Sasha grey old glenn ends the job

Sasha grey old glenn ends the job
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Pete his Mom & Me My Mom & Dad and I lived in middle to upper class neighborhood. We have a 4 bedroom 2 bath house on a ¼ ac lot.

I was born there. Pete lived next door and their house was just a little smaller having 3 bedrooms and 1 & ½ baths. Pete and his mother moved next door when I was six. Pete's Mom & Dad divorced the year before. Pete and I became best friends.

He was 5 months younger than me and we both played soccer in the local league. Usually on week ends we took turns staying at each others house. When I was 12 we started to experiment with each other. We always slept in the same bed together and this husband and wife dress up morning I had a pee hard on and was curled up next to Pete with my cock in the crack of his Ass. He was pushing his ASS back at me so I grabbed his hips and tried to shove my cock in.

He was just too tight; his little sphincter muscle wouldn't expand.

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He got up and when he came back he got on his hands and knees at the edge of the bed and whispered, "Try it now." I got behind him and I could see a big gob of grease in his Ass. I took some and wiped it on my cock and shoved my cock into his butt hole. It resisted at first but then I shoved real hard and it slid in as he let out a grunt. I fucked him like a bunny rabbit and after about five minutes I had my first climax.

We took turns fucking each other over the next month or so. The trouble was every time he fucked me watch me riding this huge ebony cock made me want to shit. Both our dicks were about 4" long but mine was a little fatter than Pete's. He had a real tight Ass and I always came quickly.

That first time I fucked him six times that day including one time in his shed and one time in the bathroom. He fucked me four times and we both had to laugh when we realized we had cum oozing out our Ass's when we walked so we had to be careful and put toilet paper in our cracks.

Pete and his Mother went to visit her sister who lived a couple of miles away this one week-end. When he got home Sunday night he was all excited. He told me his cousin Tina had fucked him. She was 2 years older than he was. He said, "You aren't going to believe this but she fucked me 3 times and showed me how to eat her pussy. She told me I could come over any times and she would let me fuck her.

He said, "next week end why don't we both go visit her and fuck her." I said do cute tighty teen smashed by a blackmailing spying neighbor think she would let me.

"Sure," "She likes to fuck. She told me her Uncle, that's her Dads brother, fucked her one night when she was 12. It was while her folks had a party and she liked it except her Uncle was drunk and it hurt like hell the first time. She said he has since fucked her several times. The following weekend we told our Moms we would be at the park all day.

We took the bus to his cousin's house and when we got there they were all just leaving to go shopping. Tina told her folks she wanted to stay home and visit since we had come all that way. Now Tina was a little on the fat side with a big butt and her tits were pretty big for a 14 year old. Pete told me she was 5'3" and weighed about 130 lbs. Her folks were hardly out of the driveway when she took off her dress, panties and bra. "Come on, I need some one to eat my pussy," she shouted. We all went into her bedroom and she jumped on the bed and spread her legs and said "Who gets to eat it first?" Pete Dove between her legs and began to lick her hairy pussy.

"Well what are you standing there for, get over here and let me suck your dick," She hollered. I couldn't get my jeans and underwear off fast enough.

I straddled her face and she grabbed my cock and began to suck it. Boy could she suck. I came in a matter of minutes and I could not believe that not a drop of my cum escaped her mouth, it was my first blow job. Pete came just after I did but kept right on fucking her. It was funny to watch her rear her Ass and quiver when she came. It was also the first time I had watched a women have a climax. She came again very quickly, and this time she really reared her ass up in the air lifting Pete clear off the bed.

Pete let out a moan and shoved his cock as far into her as he could and shot his load. He rolled off her and she motioned me to take his place I looked at her pussy that was wide open from Pete fucking her and her pussy was surrounded with light brown hair. She had cone shaped tits with nipples that were almost as large as her areolas.

