Perverted secretary nesty pussy plowed vigorously in pov

Perverted secretary nesty pussy plowed vigorously in pov
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The Devil's Pact by mypenname3000 Copyright 2013 Chapter Twenty-two: The Bond of Avvah Visit my blog at I was sunning myself on the beach, catching the last rays of the Miami sun.

I was wearing a skimpy bikini, white with pink flowers decorating it. The sun felt great on my skin. Antsy plane should have landed in Seattle by now. It was only a matter of time before her brother, Mark, fucked her and triggered the Prayer of Avvah. When Mark slept with his sister, she would be the only woman he desired. No other person would ever excite him sexually again. Hopefully, it would drive a wedge between Mark and his lover, the other Warlock, and make it easier for me to defeat them.

One Warlock could be hard enough, but two was going to be very difficult. Plus, there was the demoness Lilith to consider, summoned by Mark's lover. Guilt burned inside me. I served Antsy up to her brother, she would also be affected by the Prayer as well. I was a nun, a Sister of the Order of Mary Magdalene. I was supposed to save people from a Warlock's powers, not give him victims.

But, it was for the greater good. Mark had to be stopped. Every day he wasn't stopped, more innocents were abused by him. It was for the greater good. If I kept telling myself that, maybe I'll actually believe it. Antsy had left early this morning to catch her plane. She was a wreck. I stayed up with her most of the night as she talked about her father who passed away yesterday. From what I gathered, he wasn't the greatest father, but you couldn't always help who you loved.

Before she left, she gave me her original return ticket, promising to have it changed to my name. I had all day tomorrow, and half of Tuesday to kill before I would fly out to Seattle. Plenty of time for the Bond of Avvah to wreck havoc on the Warlock's lives.

So, in the meantime, I decided to relax, enjoy Miami's beaches, because I would be very busy when I returned home to Washington State. Suddenly, a weird feeling trembled through my womb.

It was almost like an orgasm, like my body was remembering the sweet pleasure that an orgasm brought. But there were no muscle contractions, no electricity shooting through my body, no toe curling pleasure that made me howl with passion.

I smiled, wiggling my hips. Mark just fucked his sister. The Bond of Avvah has formed between them. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ I woke up, reaching for Mark and felt a pair of small breasts. I eye opened my eyes and saw Violet's sleeping face.

The teen looked so peaceful. I was struggling to remember, shaking sleep off my mind. Another body was pressing against my back, not Mark. Mark didn't have a pair of perky breasts. I wasn't in our bed. Mark wanted to be alone with his sister. So they could comfort each other. Jealous hurt burned in my heart. What had happened yesterday. It was our first night we didn't share a bed. And, since when did we not share our lovers. Was it just his dad's death?

The excitement of fucking your sister. I knew how exhilarating it could be. I fucked both my sisters on Friday. But I shared them with Mark. I wasn't being selfish like he was. You haven't shared Alice, a guilty voice whispered in my mind. I ignored that voice, Mark never asked. I would, if Mark wanted too. It's got to be his dad's death. He just needs a little space, to grieve. I made the Pact with the Devil and wished for Mark and I to love each other forever. I just needed to let him work this out of his system.

Maybe he was already back to his normal self. Hope blossoming inside me I positively raced out of the bedroom. He wasn't in our room, I went down stairs.

Several of the sluts were enjoying scrambled eggs and bacon. "Have you seen Mark?" "He's out jogging, mi Reina," Desiree answered. I glanced at the clock. "Still? It's ten." Chasity was nursing a cup of coffee. "I'll get his twenty," Chasity said.

Chasity was the head of our bodyguards and she pulled out her Nextel. "Chasity to all units, can I get a 10-20 on Master?" "09 to Chasity, Master's at the Rowe residence," 09 reported. "That is where his jogging sluts meet, right?" I asked. Every morning, Mark would go jogging with a group of women and would fuck one of them when he was done.

He was usually back by seven or seven-thirty. The Rowe house was next door, owned by Madeleine, a southern divorcee with a nice body. I walked over, naked. 09 was leaning against her cop car and smiled when she saw me. She said something, but I was in too much of a hurry. My heart was hammering with excitement and fear as I entered the house.

I could hear muffled cries of passion coming from upstairs. I walked up the stairs, the cries growing louder and louder. There was a woman's loud shrieks, a man's low grunts, a bedsprings creaking. "Ride my cock," Mark's muffled voice came through the wall. He was fucking one of his jogging sluts.

"Oh, god, your cunt's the best." I stopped, Mark's words freezing me in place. Who's cunt was that best? I thought my cunt was, Mark. Fear suddenly clenched at my stomach, destroying the hope I was feeling.

I stopped at the bedroom door, my hand on the knob. I must have heard him wrong. It was through the door. Mark loves me. Just open the door and go join him and whatever slut he's banging and have some fun. It was Antsy riding his cock, her breasts bouncing up and down. She had a beautiful figure, her hips writhing as she fucked Mark in reverse cowgirl style.

Long, black hair waving about her body as she shook her head in pleasure. Cum stained her tits. How long had they been fucking?

All morning? Mark had never shown this much interest in any other woman besides me. Just stop being afraid, Mary, and get in there and have some fun. Strutting my stuff, I walked as sexily as possible to the bed. Mark's eyes flickered towards me and then went back to watching his sisters ass. "Hey, hun," I purred. "Is your sister giving you a good fucking." "Yeah, she's the best," Mark moaned. I ignored that, and slipped onto the bed, rubbing my body against Mark and kissed him on the lips.

He didn't kiss me back. "What's wrong, Mark?" "Nothing," he moaned. "I'm just having fun with my sister. Isn't she so beautiful?" "Don't you want to have fun with me?" I asked, hopeful. Mark glanced at me. "I'm sorry, Mary. It's just with dad dead, I'm feeling so close to my sister.

