Hot interracial session with a gorgeous redhead cumshot and facial

Hot interracial session with a gorgeous redhead cumshot and facial
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I was a wild child at a very young age and picked up on things very quickly.

Constantly in trouble or causing someone to get in trouble for something that I had done. I guess you could say I was a deciever and as I grew up I quickly learned that it was not only trouble that I johnny sin cythereas full movies decieve people about. The older I got, the better I got at convincing people that I was much younger than I actually was.

At the start of my freshman year in highschool I was 14 just like most other kids; however, the difference was in the fact that they looked much older than me. I was 4' 8" at the start of highschool and build normally for my height. I didn't have any outstanding features, A cup breasts, and my butt was nice and rounded and it looked nice I thought, not too big and skanky looking, but not flat and unattractive either.

As the days passed I was learning things about sex and I noticed that there were very few girls who would shower in school after gym class. It didn't bother me at all, after all we did have basically the same equipment.

I liked being in the shower, nude and free. I guess all that came from running around the house with nothing on. With nobody there, being as my father worked for the government in another country, which usually turned out to be in South America or Africa.

You never really knew with all the travelling he did.

Not anything special like a spy or agent, but he did something of importance. My mother was gone, she completely just took off and left my dad and I a couple years back. I was fine by myself there because my dad had the house on lock down with all his security systems and such.

I was right down the road from the grocery store in a small little town that you've never heard of. I was happy most of the time. Along with my fathers security systems, he insisted I keep a dog around, not only for protection, but for a friend or companion. We got Jake when he was a year old or so and now that I was a freshman he was a big dog of three or four. A great dane is a huge dog to begin with after all.

If I were much smaller I could jump on his back and ride him like a horse. But back to where I was, running nude in the house was something I would do frequently with nobody around and only one neighbor to the left who was a good football field length away. I never had anyone catch me until one day during the school year I had come home and gotten in the shower. I was sweaty from riding the bike home in the heat and I got out and was drying off and Jake was barking, but not really loud. So I busty latina hottie gets anal sex pornstars and hardcore through the doorway of the bathroom and on into the living room where there is a sliding glass door that goes out busty natural blond fucks in empty run down house the porch.

Some boys had decided they wanted to snoop around the place and were standing there on my porch looking in. Well they saw me just as I saw them, and with no curtains or long blinds over the door they saw me naked.

My nipples got as hard as they could be and I was wondering what was going on, I had never felt this way around any girls who saw me naked. So the boys were just in awe standing there as they watched me move closer to the door. I got right near the door and they took off running. I had seen them before from school but they were seniors if my memory served me correctly. I wondered what would happen if I saw them at school or what they would say. Jake stopped barking once they disappeared and sat down and wanted to be petted, so I gave in and scratched him on the head.

I sat on the couch and started watching TV and Jake laid beside the couch and slept. He was very jumpy when he wanted to be, he could get very excited over the simplest things. He liked to sniff me if I would bend over to pick something up or if I had my legs open. His nose touched one time and I shiverred and pushed him away.

I knew he got "horny" as the boys called it. He never had a mate so I'm sure he was just like those teenage guys at school, ready to jump on anything. As the evening went by I had fixed dinner and Jake was fed. I went in the next room to brush my hair from where I had it pulled back while cooking. I loved my long black hair, It was shiny and smooth and about shoulder length or maybe a little longer. Of course I spent much time making it that way but still, I liked it.

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It complimented my face well I nice looking sex with lesbian luscious babes. I had been told I had a pretty face several times, but of course I looked younger at the same time. I got my brush from my room and was in front of my mirror brushing and walked back into the other room so I could watch TV again since I had no homework.

It was barely light outside so I turned on the alarm system and closed up all the blinds and such and went into the den, which is dropped down a little bit from the rest of the house and it's right in the middle.

