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Male pripatrons patron sex rough outdoor public fuckathon is anya olsens only option
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The young huntress wandered the forest early in the morning, the low mists of the dawn havign not yet burned off. Silently she made her way through the dense foliage, searching for her prey. She kistened intently, straining her senses to hte max to pick up any signs of the creature she sought. She had woke up well before anyone else, not wanting to be caught and punished for what she was attempting.

If she managed to pull it off her position at the school would drastically improve. "Those old fools, so set in their ways" she grumbled, "if only they could just see that I'm as good as any of those boys, I'll prove it to em, I'll catch a dragon today". The girl moved deeper into the trees, finally catching a sign of the passing of one of the legendary beasts, not too old either. "Excellent, seems like this one is not far ahead of me, I'll sneak up on it and kill it before it can catch me" She unsheathed her blade, the slender enchated short sword a present from her dragonslayer father given when she entered the academy.

Crouching low she slipped through the vegetation, coming upon a semi open area in the forest, the trees having been ripped out of the gorund to make room for the large black bulk laying in the middle, it's stomach rising slowly as it slept.

"This is even better" she whispered, blessing her luck at finding the beast asleep, gripping her blade tight as she silently made her way to the front, smiling brother and sister full night fucking as bedroom she found the vunerable point on the chest exposed. "Okay Myra, steady now, you can do this". She raised the blade, poised to plunge it into the dragon, slaying it almsot instantly.

"Come on now, this will make them finally accept you, what are you waiting for?". Her eyes gazed upon the dragon as she stood there, still hesitating to make the killing blow.

"What's wrong with me, this is what I came out here for, why can't I do it, why can't I kill this dragon*her hands were slowly lowering the sword. "I just can't, for some reason I just can't do it" She sheathed the sword, making to head back, hoping she may make it in time to not be caught but more likely she would be severly punished.

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"Damn, maybe they black sucked by two blondesblack sucked by two blondes right, maybe I'm not cut out for this" she sighed, her head slumped a little. She turned to head into the trees again when she was suddenly face to face with a large red eye.

"Oh no!" the dragon must have heard her and woken up, she slowly tried to back away but tripped, the tail right behind her* "Ow" she landed hard on her back, knocking the wind out of her for a moment.

Regaining her breath she raised her head in time to see the dragon looming over her. "Who are you?" she trembled as it spoke, the dragons voice deep and powerful. "Why have you disturbed me from my slumber human?". Slowly the dragon lowered it's head till it was within a foot or so of the huntress, breathing in her scent. "Hmmm, you are a girl but those clothes and that weapon tells me you're a hunter. Explain yourself human, did you come here to kill me?

You seem a bit young to be a full hunter"he continued to look her over, not sure what to do with her yet, waiting for her to respond. "Pp-ple please don't eat me, I'm sorry, I won't ever bother you again, just please let me go". She cowered on the forest floor, her bladder having lost control not long after the dragon had come closer.

Her whole body shook, this wasn't what she had expected to have happen to her. Yeah, she knew there was danger involved with thsi line of work but it just hadn't occured to her that she'd be in this situation.

Slowly she tried to crawl back, hoping she could maybe get into the denser part of the forest and lose the dragon before he killed her. "I'm not gonna hurt you yet girl but I grow impatient, you've yet to answer my question". Suddenly a smell hit his nostrils, making them flare and his eyes widen slightly. "What's this?" he sniffed the air again, taking in more "hmmmm" the girl watched as the dragon seemed to be searching for something, it's nostrils flaring as it's head swung around. Finally he found the source, his eyes focusing on the girl, more specifically her crotch.

He noted the slight wet spot on her clothing, the source of the smell. According to that smell she was in heat, ready to breed and it had aroused the dragon, having been long with out any female companionship.

Myra had stopped moving, watching warily as it had searched, slowly deciding she would tell it the truth in hopes it would forgive her and let her be. "Um, dragon? I, I'm sorry, I did come here to kill you, not you specifically but a dragon, I meant to bring you back to show the headmasters that I was a capable hunter but I couldn't do it, I was*sniffles* too weak" she suddenly began to cry, hanging her head in her hands.

This day had been the worst of her life ever and now she didn't know if she would make it to see the next, it was all too much for her to handle. "I'm so sorry" The dragon was unsure what to do, this was unexpected. "I uh" The scent of her had aroused him but now she was crying, clearly saddened by something. Finally he decided to try and comfort her, then maybe he could deal with his other issue.

"It's alright, don't cry, I'm not going to hurt you, please, just don't cry any more, I can't stand seeing some one sad, even if it is a human" She looked up at the black dragon, tears flowing from her eyes still. " I'm sorry, it's just that I've never been accepted at the academy, despite my heritage, they all laugh and ridicule me cause I'm a girl.

This was supposed to be an opportunity to prove that I was worthy but now I know that they were right" She buried her head again, sobbing lightly.

"Just a failure like they said" The dragon slowly inched closer, lowering his head to nuzzle her cheek with his nose.

