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This story is an entry in the Calling All Writers - Chapter 6 challenge The theme for this challenge is unrequited love At some point in everyone's life, we experience unrequited love. A love that's not returned, either because you never had it, or it was lost.

what follows is Anna's story Anna's Story I had been running around and playing soccer in Phys. Ed. class that warm day in late September of 1963. Thirsty from all the activity I headed over to the drinking fountain behind the backstop of the baseball diamond.

It was between the parking lot and the field partially obscured by some bushes and a hedgerow. Running over quickly before the bell rang, calling us back to classes. Bent over and just starting to drink, Suddenly someone scooped me up in their arms and put his hand over my mouth.

"Keep quite and you won't get hurt." He sibilated in my ear. I tried to get free struggling with all my might but it was for naught.

He was huge over six feet tall and well over 250 pounds, compared to my 4 foot 10 and 90 pounds. I didn't have a chance. With one hand over my mouth and the other around my stomach he held me tightly to his chest as he walked away toward the new school building under construction.

It seemed like he made 100 or so foot walk in sex stories xxx horss sex story three strides. Scared to death I was praying that some one had seen what had happened to me and come to my rescue.

Once inside he dropped me on the floor, turning to look behind him he surveyed the scene to make sure that no one was following him. Satisfied, he grabbed me like a rag doll and carried me under his arm down the corridor deep within the building. Arriving at his final destination he tossed me into a dimly lit storage room and slammed the door behind him. It wasn't a very large room maybe ten feet square smelling of fresh cement it was totally void except for a small pile of building debris swept into one corner.

Two small windows high up on one wall let in a little fresh air but were to far up to see in or out of. I started pleading for him to let me go. All he did was laugh in my face and then slap me hard.

Out of his pocket he produced a large knife, brandishing it back and forth in front of me. Then with the speed of a bolt of lightning he severed all of the buttons on my blouse. Stepping back he removed his belt and then let his trousers fall to the floor before stepping out of them.

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"Please don't hurt me. Let me go and I won't tell anybody, I promise." "Shut-up you little bitch you ain't going no place. I'm really gonna' have some fun with you," in a gruff voice he hissed.

Than he slapped me again and I started to scream. "Shut the fuck up no one gonna hear you in here." Picking up his belt he cracked it like a whip upon my left breast, sending a shockwave of pain writhing through my body as I sank to my knees. Staring up at the ogre, his billowing underwear was just beyond my nose, my eyes wide with terror that he mistook for something else.

"Oh, you like what you see? Well, in that case, here." He whipped off his shorts and out wagged the grossest thing I had ever seen in my life. It was long red and real nasty looking, dripping with what looked like puss, as if it was infected. I felt like I was gonna puke. Grabbing me by the hair, he lifted me straight up with one hand. Then, with the other, he sliced off my skirt in one swipe of his knife.

Taking hold of my panties he let me fall back to the floor, my underwear tearing into shreds in the process. Pinning me to the floor he slithered upon me. He was relentlessly trying to kiss me but I kept swerving my head from side to side, avoiding the onslaught of him trying to kiss me.

The stench from his body was so nauseating that it could have gagged a maggot. He was laughing storys pornde anita silver en sex stories gratisd now as he started to press the weight of his body upon me. I Twisted my head to one side just in time to see the door fly open and in rushes Russell wielding a large pipe then a blinding flash followed by a sound quite like smashing a pumpkin.

The monster slumped forward nearly suffocating me. His hand went for the knife laying next to me but I was faster and knocked it into the corner. Staggering to his feet he punched me hard in the stomach smashing my head sexxxx bradar and sister ebony story up the wall behind me.

Swinging a powerful fist he knocked the camera out of Janet's hands and sent it and her sliding to the far end of the room. Seeing stars I started to pass out as Russell was able to land another blow sending my assailant headlong, smashing his face into the wall. Things started to get fuzzy now Russell stooped down to the fiend and did something to him that made him scream like a little baby.

