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Big tits babe ass fucked by black boners
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I dropped my wife off at the airport on the way to work this morning and told her to have fun! She laughed and said "I will have a lot more fun than you". It's Friday and she is going to Miami for a weekend training session for her job while I get to spend the weekend helping my mom catches son and daughter watching porn long ervideo fix up the entire main floor of her house.

After work I went to my niece Tina and her husband Bill's house for dinner and to start fixing up the house. Tina greeted me at the door and gave me a big hug and a kiss and thanked me for helping.

She said "I am sorry that the house is a rather hot but I had to leave the windows open to keep the paint smell down". Tina is a beautiful lady of 25 who is 5' 2" tall with white blonde hair, a thin build with 32 C boobs and a nicely rounded tight butt. She was wearing an old t-shirt along with a pair of loose sweat pants. Bill is 5' 8" tall and 25 years old with wavy brown hair and over the last few years he has become a bit overweight and out of shape.

I am 5' 11" tall 45 years old with short brown hair and I am in very good shape and I work out 5 days a week. We sat down to a dinner of delivery pizza and apple wine. At dinner I found out that Bill had to leave early the next morning for a training session for his work and he would not return until Sunday night. Bill said "Tina you are going to have to do something really nice for Jim because he is giving up his whole weekend just to help us".

Tina turned a little red and said "I would be glad to!" I said "why don't we invite Jill to help us?

She is good at painting and she likes to help". Tina made a face but Bill said "good idea!" I called Jill and made arrangements to pick her up the next morning on the way to Tina and Bills. Tina let us know that she had spent the afternoon painting the bathroom and to do that she had to take the door off.

Since they only had one working bathroom we would have to use it without a door. After dinner we all started moving everything from the main floor to upstairs. After a few hours we were all sweaty and overheated so we stopped for a drink with Tina and Bill drinking more wine and I drank water. Tina then went over to Bill and took off his wet t-shirt. She came over to me with a grin on her face and said "can I take that off for you?" She then took off my shirt and said "WOW, nice chest!" and she ran her hands across my chest.

I said "I'm sure you hear that all of the time" and she turned red and smiled while looking down at the floor. Tina stayed in her t-shirt and sweat pants, although she was very sweaty.

We went back to work and a few minutes later I saw Tina on the stairs leaning against the wall looking dazed and very flushed. I saw her starting to fall down so I ran up the steps and caught her just before her head and shoulders hit the stairs. She mumbled "thanks for saving me" and then passed out.

I carried her out and put her on the sofa, turned on the ceiling fan and hollered for Bill. Bill freaked out when I told him what had happened.

I explained that she was very overheated and needed to cool down quickly. I told Bill to stay with her and help her cool down while I get a glass of water, a wet rag and some ice. When I returned I was shocked to see Tina in only a pink lace see-through bra that hooked in the front and tiny matching thong underwear. She was awake but still very out of it when I picked her up enough that she could take a drink.

Bill was very upset, nervous and didn't know what to do so I sent him on a mission of turning on the air conditioning and closing the windows and shades while Dirty playgirl turns on with large dildo took care of Tina.

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Once Bill walked away I had to admire Tina's gorgeous body while I was holding the ice packed wet rag on her throat. Her eyes were closed and she had this blissful look on her face.

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Her boobs looked fantastic in the lace pink bra and I could very clearly see her nipples. It was also obvious that her pussy was completely shaved. Bill came back about 10 minutes later and by then I had Tina fully awake but still resting.

She had drunk half of the glass of water and I had gotten her apple wine because she hated water. Tina said "Bill, I owe Jim my life! I would have been dead or very disabled if he didn't catch me when I fell and passed out on the steps".

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Bill looked very nervous again and said "thanks Jim, I know we can't repay you but we will do anything for you". Tina and I both heard Bill's stomach rumble and he grabbed his stomach. Tina explained that when Bill gets nervous his stomach gets very upset and he spends a long time on the toilet. So Bill ran off to the bathroom and Tina and I both said "please turn on the fan!" Tina took another drink of her wine then asked me to sit at the end of the sofa so that she could lay her head on my leg and I did.

She then asked if I would do her a big favor that would help her cool down a lot and I said "sure I will do anything!" She reached down and untied her thong and bared her beautiful shaved pussy.

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She looked up at my face, noticed me looking at her pussy and smiled. Then she undid her bra and said "please take one of the ice cubes and rub it around my nipples". Until now I had been trying to hold back my cock from getting fully hard. Her moaning and cooing while I rubbed ice around her hard nipples had me hard as a rock and sticking out of the top of my shorts in seconds. She looked over and said "Wow you have a really big cock and I want to suck it!" She flipped over and started licking my cockhead while she undid my shorts and pulled them down.

She had a long velvety tongue and she bathed every inch of my cock with it. She then tantalizingly slowly took my cock into her mouth as far as she could while dancing her tongue all over the bottom of it.

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I started tweaking her nipples while she pumped my cock in and out of her mouth. The blowjobs act nicole sucks the power started moaning and playing with my balls while she kept pumping me in and out.

After a few minutes she changed to licking the full length of my cock and alternating that with putting her lips on my cock and sliding up and down it. She then said "I really want you to cum in my mouth so that I can swallow it. Please don't hold back just let your big cock explode because as soon as you cum in my mouth I am going to cum too!" She then spun around, sat on the floor in front of me and went into a frenzy of sucking and licking my cock while playing with my balls.

I grabbed both of her nipples and started twisting them which made her moan on my cock adding to the incredible feelings. I only lasted a few more minutes and I shot a huge load of cum into her mouth. She got a wide-eyed look and just kept swallowing as I kept shooting. She then screamed and came but my cock in her mouth muffled most of the noise. She laid her head on my leg with my cock still in her mouth while she recovered.

She finally sat up on the sofa next to me while still watching my hard cock. Tina smiled and said "I love your cock and I love the taste of your cum. I owe you my life so I am now your secret sex slave.

I want to stay married to Bill but whatever you ask me to do I will do. I would love to ride your huge cock but I don't have the energy to handle it right now. Plus I know I would start screaming and Bill would be out here in a second". I just smiled and said "we will keep this a secret and please stay married to Bill". Tina then hooked her bra back up, used some paper towels to dry her drenched pussy and put her thong back on. I put my shorts back on and Tina sat on the sofa just as Bill came back into the living room.

Since they were both fried we called it a night and I went home. If you like this story I can write another chapter.