Dorm scandal in msu maranao

Dorm scandal in msu maranao
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Hello everyone. I'm Josh and I'm here to tell you the story of my life so far. I'm 20 years old, average built, dark haired young man, making my way through my life with a great amount of optimism. I'm living alone with my mother.

She got pregnant at a young age, and my irresponsible dad left soon after I was born. She's 38 years old, her name is Liz, she's a brunette, young looking woman with a body, that still turns heads on every corner. She's a great person, always understanding and ready to help anyone in need. For most sons with young, good looking moms, seeing men undressing their mothers with their eyes is a true pain in the ass.

Luckily for me and my mom, I'm not one of the most sons. Years ago, it was a nice, hot summer morning, and my mom and me were already on the highway.

We were driving from our home in Netherlands towards Italy. We went on our first vacations since my dad left. That was few years after I was born. Mom was in her twenties.

Now, I really appreciate her efforts. She just lost her job again, but she still somehow put a smile on her face and decided to make a great summer for me. We got there, placed ourselves in a cozy little hotel, and we slowly drifted in an everyday routine of careless playing on the beach and just relaxing. My mom just lost her last post-pregnancy fat at that time, and she again looked stunning.

Pregnancy didn't effected her much. Therefore, it didn't take long for men to notice her, alone on vacations with her son. She attracted a lot of attention from men, trying to get into her panties.

Noone succeded, but she did enjoyed the attention and she didn't mind flirting and even some carresing, before she stopped them. One day, I fell asleep and mum was tanning next to me, when a man stepped infront of us. He looked decent, in his thirties, and with a smile on his face.

''Hello. My name is Matt. I'm sorry to disturb you. I'm picking girls for a bikini contest brrazzer and nauty america fuck have here tomorrow, and you accidentaly catched my eye.

It's not a big deal, you just walk and stand for few seconds in our bikini, so everyone can see you, and then judges decide the winner. The main prize is 2000 euros.'' Mom was in a good mood, and after asking him some more details, she signed up for it and decided to give it a go.

The next day, the contest came. I monster black dick for delicious trisha rey with my mom, and after girls did the make up and everything, Matt babysitted me as my mum went on the stage and exposed her body in bikini to the eyes of hundreds men for the first time. She won the contest, and kissed me for 5 minutes after she came back, happy because she knew that this money will really help us atleast for some time.

Matt saw her enthusiasm, too, and when she shook hands and thanked him, he invited her for a drink. It was when they went on a drink, when they found out that Matt was from Netherlands, too, and actually not so far from us. That lead to more intimate conversations, and Matt got to know all about her being single and currently unemployed.

He decided to trust her and let her know about his real job. ''Well, look. I hope you won't judge me for this now, but I run an escort service in Netherlands. Xxx sex stories big ass aj applegate offer women that then escort bussiness men on diners, and they're practicaly their dates for the night.

If you want, you can come and work for me. And don't worry, you won't have to do what you wouldn't want to do. We have some moms with kids here, too, and the girls get along great, so they ussually babysit each other's kids and everything. You'll see. It isn't so bad as it is when you hear about it, you just have to overcome your prejudgements.'' That's pretty much how our life, that we're still living now started. Mom thinked about it, and after euro pretty bitches get nailed by the pool hardcore and groupsex came home, she contacted Matt and started her escort carreer.

At first, we've both got to meet the other girls, and in few days, one of them already babysitted me just outside the room, in which my mom had her official ''job interview''. Matt kindly warned her about that, so it all went smooth - my mom's skills were tested in there.

Two guys fucked her holes, came in her, on her and in her mouth, spanked her, and even tested her deepthroat abilities. They test every girl like this, just to see if she's disgusted of anything and basically, where are her limits. Mom swallowed spit and cum with no problem, and held her reflexes very good as a guy pushed his cock full length into her throat. They also pissed on her, and she got used to it too.

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Well, her only problem was - anal. She never had it before and she was damn tight back there. Thanks to those guys, today she asian cutie marica hase has her pussy impaled be double penetrated ten times a day without any pain. In a week of slowly penetrating her anal hole with small items and then dildos, and a lot of lubing up, she was ready to take an average sized cock without any problem.

Mom took on her first few clients without too much hesitation, and as Matt later told, she's a natural. First guys she escorted were ordinary men, looking for some fun and a date, and later on, she climbed the ladder by escorting more and more wealthy bussiness men and important people.

This job required a ''natural'', and intelligent girl, therefore my mum had the luck to be just that. She had to be a fine, smart, communicative lady during the day, when she was in public with her gentleman, and she had to be just the opposite during the night - a true slut, that will do no less than satisfy her man for so long, that he won't have a drop of cum left for her.

As for me, I was growing up in the meantime, and as I said in the beginning, my mom and me were both thankful, that I wasn't ''jealous'' - I got used to the fact that she's having sex for living, and I was even proud that she's doing so much for us. In time, I got used to see my mom in hot underwear here or there and similar things, despite she was good at hiding it.

Not even when I was old enough to completely realize just what she was doing with those juicy lips all day, before she kissed me good night. My approvement of this way of life made it a lot easier for us both ofcourse, and that's why we trusted each other completely already when I was in my teens. Though, I saw every day that she mostly enjoyed her job, too.

That contributed a lot to my approvement of what she's doing. Though I still wasn't exactly having fun. But I wasn't bored for long. I had crushes for other escort girls lot of times, but I was a bit too young and I was son of their coworker, black hood ghettfucked in her gucci boots even the young ones, in their twenties, didn't do anything more than smile to me and flirt with me.

After I turned 18, it became all different. I already lost my virginity to a girl from school, and well, before I realized it, the escort girls were paying me much more attention and soon I was in bed with pretty much all of them. I was in heaven. It was approximately at that time, when my mom got completely comfortable with me knowing every detail of her job and seeing her dressed for her clients, and even helping her prepare herself for the evening.

I had to encourage her for a long time, that as long as she's happy in this job, I'm happy too and that I can't say how much I appreciate her efforts. But, it payed off. Being naked infront of each other and telling each other details became something normal for us, because we decided that it doesn't make sense to hide anything from each other, if we live alone together anyways. I started getting aroused a lot by those details she told me, but she just smiled and calmed me that I don't have to be ashamed, but if i'm uncomfortable, we'll get dressed infront of each other again.

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I told her that I find her sexy and all, but that I don't want to do anything with her myself. And I also admitted, that nevertheless, the idea of her being fucked by other men everyday, is getting me horny, and we got used to that. I got to know just how dirty she was, without any hesitation. On her escorts, she sometimes licked a man's hairy, fat ass out, she was fucked by three men at the same time, when she escorted with a few other girls on a private boat party, like 10 guys sniffed cocaine of her butt and licked whiskey off her belly all night.

She had to call men different names already too, like ''Daddy'', and even ''Oh yeah, untamed and hot muff diving hardcore blowjob me, please fuck your mommy, son !''. She also worked in a team with other girls: they swapped cum after blowjob, and she kissed and even licked many of them.

Many times they liked her to play a submissive, worthless slut, so after she gave blowjob, take cum in her mouth, she had to look up with a smile, receive few (not too rough) slaps, swallow, and kindly open her mouth so the man was able to spit as much as he could in her mouth.

The list went on and on, and I was amazed. I didn't believed her completely before, when she was always saying how looks doesn't matter for her. But I do now, after all that. Even more shocking is, that the only thing she didn't enjoyed, was swallowing piss after already swallowing loads of cum, from a old, fat guy. It wasn't the guy, she said she understands him that he just has his wishes. It was just the taste she didn't liked. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- TO BE CONTINUED.