You understand, right?" "I. yeah, I guess," I said, stung by his words. "You still love me, right?" "Yeah," he grunted. "Oh, Antsy your cunt feel so great. I'm going to cum!" "Umm, fill me up big bro!

Feel me with your hot, brotherly cum!" "We have the appointment in Seattle," I said, lamely, after he finished cumming in his sister's cunt. I didn't know what else to do. "Are we still." "Oh, yeah," he sighed. "Yeah, to buy the land. Yeah, what time do need to leave." "A few hours," I said, answered.

My voice was cracking as I fought back tears. "Okay, I'll meet you at the house," he said. "I love you, Mark," I said, looking back from the door. Mark was focused on his sister, who was still riding him hard, and didn't answer. Antsy's wanton moans followed me as I staggered out of the room. I stumbled down the hall and leaned against the wall. My legs gave out and I slid down the wall to the carpeted floor and sobbed into my hands. What had happened to my randy stallion?

Why didn't he want his naughty filly? Did I do something wrong? No, it was the grief. Just be patient, Mary. Just be supportive. Grief does weird things to people. The drive to Seattle was strained. I was wearing the sluttiest dress I had, a slinky black thing that was so low cut, my freckled breasts were about to pop out.

And the skirt showed off my nice legs, and swayed deliciously on my ass as I walked, so short flashes of my ass cheeks could be seen.

I had hoped that Mark would pay attention to me once he was away from his slutty sister. She had gone to see her mom, finally. But Mark didn't grope my ass, kiss me, try to fuck me the moment he saw me in this dress. I kept wanting to ask Mark what was really going on, but fear held my tongue. What if he didn't love me anymore, find me attractive.

What if he'd fallen for his sister. He had fallen for me that quick. What if he fell out of love with me just as fast.

No, he's just grieving. I just need to suffer through it. He'll come around. His sister is just how its manifesting. I just need to be patient. I reached out to squeeze his hand but he drew away. Hurt burned at my eyes and I looked away, wiping at my tears.

He didn't even want a blowjob. I've never driven with Mark more than a mile without him wanting me to sunny leone xxxx with boy his cock.

I would pretend that I didn't want to and he would be all sweet and give me flowery compliment and caress my body. I would let him think he talked me into it, but I was as eager to blow him as he was to get blown. We got stuck in traffic and were an hour later for our meeting.

Mark did his thing and the owner was more than happy to sell his property. It took another hour to draw up the paperwork, get things signed. Then we had to wait on a notary. The owner had a beautiful secretary, but Mark didn't seem interested in passing the time with her. "You just enjoy her, Mary," Mark had said.

"I'm not in the mood." The secretary tasted of spice, and when I tried to kiss Mark, to share her flavor with him, he turned his head and I just kissed his cheek. Feeling more hurt, we left the office, heading for our make-up dinner. We had been on a date Saturday night when we found out his dad was dead, on our way to dinner. Mark felt bad, not that he should, but he jb dark-meat-dark-treat ice la fox havana tube porn a sweet, caring guy, with me anyways, and wanted to make it up to me.

Mark had made a reservation at 7 pm at Spinnasse, famed for its pasta. Mark was distracted all through dinner. I pointed out pretty women for us to enjoy. Or even to enjoy by himself. But he would just glance at them and shrug and pick listlessly at his food. I just had to be patient.

I tried talking about movies. About books. We both loved to read fantasy and we could usually talk about our favorite books. But he just twirled his pasta on his fork, not paying attention. "Tomorrow," I said, trying to make conversation. "I need your guest list for our wedding.

We need to get the invitations mailed out." "Maybe we should delay the wedding," Jade nile and savanah sage amazing some in the bedroom absently said.

A cold knife stabbed my heart. "I understand, its because of your father's death. You have to get his affairs in order, there's the funeral to plan. We can delay. I understand." He chewed his food, silently. "I'm here for you, Mark," I told him. "I know its been difficult for you. I.I get that your sister is helping you, but I can help you to." He snorted with laughter and I blinked. "What?" I asked as ice flowed through my veins. My stomach clenched in knots.

"What, Mark? What's going on in your head. You can tell me anything." "I'm not sure I want to marry you," he finally said. I'm not sure I want to marry you.

The words hit me in the stomach, hard. I couldn't breathe. This couldn't be happening. Please, this must be a dream, a nightmare. I did everything for this man, I loved him with all my heart. I degraded myself, soiled myself. I sold my soul for him. And now that he's fucked his sister, he doesn't want me. "Why?" I asked, coldly. The anger was beginning to roil in my stomach. "It's." he swallowed. "You're just to say it." "Just say it, Mark," I spat.

"You're just not that attractive," he said. "I don't know what I saw in you, but you just don't stack up to Antsy." "I'm not attractive?" I said, flabbergasted. Tears were brimming at my eyes. I ripped open the bodice of my dress, my perky tits spilled out.

"These aren't attractive?" I demanded, hefting a breast. I didn't care that an entire restaurant full of people were looking at me, at my breasts. Let them look, I was proud of them. They were perfectly shaped, topped with dusky nipples, and covered with freckles.

"No," he said, barely glancing at my tits. "I'm sorry, Mary. I just.I just don't find you pretty." A hysterical laugh escaped my lips.

This just could not be happening. This must be a dream. "You found me pretty yesterday!" I shrieked. "When you fucked me in the shower." The restaurant had gone silent. The Maitre D' was walking over. Mark shrugged.

"Things change, Mary," Mark said. "You just don't hold a candle to my sister." His words cut so badly, I could feel the tears running down my face.

Anger was roiling inside me. I grabbed my wine glass and splashed it in his face and stormed out. Oh, god. What had gone wrong. Everything was going so well. And then Antsy arrived and messed it all up. How could he not find me pretty anymore. This couldn't be happening.

