Asuka mimi bound and gagged for her boyfriends naughty pleasures

Asuka mimi bound and gagged for her boyfriends naughty pleasures
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I asked my wife to write about her experience since I think it is sexy and still turns me on. She enjoyed reading the nice response from her first letter here by a lady who also had an affair with an older man as a very young girl. How I Became a Love Slut by Your Horny Wife It was in the early 60s. I was nineteen and a very cute, tiny little strawberry blond who just enjoyed being around men especially my dad.

By this time I was divorced from David and was trying to support my little boy as a minimum wage bookkeeper in Anaheim, California. Three of my girlfriends and I were invited to a party in Carlsbad, CA near the Enchanting beauty showcases oversized ass and gets butt hole plowed Pendleton marine base. There were a bunch of sexy marines at the party drinking beer and eying the girls. Most of them had just finished boot camp and like all horny young teenagers, were checking out the girls.

I drank a couple of glasses of wine and started feeling horny myself surrounded by all these good-looking boys. I hadn't been with a man since my nasty divorce and my move down from Palo Alto. I soon began talking to this very cute, very, very young marine. We ended up fooling around inside a hallway.

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He pulled up my mini skirt and shoved a finger deep inside my pussy. I got wet and started moaning. He pushed me into a bedroom and locked the door. He dropped to his knees and undressed me quickly. He started kissing me and pulled me on to the bed. He yanked off his pants and I was delighted to see that his cock was already hard and ready for pleasuring me. But instead of mounting me immediately like my ex would, he spread my pussy lips and began sucking my clit while fingering me.

It quickly drove me crazy and I began begging for him to fill me. I spread my legs. He entered me easily and we had some great, hard pounding sex. It was just what "the doctor ordered." He felt so wonderful inside me. Maybe he was not quite as big as my ex, David, but it was fun and very exciting to be screwing someone brand new. Every guy is different.

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When he was finished horny busty peyton robbie fucking large meaty dick me, he told me how great I was and we hugged and kissed again. Then he helped me put on my panties and skirt. I thought he was a pretty nice guy.

It was still way too early to leave. I was still a little tipsy from the wine when we casually wandered back into the party crowd. I could see my young marine friend telling his buddies how he had just got lucky. They were patting him on the back and grinning at me. I badly needed to clean myself and my dripping cunt after our hot session so I headed for the bathroom that was down the same hall. I'm just about to pass the bedroom when I felt a strange man's hands on my shoulders.

I was suddenly shoved into the bedroom again. Now two other boys were in front of me and another couple of guys were behind me. I knew what was coming and tried to say no, but my blouse was pulled up over my head as my skirt and panties were roughly yanked off. I was held down on my back while two young marines grabbed my ankles and spread me like I was a wishbone.

My naked pussy was then completely at their mercy.

I know it is hard to explain to a man but I felt a combination of both fear and delight. After they started, there was the feeling of being wonderfully liberated from any shame that I might have had for totally enjoying what these guys were doing to me.

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Two hours later, as sore as I was, I was still webyoung strip tease and solo scene with a sweet teen hammered, eaten and, I'll admit it, enjoying it a lot. How can I explain to you how wonderful it feels to a woman to be completed filled over and over again by long, hard cocks? After all the weeks in boot camp without women, the young marines were very horny and very hot.

They also saw how much I was enjoying it. Being young and fit, they recovered quickly and excitedly took their turns with me. I lost count of how many times I came but my pussy and sheets were soaked with my juices and cum. It turned out to be a new experience and great fun for me and I think for everyone else as well. At least I hope so. There was also the excitement and pleasure of being screwed by a black man for the first time. Jumping ahead one week, I get a call from the first guy asking if I wanted to meet him.

I agreed, and after work that day there started a routine of sexual attention any woman could only dream about. I was soon having sex with four of the guys who had enjoyed my pussy at the party. Then there soon were a couple of married men from work who saw me on a regular basis in my little rented Garden Grove house. I know they were just using me for sex, but as a financially struggling, newly single mom with a very needy pussy - at the time I thought it was great as you can well imagine.

I was generally able to keep the physical separate from the emotional aspects of my sex life. All the guys were nice, but it did vary. The more wild and crazy the night, the better it was for me sexually.

Young guys had the most responsive and enthusiastic cocks but usually treated me like the slut once they were done cumming. The older married men were kinder to me and grateful for the chance to poke a cute, little teenager.

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But on the whole I was more fulfilled sexually and I have never had more fun before or since. The only tricky part was keeping my lifestyle hidden from my strait laced dad who lived close by in Long Beach.

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As a teen, I now enjoyed the freedom and financial security of my party girl life style. But I changed my ways after marrying you, Bill, after you generously promised to support my little boy and me.

Thank god you have always been attracted to love sluts (LOL). When you play with my pussy, I often think of this first gangbang and it helps gets me nice and juicy for you. Note from Bill: I think most of what she writes is probably pretty accurate. I know the little house in Garden Grove is true since I slept with her there a couple of times before asking her out on a regular date.

But she enjoys turning men on so she may have spiced it up a bit for me.