My cock that had never gone down went in easily and I almost came as the sensation of my cock slipping into her warm wet pussy was better than Pete's Ass. Not as tight but what a wonderful feeling. She told me to suck her titties and to fuck her slow. I began to suck first one tit than the other. She showed me how to roll my tongue over her nipples to ivy and her boyfriend dennis spice it up with amber in this threesome teen the most sensation.

I got so engrossed in sucking her nipples that it allowed the sensation in my cock to subside a bit and I lasted almost five minutes before I came. When I shoved my cock as deep as I could and let go I was surprised at how much cum I still had and filled her pussy.

She raised her Ass up and came just as my last spurt came out of my cock. I fucked her twice and Pete fucked her two more times before her folks came back. We began to go over to her house a couple times a week for the next three years.

We always fucked her at least twice each. I learned how to eat her pussy.

It was Ok but she always smelled a little. When we were 13 Pete and I decided we liked fucking girls and we didn't want to become queers so we quit fucking each other. The night we agreed to stop he wanted me to fuck him one more time. It turned out to be three times. He said he liked getting fucked in the Ass but didn't want to get addicted to it. When we were fifteen Pete started fucking a girl in his English class. She really liked him but when he told her he wanted me to fuck her too she said no so he broke up with her.

We were still fucking his cousin so we didn't have to go without. Two weeks later she told him she loved him and she would let me fuck her too. Her name was Shirley and she was real cute. At 5'3" and 101 lbs she was a little skinny but she had nice round tits with light pink areolas and big nipples. She loved to have her pussy eaten and she made each of us eat her pussy before she would let us fuck her.

She had the cutest little light red hair around her mound. Her pussy was real tight, not like Tina's whose Uncle had stretched her pussy pretty good because he had a 7" cock and about 3" around she told us.

The first Time I fucked Shirley I could hardly get into her. I had grown to a little more than 6" and my cock had gotten real thick. Pete had the same length but was skinnier.

Getting her pussy eaten twice in a row always made her hot as hell so when I fucked her and she got so she could take my cock without any problem she would lock her legs around my waist and rock her body in unison to my strokes. She huge ass lustful babes are devouring a horny black man with their massive cunts suck our cocks though so we always had to wait for Tina if we wanted that. Shirley's folks found out she had been stealing her Moms birth control pill and that she had been fucking us for over a year.

They moved to another town and we never heard from her again. Just about the same time Tina started dating one of the big lineman on the high school football team and cut us off so we didn't have anyone to fuck for about 8 months. We were getting pretty horny when my story really begins. Pete had stopped coming over like he used to. He was staying at home a lot and I asked him if he was mad at me.

He said no that he had gotten behind in his school work and his Mother made him stay home and study. One night I couldn't find my dog King, a Collie.

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I went out into the back yard looking for him and heard a whimper like noise coming from Pete's yard. I looked over the fence and saw King tied to Pete's female cocker spaniel named Suzie. I thought oh shit Susie's in heat again. This would be the third time King had fucked her and gave her a litter of puppies Pete had to get rid of. I thought Pete's going to be pissed. I went through the side gate to get King and bring him back before Pete saw them. Kings knot came out a just as I got to them and Mouth watering three some momsandteens and threesome laid down and began to lick himself but Suzie was just standing there with her hind legs spread and her pussy stretched wide open.

I wondered what it would feel like to fuck a dog. I hadn't been laid in eight months so I dropped my pants and shorts and grabbed her collar. I guided my now hard dick into Suzie's pussy that was full of my dog Kings cum. Her pussy was real hot and I slid in real easy. She took all I had and she must have liked it because she seemed to back into me.

It took about two minutes for me to cum a bucket full into her hot hole. I held her tight as I shot my full load up into her doggy canal. King mounted her just after I finished and fucked her the second time tying with her again. After about ten minutes when his knot came out I was hard again so I fucked her for the second time. The following night I waited for Pete to let Suzie out for her nightly Pee. I knew Suzie was still in heat so I went over and fucked her again twice. I fucked Suzie two times each night all that week.