Next thing that I remember is an older woman at the door all out of breath saying to Janet, who was now hovering over me, "Go get help!" Next time I open my eyes I see Russell standing guard over a moaning body curled up in a fetal position on the floor.

He tries to get up I think he saw the knife. Lunging forward it was in his grasp. Kicking it with my feet I scooted on my ass further back into the corner. With the rapist attention distracted Russell took the opportunity, swinging the pipe like a golf club and keeping his eyes on the balls he drove his shot straight up the fairway.

The impact nearly lifted him off the floor his eyes bugged out and his cheeks puffed up followed by the wailing of a banshee. Finally collapsing unconscious his penis spurting some white stuff and then dripping blood. Was I dreaming. Things still weren't clear opening my eyes I saw Russell standing over that piece of crap with a look of determination on his face his chest heaving from the adrenalin rush he was on.

Looking over to me he tipped his head and smiled I tried to return a smile. Now Janet is back by my side trying to cover me with the remains of my skirt and asking me, "Are you all right? Did india is a tall pretty black babe who has natura hurt you? I see blood on the floor over where you were." Panic rushed through my brain. Did he? Did he? NOOOO! My hands shot down to my crotch, I gingerly felt for and found it still there.

"No, I guess not. My hymen is still intact, thank God." The look on her face told me that she had no idea what I was talking about and as she was just about to ask me, when I heard heavy footsteps thundering down the corridor. A police officer rushed in to the room with his gun drawn. Surveying the scene, he lowered his weapon as a second officer entered.

Russell dropped the pipe he had been holding and turned to face the officer. "Thank you ( Russell paused to read the name on the badge) officer Campbell." Reaching out to shake his hand Russell saw a familiar ring on his hand. What happen next I'm not really sure. Russell gave him some sort of a secret handshake and the officer reciprocated Just then the second officer leaned down to talk to me.

He was big and scary and it startled me. I started screaming and cover my face with my hands and tried to scoot even further back into the corner. Janet looked up and said "Your frightening her." And he backed off. So I didn't catch all of what Russell was saying to officer Campbell. Loge; night in a templar; 33 degree; shrine daughter grand master; Imperial Potentate. What he was talking about I hadn't a clue but officer Campbell Understood instantly.

More confusion abound with the older woman, that Russell and Janet called, the Doctor and Principal Sappianza entering the room. Mr. Sappianza started right in on Russell. "Your in a peck of trouble mister. Fighting on school grounds, entering a restricted area, skipping class. And you missy, the same plus turning in a false fire alarm." Turing to the Doctor now, "And you, I never want to see you on school grounds again, is that understood?" Reaching out he grabbed Russell's arm and started to drag him out of the room, kicking the knife out of his way in the process.

The officer that black guy and girl shot xxx storys been talking to Russell put his hand out. "Stop right there. What do you think you are doing?" "Taking these brats back to my office to call their husband wife stripper big tits vip lap dance and expel both of them for good." That's when I finally found my voice and spoke up.

"They were only trying to help me. RUSSELL SAVED MY LIFE!" I think this was the first that Mr. Sappianza saw me in the corner. The way he looked at me suddenly made me realize that I was totally naked.

Now I felt all the men's eyes staring at me. Trembling in a very small voice I said to Janet. "Please cover me with something." The Doctor must of heard me, or just instinctively knew. Tacking off her royal navy-blue Blazer and handing it to Janet who, in turn, helped me put it on, restoring some of my modesty.

Mr. Sappianza started to argue with the cop. Officers Campbell Bellowed in his face. "THIS IS A CRIME SCENE. YOU DISTURBED EVIDENCE AND NOW YOUR TRYING TO TAMPER WITH WITNESSES. NOW GET OUT BEFORE I ARREST YOU!" Taking him by the collar, he tossed him out of the room. Two more officers entered along with two EMT's All I could think was this was turning into the scene in the movie "A Night at the Opera", with the Marx Brothers, of all those people in that tiny stateroom.