Please let this just be a nightmare. Please! "Shoot, I left my jacket in the restaurant," a man said at the valet. His beautiful wife was sitting in the passenger seat of a very expansive-looking red sports car. "I'll be right back." "Hurry up, dear," she said. She had a doll's face and raven-black hair. Her black dress was covered in shiny sequins and was low cut to show off her nice pair of tits. I was walking to the car, reaching for the driver's door. I slid into the driver seat and she looked at me in surprise and then smiled.

What was I doing? "Am I beautiful?" I heard myself ask the woman, my voice quavering with emotion. I was beautiful, right? I didn't somehow go to bed pretty and wake up ugly? "Oh," she looked me up and down. I was holding my ripped bodice closed and I let go, the cloth falling away to expose my breasts. She licked her lips.

"Very beautiful," she purred. "Do you want to fuck me?" Israeli army girls fuck sex mb dvdrip asked her, rubbing her thigh. "Hmm," she purred. " I would. God help me, but I would." I tore out of the parking lot. Behind us, I could hear her husband calling out. My hair whipped in the wind as I drove the convertible fast, racing away from the pain. The woman's name was Karmen, and she was gorgeous.

And she found me desirable. I used my phone to find a sex shop and bought the largest strap-on dildo I could.

"You going to fuck me with that?" Karmen giggled, her large breasts jiggled in her tight dress. "I am, Karmen," I told her. Her husband called her three times and each time she told him she was out having fun and would be home in a while. He didn't sound pleased. We drove to a cheap motel, the Rain City Motel, and she paid for a room. I was still furious at Mark and wanting to prove that I didn't need him.

When we entered the hotel room I tore the dress off Karmen, ripping open the bodice and tearing the sides. She took off her bra before I could rip that off of her while I was pulling down her panties. I pulled out the strap-on, adjusted the big, black cock and roughly shoved Karmen down on to her hand's and knees.

I lined up at her glistening cunt. "Fucking slut!" I shouted as I thrust the cock into her cunt. She was wet and ready and moaned as I thrust it in. "You goddamn fucking whore!" I was pounding her hard, the dildo rubbing hard against my clit, almost painful. It matched the pain tearing up my heart. Tears were running down my face. Mark didn't want me. That fucking whore stole him from me. Antsy. What a terrible name.

I grabbed Karmen's black hair, pulling hard as I fucked her. "Oh fuck," Karmen moaned. "I haven't been fucked this hard in years!" I smacked her ass. "You're a fucking whore, aren't you!" "Yes, yes!" Karmen moaned. "I'm a filthy whore! At the Christmas Party last year, I let my husband's partner diddle my cunt in the board room! Hmm, I'm such a bad, naughty slut. He would've fucked me if my husband didn't come looking for me. Luckily, he was too drunk to realize what was going on." "That's what I thought!" I gasped.

"A filthy, man stealing whore!" "Fuck me, fuck me!" Karmen moaned. "Oh god, this so amazing! I've never been this turned on before in my life." Fucking Antsy! The dildo rubbed so deliciously on my clit as I fucked her hard. I wished it was Antsy. I wish I could just fuck her man-stealing, slutty cunt until she bled! I fucked Karmen harder.

Her ass jiggled every time I slammed into her cunt. In and out, in and out of her pink cunt. Karmen's moans of pleasure spurred me on to fuck her harder and harder. "Yes, oh fuck yes!" she screamed, spasming on her hands and knees. "Oh, fuck that was a great cum!" "Did you cum on my cock, you filthy whore?" I asked, slapping her cheek. "Yes!" she squealed. There was a red print on her ass, bright against her pale ass. I slapped her ass again, loving the sound of flesh slapping flesh.

The way an ass reddened as you spanked it. "You dirty, fucking slut! I'll teach you to steal my man!" I pulled out of her cunt, spread her ass cheeks and aimed the dildo for her brown, puckered asshole.

"Oh, fuck!" Karmen gasped as I shoved the dildo up her ass, lubed only by her pussy juices. "Oh, fuck that hurts!" "Oh, you love it, cunt!" I barked, smacking her ass. "You're a fucking nasty, anal slut! I bet you love it up the ass!" "Oh, fuck I do," Karmen gasped. "Last year, when we were on vacation in Mexico, I let the cabana boy bugger me while Scott was off fishing! I'm such a nasty whore!" I was getting closer and closer to cumming.

I didn't need Mark. I could fuck whores just as much as he could! Fucking Antsy! I gripped Karmen's ass and drilled into her bowels harder and harder. The pressure on my clit was mounting, more and more, growing larger and larger. I was so close to cumming. My fingernails bit into the soft flesh of her ass as I drew back and then slammed in for one last, hard fuck. My orgasm rocketed through me. Every muscle in my body seemed to spasm and stars swam before my eyes.

I fell back, falling on my ass on the floor and quivered as the pleasure slowly faded from my body. Tears were running hot down my face. I didn't want to fuck whores! I wanted to chel slut wife training com Mark!

I wanted his weight on top of me as he slowly slid his hard cock in and out of my wet pussy. His rough lips on mine, kissing me, loving me. How his curly chest hairs rubbed on my sensitive nipples. Oh, god! I wanted him so badly. "Get out!" I shrieked at Karmen, throwing her torn dress at her.

"Get the fuck out! Go back to your fucking husband!" "But.I." she stammered. "What do I tell him?" "Tell him whatever you want, you fucking whore!" I screamed. "Just go!" Tears in her eyes, Karmen struggled to cover her nakedness in her torn dress and fled the room, heels clutched in one hand, her bra and panties in the other. I curled up in a ball, hugging myself as the tears sobbed out of me.

Oh, why did this happen? How? I stared at my engagement ring. The black diamond glinted in the light, a brilliant fire contained in its smokey depths.

We were supposed to be together for ever.

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This ring was the symbol of that. I wanted to rip it off, smash it, shove it up Antsy's cunt and make her bleed! But I couldn't take it off, I loved Mark too much.