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On Friday night I had just finish fucking Suzie when Pete's bathroom light came on. I heard someone start the bath water. Pete's window was open about an inch and the curtain was pulled down to just above the opening. I pulled up my pants and snuck up to the window. I couldn't quite reach the opening on my toes so I looked around the yard and saw a box by the garage.

It was a milk box so I grabbed it and placed it beneath the window. I peeked through the opening and I almost fell off the box. I was looking at Pete's Mom standing in front of the tub just below me. I knew she was good looking but her body made me suck in my breath. She stood there waiting for the bathtub to fill up.

Her long Red hair was down to her shoulders. She had milk white skin with a few freckles across her shoulders and just above two of the most beautiful tits I had ever seen. They had to be at least 36c's with just barely a sag to them.

Her areolas were a very light pink the size of a half dollar with nice nipples just slightly darker. She had a slender waist and perfect hips with nice long legs and a beautiful tuff of red hair above her pussy. My Cock became so hard I had to unbutton my jeans and let my cock spring out because it was hurting me.

Just as I began to jack off she turned her head and called, "The bathwater is ready honey." I again damn near fell off the box when Pete walked in stark necked. He walked up behind his Mom and put his arms around her and began to fondle and squeeze her breasts. She let out a soft moan as his thumbs and forefingers rotated her nipples. He gently squeezed her breasts and I could see the end of his dick sticking between her legs. She moaned, "Oh honey that feels so good." Then she leaned over and put her hands on the tub as Pete shoved his cock into his Mothers pussy.

He began to fuck her, slowly at first and then he increased his tempo faster and faster until he grabbed her around her waist and pulled her tight to him and I could see by his face he was cumming inside his mothers love hole. I was jacking off to the point I shot a load of cum all over the side of the house.

I heard her say "Oh honey you feel so good inside me and you made me cum twice. I watched them get into the tub. I couldn't see what they were doing when they sat down in the water but I could hear them. When they got out of the tub and dried each other off Pete whispered," I'm going to ear your pussy till you can't stand up." She said, "Oh honey you eat my pussy better than anyone ever has.

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She shut off the light but not wow girls xxx behind the scene I got to see her beautiful round Ass as she went out the door. I got another hard on just looking at her so I grabbed Suzie and fucked her again. I had just shot another load of cum up Suzie's pussy when Pete came to the back door and called her to come in. I hid by the side of the house until her closed the door before I went and put the box back where I found it.

I tried to see if I could look into Pete's Mothers bedroom window but the shades were down. The following night I waited out side for Pete to let Suzie out for her nightly pee. I liked fucking her and I didn't think I would get another peep show that night. I had just finishing fucking Suzie when I looked up and Saw Pete's bathroom light was on. I thought oh shit I couldn't get lucky two nights in a row could I.

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I ran over and got the milk box and placed it below the window. I looked in and Pete's Mom was sitting on the toilet. She called "Pete honey, come here." She had just finished wiping herself when he walked in.

He was in his pajamas. She reached into the opening of his pajamas and pulled his dick out saying "here is the present I promised you" and proceeded to put his rising dick into her mouth. She grabbed him by the Ass and began to push his cock in and out of her mouth. She would pull him out to the end of his dick and then force him inside her until her face was buried to his balls.

The sides of her mouth were sucked in from sucking his cock. He lasted almost five minutes before he wrapped his hands around her head and pulled her tight and he moaned Ohhhhh god Mom I'm cumming.

The look on his face told it all as she sucked every last drop from his cock. After a few minutes he pulled her up and put the toilet top seat down and sat her back down. He pulled her Ass to the edge and dropped to his knees. "Now it's your turn Mom." He beauty gets fucked in doggie hardcore and blowjob her legs and shoved his face in between her legs and began to eat his Moms pussy. She placed her legs over his shoulders and for the next twenty five minutes all I could hear was "OH GOD BABY THAT FEELS SO GOOD, yes honey that's it, yes, oh just like that baby OH SHIT YEEESSSSSSS" and she would grab his head pulling him tight to her.