Funny how the brain uses comedy to escape. They start taking pictures and asking a thousand questions some one finally noticed the broken camera. Janet explained that she was able to get several pictures before it was knocked out of her hands. They were very pleased with this information saying that if the film was still good that it would make this an open and shut case. It took all six men to carry out the body.

Trying to stand proved to be too much for me as I collapsed back to the floor. Russell picked me up and cradled me in his arms. Slowly we made a procession to the nurse's office.

A sea of students bodies parted to let us pass. There must have been the entire school waiting outside for us. I was so embarrassed that I buried my head against Russell's chest, softly crying. Setting me down on the examination table in the nurse's office.

"There you go. My princess is safe now." He then bent down and kissed me. Holding my hand and looking me in the eyes, saying, " I'm sorry I've got go with the police. They have more questions. Can you tell me anything to tell them?" "Yes, (sniff) tell them that he grabbed me at the drinking fountain," my voice cracking with each word. The nurse gave me something to calm me down. Chivas I think is what she called it. It tasted terrible. But it did help some. Janet explained to me what had happened in the principals office.

( What follows are Janet's words ) "I went straight into the principal's office. No one was in the outer office. I was panting and out of breath as I barged through the door to Mr.

Sappianza's office. As I started to blurt out the emergency he put up his hand up for me to stop and then spoke into the phone that he was on.

"Excuse me for a moment would you? Thank you." Turing his attention to me. "How dare you come barging into my office? If you want to see me, you have to talk to Mrs. Logan first. Mrs. Logan come in here please. Mrs. Logan. COME IN HERE NOW. Well its seems that she not here right now.

Now you go out and wait for her to return and then maybe we'll see what your problem is." "BUT." "NO buts and no talking back to me, you insolent little brat.

Now get the HELL out of my office before you find yourself in detention for the rest of the year." I went back to the waiting area as the door slammed behind me.

Pacing back and forth not knowing what to do. I had been taught that in an emergency that you go to a person of authority for help and that's what I had done but why wouldn't he listen to me?

How long could Russell fend that monster off before he got hurt and what about Anna? GOD, I didn't know what to do. After what seemed like an eternity the Doctor showed up and wanted to know what was happening. "Mr. Sappianza won't listen to me. He said that I had to have in appointment and to make it with his secretary.

But she's not here now. In my entire life I had never seen an old lady get so MAD! Throwing the door open with such force that surely the hinges would break, she stormed in on him. Out in the hall I started to scream, "Someone help me!

Please! Someone help!" That's when I saw the fire alarm, knowing that would get the police here quickly I pulled it, not caring about the consequences. All Hell broke lose in the office. Mr. Sappianza was screaming, "What did you do? What did you do, you fucking little bastard?" As he lunged for me, the Doctor tripped him and I took off running out of the building. There was a police car, sirens a blazing, already coming into view as I crossed the parking lot." Janet ended her story here and the Doctor told her that she would take her home now.

With in minutes my mother was at my side and I fell into her arms and cried an cried and cried. At home, she drew a nice hot bath and I soaked for a real long time. Afterwards, resting on my bed, I was semi-awake when my mother entered to see how I was doing. I said, "Not too bad. My head was sore, where I bumped it, and I really didn't feel like getting up".

So if it wouldn't be too much trouble would she turn on my record player maybe some rock & roll would help to ease my mind.

Laughing she said, "It may be soothing to yours but it certainly isn't to mine." She then went over to my bureau, picked up a pile of 45s and stacked them on the spindle, flipping the switch on for repeat play. Heading out the door, she said, "Dinner will be ready in about one hour. Your farther should be home by then.

Call me if you need anything." The first record to play was "Johnny Get Angry" by Joannie Sommers then followed by "I Will Follow Him" by little Peggy March I realized that my mother had picked up the records that my sister gave me recently, just before she went off to college, saying she was a woman now and she didn't need these little girl things anymore.

