Raunchy lezzies fuck each other hard outdoor and toys

Raunchy lezzies fuck each other hard outdoor and toys
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I sat down next to Rob to keep out table as Jenny and Kristen went to get their food. "So, how you doin' buddy? You good?" Rob asked me. "I'm great! I am pretty tired, but it was well worth it. You?" "Dude! I can't tell you how happy I am. But I am so tired. We only slept about three hours. Oh my God that girl is awesome." Rob said as he looked at Kristen and smiled.

"So, are you glad we decided to go to the lake and not rape them?" I asked him jokingly. "Yeah, Kristen seems pretty cool. Plus, she's pretty hot too." "Yeah, I think so. I like her Bri. I know we just really met them yesterday, but I like her." "Are you sure that's not just your cock talking bro?" "Yeah, I'm sure," Rob replied. "We got back to our room and we were talking for a while. We have so much in common, it's crazy." "Right, you were 'talking' for a while.

You expect me to believe that? I know you. You're not the talking type." "Well, I guess when you meet someone and connect with them enough, things change. Honestly, we talked for probably two hours.

Then we fucked again." Rob snickered. "What are you guys talking about?" Kristen asked as she sat back down lesbians in lingerie licking and fingering in bed the table.

"Kristen, tell him that we were talking for a while when we got to my room last night. Brian doesn't believe me." "Yeah, she said the same thing and I didn't believe a word of it," Jenny said.

"But now that you said that too, I guess you two either got a good story together before you met horny asian milf watch part uncut on slutcamxxcom with us or you really were talking for a while." "Come on fag, let's go get our food," I told Rob. We got our food, went back to the table to join the girls.

We talked quietly over breakfast, trying to decide what we were going to do that day. "Hey, I have a cabin if you guys want to go there today and come back tomorrow. I just need to call my family and make sure they're not up there.

We can go fishing on the lake up there, or go hiking, cruising around the trails in the jeep or whatever. Tell 'em Rob. It's great." "Yeah, it's nice. There's no one else around for miles.

There are some great Jeep trails and, like he said, hiking and fishing. You wanna go? It'll be fun. It's supposed to be nice all weekend too." Kristen and Jenny looked at each other and smiled. "Yeah, sure, that sounds ok." Jenny said. "I gotta shower and get some clothes together first, but yeah, let's go." Kristen and Jenny smiled.

Rob nudged me with his knee under the table in an 'atta boy' gesture. We finished eating and started to walk outside. "So, you two go get your stuff ready and come back and meet us at our room when you're ready. We'll go to the store and get some food and drinks.

See ya in a bit." They walked away as Rob and Innocent asian babe ayumi anime gets her pussy licked and fingered by horny lesbian august ames walked to my Jeep.

We got in and as soon as we knew we were out of sight of the girls, we gave each other a high five and started yelling. We were like two kids going to Disneyland for the first time. We went and got the food and brought it back to our room. I loaded it into the cooler with ice and put it in the back of the Jeep as Rob went to shower. I threw some clothes into a bag and took off for the shower as well. Rob walked past me in the hallway and gave me another high five with a huge smile on his face.

We got all of our stuff ready and loaded it into the Jeep just as the girls were walking over to meet us. Kristen and Jenny each had on bikini tops and short jean shorts.

They both looked so hot. We grabbed their bags and put them into the Jeep, got in and we were off. With the top and doors off of the Jeep, it made it a little windier, but the girls didn't seem to mind.

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Jenny reached up and started to put her hair up into a pony tail. As she did this I looked over and saw her hard nipples poking through the bikini top that she was wearing. With her hands up on her head it made her tits stick out more as well. I reached over and grabbed her left breast, "I don't want it to bounce too much and hurt it," I said, rubbing her tit. Jenny looked at me in playful disgust, reached up and removed my hand from her chest, relocating it onto her leg. I looked in the mirror and saw Rob and Kristen kissing.

I motioned to Jenny to look back. She turned around, quietly and watched them. I slid my hand up Jenny's leg so I was pressing on her crotch through the shorts. Jenny turned back to face me, leaned over and kissed me on the cheek. I kept my eyes on the road, Jenny turned back to face forward and we continued the drive. About 30 minutes later, we pulled off the highway and onto the dirt road leading to my cabin. "Oooh, this looks bumpy, do you wanna hold my tits again Brian?" Jenny asked with a smirk on her face.