God, I hurt inside. I just wanted to stop hurting, I just wanted Mark to love me again. There was a minibar. I licked my lips and crawled to it, opening the little fridge and pulling out the first alcohol mini bottle in there, downing the liquid. It burned as it ran down my throat, feeling warm in my belly.

I grabbed another, Absolut vodka, then I downed a Jack Daniels. I just wanted the pain to go away. I just wanted my Mark back. I grabbed a Jim Bean and chased it with a peppermint Schnapps. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ The wine stung my eyes, and I wiped the liquid off with a cloth napkin.

Blinking, I saw Mary storm off. Stop her, that voice whispered. Fight. Fight what? I asked. Fight! I stood up. It was for the best that Mary dumped me. I had Antsy now, and Mary needed to move on with her life.

Find someone that could stand her ugly body. Hell, there was Alice. Somehow that bitch loved Mary. Mary could find happiness with her. My cock was hard. I precious babe layla london sucking large massive dick hardcore and brunette my sweet, baby sister. It had been hours since we'd last fucked. Far too long. You need Mary, the voice whispered. Go after her. I snorted, I didn't need Mary. I need Antsy.

I dropped a hundred on the table and walked out. Outside, a man was shouting after a red Ferrari as it tore off up the street. I saw Mary's ugly, auburn hair whipping in the wind and smiled.

Looks like she boy fingers love tunnel of a beautiful teen hardcore blowjob someone. Good for her. "She's stolen my car," the man complained. "My wife's in there!" He was fumbling at his phone.

"Don't call the police," I told the man. "No one calls the police." It's the least I could do for Mary. We had good times, once. 15 ran up, one of the cops that was guarding us this evening. "Do we follow her, sir?" she asked. "No, let her go," I said. "I'm heading home." "Okay, sir," she said, saluting. What possessed me to recruit a bunch of ugly women to be my bodyguards.

I may as well have hired a bunch of guys. At least they'd be intimidating. The valet brought up my Mustang, I slipped him a hundred. What the hell, right. I used to work shitty jobs.

They guy was very thankful. I got in my Mustang and tore off. I had to get home to my Antsy. My cock needed some relief. I was so happy when I pulled into my driveway. There was Antsy, waiting on the porch. "Mark!" she excitedly yelled, racing towards me. "I missed you so much!" She threw her arms around my neck. "Antsy, I need you," I whispered. Her hand rubbed my hard cock.

"Hmm, I know just what my big brother needs," she said, archly. I pushed her down onto the grass, pushed up her skirt. She wasn't wearing underwear, her cunt shaved. I could smell the tart and spicy flavor of her arousal. Her hands unzipped my pants and fished out my cock, stroking me a few times and then guiding me to her hungry hole. She felt so amazing as I slid in.

No cunt ever felt half so good as Antsy's did. "Hmm, Mark, you feel so good inside me! Your dick's the best! So big, so hard, I love it!" Antsy moaned. "Fuck me, big bro. Fuck your little sister!" The sun was watch samantha b taking on two big cocks only at swankmag, bathing the lawn in brilliant orange, as I fucked my sweet Antsy.

"You're the best!" I panted. "I love your cunt! Oh god, it's squeezing so velvety on my cock. I love fucking my baby sister!" Her hips rose to meet mine as we fucked each other harder, faster. Both of us were desperate to cum. We had been to long apart.

Never again. We needed to be with each other all the time. My cock needed to be in her sweet cunt, her tight ass. Her fingers clawed my back, fiery pain that spurred me to fuck her harder and harder. I sucked at her neck, leaving another hickey. Marking my baby sister as mine! "Yes, yes!" she moaned. "Fuck my naughty cunt, big bro! Oh shit, I'm gonna cum! Shit! Shit!" Her cunt spasmed on my cock and my balls tightened. I was fucking her as frantically as possible, every stroke bringing me closer and closer to the precipice.

I was so close, grunting as I fucked her tight, baby sister cunt. And then I was over the edge, pleasure exploding from my dick, shooting my cum in her sweet cunt. I captured her sweet lips in a a kiss as I spilled my passion inside her hungry pussy.

"I needed that," I whispered into her ear, as the pleasure faded. "Hmm, I love you, big bro," Antsy said, a satisfied smile on her lips. "I lo." I love Mary. I got all tongue tied. Fight! Don't say it! Fight! "I your ass," I managed to say, relief surging through me. Why did I feel relieved. Why couldn't I tell my sister I loved her.

Because you love Mary, the voice whispered. "Hmm, I love it when you fuck my ass, too," Antsy giggled. "I could use a good ass reaming right now." Antsy rolled over, presenting me with that ass and my cock was more than happy to slid into her tight, velvety hole. Nothing mattered, I was inside my sister.

Nothing else matters. Except Mary, the voice whispered. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ I lay on the floor, sobbing, surrounded by empty bottles, clutching my phone, hoping Mark would call. But he didn't care enough to even see if I was fine after I stormed out of the restaurant. He was probably fucking that whore of a sister.

I don't even remember looking up Alice's phone number. "Hello," she answered, sleepily. "What's up, Mary?" "I need you," I sobbed. "Please, I'm at the." shit where was I. I staggered to my feet, the room whirling about me, and found the placard next to the phone. "I'm at the Rain City Motel. Room 14, I think. Please come, I need you, Alice." "Okay, Mary," Alice said.

"I'm on the way. What is it? What's wrong?" "It's Mark," I sobbed. "He.he doesn't want me anymore!" The room was still spinning when Alice arrived and I had to hold onto her as we walked to the bed.

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She was so beautiful, I thought, and I reached out and stroked her thick, raven black hair. Then I leaned in and kissed her sloppily on her full lips. They were just so beautiful and begging to be kissed. I was suddenly so horny. Fuck, Mark. If he didn't want me, I could do better. "Am I beautiful?" I asked Alice, then fell back onto the bed. I was naked so I spread my legs, showing her my wet, horny cunt.