Then it would start all over again. Finally she screamed loud enough for the whole neighborhood to hear, 'OH MY GOD HONEY I can't handle any more your driving me out of my mind OH YESS YES YEESSSSSSSS" and she buried his face hard into her pussy and you could see by her face she was cumming.

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"That's enough honey I can't do any more, " she said. As I walked back to my house I saw the bathroom light come on in my Mom & Dad's bathroom so I snuck over and took a peek. I again couldn't see in as the window was to high so I went into my back yard and got a small bench I used for weight lifting and brought it to the window.

When I looked in both Mom and Dad were inside. Dad had on his pajama bottoms and no shirt. Mom was in her night gown brushing her teeth. Dad reached around her and began to squeeze Moms tits. Then he lifted Moms gown and dropped his pajamas and shoved his hard cock into Moms pussy. She said "Oh Dick (that's my Dads name) can't you wait until were in bed, "No honey you looked too sexy to wait. You know you always give me a hard on when I look at your gorgeous Ass." Dad began to fuck Mom nice and slow as he continued to squeeze and fondle her boobs.

Mom began to softly moan as Dad increased his speed. "Oh yes baby that's it you're rubbing my "G" spot. OH GOD I'm going to cum yeeessss, OH GOD YES," she screamed through a towel she had shoved into her face. She forced her Ass back on my Dad cock and she came. My god did she cum, I had never seen so much cum water pout out of a pussy.

Her cum poured down her and my Dad's legs making a small puddle on the bathroom floor. Mom's legs went limp and Dad had to hold her up as he continued to fuck her.

After awesome gal feels one eyed monster in holes couple more minutes he pulled her tight to his stomach and I knew he was cumming deep inside my Mothers pussy. I was jacking off and I came all over the side of my house like I had at Pete's. Mom took off her gown and sat on the toilet. Mom was the opposite of Pete's Mother. Mom had short black hair and was about two inches shorter than Pete's Mom.

I remember admiring my Mom one time in her bathing suit. As I looked at her nice big tits I guessed her to be about a 38 C or D. Her areolas were very dark and she had very large nipples that at the moment were popped out about a half an inch from Dad's fondling of them. I couldn't believe I was getting a hard on looking at my own Mother being fucked by my Dad. She wiped herself and when she stood up I could see her hairy black bush.

It oily massage hot sexoil mom trimmed short. She gave my Dad a kiss on the neck and said, "That was nice, come to bed and we can do it again" as she walked out of the bathroom. I hurried to the back door and came into the house as Mom walked into the kitchen. "HI Honey I'm going to have a glass of wine can I get you anything? I told her a glass of milk would be nice.

I sat at the table and when she opened the refrigerator door I could see through her gown. My cock sprang to life again and I stood and took the glass of milk from her. I sat the milk on the table and took her in my arms and said don't I get a good night kiss? Sure she told me and said it was nice that her son still like a goodnight kiss. I hugged her and could feel my cock rub against her just above her slit. I pulled her tight and told her how nice she smelled.

I kissed her hard on the lips and she just stood there for a moment, stunned I think, and then pushed me away. "Now Bobby (My Name was Bob) that's enough of that, remember I'm your Mother and you shouldn't be kissing me like that," she said. I'm sorry Mom I said, I just had an urge to hug and kiss you because I love you so much.

"Well I appreciate that you love me and I love you too but that was a little much" I said I'm sorry again and that I didn't mean anything. Then for some reason I blurted out, you didn't think I was trying to seduce you did you? She kind of stammered nnn NO of course not. Her fce was a little flushed and she quickly kissed me on the cheek and went to her bedroom forgetting to take her wine with her. I drank my milk and went to bed.

I laid there thinking of ways to get Pete to let me fuck his mother like we had his cousin. Just as I fell asleep I had a vision of me fucking my Mother. (continued) all rights reserved to the Author [b]