"It's alright, you know not being able to kill isn't that bad a thing" She jumped a little when he touched her but didn't move otherwise, he tears slowly ceasing but still sobbing some. "But I'm a hunter, my brunette masseuse pleasing black dong in shower interracial and big dick was and his father before him, it's part of my family", "Well, we don't always become what our parents were young one" He licked her cheek gently, doing his best to soothe her and keep his arousal under control, the close proximity making it harder.

"Yeah? But they'll be dissappointed" She had stopped crying now, sighign a little as the dragons tongue caressed her cheek and face. "I understand how you feel little one, I too have felt the disapproval of my parents" He breathed softly blowign her hair some.

"Now, I'm not gonan harm you, after all you have done nothing to me but if you feel bad enough about it then I may have a way you can make up for it" He gazed down at her, more of her scent filling his nostrils as he breathed in more. "Oh, I am, I just couldn't do it when I saw you, you looked so." she thought for a moment " lovely, I'd never seen a dragon that close before" She blushed a little as she looked back at the large beast, feeling a bit warm all of a sudden. "I am truly sorry and if I can make it up to you for disturbing you then I will do what you ask" "You are sure, no matter what I ask?" he watched her, his eyes roaming over her body.

Despite her being human she was rather lovely which he found odd. He'd never thought of a human in that way before, he really had been with out a female of his kind too long. She was quiet as she thought a bit before replying. "Yes, yes I will, I disturbed you and had been intendign to cause you harm so tell me what it is you desire great dragon and I shall do my best to comply" She stood and bowed. "I offer you my services, as meager as they may be". "Mmmm, well then" he smiled softly, "come over here please" he murred as he waited for her to walk to him, the tip of his dragon hood beginning to peek out from his slit.

She slowly moved towards him, still a little nervous, unsure what might happen but willing to make things right with this lovely creature. "What is it you ask of me then um, I'm unsure, are you a male or female?" The dragon let out a soft chuckle "Why don't you take a look and see for yourself*he shifted so she could get a look at his nethers, his member poking out bp sitting on your wifes face facesitting girl on girl preview. She shifted her gaze and let out a soft gasp as she saw the red thing poking out from beneath the dragons belly, the color a bright contrast to his dark scales.

"Oh my, I, well, um" she was unsure what to say or do, stunned at the sight of the dragons ample cock, watching as it slowly grows, bouncing with each beat of the dragons heart. "Well my little hunter, I think that you can now see what it is I need your help with, it is partly your fault that I am in such a state as this anyways" He rumbled as it slid further out, a large drop of pre forming at the tip then falling with a soft splash" Now, if you wouldn't mind I'd like you to take care of it, I haven't been with a female in a long while and I am having difficulty controlling myself, I am doing my best to restrain myself so as not to cause you any harm in my lust" She blushed as she stared and listened, not sure what she should do.

"Um, I uh, I don't know I" she stammered, warring within her mind as to the course of action she should take. Finally she made up her mind and stepped forward, kneeling under the dragon and crawling on her knees to his large member. " It's very big and" she gazed at it intently, the dragons heady musk invading her nose, clouding her mind a bit.

"It's lovely" she reached a hand out tentatively to touch it, gaspign as she felt it's warmth and the pulsing, as if it was a seperate creature from it's owner. " Oohhhh" she slowly ran her hand along the thick shaft, the dragons scent slowly suppressing her initial shyness, making her bolder in her attentions.

"C-can I lick it?", "Yes, by all means young one" he murrs as she smiles and does such, first kissing the head of it like a long lost lover before licking around it slowly. "Oh my, that feels quite good" he growls softly in pleasure as she licks a little faster and further along, his cock leakign a steady trickle of pre now. Finally she comes to the base, kissing and sucking on the shaft some before coming back to the head, licking it before opening her mouth to take it in, letting the fluids fill her mouth, savoring the strong sweet taste of it before swalloing as she suckles on the large cock, strokign the shaft with her hands.

"Ooohhhhh, for such a young one you seem to know what you are doing" he murrs and shifts his legs some as he fights not to thrust into the tight warm mouth engulfing his cock head. He dug his claws into the earth, lettign out a soft howl " don't stop, pelase" she sucked a little harder, taking in a little more, her lips wrapped tight around the thick dragonhood, feelign her pussy ebony lesbian babe pussylicked at the gym to respond to the lewd act, growing wet from her own arousal, her head foggy with lust from the musky smell of the dragon.

"Mmmmm" she sucked harder and faster, reaching a hand down to rub at her wet pussy, moaning. The dragon stamped his feet as he grunted and growled "I can't hold back little one, it's I uhhhhhhh" He cries out as he climaxes, sending his seed up his shaft and into her mouth, making her gag a bit, her eyes widening as it takes her by surprise.

"Mmmphhh" some of it spills out around her mouth, dripping onto her chest. His cock pulses with each spurt of the thick cum, Myra doing her best to swallow it all as it slows, finally stopping and slipping from her mouth with a wet pop.

" Oh sweet girl, that felt so good" his cock was still hard, a last bit of cum hanging from the tip as it pulsed. "Um, seems I still need some more help" he looked at Myra "Oh yes sir dragon, I can't let you remain unfinished*she smiles as she stood and slowly began to strip her clothing. "By the way, my name is Myra, what's yours mister dragon?" she removed her garments, moving sensuosly as she did.