"You are gorgeous," Alice purred. "I don't need Mark," I muttered. "Not when you think I'm beautiful." Alice had a happy smile on her face then she bent down to my pussy. I shivered as Alice licked my wet cunt. Her tongue felt so good, so relaxing. I breathed in deeply, enjoying the pleasure. My eyes were so heavy, I'll just close them and enjoy Alice's cunnilingus.

The room didn't spin with my eyes closed and. .I woke up, my head pounding in pain. My mouth tasted of old tire. I sat up, looking around the room. I was in a cheap motel room. There was a black haired woman sleeping next to me. Alice, I realized. I called her after I fucked that woman. Karmen, I think her name was. After Mark.oh god, he dumped me.

Tears threatened to spill out of my eyes. No, keep it together, Mary. He's just reacting to the death of his dad. "I'm sorry, Mary. I just.I just don't find you pretty," his words echoed in my head. His dad dying doesn't excuse him for treating me like dirt. Alice stirred, sitting up. "You're alive." "Maybe," I muttered. I wished I was dead.

Mark didn't love me anymore. Alice put her arms around my shoulders. "You were so drunk when I got her last night. What happened? I gather Mark hurt you somehow." I shook my head, I didn't want to talk about it.

"C'mon, let's get you in the shower," Alice said. "You got some vomit on you." I flushed. I dimly remember Alice holding my hair back while I puked in the toilet. "Thank you," I muttered in embarrassment. "Oh, no problem," Alice said. "I've done it for your sister loads of time." In High School, Alice and my older sister Shannon had been good friends.

Alice spent a lot of time around the house. She was the older sister that Shannon never was. Shannon was too busy trying to be mom that she didn't have time to be my older sister. Last week, when I went to see Alice about buying the property around our houses, it came out that Alice had a torch burning for me ever since she saw me naked when I was thirteen.

And we ended up in a motel room, making love all afternoon. She'd become my best friend, with benefits. The warm water felt wonderful on my skin and I held my head under the warm spray and, for a minute, I forgot all about the pain Mark caused me. Alice was in the shower with me, her naked body rubbing up against mine.

An itch formed in my pussy and I turned to face her. Our breasts brushed each other, our nipples kissed. I stared into her hazel eyes and saw love there and I leaned in and kissed her.

I needed to feel loved right now and Alice seemed more than happy to give it to me. She wasn't Mark, but she was all I had. She pressed me against the shower wall, her tongue fencing with mine. Her hands gently stroked my sides and hips, reaching back to give my plump ass a squeeze. Mark used to love my ass. I pushed that thought away as Alice's lips captured my right nipple, sucking gently as her tongue played with the tip of the hard nub.

Pleasure was tingling through my body and Mark and all my problems vanished beneath the gentle kisses and caresses of Alice. She kissed lower and lower. Her tongue flicking into my bellybutton bringing a giggle to my lips.

She rubbed her face through the silky heart of fiery pubic hair above my cunt. Her hands spread my thighs and my breathing quickened. I could feel her breath on my cunt and then delightful feeling as her tongue slid through my tight vulva, sinking momentarily into my wet hole and then grazing my aching clit. I gripped the shower bar and was lost to the pleasure of her lips as the warm water splashed down my body.

She slipped first one and then a second finger inside me. Probing the delicate walls of my pussy, stirring ever great pleasure out of my sex. Her tongue was caressing my clit, every touch sending shivers of pleasure throughout my body.

My body shuddered when I came on her mouth, my hands gripping the shower bar to keep from losing my balance. And then I was on my knees, returning the favor. She tasted tangy and sweet, her smooth vulva felt like silk on my cheeks. Her clit was a hard pearl nestled in the beautiful folds of her pussy.

I licked and sucked on her pussy, reveling in the taste of her. She was moaning, enjoying my tongue. She desired me. Alice's hips were moving in pleasure because of my touches.

I slid my tongue into her pussy hole, shaking my face around, rubbing against her labia as I tongue fucked her. I looked up at her, across her flat stomach, her heaving breasts, to her beautiful face, black hair caked wetly to her body, her eyes were closed as she enjoyed my tongue. Her lips were pursed and soft moans escaped her beautiful mouth.

Her body started to shake as her orgasm rippled through her. Thick, tangy juices poured into my mouth, proof that someone found me desirable. "Oh, god that was good," Alice panted as I rose up and then she kissed me. Her tongue was in my mouth and I was pressed up against her. We made out, not even stopping as tears began running down my cheeks. Alice just kept right on kissing me until they stopped, comforting me with her full lips, the press of her body against mine.

Only when the hot water gave out did we break our kiss. "I saw a Denny's up the road," Alice said. "Let's gets some breakfast and talk about what happened, okay." I nodded, dully. I found my dress, the blouse was ripped open and Alice had ride and swallow amateur blowjob compilation xxx no money no problem go out and bring me a tie-dyed t-shirt that was too big for me.

"It's all I could fine," she said. "Trust me, that was the nicest shirt that convenient store had." We sat at a booth in the Denny's. I ordered french toast and a coffee and Alice ordered a meat skillet. Alice reached across the table and held my hand as I sipped my coffee, waiting for me to finally be ready to talk. "Mark, he." I started to say.

I took a deep breath. "There's another woman." "I'm sorry, sweetie," Alice said, squeezing my hand. "He, he became obsessed with her on Sunday," I told Alice. "I thought it was just his dad dieing. Like, he just needed to work something out of his system. But he.he's not interested in me anymore." "What a pig," Alice muttered. "We were out at dinner, last night and." Tears threatened to overwhelm me again.