I grabbed the remote and turned on the TV, but when I went to lay it back down with the brush, Jake was behind me sniffing again and of course that startled me. Then he just went on about his business in the den as I went back to grab a blanket, after all it does feel good under a fleece blanket when you aren't wearing anything. As I was coming back into the den I wasn't paying good enough attention and I walked, thinking I wasn't at the drop down step yet and I stumbled and I dropped the blanket in an attempt to catch myself so I wouldn't fall.

It worked, so I went to pick up the blanket. When I bent down to pick up the blanket I got knocked flat on my stomach by Jake, he had jumped right on me. Well here he is standing over top of me as big as he is and I needed to get up, well I based up on hands and knees and was going to crawl out, but he jumps again and I scolded him good.

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This time he didn't knock me down he just had his paws on my back and he is a huge dog! Before I could do anything he started to hump back and forth but I was small so I guess he didn't judge well what he was trying to do, but the biggest mistake I could do was move forward. As I moved up to get away I felt his wet thing touch me and I looked back and it was seriously like as big as my arm, about 16" long I guessed. So I panic and try to fight away and he got it right up against my little pee hole and I yelled out "NO!

NO JAKE NO!!!" I had never had anything in there before, I had just touched it and knew that rubbing felt good. He goes back and rams it into me so hard. He took my virginity oh so painfully. I cried. I didn't know if he knew he had done that or what, but he paused while fully inside me. I think he may have hurt himself because he banged into my cervix really hard.

He had my face pressed into the floor and he started to move again. I couldn't do anything. He began to thrust all the way out and back in that deep again and my nipples were hard as a rock and I felt an arrousal in my vagina that I had never felt before. He went again and again and again. I thought it would never end, because for what seemed like an eternity he was pounding me into the floor with that pink thing of his.

Guys would talk about their penis size but I'm pretty sure that they couldn't measure up to this. It was starting to hurt less and feel better and better with every movement in or out. I climaxed the first time and my legs were shaking and I didn't know if I would be able to get away now.

I didn't want sunny leoun h d full xxx almost because it felt so good! He slowed down a little but he kept trying to go deeper and deeper and I certainly couldn't accomidate his dog penis. As the slower repititions happened he would hit my cervix again and again and it didn't feel as bad as that first time.

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He got a little slower and as he pulled back I started to hurt and it felt like my stomach was gonna explode. He rammed back in so hard that I found out later on in life my cervix actually tore, and every time he rammed it earlier it was just contributing to what he had done just then. I cried out again and had tears streaming down my face. Oh that lusty megan fox has her bunghole drilled the first thrust that took my virginity feel like a joy ride.

Oh I knew I must be in trouble. He had gotten the whole thing insided me now and i felt more of the expanding feeling, which I found out later was his "knot." I felt it get warm up inside me and there was more pressure up in there. As if he hadn't hurt me bad enough, Jake hikes his leg over my back and starts to drag me across the floor a little ways.

"OUCH! JAKE! NO!" He just stood there and I collapsed. The only thing holding me up was his monster of a penis that totally destroyed my vagina I felt like. I was limp as a piece of spaghetti just suspended partially in the air.

I felt the thing start to move outward and he jerked it out of me. Once Jake pulled away I was flat on my stomach and there was no way I was getting to my feet. What he had shot inside of me, which must've been a quart almost of his ejaculant was now spilling all over the floor and I was soaking wet down my legs and sore beyond belief.

When I could finally get to my feet I was feeling sick. I stumbled into the bathroom and layed over the edge of the bathtub. BIG MISTAKE! Jake comes bounding in there a few minutes after I had been laying there and jumps on me again. This time he was thrusting really fast and kept going for a while and I got enough energy to push him back but as I did I flipped over and he got between my legs. I tried to push him away but he had me in what was almost a missionary position and he rammed it in my hole again from this angle.

I'm not gonna lie, I got off like three times before he tried to tie with me again.

He couldn't tie becuase of the way he was now, so he shot his juices all over me. I fell in the bathtub, turned on the water and just stayed there for the rest of the night. The next morning I didn't go to school because when I got out of the tub I was walking bowlegged.

It didn't stop me from walking around the house naked, but it did teach me a lot about sex. 2