Cute redhead dani jensen rides a cock

Cute redhead dani jensen rides a cock
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I am a bedridden disabled Male but stop before you feel sorry for me let me tell you what I got in exchange. I can still walk but it's an effort just to get up out of bed and using a Walker step over to my commode two steps away turn and sit down and then reverse the whole thing. I don't miss the ability to move since what I got in return is so much better.

I woke up one morning and discovered that I had off the charts Charles Xavier level mental powers. Experimenting for awhile I discovered that I could send my mind out anywhere in the world and take over anyone's mind and either stuff them in a corner where they didn't know what was being done with their body or let them ride along completely aware of what was happening but unable to do anything about it.

I could also enter someone's mind and ride along with them unaware of me or speak to them which usually freaked them out. After my short experimental phase I sought out the mind of Jenna Ortegaif you hear on the news about her acting out of character that was me. I had her do some naughty perverted things and then send me x-rated pictures of her. I moved on to Kira Kosarin and when I first entered her mind I quietly rode it for a few days getting to know her friendsfamilyand school.

When I was ready I took her over allowing her to ride quietly in the back amy valor said she craves big cocks our mind.

That morning I took great pleasure in choosing her outfit for the day. First I had her strip naked and shower then when she dried off I had her spray perfume on her pussyher anusand her breasts.

I then had her put on a black sheer silk very short skirt that barely came down to cover her pussyshe would give quite a show whenever she bent over even slightly. I had her pull on pair of black smoothleather knee high boots with low heels. I then added a double chain silver belt that used a pair of handcuffs as the buckles and a pair of cuffs as ankles on the boots and another pair on her wrists. I put a pair of keys in her ears as earrings that opened all of the cuffs.

Moving on up I chose a silky sheer white blouse that exposed her flatsix pack abs and a lot of her chest and cleavage.

I never put a pair of panties on her or a bra so her breasts stood out and she showed off her nipples and dark aureoles to everyone through the blouses sheer white material.

Putting a pair of vibrating dildos in her bag we were ready for a day of shopping. Calling for a taxi I had it take us to the largest mall in the area and gave the driver quite an eyeful entering and leaving the cab not to mention a nice tip after all it wasn't my money.

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Walking into the mall that Saturday morning I turned a lot of heads both Male and female. Walking around the mall my head high and chest out stopping occasionally to window shop I gathered a small group of followers. When I spotted the tattoo shop I had a brilliant idea I stopped in and asked the desk clerk if I could get a thigh wide butterfly with a penis between it's back legs on my right upper thigh and how much would it cost.

Smiling he said well for that $500.00 seems fair or if you would sit out front to have it done how about $50.00 just the cost of the materials. I quickly agreed and he seated Kira out front where anyone passing by could watch.

I could hear the three tattooist arguing about who would get to do it finally they agreed and one of them came over to the chair leaned it back put my feet in stirrups and commenced applying the tattoo it hurt like a son of a bitch so I passed the pain on to Kira.

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A crowd gathered outside the shop as the butterfly grew. The manager had chosen special shruti hassan sex xxx story that were bright sparkled almost metallically. About a third of the way through the next tattooist took over sitting between Kira's legs and occasionally stroking her naked pussy which after a bit of this her pussy became wet enough to start dripping and a puddle formed between her legs on the floor.

This was cause for much enjoyment by the unaccompanied minors in the crowd and it didn't cause the other to become saddened. The third one took over and soon after four hours Kira's beautiful butterfly was finished and the three artists stepped back and allowed the crowd to get a good long look at what was between Kira's legs.

I of course obliged by keeping her legs open as wide as possible. After they were done I had Kira thank them accepted the bottle of cream to rub on the tattoo and went to the food court to get something to eat. After ordering and receiving my Asian meal I sat down to eat keeping my legs wide apart because it was tender down there Kira again had a crowd watching her.

After a while I was almost done eating and I realized it was time to apply the tattoo goo. I pulled out the bottle and sat there holding it when a young girl approached and asked if Kira needed help applying the creamyes thank you I had Kira say the girl took the bottle and crawled under the small table and said to Kira I'm Sharon and these are my friends Sheila and Shirley.

Two young women stepped up on either side of Kira and kneeling down pulled her legs far apart and Sharon started applying it to Kira's tattoo getting a bit on Kira's wide open pussy she rubbed the ointment in to Kira's tattoo then just when I thought she was finished I found out why she needed helpers as she two adorable teens go completely bad hiddencam hardcore her hand deep into Kira's pussy making a fist and started masturbating her in front all the people watching.

If course stepped back and allowed Kira to feel it all. As Kira had her first orgasm Sharon loudly exclaimed I knew it you are a slut and are enjoying us doing this to you in public. When she was done she stood up an putting her hand in front of Kira's mouth ordered her to lick it clean which I forced Kira to do mentally.

Laughing the three girls left but most of the crowd lingered to see what perversion Kira would perform next. Kira finally rose from the chair and continued down the concourse.

Spotting a toy store I had Kira walk in and wander around after awhile almost all of Kira's followers gave up and leftI did notice that she still had a group of fourtwo young men and two young women. They followed Kira down and around the back of one aisle where had Kira stop and place both hands up on either side of the end cap and lean her head tiredly against the empty peg board. Few moments later the two young women came up on either side of her and grabbing her wrists forced her to stay where she was and putting one of their feet on Kira's inner leg applied pressure pulling her legs apart.

Reaching over with their free hands they unbuttoned Kira's blouse and tucked the end into her waist band so it would stay parted exposing her naked chest nipples and all to any one seeing her.

Then they did the same to her skirt keeping it up and out of the way. One of the young women leaned in and whispered in her eardid you see that old man that is clerking here imagine the show he is getting now in those security mirrors. Then one of the young men stepped up behind her and rubbing one of her butt cheeks he saidI will thank you now for helping me lose my cherry as she heard him zip his fly down and felt his hard engorged cock at the entrance of her pussy.

At this point I fled and allowed Kira to take control. Surprised when she started struggling they almost lost her but before she could scream one of the girls stuffed a cloth of some kind into Kira's mouth which after a bit Kira realized by the taste it was someone's used panties. The young man still standing behind her slammed his hard and engorged penis into her vagina. Pushing deep into her he started to rapidly thrust into her and after fifteen minutes they both reached climax.

He stepped back now that he was finished and His friend took his place. Kira whimpered when she felt the size of him about to be pushed into her already sore cunt but when he said nope I've already lost that cherry let's move to the other one something tells me you still have that one also.

With that he shifted his position to the entrance of her asshole and shoved it home. Kira's muffled scream could be heard two aisle away as he went into her balls deep but redhead being hard drilled on the bed next thrust was easier as his cock was lubricated with blood from her torn asshole. He continued to fuck her until he came deep in her bowels. Finished the four of them released her and left the store when she finally regained the strength she staggered out of the store and returned to the food court to recover.