"Yeah, I do," I replied. "Too bad, I'm gonna do it," she said back kerala sex massage parlor story me, reaching both hands up to her chest and grabbing her boobs. She started to rub them slowly and then she said, "Oops" as she deliberately slid her bikini down exposing herself. "That's not supposed to happen. I don't know why they do that." Jenny was looking at me with a seductive smile as she re-covered her breast.

We pulled up blonde with big tits gets her ass destroyed driveway and I parked my Jeep. We got out and started to unload the stuff bringing it inside. I walked upstairs, put mine and Jenny's bags on one of the beds, "I call this one," I said. "You? OK, I guess you're sleeping alone tonight huh?" Jenny asked. "I mean 'we,' we call this one." As I got the windows uncovered, Rob showed the girls around the place.

On the way up I explained that there was no running water so I took the buckets to the well with Rob. We filled them up and were on our way back. As we got to the porch, we say Jenny and Kristen sitting in two of the lounge chairs in the sun. We walked up and I pretended as if I was going to throw a bucket of water on them. Rob and I walked inside, put the buckets on the counter and headed back outside.

We got to the door, and as we stepped down onto the porch, I noticed something on the floor of the porch. It was two bikini tops. I bent down, picked them up and handed them to Rob.

We smiled at each other and walked outside. When we went inside, Jenny was on the left and Kristen on the right of the door. I walked out and, without thinking, walked over to the chair on the right, bent over and started to rub her tits.

They felt different. I looked up and saw Kristen. "Oh, shit. I'm sorry Kristen. I thought…wait, you guys switched chairs. What the fuck are you doing?" "Kristen and I were talking while we were getting ready and we thought it might be fun to switch things up a little," Jenny told me.

Rob was standing there in awe as I pulled my hands off of Kristen's chest. "What so you switched chairs? OK?" Rob was as puzzled as I was.

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"Yeah," Kristen said, reaching up and grabbing my belt, pulling me down to her level. "We thought we would switch you two too, for the day, if that's OK with you guys." I looked at Rob. He still had a somewhat confused look on his face. Jenny reached over and grabbed Rob's leg, pulling him toward her.

"Uh, OK? I guess we can do that. I mean, this is your idea right Kristen? So you're alright with this? I mean, don't you think it's kinda weird?" Rob questioned as he was pulled down by Jenny. my step mom fuck and suck my boyfriendp, I mean we were all naked fucking each other last night at the lake.

I saw almost everything that Brian and Jenny were doing and I'm sure they were looking at us. What's the big deal? We all know what each other looks like in the moment.

Jenny and I thought it would be fun to trade." Rob and I looked at each other, confused at first, and then we started to crack a smile. "OK," I said. I leaned over and looked back at Jenny for approval. She nodded; I turned around and started to kiss Kristen. Kristen grabbed my hands and placed them back on her chest. I started to tied tchair and forced orgasm with vibrator her tits. The were slightly bigger than Jenny's but not as firm.

But hey, tits are tits; I'm not going to turn down a good set of fun bags. Kristen still had her hand in my belt and she slid it around to the front. She pushed me down so I was on my knees and reached down into my pants. She grabbed my semi-erect dick and started to rub it. I opened my mouth, stuck my tongue out and into her mouth. "Wow," she whispered, "Jenny was right. You do have a nice thick cock." She continued to rub and massage it as I dug my tongue into her mouth.

I picked my head up after a bit to look at jenny and Rob. I got a quick glimpse of them before Kristen pulled my head back to face her. "Don't worry about them," she said. "Just think about us today." I removed one of my hands from her chest, ran it down her stomach and slid it into her shorts. As my fingers slid over her mound, I felt a small strip of neatly trimmed hair.

That was all I felt. "Hmmm." I mumbled. "No underwear? I like that." "I know," Kristen replied. "Jenny's not wearing any either. We made a deal to not even bring any with us.

The only clothes we brought were shorts, tank tops, bikinis and, well you'll hopefully find out later." She grabbed my cock harder as I began to rub her clit. Kristen withdrew her hand from my shorts and started to unbuckle my belt. She got it undone, unbuttoned and unzipped my fly with one hand. "Wow, you're good. One handed?" "Thanks," she said smiling.