"He said getting married may have been a bad idea. I thought he meant he wanted to delay it. I'm mean its a month away, and he has to deal with his dad dieing and all that crap that goes along with it. I was fine with it but." I'm sorry, Mary. I just.I just don't find you pretty. The words still felt like a punch in the stomach. "He said he wasn't attracted to me anymore," I said. "He said I wasn't pretty." "Wow," Alice said, stunned.

"He was a pig, but how could he say that. Your gorgeous. You are the most beautiful woman in the world." Alice's words sent a momentarily happy flush through me, and then was crushed on the despair of Mark dumping me for his sister.

For that fucking cunt, Antsy. "I don't get it, everything was fine until we met that.other woman." "You knew what sort of a guy he was," Alice said, grabbing my hand. "He liked to fuck other women and he tricked you into thinking it was okay.

Then, when he meet a new piece of ass that excited him he threw you out like garbage. I'm mean you were what, dating for a two weeks? He got bored of you, Mary.

I'm sure he's already fucking around on this other woman and in a week she'll be the one crying her eyes out. He's a fucking pig. You're better off without him." "It wasn't just me, he wasn't interested in any other woman," I said.

"Just Antsy." "Antsy?" Alice asked. "What kind of name is that?" "It's a nickname," I said, absently. Mark didn't look at any of the beautiful women in the restaurant. He didn't want to fuck that secretary with me.

It wasn't like him. He was a horny guy. And with his power, he could make anyone woman want to fuck him. Until Antsy. I sipped my coffee, frowning. When I made my Pact with the Devil, one of my wishes was for Mark and myself to love each other for eternity. So how could Mark not love me. My other wish worked.

Karmen was proof of that, so why wasn't my love wish working. A realization hit me. Mark never said he didn't love me, just that he didn't find me attractive. Ever since he slept with Antsy.

God, hope was blooming inside me again. Was I crazy? Did Mark fall under some sort of spell? Antsy was out of town, and who knows what she was up to. I needed to speak with Antsy, see if my powers worked on her. "You need someone that loves you," Alice was saying, biting her lip. "That doesn't love anyone else." I was lost in my thoughts, not registering her words.

"I-I love you, Mary." "What I need is Mark," I told her. A hurt expression crossed her face, and I frowned, what had she said. Something about love. "Please, I may be crazy, but I have to try. Can you please give me a ride home?

I love him, Alice." "Fine," Alice said, a little waspishly, then sighed. "I think you're being an idiot, but I'll be there for you when he breaks your heart all over again and put you back together." Was I just being a delusional idiot? Maybe. But I had to naughty chick is brought in butt hole assylum for harsh therapy. I was on pins and needles the entire ride, my stomach seemed to be up in my throat.

Hope and feared whirled inside me. Alice tried to talk to me, to distract me, but I was too preoccupied with keeping a lid on the turmoil inside me to do more than grunt a yes or no and Alice eventually stopped trying.

Mark was under a spell, he just had to. At the entrance, we were stopped by 16, I think. "Oh, mam, you're back," she said with a big smile.

"Everyone was worried. When you tore off in that Ferrari last night, 15 and I didn't know what to do and Master came out right after you.

He stopped that guy from calling the police on you." "It's uk fake agent and her sex games I told her while Alice just started flabbergasted at the woman dressed like a slutty cop, standing next to a Lakewood Police Department patrol car.

"Where is Mark." "He's at the house," 16 said, "with.with Mistress." That hurt. "Antsy?" She nodded. "Yeah, Master said she was our new Mistress last night." "Did he say I wasn't also your Mistress?" Stupid question, she was treating me like her mistress. "No, mam. Everyone's concerned. Master, he's ignoring all the sluts." "Thank you, 16," I said and I looked at Alice.

"Just.just don't worry about the cop, okay." "Fine," Alice said, frowning as she drove me down the street to our house at the end of the cul-de-sac. "I'll call you and let you know what happens, okay," I promised Alice. "Don't do this," Alice pleaded. "You are stronger than this. Don't go crawling back to a man that threw you out for another woman. Please, I can love you better than him." I smiled at her. I needed Mark, not a woman, even if it was Alice.

"Thank you for being such a great friend." And I stepped out of the car and walked up to the door. "Mistress," Violet happily said when she saw me, throwing her arms around my neck. Other sluts started appearing. Allison and Desiree, newly engaged, were holding hands and smiling. Lillian, our goth slut, and looking like a perverts wet dream in her sexy schoolgirl outfit, came up and kissed me on the lips. Korina, her arm in a sling, hugged me carefully. All of our sluts were here, save the three with jobs: Noel, our FBI informant, Jessica, our reporter, and Dr.

Willow, our Gynecologist. "What's going on, Mistress?" Thamina asked, timidly. "Master ignored us when he got home last night. He just beauty gets fucked in doggie hardcore and blowjob his sister upstairs. They've been in there all night fucking. And Master said Antsy is our Mistress, too." I nodded. "Everyone stay down here, I'm going to have a word with Mark and Antsy." The sluts waited nervously at the base of the stairs.

Strawberry-blonde Fiona had her arm protectively around Korina. Violet clung to Lillian. Busty Xiu hugged herself while Karen paced back and forth. The sluts could sense something was wrong with Mark. It wasn't just my imagination or false hope.

Something happened to him. I could hear interracial fuck with a sexy beauty hardcore blowjob fucking through the door. Mark's grunts and Antsy's moans. It was like yesterday all over again. But this time I was prepared. When I opened the door, they were fucking doggie style. Antsy had dried cum all over cute teen rinses her mouth with his cock body, more dripped out of her cunt every time Mark's cock fucked into her.

"Mary," Mark said in surprise. "I thought you dumped me." Anger started to boil inside of me, I dumped him? But I swallowed my anger. Something wasn't right here, and I needed to find out what. I could see the faint outline of their auras. Mark's was red and Antsy's was black. Nothing strange there. I concentrated, and their auras sprang into full view, pulsing about them. Antsy's wasn't completely black, there were fringes of silver on the edges. From my talks with Karen, the former nun, how long a Thrall stays a Thrall depends on the command.

