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Story nowsix xxx six p
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It had been almost a week since I slept with my little sister's best friend. We had one week left before school started. My sister had orchestrated a sleep over that included her boyfriend. Under the guise that he was one of my football friends. Even though this guy she met at summer school and he did play football but for the another school.

Charles, or Charlie as my sister danny d with mia malkova anal sex him. She promised if I went along with it she'd pay me back 'big time' though she was vague as to what that meant. Ok fine I guess. He came over and we hung out in my room most of the afternoon so my dad wouldn't get suspicious. My sister and Cynthia swam in the pool and we stayed far away because my dad was out in the family room.

The plan was Charles was to sleep on the couch, the girls together in my sister's room. I'd sleep in my room and late at night he was to go into her room.

Everything went as planned. Me and Charlie even came out to watch a movie in the living room with my parents. Aida and Cynthia declined claiming to be too tired. It was my mom's choice. Slow boring. Before long my dad knocked out right there on the couch. "He must have had a long day at work," my mom said. We politely continued to watch the movie with her. I fell asleep too.

But my mom left me and woke my dad. So my dad walked Charles to my room and stayed there with him talking a bit. Then he went to his room with my mom.

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They left the door open. "Just in case" as my dad would have said. Forced to lay in a real bed and after watching my mom's snooze fest movie, Charles was fast asleep. All of which I learned in the morning. About 1:20am I woke up to tugging at my shorts.

Thinking of Cynthia I lifted my back to help her get them off me. The figure climbed on top of me. "You're lucky I'm horny, or you wouldn't get any." I heard Aida's voice, oh Cynthia should know by now, she doesn't have to pretend anymore. She's so hot all on her own. I couldn't wait to get inside her. She reached under her and pulled my hot cock up and began to rub it on her wet slit. "Oh, it's been too long. I need your dick," Aida's voice said to me as she lowered herself onto my pole.

She eased my staff into her wanting hole. I began feeling up her shirt to those round perky breasts. "Ugh" she grunted as she sank all the way down on my rock hard shaft. "Oh yes!" I whispered. Up and down on my cock. I could feel her sex juices oozing out from her love hole. Oh damn Cynthia was really liking it tonight.

She started rocking back and forth on me. I thrust up every time she rocked back. And each deep thrust brought a pleased grunt from her. She leaned back and began working up and down my rock. I reached down between her and rubbed her slit above where my spear was impaling her.

Here I found that little bead Cynthia liked me to lick so much. She grunted some more moving faster and faster. Her pussy began making sloppy sounds as the juices squirted out onto my pubic hair and stomach. All her shaking made me erupt inside her. "Oh fuck yea" I moaned. She twitched a little more then righted herself so she was laying on my chest with my throbbing meat slowly draining inside her.

"That was the best ever-" The sound of a door opening interrupted Aida's voice. She climbed off me quickly and fixed her shirt and pulled up her shorts that were on the floor next to the couch. Someone went into the bathroom. She ran down the hall and into her room without a sound.

I found the 'guest' blanket meant for Charles next to me and wiped up Cynthia's and my sex juices. The toilet flushed and I heard a few doors open then close.

A few minutes passed then footsteps down the hall to the living room. "Are you awake?" Cynthia asked. "Yeah," I said awkwardly, five minutes ago I blew my load into hot ebony gf ass fucked interracial hardcore perfect pussy. Did she really think I'd fall back to sleep that fast? I was sitting up now. I still hadn't pulled my shorts back on. She burningangel pov petite emo chick riding dick on my lap.

Kissing me. After losing ourselves kissing she lifted off her shirt. I leaned forward and she leaned back to allow me to suck on her nipples. "Mmm" Cynthia purred, "I want you inside me, Joe" My dick hadn't recovered from 10 minutes ago yet.

She of course noticed. She kissed me again then climbed off me.

"Time to wake up, big brother," she said in Aida's voice. She bent down and gently grasped my limp noodle. She started lightly tugging at me and as blood flowed into my main pipe she sucked me into her teen mouth. She began licking the tip, then worked her young tongue all over my beating cock. "Mmm, you taste so good," Cynthia said sounding a little surprised.

She must be tasting her own sex juices. It made me think of the time I ate her out in the bathroom. Damn, she did taste good. "Lick me clean, Cynthia!" "Mmm" she moaned again with the pleasure of me using her name.

She licked and sucked harder and began working my pole with her hands.

My meat was as hard as ever. She knew that too, she popped me out of her mouth and laid herself on the couch next to me. "I'm going to really enjoy you this time," I whispered sexy ebony babe jazzi rides her white boss her ear.

I lifted up so I could see my erection at her slit and slipped my mushroom tip into her wet cunt. I knew she had just had me in there earlier so I plowed inside her full force. "Mmm, Joe, go a little slowly at first" Cynthia whined. "Too late for that don't you think?" "Mmm, maybe. Ah" she squeaked as I pumped her hard. I was on a rampage, her pussy was so tight it was amazing, it felt like the first few times with her. Maybe she was squeezing me this time? I've heard some women can to that. Whatever she was doing it was working.

She kept calling me Joe and breathing hard. And I kept ramming her little twat. I felt my balls raise up and burst another load inside Cynthia. This burst felt bigger then the last one. "Mmm huh, oh Joe, you really filled me up. We should be careful I'm not on birth control." Cynthia said. I don't want to be a teen dad, but my cock seemed to like the idea.

It was rock hard again. I moved slower this time. Sliding it forward then all the way back. I kissed her slow as I glided half way in then slowly pulled back out. "Oh, Joe that's nice," Cynthia purred. "I like it you feel so. Mmm, yes" Her pussy was talking too, the sloshing noises let me know I was really getting her going again. Twice in one night, I was on a roll.

"Cynthia, you feel so good," I whispered. My slow glide in then out was pushing her button. Her arms pulled me into her deeper. "I want it all in me, mmm.

Joe," Cynthia begged for me. She was very close to cumming and that made me want to unload. "You want me to pull out this time," I asked knowing she wouldn't want me to stop.

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I intentionally pulled back as if I was pulling out. Her body answered before her mouth, her legs clamped around my hips tighter, pulling me back in, her arms squeezed my back, and even her finger nails clawed at me.

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"Not yet, Joe, I'm almost. Mmm," she stammered. "Almost. Mmm. ther-rre" she shook softly as I filled her with more of my baby cream. We laid together for a long time. Barely moving. Every time I thought she might have fallen asleep she'd lift her head and kiss me passionately. I was spent my balls where aching. There was no warning, we both froze as footsteps walked right into the living room. They slowed by the couch. Then kept going into the kitchen.

The small light over the stove came on. I grabbed the guest blanket from the floor and pulled it over us. Cynthia felt scared, she was trembling and had goose bumps. I tried to lay over her like a shield but still be a casual lump on the couch. "Is that your dad?" I could barely hear her whisper in my ear.

"Yes," I whispered back just as softly. He was making coffee. It seemed like it took longer then normal. Finally, he turned the little light off and walked back to his room while it brewed. As soon as I thought he was in his room I scrambled off the couch and picked up clothes from the floor. I handed Cynthia hers and yanked mine on. She was a blur of clothes. Throwing her shirt over her head and trying to put her feet in her panties all at the same time.

She got up to run to her room, I grabbed her arm and kissed her lips slowly. Her breathing seemed to slow down a little. "Slowly, quietly," I urged.

I began to think she must be stepdad bangs ebony step daughter ivory logan the room by now. "Ah, good morning Cynthia" my dad's voice seemed to boom through the whole house. My heart froze. Oh shit.