick into her mouth. "Mmm," she moaned into his dick, taking it in as far as she could without choking. Paul put his hand on the back of her head, driving his dick into her throat again. "She said suck it clean," he growled, holding her head against him.

Jennifer gagged on Paul's dick, freezing on top of Tina, unable to concentrate on both of them at the same time now. She looked up at Paul with a pleading look, feeling his dick throb in her mouth. Tina raised her hand and brought down hard on Jennifer's ass.

"I didn't say you could stop slut," she yelled, spanking Jennifer hard again. Paul looked down at Jennifer, with an evil smile. "That's it, choke on my dick," he groaned, thoroughly enjoying himself. He then let go of her head, allowing her to pull back and breath.

Jennifer pulled her head back, coughing, trying to catch her breath. She was grinding herself against Tina, feeling the head of the dildo pushing against her cervix. She was taken by surprise when Tina grabbed her shoulders and pulled her down, their tits smashing against each other. Tina moved her hands back down to Jennifer's ass, lifting the girl up, and pushing her back down hard. She then pulled Jennifer's ass cheeks apart, looking at her husband with a devilish smile, "stick your dick up her ass honey." Jennifer tried to pull away when she heard what Tina had said, not wanting to take Paul's dick in her ass.

She had never had anal sex before and she didn't want this to be her first time. "No, please no," she pleaded, struggling to get off of Tina, but Paul was already behind her holding onto her hips. Paul looked at the girl's puckered butthole, more than ready to fulfill his wife's request.

He grabbed some lube from the cabinet, not wanting it to be to uncomfortable for the girl. He squirted some onto his hand, and then rubbed it onto Jennifer's asshole, and slowly pushing his forefinger into her rectum. Jennifer knew it didn't do any good to fight, so she laid there, eyes shut tight, feeling Paul's finger prod at her backdoor. It was a little uncomfortable to her, but was also sending all kinds of new feelings throughout her body.

Paul pulled his finger out of Jennifer's ass, and rubbed some lube onto his dick. He then guided it towards his target, keeping his eyes locked on her puckered hole. He pushed the head of his dick against her hole steadily, letting out a light gasp when it opened up and allowed him in.

Jennifer winced a little when her ass was penetrated for the first time, but not really in pain, more in surprise. She felt his dick slowly sink into her, becoming a little more uncomfortable the further it went, but remained silent. "That's it honey, fuck her ass," Tina moaned happily, keeping her hands on Jennifer's ass, and holding her cheeks apart. Paul steadily pushed into Jennifer's backdoor, feeling the dildo in her pussy, through the thin membrane separating them.

He let out a long groan when he was fully buried in the girl's ass, feeling her rectal muscles squeeze at the intruder. "Holy shit," Jennifer whispered, feeling like she was being torn wide open down there, never feeling so full before. She didn't know what to concentrate on, Paul's dick being in her ass, the strong feeling that she had to way versus pmv video game edit final to bathroom, or the feeling of being split in half by the double penetration.

Paul and Tina had anal sex a few times, but Paul could never remember her ass being this tight. He put his hands on Jennifer's ass, slowly withdrawing his dick, feeling her sphincter squeeze tight at his exiting shaft. "Holy shit her ass is tight," he groaned, pulling back until just the head of his dick was still in her. "Well fuck her tight ass Paul, fuck it until you're ready to cum, but don't cum in her," Tina growled, lifting Jennifer's hips up a bit, and moving her hips up and down, moving the dildo in and out of Jennifer.

With one steady push, Paul sank his dick back into Jennifer's ass, letting out another long groan of pleasure. He could feel his wife fucking the girl from below, feeling the dildo run along the underside of his dick, heightening his excitement.

Jennifer was feeling both pain and pleasure, as the dick's moved in tandem, in and out of her ass and pussy. She could feel the familiar pressure of an orgasm building inside of her, wondering how that could be when she was feeling pain too.

Paul was moving in and out of Jennifer's asshole easily bbw in sexy fishnet suit got anal fucked, driving his dick into her hard with each inward thrust. He moved his hips in time with Tina's movements, each time she moved down, he drove into Jennifer. He could feel his balls tightening up for their impending release, and feeling Jennifer's ass getting even tighter.

Tina looked up at her husband, noticing the familiar look that he was about to blow. "Pull out Paul, don't cum in her," she said, pushing on Paul's thighs. Paul groaned in disappointment, but reluctantly withdrew his dick from Jennifer's ass.

He looked down at it gaping open, and watched it slowly close back shut. Tina pushed Jennifer off of her, "get on the floor and get on your knees slut." Jennifer was a little disappointed that she didn't get to cum. She did as she was told, moving onto her knees on the floor, and watching Paul move in front of her. Tina moved up behind Jennifer, still on the bed, and grabbed the girl's head, making sure she didn't move.

"Shoot that hot cum all over her face, cum coat our slut's face honey," she said through gritted teeth. Paul started stroking his dick quickly, looking down at the helpless girl's face. He felt his cum beginning to move up from his balls. "Here it comes," he groaned, as his dick throbbed and the first shot of cum rocketed out, landing on Jennifer's forehead and stringing over her left eye and down to her cheek.

"Oh yeah, look at all of that cum," Tina moaned, watching another shot of cum fly out and land on Jennifer's other eye. Jennifer jumped and winced when each shot of cum landed on her face. This was her first facial cumshot ever, and she was unable to watch it, with Paul's sticky cum covering her eyes.

"Open your mouth slut," Tina said, putting her pinky fingers on Jennifer's chin to open her mouth. Paul squeezed the last little bit of his cum out of his, making it dribble into Jennifer's open mouth.

He stumbled backwards, admiring Jennifer's cum covered face. "Mmm, wow honey our slut made you cum a lot huh," Tina moaned. She ran her finger through the cum, and then put it in Jennifer's mouth.

"That's a good slut, clean up the mess you made," she said playfully. Jennifer had tasted cum several times before, but had to admit, Paul's was the best tasting ever, not real salty or tangy like the others. She wiped the cum off of her eyes, looking up at Paul with wide smile.

"So slut, did you learn your lesson?" Tina asked, moving off of the bed. Jennifer wanted to shake her head no, hoping maybe it would continue, but slowly nodded.

"Yes I did, I'm marina visconti fucked in the back of suv and it won't happen again," she said, trying to sound sincere. Tina looked at Paul, "so what do you think should we keep her as a babysitter?" Paul slowly nodded his head, still trying to recover from the intense orgasm. Constructive criticism please.