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"It's not that difficult, try it." That was the only invitation I needed to go ahead and take her shorts off. I slid my hand out and copied her movements to remover her shorts. It worked.

"See? Not too hard is it?" "No, not that, but…" "Oh yeah, I'm well aware of that being hard." She slid my shorts and boxers down to my knees, allowing my cock to stick straight out at her. She placed her hand around it and started to stroke me, slowly. Her tongue danced around in my mouth as I slid her shorts down her legs. She was now laying there on her back naked. I brought my hand back up from sliding her shorts off and placed it on her moist slit.

I started to rub her clit again. I moved my head down to her chest and began to lick and bite her nipples. Kristen started to moan a little as I licked and rubbed. I saw her turn her head toward Rob and Jenny. I picked my head up to look as well. Rob had his shorts and boxers off. Jenny was also laying there naked. Rob had gotten on his knees up on the chair and straddled Jenny's chest. Jenny had his dick in her mouth, sucking on it.

Rob had one hand behind him in Jenny's crotch. By the way she was moving and moaning I guessed that he fuckmate makes beautiful chick cum hardcore and blowjob either fingering her or rubbing her clit.

While watching this I could feel that Kristen's pussy became wetter. I moved from her clit to her slit and started to probe her with my fingers. I slid one finger in easily. I added a second finger after a few pumps in and out. Two fingers seemed to do the trick on her. As I put two inside her, I twirled them around. This seemed to make her go crazy, she started biting her lip and squeezing her eyes shut tightly.

Kristen rolled her head to the side, guided my hard-on to her mouth and started to lick and suck on it. I stood up on my knees as Kristen closed her eyes and sucked my cock.

I turned my head again, just in time to see Rob look at Kristen and me. I looked at him, down at Jenny sucking him off and back at him and nodded my head in approval. He returned the gesture.

I looked at Jenny again as she opened her eyes. As best as she could, with Rob's dick in her mouth, she smiled at me. I looked back down at Kristen sucking my dick. It was sliding freely in and out of her mouth. I pulled my fingers out bbw with large tits masturbating on webcam her wet pussy as she lifted her head off of my hard cock.

Kristen stood up off of the chair, stepped over to the railing and placed her hands on it. She bent over and motioned with her head for me to come over to her. I too two steps over to her, grabbed my cock with my hand and lined it up with her dripping wet pussy. I placed the head on the crease of her lips and slowly pushed into her.

It was nice and warm. She wasn't quite as tight as Jenny, but she still felt great as I inserted my full length into her. I grabbed her by her hips and started to pump my cock into her.

I would pump a couple of times, pull it out and return it again. I did this a few times and she would moan each time I pornlovo free fuck movies high definition adult videos part 446 into her.

"Holy shit!" I heard Jenny exclaim. I looked over and I saw her sitting on Rob's lap on the chair. She was in the perfect position to have his cock in her. She started to move up and down very slowly.

"Go slow, I'm a little sore." Jenny looked at me in a way that she was telling me that she was sore because of me from last night and this morning. She looked down at my cock sliding in and out of Kristen, looked back up at me, winked and blew me a kiss. Jenny returned to face Rob.

I looked at Rob and he was looking at me and Kristen, but mostly Kristen. They locked eyes and watched each other as they fucked. Rob brought his hands up to Jenny's tits, grabbing them and rubbing them. Never taking his eyes off of Kristen, he leaned in, stuck his tongue out, and licked Jenny's nipples. I reached around to grab Kristen's tits and found that she had her hand on one of them, pulling it up to her mouth and licking it.

'So that was why Rob couldn't stop looking at her,' I thought. I started to pinch her nipples and she threw her head back as far as she could in ecstasy. Rob turned back to look at Jenny. I moved my hand that wasn't on Kristen's breast and slapped her on the ass with it. "Hey," Jenny said. "That's my move." "Oh, sorry," I returned and slapped Kristen on the ass again. Jenny just grinned at me. I started to push harder and faster into Kristen as I heard Jenny start to scream.

Kristen started to tighten up her pussy, squeezing my hard dick more with each pump into her. I looked over at Jenny again and I saw her bouncing up and down on Rob and screaming rather loudly. The sight of this made my balls start to tighten up.

Kristen was also watching and her pussy tightened even more. She started to push back against my cock each time I pumped into her. "Kristen I think I'm about to cum," I told her as I fucked her faster. I grabbed a tight hold of her hips and thrust myself into her as far and deep as I could go.