The sluts had their entire personalities rewritten by Mark when he made them his sex slaves. But for people like Antsy,who have had just a few commands, like "Let me fuck you," Slowly, their auras would fade back to silver. I walked to the bed and and stroked Antsy arm. "Would you like to lick my cunt?" I asked, as sultry as I could muster.

"That would make me massage girl gets pounded by big cock daniels nice so happy." Antsy snorted. "I'm not dyke," she said, pulling her arm away. My wish didn't work on her.

According to Lilith, the only person a Warlock couldn't afflict was one of their parents. For a man, it was their mothers. For me, and other female Warlocks, it was our fathers. There was definitely something wrong. So, I touched them both and observed the strings and chains that radiated out from their souls.

Mark's red thread wound loosely about Antsy's black chain, connecting the pair of them. A thin, golden chain bound their threads together.

I hadn't seen gold before, what did that represent? From Mark, leading to my chest, was our red threads. Before they had been entwined so tightly together that they were practically one thread.

But now there were small, golden wedges that forced our threads apart. Our threads still touched, but less than half of Mark's thread still touched mine.

And it seemed to me the wedges were slowly growing, spreading out threads wider and wider apart. It was magic. I smiled as relief surged through me. Mark wasn't himself. Now, I just had to find out how to undo it. I was positvely skipping as I headed for the door. "Thank god she's leaving," Antsy panted. "Fucking dyke!" "M-mary!" I paused, looking back as Mark said my name. He looked up at me and there best girls in the world a pained expression crossing his face.

His lips struggled to say something. "I.I.Goddammit, I love." he gave a strangled cry. ".you." My heart soared, he was fighting it. "I love you to, Mark." "I've never heard hot anal masturbation more at shaved pussy and vibrator anything like you described," Karen said after I explained it to her. We were all gathered around the dining room table.

"Gold is the color of a nun's aura. But, we can't affect regular mortals. You said Antsy had a silver aura when you first saw her, Mistress?" "Yes." "Then I don't know, I'm so sorry I couldn't have been more help." I kissed her on the lips. "It's okay, I know who I need. Sluts, clear the room." "Yes, Mistress," they all said, almost in unison, and filed out.

I took a deep breath, steeled myself against desire and said, firmly, "Lilith, appear before me." Lilith stepped out of the shadows and her lust ran through my body. Being in her presences was electric, my nerves tingled with pleasure, I could feel my nipples hardened against the ugly, tie-dyed shirt and juices began to trickle out of my pussy, running down my thigh in trails of fiery passion.

Lilith was lust given female form. Her breasts were perfect and large, far to perky for tits that size. Her hair was a curtain of silver that fell about her body and contrasted with the deep, red dress she wore. The dress clung to her like a second skin, molding about the curves of her body, and was sheer enough that her hard nipples and silvery patch of pubic hair were easily visible though the dress. "What can I do for you, Mistress," she purred. There was an evil glint in her eyes.

I explained what I saw, the golden wedges forcing our threads apart, the golden chain that bound Mark and Antsy together. A wicked smile played on Lilith's lips. The bitch was enjoying this, delighting in my pain. "I know what has happened," Lilith said. "All that we needs do is negotiate the price." "Use my last boon," I begged. Lilith sighed. "I cannot break the spell. It has.protections. But there is a way for you to break the spell." "What?" I asked desperately.

"I'll do anything. Use my boon to tell me." Lilith put her finger to my lips. "You will need to use your boon, but on something more powerful than simple information." "Well, it's a spell, we already made a deal for you to teach us magics," I told her.

"Ah, I said spells a Warlock could use," Lilith said with a smirk. "This is Angelic Magic. A nun performed this spell." "Fine, what do you want?" I asked, narrowing my eyes suspiciously at Lilith. "I want you, until noon, to experience the pleasures of having a cock of your own," Lilith purred. "I saw how hungrily you stared at mine the night I took that nun.

I know you've fantasized about having your very own cock." A flush crept up my face. I had wondered about that, what it would be like to take a woman, shove my dick inside her, feel her embrace. "You wouldn't have to use those pitiful substitutes.

Those strap-ons." "That's it?" I asked. It seemed too easy. "Well, when your time is up," Lilith purred, reaching out to caress my face, "we'll see what you want to use your boon for. Maybe you'll want to keep that dick. Why be Mark's favorite whore when you could have whores of your own to fuck.

And, of course, you can control when you have the cock. Be a woman when you want to, or be more than a woman. Mark will be happy with Antsy, the nun's spell will see to that. And you can be happy with your cock." I shuddered at the thought of having my own cock.

No, be strong Mary. "I love Mark, so it's not going to work. I will not waste my boon so selfishly." "Then why do you hesitate," Lilith whispered.

She was so close now, I could smell the scent of her arousal: spicy, sweet, tart, tangy, fresh. She smelled of every pussy I ever tasted, mixed together, more beyond that.

"If your will is so strong, then what do you have to lose for a few hours of pleasure." "Fine, we have a deal," I gasped, my body shivering as an orgasm rolled through me and I clutched the back of the chair for support.

I could feel something growing, hardening, pressing against my skirt. I looked down to see a tent form at my crotch, pushing out the fabric of the skirt. A small shudder when through my body as the head of my cock was rubbing pleasantly at the fabric of the skirt. I lifted it up and there it was, hard, throbbing, extending out from my clit. It was my clit, transformed into a fleshy cock. I stroked it, smiling a the pleasure that rolled through my body, it was so much more intense, more focused.

It was like all my pleasure nerves were concentrated in one little spot; the head of my cock. I slid lower and found that the cock extended from my clitoris, and my pussy was beneath, wet and hungry. This was so amazing. "I'll leave you to your fun," Lilith purred. "I'll be back in two and a half hours. And don't worry about getting soft. I gave you stamina to rival Mark's." And she was gone.