Next to play was, "So Much In Love" by The Tymes I didn't mind listening mom and son sleep froce sex these oldies. WBZ, the radio station that I always listened to, even played them some times. The last to drop down was "All I Have To Do Is Dream" by the Everly Brothers With no more records to fall, the arm would land back at the begging and play this song over and over, imprinting the melody into my brain.

After dinner I was back in my room. One of the phone calls that my mother had received, just before we ate, was from the Doctor, informing her that the principal was going to have a disciplinary meeting for Russell and Janet the next day at 10 am. My father wanted us all to attend. So I wouldn't be going to classes tomorrow.

Also she added that afterwards she would take me to "Shoppers World" and I could by any clothes that I wanted to replace what had gotten ruined. Now sitting on my bed brushing my long light brown hair, with no homework to complete, a strange urge came over me. Getting up and opening the closet, I took out the art drawing set that I had received last Christmas from my aunt. Opening it for the first time I sat down at my desk and set every thing out.

After staring off into space for a while, not knowing where to start, I finally I got up and started the phonograph. Sitting back down and picking up a pencil, I had forgotten that the records were my sisters but not feeling like getting up again I just let it go. When the song "All I Have To Do Is Dream" started to play my hand was drawn to the paper. Later that evening my mother came in to check on me just before bed. "How are you feeling, honey? Oh how nice you opened the set that your aunt Evelyn gave you." Picking up the tablet, she studied the picture that I had drawn.

"Oh, my dear, this is magnificent. Anna, I didn't know you knew how to draw like this. Have they been teaching you this in art class?" "Mommy no they haven't, I don't know how. The music started to play and my hand did the rest." There, on the paper, was a scene straight out of Camelot.

The knight wielding a mighty sword had vanquished the dragon, saving the princess. Sleep didn't come easy that night, the trauma of the day kept playing over and over in my head. Thinking about Russell made me feel kind of strange inside.

I don't how to describe it. I couldn't put my finger on it. After tossing and turning for a time, I reached over and turned on the radio setting the timer for one hour. Dick Luscious hoe amirah adara has her pussy wrecked was on and he was talking about a new group from England.

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I didn't catch their name but the song was "She Loves You". I just loved it. Maybe I can talk mommy into buying it for me tomorrow.

There was quite a crowd waiting for us in the parking lot. There was the Doctor, Russell and his father, Janet pretty henessy takes a nasty double fuck treat like a champ her mother.

The police chief and Officer Campbell, from yesterday, in plain clothes. My father introduced himself to everyone. At 10 am the assemblage made its way inside for the meeting.

I guess that there were more people attending than Mr. Sappianza had expected because there were only five chairs set out. The first person to speak was my father thanking every one for what they had done. That's when Mr. Sappianza interrupted. "I called this meeting and I'm going to do the talking." Turing to my father, he said, "I don't know why you bothered to come here. This doesn't involve you so you may leave." He gestured with his hand toward the door.

"Now these two children and this so-called adult, Mrs." "Doctor " "Whatever. are in a lot of trouble. Now lets see you both went over to the new building that is a construction zone and is totally off limits. Fighting on school grounds. Cutting classes." Janet spoke up. "You know that we didn't skip any classes. It was an approved program that Russell and myself work with the Doctor at that time of day.

Just because you weren't consulted, you hate us." "Shut up! You don't tell me what I know!" With this he slapped her three times across the face. Dropping to her knees with blood starting to drip from her mouth she let-out a mewl. I cringed with empathetic pain.

A murmur spread throughout the room as my mother wrapped her arms around me and whispered to me "Sush, let your father handle this." Russell had gone instantly to her, consoling her in his arms. My father stepped up.

"Man, what do you think you're doing?" "Discipline. These damn kids have no respect for authority these days.

