Teacher charan xxx storys download 4gp

Teacher charan xxx storys download 4gp
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I met a girl online and we used to chat for a while. she is now 19 a white lindy takes whitezillas big white cock again from America and she told me about her experience specially the one where she loses her virginity at a tender age of 12 to an African man who was also her Dad's friend.

Her name is Pamela and hope you guys would like the story. Hi this story happened when I was just 12 yrs old and invited to a birthday party of the son of my dad's friend. Although i was not ready to go but dad said will be fun as Jack the birthday boy who turned 15 was quite a handsome guy studying in my school and the favourite of all us cheer leaders. (Of course I was one of them,) But this party did not look like it was for us kids what with all the parents there and having a gr8 time (specially the mom's of all us kids).

Every one of us were enjoying and it was so nice and goodThe music was playing and people dancing and it looked like it might turn out to be a fun party after all.

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I loved to dance and people loved to watch me especially men since my tits always bouncing around and I liked to show them off. When I did dance I would dance in a very sexy and seductive way, this would always get the attention of the guys and maybe a few girls. I did slow dance with a few guys and when we dance they would run there hands all over my back and ass as they pressed there hard cock against my stomach (although being young it used to be such a sensual feeling). Feeling a cock against me would always start my juices flowing and I was ready for some hot action to take place.

After everyone got lose from the beer someone got a Jack the birthday boy to do a strip for everyone. Everyone started gathering around to watch him most of the women were up front.(Most of them were my girlie friends moms and wife gangbanged by strangers in her car were really hot were for some black meat) Someone put on some music for him and he started his show.

He started taking off his cloths first his shirt showing a nice hard chest then he slowly dropped his pants he stood there in his brief and you could see a very nice outline of his cock and you could tell he was large.

I had never seen a black guy nude and I figured it might be interesting to see and it seemed I was right. He did have a nice chest and stomach you could tell he worked out regularly. The site of him was getting my pussy hotter then she already was and I figured that some of these women were getting turned on also. Now maybe we can get some action going I was ready for some hard cocks.

He turned to show his tight ass off while he pulled his underwear down making sure that no one saw his cock. Once he had them down a few women started asking him to turn around they wanted to see his cock. When he finally did, there was moaning and whistling from the women at the site of his huge cock.

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My mouth and pussy became very wet he must have been 7 inches soft; I bet the rest of the lady's there was thinking the same thing, how big can he really get. Even though he was hot looking and he turned me on I really wasn't ready to have a black cock right now. He danced and moved around the room so the ladies could get a better look at his now hard cock.

This went on for about 5 minutes then he got dressed. After a while my Dad went with one of the lady and I knew he won't be back for a while, someone tapped me on my shoulder, it was Jack's Dad a very good friend of my DadHe asked me if I enjoyed his show and I told him yes, when I did he pulled me closer his hands found there way to my ass and stared rubbing and patting my cheeks.

He began whispering to me on how sexy I was and that I had some nice small tits. As the music ended he patted my ass and told me that he hoped to see more of me later on tonight. I smiled and said that I wasn't leaving anytime soon. I turned and went for another beer (although no one to monitor me I did drink a lot sometimes), my mind wondering what it would be like to have him in me.

I danced with other and had forgotten about him by now I was really in the mood to take a good piss. I entered one room and there was a couple nude and fucking away so I backed off and went to find another way I went in and closed the door not thinking about locking it or anything. As I dropped my pants I listen to the people in the next room, they were really going at it and I was hoping that I would be soon myself my pussy was so hot.

As I was pissing the door opened and in walked the Jack's Dad the black guy but instead of turning around to leave he closed the door and locked it. I asked him to leave and that I would be out any a few minutes. He just stood there looking at me and he said that I would be through when he said I was.

He reached down and picked me up and placed me up on the counter my pants were still around my ankles. I tried pushing him away telling him I wasn't interested but he said I think you are and if your not you will be when I'm through. While punk euro babe fucks huge fuck toy was saying that he was unbuttoning his pants and let them drop to the floor, again I tried to leave but he pushed me back.

I did notice that he had a big bulge in his sunne lone mp3 xnxxx story 20195 but I still wasn't all that interested to have him. Then he reached down and pulled his dick from his underwear I moaned at the site of his huge cock he must have been 9.5"+ inches teen babe loves pumping big hung guys handjob and young was thick.

Even though his cock did look good I still really wasn't ready to do it with a black guy. I tried again to leave but he pushed me back held me against the wall with one hand as his other one made it way to my already hot and wet pussy. He rubbed my clit then he used his fingers to spread my now wet lips apart. He moaned at the touch of my now wet and hot pussy and he knew that I was ready to be fucked. He reached down and grabbed his rock hard cock bring the head to my wet pussy lips.

We both moaned at the touch of the head rubbing against me. He reached down and grabbed my hips pulling my ass to the edge of the counter. Again he grabbed his hard shaft guiding the head to my wet hole. He worked the head around my pussy lips getting it all nice a wet then he let go and leaned forward and started kissing me our tongues exploring each others mouth. As we were really getting into kissing and I was enjoying the feeling of his hot dick touching the entrance of my pussy.

He reached up and pulled my head harder against his lips just as he rammed his cock deep into me. I cried in pain and tried to push him but no way as I moaned and screamed into his mouth from the pain and wonderful feeling of his huge cock spreading me open and the forcefulness he was giving me. He slammed into me hard and deep held it there for a while. He kept pushing harder and harder against me; I guess he wanted to bury his balls in me as well. I wanted to scream loudly but he held on to my head running his tongue deep into my mouth.

After what seemed like forever he started pulling out right to the point of his head slipping out he rammed it back in fast and hard. Every time he pulled out I could full the void he was leaving in me, my pussy was now really open. He kept pulling out slowly and ramming it back in fast he did this many times and now I was really getting into being fucked by him. He asked me if his big black cock felt good in my little white pussy, I smiled and moaned which told him all he want to know.

It must have turned him on even more, he started moving fast and hard he grabbed my hips pulling me toward him as he pushed deeper into me. He placed his hands on the wall above me and really stated moving fast in my hot pussy. I could feel his balls slapping my ass cheeks every time he slammed into me; I started thinking about how nice he might feel up my ass. He fucked me for about 7 minutes continually not letting up one bit. I loved this hard fast fucking I came once during that time, finally he moaned and shot a big hot load deep inside my pussy.

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I figured by now that someone would have been knocking at the door from all the loud moaning that was going on. He finally began relaxing and slowly pulled out of me man his cock left a nice void in me, he stretched me open. He stood back I could see his semi hard cock coated in our juices, man did it look good.

He pulled me up leaned over and we kissed for a minute, then he let me get up I had cum and my vaginal blood just running down my legs and there was plenty on the counter. To be continued about Pamela and Jack the 15 yr old son of her new lover she wanted so bad that it hurts.