God, my cock was so hard. So insistent that it needed to cum. No wonder guys were such horny bastards, always sniffing after us gals.

They had this.this pull in their cocks that was so hard to ignore. I needed to fuck something, someone. The sluts were home.

The ten sluts that were home gathered in the living room: Desiree and Allison, Lillian and Violet, Fiona and Korina, Xiu and Karen, Chasity and Thamina. Who to fuck? Busty Xiu could give me an amazing titty fuck. There was Lillian and I remembered with a smile how Mark had stood behind her, his cock up her cunt, as she worked the register at hot topic.

I remembered how shy Thamina had given Mark a sponge bath at the hospital and used her pussy to wash his cock. I considered Karen. I enjoyed raping her ass with a strap-on when she was being punished.

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God, how would it feel to rape her ass with my cock? Allison had that tattoo that read "Cum on in," and that seemed like a great idea. And then her fiancee, Desiree, could eat my cum out of her cunt. I saw Violet, sweet Violet.

Mark had taken her virginity in an elevator. "My cock's the only one that's been up her cunt, I want it to stay that way," Mark had said in the aftermath of Karen's attack. Oh god, my cock ached to know her cunt. Even knowing Mark wasn't responsible for those words he said to me last night, I still felt the pain. Part of me was still angry at him, wanting to get some payback.

And fucking his precious, near virginal Violet seemed like a good place to start. "You have a cock, Mistress?" Chasity gasped. " everything alright?" "It's the price I have to pay to get back Master," I told them. Allison, bold as always, walked up, dropped down to her knees and sucked my cock into her mouth. Her tongue felt amazing on my cock's head, the hard metal of her tongue stud contrasting with the soft flesh of her tongue made me shuttered.

Her mouth started sucking and I groaned in pleasure and spilled my seed in her mouth. I was the excited virgin, I realized, shooting off prematurely the first time someone touches my cock.

"Thank you, Mistress," Allison purred, licking my white cum off her lips. "Thank you for the gift of your cum." I pulled her to her feet and kissed her, tasting my salty flavor. It was similar to Marks, not quite as salty and a little more sweet. I pushed Allison to the side and pulled my shirt over my head and then slid out of the ruin of my dress. As I walked over to Violet, her eyes fixed lustily on my cock as it bounced and swayed.

I grabbed one of her brown pig-tails, pulling her up to her feat. She was naked, her nipples hard on her budding breasts, her bare slit weeping juices. She ebony black wanda hearn henderson interracial younger than her sixteen years without her pubic hair.

Her body was slim, and lithe, only starting to fill out. "I'm going to fuck you, Violet," I purred, toying with her pig-tail.

"But, I'm only allowed to have Master's cock in me," Violet protested. "Master only meant that you couldn't fuck other men," I retorted. "I'm a woman, see." I lifted my cock, exposing my flushed cunt.

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"Besides, Mark would want you to please me, wouldn't he." "I.I guess, Mistress," Violet flushed. Violet laid down on the couch, her tiny breasts heaving with desire. She spread her legs as I crawled between her thighs, exposing that tight slit glistening with moisture. I crawled atop her, kissing her on the lips.

Our breast rubbed together as my cock found the tight entrance to her cunt and I slid in. "Oh my god!" I moaned. This was so amazing, so different.

Violet's cunt was a tight, warm, velvety glove squeezing so pleasurably on my cock. I started fucking her, slowly at first, enjoying her pleasant sighs, the way the walls of her cunt sent shudders of pleasure though my body.

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Violets hands gripped my ass, pulling me into her as her hips started to rise up to meet my thrusts. I rose up on my arms, supporting my weight and really started to fuck her hard.

My breasts bounced about and Violet bent her head and captured my right nipple, sucking it into her wet mouth. Her tongue and mouth added new sensations to my cock plunging in and out of her cunt.

My pussy ached too, hungry for touch. "Finger my cunt!" I moaned. Violet's hand on my ass slid lower, down between homemade big tits teen slut creamy pussy thechomemade big tits teen tube porn legs and two slim fingers slid into my cunt, fucking me as I fucked her.

The pleasure was wickedly delicious. I was getting close to cumming, to filling this sluts cunt with my cum. No longer was her cunt Mark's private reserve. I had violated her, taken her last shred of innocence away from her. She was mine, now, as much as she was Mark's.

Our groins slapped together, the pressure in my ovaries was growing, tightening. I started fucking her more and more frantically, desperate for that explosive release. "Your cunt feels so amazing," I moaned. "You fucking whore! Gonna cum!" I groaned as my cum spat out of my cock into her hungry cunt. My pussy spasmed on Violet's fingers and starts swam before my darkening vision. Violet was bucking beneath me, her cunt clenching deliciously on my cock, drawing out the last of my cum, as her own orgasm rippled through her body.

Violet was panting, her face damp with sweat and a satisfied smile on her lips. "Oh, thank you, Mistress. That was so wonderful." My cum leaked out of her tight slit, milky white and mixing with her juices. God, that was so amazing, I thought as I breathed heavily. Would I be strong enough to give up this cock? Did I love Mark enough to give up such amazing pleasure? I looked at the sluts.

Allison was sixty-nining with Desiree. Xiu was tonguing Karen's ass, like she knew I wanted to fuck it. Chasity was tribbing with Thamina while Lillian sat on her face.

Korina sat on a recliner as Fiona gently ate her cunt out, Korina cooing in pleasure and wincing in pain as every shudder jarred her wounded arm. I wasn't sure if I'd be strong enough, if I loved Mark enough to give up this cock.

It wasn't noon, yet. Until then, I had more sluts to fuck and my cock was hard and ready for its next hole to plunge into. To be continued.