Anything you want daddy and be gentle with me xxx nikki was cleaning her flat that day

Anything you want daddy and be gentle with me xxx nikki was cleaning her flat that day
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We arrived at Doris's on the Saturday in the back door as usual Jean was a bit late Doris said Derek let's talk I said okay what can I do for you nothing it's about Jeans sister Jill I'm not very happy about her coming and just sitting there watching us fuck each other it's like we are putting on a porn show for her. And to tell the rest of it Sammy came over last Sunday night after I got home from being with you and Jean ,he's 19 now and wants to go out with me and maybe think about getting married I reminded him that I was 36yrs old he said it didn't matter .I've told him I will think about it (I might not get another chance) ill see what happens with us and Jill.

I will not let him have intercourse with me as long as I am madisin is dominated by the good son you and Jean in case he's not clean as he might have been with someone we don't know about.

Then she said don't tell Jean just yet we shall see what happens about Jill. Jean arrived we stripped off and went to the bedroom and had a marvellous afternoon I easily managed to fuck them both twice.

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Then away we went home saying we would meet at Jeans flat at two the next day and the back door would be open make sure I locked it after I came in.

Next day I arrived on time locked the door after me went up stairs all three of them were there, Jill was sitting in the arm chair like the queen sitting on her throne flat shoes longish skirt and a blouse up to her neck her hair up in a bun with a big pearl clip holding it. We three undressed each other then lay back on the bed played with each other I smoothed the insides of their legs parted the hair on their pussies and opened their lips and slid in a couple fingers inside them until I made their juices start to flow and made my fingers all wet they both had a hand round my cock and were gently squeezing it moving up and down ,Then Jean pulled Doris over me and said come on my pretty filly let me put the stallions cock in you Jill gave a little laugh as jean jordi el nino polla receives a steaming blowjob naturaltits and interracial Doris and put me at the lips of her cunt she then took her hands and pushed the cheeks of her bottom down on me which made me sink right up into Doris so I was touching the back of her vagina she gave a little gasp and said oh I can really feel that Jill said dos it hurt.

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At that Doris pulled of me said I've had enough of this got of the bed dressed and started to leave Jean still nude followed her outside the room they talked on the stairs. I didn't know what was said but I could guess Jean came back in the room and said no more for today to me so I got dressed then she said come here after six next Saturday after the shop shuts so I left and went out the back door and pulled it shut I thought to myself that's it no more I was finished with them.

Wednesday night I was in the garden my dad had left Jean walked in said we have to talk we sat in the cabin she started to cry don't leave me after I have just found you we can work it out between me and you only it will be different just us two I thought about it for a little while then said okay but Jill is not just going to sit there and watch us Jean said I'm not going to tell her she thinks it's over between all of us and mom son xxx japan romance make it look right don't come till seven o'clock okay ?

all right I'll be there back door 7 pm she left I finished up what I was doing and went home. My step father spoke to me in the yard as I walked in ,I saw the newsagents daughter walking down to the garden to night as I left not the first time either be careful if she gets caught she's in trouble your under age.

Wish I was that lucky at your age as he walked away laughing oh and don't let your mother find out she already knows about Miss Black remember I nodded murmured yes I will and went in the house ,Saturday arrived I was late home my tea was cold I ate it quickly changed told my parents I was going to the second house at the cinemas and would be home late.

I arrived at Jeans flat in the back door as usual up the stairs Jean was waiting for me she grabbed me OH I'm so glad you came I was worried you might not come we kissed and cuddled for awhile on the bed then we slowly undressed each other kissing and licking the area we had taken the clothes off from she had my cock in her mouth getting it all wet and slippery ready to slip into her she ha d said as she had started on it .Then in walked Jill we both sat up quickly Jill said why did you not tell me it was on tonight.

I was upset and I said you sit in that chair like a dressed store dummy sometimes making snide remarks about what we are doing Doris has had enough of you and is not coming back, now so have I.

I started to climb of the bed Jill said I'm sorry I didn't really know I'll leave I only wish I knew how to make it up to you both I really loved watching you and wish I had the guts to do it as well but I can't and I get all funny inside of me watching you she got up to leave Jean hadn't said a word just stared at me and Jill she was ready to cry.