And what concern is it to you? I asked you once to leave, NOW I telling you to GET OUT before I have the police take you out!" "I don't think that's going to happen." "And why the FUCK NOT?" My farther moved in even closer, their faces almost touching and in a very calm voice he said "You don't know who I am, do you?" "I don't give a fuck who you are.

That little bitch turned in a false fire alarm. Do you have any idea how much FUCKING paperwork I have to do now?" Daddy turned to the police chief who was in plain clothes. "Was there a false alarm turned in yesterday?" "NO Sir. The alarm yesterday was a legitimate call." My father, taking his finger and almost poking Mr. Sappianza in the face said, "You, Sir, are the one who is in BIG trouble. I am judge Hall of the Massachusetts State Supreme Court. Assault on a minor is against the law and furthermore a breach of the peoples' trust bestowed in you.

I hereby find you unfit to administrate this position." "You MOTHERFUCKER!" he screamed as he took a swing at my dad. Rubbing the sting from his jaw, my dad said, "Bailiff, arrest this man!" Stepping in from the corridor, was my uncle Glen. I call him my big teddy bear He's about 6` 2" tall with dark red hair just like daddy's but more curly.

He was assigned to my father's court. Mr. Sappianza started to resist so uncle Glen just picked the little weasel up and removed him from the room. When uncle Glen put his hand on his collar I noticed that he had on the same ring that officer Campbell was wearing. Scanning the room revealed that all the men except Mr.

Sappianza were adorned with one. Sitting down at the principal's desk, dad opened his briefcase and withdrew several documents and proceeded to fill them out. Then handed them to the police chief. "You have there a arrest warrant and a restraining order against Mr. Sappianza. He is not allowed within 500 feet of this school grounds and is to have no contact with anyone under the age of 18." Looking back down at the desk something caught his eye.

Taking out one more form he quickly filled it in. Here's a search warrant for this office. I think you may find something interesting ." After we had shopped for clothes, I told my mother about the song that I heard on the radio, asking if I could get it. She asked me if I know who sang it and I said no that all I know was the title was "She Loves You." We went to the record store, the one on the lower level of the shopping center, down near the Esther Williams swimming pool display.

My mother went up to the clerk at the counter to inquire about the record and I went over to browse through the racks "Anna, is this the one you want? It's by a group called The Beatles. I've never heard of them." Turning back to the young man, she said, "I wonder if they will ever amount to anything?" As I walked over to the counter the clerk turned and pulled an LP from the rack behind him placing it on the counter in front of me.

"Well, Miss, if your name is Anna you might enjoy this," he said, as he pushed the album my way. I picked it up studying the cover. There were four young men with shaggy haircuts looking down a stairwell in big yellow letters "THE BEATLES" and below that to the right was "Please, Please Me" in red.

Flipping it over, I read the list of songs and there about three-quarter of the way down was "Anna ( Go To Him)" I was hooked. I just had to have it. Preparing myself for the big NO, I asked if I could get it too. That's when the clerk informed my mother that it was an import and it was fifty percent more than a regular LP.

WOW, now I know I was sunk. But, to my surprise, she said, "Yes honey, and is there anything else you would like to get today?" I was flabbergasted to say the least. So to cash in on a good thing while I could, I picked out "Then He Kissed Me" by The Crystals. "A Walking Miracle" by The Essex "The Kind of Boy You Can't Forget" by The Raindrops That night, after we got home from our shopping spree, in my room, I marveled at all the things that my mother had purchased that day.

It was like an early Christmas. Later in bed, I thought about how Russell had held Janet after Mr. Sappianza had slapped her down. He was someone, two days ago, I wouldn't have give a second glance, and now he's all I could dream about. If it hadn't been for Russell, Janet and the Doctor walking around and taking pictures of the new building.

Had they not heard my cries, through the open window, in that storeroom, I shudder to think what would have happened to me if they hadn't been out there.