She put both hands back on the railing, trying to brace herself. I felt my juices running up my cock; I pushed hard into her pussy, releasing my load deep inside her. My dick was squeezed so tightly by her sopping wet pussy I thought she was going to break it off inside her. Kristen started to scream as she convulsed. She stood up, pulling my head onto her shoulder, kissing me. She grabbed my hand and guided it around to her clit. "Rub it. Rub it fast." I started to rub and flick her clit as fast as I could.

Kristen started screaming more. It seemed like her and Jenny were trying to scream over each other because they kept getting louder. "Ooooh myyyy Luscious babe anna bell peaks gets her pussy smashed Kristen yelled.

"Fuuuuccckkkkkk!" Kristen reached the peak of her orgasm. She reached around to the back of my head and pulled me closer to her, digging her tongue into my mouth as deep as she could get it. I pushed a couple more times into her then Kristen took a small step forward letting my calming dick slide out of her dripping pussy. She turned around, grabbed my head and kissed me passionately. We broke the kiss and looked over at Rob and Jenny. Rob had his semi-erect dick lying between his legs and Jenny was lying on top of him, kissing him.

She picked her head up and looked at us. "Well, that was exciting," she said, trying to catch her breath. "Just watching you fucking her Brian, made me hot enough, but having your dick," looking at Rob, "in me, made the moment that much better. I think that was almost the hottest sex I have ever had." Rob looked at her, "Almost?

Come on." "Yeah, almost. I mean you're great but everyone here knows I like Brian. I just wanted to see what it was like to watch my boyfriend fuck my best friend." "Boyfriend huh?" I asked. Then I playfully said, "So you think so?" as I sat on the chair leaving room for Kristen. Kristen sat down, intrigued, looking at Jenny. "Yeah," Jenny said. "I would consider you my boyfriend.

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Is that OK with you?" "Yeah," I replied. "I like the sound of that. But could you do your boyfriend a favor?" "What's that?" she asked. Jokingly, I said, "Get off my best friend and come over here. Sorry Kristen, nothing personal." "No problem. I was actually hoping someone would say that." She got up and walked past Jenny toward Rob, still lying on the chair. As they passed, they kissed each other. Jenny turned to continue to walk to me, but Handcuffed blowjob tit wank and footjob tube porn stopped her, pulling her back for more.

Kristen tilted her head, and pulled Jenny's head to hers, opening her mouth and kissing her. Jenny brought her hands up and started to grab Kristen's tits. Kristen lowered her hands to Jenny's ass and groped it. Rob sat up and said, "No, wait. This isn't fair. Sorry, but I'm drained and I don't think Brian has the energy to do more by the looks of things." "So?" Jenny said between kisses with Kristen.

"Maybe this isn't something for you two to participate in. Maybe it's just something we wanna do. Maybe it's just a show for you. Did you think of that?" Rob and I watched as the two girls stood there, kissing and groping each other's bodies. Kristen broke the kiss, grabbed Jenny by the hand and walked inside.

They walked up the stairs into the bedroom and closed the door. Rob and I looked at each other in amazement. I said, "What the fuck is this?" hot chick sucking and riding his dick "Dude," he said, "Just let them do their thing." Rob got up, pulled his shorts back on and walked inside.

I put my shorts on and lay back on the chair. "You want a beer?" I heard from inside. "Hell yeah, you'd better bring me two." Rob walked out with two beers in each hand. He gave two of them to me and set the other two by his chair as he sat down. "That was great brother!" "Hell yeah it was," Rob replied as he opened his beer. "I mean fucking Jenny was good, but last night, fucking Kristen was awesome.

It was so hot to watch her fuck you. I didn't think I would like it at first, but it ended up being OK." "Yeah, I have mixed feelings. It was hot, don't get me wrong, but in my mind, I was still fucking Jenny.

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I don't know. I couldn't get past the fact that my, I guess, girlfriend was fucking my best friend." Rob looked puzzled. "Don't worry bro, I'm not mad by any means, it's just weird, you know?" "Yeah, I get ya.

Oh well. Just imagine what is going on upstairs right now. Picture that and you'll be OK." Rob laid his head back and looked out at the trees. I sat back, opened my beer and relaxed.