Id cooled off a bit and I said to Jill okay you want to watch but you're going to help out a bit no more sitting there dressed you take your clothes off as well and we won't feel as bad as you have made Doris leave and you know how we like to do it you will be stallion woman for your sister and put me in her when we do it you can lie on the bed with us and we will give you a bit of kiss and cuddle know more I'm not going to fuck you so if you can do that I will stop and at least ill make your sister and myself happy what do you say she stood up I thought she was going to walkout instead she started to undress as she did she pointed to my cock and said but you're not going to put that in me okay I smiled and said as you wish .We all lay on the bed me and Jean necking with each other as she said thank you for sorting that out Jill lay straight out as stiff as a poker beside us ,I was hard Jean rolled over on me legs either side wide she had ,had to push Jill over to do it raised her bottom high ready I said to Jill come on put it in she kneeled beside us took my cock between finger and thumb I cried out for fuck sake get your hand round it part your sisters lips and guide it into her .She was close to tears as she did as I had told her she then sat down on the arm chair as jean sank down onto me and fucked me as if she had never been fucked before she rode me for a few minutes she was red-hot inside hermuscles pulling and tightening round me we both came jean relaxed I look over at Jill her legs were apart and I could see she was all wet one of her hands was just above the hairs on her cunt her fingers were wet she blushed as she saw I was looking at her she stood up and said do you want me to lie with you both again yes I replied it was the first time really I had a good look at her body she was taller than Jean by an inch thinner in the body long dark hair down to her waist you could just see her hip bones her legs were thinner and she had more hair on her pussy her breasts were nearly as big as Jeans but had a bit of a sag .To tell the truth she really without clothes on had a good body not as good as her sister but really nice well one I could fuck and be happy with she lay down beside us not as stiff this time Jean was cuddled up to me playing with my cock she said to Jill play with him like me Jill said OH I don't know jean took Jill's hand and out it round my cock keeping hold of her hand she was pumping it up and down Jill said it feels soft and warm Oh its getting hard jean kept hold of her hand and kept pumping the excitement of what was happening brought me on I came it was all over their hands fat pussy slut sucks big shlong japanese and hardcore Jean giggled Jill gave a cry and jumped off the bed Jean licked her hand clean and said to Jill go on taste it Jill took a taste then said oh no I can't do that she then lay back on the bed with us after a little while she helped Jean to get me hard again and even laugh as she put me in Jean.

Over the next two weeks we were at the flat on a Sunday afternoon some times on a Saturday night and Jill was becoming used to it and being more adventurous then on the third Saturday night she shocked me an Jean she said I want you to fuck me Horse and Jean you will be the Stallion woman we both said to gether are you sure yes I am sure it will hurt me at first I know but I want to try as I can see Jean how much you like it okay by me said Jean how about you Horsey I just nodded Jill said can I go first so I don't change my mind we played around till I was hard Jill was putting lubricant inside herself Jean was really coating me up with it as well Jill climbed over me legs apart Jean said to her wider and pushed her sisters legs apart further she then opened her lips of her vagina and guided my coppers helmet between her lips Jill pushed down on me and stopped when she met resistance as I started to press on her hymen she said I don't know I had my hands on the cheeks' of her backside so did Jean I pulled Jean pushed we split her wide open she screamed its hurting take it out Jean said just lie there still for a little while it will start to go away she lay there crying she stopped and then started to move up and down on me slowly then faster she was as tight as could be tighter than a hand holding me but soft she was hot and wet blood was leaking out of her she came and more was pushed out leah gotti with bruce venture her I came to so there was quite a mess she rolled of me and said you hurt me stallion but I like it and I want more now I've had it once but not again today Jean said to me go and have a shower your covered round your cock I did and while I was in the shower she joined me we had a fuck in the shower she was bent over her hands on the wall as I took her from behind she was groaning as I was push in and out of her and thanking me for fucking her sister and making things all right between us and the tension would now be gone.

It was we fucked like rabbits or should I say a Stallion and his two stock Mares I also fucked them in the shower from the back as they leaned forward their hands on the wall their father sometimes looked after the shop while we were up stairs I never ever met him this lasted for over a year .Doris married Sammy then she turned up one day and said she was missing my big cock and she and Sam were wanting a baby before it was too late for her and she didn't care if it was mine or his as they had been trying since they were married and she knew I could fill her belly up with one so was it okay with me and the girls we all agreed and Doris joined us again six weeks later Doris said I'm pregnant there was no DNA testing in those days but I'm sure it's yours she had a baby girl I saw her a couple years later she's as blonde as you looks like you and your sisters when you were young she taught my sisters at school.

So she definitely knew how if it was mine how she would look she stopped coming with us. Jean Jill and I stayed together till I decided I was going to she is happier than ever to get nailed by a group of horny men the Royal Navy