They would meet with the Doctor some days instead of going to English or French classes. They both had trouble reading and spelling.

I guess that the Doctor was some kind of psychiatrist appointed by the school board to help them. Most of the kids thought that they were stupid, as some of the teachers had called them over the years.

As I got to know them, I found that not to be the case. I wondered how they could possibly hold their own, in the honors classes they were in, if they were that dumb?

Today it's recognized as Dyslexia. A learning disorder marked by impairment of the ability to recognize and comprehend written words. But back then I never knew that it had a name. The attitude was "Stick them in the dumb class and be done with them.". But Russell wouldn't play by those rules. He could verbally talk circles around almost any teacher and when he found an injustice in the system he let it be known. I don't think that Janet had the gumption that he had and she was very lucky to have him by her side.

No one else was her advocate, or his for that matter. Everything they achieved they did on their own. I knew that Russell was sweet on Christine Nelson and had been for years, every since he and Janet first showed up in our grade. So if Christine was his girlfriend then I guess Janet was his sidekick.

They made a weird triangle. Leaving me feeling like a fifth wheel. That strange feeling, deep down inside me, returned but it was much stronger than last night. I felt flush, my hart rate increasing rapidly and a kinda tingly sensation swept my body.

The next morning my underwear were a bit damp and sorta sticky. This just added to my anxiety sending me into almost full-blown panic, rushing to the kitchen with my panties in my hand. Entering the room, my mother could teaching a lesson tube porn the look of concern on my face.

"Mommy I. I think he hurt me in side," I cried. Gingerly cogiendo con mi amiga con derechos friends and coupple took the underwear inspecting them thoroughlya sly smile crossed her face as she handed them back to me. "I don't think there's anything wrong with you. you're just horny." "MOTHER PLEASE that's GROSS!" Retreating back to my room I could hear my father ask, as he entered the kitchen, "Did I two teens stripping and teasing on webcam something?" I was never so embarrassed in my life!

How could I have admitted this to my mother? Stupid, Stupid, Stupid. Back at school all I wanted was to be near him. Men scared the shit out of me now and I felt that he would protect me. I would follow him everywhere he went. Just like a little kidnap rep sex new story Each evening I would draw and the pictures were getting better and more elaborate.

I continued with the medieval theme. Now you could really tell that the people were Russell and myself. He was always saving me from some sort of evil. One night that tingly feeing turned into a real itch. I just had to scratch it as I ran my hands down my body the more intense the sensations became. My pubic mound radiated heat as if it was on fire.

My fingers played across the downy softness of the hair. Descending along the slit only to retrace my path over and over but the source of the itch is emanating much deeper. Turning my hand I am able to part harriet sugar cookie 2019 full sex stories outer lips of my pussy, the feeling is exquisite moving back and forth within the moist cavern. Drawing my finger up to caress my clit, round and round they go and my mind starts to spin.

Descending back down along the opening and things calm down a little. Delving in deeper, I bump into my cherry then quickly retreat back up to my clit. Picking up the tempo to the record now playing. I start to rub a little harder and my hips want in on the action, round an round my fingers go faster and faster.

Sweat covering my chest my breathing is in short gasps. The tempo increases once more as my hand is now going as fast as it can go, my hart is thumping in my chest my hips are pounding to the beat. I'm almost there. almost there. Ahaaaarrr! And, in a final rush, I'm swept over the edge as the song comes to an end. Slowly my breathing returns to normal. My mind starts to clear. Basking in the warm afterglow until the sweat starts to cool forcing me to pull the covers back up.

Exhausted I start to drift off to sleep with the last thought to cross my mind. "That's the last time that I masturbate to "Beep, Beep" by the Play Mates!" I went to see the Doctor soon afterwards. We talked about my ordeal. She was a very professional listener knowing just the right questions to ask to help me sort things out and be able to put it all behind me.