"It's Firamin, mis Myra*he smield and watched as she stripped, gazing upon her young lovely body. "Mmmmm, you are beautiful" Myra blushed for the second time as the dragon complimented her. " Thank savita bhabhi catun xxx story Firamin" she moved back close to him, stroking his scales slowly, caressing his body.

"You are very handsome" now it was the dragons turn to blush, though it wasn't visible to anyone. " Hehe, thank you as well dear girl, now about taking care of the rest of my problem?" He wiggled his hips making his cock bounce some. "Yes, let's take care of that but why don't you help me out a bit first so I can" She gently grabbed his head, bringing it slowly down to her crotch. "Lick me Firamin, caress my pussy with that big tongue you have" "With pleasure" he breathed deeply, inhaling the scent of her arousal, licking his lips before snakign his tongue out to touch her folds, lapping up the fluids leaking there.

"Mmmmmm, that's it, yeah" Myra grinds her pussy against Firamin's snout as he licks, his tongue probing into her tunnel and wiggling around. "Oh, oh ahhh uh ahhhhhhhhhhhhh" Myra's pussy clenches around the intruder as she climaxes, pussy juice soaking the dragons snout and dripping to the ground.

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Slowly he slips hsi tongue out as she gets onto her hands and knees beckoning him. "Take me Firamin, I want you in me", "Yes Myra, you will be mine".

Firamin moves over her, his cock probing at her entrance, slipping over the wet pussy lips. Reaching back Myra guides it into her tight tunnel, threesome with teen loulou red and patricia blonde as the large appendage stretches her wide. "Ungh, so big, go slow please" Firamin moves it into her inch by inch, making sure she adjusts to the massive cock as it is buried within.

"Oh Myra, you are so tight and warm, you feel so good" He grunts as he pushes in another inch, about halfway inside now, her pussy squeezing around his cock. "Yes, fill me, stuff me with your massive cock you beautiful beast you" Myra cries out in ecstacy as her pussy milks the monster in her, pushing back when he pushes forward. Her body tingles all over with pleasure, rubbing one of her breasts slowly, pinching the hard nipple as he buries more in her tight snatch. He gives another shove, his cock finally buried to the hilt, restign as she gets used to it all, pre leaking steadily into her to lubricate her tight tunnel.

Slowly he begins to slide back, taking it easy so as not to hurt her, going till just hte head is in then pushing back, slowly increasing the pace as she loosens up a little, allowing his cock to slide in more freely. "Uhhhhh, so good" he growled and grunted as he fucked her, his hips pistoning slowly back and forth. "Ah yes, fuck me Firamin, fuck me good with that huge cock, harder" she pushed back more as he increased his pace. "Yes my huntress, as you wish" he murrs as he goes faster yet, wet lewd sounds emitting from between them as he pounds into her.

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Myra groans and cries out in ecstasy as she climaxes around his hard cock, her pussy clenching hard as he continues, almsot there as well but not quite. "Mmmmm, so tight and hot, better than any dragoness" he growled and gripped her with one for paw, holding her tight as he fucked even harder.

"So clsoe now, just a bit more" Myra rode out her second orgasm as another started to begin, her tits bouncing with each thrust in from her dragon lover, his cock hitting the entrance to her womb, almsot going in each time. "Oh Firamin, give me your seed, I want it inside me, fill me with it, please give it all to me" she cried out as her body was wracked with yet another hard climax, near to passing out from the pleasure as Firamin pounded into her really hard, giving a few final thrusts" "Here it is, gonna fill you up like you want" with a loud roar he pushes in as hard and deep as he can, the head of hsi cock finally popping into her womb as he climaxes, blasting his thick hot seed inside.

"Rarrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr" "Oh Firamiiiiiinnnnnnnn" Myra cries out with him as her pussy squeezes hard, milking his cock for every drop of dragon seed it can, her womb slowly filling with the potent cum.

Her belly begins to swell a bit, stopping when the flow does, Firamin's cock still locked inside her. He leans his head forward, turning just enough so he can kiss the beautiful girl, his new lover, his cock slowly softening and slipping form her well fucked pussy.

"Mmmmmmmmm" their lips remain locked as he holds onto her, turning so they are laying together, her on top this time. "That was so wonderful my dear huntress, you have helped me very much" " Yes, and I would like to help you out many more times, I want to be yours, now and forever Firamin" "But what of your family, the acadamey?

Are you willing to just leave that all behind?", "Yes, I love you Firamin, I would do anything to be with you" Firamin smiled and murred deeply. "Oh Myra, you have made me a very happy dragon, I love you too my small lover" he cuddles with her, curling up with her against him, kissing her one more time.

"My year old college girl makes porn video he murrs and caresses her cheek with one claw gently.

"Oh yes Firamin, I am yours now and forever, I will go with you where ever you desire" Myra clsoes her eyes, sighing contentidly as she nuzzles his chest with her cheek.

Firamin wrapping his wings protectively around her as he too closes his eyes, the soft sounds of the forest lulling the exhausted lovers to sleep.