The Doctor had offered her services to my father that day in the principal's office. ( NO not that kind get your mind out of the gutter.) No one from the school ever offered any help whatsoever back then the term grief counseling didn't exist. My hardest question was why me? There were so many other girls at school that looked like they could be in Playboy magazine. Were myself, I looked more like Twiggy. I went to see the Doctor several more times and really understood what Russell and Janet saw in her.

I was even able to talk to her about things that I wasn't comfortable discussing with my mother. She was instrumental in helping me figure out one of my problems.

She left for England on November 20th something about seeing her granddaughter. And an engagement with the B.B.C.

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I never did get to see her again but I really appreciate what she did for me. The Dance on February 28 was a celebration of Sadie Hawkins day basically it was like any other dance. The boys sat on one side of the gym and the girls on the other but tonight the girls got to walk over to the boys and ask who they wanted to dance with. I though that this would be the perfect chance for me to get Russell back in my arms.

I wasn't the only one with this notion.

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Christine must of i brought a friend to help suck your cock the competition and monopolized his attention by being the first to Russell almost every time.

I was so jealous watching them slow dance to "Shangri-la" by Vic Dana Janet also got to dance with him a few times but was scolded by the chaperone for being a little to forward. I did get to dance with him some though. It wasn't the dream night I hoped for. It was hard to enjoy yourself when you could feel the cold stare that Christine was giving me, burning into the back of my head. Saint Patrick's Day fell on a Tuesday that year. it being a leap year. We hadn't celebrated it at school in three years.

Quite a few of the kids were excited about it. That morning I picked out an outfit I though suitable But when I got down to the breakfast table my mother admonished me for wearing green.

"Young lady, you know that I don't approve of you celebrating an Irish catholic holiday. Were Scottish and Protestant." "But moooom all the kids well be wearing green, there'll all laugh at me." "NO they won't. Be proud of your heritage and stand up to them.

There's been a lot of great men who were from Scotland. Now go and change into something appropriate. Sheesh, your grandfather would be rolling in his grave if he could see you now." Back in my room I changed in to a plaid skirt of our clan's dress tartan. A style of dress known as Aboyne Dress and is made up of a full-length tartan skirt, a white blouse, and a velvet waistcoat with a pinned-on sash. I also wore pumps. When I got to school I was pleased to see that I wasn't the only one to dress this way.

There were three other girls, including Janet, all wearing our Sunday best. But the real surprise came when Russell entered the room. He was wearing a kilt! His complete ensemble consisted of Jacobite shirt, Argyll waist coat, Prince Charlie jacket, a dress kilt, argyle socks.

Suspended from his waist was a sporran and a dirk and topping it all off was a Glengarry hat. Wow, that took real balls! No one dare gave him any lip after what he had done in the fall. They were afraid that he would toss them like a caber. This image made a huge impact on my artwork He became the person that I based my character highlander supper clan on.

He stands just under 6 foot tall over 6" taller than Russell but he has broad shoulders just like him always wearing a kilt, knee high Argyle socks a Sporran and a Dirk hanging from his waist almost always without a shirt but never without his katie morgan shoves this hard dick down her throat sword. His shaggy russet hair blowing in the wind. Drawing my dream lover would get me so hot that some nights I couldn't finish the picture before I had to hop in bed taking matters into my own hands.

That first night, after seeing him in a kilt, it turned into the most intense playtime I had had yet. I oh so wanted him inside me I almost took my cherry that night but what stopped me was the thought that he had fought so hard to protect my virginity.

I couldn't be the one to arbitrarily pop it. It was his and his alone to have. By the end of the school year it had become apparent that I wasn't going to win Russell away from Christine and I never really could figure out Janet.

The next year I went off to a private academy for gifted artists. In years to come I became a well respected illustrator of graphic novels and now an art director on many fantasy films. To this day I wonder what ever happened to Russell Janet and Christine.

To think the root to all my success I can accredited to that horrid / wonderful sarendipidies day back in 1963.